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  1. These are simple to work on.if retired that much ezer to fix it your self why scrap it it give it to some one. still lots of parts for these . Key is not breaking bolts if I lived close by I could do it On my spare time but maybe some one could maybe do it for you if they a nice guy.
  2. Use anti seize on the bolt holes
  3. Looks good ck the brake line that goes to the rear but or under the fuel hose for brake line rot which will also cause a small leak in the usa most masters brake and clutch are Taiwan or maybe even China made units now
  4. I never try to remove those housings if not needed mime broke taking the temp sender out so now I have spare housings and the 16mm hex nut to hold the temp sender
  5. Im late on this one put new fuses in and recheck my gas and temp gauge go out and I notice if I wiggle the fuses it comes back. There is a volt reg in back of the instrument panel bit it just a wrapped wire around a coil or some thing like that.unless it broke wire inside I don’t know how they go bad. I wiggle or put new fuses first
  6. I wonder if that batt is charged up it runs at a lower voltage.? running a sense wire is more accurate and should show a accurate reading be honest it should be close 13.8 at least with a little datsun
  7. 2 more black guys shot in Black Lives Matter Zone.. WTF???????????? I give up with the Liberal thinking https://komonews.com/news/local/2-critically-wounded-in-shooting-near-chop-area they can have Seattle and the Summer of Love just don't tax me or come near where I live The we will be fine
  8. I go them already from Daniel
  9. well that metal line on back side of the exhaust manifold unless its plugged that's whats killing you with exhaust smell Doh!!!!!!!!
  10. I got this one as to help hide the hammer pings but its good enuff
  11. I have 2deg Belltech 3in blocks in back and not vibration Nothing elese. No spacer under carrier bearing. But I did have bolts go loose and that where I got my vibrations. also my leaf spring U bolt nuts on the lowering block sometimes goes loose sometimes so check that
  12. if still running points run a point coil. when his happens go to the center coil wire and place near ground and hit the starter and see if spark is gone, But sometimes this wont catch it as its bypassed on Start as thewire bypasses the ballast. reseat the connections during a load on a hill cuts out I think the fuel filter. Give a Mexican tune up run it up to 5 k rpm and put a rag over the car to suck any debris thru the holes(might help) tighten up the carb/ intake cost nothing
  13. remember the 521 brake linea are SAE fittings and the Later 620 metric. so might be a mismatch untell you change it out for one or the other
  14. if the exhaust smell is bad maybe the gasket on the manifold where it meets the exhaust pipe is leaky getting in the cab
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