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  1. Skib

    Lowering 710

    lolol I havent been able to log in since the update.... Im having to figure out how to use this shit 😂
  2. Skib

    Lowering 710

    Just some 2in ID sleeves and ebach springs.
  3. Skib


    Spent about 5 hours at the private range yesterday. No idea how much ammo I went threw :rofl: deff dumped A LOT of .22 Me and the lady where splitting playing cards at 30 yards.
  4. Skib


    The Sheriffs here will strait tell you how to word your stuff right to make sure you get it.
  5. Skib


  6. Skib


    Both lol Luckily I happen to live in what may be the last county in the state where the Sheriffs actually encourage it. All I have to do is take the class, which the Sheriff offers, and turn in my paperwork.
  7. Skib


    lol check out this crazy broad
  8. Skib


    Nice, thats on my list for the next pistol purchase. Plan to use it as a CCW.
  9. Skib

    New guy..

    Welcome to the show lol
  10. Skib

    I have this vision in my mind...

    I did miss that... Thank god. whew, as a body guy I think I was about to have a minor heart attack
  11. Skib

    I have this vision in my mind...

    Am I seeing that right? Are the entirety of your side walls built up out of body filler?
  12. Skib

    I have this vision in my mind...

    damn, now thats one clean B
  13. Skib

    help us design the James Boswell race paint job!

    I took a bre drawing and erased a bunch of stuff lol you want the line work?

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