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  1. tsubaki is the best kit if one can find them. yoiu dont need it you need to adjust the dist but getting a timing light and out n crank with hookup on plug one adjust carb mixture is helpful also. a vw/MG british car shop(old school) would know more than some of these newer shops
  2. time to take photos. be honest I think you induced the proplem. you swapped tto many stuff and most times one screws it up. Hot spark or Pertronix is just a points conversion not a true EI distributor and use the stock coil with the ballast. anything elese will make it run worse if not a matched set. Blue Bosche coil????? what is this distributor you talk about? photos Hot spark or what. you watc my vid like 60-70% way thru it who to line up a distributor at TDC? if yes then not much to go wrong
  3. sounds like you got it I thouht the Blue Boesch coils are for point ignitions and need a ballast. Most use a Nissan EI distributors use 78/79 coil of .7 ohms Point coils will be about 1.2ohms or higher Datsun 521s is like 1.6 Accel like 1.4ohms but not made to run on a 12/14volts the blue Bosche was most common coil for aircooled VWs with point or point conversions ignitions no a true Hi output Electronic ignitions If coil feels HOT you need the ballast back in there
  4. 2.5 turns seems close enought I think I have a 55 or maybe a 60 but its all L16/18s but they are cheap if you get the right jets depending on holder size as there are 2 versions I know the DGV 5A use the smaller versions. The E and EV-IC ue the bigger holders.
  5. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    theres got to be a bolt some where to use. I would use the bolt hole where the VR is just put it on top of the VR housing hole.
  6. most masters on 521s work or they dont. I seen them leak out in 5 years for the cheap ones which is only the parts left in around to use now. Taiwan or Chinese maybe Italy. I would tighten all of the drums up till a slight drag. and maybe a little more in the back as these brakes dont adjust by themselves. Usually when you at half pedal the rears need to be adjusted. but dont want to much brake lock up in rear as most people dont push on the brakes any harder thinking they lockedup but really its only the rears untill the later leveling sensor was installed to appy pressure equally to th
  7. ask Icehouse again on this if one has issues. He seen the most of these and gives you the fastes respones if hes on here
  8. sell the truck to someone in Washngton we got rid of smog test this year. I wonder if you have a shopthat could lean it down via the mixture screw on the carb and retest. Or thu do a visual. But I dont know how they would know if it wa there anyways if you just do a pipe check.
  9. i dont know where people get this from 180 off????????? you said it was 1 3 4 2 ccw fire order right counter clockwise then it cant be 180 off other wise it wound run thefist 10 secs if you by pass the ballast and still have the orginal coil in there it will get hot!!!! and not run right. YOu buy a 78/79 datsun coil???? how about ajust the mixture? on the base of the carb Matxhbox dont have points???? YOu got to be more clear hear!!!!! so does this have points or is it elelctronic distributor???? Take photos Oh when you drain the
  10. if sender worked in old L16 then the instrument panel is good in the 521.
  11. https://vintagerubber.com/datsun-520-pick-up-window-scrapers-inner-and-outer-pair-1965-1971/ I been looking for these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. lash pads are abest guess dependin on New or a regroind and if one has the valve cut and the seats cut affects the size of the lash pads. Mainer 311 on here got the Aussie lash pads bu you could get ahold of him toguide you thru this. I have the whole assortment of pads and and I do each one to get the right size. one can be off a .010 .020 and maybe even .030 to get center wear of the rocker arm
  13. be honest bulid another L20 on the side and just run this one found it OUP0023 this is the one you want https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1313&_nkw=hitachi+oil+pump+0023&_sacat=6000
  14. Ask other on here I just bought a KA pump but mine was near 70$ ays made in Japan on the Hitachi box but I see them for 20-40 $ those got to be chinese clones unless some body can conferm this this one would work https://www.ebay.com/itm/173977881435?epid=202916255&hash=item2881e3cb5b:g:h68AAOSwoLFgV2Ie KA part number is 0023 I think
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