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  1. banzai510(hainz)

    Bent valve?

    Buy a 100 battery at Walmart is better than a Optima
  2. banzai510(hainz)

    Bent valve?

    Why you need a battery charger when you had this running? if you have other issues you better let it all out.people get frustrated you have one proplem and find out you have ten other issuesWw shouldn’t be 10 pages in this for a idle selinoid not hooked up.
  3. I think a mesh wheel would look better on that car paint it white again I Bet that car hauls ass
  4. banzai510(hainz)

    Bent valve?

    You can just jumper the choke wire to the selinoid to make this work. Cut that connector off and put 2wire in that same type of lug them loop the new wire to the selinoid.or use a piggy back jumper where you can just plug the existing wire an make a new section and plug in.sold in auto stores. the speed screw must be turned in a lot to bypass the idle circuit.so when the idle circuit starts to work you need to back it off.most times it’s not more than 1.5 turns if that. So with mixture.timmimg and speed adjustment should be adjusted in at this time once warmed up.
  5. I heard of that also with wax or wd40.I have it to a guy who did my kingpins.
  6. What lock leaf said will still be above 6k$ and you doing most of the work
  7. Buy a mustang For drag L20s are ez to keep running look up Datsun L motor on YouTube
  8. .make sure connections are tight n clean try that first.if still bad pull the alt and have it checked out with a load. then look at the light bulb you THINK is so bad. Ohm it out would be EZer if you know the acces points to put a ohm meter on there I say less than 20% chance its bad
  9. Im just saying Top Notch shop is most likely going to be you and maybesome of us on here. Shop don't like old vehicles unless that is thereonly business and they think they got you over a barrel. New shops see a J motor they might freak.out .A British car shop might be better as its really a brit motor. and SAE sizes.
  10. banzai510(hainz)

    Bent valve?

    Now if we knew this earlier you didn't havr to pull the head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I never seen a burn out bulb my 521 when the ign light wasn’t on it the alternator would pop my fuse.then popes my electronic volt reg. ita easier to have alternator checked than pull a dash. IF you have the schematic one could ohm out the wires that go thru the light bulb and find a EZer access to the connectors than pull the dash
  12. The light should come On.Sends 12volts to the alternator. pull the alt and have it checked check the ignition fuse
  13. That’s very good explanation. one needs a good torch.I just have a little Plummer’s torch. SAE or Metric threads?I aasume SAE
  14. Too good to be a farm truck.Go to Church with that.
  15. My 521 is just worn out.my Y pipe gasket just went out and the studs broke and has to pull the intake to get the exhaust manifold off to get drilled out. Rockauto.com has drums for a 521 so I think they the same. Otherwise sell it
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