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  1. Im going back to school, I already do CAD design for my own projects. So I was like welp, may as well go get some certs and be able to work from home now lol The parts of the company in AK always made money, our lower 48 jobs where never real profitable. But we all saw this coming. I was just riding that train till it went off the rails lol I can take it or leave it really, pay is good.... but I was running part of the field mechanics crew, so I also dont mind not fixing all the rigs when its -77F or 60mph blows lol
  2. We didnt have a contract to work for this winter because the oil companies where not going to invest in seismic exploration when you could see this all coming down the pipe. Id normally be in the artic right now lol
  3. Anything legal would take a billion years even if you won something. So makes no difference to me. lol Im already out of a job either way. First time since at least 1980 no one has been doing seismic work on the north slope.
  4. This thread escalated quickly lol .... and I love it. Love that body skyline.
  5. A lot of work now but man... When this is done it's going to be tighter and nicer than it was new
  6. Going to MS seems to be a universally recommend switch from the 40 year old stuff lol. Going to be running MS2 V3.57
  7. Some of that is just manufacturing as well, your making it fit better than factory lol. Being in the body shop Iv seen rocker joints welded together where the piece was welded on a whole 1/4 in higher than everything else.
  8. Decided to go megasquirt. so while I wait, made up a mount bracket for some LS coils. Because with MS there's no reason not to go coil packs.
  9. Bit weak since the AFRs are still all over, but had a bit of a laugh with it anyway 😂
  10. It didn't lol It was better in theory than practice lol but now we know...
  11. Nope lol just have to oil and heat...
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