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  1. With and super low is my vote
  2. Slide a Miata lower under it maybe?
  3. Aww I remember being their with wiring. Long hours trying to figure it out. Then when it fires you feel like a wiring god. Haha. Great stories! I had a CA20E with all the CA18ET bolt ons running 10lbs without an intercooler for years. It didn’t mind. Such a fun 510.
  4. Clutch is still being made, it won't be sprung which sucks if you want to use if for more of a street car. We are also re scanning the block tonight, need motor mount hold patterns.
  5. I tow 3K lbs trailer with my Z24 truck. Gotta piss wind it up the hills but I only do it a few times a year. With racing and towing junk maybe 8-10 times a year. Racing we've hauled the 3k trailer with a bed full of supplies and spares and 3 dudes in the cab. Overall it's fine, some hills it slows way down but I'd rather do that then buy an overkill truck. gets 11mpg with it mega over loaded. Had to upgrade to a v6 rad since they are 2 core.
  6. I've had 2 styles. The aluminum adapter with the VW CV's which were pure junk. The adapters came loose in about a month or two. I always had to keep my eye on them and they had ton's of backlash which made your car make bad noises when turning. I also have a set of Restomod shafts. They were okay except they bottomed out on the body on my low car and the boots ripped open on both sides. They are sitting on my shop floor in need of 3 of the 4 boots......
  7. Time Left: 7 minutes and 41 seconds

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    Needed for a current project. Maybe one of my Ratsun buddy knows of a pan laying in someones part stash. Let me know guys.


    - US

  8. Both the R160 and R180 use the same stub axles which seem to be one possible weak links. So if they are both upgraded to a clutch LSD the 180 may not hold any more power. I’ve worked on cars with over 300 HP and the R160 with a clutch LSD holds it. Luckily for us it’s hard to launch a 510 so the diff is relatively safe. The VLSD is junk. Don’t bother getting one of those.
  9. So cool! I want to see it slammed though 🙂
  10. Mike what about how the 521 has the DL bolted to the trans? What year did that stop? My 78 620 didn't have that style.
  11. Maybe you can use this to find a better match. I wish I knew this existed 5 years ago!
  12. Like Mike said but I could add if the high/low relay isn't clicking it could be the column switch too. I've see the contact get bent or corroded. easy to check with a meter.
  13. I've never wanted a 720 so bad!!!!
  14. Dude what's your phone number?  I want to look through all your junk.

    1. Logical1




      hit me up!

  15. Get a ladder rack! I love mine.
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