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  1. I say dont worry about it your fine
  2. that Y pipe colloctor is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!guy can weld !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish somebody would make 2inch collectors Y pipes for the 510 521 in the stock shape for the cast iron L16 manifolds
  3. man I just fix the ballast if that is the proplem and your done. Its simpler and cheaper why make this harder its only a ballast resisitor if its bad. You never even told us if you checked this out then you going to try soemthing you havent done. with a new dist and we got to do 10 more pages on how to do this. fix the ballast if its BAd IT TAKE 3 MINS TO CHECK IT. AS MIKE SAID TO MAKE THIS NEW DIST WORK CORRECTLY YOU NEED TO GET A NEWER LOW OHM COIL THAT MADE TO RUN ON A STRAIGHT 12/14VOLTS. But to use the orginal coil it needs a ballas
  4. how much you lower it? if not much I wouldnt worry about it but alignments are good to do
  5. the blue motor looks correct on timing. 2 hours????????????? 3mins max little thick on the RTV!!!!!!!!!!! on the front cover
  6. ohm out the headlamps to make sure the element didnt open up. got a spare lamp? swap it out
  7. Icehouse on here might know what you need PM him
  8. get the drums soem what tight when adjusting. bleed the brakes. see where the pedal lands when you hit the brakes. If still takes 3 pumps then I would get another 35$ Chinese made master and swap it in. most times the threaded rod on the master need to be cut as they are too long and the pedal arms engages too soon thus putting pressure on the master what I do on 521 shoes is i adjust them with the drum off. make sure shoe is center adjut most of the gap out till the drum barely goes on. then I adjust from the back side using the wheel I never had to
  9. you should see like 6-9 volts on the right right of the ballst is the left side sees 12volts with key ON. Lets not make this HARD. disconnectthe 3 wires and since you have a photo you know where they go. get a Made in China mutilmeter, put on ohms scale. put the red and black wire together the meter should read close to zero as a short. now put the red on the left side and the black on the other side of th abllast resisitor. if the reisitor is good it will read close to zero or say up to 2 maybe 3 ohms max depending on what scale your using but most likely read
  10. the ballast resisitor is pretty much a short if you ohm it out with a OHm meter. one end of the ballast to the other end Or if you have power to one end if it it will be battery voltage of 12volts using the volt scale of the meter and other end will be like 6 -9 volts or soemthing like that. or if you measured at the + side coil should be like 6 volts. as it asts like a voltage divider.
  11. How a coil works is power is on the coil. then the points or the Electronic ignition disconnectes the power for the coil. when it it disconnects the magnaectic field collapses on to the 2ndar windings and goes thru the center of the coil thru the dist then to the rotor to the correct clyinder. Its kinda oppisite of what you think. if coil is always grounded it will alwasy have power on it and do noting till you take the power away then the coil will fire off thru the center. On point cars one just puts the key to on. take the orginal wire off the coil. put a long witre on the
  12. when you shut the key off you get spark is acting like the keyswitch is doing wht the distributor should be doing.
  13. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMkzlboNntVMEQRmltw_tOZ7e_C8CPwVlOH5Z_acIlRqFqCg9-u-iuG29XpwlQFKg?key=ZTBvYkRwLTQzZUJnTjU0M0lKeHVscGZlcHZYZkpB Dude your over reading this that is close enough on the spindal that you posted. If you put the rotor back on and the rotor will point to number 1 plug wire but since the plug wires are off Im just guessing. then look at the timing plate and should be close to the middle of the timing plate slot to move the dist back redard or forth adv. and be right on the plug wire spot on the dist cap Turn the key to ON and you should ha
  14. take the center coil wire out fro the distributor cap and place near the chassis and start the car. it should spark to the chassis. PS hopefully you know where the plug wires go and the fire order that ignition module loks kinda beat. clean it up and ground it good then re try to see if you get spark as I said before it looke like you had it at TDC 11/25 11/28 is close enough
  15. most time the stock trottle assemble for the the orginal Hitachi will fit the Weber DGV. On my 521 I used the org Hitachi cable pull assembly. plus my pull wire was from the other side and flip upright. I didnt know the pull cable come from the other side(from the valve cover side???) on a 720 if that what you have.
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