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  1. Please go to the Classified section and place a listing. Please include your city or zip code, not the phone number area code. Also include the price and some pictures.
  2. Excellent! I was hoping you could teach me how to do this engine swap. If I get around to working on my car, I will be doing brakes, wheels, suspension first.
  3. All three years of the turbo distributor were a larger cap than the non-turbo. You probably have the correct one. If you don't, then all you'll need to do is find the 1982-83 distributor (turbo only) and also find the oil pump spindle that drives the distributor. That item is also unique to 1982-83 turbo. I plan to go with the Z31 turbo ECU so it would also require the 1982-83 turbo distributor to be used along with the conversion. My L28ET is from 1981 so I had to keep my eye out for the appropriate parts. It took about 2 years before I had them. (cheaply) The spindle itself might be harder to find in the wild, but I heard that Nissan will still sell that part brand new for around $90. You probably don't need it though.
  4. Bleach

    Oil Pan Swap

    1979-83 280ZX oil pan has the sump slightly further rearward. I think they may also work in the S30 Z, but I haven't tested that myself.
  5. You found the most popular one. I don't know if it is the cheapest, but it is a safe company to buy from. I hope your 1982 turbo engine is really from 1982 and still has the distributor.
  6. My suggestion is to buy a complete Megasquirt kit with ECU and wiring. You would remove the factory wiring if it is on the engine. Then connect the Megasquirt wiring.
  7. sorry, I was editing my reply as you were replying. Reload this page and make sure you see all that I typed out.
  8. so far every picture of an ECU or wiring harness that you have posted is a non-turbo version. I think the guy who sold you this car said a lot of the parts were for a turbo Z but were in fact for the non-turbo version. The L28 turbo engine you have there for sure IS a turbo engine. The intake manifold has the correct ports that are unique to the turbo version. Have you considered buying a ready-built Megasquirt ECU? They are programmable with a computer and work on the L28 turbo. That may run you about $1000 but will save you a lot of time. That ECU will also give more horsepower over the factory turbo ECU and be much less of a headache. Here are the plugs on the 1981-83 280ZX turbo ECU
  9. The distributor that has the built-in crank angle sensor is unique to just the 1982-83 turbo 280ZX. 1981 turbo 280ZX has a very similar distributor but the CAS is externally mounted on one of the pullys up front and then runs wires to the distributor and also back to the ECU. As you can see, Nissan decided not to continue that design into the next two years of 280ZX turbo engine management. In the 280ZX turbo model, the ECU turns on the coil and controls the ignition advance. In the NA models, the coil just turns on with a relay (external of the ECU) and advance is done by vacuum / centrifugal. (traditional methods) One more thing I forgot. The 280ZX turbo uses that CAS disc inside the distributor. That is a very similar design to the Z31 CAS that also goes inside the distributor. One other piece of doing a Z31 ECU swap is to take a CAS disc out of a Z31 distributor and install it into a 1982-83 turbo distributor. Those CAS are the same in Z31 for turbo or non-turbo. I also grabbed a couple of those for my swap and since my L28eT is from 1981, I also had to get the complete 1982/83 style turbo distributor with the matching oil pump drive spindle. Sometimes I use chassis codes to describe a model. Just in case you were not familiar with them... 1970-78 z-car: S30 1979-83: S130 1984-89: Z31
  10. For more context, the 280ZX turbo ECU upgraded to a new rectagle type of plug for the harness. The Z31 in both turbo and non-turbo form built on that same plug design. So, you can do a Z31 turbo ECU swap onto a 280ZX turbo fuel injection wiring harness. You can plug the ECU in, but will still need to do some splicing to get the Z31 MAS sensor connection installed in place of the 280ZX turbo AFM connection. OR you can possibly use the 300ZX injection harness with MAS and ECU. In that case you would still need to do some modifications when it comes to the fuel injector plugs. They will not be lined up the same for a V6 vs the inline 6 engine. Lengthen a few connections and other connections might be able to be used as-is. I am personally going that route. L28 turbo engine. ECU and MAS from a Z31 turbo. Complete wiring harness from a 300ZX non-turbo. (I believe in the Z31 the wiring is the same or very similar in both NA and turbo) I haven't started putting this together though as I am still in the early phase of suspension and brake upgrades on my 280Z.
  11. Fuel Injection harness: I can see by the ECU plug that the harness is for a non-turbo L28. It will not work on the turbo version. One other option you have is to switch to a 300ZX turbo ECU and wiring. A turbo Z31 is often easier to find in a wrecking yard. 1984-89 There are many write-ups on how to use the Z31 ECU and MAS on the L28 turbo. You might be able to swap in the entire fuel injection wiring from a 300ZX since you say you are lacking a good injection wiring harness and turbo AFM. Yes, you can and should just use the fuel injection harness by itself. Near the battery, make your own connection into main power. You might even want to run a couple relays that click on to send 12v power to the injection harness.
  12. You must use the turbo version of the ECU! The connections on the wiring harness for the ECU are very different. Use the hacked together turbo harness that was on the L28ET engine. Even though the engine was previously installed in the 240Z, it should have been set up to run in that 240Z. That is a good starting point. The turbo ECU will need to use the turbo distributor and AFM. The non-turbo 280Z AFM is not the same.
  13. The diesel should have plenty of torque and mid range power. I would worry about the gearing. Is it a 5-speed manual? If the rear axle is a 4.11 or 3.9 then it should drive great on the freeway at 55 to 60mph.
  14. Last fall I bought a house and moved the 280Z from Ted's place over to my own carport. I don't have a full garage but this new place does have a nicely built wood framed carport about the same size as a 2-car garage. At the rear it has an attached shed for tools and parts. Summer of 2020 I hope to expand that shed into a 1-car garage and keep the carport as it is. On the Z, I removed the wood sunvisors and installed factory black sunvisors I pulled from a wrecking yard. I also replaced one front turn signal lenses. The 280Z has been up on jack stands with wheels off, waiting for some suspension work for 9 months.
  15. The Shop is a storage space for exotic and collectible cars as well as having members only social activities. There is a restaurant and bar in front that is open to the public. I first heard about them when the Z-Car Club of Washington had a meet there one Saturday. The last few months they've done several different themed Saturday morning car meets such as all Nissan/Datsun, Japanese cars, German cars, Italian cars, Japanese motorcycles, ect. It looks like through the winter they going to have a general Cars and Coffee every Saturday morning. If Ratsun wanted a place to hang out for a casual meet one Saturday, this venue would be ok. We could join whoever else shows up which will probably be very few people in the winter.
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