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  1. yes Ted One needs to lock the wiper arm down correctly otherwise it wont turn. slips but we might be past that now. there are lots of junk 521 out there in somebodys yard. Its always take it all or then it all goes to the dump. just the way it is.
  2. the Melling is made in USA . They seem ok as I ran one also but cant find where I put it but its a HEAVY.!!! I say get Hitachi if possible..My 1st L motor I have done I used a USED oil pump and its still good. My 521 I have 195K miles on this one
  3. buy a 20 Fuel pump stock clone for 20$ was is working before? so why would it be clogged? try it with out he gas cap on.(im guessing now you hooked the fuel pump to the return line by mistake
  4. 6 bolt crank on the LZ or above L20 Z22 Z24
  5. shifter bushings get the meteal door hinge ones those plastic one the plastic might be so old . I had a kit and it desintagrated on me
  6. offer 1 k that's it. plus since its a 6bolt crank you need a flywheels and a clutch package for that t/o bearing and correct sleeve. find a cheap L18 for a few hundred and that will bolt in with least mods L16 even cheaper to FREE
  7. yes he actually finished it. and has the skills However at this price a kid will buy it and once it breaks it will be in the back yard which really is a shame.
  8. don't the German cops give you a TUV shakedown. Car being modded or lowered to much. Muffler ect.…. I heard them doing this more often in Germany. My cousin has a od VW and he says he has to runs what it came with like points. I told him to convert it to electronic ignition? WTF Or since you under the US military your exempt. In Germany one don't see to many people working on cars in garages. Its actually very clean in their garages unlike in the US its a big junk pile
  9. Mainer, I was reading the Amazon reviews and there are some issues with these at least with the 2 ,240z guys. You been running OK with yours? Know the saying you get what you pay for.
  10. Air out the valve cover is typical. oil burner is a oil burner(still will run for years just one goes broke, I eventually pulled the motor when I stripped the car for parts. But just to let you know the main bearing was installed wrong where the bearing with the oil hole was on the cap side thus bearing not really getting oil and the motor I put 20k miles on it. So WTF you think it would have killed it from the beginning. But if your buddy works at the junkyard Im sure you can use a strainer(fuck that) get oil from junked cars for free. Better yet steal it from a recycle place that has 55gal cans of it and dump it in. and drive in front of a Tesla One way I use to catch blow by is at IDLE pull the crank case vent. One can just smell how bad it is or at night while the vent is open one can shine a flashlight across the area and the smoke will be more easlily seen(against the black ness). One you start to increase speed the crank case vent will suck inwards. If motor is new and has blow by ? then maybe the oil rings werent gapped right and they butted up causeing them to break or a gouge in the cylinder wall. I had a rebuilt in Thailand L18 and every cyl had a line in there and was a oil burner but not as much as yours. How I caught it was I had siderafts on the with open crank case vent. at idle at Mc Donarlds in the drive thru I would smeal stink and I could see a light blue smoke against my head lights at nite coming from the hood
  11. I had a pressure washer that wasn't working right I shot PB Blaster were the water comes out. a day later it worked then a year later I fucked up. A coworker said you want a pressure washer?. I said whats wrong. It don't pump. I told him I shot PB Blaster in there. He did and next day he said he wasn't giving me the pressure washer as it now works. Some body told me there is a valve that sticks and one needs to lube it up over the winter. So yes Seafoam/WD automatic trans fluidwith acetone most likely will work in certain places
  12. I just received 2 521(510 also) Carter Fuelpumps from Rockauto. I have to say for 20$ its the closest thing to a stock looking pump. Box says made in USA but I don't believe it but have to say I liked them. Some body on here is running one but if one wants a stock looking pump heres your chance to buy a spare or 2. Nissan pumps are 75$ or above if not more by now 521 and 510 use the same inlet outlet routing on the pumps https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1971,521+pickup,1.6l+l4,1212321,fuel+&+air,fuel+pump,6256 also get spare drum brakes(I like the Bendix version) and shoes for the 521 as they are cheap under 20$ . the 510 drum are 80$ which is fricken expensive
  13. if you waited till the oil light comes on its pretty much almost too late already. Its going to be a oil burner after that. I had a 510 that I got for 100$ and I let the oil get low and ran it out where it almost locked up. I was close to home and pushed it. After that it was a 1 quart every 2 or 3 days
  14. sharp scalpel works also for cutting Yes it sold in sheets the gasket material
  15. use Uber to get the River. I buy a Generic gasket and make my own in a pinch if you could save the olg gasket by scraping off with a razor blade whole and make a out line gasket. That's what I used as the Generic gasket was thicker
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