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  1. Hey guys they are finished and on their way to me. And will be arriving some time next week. I will try and send some out before Friday but then I have to catch a flight north for the memorial and will have to ship after I get back that Monday.
  2. Talked to my buddy making them for me and my initial order should be finished up being made tomorrow.
  3. If there is anyone that is going to be at the memorial and you want me to just bring your orders with me let me know I will be at the memorial.
  4. got your order, theres a box with your name on it ready to go out as soon as I get them in. Thanks for helping us all offer a little help to Daves family
  5. I just sold a loose BRE 510 for $160 lololol ? wtf
  6. Dave Patterson Memorial Sat. Oct. 6 3pm-8pm VFW Bldg 3510 McKinley Ave Tacoma, Wa 98404 Will have 'Cash-Bar with Tickets' Food will be served
  7. I sent you a request. just need a shipping address for you
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