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  1. Bleach

    Bagged Rocket Bunny 260Z Build

    If you want to go for a good exhaust sound, the L28 with Webbers and headers sounds great.
  2. Bleach

    Datsun swap meet in Everett!

    Over the years, the 620 truck was plentiful in wrecking yards. I would guess that a lot of L-series parts are from old trucks.
  3. Who has this many parts? Not even Jeff had this much of a stockpile the last time I was at his house. Could it be Frank? https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/datsun-510-parts/6761937726.html
  4. The stove is for warming up the interior of a 280Z that doesn't have a working heater.
  5. I'm overdue for an oil change so I couldn't make it, however, if the date changes maybe I'll have time to get ready. I don't even know if the heater works in my 280Z
  6. Bleach

    R200 LSD options/setup

    I believe you can buy an aftermarket LSD kit meant for the short nose R200 and use it in the long nose R200 as long as the long nose you have is from the last of the Z31. (1987-89) Those will have the 12mm bolts inside and match up with what also came in the S13. I tried to find an article or video to confirm this for you but I came up short. Beyond that I don't have any good suggestions on 1.5 or 2 way. I don't have any experience with LSD. I just bought a factory Nissan one recently but haven't even gone through it yet.
  7. Bleach

    Wrecking Yard Report

    1982 280ZX non-turbo 360 Auto Wrecking - Lake Stevens, WA No engine, no transmission, no diff, no front struts 1981 Datsun 200SX Gunner Auto Wrecking, Lake Stevens - WA (right next to 360 auto) 1985 Nissan 300ZX Lakewood (Tacoma) WA This yard goes through their cars very fast. I would expect this one to only be in the yard for another week! 1987 Pulsar SE LakeWood, WA If this really is the SE trim as they stated, then it has the CA16DE engine. Smaller version for 1987. The CA18DE came in 1988 and 1989 SE Also, this is Lakewood. They only have the cars in the yard for 2-3 weeks max although they would never tell you this. Arlington Pick n Pull (Washington) Z31 1981 Datsun 210 in Lake Stevens gunner auto wrecking
  8. Bleach

    R200 diff which car came with it?

    What I don't see mentioned there by Mike is the difference in the housing. Some of those later R200's (1989-99) are short nose R200s and those will not bolt in the same as the long nose. If you are dealing with the older 510 or old Z-car then you're going to want the long nose R200 from a 280ZX or Z31. It is probably best to stay away from the S13 and Z32 stuff. If you have an R200 in your car that breaks internally, then maybe you can swap in the gearset from a short nose R200. (I'm not sure if that is possible) As for the Z32 (1990-96) I thought they were all R230 and that the difference between the non-turbo and twin turbo was just the gear ratio. I could be wrong on that one. Because of that, I've never even tried to source parts from one of those cars.
  9. I bet that Toyota is still running 8 years later...
  10. Bleach

    75 datsun exhaust

    The 620 truck had a muffler from the factory. I believe it was somewhere toward the rear of the bed.
  11. Bleach

    New member here! My 240z

    welcome! Nice Z
  12. Bleach

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    I want an SR20DET in everything!
  13. Bleach

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    Tomorrow is the Monday after so I'll post pictures of this great event tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

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