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  1. Bleach

    Sage Alcantar

    Disc brake upgrade. Then KA24DE / 5-speed install 🙂
  2. First page edited to reflect the most recent event. The Shop uses Facebook primarily for event announcements. https://www.facebook.com/events/924080385012718/?acontext={"ref"%3A"52"%2C"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"share_link\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"share_link\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A{\"invite_link_id\"%3A265907388358786}}]"} Japanese Cars n Coffee Sat April 3rd, 2021 (tomorrow!) 2233 6th Ave South Seattle 10:00am - noonish
  3. 1980 Datsun 280ZX in Pick n Pull - Arlington, Washington Still has body, t-tops, blue seats, fenders and doors (bondo, rattle can paint) No engine, trans, diff, front struts, rear brakes .... I didn't pull that stuff, it was already gone. I think the drivetrain might have been taken before it entered the yard. The engine compartment is stripped pretty bare. No brake booster or master cylinder.
  4. The 240SX has a much taller 5th so I would suggest keeping your diff low like it is. Most people are running tire sizes slightly smaller than stock for the 620 truck.
  5. What happened with your transmission adventure? Is the Frontier transmission usable? Where does the shifter location fall between the two?
  6. If the main issue is low fuel pressure, one way to test is with starting fluid. Pull the large inlet hose off the throttle body, open the throttle all the way with one hand and spray some starting fluid into the intake manifold. Then connect the intake hose to the throttle body again. Crank it over and if spark plugs are good and the spark is strong, you'll get it to fire several times. It may even run and rev for about 2 seconds. Just out of curiosity, you could do a compression test to see if the rings are good and the valves are all closing. If someone did a valve clearance adju
  7. Only one event posted for 2021 so far. They do slow down these events in the winter. This is for all cars so it is not specific to Japanese cars SATURDAY FEB 27, AT 10 AM PST – 1 PM PST Cars (NO) Coffee 2233 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134-2001, United States The Shop Clubs invites you to attend our Cars (NO) Coffee this Saturday from 10a-1p. You can’t miss this opportunity to show off your ride and check out some amazing vehicles along with our unique facility. These are all rain or shine events and Derby will be opening at 10am to serve amazing brunch specia
  8. It is organized by The Shop and it looks like they rotate through various types of cars and coffee events. I think they do this 2 or 3 times a year with Japanese cars as the theme. I have forgotten to check on their events page lately.
  9. Your question is not very clear. Are you asking if you can swap the entire engine and transmission or do you also want to swap in the brakes and rearend? The quick answer is that only the transmission is the same between those two. You can bolt in the transmission and I believe the 1975 620 used the long tail 5-speed so it should work. Some 620 trucks did have a slightly shorter transmission. The 620 truck has a 4-cyl L20b The 280Z has an inline six cylinder L28 and the L28 is much longer so would not 'fit' in the engine bay. ...now, there are a couple
  10. Stop the welding right now and go buy that car. 😄
  11. Looks like a strong brace to me, but you are the expert. :)
  12. Vancouver, WA Says 810, but I think this is a Datsun 210 https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RNDsGQJuf85zcZ1tAUOhDPQaL
  13. The brake calipers both look like front and rear from a Z32. I think there may also be similar calipers that game on the Nissan GTR but that would be far more rare. The rear hubs are re-drilled so it is probably just 5x4.5 The front looks OEM. I'm not sure, but I think the late Z31 turbo looks like that (strut assembly) and can also bolt up the Z32 caliper. Late Z31 would be 1987-89 300ZX If that is the case, then I suppose the rotor set that fits would be 1988 300ZX turbo.
  14. I've used the trailer for a few things and scratched the floor. I picked up a 720 tailgate but it is not in good condition. At the time, it was the only 'DATSUN' tailgate I could find in Washington. It really is bent pretty bad so I am still on the lookout for a 720 truck tailgate in better condition... Installed anyway just to use the trailer.
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