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  1. Get a ladder rack! I love mine.
  2. Ratsun guys had better answers actually. I did post on both.
  3. I felt it most in a sustained sweeper at 60-70% G force then going on and off throttle. It was super bad. Dude! Are LSD has been getting weaker and weaker. We've been talking about re shimming it. I will try that. What breakaway would you run? I have a Chinese knock off go pro that I should mount under the car. If it gets ruined O well. We did have a blow out later that day! Maybe that mixed with the diff caused the issue. I'll check out that site for sure. The geometry is not good I don't disagree there. I've driven 510's for 20 years that's why I can tell something is different. They require extra toe but this is different. I think the low tire for that session, weak LSD and wore out bushings are causing it.
  4. Yep there are all those things. This seems more indicative of a weakness in the 510 design. Under less then full cooch loads it's very prominent. Under full race mode I use it to my advantage, to rotate the car at speed. This lower speed issues seems like something is just flexing like the rear trailing arm bushings or the sidewalls maybe? It's extreme.
  5. After 10 hours of behind the wheel racing I have a few questions you guys may be able to answer. Usually I just bug Keith from The510realm but I'd like everyone's input. I notice this mostly under yellow flag laps driving 70% (or more if I'm trying to sneakily catch some cars) That on and off throttle I can feel the rear toe in and out. I did play with the rear tow settings. I had miles of rear toe like Keith but it our car is like maybe 110WHP and it was killing our straight away speed. So we adjusted it out slowly until it felt bad and then towed it back in. Is this just normal? Is it the trailing arm bushings? I notice with other 510's I have that cheap tires with flexy sidewalls feel similar. Maybe it's just the slip angle? I just drive around it but it would be cool to make the rear feel more stable. The X-member has solid aluminum bushings.
  6. Another great race weekend! Started with some practice. Which got cut short due to a BMW money shifting which caused them to loose control and hit the barrier in front of a tower. They had to stop practice due to it. Then we did some super fun racing. Here is Carter getting the checkered flag and a second place finish! We didn't get enough points to podium but it sure was fun!! My boy found some friends and played in the dirt all weekend.
  7. I want AC in my 510 so bad!!!! Could we just use all OEM components?
  8. Yeah he build another car that is super nice. I don't remember what exactly it sounded like. I just remember it being really tall engine. The hood had the "power bulge." like your pants.
  9. I got a battery from the Nissan dealer. My SR never cranked over so fast!!!
  10. It's Tim's (Yellowcars) old engine. Not many miles on it.
  11. I got some stuff I would donate.
  12. It's zx struts and brakes. I had to sand on the calipers just a touch so they wouldn't rub. I also run 5" springs so the spring is over the tire giving me more tire clearance.
  13. Yeah you can make a spacer and use the stock mounts.
  14. What exactly makes it close ratio? I always prefer the highest possible 5th gear to drop the RPM's on the freeway.
  15. I had to put a new carrier bearing in my low milage D21. Needed it at 61k. I went with a factory Nissan bearing in hopes of getting another 34 years out of it.
  16. 13x7 zero with 225's. I have zx struts and deleted the inner lip in the back and run lots of camber. They would fit a US sedan the same. Not a 4 door since the lip is the inner door frame.
  17. Got some different rims in it. Also did a few other things.
  18. Pertronix sells a coil to match their setup so you don't need a ballast resistor. I have that combo on my VW bus. Some places sell it together even.
  19. Welp... I just bought this car. I now own a sports car!
  20. Did you ever get the ECU issue figured out? Maybe I missed it.
  21. post a picture of the axles
  22. Here are a couple pics I took. Turns out I need to take way more! Carter at the track trying to fix our fueling issue. more fixing Removing the old cage. The new one sure is nice! Sorry Steve my new neighbor has a tube bender so we don't need your help any more. I think will will think of something you can help us with 🙂 door bar. Hmmm something new coming with the steering too!
  23. My NA SR hits 10's at full throttle at the lower RPM's then goes into the 11's. Full throttle is never above 12 and it's a stock ECU NA motor.
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