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    • Pretty impressive filming, better than the local news with thier time constraints. Things are a changing. Luckily there weren't any homes involved.
    • I get it, who doesn't love the the acres of chrome on old vehicles and bikes? But the verdict is out on the toxic and destructive nature of the chroming process. Let it go.  We are going to have to evolve to slow poisoning ourselves and there our substitutes out there. 
    • Some updates, I'm prepping to doing some work on the rear end and rear suspension. I've got two different sets of poly bushings on the way that I hope I can modify to replace the leaf spring bushings, and I'll be installing my spare rear end in hopes that it doesn't howl either. I also got a set of leaf springs that I will take to a local spring shop to de-arch them for more lows.    Took it down the delta with the local club last weekend, drove awesome. Got 21 MPG driving spirited! Some of the club members did confirm that my wagon is on and off crabwalking though!              On the drive back, a few of us went to the capitol to take some cool photos, and while we were there, a new 400z pulled up. First time I got to see one in person, its a great looking car in person.            As another side note, I've been planning on re-designing the front leaf spring mount for the 510. I don't like the vulcanized clamped rubber design of the front mount, and I haven't seen anyone come up with a redesign, besides T3 with their performance spring kit. I was just planning on buying it from them, but they designed it for their aftermarket springs, and are not compatible with stock springs. So I spent a few hours making this. First time using the Sheetmetal side of fusion360, and I'm hoping I did this right. If anyone can chime in with any hints or if something doesn't seem right, please chime in. I want to get this water/plasma cut out of 1/4" steel, which I think is more than plenty for a little 510.        I made this so it should work exactly like the stock mount, with the stock bushings and spring, but also bring the mounting position almost a 1" higher to the chassis, by getting rid of the two (three) piece design of the original mount. 
    • Why is 1 of 4 of those tail light panel bolts not painted? The bed cover snaps are not painted. The fender bolts in the engine bay are painted...wouldn't they have been just zinc plated and installed after fender was painted?
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    • Litespeed  »  datzenmike

      New to forum. bought a 71 510 and am in process of restoring and currently building up L20b engine with a A87 peanut head. I have a set of dished pistons and understand that there are 2 different dished volumes ~4cc And ~10 cc. Question I have is what is the measured distance ( not volume ) of dish depth ( measuring straight edge across top of piston to bottom of dish  ) to get a ruff idea of which cc dish piston I have . 
      · 4 replies
    • Gechie

      · 2 replies
    • 85 720 king cab 4x2  »  datzenmike

      Hey I am not on here that much, but I would like to give my 2cents worth,Datzenmike is the answer or the information I am looking for when I come for help with my 85 720 This. Guy eats sleeps 720’s in my opinion and he has been a huge help to keep me going when something else goes wrong with my 85 720 many times and the money spent on this 720 I was about to throw in the towel and Datzenmike would always come through I’m the clutch! Thanks for all your help like me I am sure some people don’t even reply or ask a question but find the Answer through DatzenMike!!! Thanks Man from one 720 for life guy!!!
      · 1 reply
    • oly507  »  datzenmike

      1)  The vehicle in question is a early 1979 Datsun 210 wagon, model B310 series, according to the owners manual.  The engine is 1400cc.
      2)  Is there a difference between a B210 and a 210?
      3)  I am looking for a Strut Support, part # 54320-?????
           The ????? Refers to the exact model but I cannot find a site that gives
           it to me.
      4)  Strut bearing, part # 54325-H1000
           Some sources say this number includes all B210 (120Y, 140Y 160Y)
      5)  Looking for the Datsun/Nissan factory parts web site.
      6)  Is there a 1.8L engine that will swap into my 210 with a minimum of
      Thanks in advance for any help I may receive to my questions
      · 0 replies
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