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  1. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Meds kicking in...reminds me of that scene in Madagascar -
  2. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    I tend to delete the load sensing valve on my truck builds, and replace them with a manually adjustable valve from WIlwood. If the brake system is mostly stock, I may leave it in place, but I like the owner to be able to adjust them however he sees fit. The Toyota LSV, which I'm sure is probably identical to the Nissan valve, uses a long, flexible actuating lever that is able to accommodate for bottomed out or topped out suspension travel, meaning that the valve only travels so far, but it will not get damaged if the suspension travel exceeds the valve travel. When making ride height mods, I adjust the height of the LSV mounting point, according to the change in ride height. A 4" lift would get a 4" tab to relocate the mounting point on the axle.
  3. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Hang in there buddy. It only gets worse from here... Family life has a way of putting the brakes on fun projects.
  4. Stoffregen Motorsports

    81’ 210, i broke her... HELP

    Come on zacc...what's the verdict?
  5. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    I was going to mention that exact thing. Discs are better at handling heat. I live in the mountains, and heavy, constant braking is common here even when just going to town. I use Hawk red pads on my daily driver (Dodge 2500 Cummins) just for that reason. Our family car also has vented/drilled/slotted rotors and Hawk pads. Fact is, disc brakes are much easier to own, drive, maintain...and they work better under harsh conditions. Drums work fine too in most situations, but I think we all agree on the cons of drum brakes. I haven't brought it up here, but how about the complete balljoint front clip install? Better geometry, better bushings/joints, better brakes too. Lots of work though.
  6. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    Both of you are right. Most projects never got off the ground floor. How many engine swaps have we all seen started but not completed? That kills me, because it's essentially deducting one good Datsun from the mix. Simple upgrades like a disc brake conversion should be encouraged though, so I am with Mainer on this one too. Keep it positive...but realistic.
  7. Stoffregen Motorsports

    78 Sr20det 620 Salvage title to boosted!

    I use the Tanks INC pumps. No, they don't look as nice as a cool billet aluminum piece, but they are much less expensive. Isn't it nice to find hoses that fit? I hate having to splice hoses with couplers.
  8. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    For final assembly, I put two 2x4s on the ground (one to support the bellhousing on either side of the input shaft), then stand the bellhousing on end. Apply RTV and lower the trans into the bellhousing/front case. Tailshaft comes last. You need the 2x4s or the input shaft will hit the floor.
  9. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Yes, the pin gets removed, but the shifter assembly stays inside the tailhousing. Removing the pin makes it possible to rock it back and forth enough to get the fork lined up. Same goes for that "bolt". There's actually a detent spring and ball inside there so remove with caution, and maybe a small magnet to catch the ball. That should be all that needs doing to get the tailhousing off. Again, before you apply RTV for reassembly, try a couple of dry runs installing the tailhousing. This way you'll learn the tricks before you make a mess of the RTV. Obviously, you need to install both halves of the case upon final assembly.
  10. Stoffregen Motorsports


    When going with a much wider wheel, measuring the backspacing is more important than measuring the offset. https://www.americastire.com/learn/offset-backspace?cid=3b876a09-97eb-4b73-8580-0ff7e351324f&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIycDsi42Y3wIVhsBkCh3L9w9KEAAYASAAEgLu0_D_BwE
  11. Stoffregen Motorsports

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Yep, been in Cool for about 12 years now. Came from the East Bay. Couldn't stand what the bay area was turning into...
  12. Stoffregen Motorsports

    I gots Chinesed!

    There are certain items that I will only purchase from reliable sources that I already do business with. In the case of U-joints, I only buy them from my local driveline shop. The owner there always knows which manufacturers are best and which ones to avoid. A lot of things are OK to buy online, but not everything. Not unless you have specifics up front.
  13. Stoffregen Motorsports

    510 subframe/chassis upgrades

    Basedon first hand knowledge that a stock, un-caged 510 body tub can split itself in half over a career of hard use, I will say that any bracing is beneficial. I wish I had the presence of mind to take pics of the first 510 I ever owned, when we tore it apart and threw away the body tub. It was literally falling apart at the seams. No, it wasn't from rust either. It was a street car that was track driven regularly. Another bit of valuable hindsight would have been to not throw the car away at all, but to stash it on the pallet rack to fix it someday. 510's were cheap back then.
  14. Stoffregen Motorsports

    Timing chain wedge

    Dropping a lash pad down inside the front cover is another of those angry moments.
  15. Stoffregen Motorsports

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    I'm a Chevy owner. Right now I've got at least three Chevy trucks. That doesn't make me a hack either. Maybe it's because I was a Datsun owner first then ended up with domestic vehicles later...?

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