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  1. @thisismatt Thanks for the lightening of the pics. As soon as I saw them, I started to think it was a 720 clip. Haubstr confirmed that. The FWD offset on the rims is probably what allowed him to keep the rims in the fender without narrowing the frame. It's a really, really nice 521! I don't doubt that the original person that had it built spent $60k+ on it.
  2. When I first looked at the link, I only saw the first four pics.....I went back and actually scrolled down......WAY more pics!!! It's not a stock front end. I'd love to see more details, but it's been converted to ball joints already. The LCA's are using bolt in ball joints. I can't see if it's a solid rotor or vented. The sway bar has been moved to behind, so it crosses under the trans. It's still running torsion bars, not coil overs. Tension control rods are the bigger ones that go with the LCA's....good chance they had to move the front mounts inboard. Still not sure about the price, but it doesn't seem nearly as far off as it did when I just based my opinion off the comment that it had stock king pins.
  3. Nice truck. I agree....that's a lot of money for a stock undercarriage.....even if it is pretty much new. I like the way MrBigTanker did the bed extensions at the bottom a lot more than the way these were done. Doesn't flow as well....seems a bit lazy, but it's still much nicer than anything I could make. :) .....although I'd at least have ball joints and disc brakes upfront. LOL ****edit***** see my post below for an updated opinion after actually looking at the under carriage pics.
  4. mklotz70

    Matt's 521

    Ah....I forgot about the stock one having that plate.
  5. mklotz70

    Matt's 521

    On the column boot.......I think you can probably slide it down the column, after the steering wheel and blinker are removed....and then work it through the firewall hole. If you need to pull the column from the truck, you'll need to remove the seat and then lift the box over the core support and out.......but make sure you put a bag on the end where the wheel went.....the gear oil will leak out while you have it tipped up. As Wayno said, you can't go down under the radiator.....the column hits the motor mounts well before the box goes under the frame.
  6. mklotz70

    Matt's 521

    ??????......wha???? someone wants Raymond? LOL
  7. I'm not sure if the 620 switch is the same or even similar to the 620....but if it is, here's some info on the 521 switch. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/ignition-switch.html
  8. Just found the notification......I don't seem to be getting direct notices when I've been tagged. Sorry....no clue about 620 ignition switches.
  9. I just found the notification from tuesday. For future reference, rockauto has them. They're from an '87 HB. The 720's had longer ones. the bolt length is determined by the hose used. If you use the 720 hose, it has a thicker block, needs a longer bolt and they're more money....especially from the dealer. This Dorman number should work at any parts store and I would imagine any of them should be able to get them in quickly if they don't stock them. https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/dorman,13912,hydraulic+hose+to+caliper+/+banjo+bolt,10620 This info has been on my site for years. It shows the difference I was just trying to explain. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/hoses---banjo-bolts.html I do have push rods on hand for the 521's, I just haven't gotten them back up on the site. Moot point since he already made his own. There's a thread running around where I show making one with a drill and a grinder, but I'm not finding it right now. I include these in the 521 disc brake kits so that the new metric hose can be properly connected to the hardline. Some hardware stores even carry them. https://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-line-fittings/brakelines-brake-system-adapter-blf-29c/835279_0 ....just copied this from a page on my site.....factory banjo bolt numbers and hose info. Banjo Bolts:(click for more info) If you buy new calipers, you may not get banjo bolts with them. If you do not, then order your hoses for a '87 Nissan D21 Hardbody since the bolts at the dealer are much cheaper than the 720 bolts. Factory part numbers for banjo bolts: '94 Nissan Part# 46356-50Y0A $6.91ea '84 bolts, Part# 41128-V0300 $20.70ea....but the last time I checked, they were NLA For the Dorman banjo bolt(available at any parts store), Dorman #13912 Hoses:(click for more info) The brake hoses used with this installation have metric threads. You will need to either flare a new brake line nut onto the end of the stock hardline, or use an adapter like the Brake Quip BQ49. The 620 already has metric nuts on the hard lines. The body mounting tab for the hose does not match the profile of the hose fitting. It seems to hold just fine by mounting it to the tab the same way it did on the donor vehicle using the horseshoe clip. If you're not comfortable with mounting it this way, you'll have to figure something out. On the caliper end of the hose, there is a thickness difference depending on the year. If you bought used calipers WITH the banjo bolts, but are buying new hoses, order the hoses to match the same year/model as your calipers. If you're ordering new hoses, order 1987 D21 Hardbody hoses so that you can use the cheaper banjo bolt.
  10. Just fyi.....if you only have a small gap....the hole that holds the blinker switch in position is slotted so that it can move a bit. That allows the blinker's plastic housing to be adjusted a bit. I think it's about a 1/4" and yours may be topped out anyways.
  11. There's some info in this vid.... Some more here...... .....still more.... .....and.....
  12. Really??? That just might make posting on ratsun a lot more inviting.
  13. Thanks for the link. I had heard about this and was even contacted about possibly doing something for this project.....but I haven't heard anything since. Would be cool. :)
  14. I'll bet that's a lot dryer than the last place you were at in WA. lol It will be interesting to see if everything is twice as good next year or half as good. This year has definitely been a strange one. Things here are fine. It would be nice to be excited about something again.....things are pretty much "meh" lol Mike
  15. Wow! Garry!! You're still alive! LOL Great to hear that you're back in WA. By "dry" side.....are you talking the middle of the state or all the way over by Spokane?
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