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  1. If you leave the SR stock it will run forever. My 510 feel apart around the stock (boost at 10psi) 199whp SR20DET. The drivetrain never had an issue. It was all the 40+ year old car that had the issue. The problem with boost is you can add more. It's easy to fall down the "just a little more" path which causes the problems. I guess you could sell the SR and get the funds to install the KA though, since it's easy to install. I'm just betting you will miss the power.
  2. Why don't you like boost? KA's are fun but they just aren't fast enough for me. I have a NA SR20DE that I daily drive. It's cool but just to slow. I have a SR20DET ready for it. I'm just not done mocking it up in my test front end. I can't imagine just stopping at the NA SR. Have you driven a SR20DET 510? The T25 spools very fast, there is zero lag time.
  3. I think fender mirrors are ugly. I tossed them into the trash where they belong. I did learn something about door mirrors. LHD mirrors don't work on a RHD car. The right hand side I maxed out and it barely works the left side was so far off it wouldn't even work. Check Carters coupe thread for confrimation on door mirrors look much better then "bean counter mirrors" Fender mirrors.
  4. Beast power for such low boost levels.
  5. Icehouse


    Wow! You sold it way to cheap!! He's going to make some money!
  6. O yeah! The on the ground picture!!!
  7. Been plugging away on the coupe. It's almost a driver. Still needs a little wiring, trans shifter cover, battery tie down and maybe a different brake master. Pedal travel is excessive. Seeing it sitting on the ground is awesome!! Here are some pics of the process. Taking out the frame so I can roll the rears. I cracked off more bondo... O well. As long as it's low it will offset the slight defects. The ZX brakes I'd been saving turned out to be rusted solid. 😞 For some reason the brake rod was lilting down. It was originally an auto car with no booster, which most Coupes had a booster. Maybe the booster mounted the rod lower. I ended up re drill the hole higher. Finished up the piping, also got a new air filter. I don't care for the rubber elbows but whatever it's easy and I don't care enough to make it look fancy. I also swapped the crossmember again. We had a Ford RHD drive steering rack laying around which means I wouldn't have to make a custom steering shaft, Sam helped me swap it over and WOW was it easy! So handy having it all pre made. Deleted the dumb bean counter mirrors (fender mirrors) for a way better looking one. Yes on the ground!! Can't wait to take it for a spin!
  8. Here is the chart. I don't know why they didn't rev it to 7500. I should have asked them about that.
  9. 126RWHP! about what I expected.
  10. Well.... after all these years of autoxing the rest of the field has either learned to drive or bought Hoosiers. Now I'm usually 5th in RWD and 7-9th overall.... Damn! I'm dynoing my car tomorrow. I wonder if maybe it's down on power. My guess is the guys are just learning how to drive there cars. Dave says I shouldn't be bummed since it's still on stock brakes, only has a NA SR and it's in the unlimited class. Which I agree. I just miss smoking everyone haha. Either way my coupe is almost done and that will give me room in my shop to turbo this car. I'm excited to see what another 100hp does for my lap times. Also I can get the prototype rear suspension in and do some new front dampers. At the same time I can't have it down for to long. They do a race every 2-3 weeks! Don't want to miss to many!
  11. I could help with suspension for sure. I don't know anything about carbs. I always ditch them for EFI. Although my sunny has the stock engine and carb at the moment. Awaiting an upgrade.
  12. My truck is the same year!! I live up in Everett. I daily drove mine for 7 years. Just recently took it off insurance. Daughter started driving which added 200 bucks a month!! So I took a few cars off to balance the cost. Here is a photo of mine.
  13. Stock master. The pedal has more travel then it origanlly did but the braking is fine. The truck only weighs 1530lbs! No booster. None of my cars have boosters. I like true brake feel :) Actually the only problem it has now is the rebuilt rock auto calipers are shit. I didn't drive it for a couple weeks and one of the pistons rusted in place. I tore into them and you can see where the company that rebuilt them just cleaned up the old pistons and slapped them back in....... I want to make some new pistons out of stainless..
  14. I did a zx brake swap on my Sunny truck. The wiki said use B-210 LCA, TC rod, ball joint and steering arm and everything would bolt up. Well I'm a 510 dude and have never had a B-210. So I got a buddy to pull it at a yard next to his place that had one. He told me after he got home it looked just like 510 stuff........ haha!! Just for the record it didn't bolt on. I had to drill the LCA holes bigger and bend the TC rods to the correct angle. It does look good though!!!
  15. Yeah, the B210 front suspension is the same as a 510 which also accepts the zx struts. I don't know the year cutoff though.
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