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  1. Ted in Washington will have some 520 parts for sure
  2. Washington State. Mostly in peoples back yard. Be more specific on what you want, it to generic
  3. that 90 deg one is a common part. Fram makes them also. my 510 521 is the same. Rockauto has them also. I got to change mine out every 2 years 521. the truck tanks are exposed and water runs into the fuel neck and into tank causes rust and dirt to get in. from the wheelwell down the tube under the clamp. I had a carb idle jet plugged . clean out and within a minute plugged up again!!!!!!!!!
  4. remember the brite links are for intial install. they might not line up up till after a few rotations. then use the crank zero as your TDC reference
  5. Like I said wait till Datzenmike chimes in on this or other Z motor guys. the number 4 clylinder is going to go downward as the intake valve is opening. Z motors run a lower BTDC timming I believe also like 5deg or so. what I do is put the timming set together and use a breakerbar and rotate the motor clockwise one full turn to TDC on the crank and then look at the cam setup if looks correct. Mike said there is no real notch to go by on Z series heads as a reference like a L motor with a small dash on the cam backing plate to line up the V notch from the cam sprocket. If off put the wedge back in and move the sprocket again. If correct tighten everything back to spec.
  6. yes put it back the way you found it so when you removed the chain off the cam sprocket hopefully you painted that link where the dimple went. get the spocket under the chain with the marked link on the sprocket dimple. I will assume youll put the bolt thru sprocket and try to get on cam dowel. however sometimes youll have to rotate the cam to the right to induce slack on the tight side(right side) to get the sprocket up high enuff to get the bolt to go straight in.
  7. Datzenmike should know. spckets turn to the right when running. I would put the chain on with the brite links on top Sproket and on lower sprocket and should self align. or you move the cam.crank slightly till it aligns. But ask mike. But when I place the 'V' notch on the sprocket just right of the casting mark on the head, the intake valve in #4 starts to open. Is this OK??. I believe yes. If you have a Japanese chain the brite link will determine the true timming long as you set it on the dimple number on sprocket. 1 2 or 3. Most like 2 is used.
  8. I wont run synthetic I got 191k on this 521 motor and don't want to risk leaks. I change it every 6 months about 6k miles. oil used Brand whatever is on sale 15/ 40,20/50 summer winter 10/40 10/30
  9. I'm digging this. when replacing bolts always use anti seize compound on them. Espcially around the water areas. ex water pump stat housing
  10. my drain plugs don't have a crush washer and its fine both 510 521
  11. where the gas line goes into the carb tap it abit and maybe if dirty it will unlodge.
  12. float sinking causing to much fuel but once running might be ok as its using fuel. I'm not a 79 expert so it might have a electric pump hopefully stock. if WAS RUNNING BEFORE THEN I THINK IT WOULD BE THE FLOAT SINKING OR THE NEEDLE VALVE DIRTY and not closing fully thus causing a overflow condition
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