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  1. Icehouse

    A 510 named "Hey"

    Tape measures and solid works my friend! We have a scanner at work, I tried sorting out how to make models from a point cloud...... Not easy with the software we have. I'd like to find out how. Solid Works (last version I tired) could not make a model based on the points. The result reminded me of Robocop's predecessors, if you remember that movie. :)
  2. Icehouse

    A 510 named "Hey"

    Dang for being my daily driver I sure don't update this thread enough!!!!!! I need to be more like Carter, take good photos and write good stuff!!! Although I do like taking pictures I don't like the typing part, requires to many prof reads. here are some pictures of things to come on the Tan car. Sam and I have been working on the rear suspension for far to long (mostly Sam as I could only help so much, he is much better at Solidworks then me). This Wednesday we can finally put the prototype parts into the test chunk we got from James (the510keeper) Thanks buddy! If all goes well we can test it out in my car. Which sure would be cool!!! The doubly cool part would be if it works I can run the 13's with the 225's!!!! Sam's truck doing work!!!! Tack tack Also finally fixed installed my radio delete panel. I forgot I even had it. Had to put these in too. Old ones were a bit rusty. They are missing the chrome that goes over the lens without the chrome makes them looking kinda big, I gotta dig around and find it. Now for the fun! Racing. 3 years now! So much fun! This photo is from my last race, at the moment it wasn't raining but really really wet all day. I managed to pull off first in RWD. I enjoy rain racing. every input shows in the rain. No hiding your weaknesses behind sticky tires! This does't include all the plagues, I hate hanging things though, maybe one day I'll get around to it.
  3. Icehouse

    "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

    Yep! Hainz how did you notice? Were you checking out my ass?
  4. Icehouse

    Source for a 1200 Steering Box

    Send me a text and week can talk. If there is one thing I've learned from modeling suspension is no one can look at it and say it will work or what it will do. Even our simple strut suspension is super complex, we tried playing the guessing game haha I was wrong every time. :)
  5. Icehouse

    Source for a 1200 Steering Box

    Only for the 510 as of now. Although I do drive my truck all the time and the steering box leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. Icehouse

    Cusco tension rods now available

    Like the T3 early TC rods they technically aren’t adjustable. Since there are two bolts on the control arm side it doesn’t allow you to pull the arm forward. Also pulling the LCA forward changes the amount of bump steer your car will have. Pulling the strut forward lowers the outer tie rod which is why the bump changes.
  7. They should be weighted complete with clutch IMO, anything less and the data is being skewed.
  8. Although that is true I wonder what a SR20DET weighs with a lightened flywheel an aluminum alternator bracket and tube headers instead of cast.
  9. I made the thread where I've been weighing all the motors. The L18 missing some parts weighted about 300lbs. The NA SR was 325 lbs the KA was 360 or so. I'm looking to weigh some more engines as I get access to them. What does it weigh
  10. A steering box brace does help. That being said I've driven many different 510's, even 510's with every steering goodie made, doesn't even compare to rack and pinion. :) I'm just glad 510's don't have king pins!!
  11. The SR20DE and the L20 weight the same. The turbo SR is slightly heavier, actually the same as the turbo FJ which I was surprised to see! I haven't weighted a VG yet.
  12. Icehouse

    Fuse box lid fix

    Thanks mike. I’ll order a few up.
  13. Icehouse

    Fuse box lid fix

    I seem to remember there being a fix for the fuse box lid, the plastic piece that holds it down. Maybe Dime Quarterly article? I seem to remember it being a BMW part. Anyone remember? I found a minty lid in my collection. All the retaining clips are busted off though. Thanks guys!!!
  14. Icehouse

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    Dude you gotta stop by next time you visit your mom.
  15. Icehouse

    SR20DE which one is the 160hp version?

    Yep. THe Autech motor just had higher compression 11.5 to 1, a header, better tune and if I remember right cams. O also a red line of 7800. It was still the same motor. Just a S14/S15 SR20DE. That's why so many companies make parts to make the FWD head work on the RWD block. There was no factory variation of it.

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