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  1. There was also a Smiths combo oil/water temp gauge installed in the original radio hole. We just didn't move it.
  2. Relay for the idle cut solenoid is probably overkill, but not a bad idea. I believe the power for the idle cut solenoid is keyed hot, and should be fused. Might check that before going to all the trouble of adding a relay.
  3. Most of what you will find with a basic google search is crap. Those Mr Gasket or Trans-Dapt poured aluminum filter heads work well enough, but look decidedly third world. Go to Speedway Motors or Summit and refine your search until you get into the nice anodized billet aluminum stuff. Even Pegasus Racing or some motorsports specific shops will have the nice ones. Warning, plumbing with cheap hoses usually leads to leaks, so upgrade to either AN fittings or hoses with NPT ends. Good quality hose, like Aeroquip or Russell lasts longer too. The three things that kill hoses are exposure to heat, exposure to sun and exposure to oil, so two out of three factors here.
  4. Sounds like a nice head start on a good truck. But we need pics. Why does nobody post pics of their new projects anymore? We should make it a prerequisite to starting a thread - must contain pics.
  5. Well if you can afford a 911 or a 69 Nova (I'd rather have a 70 Chevelle myself), this project shouldn't be a problem. Also sounds like you've got some experience building engines, which also puts you ahead of the rest. The 3800 is a good motor, and not the worst choice for a swap. Good luck.
  6. Anyone ever seen that pic of a truck hanging off a cliff with the trailer up on the road and the receiver holding it? That's what you want. Strong enough to hold the truck, not just pull a trailer.
  7. It's a crate motor. See the crate underneath it?
  8. A lightened flywheel will make it more snappy, but is not a power adder. If you had an A12, I would say absolutely not, because of the torque you would lose.
  9. If there is paint on it, it's likely some shop rebuilt it. Rebuilders are known for that, and I hate it. I always ask to not paint aluminum parts when I farm that stuff out.
  10. I haven't on a Datsun, but this comes up from time to time here in my shop. I would get a dedicated class 3 receiver hitch that mounts to the frame, not the bumper. Most class 3 hitches spread the load over 8, 10 or even 12 inches front to back, meaning there's a solid piece of steel running forward by that much on both frame rails. Bolting it up needs special hardware too. Gotta use grade 8 and 1/2" is ideal, but 7/16 would probably do fine too. The washers used are large and sometimes even punched out of 3/16" or 1/4" plate, which means you won't simply pull the bolts through the frame. Once you have the receiver firmly bolted (or welded) up, then you may also want to think about tying the extender to the bumper with a piece of 2x1/4 plate steel, as a sort of strut, to keep the extender from bending. I did this when I had a camper insert in my Dodge and still wanted to pull a trailer. Otherwise the extender would simply bend. See the pic below to get an idea of how far forward on the frame the receiver mounting needs to go.
  11. I just hit the choose files button on the bottom of the page and clicked on an old race car pic of mine. Let's see if it comes through. I normally use Photobucket, but unless you need third party hosting for business, don't go that route.
  12. Oil vapor getting to you? or just old age?
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