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  1. Inner and outer are the same size.
  2. Icehouse

    Microquirted L20b

    Pull the plug wires and flip them. swap 1 and 2 and then swap 3 and 4 so they are on opposite coils.
  3. Icehouse

    Microquirted L20b

    I agree with the above. I've Megasquirted 3 L series engines. I hate the 36-1 wheels, they get such a shit signal. I think you have your coils flipped. Swap them and see if it lights.
  4. I'd like to add for autoxing T3 rear coilovers suck. To much rebound even on the lowest setting. I changed to different dampers using the T3 parts to make them coilovers. First dry day I got the fastest lap at the autox. So if it's just a driver they are fine. Racing not so much. I haven't tried the others. I want to get some custom valved 2 way adjustable Fortune Auto coilovers eventually.
  5. Dude if you want your own I have a big stack of them. We had those custom made.
  6. Time Left: 4 days and 7 minutes

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    My car is leaking water bad through the rear window. I have a new aftermarket gasket I want to install. Since I have it out I'd like to get a window with rear defrost so I can wire that in. So annoying in the winter time. I know someone has one in their rafters they would like to sell to me Thanks guys!


  7. Some pics from the last month or so.
  8. Yep! Did that for years. Just recently spent 500 bucks at Waytek and bought a bunch of 1,000 ft rolls. I bought all the common stripped wires needed in KA and SR swaps. Black with white stripe Black with Red stripe Black with yellow stripe Red with black stripe solid white Solid red Solid brown and a bunch more.
  9. Have you ever had a SR 510? I've tried them all. Hands down best mod is SR :) I had a Nissan V8 for a bit. Planned on swapping it into a 510 for a drift 510. My buddy who is a super amazing drifter talked me out of it. Said it will ruin the balance. He also said it takes some of the fun out of it having so much torque. He said it's to easy!! haha.
  10. Having my coupe done it's interesting to be able to swap from driving a NA SR to a turbo SR. Pretty hard to sell yourself on less power. My tan car feels like a turd after cruising the turbo coupe around. Boost tricks your mind though, since power isn't throttle dependent like a NA motor. a 1/4 throttle can be max power if you are on a hill. Also you can always put the old L motor back in for those guys that worry about being original or resale.
  11. Rad videos and story! I love seeing that kinda stuff. I got into 510's in the late 90's (when I was getting old enough to drive) it's funny to think back on that time. All my friends.... "why do you want such an old car!" All these years later and to them it's now normal for me to drive a 510 haha And now they are 50 years old. Cool to see so many nice ones at the track. I bet that Vett was on slicks. I know those kinda track guys. Hard to beat and unlimited budget thats for sure.
  12. Why? Engine swaps make the 510 such a nice driver. It's awesome to go out every morning no matter the season and have the car fire up perfect let alone the fact is has more power.
  13. You've been tinkering with electric power steering? Do tell!!!
  14. There is a local datsun guy about to delete his emissions stuff. Need the parts?
  15. Also in a 510 it helps to not have the jack stands on the crossmember. If you get some chunks of 2x4 and put the stands on the lip of the rear floor or somewhere sold this will allow you to tip the crossmember which helps.
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