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  1. Stoffregen Motorsports

    common parts between engines

    " Is the bore spacing the same or close enough so I could adapt it to my Z-22 ?" You can't use an L exhaust manifold on a Z motor. If you mean can you use an L head on a Z motor? Yes, you can, but you need to do some engine math first to make sure your compression ratio is within range.
  2. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    If you don't have a good battery cable terminal crimper, there is a cheater way to get a good connection. Put the terminal in a vise with the barrel end facing up. Strip the cable to the needed length, shove a piece of heat shrink over the cable (push it back a few inches). Brush both the cable and the barrel end with flux then heat the terminal up with a torch and fill up with solder. While it's still hot, plunge the battery cable into the terminal and hold steady until it firms up. Then take it out of the vice and peen it with a dull punch (or a cheap hammer type battery lug crimper). Push the heat shrink over the end and shrink it. I did batt cables this way for years until I finally bought one of those hydraulic hex crimpers. For the junction blocks, I really hate those ones with the set screws (as in the pic above). They really tear up the wire and are not a permanent solution in my opinion.
  3. Stoffregen Motorsports

    620 A/C compressor mount

    Sanden is relatively compact and there are a million and one aftermarket parts for them.
  4. Stoffregen Motorsports

    620 A/C compressor mount

    30 minutes? This coming from the guy who said it would take him 3 hours to fab the custom intake manifold...?! I would guess 6 hours, but that's me.
  5. Stoffregen Motorsports

    620 A/C compressor mount

    I know the 240Z has a completely different back spacing, so if you ran the crank pulley, you would also need the alternator brackets, the water pump and water pump pulley. I also know that the 280ZX crank pulley is different from the 240Z pulley, but I do not know if the spacing is the same.
  6. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Valve Cover Grommets on the Z24

    Did you mean to say 240sx? The 240z L motor did not use any grommets. I believe even the A series engines used a grommet on the valve cover bolts. One more place to look.
  7. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Distributorguy is Jeff Schlemmer and runs a shop in MN called Advanced Distributors. He is very knowledgeable. Re-curving a distributor is actually very easy, but you need to know what to modify. Unless you've done one before, I would leave it to a pro.
  8. Stoffregen Motorsports

    82 720 pickup bogs down after engine is warm

    We used to call that an engine douche. But we used substantially more water. A small stream from a garden hose at about 4000 rpms is how we did it back then. There has to be a vacuum hose diagram somewhere. I just googled Datsun 720 vacuum diagram and came up with some promising results. Note that there are always a few iterations of vacuum hose routing on a given vehicle, which usually correspond the which part of the world the vehicle was originally sold.
  9. Stoffregen Motorsports

    620 A/C compressor mount

    Z car engines and truck engines do share a lot of parts, but the for-aft spacing is different, ie- the pulleys probably won't line up. I would do everything I could to not have to use the York compressor. They are huge and very inefficient. Have someone make you a bracket for a custom (modern) compressor. Any hot rod, racing or fab shop can do that kind of work, and there's no shortage of fab shops in SoCal.
  10. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Question About Clutch

    Agreed, but a good mechanic will have so much business lined up that he doesn't need to milk every job. A smart mechanic will understand that his honesty is what brings customers back.
  11. Stoffregen Motorsports

    521 on d21 frame

    Or... if you're going to do all that custom work, why not just use the original frame. Custom tube frames are not that easy to build. If you care about measurements, you will need a frame table, or at least be competent in welding and knowing how heat will change the finished product. I could totally see a custom frame being out by as much as 1/2" after welding, if the person did not know what they were doing. When building a custom drag racing rail chassis, there are two welders, one on each side, welding at the same pace and in the same (opposite) spots, to make sure heat warpage is the same on each side. Fire truck ladders are pre-bent with 3" of bend in them so that after final welding, they are straight. Glad to hear this project is still going strong. This is one of my favorites here on Ratsun. I wonder what's going on with that bagged 521 crew cab with the V8? That's another one I like to watch.
  12. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Question About Clutch

    I often wonder if something was lost in translation. What did the mechanic actually say? Was it totally innocent and the OP heard something else? Or was the mechanic really that bad? Certain people out there do not, nor ever will, trust mechanics, and their brains are pre-loaded with mechanic translation software that doesn't always reflect the actual intent or disposition of the mechanic. My brother is a solid case in point. He used to call me to have me coach him on what to say to his mechanic. I would tell him he's being crazy and he should just talk to the mechanic like a normal human being. So back to the clutch... Assuming the clutch has many thousands of miles on it, it would be safe to replace it with a regular old replacement clutch of the same model/variety. As per the hydraulics, if they are leaking, or show signs of weepage, then they should at a minimum, be rebuilt. This is easy enough to diagnose. Sometimes a simple disassembly and cleaning of the cylinders is all that's needed. They get dirty over time and cleaning out the junk may extend the life substantially. Even if they need total replacement, we're talking what? Another $400 or $500 for parts and labor? That may be good insurance, if you can stomach the cost.
  13. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Monster NL320 4x4 Build

    L motors have far fewer, actually zero, options for transfer case adaptability. I've thought about this many times, but the fact is, to bolt up a good t-case to an L motor, it would need the T-5 bellhousing, possibly a Jeep trans, and then you could use a D300 t-case. If it has Toyota components in it already, that's the best bet for having a good crawl ratio.
  14. Stoffregen Motorsports

    1974 620 4x4 selling not sure what to ask

    Pricing on a classic vehicle can be tricky. If you're going for top dollar, condition is obviously the most important factor, but so is rarity, character and where that vehicle is on the trend-meter. Condition needs to be firmly established. As mentioned above, how bad is it? You'll need to do some legwork and find out why it doesn't run, etc. Rarity - this is a Datsun pickup, but it's a 4x4, and you should find out who it was manufactured by (there were a few conversion companies at the time). Knowing this will help justify the asking price. Character - does it have original paint, lots of patina, cool period correct stickers in the windows, disco era shag carpet? Or has it been messed with over the years? If the character is relevant to anything, then leave it alone and let the buyer decide. This could actually help with the price. Trend-o-meter - All vintage 4x4's are coming of age in the collector market, so if this is in fact an original dealer sold 4x4, that does count for something. If you're not going for top dollar, then you don't need to do anything. I have a saying for when I'm selling a vehicle cheap - "for that price, you don't get to ask questions!"
  15. Stoffregen Motorsports

    620 Land Speed Record

    Squirt of ether or raw fuel from a bottle to start it. Lots of race cars have to do it that way.

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