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after much thinking and current life turning medical issues, along with my ptsd and on going head/brain injuries i have had thru out my life when i played football and military years, i am at a point to sell everything datsun related and go on a different path and deal with the ongoing medical issues that has been brought up thru recent medical tests and maybe try to live a positive life for as long as my body and mind will allow. so after the holidays things that i have datsun related needs to go and possibly my vw show beetle and my 1965 plymouth barracuda fastback 

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i have been getting more severe headaches and dizziness and blurred vision in my right eye and it is because of to many concussions i got when playing football in high school and college plus jumping out of planes also when i rolled my 69 mustang in my senior year of high school luckily i had it caged/rollbars but i did hit the windshield  even though i had 5 point seatbelts, 1 of the straps broke, i was in hospital for 3 weeks.  also when i was in the army 3 tours in iraq, i did see combat/ death and suicides in my sleeping quarters/tent and have flashbacks, plus i cant get any help thru the corrupt VA here in phoenix and also with the medical issues that i am having with botched double hernia surgery  and on unpaid medical leave from work it has raised my stress levels. i appreciate the thoughts and concerns. so please accept my apologies if i have made anyone upset with me

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Bummer to hear, cars and things are all replaceable though.

Much better to take care of your health than things that can be replaced.

Helped my buddy from the 82nd finally get all his disability sorted, seen how much of a pain the VA can be.
Nothing like doing endless endless waiting....

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hope all gets better for you 

the va is a bunch of shit 


I have heard a lot of bad things with the va 

hopefully those things will get better and not worse 

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I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said.


I think you are probably doing the right thing. You will find other hobbies to keep you busy, and ratsun is always a click away.


Best of luck Gene. 

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Gene, I want to express how sorry I am that you're facing such difficult medical challenges. I know how tough it is & how it affects all parts of life. I'm also sorry to hear you have decided to liquidate your Datsun stash. That's heartbreaking but a very brave decision. I trust you are doing what's best for your life at the moment. I will keep my eyes out for any 520/521 stuff you may post in the future. I am honored to have learned from your advice on my little truck. Ratsun is a strong community & you're a positive member who's made a ton of contributions & still has a lot to contribute. Hang in there my friend & have faith. My prayers are with you. Thank you for your sacrifice(s).

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