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  1. We didn't get those struts. We got the S12 V6 and the M30 strut which I've heard is the same. We run the V6 S12 strut on our enduro car with the big sumitomo 4 pot calipers. I've heard they are the same as the two we got but I can't confirm it. Just take some measurements and double check things when you go to buy them.
  2. This guy looks like someone that might live in the woods??!?!!?!???
  3. Thankfully. After traveling for work I'm very thankful to live in Washington.
  4. I'm with Thomas, I hate Trump so much I'm voting for Biden!
  5. We run those calipers on S12 V6 struts with z31 rotors on our enduro 510. Not sure the thickness but I'm sure it''s less then 30mm I will measure tonight. We've worn the pads down to metal and never had an issue.
  6. You just missed my B-day. Bummer!!
  7. Fuck that carb setup. I'd rather have broken EFI than a carb any day. How does it run with the MAF unplugged? I always do the unplug the MAF test. If it idles perfect with it unplugged it means your MAF is messed up in some way. IE intake pipe to short, bad MAF something like that. If it won't idle you got other issues like vacuum leak, bad fuel pressure something like that.
  8. 4 years and it's finally looking good.
  9. Still got the Toyota steering rack?
  10. Time Left: 5 days and 11 hours

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    WTB: Tan 2 door drivers door with warn tan paint. My sis backed into my car a while ago. I don't want a minty door. Just something that looks decent and warn like the rest of the car.


  11. finally swapped out the front brakes and front dampers. I had the tokico alumina 5 way adjustable which I felt like all 5 settings were identical. Now I have the Tein street Coilovers for a S14. I can defiantly feel the difference in the 24 different settings. I feel like they are way better but unfortunately Since the layout and the cars are always changing I don't know for sure. My normal marker got a new car... First two laps I had them set at full soft. It seemed to be really pushy and didn't rotate under trail braking which I like. I switched it to full hard and adjusted the brakes and it was way better. Although buy the end the day it seemed a bit to tail happy. I was super tired and didn't want to adjust anything. Next race I will. gotta jack up the car to get it on my lift. My boy likes to help out where he can
  12. Those trans crossmembers are so silly. What's an idler arm for????
  13. The CAN/AM box just makes the wiring easier. I would leave the car as is. Install the SR and enjoy it. If you make it to nice you won't want to drive it unless it's a nice sunny day or you will end up getting so deep into the project you might loose interest. I would keep the shell as is and focus on the drive train. I can tell you from experience the beaters are the fun cars. I drive my SR 510 every day, rain or shine. Me and my good buddy Sam make a rack and pinion kit that allows you to keep a bottom mount turbo setup. Saves money and time while making it drive nice. Not sure if you've ever driven a datsun with a steering box....... rack and pinion conversion
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