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  1. In case anyone was wondering why I havent been around the forum...this thread is a perfect example. How may cars are you going to ruin? Seems to me that this type of behavior is the polar opposite of the basis for Ratsun, I thought the point was to save these cars in one way or another
  2. Nothing to see here, move along. Any of the cosmetic changes will be made this week, and you lazy keyboard monkeys can see it in person @ Canby :D
  3. It seems as though there has been a lack of updates in this thread :D For those of you that have any idea what I've been up to, you'll be excited to know that once again the green machine is back on the road!!
  4. These guys are using Holinger gear boxes
  5. No I haven't driven either of them. Considering one car that has the "cheaper h-pattern" transmission that cost $10k, I'd rather not either of these be my first experience with RHD. We met these crazy Aussies last week at the Oregon Trail Rally. Long story short, offered up our shop for some repairs, one thing led to another, and now we're building a bunch of parts and sponsoring the team. Steve- that would be a 411, probably what the shit giving is for :D Now I just need to get my dime running before these roo-jockeys leave :)
  6. And I defy you to prove me wrong.
  7. looking for a pair of mostly straight bumpers. chrome doesn't really matter.
  8. surprised that no one wants a set of chrome pathys, is the price too high?
  9. still available. both seats $200 or trade
  10. Dropped the ball on this one before.. still available
  11. Flywheel pending, wheels still available...make offer or trade?
  12. As you should be able to see from the pictures, the friction surface needs to be replaced.
  13. The outer diameter is always the same. The friction surface is what varies. This one is a 225mm, which I think is the same as the 620(but could be wrong). Just have to make sure you use the correct size clutch and throw out bearing collar.
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