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  1. When everything is figured in....all the correspondence, travel for parts, shipping, supplies, computer time for the design, machining time......it may not even be that much. LOL If I only factor in the time to cut up the stock and machine it, it looks way better on paper! :) If I were only producing the parts themselves, it would be worth it, but if I were to become a business, I'd be doing even more "miscellaneous" time for no direct pay and my overhead would go through the roof. :( ........and you've tipped me quite well in the past! It was your support early on that helped to get me this involved. :) It's been a good ride and there's been a lot I've enjoyed.....not to mention a HUGE amount of learning. It's stuff I wanted to learn anyway, so this gave me a good excuse to do it. I'm still learning and to do some of the stuff I want, I need more time....time I can't get if I keep doing what I've been doing. I'm just afraid that there's going to be more than a few disappointed and even pissed off people when they see some of the stuff I'm going to create and then not sell. lol There's a slight chance I may find one or two people to put the designs into production. We'll see.
  2. Some of the other items have sold pretty well. There's other options out there for the roadster guys, so I'm guessing the ones with money are buying other setups. When I get a chance, I'll probably see about putting them out there.....outta sight, outta mind. It's not like I've pushed the advertising on them at all. I'm very hesitant to push them, because then, a bunch of buyers will want the rotors to go with them. That means more work that I don't want to do. LOL They don't take up space as they are, so they may just end up in a box for a few years. :) Nope....not retiring any time soon.....unless my VA back pay magically shows up soon. I was building this for when I retire, but I'm not sure at this point, if it's what I actually want to do. I just know I'm tired of spending all my free time making stuff for other people and only making about $2/hr. lol I'll watch TV before I keep working at those wages. :) I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better and back on your project!! :)
  3. At stock height, the UCA is angled downward.......so if it was lowered, that would push the top of the rim out and might be why they put the shims in....to pull it inboard to compensate. Understand, if you can't look at it and figure out why they're there.....it's going to be extremely hard for us to guess at why. :)
  4. If it's both sides and the wheels are cambered.....they may have done it to get tires to fit in the fenders. Doesn't sound like anything is bent. Kingpins may be really worn. You'll have to investigate the front end or take it to an alignment shop and let them find any issues and fix them.
  5. There's a lot of other things that will bend before the kingpin. If the kingpin bends, you won't be able to turn. Are the wheels straight up and down? Does it have that many shims on both sides, or just the passenger side?
  6. shimming is the correct way to adjust it......but that many....no. As Matt said above....few to none.
  7. mklotz70

    BMW Engine Swap

    Very cool swap. :)
  8. Ended up here looking for something else. lol Did you ever get this figured out?
  9. Thanks buddy! I was looking to have a biz set up and going before I retire, but it's looking like that's further away then I was hoping. I'd like to have something set up, but it's not looking like this will create the $'s needed. There's a lot of guys out there doing home shop stuff, but most of what they're doing is production work. If I have to do production work, I might as well just stay at the job I don't enjoy.....pays way better. LOL
  10. I'm pretty sure that was just the ratsun award.
  11. mklotz70

    Fuel Pump?

