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  1. so did you put the out put in safe direction and see if gas squirts out?????? you keep saying in put??? you can pull the pump out and use your hand to pump this and see if gas squirts on the OUTPUT side. Pretty simple to do. if works then take the valve cover off to see if eccentric. once carb is full the pump arm will float or go limp(if not return line. I dont believe the eccentric lobe on the end of the cam would go bad as its prety hard and oil splases on it but orginal statement was it was working till I changed the fuelpump cause it was leaky
  2. that Brake master the output go out the side. Rosso got to change brakes lines then
  3. MIke I had the org fuelpump spray mosre a mist out of that vent hole. I would guess the diphrame is cracking and leaking a little. I never had pump go bad where gas was in the oil.
  4. newer battery cable use the thin round type connections. I have seen cracks in both thinking you got it clamped up good but its really loose. to check batter connection just get a Volt meter and measure from the battery post to the battery cable right at the spots(with key ON). if you get like 2volts then you have a voltage drop between the 2 as they should be none. as its a shorted together. most times cleaning this will slove this . then do the neg cable and then to ground. also if it gets of of time on the dist it can be hard on battery also. But usually soemtimes a old battery is now weak after the lights being on. I had a Red Optima battery and after 2 lights on incidents battery was junk. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ino-3721?seid=srese2&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Brands+|+I&utm_term=4581871113123102&utm_content=GSAPI1 I have something similar to this in my car and I watch it while driving and using the lights , heater ect. I can tell if the alternator is loading down or not. If loading down then battery will be weak for the next day start. Example I had a Z Car. driving in daytime was fine and night coming home from 2nd shift in cold dark and rainey day the battery was actually draining when I got home and not enough to start the next day. if you got lights wipers and heater fan ON and its reading 12.5 volts you alternator isnt working esp at 2000 rpms
  5. long as everything is stock on the fuel vent system from crankcase or carb I only think it has to be a plugged line or cracked line. Like I said check the out put of fuel pum. then start truck and see if gas comes out.
  6. when it does it why dont you take the hose off the out put side of pump and point it in a safe direction and see if gas shoots out.. check the hoses real good at the ends for cracks in hose maybe it gravity feed when full but after that its sucking air before the fuel pump as you said you swapped 2 fuel pumps. i had a no gas situation only to find out when I swapped the fule pump the hose had a crack in it the intake right where hose went on.
  7. We have to have "B riginal" open up the cap first before we get to how to convert a dual point to a single reline up the holes for the Pertronix to mount down
  8. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    Never make it in the 3rd world!!!!!!!!!!! 510 and 521 mostly use a KOYOSAN BRAND AND LATER USED nIKKI BUT ITS MOSLTY THE INPUT OUTPUT LOCATION IS DIFFERENT as the 620 hose came from different locations turn Key to ON before pushing the vehicle to roll start it
  9. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    condensation under the cap maybe cause of humidity Try to find a better fuel pump if possible. I got one Japan made one left but also have the chines clones as spares. as for the spring going down. I would not worry about it too much it woont get sucked up but I guess could bounce around in there. but maybe get a magnet plug and it will work its way to that and you can pull it out
  10. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    I alwasy love your trouble shooting skills?????????? I never change plug wires. Only maybe for looks. NGK wires dont go bad all too often I bet a jet block got loose inside the carb. Mine go loose for some reason. it will cut out but idle. I would check that first Fuel? I stock pump usually never goes bad unoless made in Chinese clone but EZ to check. if elelctric pull the line off and shoot the line in a safe direction, Simple.
  11. crap i just deleded the link i had for the 5 spped sycro repair cobra transmission
  12. ???????????????????????????? single or dual? I will assume dual/ then gap them correctly and time the motor and retry how it runs. A weak spark might mean you need it gapped correctly. Changing stuff to change it will not fix this untiell you gap the point to even see if out of adjustment. sound like a simple fix to me
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