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  1. I've used the trailer for a few things and scratched the floor. I picked up a 720 tailgate but it is not in good condition. At the time, it was the only 'DATSUN' tailgate I could find in Washington. It really is bent pretty bad so I am still on the lookout for a 720 truck tailgate in better condition... Installed anyway just to use the trailer.
  2. This one was well attended. In addition to their parking area being full, there were cars parked on both sides of the street and down the street for a block when I arrived at 10:30am.
  3. Bleach

    King cab bed cover

    The kingcab bed is the same bed found on the standard cab short bed. So, if you happen to find a vintage bed cover for the regular bed, it will fit. For weather protection, I think a flat fiberglass cover is best. I don't think those were ever made back in the 1980s so you're not really going to find one except for a few custom made covers that are impossible to find these days. Make one yourself I guess :)
  4. Title updated! The next Japanese Cars & Coffee is a go! This Saturday, Sep 5th at 10:00am Teaming up with a local NSX club and Z-car Club, The Shop is hosting another Japanese Cars and Coffee event. "This will be a BRING YOUR OWN COFFEE event. We are asking that you wear a facemask while walking around the parking lot and practice standard social distancing."
  5. Another piece of junk near Portland https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/JN1MN04S9CM003428
  6. This is not the Datsun you're looking for... but it is a rare FWD Datsun 310GX. Sherwood Oregon! https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RNDBNjZIoRGPru1SB4B2vgWiO
  7. The Shop has confirmed that Japanese Cars & Coffee is still on for this next Saturday. (July 25th) Even though this is an outdoor event, they ask that everyone wear a mask. In the past they had provided coffee, but for now they ask that each person brings their own coffee. Enjoy cars, have fun.
  8. Hard to say. The trucks out in the yard never have wheels on them. They sell the wheels in sets inside the office. I usually forget to look at wheels when I'm there. These photos were taken by staff at each yard.
  9. 1987 Maxima wagon Pick n Pull - Portland South 1985 Nissan truck Pick n Pull, Lakewood WA 1986 Nissan truck Pick n Pull - Arlington, WA 1998 Nissan frontier (KA24DE ? ) Arlington, WA
  10. Usually week day afternoon to evening I-5 is closed in Seattle. In the morning you should be fine but I usually check Google maps. They will clearly show closures if it is closed. I'm not sure if there is much going on with protesters on the freeway on the weekend.
  11. Capitol Hill is a bit away. While working, I drove the company van a few times down 23rd which is only a few blocks away from CHAZ. I actually saw nothing unusual, no crowds, guns, or anything. Just stay out of downtown Seattle or Capitol Hill in general and you'll be fine. The Shop is on the south side of Seattle.
  12. You might be able to keep the axels and hubs from a donor car. Then just do your custom work at the top of the front struts to get it all attached. The early 90's 200SX is FWD and used an SR20DE in the USA (in some models)
  13. I didn't want this fresh wood to look aged or get rotten by being out in the rain all winter. I put on some wood stain and then clear. Here is the final product! I also put a second coat of red paint on the outside. The last step to make this a proper Fake Datsun is to install a Datsun tailgate! Even though 720 trucks are normally plentiful, right now I only see one in our local wrecking yards that is old enough to have the Datsun logo. I paid way too much for a dented 720 tailgate out of a wrecking yard... I'll bondo it up, sand, and then paint it red to match the trailer.
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