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  1. once you've had the boost in a 510 you can't live without it!
  2. is it the stock SR turbo? I'm not sure I would run it that high stock. Running past the turbo efficiency and maxing out the MAF. Don't want to lean it out and melt down a piston.
  3. Best cheap beer ever. I used to drink tons of it. Funny thing is I stopped drinking a long time ago. Haha.
  4. Icehouse

    Axle swap or LSD

    Yep it's the z24i. When I first bought it I thought it had some electric carb, not EFI becasue it ran so bad. Turned out the PO had the exhaust fire order wrong. I fixed that and cleaned the cap and rotor. It's was like a new truck! It's got 63k on the clock. Just needs a LSD.
  5. Icehouse

    Axle swap or LSD

    My truck is a 86.5 Hardbody with the C200 axle. I'm sure it's the same width as the H-233
  6. Icehouse

    Axle swap or LSD

    It's a NapZ truck. The H-233 LSD is super easy to find though. That's why I would swap it.
  7. Icehouse

    Axle swap or LSD

    My truck is a 4x4. Your thoughts are just swap in the bigger diff?
  8. Icehouse

    Axle swap or LSD

    I’m wondering if anyone knows the difficulty in swapping in the H233 into my C200 axle truck. Or does anyone know if a R200 LSD fits the C200. I’ve been doing a bunch of searching and haven’t found a good answer. Seems some regions got trucks with C200 LSD’s which makes my searching even more difficult. Open diffs are annoying.
  9. Icehouse

    locking diff

    Cool. My truck has the C200 which sounds like the most rare LSD offered. So I need to figure out how to upgrade to the H233. Which seems like easy search. I haven't found a build thread where it shows what needs to be changed. Maybe Demon 4x4 could do the same since it's easy to find a D21 V6 SE in the yards.
  10. By flipping the steering arms did you give yourself anti-Ackerman? That’s how the photo looks. I could be wrong. Besides that sounds like a win, win!!! We put a degree wheel on the steering wheel and on the rack input to make sure the u-joint phasing was correct. Are uou sure the stock steering is 2.5? Usually it’s around 3.5-4.
  11. Icehouse

    locking diff

    More info! A locker or a LSD? I need one for my hardbody.
  12. Well after having a power steering assist rack in my car for seriously years.... it's actually hooked up and working! Yes! At first I thought manual steering would be better for autox, more feedback which I thought would help car control. After a buddy I raced with suggested I listen to the Cone Coach podcast (I love podcasts, from science to racing they are all really fun.) One of the hosts mentioned if given the choice even in his stripped out race only Miata he would never remove the power steering. He says something to the effect of. "Yes, maybe the manual car being lighter and having more feel could do a theoretical do a faster lap, overall... Although, given the few runs we get, it's better to have a car you can drive to it's full or almost full potential ever lap. Not hope for a hero run." Also note he's a SCCA regional champion and says his Miata is the heaviest one in the class. Some things he says don't pay to remove. I agree. I find myself on some courses grabbing wheel and just basically turning as hard as I can, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Also trying to shift can be tricky with really heavy steering. The race this weekend was canceled due to weather. I'll know soon how I like it! I didn't do the best install every. Just used some junk I had laying around. Since I will be boosting the car soon. I figure I can clean things up and respray the bay then. Some pics of the project. First issue... No belt room So I just moved the motor back a little. Seems every project requires the mill! The lines are of a 86 weird how they bolt right up to the SR pump! Almost done! My helper passed out. No test rides yet. You can see it covered in snow. My siblings came by and helped me dig it out and get it in the shop. It sure does steer a lot easier! Still takes a bit of force. Super excited! I wonder how street driving will feel? hurry up and melt!!
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