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  1. 1987 Maxima wagon Pick n Pull - Portland South 1985 Nissan truck Pick n Pull, Lakewood WA 1986 Nissan truck Pick n Pull - Arlington, WA 1998 Nissan frontier (KA24DE ? ) Arlington, WA
  2. Usually week day afternoon to evening I-5 is closed in Seattle. In the morning you should be fine but I usually check Google maps. They will clearly show closures if it is closed. I'm not sure if there is much going on with protesters on the freeway on the weekend.
  3. Capitol Hill is a bit away. While working, I drove the company van a few times down 23rd which is only a few blocks away from CHAZ. I actually saw nothing unusual, no crowds, guns, or anything. Just stay out of downtown Seattle or Capitol Hill in general and you'll be fine. The Shop is on the south side of Seattle.
  4. You might be able to keep the axels and hubs from a donor car. Then just do your custom work at the top of the front struts to get it all attached. The early 90's 200SX is FWD and used an SR20DE in the USA (in some models)
  5. I didn't want this fresh wood to look aged or get rotten by being out in the rain all winter. I put on some wood stain and then clear. Here is the final product! I also put a second coat of red paint on the outside. The last step to make this a proper Fake Datsun is to install a Datsun tailgate! Even though 720 trucks are normally plentiful, right now I only see one in our local wrecking yards that is old enough to have the Datsun logo. I paid way too much for a dented 720 tailgate out of a wrecking yard... I'll bondo it up, sand, and then paint it red to match the trailer.
  6. Yes, they currently have events for July listed as active! July 11th - Italian Cars and Coffee July 18th - Porsche Cars and Coffee July 25th - Japanese Cars and Coffee
  7. Because the trailer was designed to fold in half, there are some metal hinges that stick up in the center of the bed. These are just slightly less than 4 feet wide so they will damage 4x8 sheets of anything that is in the trailer. I decided to raise the floor of the bed to get around this and make the entire bed flat. I just laid down some basic 1x4's to make a new wood floor.
  8. I replaced the 2x4's on the side with 1x4's so that the side boards could be pushed outward a little on each side. This makes the deck width a total of four feet and 1/2 inch wide. On the front of the floor I put a 1x4 down and slide the entire 4x8 foot plywood back. This makes the floor just over 8 feet long and the wood hanging out the back helps to protect the tail lights a little. I used some free lumber to cut side boards to reinforce the walls and make the entire box more solid. Inside is painted brown and the outside I painted red all with free paint. Previously I put some stain on the bottom of the new 4x8 sheet to protect the wood from below. This is more of the look I had in mind. Now I can add some tiedown hooks or rings. With the inside of the trailer just over 4x8 feet, you can stack plywood or sheetrock inside and it lays perfectly flat.
  9. About 11 years ago I purchased a utility trailer to help with hauling kayaks and camping gear. This is what it looked like when I bought it. It was always left outside and had a rotten wood deck under blue aqua turf. In less than a year I had put a new piece of plywood down for the floor and made these really simple side boards. I also installed new LED tail lights and took off the broken side marker lights near the front. I used it like this for several years. This was basically how I used it for many years although it was lacking a lot that would make it a better trailer and more useful. As I got ready to move in October of 2018, I put some flimsy sides on the trailer so that it would keep small boxes in the bed. I don't have any good pictures of that setup but here is the best view I could find. Recently I decided to put some time and effort into the trailer to make it closer to my vision of what I want in a small trailer and to add a proper Datsun tailgate to it.
  10. I found that gravity bleeding works fine on the brakes but didn't work too well on the very small clutch line. I put in a new master and slave clutch recently on my 280Z and bled it with vacuum. I wrapped a very small amount of plummer's tape on the nipple of the slave cylinder, screwed it in a little without tightening it all the way in, and then started to gently apply vacuum. It bled great. I also feel the engagement is a little low on the pedal. Maybe I should have bench bled the clutch master? Not sure if that is needed on the clutch. I always have to bench bleed the brake master. If I do have air still, it is probably a tiny bit trapped in the clutch master.
  11. You know, it does look strange. A brand new user to sell a truck for ten thousand. Now, some people do join eBay just to sell one expensive item... They really don't know how to market online. Weird font and link to a YouTube video in the description like they copied/pasted it from a different website. The video is set up like a well-made review of old cars and features this same truck with the same modifications, expect for the Washington to California license plate change. It has an L20b with dual carbs for the engine. Seems to be a lot of work and looks great in the video. It would probably demand $10,000 in California ... if it is legit. Perhaps they bought it out of Vancouver, WA for $6000 and are flipping it for a few thousand in profit. What also seems weird is calling it a daily driver. The guy in the YouTube video does not claim to own the truck. He is simply doing a review and stating that this small truck is comfortable, drives like a sporty car, and 'could be' a good daily driver. Normally someone who spends a lot on a classic car does not daily drive it in California traffic.
  12. Datsun in that video at 6:24
  13. The Shop has scheduled the next Japanese car event for Saturday July 25th. First post and thread title have been updated.
  14. yes, very close. You would have to see them side-by-side to tell the difference.
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