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  1. Icehouse

    Bolt on shocks for 71 Datsun 510

    Anything new will be fine. You won't notice much of a difference unless you race it. Most dampers have a really soft compression to make driving comfy.
  2. Icehouse

    Wiring Box

    just give me a text 206-913-1466
  3. Icehouse

    Chocolate covered circus peanut

    More progress Swapped the motor out, put my S14 SR20DET instead of the S15 SR20DET, I think the S15 and 6 speed should go in my tan car instead. I ended up scoring all the S15 electronics for the S14 motor , ECU, Injectors, wiring harness, and coil packs. So it should have some good power. Getting cold outside! Back in for the zillionth time! Thanks for the Christmas present Micheal! Mounted the fan, how I lived without a tig welder I don't know.
  4. Icehouse

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    Wait carbs???? I'm outta here haha :)
  5. Icehouse

    Freebird: SR20VE+T 510 Wagon

    He bought a Pulsar GTiR, might be a minute before he gets back on the goon.
  6. Icehouse

    ParaDime Project

    I had the dumb VW CV conversion in my 510. To annoying so I swapped the stock axles back in. I hated all the back lash from the under sized balls for more articulation and they came loose to much on me as well.
  7. Icehouse

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    Wiring is super easy. It's cool wiring specialties does harnesses. I'm to cheap for that though.
  8. Icehouse

    Which engine for my 210...SR20DE vs KA24DE

    SR20DE!!!! 1500ish on ebay. Way cheaper then rebuilding a KA. The way the power comes on feels better IMO as well.
  9. Icehouse

    Tru-align steering knuckles?

    Totally different then a camber plate or pulling the TC rod forward. This will adjust your scrub radius, ackerman, and trailing caster offset (not sure the exact term for that) Re-arc'd steering knuckles are to correct bump for cars with added caster. You can just replace the tie rod with a hiem joint and shim out the bump.
  10. Icehouse

    Wrecking Yard Report

    Bleach keep your eye out for a 3.3 or 3.5 gear H165 Diff for me. Need it for my Sunny.
  11. Icehouse

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    I to get sucked into bench racing!! Haha. To me the Rebello comment reminds me of when I was a teenager and took my motorbike wheel in for a new tube. The dude was pissed because I tired fix-a-flat. He told me very grumpily "That never BLEEP'n works!!!" I tired to explain to him that if it did work I wouldn't be standing there and then he wouldn't know about the tubes it worked on. Yeah I'm sure Rebello has seen dozen's of over boosted blown up engines, when they get them for rebuilds.... I don't see any reason they would run into a bunch of solid engines in drivers running higher boost then the engine was intended. I drifted a S13 on the street in my early years. One of the guys who used to go still daily drives his S13, from back then. It dynoed 285 to the wheels. He actually wore out the BB turbo he upgraded to and put the stock S13 tubo back on and still dailies it!!! Almost 20 years later! which is exactly what the dudes do with their "race car 510s" haha. I want to do a VET build like Sam. Those motors make the power!
  12. Icehouse

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    Depends on application, I've been autoxing for 3 years now, doing what I call hill billy autoxing. We get 12 runs that count and can do bonus time. So I normally do 30 1 minute laps. There have been lots of guys and different builds. My buddy just blew the headgasket on his stock RB25 running over 20lbs of boost after years of running it that way. Does that count as reliable? To me it does. Yes road racing you would want a built motor, there is no class that allows a SR20DET besides unlimited. So I doubt you are going that route. I'll let you know how long my stock SR lasts, I'm not to worried. From my 20 years of Datto builds I've just learned that everyone says they want to build a racecar 510, what they really want a quite, soft, power steering, stereo, with 500 hp daily. But all they will do is a freeway pull herer and there. No need to waist money building a race engine.
  13. Icehouse

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    Just turn up the boost a few lbs on the stock S15 SR and you'll ave 300 HP. 1psi is (rule of thumb) 10 HP on a 4 cylinder. So it would only take 4 more psi to get to your goal on a S15 SR20DET. I'm currently putting a S14 SR with all the S15 bits on it, I'll let you know how it runs at a little more boost :) I tell everyone to get a SR instead of a boosted KA. KA-T's are to much work, although I'm sure less then the ford motor. Which did sound good, well until the open deck part. What about the turbo motor in that weird Nissan crossover SUV that looks like a frog? SR's are nice, the project is getting it in, not sorting out better pistons, tuning, oil feed and return, exhaust manifold. SR's may cost a little more but you are ahead of the game IMO. I've done a lot of different swaps and turbo swaps. In the end you can't see under the hood when you drive but you do only have X amount of shop time, lets make sure it's on the road instead collecting dust. Not that I'm one to talk.....
  14. Icehouse

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    It uses the SR head which is the only thing that really changes motor to motor, hence why L motors are so lame and we are having this conversation :)
  15. Icehouse

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a different 4 cylinder engine. I agree Nissan has dropped the ball on making a good one. Although the last RWD SR made 260hp and the last FWD SR made 280hp. Which is some good power. As of now I think Mazwerks holds the 4 cylinder HP record with a SR. Just saying 🙂 I really the S2k engine. Almost had one! I gotta look up this engine you speak of.

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