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  1. take a photo of your rad. I know the first gen 620 are be different. the have the return on the pass side. Datzenmike will chime on this and know for sure. I got a 521 and its same as a 510
  2. my experience is that the dist was clocked installed off a tooth and its to one side where it cant go anymore and cuts out. I had springs exploed and stuck vacuum advance and still run ok enough where the average Ratsuner might not know the difference. Most of mine where the dist bushing wearing out causing the shaft to wiggle at higher speeds( or causing point bounce when I had points. glad its working get a spare dist where you can trouble shoot faster next time. I always swap a dizzy and if no change I look at the carb(fuel delivery ) in most cases
  3. I would say your fine on the springs 480is close to stacking but just put one on and see. a machinist can cut down the seat area 5-20 thou if worried. I would get the Isky springs and only use one of your stock one and one of the aftermarket. inner or outer depends which one you want. but youll not need to overload the cam on just a daily driver stock motor. a place in australia has cool lash pads that use the stock reatainers so they dont pop out. if you know the size you need. If you can take a photo of the cam close up we can see if its new or a reground http://www.precisionshims.com.au/products/slotted the recessed shims on the bottom!!!!!!
  4. I would get a min of 460 to 475 lift cam if you have a closed chamber head like a w53 would be good also. but need to port out the intake maybe a 38/38 weber carb since it flat down in texas
  5. I see it I see it, weird never seen that before
  6. I dont see it this vid with the motor running and sit with timing light
  7. Personally I dont think the dist is bad. a video of the motor running with the timing light on the crank would have helped better to see whats it doing. at idle and rev up and adjusting the dist adv and retard
  8. no not stock. how hard to trace this out? if car runs then get rid of it
  9. I would go to the switch and ohm out which is ground. then the other side trace back to the fuse box and find where the power droped off or work back to the switch if you dont have a diagrame. if goes to the glove box area maybe reseat the the connectors also soemone told me there is a ground wire by the hood release lever but I cant remember
  10. 5-30 too thin unless you live in Iceland Delo should be fine
  11. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    the wheels you have right now hide your drum brakes better.
  12. I never had good luck with the vacuum bleeders also
  13. find a good L16 that somebody swapped out might be ezer. People give them away
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