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    • dam I think by now I know where every wire goes on a stock harness, that dam  schematics page of my manual pop up the the minute I close my eyes! but up to now in the trunk I just need to tie in my side markers and license plate lights I to the light harness, which I have ready to tap into it but since they need some cleaning I left them  out for now.  but for now I have power to my park, my brakes, reverse and   blinkers which  im working on  them, they are at hooked up  at the steering column next just need to figure out the rest of the wiring) then test out there blinkers.   will need to  figure out my fuel gauge wire, and run my antenna power to the  rear.  but other than that! rear lights are a go   the front section I got power to park lights high beams and low beams using the  original light switch as well.  only issue here is my high beams  are on on position 1 and on position 2 EZ wiring not so EZ 😅 but happy that my rear and front lights are working. but that's probably beacue I have my high beam and high beam indicator wires runing to the same side as my  park lamps. I couldn't figure yet where to hook up the HB/HB indicator wire too.    my horn wiring Is hooked up and working as well, just need to  clean the grounding point at the steering wheel to have it work properly.   the heater switches are working and so are the settings on it. So far I must admit im still bit scared that I may not be hooking things right.  I am trying my best to read the diagrams and understand em,  but with no one who knows wiring to guide me if im wrong,  im just confident in  what im reading and studying to go ahead  connect things. up. I mean it only took me a week for that head light switch to get hooked up hahaha,  and looking forward to the flasher and wiper motor switch🤯🤣 still A LOT of work to do under the dash, mostly reading and figuring out if the ez wiring will hook up to the 69 cluster, I know it had a voltage  regulator on the back which If my memory serves me right it dropped the 12v to 6v?    next step is to clean up the wiring in the front and the trunk  since I had wiring going everywhere  for the testing purposes, but cant wait to see that engine bay clean and free of all that wiring mess. Looking like medusas head all tangled up everywhere.    will post pics soon enough 
    • Atomic bombshell: We have proof that Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017   You likely will not like this, but this is a PLANDEMIC and I called it that way back in this thread, they did this to us, if you want to know who THEY are I dare you to read this link, it tells you who, what, when, where, and why, to reduce the population of this planet to 500 million and keep it there, and mandatory vaccines are the plan. https://thecommonsenseshow.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=56cae7f811e7fc4a7f0b42d65&id=416a506d75&e=221e25edbc
    • I’m off tomorrow so I’ll check it out. I might have those plugs already but I will have to double check that and if I do how much do I need to gap them to. I’ll update my findings tomorrow
    • What a tangled web of power and lies and...  
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    • freaky510

      And the Dumb Guy Question of the day.... I am swapping motors from my 72 into my 79. I have a stage 2 Norris cam(Don't remember the specs) and a Weber DCOE 45. The timing has been advanced like 24 degrees and  jetting for it has been done.I had it dialed in by the local machine shops son. I have ran this motor HARD!!   So.... Can I just TDC it and not have to re-jet or ???
      · 2 replies
    • freaky510

      I gotta FREE L20b block.  You pick up. located in Silverlake Wa.
      · 0 replies
    • wayno

      So are there any members here that live in Santa Rosa CA or that area that have an early Datsun truck rim with the hubcap nubs(pre 1980) they could loan out for a while to someone that lives i Santa Rosa?
      · 0 replies
    • 80datson

      Thank you Ratsun for 10 years of memebership!!!! Without Ratsun forum and especially Datzenmike for all the knowledge and information on everything ive learned about datsuns, specifically my 210 it wouldnt be where its at today!!! I am grateful for this forum!!!! Today is my 10 year anniversary with Ratsun.net!!!! 
      · 1 reply
    • harvo

      So......who do I have to buy a drink around here to get added to the Facebook group?
      · 6 replies
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