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    • @Will you magnificent bastard 
    • They are for 1mm over size L18 pistons. Replacement pistons would always have the same dish to keep the compression ratio similar.
    • Onto some modern/style mods:   The mirrors were destroyed, so I opted to replace them with a set of fender mirrors:   I also happened to be on Facebook Marketplace at the right time to score a pair of Dapper Headlights from a certain member that likes big tankers:     I also needed to replace the rotting rear tail lights. I may have bought the wrong ones, but I actually kinda like them:   I also set about swapping all the running lights out for LED's while I was at it.   The last little bit to finish my exterior, a new rear window. Goodbye Foreigner 1:   I have also been slowly replacing the other seals as I see fit.     That catches the truck up to today. I ordered all the parts necessary to do a mild engine refresh including a new water/thermostat housing, sensors, gaskets as well as the intake/exhaust gasket and carb rebuild kit.   I have the replacement rocker sitting at my place ready to go, but the Covid situation has prevented me from being able to get it welded in for the time being.   The last bit of electrical gremlins I have been having are from the headlight relays drawing current, so a replacement relay harness is in the mail.   New 15" wheels are on the way as well in anticipation of doing a front disk brake conversion in the near future. A slew of other upgrades and changes are planned as well. Stay tuned
    • They've improved it... easier to aim in the confines of a car where distance to the target isn't an issue, and 'Made in the USA' so the irony hurts just as much as the bullets to antifa fucks.....    
    • First order of business for the truck was to get it sealed up and prevent the cancer (rust) from spreading. The seam sealer around the edge of the truck was no longer doing it's job, so it need to be replaced.Out with the old:New:It's not the prettiest, but I only really care that it does it's job.Next up, fixing the taco'd hood:removing 50 y/o glue:Re-bonding:Not wanting to just fix things, but also make them better, I cleaned all the rust and dirt and grime and added some sound/heat/vibration/rust prevention spray as well:   Following that, I opted to update the ancient wiring and fuse block with a modern blade fuse block from Blue Sea Systems. This snowballed into replacing the entire wiring harness from the interior: I made the harness from scratch with new connectors and labeled every end to keep it easy when tracking down issues.   Onto the next set of interior fiascos:   I hit everything with rust converter and rebuilt the heater fan box and got it working:   The dash was heavily cracked and rusted, so I set about throw some coats of rustoleum on it and patched the cracks with foam and set about recovering it:   The last piece of the dash puzzle was the glovebox that was falling apart. Nothing a few layers of fiberglass couldn't fix:   Back together: I also went about replacing the gauge lights with LED's while the cluster was out of the truck.  
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