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    • thanks guys i’ll have a look and let you know how i get on with it    cheers 
    • Oops, sorry. You just missed it. There's another one in November. Here's some datto highlights from yesterday...   If it looks like the car is "self-indicating", it is. I think I need a new indicator switch. I was also using front rally tyres for the first time. Massive increase is front grip. So I'm pretty stoked with that.    
    • looks and sounds like a very tall 1st gear
    • Are you asking about for the rear specifically?  I would call seatbeltplanet and talk to them about your issue.  I bought front belts from them  (didn't upgrade the rear) and I spoke to them a couple times to get answers.  I haven't really driven the car yet, but very happy with the front belt setup and fit in static condition.
    • Blue 1972 1600GL/SSS Bluebird 4dr  2,500,000 Yen   https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e1096994898   N510 partially modified to SSS I had my vehicle inspected until 2020, but due to my advanced age and coronavirus, I had it temporarily canceled. The number has been returned. This is the second generation from a colleague.I've been using it since around 1975, but I hardly ever use it. The condition is very good from my point of view. Since it does not run, it is necessary to refuel around each part and readjust the carburetor during vehicle inspection. Since it is an old car and is expensive, we recommend that you check the actual car. If you have any questions, please ask questions and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Fully maintained with most genuine parts   Please refrain from participating in the auction if you cannot speak Japanese, cannot understand the meaning of the text, or are from overseas. Basically, please check the actual car before making a bid. To prevent any trouble, the successful bidder will be responsible for pick-up and land transportation (you can contact the land transportation company once you have inspected the vehicle ). Almost all maintenance has been done, but since it is not running, a re-inspection is necessary. The inside of the body is coated with anti-rust wax and the outside is coated with a salt-damaged rust preventive coating.Vehicles used to protect against cold regions (battery hitter, dynamo, heat battle, snow protection) If you are able to contact us within 48 hours of winning a successful bid, please pay 2% of the winning bid price within 5 days. Please pay a cancellation fee of 2% of the winning bid price. Please note that those with bad reviews may be deleted. When handing over the car, we may ask for a simple sales contract to prevent travel. Service network book - Maintenance notebook - N510 manual included Most of the cars are standard, some are replaced, SSS SU cab, dash for SSS, steering wheel for SSS The cooler is genuine, but even if you fill it with gas, it won't get cold after about a month. Masu. I think the oil seal on the Bree side of the compressor is defective. Spare parts for the compressor are included. (Vacuum release has been tested and seems to be fine)  The tires are white ribbons (like new) and the wheels are Hayas aluminum. The rear muffler has a water drain cock  The door has been detomed and the sound is good during music.  Attached parts F/R glass Other   maintenance parts Air flow meter for cab adjustment Synchrometer I think there is a timing lamp, so I will include it. Panel parts replacement: R/L front *Rear fender *F apron *Front panel *R/L side lower panel *R/L rear tire house panel *Other small panels  *F/R bumper *R/L corner molding *Upper &   lower molding *hood molding *R/L step molding *R/L mirror *4 door door handles *R/L front lamp *R/L halogen headlight *R/L side lamp *Radiator core *Hitter cock Hitter hose *Radiator hose Kip *Water pump & air conditioner belt *Fail hose *Fail pump *Gasoline tank inlet hose and pipe *Carburetor----Float Menjet Packing Piping Engine has valves adjusted and other inspections Clutch O/H   Electrical components include leg letter, wiper motor, work light, battery, and other parts -- most of the front suspension and rear suspension have been replaced. F/R bearing joint, cylinder brake hose and pipe, side brake wire, R/L drive shaft spider, R/L inner and outer have been replaced.  Spare tire is also new white line ** Master back * Master cylinder * Vacuum hose Clutch cylinder  Replace the muffler from front to back Bracket - Mount - Rubber---Since the rear muffler is not used, water collects inside and the bottom hole is modified to drain the cock. The door rubber and trunk rubber have been replaced.The parts have been collected and maintained for over 40 years.  Basically, we will sell only to those who can check the actual car at least once and those who can pay in full. This is a private sale, so there are some things I'm not familiar with. Please participate if you are satisfied with the explanation. Everything except the body was maintained about 8 years ago.We would appreciate your participation if you can check the actual car. Please understand that this is an old car and do not cancel or make any complaints after purchase. If you are satisfied with this content, please consider it. Basically, the equipment of the GL car has been changed for SSS use. As it gets older and becomes difficult to maintain, I plan to resell it.    
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Peewee  »  ]2eDeYe

      Hi Steve
      i have a 1978 Datsun 620 with a 4x4 conversion kit
      i need to change the  2tie rod end on the longer bar
      but the tie rod end from a CJ 7 the diameter is 5/8 but the bar on the truck is bigger 7/8
      what you think they used instead of a  CJ7?
      it was a  original conversion kit from the manufactuer
      · 1 reply
    • graveltrapp  »  bananahamuck

      I am looking for a 1200 sedan windshield to replace my current pitted one.
      If you have such a beast I would be interested.
      · 1 reply
    • graveltrapp  »  Morrisun

      I am looking for a decent sedan windshield, mine has many small pits from when it was being dragged behind a motorhome for years.
      · 1 reply
    • graveltrapp  »  datsunfreak

      If you still have the "S" grill emblem, how much are you asking $ on it?
      · 1 reply
    • paradime  »  Icehouse

      Hey Icehouse, is JBC still selling the rack conversion kit? yenpit was saying you guys went out of biz. Say it isn't so.
      · 0 replies
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