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My Jeep is on crack...

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So my I lost oil pressure in my CJ5 and the motor developed this loud banging sound. I decided it was time for a quick engine swap to get my DD back on the road....

Little did I know my jeep had decided it was time to get some major work done 😛


I've been keeping this frame together for a while now as it has to last until this winter, when I can get to building a new frame from scratch (I want to finish the datsun and clear out the garage). I was still quite suprised that after scouting for a camping spot for memorial weekend that my frame developed this...




I ground out the cracks and re-aligned the frame.






Then I welded up the crack and got to work on reinforcing the area.


Started with a cardboard template and a peice of 1/8" plate.




Then I cut out the plate and added a few holes to lighten it up and provide more weld surface area.








Clamped everthing in place and got to welding....no making fun of my welds 😛






Then I strapped the other side as it was starting to crack as well.




A little paint and I'm ready to move on to the next problem....




Last year I bent my drag link that I had repaired once already...I had a spare laying around so I figured I'd beef it up before installing it. So I used a peice of 1" pipe I had (thanks Ryan)




Cut the new drag link in half and prepped the pipe.




Checked the fitment.




Drilled some holes for more weld surface area, and got to welding...




Finished it off with some paint...




I have a few more things to do to get ready for camping, memorial weekend is sort of a big deal for me 😄

I'll try to keep the camera nearby for pic's 😉




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looks good! now the jeep will crumble AROUND that section of frame and the draglink. leave it in a field and 30 years from now some kid will find a pile of rust with those two sections sticking out.


keep up the good work, You have any more pictures of the CJ?

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Guest DatsuNoob

Do you know anyone with a J-10, Gladiator, or Wagoneer? I have a set of headers for an AMC 360 from a 1980 Wagoneer, that are in very good condition I'm trying to get rid of (almost a month old). I dont have my Waggy any more :( and trying to find a home for these things.

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Hi Ice, thanks :D


I have a wagoneer but it's getting parted out, as I don't have anymore room cause I'm getting a new car (one I won't feel obliged to take apart all the time :P)...I'll be taking my axles (Dana 44 front and dana 60 rear and putting them under the CJ) when I build the new frame...and the 360 I was gonna use in it is now going in the CJ as soon as I get my flywheel machined...


I'd put them up on CL, that's how I sold my old headers from my CJ. It took a while but they sold eventually ;)

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That was my first choice, grand touring model, but I gotta carry around a kid on the weekends, and soon that will be 2 kids and then my girlfriends son is having a kid making it 3, so a back doors are pretty important...and it has to haul ass :D


mmmmmm threefiddy mmmmm

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I really like the lancer evolution :) my buddy has one and he took me for a ride. All I have to say is wow! For a 2.0 I was amazed. My favorite new car, and it comes with tires that have a tread wear of 200 sweet huh. You should check them out.

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The evolution has 143 hp per liter.


the catty has 70 per liter aka half, I'm just saying :D You should test drive one. I would but then I would want to buy one :)

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Cause there's more to life than gas mileage...


The 5.7 actually get's a 'stated' 23 highway mpg, I think thats if you can keep your foot out of it though :eek:


Besides, my dual 40's going on my L will probably get about the same mileage...

I guess if I was worried about mileage I would get an 85 Honda Crx to drive to work (40 mpg) and I definitley wouldn't own my CJ (which gets 8 mpg)


All in all if we're gonna solve our oil dependence and pollution problems it's gonna take alot more than a bunch of people driving hybrids, which still use petroleum and get worse mileage than that 85 honda crx I mentioned ;)


$5 a gallon is still less than what most of the rest of the planet pays :P

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if you get an EVO you gotta get the MR (savage track model) or you can go for the RS (lighter with minimal options for weight reduction).... just my 2cents, they are awesome cars and the MR and RS have the better trannys if i remember and the car has tons of aftermarket support...

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2eDeYe;8166']So now I'm thinkin maybe this would be coo...




I dunno what I'm getting for sure but...I may just give one of those mitsu's a test drive :D


Hainz loves that Jeep to' date=' he always tells me he's going to sell all his datsun stuff and buy one. I have to remind him L motor stuff isn't worth that much :D haha


You should test drive it. They are crazy cars dude. Check this out


I want one :D

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I am such a slacker...


Still haven't built the frame yet. I tied the cage to the frame and so far it's been holding together nicely. In fact I think it's tighter than it's every been.


It's also got a winch again and newer shoes


Here's a few pic's from Walker Valley and Reiter 😄


My sig pic






My dawg.





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