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  1. Dont use a wagon harness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but dont know if the engine side harness if different. and hooks up under glove box. if it works then then its wired correctly just soemthing loose. work the healights first. since this dont use a relay, only the lamp switch on the panel. This is ezest to work on first. maybe your fusable link at the starter is loose or dirsty since it affects all right now. maybe datsunmike knows but isnt there a ground by the hood pull cable inside and ,one by the volt reg, maybe Mika can help yo
  2. I just jack up the trans using my hydralic jack to help get the angle to slide the motor in
  3. what he just said is best and cheapest to check on first. If clogged lower hose should collaspe anyway
  4. watch this and get up to speed. if you cant center the timming then the oil pump is off a tooth or so. Put motor on TDC. Its Ez open the oil cap and when the lobe you see right there is like poiting in the 9 o clock position then go to the crank pully then dial the timming mark up to zero on the timming tab or tooth what ever you have. then you can pull the cap off and look where the rotor points too and see whchi way you have to go. But its in my vid to alighn a pump spindal and install. get new gaskets and make sure the pump dont loose oil and reinstall till the dist rotor is line up on #1
  5. ask a Mercedes or BMW engineer Thats were Nissan stole it from
  6. Take a photo of the engine bay I bet there is not volt reg on the side By 1978 most if not all USA Datsun were Internal volt reg. so giving away a good alternator that was making 14volts was about the dumbest thing I heard. As the Vato zone alternator might be worst and they only last 8 months what I seen. If you got 14volts at the battery with the volt meter than everything worked OK and then battery had to be the issue. No water in there ,bad cell. run the car with the lights and heater on at 2k rpm and then ck the voltage again if really low then the output of the al
  7. I would have pu the water pump on later after installed to help clear the core support
  8. Cool You should post this on a Datsun Z site and spread the news incase peole want to run these. Thats cool they worked out for you whats the oversize on the gasket? up to what mm 88mm 87mm???? Thats a good price eitherway.
  9. how you hook up the distributor? what coil set up? I forgot what was so special about those saudi distributors? I thought they were point dizzys. then one would need a ballast and point or stock coil.
  10. Only defect I can see which is common among 510 owners that spend thousands on their car is a Bungy cord as the battery hold down. Otherwise this car sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. clean those fuse contacts where the fuse goes. try that first. yes there is a Power wire from batter to the fuse box. that is NORMAL. On my 521 the rear lamps was full of water but lucky is never pope the fuse... tHE SEAL WAS BAD AND WATER WAS HALFWAY UP. I just drilled the hole in the bottom for water to escape if you tried everything else I would pull the instrument panel connector just in case it is in there. maybe there is a rusted or shorted out bulb. wire touching soemwhere. separate then try again. But clean the fuse box copper contacts
  12. the power comes from the fuse to the ignition switch to plus side coil. turn on /off old coils are usually for points unless you tell us year of car(soem will ballast resisitor newer cars use a really low ohm coil
  13. I guess you got to drive it it around and give us a better description. like a 1/2 hour. and get up to speed and then idle in traffic. I can warm up 15 mins and go around the block. and be fine also in my jeep But its different if you just start up on a cold day and go around the block right away and its halfway is alot different lIke I said does the heater get warm? also really you know this truck better than anybody has it changed temp levels abnormally from say last month or is this cause the neighbor said something.
  14. well what is the temp after you drive around awhile? If its real cold then the state is open all the time. Your Heater will be cool also. but if your in the normal range of the temp gauge then the state is closed and the radiator is doing its job and the lower hose should be cooler.
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