    In case you don't know.....do a bit of research, or maybe someone will chime in. The weber's don't like much fuel pressure so it's common to put a regulator inline before the carb.
  12. Maybe you should nickname it Road grater. lol
  13. You're more than welcome. I wish I could have been more positive about it. I'm sure the guy before you had similar intentions and it didn't end well. $5000??!!! I guess I was right! lol I didn't think it would be quite that, but I figured $3K+. Are yours completely destroyed? If they're just hard, you might try soaking them in a 50/50 mix of auto trans fluid and acetone(I'm pretty sure that's the other fluid). I posted the mix info I got from another guy that did exactly that with his vent rubbers. They came out super nice. It would take me a bit to find the info again.
  14. I thought I'd add a bit of clarification to this. This is true for the parts that I designed and put on my site....it's also part of the reason I'm not going to be doing it anymore. But.....for the custom work I've done, like the Z'd lower control arms and 13" brake setups, I quoted a price, then took a 50% deposit so that the materials would not have to come out of my pocket. I typically waited until I had a few at one time. Some of the customers waited months for me to get them finished up. Knowing it would take an unpredictable amount of time was the main reason I never offered them on my site. The difference here is that I had control over the results and it was only a two party transaction. I was not at the mercy of another manufacturer like it will be with the gaskets. I've checked into doing other gaskets(and other items) over the years and it has always been very cost prohibitive. To get a proven manufacturer to make these, it has to be worth it for them financially. In order for that to happen, there has to be a large market for them. Finding a manufacturer that will cover the cost based on potential sales.....extremely unlikely.....enough so that I'm going to say that it's NOT going to happen. Finding one that will be willing to handle any part of the sales or dealing with the end customer.....also extremely unlikely. That's not what they're in the business to do. They want to make a large quantity of parts and get paid for doing just that. I'm sure everyone already understands this, but is hoping that somehow these basic facts will somehow change in order to make this happen. I'm not saying they can't change, but it's highly unlikely. I've never looked for one, but if there's a "boutique" business that does rubber products, they might be a better choice. I use that word because that was the word used when the NL320 guys were having the tail light lenses made. There was one guy doing plastic molding and made up a run of the tail lights lenses. Of course, once the run was done, he decided it just wasn't worth it and quit doing them. lol Hmmm....seems there was also a deal with the front windows, but I don't remember the details. I think it's been brought up before about having them 3D printed. Things are changing rapidly with 3D printing. There are filaments available now that weren't around even a year or two ago. I've seen the gaskets around door mirrors and door handles printed with filaments that are UV and chemical resistant. Granted, the exposed areas are minimal in those applications. If the prototypes were printed in a flexible material, even if not UV/chemical resistant, they could at least prove the CAD work, design and fit. It would take a lot of the risk out of sending a unproven CAD file to a real manufacturer. For what it's worth.....knowing what I know now about being the middle man on deals(very small deals compared to this)......there's no way I'd be the person trying to set this up. LOL! My hat is off to anyone even attempting it. Basically....that person is going to be expected to pony up the huge cost to have them proto-typed and manufactured. Then, when they're all done and a "real" final price if figured out so that they can potentially get their money back, of the 30 people that say "I'm definitely getting a set", only about 3-5 will actually follow through. A lot will say the price is higher than expected. Some will say...I don't need them just yet, but when I do, I'll be back for a set......like you've got nothing better to do than tie up thousands of dollars of your money by having them sit on your shelf until they're done spending money on beer and toys. lol Others will just become a ghost as if they'd never made any commitment. The person that ponied up all the money to make it happen will end up getting screwed financially on the deal. All those that "changed their minds" or flat out ghosted on the deal, probably won't even feel bad about it. If we were talking hundreds of dollars to get them made....no big deal....it would have already happened.....but this deal will take thousands to make happen.....at least if they're going to be OEM quality parts. I haven't followed every post on here, but it looks like Rusty Gate was trying to make this happen. Rusty.....if you can get these made for your own use for even $1500/set, you'll be money ahead and have incredibly less stress and risk than you will if you try to get them done for others. If you have extras made, you'd probably be justified in asking $500/set for them....just keep in mind.....no matter what you would sell them for.....even $50/set.....you will end up with backlash at some point. If they're not absolutely perfect and you're not willing to install them .....the price will never be good enough for some of them. LOL I'm sure I sound pretty jaded....I'm really not. Out of the hundreds of transactions I've done with people over the years, I've had very few that went south or even sideways. But....it only takes one to open your eyes.....then the second one leaves a really bad taste in your mouth you won't soon forget! lol :) I would not consider someone committed to purchasing unless they gave at least a 50% deposit. First thing you learn in sales is that "buyers are liars". If you don't have a physical commitment from there....as in cash in hand.....I would not count on them following through....they might.....but I wouldn't count on it. As you can tell from DatzenMike's posts.....he's not going to let that happen. You're trying to help.....he's trying to protect. Sorry, but as a new guy....you're just not going to win. Hell....I've been here from before this site started and I doubt that even I have enough reputation to pull off what you'd like to do. LOL I've also been around long enough to know better than to even try! :) Well....that was about 45min I probably shouldn't have spent on here. LOL
  15. Love that seat!!! Congrats on the score! :)
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