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    • All bolts go through the water pump. The three longest ones on the alternator side go through the timing cover and screw into the block, the rest only into the timing cover. These three bolts are around where the water inlet and outlet from the pump join into the block. You don't want a leak there as it could get behind the timing cover and down into the oil pan. Timing cover will have to come off and with luck the bolt snapped above the threads and there is a nub to grip onto.    Drain the coolant, remove radiator and water pump, and take fan belt off. Disconnect bottom radiator hose. Loosen crankshaft bolt, set engine to TDC, tap back side of crankshaft pulley forward till it slides off crankshaft. Unbolt oil pump and drop out along with the drive spindle, remove distributor. Power steering pump and tensioner? There are 2 bolts on the front bottom of head that go down into the timing cover and remove the oil pan bolts across the front and maybe down each side that go up into the timing cover and loosen a few down both sides so the pan can droop slightly. Remove all the timing cover bolts, don't forget the one that was behind the oil pump. I think I have everything. The timing cover is on two dowels but it should (with difficulty) pull straight forward and out. The bottom of the head gasket and the top of the oil pan gasket will resist this sliding out.
    • Body is unique, and probably the hardest to find as few aftermarket pieces exist. What is available you might find produced in Thailand.   Suspension parts are relatively easier to source here in NA through sellers like RockAuto in the US. The 720 shares many suspension bits however the front brakes if you have drums might be more similar to the 520??? Most people upgrade to front discs and that can be done - search this site for how to.   Thanks to the web, parts can be sourced globally. 
    • Thank you sir!  [Sorry to assume your gender but 1) I'm old and B) I'm from Texas]  I think I told the story when we first got it low but, I remember the night we flipped the axle and took it off the jackstands for the first time.  I eased the jack down and the rear bumper equivalent just kept going lower and lower!  I just stood there and laughed.  "I don't care if it is undriveable," I said to john.  "We have to get the front that low!"  Eventually, we did.
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      Hello, Yenpit I am interested in the tank. Is it available
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    • tarekss123  »  zed1

      Hi there
      I saw an older post you submitted years ago about having a lot of NOS datsun parts....I noticed you have managed to sell them..I am kind of in the same situation you were at years ago. I have loads of Datsun NOS parts.. Any pointers on how you sold them 
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      Happy 5/10 day
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    • 75 620 4X4  »  Boxcar

      I own a 75 620 4x4 that is a NW ATV conversion (has the tag on the door frame) I was wondering can I change the front brakes over to Jeep disc? They are currently Datsun drums
      · 1 reply
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