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  1. I've probably had at least 4 guys contact me about making these again......I really need to just send them to you. .......I just wish you had 4 setups to sell. lol
  2. mklotz70

    mrbigtankers 521

    I figured. LOL
  3. mklotz70

    mrbigtankers 521

    Just say the pins fit the retro look. I'd rather see hood pins then fender mirrors. lol
  4. mklotz70

    mrbigtankers 521

    I'm sure he's referring to the upper mount. You have a pic of it.....
  5. Great thread!! Thanks!! :)
  6. I'm glad to see you made it to ratsun. Hopefully, you'll get the pics figured out. :) Looking forward to seeing them!!
  7. There were several things that changed mid year as the 521 went along. The early '70 does not door lock pulls, but the door panel is stamped for one(no hole). I'd have to look at Paula's 521 to see if the shoulder mounts are stamped into the B pillars or not....I don't think it does. Been awhile since I've even looked at the truck. The late '70 521's had the door lock pulls and the B pillar stamping.....if I remember right. Anyway.....some of the features like that didn't directly correlate with the model year.
  8. page BE-5 of the factory 521 manual shows 4 relays. Lights, horn and E1 and E2....I would guess emissions. Both E1 and E2 are used for the weird 3rd gear coasting? trigger for the second set of points. I know it explains it in the manual, but it's been a long time since I've looked at it. If I remember right, they don't switch between the two sets of points, they simply add the second set which changes the effective dwell. One relay is involved with the throttle switch, the other is connected to the trans switch and the ACC switch.....which is also mounted near the clutch switch....I think. Everyone always wanted to connect the second set of points in parallel with the first so that they could run a lot more amps through it to get a better spark. It doesn't work because the 2nd set is not physically mounted 180 degrees from the 1st....they're off a bit. Anyway....
  9. I wasn't worried about the aluminum brackets hitting/rubbing.....that comment was for the bracket that comes with the caliper...that wraps around the rotor. The caliper can be removed from the pins/bracket with the two smaller, 14mm headed bolts. The larger bolts that I provided remain mounted, holding the steel bracket. If that is centered over the rotor, then it's probably just that your pistons aren't seated all the way back into the caliper. When the calipers were reassembled after the powdercoating, were the seals "wetted" with brake fluid before the pistons were installed? If you had the work done, you may not know. If not, the pistons can stick and be a lot harder to move.
  10. This is a truck issue too with the urethane bushings. Those nuts......if I remember right.....aren't so much for adjustment of the rod, but for adjustment of the "squish" of the bushings. I'd have to look it up again. You can use urethane if you "relieve" them a bit. I've got pics or vid online somewhere of doing it. I looked it up. lol
  11. PM's are better.....I get notifications in my email for them. :) With the wheel on the driver's side and it raised off the ground, you should be able to spin the tire by hand and it should spin fairly easily and continue a bit after you let go. If you have to use too hands to rotate the tire or it stops immediately, it's too much drag. Typically, the drag is more audible than "feel-able". It will definitely be more noticeable with the tire off since you'll be trying to spin it by the studs. Putting the tire on gives you a lot more leverage to spin it and the weight should carry it a bit. If you still have it apart, maybe some pics looking right down from the edge of the rotor with the caliper out of the way. Hmmm....just to be clear....everything spins easily when the brackets are on but the calipers are off.....right?
  12. I almost skipped checking this....guess it's good that I did. Looks like Mike and Wayne have covered it already. As Mike said, discs are designed to rub normally......but only a small amount. the square seals in the caliper piston don't really slide when they activated, but "give" a bit.....then when pressure is released, they pull the piston back slightly. The hit/miss, as Mike said is either a thickness variation in the rotor or some runout. You can pull the hub off again, remove the rotor.....make sure that the mounting surfaces between the two are clean and smooth. Most likely, it would be on the hub if the rotors are new. If that's good, you could swap the rotors from side to side....keeping the hubs one the same side they are now....that would let you know if the "wow" is in the rotor or the hub. I wouldn't bother with that if you find debris on the mounting surface. The brackets should have mounted the caliper bracket(not the caliper) centered over the rotor....or really close. As long as it's not close to rubbing, the caliper will "float" on the pins(which need to be lubricated so that they don't stick) and center themselves. Things will also change just a bit as you get the pads bedded in. You'll want to make sure you do that. There's plenty of info on how to on the internet. I should get some info posted on my site, too. lol If you had a mechanic mount everything up and he thinks it's all fine, I wouldn't worry about it unless you still have issues after you've driven the truck for a bit and gotten the pads bedded. If you post something for me on ratsun and I don't respond, you can always email me directly through the contact page on my site, but you probably already have my email. I don't view/follow/post much here.....just don't have the time these days.
  13. Hi Brian, It's great to see that you got my msg. I'm glad that you're happy with the change. I thought that they had started another thread here on Ratsun, but I'm not finding a link. If they post updates here, you'll see them. I just talked to Jason a week or two ago and Jake is still working on it and making progress. Things are a bit slower with school work and such. You've probably already subscribed to his channel, but here's a link that was posted to his YT channel a couple of pages back. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKp1e2D9Dp3wzWtL-t_fP6w I'm glad I finally got in touch with you about this! :) Mike
  14. Looks like 2010 was the last time I was at Powerland. lol About 5 posts down on page 18. (We used to be able to link to posts on here......I'm guessing that was another "improvement" we got? :( ) https://ratsun.net/topic/393-mklotz70-nl320/?page=18
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