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  1. whats the fix for the 521 heater hose from head to heater . Mine popped yesterday but lucky I caught it. I just shortened the hose ans reclamped it back on. What have people don't to fix this since I was told the stock hoses are NLA. Don't know How true that is but was told that by my local dealer. I seen people use exeisting ones if someone has part numbers Thanks. the end sizes are slightly different. the head elbow size is bigger than the heater core inlet
  2. Maine?????????? your kidding me right????? Must be a high density area for black folk. must be Lobster fishermen those are white people trained with white gilt
  3. must be the cheap aluminum contack versions. better yet a Taiwan produced cap. Havent bought a cap in like 10 years last one was from the A Junk yard a brass contack version . the blue streak copper ones are the best if you can even find them most time water under the cap is the proplem after heavey rain or tempature change. like lots of snow to a fash warm up will cause lots of condensation
  4. john510 face the facts, Biden the idiot will win. we are going to be a socialist/Communist nation soon. Raise tax saying they going to GIVE it to you, then Guns will be the first to go to control . then PROMISE FREEE. FREE FREEEEEE FREEEE FRE free free everybody want FREE stuff. You cant beat FREE. Look at the kids now adays. They cant change the spark plug in a lawn mower, DONE!!!!!(Liberal anwser its a electric Mower!!!)
  5. Im not a 520 expert but would take it to a alternator shop to make sure it works. Why? as you said the wire was fucked with so maybe the alt is good. ck for a battery drain. Charge up the battery and then hook up a test light between battery post and the battery cable. I will send a link. if the test light comes on then disconnect the + output of the alt to make sure it not the alternator diodes shoring out then the drain will go away. if good then pull fuses till the test light goes out. then you know you have a short on that circuit. about 40sec in to the vid is how to do it!!!!!
  6. This is my neighbors!!!!!!! always trying to selling me stuff from Home Depot yet never had a job since they been there for over 5 yrs, But have money from smokes. Oh don't forget the shopping carts by the mailbox they leave lying around. NICE
  7. photo from back would HELP a lot more that this shot
  8. I use the Felpro ones and like them
  9. That would carry Florida for sure. A Hispanic woman at that. Im waiting for them to say Racist!!!!!!!!!!
  10. well I would think the + output of the alt would be shorted to the batter lug at the starter then go up to the fuse box
  11. mak sure the alternator is getting 12volts from key at the T connector if it has one to energize the coils I worked on a 520 a lont time ago there was a short somerwhere. I separated it at the fust box to deengage that circuit so the truck would run but never figured it out doing that day I had the truck. see if the battery drains with the truck KEY OFF. make sure the alt you have is good.
  12. get a 5mm shorter belt if possible I always have extra belt in 5 mm increments on hand just for these reason between the l16 size and L20 size plus or minus 5mm more or less last 2 numbers on belt are size 40 45 50 55 60 I run a turn buckle adjustment rod so I went back to the stock alternator. I went with the NEW Rock auto version Pwer select I think it is I get about 2.5 yrs out of them than the standard 8-9 months daily driving(12k mikes a year)
  13. Exactly when was the last time you saw something made in France. they have the 70-90% tax rate I don't want to join them in tax rates. Youll kill the economy 3$ can of coke when I was in Paris 1985!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Birth Control? Condoms are cheap at the 7 -11. if a woman say hell with it, that's the start of the bad decision process already maybe he gets hit with child support ??? bad decision!!!!! Im broke bitch. Fuck it balme trump and the white guys for doing this!!!! what Elvis sang?? Little baby Born in the Ghetto PS Trump got rid of the estate tax which helps family farms. That's another what exactly I like about Trump!!!!!!!! Before that it was called stealing a Generational Familys wealth!
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