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  1. http://www.datman.co.uk/ try this guy
  2. heat up part first . then spray. Be honest it all comes off. Ceramic coat is the best way but kinda exp$$$$$ yes looks like you didn't shake can good enough
  3. oh by the way I don't know what type of ignition you have but if points make sure you have good sparks. gapped and the condenser is grounded good(wires) I take the center coil wire and place near the chassis and with right hand turn the key in neutral and see if the coil sparks on the chassis. Getting a electronic ignition is the best upgrade. remember a point coil needs a ballast resisitor. so don't get a new coil unless it matches the system your using. Most coils don't go bad. I never had one go bad. on 30yrs
  4. banzai510(hainz)

    No Heat!

    as someone else stated make sure the valve opens. One might have to move it with your hand if not stuck.
  5. I assume opposite of the spring in the photo so try pushing it LEFT!!!!!! no start? air out the plugs or tries new ones. try not using the choke if you think its near flooding out
  6. put new spark plugs in there and retry. Don't take it to a garage these are simple cars. use a broom stick to pop the latch
  7. timing looks perfect to me
  8. number 2 to just adv it for chain stretch. or to bring power on sooner as they claim. But a 521 has such low gearing who would know. L20 come from Factory on #2 I just put to TDC as a ref in case something happens. dist set up,
  9. I notice the motor is not set to TDC? going by the spindal position and the head. Unless you have it set to that spot as when you removed it.
  10. thats what I got on my 521, a Ford starter relay
  11. are those Nissan seals? or another brand like Felpro?
  12. I use cheap brake fluid. Not synthetic If the rebuild kits work great. But I haven't done one I just buy new jap made ones if available. But the later Made in Italy and Taiwan China ones I get only about 5 yrs out of in a daily driver.
  13. what I do is start a note book and write when you bought the starter and record it everytime you change something then you can figure out what parts go bad and how often. I cant even count howmany starters and alternators I have gone thru. my book got full in just 5 yyrs
  14. http://tsimportedautomotive.com/gearreductionstarters.html sells NEW starters 202 is the part number I think. Even though its sold from Ohio the starter come from Hi Torq in calif. Was told new Denso motor. I haven't tried mine yet still in the box but these are the same ones Troy Ermish (the 510 outlet)sells for 240$ Be honest once I added a HOT start relay I got longer life out of my O riley and Vatozone starters, Many could have been low voltage on the Key switch making it look like a bad selinoid.
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