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  1. Bleach

    New member here! My 240z

    welcome! Nice Z
  2. Bleach

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    I want an SR20DET in everything!
  3. Bleach

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    Tomorrow is the Monday after so I'll post pictures of this great event tomorrow. Have a good weekend!
  4. Bleach

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Its on my schedule now. Thanks for the update.
  5. Bleach

    Buying any Datsun?

    Your friend will need to look for a model of Datsun that is more common and overall less desirable. Possibly a 720 truck or 1981-84 Maxima. Those are probably the cheapest "Datsuns" right now that might still be running.
  6. Bleach

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Not a lot of 2nd Gen Maximas anymore. Here is a 1987 sedan in Tacoma, WA http://row52.com//Vehicle/Index/JN1HU11PXHT330783 The last Maxima generation to have the "wagon" option. :) Lynnwood, WA - 1986 Nissan (720?) short bed, standard cab, 2wd. Possibly a very rare short tail 5-speed. NO PICTURE! 😞 http://row52.com//Vehicle/Index/JN6ND11SXGW041059 unknown transmission type. No picture to verify, but it 'could' be an early Hardbody truck. Not sure.
  7. Bleach

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    I found a few pictures from the years that I was taking photos of Datsun shows in NW. I have here some of the first photos of his orange 210 and also the Birthshitwagon. Dave was given the Ratsun award at Canby 2010
  8. Bleach

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Tacoma PnP charges sales tax and environmental fee. (possibly from King County, the highest taxed county in WA) So you're effectively paying for the part, core charge, plus 18% in taxes if you go to that Tacoma location.
  9. Bleach

    Wrecking Yard Report

    PORTLAND 1979 510 wagon (listed as a 200SX) http://row52.com//Vehicle/Index/RNDEwlmBa7gFcPYFOan9JXqKV
  10. Bleach

    Busters Beach Bash,,, Early Sept OLY area

    Tomorrow is no good for me but Saturday the 22nd should still work.
  11. Bleach

    Replace Z24 engine.

    OH, ok. Crytek not Cryteck
  12. Bleach

    Replace Z24 engine.

    So where is this thread about Cryteck89's swap? I've done many searches and nothing shows up on Ratsun, the internet, or even our user list. There is no such user on Ratsun or otherwise.
  13. Bleach

    Replace Z24 engine.

    KA24DE from a Nissan Frontier. 1998+
  14. Bleach

    Syn's 1972 240z

    I like that 240Z. It looks really good in blue.
  15. Bleach

    Datsun barnfind

    Nice video! You can post the full link here on Ratsun. It will then display right in your thread. I'm already subscribed. :)

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