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  1. It's an R180 they didn't put R200's in the 200sx unless it got the V6 which was only 87 and 88. An easy way to tell if it's an R180 is it will have a giant "K" stamped on the top. We have the 200sx R180 in our 510 racecar with the old nismo comp LSD. If you want to run it as is you need to open your R160 and pull out the threaded caps the stub axles bolt into and put them in the R180. It's a pretty intense project but as long as you are tedus and don't mix up the side plates with the shims it will be fine. The R180 is much stronger then the open R160 which only lasted 2 days behind my SR20DET.
  2. I weigh engines for fun. The SR aluminum block acording to my back is quite a bit lighter then any cast iron block I've lifted. I should weigh those next. Unless you have the same scale and weigh all the motors I don't trust any weights online. Like those LS guys.... We race with a team that runs a 240Z this year they pulled the tripple carbs and went with megasquirt. They lost 2 HP but on the track they shaved 2 seconds per lap! Peak HP is just that. just some thoughts. I would ditch the A in a second. My truck has one. I got a FJ to replace it :) If I didn't have the FJ I would do a S14 SR20DE only 1500 bucks for the hole swap and they weigh the same as a L20.
  3. I totally understand Mike! There are only so many hours you can put in for such a small amount of return. Once it stops being fun I'm out to.
  4. 15x10!!!! Damn post a picture!
  5. Can't sell it. I love it to much. Brought my baby boy home in it :) Got the door stripped. Gotta do some welding tonight, then prime, mud, prime, paint.
  6. HAHA Nope just a modern car with poor rear visablilty. Although not new enough to have a back up camera.
  7. All has been good with the car until last week. My sister accidently backed into the door 😞 Got my boy to call around in search of a door. This week we should get the new one painted up and on hopefully. If anyone has a OG paint tan drivers door or passenger fender let me know. I'd love to have the orignal look back.
  8. Also need the front half of the right rear quarter with the  door jam for the same car.




  9. Jeff


    I'm reaching out to you because we need a right side door shell for a 1972 510 2dr sedan. It's for a very nice vintage racer that has been a race car It's whole life. I posted a picture of it here on Ratsun under "This showed up at work". Any help would be hugely appreciated. We met briefly a couple of years back at the Monroe track.



    Darin Blomquist

    T-Zero Racing

    425 941 8414

  10. Removing that stupid step in the rear fenders.... Can't wait to set it on the ground!!!!!!!!! Yeah some bondo fell off behind the rear wheel..... O well. I'll offset the uglyness buy ride height.
  11. Had a blast an the NW Nissan event. They had a autox at the Evergreen track. Of coarse I had to attend. I knew I had a good chance of placing on the way. It was so rainy. Most guys seem to not know their cars limits in the rain. I had a 5 second lead for the first few laps while guys found their cars limits. haha. Brought my boy. Who really wanted to ride along. He has to be 14 before he's allowed to ride. My wife planned on sitting with him in the bleachers during the event. To cold and rainy so they went home. Still getting used to the power steering. Sure like it though! HAHA he rolled down the window and it started raining on him! He likes tasting things. Then I rode in my buddy Aaron's drift car. There are 3 dudes in his team. We were the last car. WOW!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I'm so building one next! I can see why young guys drift. Beyond fun. Aaron is an amazing driver. He's been driving for around 10 years and still has his original S13. We were inches at times away from the other car!!
  12. Intake pipe is to short. Mine is the same and I have the same issue.
  13. Yeah that's a good idea. If someone put the wrong plugs in that could happen.
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