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  1. maybe get a 521 cable from Rockauto or Parts geek or ebay as early Datsun use British threads NOT METRIC all Datsun 520 and 521 use Briitish threads on the body. The 521 the motor is metric 520 I will assume all SAE threads as the E and J motors are really British clone motors 620s everything is then Metric
  2. Closed chamber head are WANTED as one can make SSS heads out of them by porting to 1.5 inch intakes
  3. as stoff said I would pull the rockers out and mark where they go to and see if the cam spins freely otherwise you have to get the top flat also. I had a shop did mine years ago and while at it get the head welded for thet hole. Might be more that you can afford but thats a closed chamber head. I would save it myself, or least not throw it away yet
  4. you got a sway bar in rear? or not what the fuck I know. If I knew I be on the 510 realm
  5. put a weber on there and maybe youll get another 5 hp. 70HP is really almost dreaming
  6. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    where that fuel pump arm go?
  7. some people get a Mk1 or 2 VW golf lip if your car is real clean I would not even get one as this one
  8. looking great!!!!!!!!!!! that intake gasket looks on the small side. the SSS gasket or Felpro is a thre 1.5 inch intake hole size
  9. rocker arms can be soemwhat noisey. you can tighten the valve lash up if too loose. maybe fuel pump arm ???
  10. put on jacks then put in gear and see if you can hear where it comes from
  11. MIke is any accessory is ON lights ect pulling one of the battery cables , this test will not work. Every thing has to be on and d at idle if that where the draw is Low. a volt meter is best
  12. I swear there wasd soem 521 ones for sale recently from Rock auto or Parts Geek had them. acdelco versions I got. 2 sets
  13. first gear is down left. this is a 77-79 200sx 5 speed. if not then could be from a later 620 truck I guess
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