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  1. I doubt it. Rope seals actually seal up quite well and last for a loooooong time, but knowing how to install one is the first hurdle.
  2. Nice work. Yeah, leave the guy's name out of it until the problem is resolved. Or not resolved...
  3. Isky 287 cam is a good, yet dated street cam. The design goes back to the '70s. There are a couple simple custom engine recipes, but if you just want a good runner, build the L20B and call it done.
  4. Get a timing light on there and check the timing before you damage the motor. Too much timing can cause piston rings to break and in extreme cases, rod bearing to get squished and fail.
  5. I don't think this motor accepts a rope seal. I think it's a reverse scroll like on BMC motors. That said, there are a few companies that make lip seal conversions for A series and XPAG motors. I wonder if one would work on the Datsun - https://xpagdevelopments.com/products/crankshaft-rear-seal-kit https://www.spridgetmania.com/part/RIC777/Crankshaft-Oil-Seal-Kit---1275--Sprite--Midget
  6. Clicking sounds from a speedo usually mean imminent death. These guys have repaired speedos for me in the past - https://www.dicksspeedotach.com/phoenix-az/ Usually around $200 for a completely repaired gauge.
  7. We had a bad wasp problem here in NorCal last year. So bad that I even called my bug guy to see what he could do. Yes, bees make nests just about anywhere. So bad that bees have made the diagnostic check list. EVAP problems? Check your purge solenoid vent for mud bees, and so on... Do not take apart a booster. Leave that to the rebuilders. There is a shop here in Sacramento that rebuilds boosters - https://powerbrakes.com/ I don't mess around with parts that could kill you if they fail. Stock brass radiators last a lot longer than aluminum and are repairable. Aluminum/plastic radiators are throwaway.
  8. I just showed my nine year old son this thread. He's all into car crushers and snowrunner, both games you get to build your own crazy vehicles. This one's pretty crazy and I wanted to show him that people actually build stuff like he sees on the video games.
  9. I took a risk and cleaned the EGR valve from my new to me '77 Cherokee in the blast cabinet. I didn't hit it very hard because I know there is a seal and a diaphragm in there, and it seems to still be working.
  10. Yeah, that kills me. I've got clients who use their FJ60/62s in the snow country and it kills me to see the beautiful undercarriage all rusty after only a few trips.
  11. Yoga mat might make nice seat covers too. At least in the middle where it would be soft and cushy.
  12. I think it's a '49. We've been looking for a couple years now and this one was about ten miles away, on a trailer, and delivery was included in the price. I told him if he didn't buy it, I would. He paid $9500. We almost bought a stash of trucks and parts, five trucks and a ton of spares, in Pennsylvania. I was ready to get on a plane to go check it out, but the seller was one of those salty old bastards who wouldn't get out of his own way to make a sale. He wanted $20K and would put everything in containers for us, but I won't deal with assholes.
  13. So now that all the work is done, you weigh in with your opinion...? 😁 Yeah, it appears that the distributor is not the problem. But without being there and seeing for myself, who knows.
  14. My brother in law just bought a real Power Wagon. Can't wait to get my hands on that one.
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