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    • What is the best way to post images?
    • Thanks for the ideas. I will definitely stitch weld the car first. i agree with the strut tie bar but not sure how I will be able to do that with the motor I’m using. I’m working on that idea also. I just noticed that you are in Cool CA. i was in Placervile for over 28 years. Rob
    • Maybe different on new engines that either haven't been apart yet or are closer tolerance? Old chevs around here in wrecking yards have 1/4" blobs of that red or blue RTV on intakes, oil pans (are the worst) and thermostats. See it on exhaust manifolds, carb bases, valve covers even on a rad hose!!! WTF GM owners? this is what gaskets are for.     Pulled this out of a KA head water jacket. Chevy blue.   SX owner must have been a chev owner too.
    • There is a knack to a manual choke. You have to see what works for your truck and how cold it is out. I had a '71 back in '77.   Have only had electric chokes since and can't say I miss it. Generally the cold heater coil inside, sets the amount of choke needed pretty close once you get it dialed in.
    • There is no power to the choke until the engine is running, that's why there's a relay. Not that critical to have the relay as long as power switches on and off with the key. This is why I mentioned connecting to the idle cut. Now all you need do is find out why there is no power to the idle cut solenoid. The idle cut is powered from the second fuse (15A) over from the far left hand side.   The other two wires are probably to a heater plate sandwiched between carb and intake.
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    • yoshiki sakuta  »  ]2eDeYe

      I am on 86 NISSAN 720 KC ST 4 X 4 in Japan.
      I saw your forum a while ago.
      I will swap 240sx KA24DE to 720.
      Can you sell motormount?
      I will do SAS at the same time.
      It is a 3 link KING 2.0 coil over suspension with Jeep SJ DANA 44 axle.
      So the height of the oil pan is not very important.
      I can receive parts in California.
      Can I ship to Japan if I can not ship to California due to exhaust gas problem?
      Paypal can be used for payment.
      I am looking for KA24DE HEADERS. Something that fits in 720 with less remake.
      It seems that many 620 are equipped with 240 sx OBX 4-2-1 HEADERS.
      Which HEADERS do you like? Please tell me your opinion.
      · 6 replies
    • bananahamuck

      A big thanks goes out to Scooters for sneaking over the border and delivering my "package" Saturday,,, thanks man!!. 
      · 0 replies
    • cruznude  »  gene knight

      Hey gene. This is Lance from Albuquerque the. I need a l20b pulley. Call me at 505-331-0650.
      · 0 replies
    • scooter  »  bananahamuck

      pm me i got your bellhousing
      · 1 reply
    • Hawaiian620

      Anyone know the part number for Solid State Volt Reg for a 77 620?
      · 3 replies
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