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  1. The splines fit!!!! Wow I was really surprised they did. Only because I feel like someone would have posted that online somewhere. The adapter is for sure going to be tricky but how fun would it be if it was easy. Time to do some scanning!! I didn't take a picture of the G35x transfer case in the 4x4 CD009 but I will soon. It fit both RWD and 4WD trans splines. Not full engagement in the RWD trans though.
  2. Icehouse

    Weight loss

    Wait that's your car? Looks like Indy510's car. I would leave as is. Looks so good!!!!
  3. Icehouse

    Weight loss

    L18 in my mind would be lighter then the L16 and it weights 300 when I checked. Now way in hell that straight 6 only weighs 375. I picked up an RB25DE I need to weigh it next.
  4. I'd like to go with an electric system as well.
  5. I was driving. Best battle I've had yet! Here is the view from his car.
  6. Icehouse

    Weight loss

    Yeah even our race 510 still weights 2150 and it's the bare minimum to be on the track.
  7. This is what I did. Just chopped it all out. Since it was rusting from the inside and outside.
  8. Icehouse

    Wiper parts

    The hard part is not snapping the corners off the aluminum housing when trying to punch out the studs. That's where I've failed in the past.
  9. Icehouse

    Weight loss

    Wait a straight 6 in your 510? We need a photo of that. I've thought about the same thing for my autox 510 but I haven't seen any quality carbon parts that save any weight. You could loose the bumpers, interior. That gets loud though.
  10. Cool photo from the rear facing camera on another C class car.
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