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  1. I just went to bed early no postits to look at except the old boring paper kind glad its back on i was about to throw my computer out thought it banned me from Ratsun
  2. must be a dry sump that motor is really angled
  3. wait what I have to pick one of the 2 but i was and now i am oh shit we are in trouble
  4. i just read today that Arco is now accepting credit cards I do not know if it is true chevron shell etc have added things to their normal fuel IE chevron with techron shell Vpower some additive when I was younger my 510 ran like shit on Arco and pinged like crazy other gas it did not ping and by other I mean almost anywhere else It was a higher compression motor and ran better on mid grade or better sometimes i would mix Regular and premium but avoided Arco like the plague
  5. welcome to Ratsun the fuel pump may be from an L28 although it would be no better then an original L20B pump the cam from an L28 is a six cylinder motor and would not work on a 4 cylinder L20B so somebody mis informed you on that again welcome to Ratsun that ruck looks to be in pretty good condition
  6. Ranman72

    JCCS 2021

    he is saying he is older then us and remembers something we dont 🤣
  7. wow just went through this build beautiful work james as always the car is amazing
  8. Ranman72

    JCCS 2021

    do it and they will come
  9. to close for comfort my first job a guy did this with a paper wheel kicked back and buried it into his stomach it twisted up in his shirt where you couldn't see the disk he had a 7inch raspberry circle on his chest all i heard was grinding sound then a grunt turned to look to see the grinder disk not visible it was a scary feeling
  10. let me see if i look at a thread called post tits what should i see ? nakedness with tits and other possibilities same goes for post ass both might have questionable content so if offended by nudity you shouldn't open it maybe post tits and ass should say all other parts of the body might also show up nude 😀
  11. just went and saw these guys in concert still awesome https://youtu.be/6s2Vil1GhdI
  12. anyone who may not actually be paying attention here is the facts doctors and nurses who don't want to be vaxed for whatever their reasons are are being threatened to lose their job over this all kinds of other trades also having the same option get vaxed or lose your job this is completely fucked up and completely immoral it should be your body your choice many people very rarely get sick this is due to a good immune system or good genes or whatever reason you want to come up with SO WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY BE FORCED TO DO OR CHANGE ANYTHING THAT IS OR ISNT FDA APPROVED ? while on the other hand some get sick when the temperature changes it is not right to force this on ANYONE LET IT BE A CHOICE mandate weekly tests if you must and provide them as an employer the pharmaceutical companies will love you THIS IS AMERICA PRO CHOICE
  13. hmmmmm pretty girl or ugly guy LOL I am going to shop where the pretty girl is even if it was a pretty guy I'm still going where the pretty girl is
  14. baldwin and wix are 2 of the best made and most consistent made filters napa gold are wix made nissan filters are also very good quality and still available not sure on others but there are comparisons you could look at on the internet
  15. no sir i got them and installed them not even sure if there was anything holding them down
  16. all my Datsun's have the rectangle bracket and bolts to hold the battery and all three have factory working parking brakes
  17. cheapest is not always the cheapest Chinese parts suck take them to an injector specialist my 2 cents
  18. 562 turquoise I have heard referred to as robins egg blue but i also think the light blue gets the same reference mikes color chart is pretty accurate on the color look for the numbers matching it my avatar is my car it is turquoise
  19. I remember turning on the news that morning just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower I remember the exact job and jobsite i i was at and the eerie silence in the sky for the next 3 days while we were trying to figure shit out it was truly a sad day
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