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  1. mklotz70

    521 Front Inner Wheel Bearings KOYO 32KB02

    Thanks Crash. I do make the spacers, but if the correct bearing is available, that's the better option. Vintagetinautoworks got the ones from France and they were about the same price, but they want about $15 per bearing for shipping(total comes to about $35-40 with the shipping). When I checked with the company(123bearing.com), they would not give a quantity shipping discount. I've thought about trying to bring in a bunch of them to resell, but by the time I add the $'s to reship to the end user, there just wouldn't be any room to make any $'s for handling........AND....I don't have a chunk of cash to tie up on bearings that will sit on the shelf for a really long time. lol If you guys can get in on '70barnfindnewb's offer, you should. :)
  2. mklotz70

    Brakes locking up. Need Help!!

    Glad to hear that it helped. :)
  3. mklotz70

    A 510 named "Hey"

    Looking forward to watching this rear suspension come together!! :)
  4. mklotz70

    Rim help !

    There's no easy, direct swap. Since you're running big rims, there's two other options out there that are much cheaper and easier than mine. I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction. The info for mine is on my site www.bluehandsfab.com If you run the other brake setups, just remember that you'll need to get a bigger spare tire.
  5. mklotz70

    Rim help !

    Did the guy you mentioned have disc brakes? My setup uses the later model disc hubs which have metric studs in them. There's a slight chance that's why the difference.
  6. mklotz70

    Help need to press brakes twice

    This isn't to counter Dan or Mike, but here's another 2 cents. If your brakes are spongy, you have air in the lines. If they are nice and firm on the second press, then you simple have too much travel as Mike said. If you fronts are disc, then the pads should stay (pretty much) against the disc.....so very little travel. Your rear drums are where the culprit will be. You can pull the parking brake. Pump them twice like you have been. Now let them sit for a minute. The next time you press them, they should not need a second pump. Basically, having the parking brake engaged takes up the extra travel. If they feel good doing this, then that shows that your rear brakes need adjustment or work. If they still need to be pumped, either your parking brake isn't working, or you have an issue in the front. As for Dan's info.....I'm not quite sure about it. The pressure bleeder only works at about 3-7 psi...or at least they will.....which isn't anywhere near enough to move the springs and push the shoes out. I agree they need to be compressed.....so don't try to do it with the parking brake engaged. I've made my own pressure bleeders before and used them on the 510 wagon I had and the 521s. Dan and Mike have some serious knowledge and they're way more active and current with this stuff these days. Hopefully, between the 3 of us, you'll get if figured out. :)
  7. mklotz70

    ‘79 620 brake bleed with NLSV procedure ???

    Sorry....I'm not familiar at all with the NLSV setup. On some vehicles, the dual reservoir has one rear and one front brake.....that makes it a bit weird, but if yours is separated both fronts on the front circuit of the m/c and both rears on the rear circuit, it's much easier. I'm guessing the challenge here is that the NLSV has both front and rear going to it? You will probably have to go through the procedure at least twice. I typically bleed the back of the m/c first, since it's "pressure" is what compresses the front circuit. Typically you start at the farthest away from the m/c.....that' line length, so if the brake line crosses the vehicle, it may not be the back right that's the furthest away. It looks like they want you to bleed the fronts since that is what regulates the rear. The circuits shouldn't actually share any fluid, so you can bleed the fronts before the rear, just make sure to start with the longest brake line. Hopefully, someone else with some experience will chime in. I was simply pointing out that the discs shouldn't change anything from the drum procedure.....but I don't actually know what the procedure is. Good luck.
  8. mklotz70

    ‘79 620 brake bleed with NLSV procedure ???

    I can't think of any reason it would change. Use the same process and sequence and it should work. It's still hydraulics. It's still fluid pushing a piston in a cylinder....just a different shape.
  9. mklotz70

    521 part # thread

    Wow! That's the best pic I've seen of them. Martin did a really nice job on the welding! Way better than he made it sound. lol I'd like to see a pic of it with the flange end down....so it's standing up so I can see the welds of the pipes to the flange. I had thought about making these, but I never found the time. Martin bought me out on the flanges so that he could do this. His came out WAY nice than mine would have!!!! Thanks for the pic Charlie!
  10. mklotz70

    Brake Adjuster Clip Removal/Install Video

    Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful. :) I've been on ratsun since the start. You'll find me on here as mklotz70....mostly in the truck forums. I've got a lot of content on here, but I'm not nearly as active anymore.
  11. mklotz70

    new member, first post.

    Thanks Wayne. :) I'll throw some links in here just in case they're needed. It sounds like it's the end bearing falling out of position. I used some wheel bearing grease to hold it in place if I remember right. I think one of the vids shows/explains it....been too long, I just don't remember without watching them again. I think this should list the playlist on YT that has all 5 vids. I just rearranged them so that the one that should have the info you want is first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI9ex_2e5Po&list=PLAUFP46xkHEw7gogrdHDcYScFIf6_NY9C
  12. mklotz70

    new member, first post.

    Steering column shortening....now I'm listening. :) Keep in mind that when you shorten it, it will pull the wheel down a lot on the seat making it really hard to slide your leg under a stock steering wheel. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you do it. I've been planning on doing this on my YT channel for years...in fact, I even picked up a column earlier this year for just that purpose. Charlie.....I don't remember hearing/seeing anything about you shortening 520 columns. Did I just miss it or is it something you haven't shared? I'd like to get your input on how you do it.........via email. :)
  13. mklotz70

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    Thanks Jeff!! That's a great write up......and I didn't know Michael had a YT channel....subbed while I was at it. :)
  14. mklotz70

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    Very cool! Link to Michael's how-to???
  15. mklotz70

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    And I'm not a fan of trying t manipulate or relate the numbers in my head lol To each their own. :)

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