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  1. Sitting 20 years - I say stuck thermostat or junk in the cooling system causing no flow.
  2. Correct, the direction. Some welders say you should push the weld, but that's more for structural welding like inside of pipelines. Top down, the weld flows better and looks nicer.
  3. It might be best to have the diff at least bolted in, but the shafts should come out for welding, so you can inspect the seals after and make sure they didn't get overheated. Just do it yourself. A nice hot bead, weld top down (not bottom up as some folks recommend), make some nice swirls and fill in the gaps. I do a large swoop to make the circle, then move back into the gap to fill the hole. Make sense?
  4. I know, I hate to always be pointing out things that need attention... Weld opposing sides - weld one side of one bracket, then do the same side of the same bracket on the other side of the axle. Without an alignment bar, that's the best you can do.
  5. Pinholes in MIG can be hard to chase. If you want to be sure that weld doesn't leak, hit it with some metal etch to clean it and then make a dam of masking tape around the weld and smother that bitch with JB weld.
  6. I had the auto trans in my 2003 Dodge rebuilt a couple years ago by a specialist. We installed two kinds of shift kit and a couple stronger than stock parts and also a custom billet converter. Now it shifts instead of hunts. I know why people don't like autos behind a Cummins, with the power band so broad, but behind an old gas V8, I would want an auto trans.
  7. Last weekend we took a trip to the ocean. On our way we stopped at SPIR to see what was going on. After talking my way into the track, we peeked in at Huffaker Motorsports. Joe Huffaker Jr has the winningest MG Midget production car in SCCA, but he is also famous for his rear wheel drive GT5 Mini. In their showroom was this beautiful 510 BS/2.5 TA reproduction. It bid to $40K on BaT recently, but did not sell. I'm glad it didn't sell, because they probably had that much into parts alone.
  8. Here is the beautiful new radiator. And some coil springs I bought used from a Kurt Appley, who is also here on Ratsun. The springs are out of stock world-wide, and Kurt was nice enough to sell and ship me a pair that he had.
  9. I have started gathering parts and doing some mods/repairs to the body tub and suspension. Sprite parts are definitely more readily available than Datsun parts, which makes this easy, but they do add up. I figured I will have over $3000 just into the front suspension parts when it is ready to hit the track. I also bought a Ron Davis radiator from Speedwell. Gorgeous piece. Here are some pics of the front frame repairs. I also ditched the old nose and fit a new one from my donor Midget. Just a photo dump. If you have questions, I'd be glad to explain.
  10. A guy I know is building a 3/4 scale crawler from scratch. It looks like a mini flat fender Jeep and is going to be powered by a 1.0L Geo 3 cylinder. - https://www.instagram.com/brennanmetcalf/?hl=en Another good friend of mine has a completely custom Geo Tracker with the stock engine, custom chassis, link suspension, custom axles and 37" sticky tires. I have driven that rig and power is just not an issue. Because it revs! -
  11. In my experience, the long rod Z20 with an L head was so much fun to drive. Any stock L motor didn't have the smooth torque that the long rod motor delivers, and the rev capabilities were much greater too. I don't have actual horsepower numbers in a direct comparison, but you could really smoke the tires with a long rod 2.0L. One caveat is the pistons. The stock pistons can be cut to lower the compression, but then they are so thin that they will probably crack (I've made this mistake a couple times). so if you're buying custom pistons, why not just bore it to 89mm and have a long
  12. Chrysler light blue has been a close match to the Datsun color. Of course these colors change by each paint manufacturer.
  13. When I did the balljoint conversion on my 320, the 720 center link I used had joints that were not removable. That was from a 2wd 720. Don't know if that's different from a 4x4.
  14. Parts smuggling. Could be a big racket.
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