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  1. Same here! It's cool to have the 510 drive as good as it looks!
  2. Icehouse

    Diff pinon angles.

    I'm not sure it would feel like a 510 without some vibrations and rattles.
  3. Icehouse

    What does it weigh?

    Added NA SR and FJ20ET
  4. Icehouse

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    When I weighted the L18 vs. the SR20DE they were less then 30lbs different and the L was missing some parts like the carbs and had the small stock alternator which everyone upgrades and stock starter. So reslly the L series really isn’t much lighter if at all. Check out the weight thread I started. The amazing part to me is a VQ is only 100 lbs heavier then a L18!!!
  5. Yeah that’s what I want. That exact thing. That’s why I posted a picture. Figured I would say it wrong.
  6. The bearing isn’t flush with the bottom of the top hat so a standard Coilover top won’t work. California Datsun is that bad?? It needs the extra boss on the top to fit in the stock bearing. I’ll do some more measuring and let you know.
  7. Working on a buddies 260z. We are converting to Coilovers but don’t want to change the upper spring perches. I found these but not sure if they will sell them separately. I’ve done a bunch of searching. Seems most people just stack washers. I’d like to avoid that. You can see the top hat in the photo is taller so it will reach the stock bearing.
  8. That’s good to hear. I still can’t believe how far that car has came! Unbelievable really. I still remember sliding it onto the trailer with no suspension. Can’t wait to go for a ride!!!
  9. Test...... posting a picture from my phone.
  10. Looks killer!!! How did the paint lay out?
  11. New layout is interesting.
  12. Icehouse

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Just for the record I love this build!!!
  13. Icehouse

    I like coupes! - Pictures of Bluebird Coupes

    So I've noticed that all the racecars have door mirrors while all the street cars have fender mirrors. Is that because they need mirrors that actually work?
  14. Icehouse

    4G63 510

    I would chop out that lower steel hose and do all rubber. The engine flexes a lot. I would worry about busting the rad.
  15. Icehouse

    "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

    It was a blast!!! The car almost made it the full 2 days!!!

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