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  1. The stock series one tachs don't work with megasquirt, and the speedo was always off, so I picked up a new pair from speed hut.
  2. Made myself do some more body shit today lol got a dog leg to patch and some more mud work and I can prime the whole thing at least. far less fucked up than the other side was at least...
  3. The 75-76 tanks fit and are already baffled for EFI lol just take that other tank home instead 😂
  4. Little bit of coin in the budget... but its well worth it. You'll spend it once and you can put the tank in and ideally never have to touch it again.
  5. Ill deff be going into those areas eventually. I have a lot to learn about using MS still. But It would be rad to have a good power tune and if say I'm taking it on a longer trip just go load up the fuel saver tune and off ya go
  6. Here is the base tune that was loaded on it.... Not real impressed... and you can see how it runs in that video. Messed with things some this morning and got it running a bit better. Spent more time on it this evening and gonna load this one up and see how it goes.
  7. yeah mine was pretty nasty right there.... ooof on that hood rust lol
  8. Yeah it's just on a preloaded super base tune, so I haven't done any tuning on it yet. It deff needs the timing map overhauled and the fuel maps leaned out and worked on. But it's a start lol
  9. And got it fired up for the first time on the base tune. Work to do still but it fires up at least.
  10. Finally got the new optical trigger wheel in.
  11. My dad was 16 in 1976 😂 But this does go to show... We have been keeping the next group of younger enthusiasts going.
  12. 😂 a bit... I was out of college in 09 😂 loooool
  13. There was a dude at Canby in like 09? that had a Z with a turbo LD28 in it, only saw him that one time though and could never find anything on that car. Pretty rad set up though.
  14. Skib

    Cold Air Intake

    The stock Z32 intake location is in front of the core support between the headlights.
  15. Skib

    Cold Air Intake

    You need to be measuring what ever air your putting in the engine. Been a long time since I was under the hood of Z32, because I hate working on them. Stock you have a single MAF because all the air coming in is measured there then split to each side. If you run separate intakes and only put that MAF on one you are only measuring the air coming into one plenum. The Z1 stuff has an optional balance tube for that reason.... It will work... but its not necessarily an improvement. up to you.
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