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  1. progress?...ish got the hatch and headlight buckets primed at least...
  2. Im used to a proper booth lol but for being shot in the dirt under gum trees its turned out not to shabby so far. have avoided getting any shit in it, but shooting outside its still going to need a good cut and buff.
  3. got some more work done. Hadnt even started the driver door. had to shave the old rivet holes for the door ding strip and mirror holes. got lucky and got it strait the first time so I only had to prime it once and it was ready to paint. another side down...
  4. If you wind up needing any random stuff in the future let me know. I dont have quite the stash I used to, but I do still have a some usefull extra bits here and there. Iv got a pair of complete doors with everything
  5. Looks like I'm a hair late..... but I have all the 240z door guts.....
  6. Being that I did it for a living for about a decade I see so much that I kinda half assed it on body work. Because its meant to just be a driver and not a show car lol and I never wanted to paint it in the first place... ... but if no one else sees what I see then I guess thats good 😂 Got some days off coming up so gotta try and get the driver door and hatch done so I can at least have the cabin sealed up again.
  7. kind of looking like a car again....
  8. got the doors jambed today but ran out of blocking paper so I didn't get the outsides painted today like I had hoped. but I did get a bunch of the rubbers in. both 1/4 windows rebuilt, hatch rubber in and the door frame rubber in.
  9. I tried to be retired lol it hasnt taken. good to see some of the old guard still rockin and rollin
  10. its been ground hog days of sanding this fucker.... but i got it masked the other evening.... and got up at dawn to put some color down...
  11. Yeah the car came with a 280z hood. And deff keeping it to vent as much heat as I can lol
  12. Slowly making progress. It's been over 110f every day so only have small windows to do work. Got the new door strait and primed and got all the new fuel system stuff in. But the brackets for the rail are for a stock manifold and mine is totally shaved so need to make some brackets.
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