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  1. I know you all forgot about this event, but I just now FINALLY got my video put together. Give it a watch, share with a friend.
  2. Redline280Z https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gpSd0HA33Mt9WJNYoa4UA
  3. I accidentally drove by that house when I bought the CRX seat from you. These guys have a YouTube channel. ALSO, I think I saw Datsunaholic driving a Datsun today on I-5
  4. Ted might have one. He has a lot of 521 stuff and lives down in Tenino, WA
  5. http://www.bleachgarage.com/z-brake-upgrade Your question about calipers. I don't know what the S13w is for. The two that bolt on to the 240Z/280Z are either S12-8 or S12-W. My article above talks about the difference being width and the wider caliper can go over a thicker brake rotor. I do not know of any other Toyota calipers that bolt on to any Z-car. I drove a 280ZX for many years and I did wonder about a cost-effective brake upgrade. I didn't find anything. I ended up just keeping the brakes that are on the car. My 280ZX was a 2+2 turbo so it was "faster" and one of the heaviest models. One thing I have discovered is that larger heavy wheels really affect a car's performance. When I put bigger wheels on, the extra weight made it more difficult for the brakes to slow the car down and also made it harder to accelerate. If you want the best braking response, stick to good quality light weight 15" wheels. Also, the 280ZX brakes you have came stock with 14's so you can run 14 inch wheels if you want.
  6. The 280Z and the 280ZX are different cars and have different struts/brakes. The Toyota caliper upgrade you are referring to is only for the 1970-78 z-cars. The brakes you have are from the 280ZX made 1979-83 If you want to go further with stopping power, you may be looking at aftermarket solutions like Wilwood calipers and rotors made for the 280ZX. (1979-83 model)
  7. I'm working on a video of this event. Here are a few pictures to get you started
  8. 107228119100792734 expires on June 23, 2019
  9. Bleach

    Need parts

    There are still a few 720 trucks showing up in wrecking yards. Check out row52.com and run a search for 1980-86 Nissan trucks in Oregon. You can sign up to be notified and then drive up to the yard to pull parts. You may want to run two searches. One for Datsun trucks of those years and another for Nissan. That way you get notified for either no matter how the individual yards list them by brand.
  10. wow, good price on a carb adapter. You don't see these often anymore. (Olympia, WA) https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/pts/d/olympia-spacer-adapter-for-weber-carb/6865797192.html
  11. Mike, is that 1980 L-series 5-speed out of a 720 truck the same length as a 280Z or 280ZX transmission?
  12. ok, so based on your Instagram page, you have a 1975 Datsun 620 standard cab truck.
  13. If your 1975 Datsun is capable of using a long tail transmission, then you can get a 280Z, 280ZX, or 620 truck 5-speed transmission. Depending on where you get it, they may cost $200-$400 plus shipping if not local to you. There are also other options. Hang on to your 4-speed and the bellhousing can be swapped onto the 5-speed from a early 80's 720 truck.
  14. Check out this funky custom kingcab / service truck in Redding California! 19919 Viking WayRedding, CA 96003 Also, 1979 280ZX in Vancouver, WA
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