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    • Drivers side is a three wire switch.  Maybe, you can 'rebuild' it with the new parts?  
    • So I did finally manage to find my paint through automotive touchup, I wanted to find a paint that was close, and through their "datsun" catalog, I was able to find a color they called Datsun 803, and I gave it a shot. Turns out to be very very similar to the green of my wagon. Did some digging around and not too much information is out there for this exact color. There are a few paint code sites that list a 803 color as Leaf Green, and I found one website that lists the nissan catalog picture of said 803 color. Which is shown below. The few times I've found 803 on websites, its listed as a 67 color and a 69 color, but that's it.    https://hdpaintcode.com/datsun/   Vs 546 which is just "green" according to this site.      Obviously these pictures don't do a justice, but I personally dont own a color sample catalog, so I've got no clue if this is a wagon vs sedan color, or if theyre the same or different color at all. But I gave my rear bumper valence a spray in the automotive touchup paint and I'm quite happy with it. Its obviously a little brighter and a tad flatter than the goon, but its close enough for government work.                  Better than the strip of red above the bumper like I had before. I also removed the bumper over-riders since I really don't like those. 
    • I appreciate the suggestions, I'll probably look into that, as I was originally just going to run the original style bushings. If the pins are the same size as stock pins, it wont have any issues with bushing replacement. I'll have to look and see if new 720/d21 pins are available to order, otherwise I'll look into another brand/generic. I could also modify the bracket I made to accept both a stock pin or a aftermarket bolt in pin as well. But this isn't something im planning on selling, its just something that I want to fix (in my mind) when I do all the bushings in the back of the goon. If it works out for me, I'll probably just publish the file if anyone else wanted the bracket design too, or I'll just hand it over to ]2edeye so he can make it if he wanted to. 
    • I talked with Jose last week  there is alot of BS coming up where the city wants different and more stuff then before  vendor permits  insurances  money per vendor at the swap etc.  a lot of politics have come into play since COVID shut this down    Jose is still working on trying to revive the show in a different affordable and acceptable location    Thanks Jose for your continued work to bring back an awesome show and swap we look forward to the return whatever we may call it 
    • So, I have my eyes on a rebuilt hitachi to hook up to try and get my ‘84 to pass smog here in Boise. Crossing fingers emissions testing is dead here in 6 months, but it’s not certain and I am also tired of shitty Weber winter performance (maybe the thing isn’t tuned right, but I go from 17 to 12 mpg when it gets cold; I know the original filter housing would help).   Anyway. I’m rebuilding the emissions system from scratch. I picked up an exhaust manifold with intact egr tube, but it doesn’t have air injection tubes (Cali manifold?). Is there any way I’ll pass without the air injection tubes, or are they absolutely critical to the emission system’s performance?
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    • Litespeed  »  datzenmike

      New to forum. bought a 71 510 and am in process of restoring and currently building up L20b engine with a A87 peanut head. I have a set of dished pistons and understand that there are 2 different dished volumes ~4cc And ~10 cc. Question I have is what is the measured distance ( not volume ) of dish depth ( measuring straight edge across top of piston to bottom of dish  ) to get a ruff idea of which cc dish piston I have . 
      · 4 replies
    • Gechie

      · 2 replies
    • 85 720 king cab 4x2  »  datzenmike

      Hey I am not on here that much, but I would like to give my 2cents worth,Datzenmike is the answer or the information I am looking for when I come for help with my 85 720 This. Guy eats sleeps 720’s in my opinion and he has been a huge help to keep me going when something else goes wrong with my 85 720 many times and the money spent on this 720 I was about to throw in the towel and Datzenmike would always come through I’m the clutch! Thanks for all your help like me I am sure some people don’t even reply or ask a question but find the Answer through DatzenMike!!! Thanks Man from one 720 for life guy!!!
      · 1 reply
    • oly507  »  datzenmike

      1)  The vehicle in question is a early 1979 Datsun 210 wagon, model B310 series, according to the owners manual.  The engine is 1400cc.
      2)  Is there a difference between a B210 and a 210?
      3)  I am looking for a Strut Support, part # 54320-?????
           The ????? Refers to the exact model but I cannot find a site that gives
           it to me.
      4)  Strut bearing, part # 54325-H1000
           Some sources say this number includes all B210 (120Y, 140Y 160Y)
      5)  Looking for the Datsun/Nissan factory parts web site.
      6)  Is there a 1.8L engine that will swap into my 210 with a minimum of
      Thanks in advance for any help I may receive to my questions
      · 0 replies
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