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  1. I could have told you that, since I'm the one that figured out that setup to begin with. There used to be a thread about it on NWDE, but that forum has been gone for years! I even cut a rim in half to show why it wouldn't clear. If I remember right, it won't clear any 14" rim....but I'm not sure. Heck....I still have the parts from the scrap yard sitting in my shed from when I first did it. lol I'm a bit slow. 😞 LOL
  2. Sweet! I'm a bit surprised I was right. lol I typically shy away from things like this because I tend to miss some point and end up wrong.....plus....after 37 years of marriage.....I'm always wrong at home.......and since we work together, I'm wrong there, as well. I forgot what this felt like!!! LOL Thanks!! :) ps....beautiful graph and chart, by the way!! :)
  3. I was seeing both sides of the argument, but I was on Matt's side. Had to open up CAD. LOL I moved the top point down 1" to make it easier. This is assuming the axle is travel straight up and down. The axle moves 1" and "c"...the hypotenuse changes only .8" So, by this demo, Matt is correct. Carter, I think the issue is that your math assumes the angle stays the same and it doesn't. I was originally thinking the same thing as pic3.....in which case the distance is longer. There's also a good chance I'm looking at this wrong! LOL :)
  4. This is everything that has been posted to IG already. I'll try to keep updating this as I go. Although, there is some consideration being given to completely getting off of social media...at least FB and IG. Couple of notes. If you see dots at the bottom of the pic/video, that means there's more than one page. If so, there should be an arrow on the right side in the middle. Clicking the arrow moves you to the next pic/vid. Some have just one, others can have up to 10. For sound, there should be a black button at the bottom right with a speaker icon. It should be slashed out to s
  5. Ah....cool. Maybe I'll see about putting links here, as well. I'll try to go back and create a list of the links to catch up everything at once so that we don't end up with 20 or more separate posts on this thread. It would be nice if they would post with a thumbnail, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks Don. I'm happy to hear that. :)
  6. Cool. There should have been four vids, each less than a minute. There should be an arrow on the right side/middle of the pic so advance to the next page. Thanks!!
  7. Since a couple of posts earlier, kingpin kits were talked about.......I'm going to start sharing some other info. I've been working on importing 50 kingpin kits from china. They'll definitely be under $100. Since the fulcrum pin cotter bolts are NLA and I've nearly sold out of the ones I made years ago, I'm going to see about doing another run of them. When I set the pricing on the kits, I'll probably offer one price, just the way the are......the hole in the bushings will need to be slotted a bit to line up with the grease fittings.......and another price with the holes fixed, 2 cotter bo
  8. Just seeing if this link works.....but there's a good chance you'll need an IG account to see it......maybe? https://www.instagram.com/p/CI6KNG8Jr-u/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet .....could someone that does NOT have an IG account check the link and see if it works? Thanks.
  9. Those are so friggin' cool buddy!!!!! Awesome job! I've been playing with a similar idea for the trucks....just haven't had time to get to it yet.
  10. But Ray can't use it on himself.......so I guess you're his willing volunteer? lol 😉
  11. So you're looking for a steering column and steering box? His truck doesn't have one at all? Craigslist? The For Sale or Want Ad forums on here? The FB versions? Scrapyards? Shipping would be extremely expensive so try to find one locally. Good luck!!
  12. What parts are you referring to? Steering wheel adapters, column shortening pieces....?
  13. mklotz70

    My 1971 521

    The adjustment info is in the factory manual which can be downloaded online.
  14. To add to what Daniel posted..... The little can motors can be taken apart and "fixed" in some cases. I've done it before, but it's been so long ago, I'm sure the write up was on NWDE.org's forum and it's long gone. 😞
  15. There better be some pictures or videos of all this column shortening you guys are doing!!!! 😞
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