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  1. Riley? I just did a quick search and came up with nothing. You got a link? Yeah, Toyota is just better all around. Nissan had it in the bag, or at least were on par, but many are predicting their demise. Too bad, but one way to look at it is that your cars and trucks will be worth more if Nissan goes away.
  2. I just saw someone was remaking them. Not the Enkei, but a one piece, 6 lug. If I remember where I saw it, I'll post it up. I recently bought some 4 spoke Revolutions for my race car, and I noticed they sell a classic 8 spoke, similar to Watanabe. They can custom drill so maybe worth a shot - https://revolutionwheels.com/product-category/rally/8-spoke-classic-rally/
  3. If you're having trouble bleeding brakes, set the parking brake and try again. These trucks don't have any kind of LSVP, do they? If so, those should be bled first. Pedal travel is super important too (as Mike mentioned above). Too much and the brakes won't work well. Too little and they can pack up and lock up. If there is a power brake booster, make sure the pushrod inside the booster is adjusted properly. Most are, but if it's worth checking. Kind of a bitch to actually measure, but it can be done with simple tools.
  4. Full throttle backfire. Sounds like something didn't get hooked up correctly. Maybe AFM/MAF or TPS. Have you scanned it for codes? Do you have access to any tuning software? I have HP Tuners on my laptop which I use to tune LS swaps, but I can also plug into any OBDII port on any car and see some real time telemetry on a "dash board". Watching fuel curves or spark control or even ECU voltage in real time can be helpful.
  5. My Nissan parts guy gave me his parts books years ago. I think it was less a good will move and more of a message that the parts just aren't available anymore, so why bother taking up shelf space with those old books. When Renault bought Nissan, everything went to shit. They wiped their hands clean of anything vintage at that point. Other car companies have done a better job supporting their vintage clientele. Volvo sold all their stock to IPD with a mandate to keep things going for years to come. Toyota has started up production on many classic Land Cruiser parts. BMC has authorized British M
  6. Yeah, if the ebay seller returns an email, I will do business. I don't mean you have to walk in to a store. But maybe pickup a phone and call, or send a list via email. Most of my vendors are people I do busiess with for many reason. I want to see them succeed. I may need occasional assistance. Most importantly, since I have built thee relationships, I can email the owner direct with a list of part names, but without part numbers, and they will do the legwork for me and populate a sales order, saving me valuable time. The few Datsun parts guys I know, most of you guys d
  7. So you're that guy. I always wondered what kind of guy would do that kind of repair in the heart of the city. With parking at a premium, I don't blame you. What part of the city?
  8. I saw your video on IG. Truck looks and sounds good. Hey Steve, I always get a kick out of seeing booze in shop pics. I am careful to send progress pics without booze in them to my customers. After all, I take my pics at the end of day, around whisky:30, but they might not understand...
  9. I can relate. When we moved to the country, the only place to put tools was in a goat shed. It took two years to build the shop, and during that time I had to work on my cars/trucks in the gravel. Let us know how the appointment goes. I'm curious as to the state of mind of the modern transmission repair shops. I wonder how they will receive you, being a classic Datsun guy.
  10. Not to jump all over you guys, but what is with you guys and ebay? Trusted sources offer far more reliable parts than some dude on ebay. There are still trusted Datsun retailers out there, of the brick and mortar variety. Also, you can build relationships with shops, and that may help when you need something in a hurry or you have a problem. Not as likely with someone on ebay. My basic rule is that if they don't have an address or at least a contact number, I don't want to do business with them. If the ebay guys have either of those, then it's a sign that they care about customers,
  11. Right. Plus he said he has good grounds, so unless something happened to the wiring during the swap, it should be the sender that's the problem.
  12. If you've never rebuilt a transmission before, don't be scared, but be aware that there are a couple special tools you will need (bearing splitters, pullers, large wrench for tailshaft nut, snap ring pliers, roll pin punch, etc) and there is also a learning curve. Many first timers run into common problems, mostly by trying to cut corners and try to not disassemble the whole trans. Complete disassembly actually makes the job easier. If you have a transmission repair shop near you, give them a shot. Back when I was rebuilding these for a living, a complete rebuild cost about $650, i
  13. If your reporting of the situation is 100% accurate, and it is a transmission problem, the only difference between when the truck is moving and when it is not, is that the input gear and layshaft/cluster gear are moving when the truck is not moving, but not the main shaft. When the truck is moving, the main shaft starts moving. The pocket bearing inside the input gear of the transmission supports the main shaft of the trans and could be bad. It's not very common for that pocket bearing to go bad, but if the trans sat for years with water in it, that would definitely cau
  14. Did the gauge work fine with the old engine and old sender? Did you connect the engine ground strap?
  15. Well put. Try raising young kids with these new rules. Every single day, something comes up that I have to tiptoe around in explaining a situation to my kids, or dealing with the schools or other parents. I almost got into a fight at my little boy's baseball game a couple years ago when I said to nobody in particular "can someone go and smack my kid, because he sure ain't paying attention!" I was joking, but one parent took it literally and called me out with "you should be a better father and we don't hit our children." First thing, telling someone they are a bad parent is grounds
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