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  1. For other Canadians, the xB wasn't sold in Canada. You'll probably have to get the rear seats from the USA. In Japan it was called the bB. Similar small cars that might have a back seat to look into 2000-2005 Toyota Echo. 2004-2006 xA
  2. What about transmission length? Wasn't there a shorter L-series 4-speed in the early few years of the 620 that is shorter than the Z-car transmission? If that is the case, you would just need the driveshaft from the late 70's truck.
  3. I think those were only an option starting in 1985. My car doesn't have one.
  4. WOW! Lots of great work. That cat is an amazing welder.
  5. Well, I made it there and back. I was in the parking lot from 12:05 to about 12:45. I didn't see any other Datsuns or old cars. It was raining this morning and the sun came out right about 11:30am. I will try to keep up this momentum and continue getting some stuff done on my 280Z.
  6. until

    I think the meetup for lunch is done. I was there but did not see any other Datsun.
  7. I'll wave to you from the other side of the parking lot! 😄
  8. Bleach

    My 1970 Dime

    Very nice car!
  9. I actually did some work on my Datsun Those minutes better not be for nothing...
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