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  1. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Cam identification

    Is it marked with electric pencil or is it stamped? Easy enough to measure lift with a pair of calipers. Sounds like a Cal Cams cam to me, but undrilled... ? Race came for sure. And tach drives were popular way back in the 70's and 80's so it may be a piece of vintage racing history you've got there! Now here's a gross generalization that can help when deciding to use a cam or not: a large cam ground for an L16 is going to be "smaller" when used in a larger engine
  2. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Mis-Fire on CA smog test

    1986 is carbureted, right? I'm betting it's not so simple. There are a dozen antiquated VSV's and solenoids and such, not to mention the mile of vacuum hoses, which can make this era of car a nightmare to diagnose. It's probably EGR related. There is a shop in Auburn that specializes in 80's and 90's Japanese cars and trucks. It's called "Strictly Toy-ondas" - https://www.strictlytoyondas.com/about-us.html They helped me get am FJ60 to pass a few months ago.
  3. Stoffregen Motorsports

    81’ 210, i broke her... HELP

    I'm thinking he was revving it to the moon and floated the valves or bent a pushrod. But always check the simple things first. Got gas? $100 bet, this one never gets resolved...
  4. Stoffregen Motorsports

    mrbigtankers 521

    I'd like to get me one of those 454 SS trucks. My favorite truck ever was my 1974 C30 camper special short cab dually with 454 and TH400. It would do burnouts and I could drift it like crazy.
  5. Stoffregen Motorsports

    81’ 210, i broke her... HELP

    Why do you think it's the head gasket?
  6. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Too many 320NLs

    Need to use a third party hosting site. I use Photobucket, but I pay for an account and if I had to start all over again, I would NOT use Photobucket. Others use flickr or postimage.
  7. Stoffregen Motorsports

    mrbigtankers 521

    I never did say how much I like the custom speaker bumps in the door panels. Very nice. Also, what are you using the TBI air cleaner for?
  8. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Ok. I do realize the bend radius is tighter, but I wasn't aware of the cost issue. I use only tubing on my intake plumbing jobs. Also, I bit the bullet and bought a Kramer bead roller for small tubing a couple years ago. It was not cheap. I use my large bead roller for any tubing over 3". So I guess I'm invested in tubing...
  9. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    I few years ago I needed some non US spec Toyota parts, and Toyota USA, though capable of getting them, has a policy against that. So I simply googled Toyota UK and literally did the blind pointer on a map thing and picked. Why the UK? Because they speak English. I don't speak Japanese, though I tried through an online interpreter to not much success. I do business with a couple Australian companies, and the transactions are seamless and simple. Could these Datsun (Nissan) parts be sourced out of Australia?
  10. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Just curious why so many of the turbo builds I see in forums these days utilize the heavy gauge, what appear to be cast aluminum bends. It's not like you're running 100 lbs of boost, so regular old 14 gauge aluminum tubing should work. I do like how it's coming along, so don't think I'm a hater.
  11. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Wiring 620 for M-Unit Blue

    Because a hard wired connection is always more reliable than a wireless connection. I think of all the time spent debugging the miscellaneous wireless hardware around the house and shop, of all the times the Bluetooth connection is dropped or the device gets confused and does not recognize the signal. I'm not a 100% cynic, but there is always the possible security problems with a wireless connection. Combine all those what-ifs, and I have to ask myself, is the juice worth the squeeze? What am I gaining? I build custom vehicles for a living, so this technology is compelling to me, but I haven't been convinced enough yet to go there.
  12. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Too many 320NLs

    Do you have pics of these NL's? I sold a blue NL about 13 years ago and I have been wondering what ever became of it. If it's the one I sold, I would be interested in owning it again.
  13. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Audi in a Datsun? Sounds funny at first, but it looks good under the hood. Not sold on the green wire loom though... How did you narrow the sway bar?
  14. Stoffregen Motorsports

    need help finding specs on Custom A grind on L28et - p90 head w/ solid lifters

    Elgin has been grinding cams for Rebello Racing for decades. They are definitely familiar with L series engines, so let them help you decide.
  15. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Wiring 620 for M-Unit Blue

    I really love the idea of bluetooth control and monitoring of any vehicle, but then I don't. Years ago, I wanted to incorporate some of this stuff into a rock crawler I was building, mainly interior and exterior lights that you could remotely access to make your vehicle easier to find at night, or to help when you have to get up in the middle of the night to find something in your truck, and I looked into Arduino technology for that. Now, there are a few systems on the market, like the ones from Motogadget, ARB, sPOD, etc which simplify the process, but do I want my vehicle to be controlled by bluetooth? I don't anymore.

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