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  1. Since you already have ball joints, your best options is to simply swap our your entire spindle for an HB spindle. If you have thoughts of dropped spindles, now would be the time to get them. The drum 620 conversions to HB discs is not a consideration for you. If you need to do it as cheap as possible, get HB spindles, rotors and calipers, but use your hubs. It would be way easier and simpler for you to just get the entire spindle setup from an HB. Pop the ball joints, the tie rods and the hose. I would not disassemble anything else....just swap the entire units. If you're switching to dropped spindles, then of course, you will need to do things differently. Using your hubs is better since they will fit smaller center holes on the rims. HB hubs require really large holes. You can dig around my site and find more info about the differences between the hubs. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/donor-vehicle-and-part-information.html
  2. If I'm understanding the specs your stating of the printing.....wow...very impressive! The 521 and pre-disc 620 frames are the same.....other than they used metric hardware on the 620. The disc 620's were disc and I'm pretty sure the frame got widened. The disc 620 and early 720 frames should be nearly the same.
  3. Sounds like an interesting project!!
  4. mklotz70

    mrbigtankers 521

    Bory didn't have quite that much into Datstang, but if you add up the value of his labor, he was a good bit over that. lol Most of us need someone like Ray to show us the high end things in life so we can dream. :)
  5. mklotz70

    mrbigtankers 521

    I'm sure Bory's Datstang was right behind it. lol
  6. Most parts stores should have what you need. 3/16" line. Summit, Speedway....and other online stores have them too. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/inverted-flare-fittings~14-3-475-17359
  7. If you can't cut/flare your own lines....plenty of vids on youtube about how to do it.....any parts store should have pre-made lengths of brake line about 5' long. Get whatever lengths it takes and the unions (butt connectors) to go with them. Personally, I'd invest in a decent flaring tool and custom make your own. This vid should help give you an idea on how to flare, but the camera guy sucks....so you'll want to find some other vids to reference, too.
  8. Thanks!! They don't open the bottom up to weld it there too, do they? I wouldn't think so. A lot of work for a bit of overkill.
  9. Very interesting. How are the large steel adapters held into the strut hole of the steering knuckle? I don't see any bolt holes or welds.
  10. mklotz70

    Powerland 2020!

    Kevin(Bleach) and I have known each other online since before ratsun.net or the first Canby. He had a thread going with info about the front brakes that got me started on the disc conversions. He was also the one to suggest the Trooper for the rears. I went to the scrapyard to check it out...did a preliminary check, bought the parts, came home and proved they would work. Brandon(Fineline) then went and got the parts, figured out the brackets....the turned the bracket design over to Jason(beebani) to cut.....then Brandon gave the design to Jason who's been making them ever since. Anyone driving on disc brakes, front or rear, should know Keven was at the core of their creation. :)
  11. mklotz70

    Powerland 2020!

    Sorry....gonna have to add a bit NO to this request!! LOL They're the model I look at the least. ;)
  12. Keep an eye on those rubber bushings.....they wear out pretty quickly.
  13. Off topic, but there 9240 pics and 300+vids on my PB account and they take up 19G according to PB. Nearly all of those are on Ratsun somewhere. I went through and backed them all up on one of my drives a year or two ago when PB become A-holes for a bit. If something happens to Ratsun or PB, I can pretty much guarantee that I will not bother to restore any of the info. lol
  14. You're more than welcome.....and thank you. :) Looking forward to seeing more pics of it and the brakes. Hopefully, I don't miss it. I follow very little on ratsun these days.
  15. I'd almost consider another project car if it was a 312 wagon....or the 520 truck based version. Are you using a free photobucket account? If so, you're probably stuck with it.
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