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  1. Rear door seals can be made from a set of front door seals by cutting to length and gluing back together with the proper adhesive. Good luck finding any body parts from the front doors back. Maybe Japan would be a good source. I'm pretty sure that body style was available everywhere but North America. This guy has a lot of parts listed for sale, and a lot of them are new original parts. I bet he has a source for the hard to find stuff too - http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/
  2. You're way of thinking is similar to mine. In my opinion, there are two categories of cars/ trucks - antique and modern. Modern vehicles are user friendly with enough power to keep up on modern highways and have good enough brakes to do a panic stop. You don't have to think ahead when driving a modern car. Antique cars require too much thought to be able to drive daily. You are lucky to have Wayno helping you. He knows a ton about these engines and trucks and is great at fixing old junk. You found the perfect guy to help you.
  3. Too much anti seize can fling up into the brake shoes, so use just enough, but not too much.
  4. When I was a kid, there was the coolest Porsche V8 powered 32 Ford at the Oakland Roadster Show. I loved that car. The same car recently went across the block at Bring a Trailer and the high bid was $31K. Obviously a no sale. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1932-ford-phaeton-deuception/ Outside the box engine swaps are the ultimate expression of character.
  5. I had a 720 steering wheel hub on my 320 column. So 1965 all the way through 198# was the same. On trucks at least.
  6. It could be running on all four cylinders if the coolant has all leaked out and is not fouling the plugs.
  7. That new fuse box is fully bussed. Make sure the OEM one is the same. I don't think it is.
  8. That's why you grease the inner part of the seal, so it can slip over those imperfections without getting torn. FYI- I have been using vaseline for the past few years, and I like it more because it disappears quickly and doesn't pollute the oil. Some heavy grease will actually ball up inside the engine.
  9. I haven't bought any timing parts for an L motor for a while now, but back then, the cheap ones were just repackaged OEM units that fell off the back of a truck somewhere. With so much crap coming out of China and India these days, I would be wary of a $16 tensioner. Maybe somebody else here has firsthand experience with them. I have seen crappy chain guides though. The metal is super thin as compared to the OEM parts, and they tend to crack and even break off.
  10. I would rather pull my neighbor's weeds than blast a frame with a pressure pot blaster. I've used them before and they are slow going, but yes, they do work and are inexpensive. Wire wheel will not get the shale rust, but a needle scaler will. You can get a good quality needle scaler for about $100 - http://www.airtoolsforless.com/air_hammers_menu.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk7Hn6pfI6gIVVD6tBh0gPQa0EAQYBSABEgJrC_D_BwE#needlescalers
  11. I put all my money back into the shop. It's my way of spoiling myself, since we don't go to Hawaii. Oh shit, my kids heard that...
  12. Did you bend a valve? If you only need to reset the cam timing, it's easy enough to do in the car. If you have to remove the front cover, the hard part is getting the crank pulley bolt loose. Removing the radiator allows the use of a rattle gun, or you could put it in 4th gear and have someone hold the brakes while you break the bolt loose with a breaker bar.
  13. I don't know what the cost differential is between east and west coast, but my blasting shop in Sacramento can blast and powder coat an entire frame for about $1000. Body parts get more expensive because they have to be careful to not warp the thin steel.
  14. Back burner. Like my office. Did you see the instagram pics the other night? Been meaning to build that office for years.
  15. Are you going to have it blasted? That shale rust is likely not going to come off otherwise.
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