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  1. 70 is the change over year for the harness. Did you use all the wiring that came with the car? some items don't swap over such as headlight switch, although if you had the low beams working Hainz is right, the relay is most likely bad. Which is an easy fix. Did you soak your fuse box in vinegar and check all the fuses? Also pay very good attention under the dash where the dash harness connects to the engine room harness. You can plug things in wrong. Make sure the colors line up. Get yourself a test light and see where the power stops. That will help you solve some issues. Then get s
  2. My coupe had a "2" stamped on the strut tower, it wasn't a SSS coupe. The seam between the firewall and the inner fender was off by 1/4" and you could see light throw it after I removed all the undercoating. Must have been built on a Monday morning.
  3. I was arguing with some of the oldschool guys on Facebook, Kelvin pipped up with his car that had the "Penultimate" rear crossmember. He raised the crossmember to some crazy height in his tube frame car. Which to me was odd. I would have put Miata suspension or something good back there before putting the stock stuff back in. Never the less, I couldn't remember how the roll center works with semi trailing arms. It looks like it's not ride height dependent, it's calculated using the rear swing arm pivots point angles. Yes a super low car will have really bad squat when accelerating. So for
  4. Does rust only sleep if it's in a bed?
  5. The ring gear is bigger on the H-190 but the axles are garbage, they will brake if you weld the diff. We swapped a R165 into Sam's car and with I would estimate 300HP (comparing how bad he leaves me in the dust in my stock SR with the boost turned up 510). He has yet to snap an axle. He did bust the LSD we found so he put in a welded center, eventually the welds broke haha. The LSD was out of a SCCA racecar so it may have been on it's way out. The ears off the clutch plate sheared off. Luckily I had a busted R160 subi diff, the internal clutch plates fit perfect. The R165 axles are stron
  6. All the black with white stripe wires hook together and connect into eccs1 . If you just connect from chassis plug you don't need to trace them all out. There is just one black with white stripe wire at the chassis plug.
  7. I love S13's! Especially the coupes. I had a few over the years. I wish I would have kept the last one I had. O well. Don't sell it dude!
  8. The ZX modified parts are off and on with me and Sam's new hubs. They use S chassis brakes and coilovers. They also correct scrub radius and add caster offset. Took me a week to get them on. Kept running into little issues like moving the brake lines again and getting incorrect parts. Today I should be able to take it for a test spin. So excited!!! I need to lengthen my LCA to get my Wheel back to where it needs to be since it's pulled in 1.5" from stock struts. That will come later.
  9. The spindle looks the same to me. I bet it's just an early unit vs. late. I've seen it quit often. I know some oldschool guys would hunt for the early struts to lower the car the cheap way.
  10. Isn't that just early and late struts? Remember the raised the front of the 510 for bumper laws.
  11. Icehouse

    Barn find 320

    The red one at the autobody shop? Kinda near costco? I remember that one from when I was a kid.
  12. Yeah I don't care for boosters, they just make you over brake and get wheel lockup. What year and model is the engine out of?
  13. Im going to photoshop some horns on your head to make it legit 🙂 haha
  14. Yeah I've almost bought a few pathfinders for parts. They come up a lot with bad trannys, clutches or broken timing belts. Not sure what the parts are worth.
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