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    Slowly moving.. got this car over to the new place.
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    Two for the price of one and a 1200.
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    The latest photo of my 1971 Datsun 510 Cosmo 13B Rotary turbo. Engine rebuild by Abel Ibarra. Did most of the work for over 25 years, except the engine rebuild, interior upholstery and a 15 years old candy apple metallic red paint.
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    I imported a car myself, and from memory, there is a show car import permit where you don't have all the usual bullshit. Check the US Customs Website on importing cars. They offer a limited time permit, and the car would be exempt from all the usual rules and regs. It was a quick lookup πŸ™‚ https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/importing-car Look down under "exceptions" and they list them, along with a couple of forms to fill out.
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    While browsing the world wide classifieds for SR20 parts for my 510 wagon build, I happened across this ad. My interest was peaked and I toyed with the idea for a while but eventually moved on. After a couple months, I came to find out that the car never sold and was still sitting at Sodo-Moto. Both Carter and Jeff had dealt with Sodo moto and had nothing but positive reviews. So, I decided to go down and take a look. The ad made it clear that the car was beat down with a lot of "janky tuner mods" and "battle scars" When we got down there it was clear what they meant. "Track Rat" seemed to be a accurate description. The car looked like it had been raced quite a bit. Bolt in cage, a few performance upgrades, race seat, coil overs, and a lot of electronics tied to the ECU. We took stock of the state of the car. As they advertised, the car had some damage on each quarter, it was filled and then re-damged on both sides. Seems the guy wasn't very good at his racing of choice.It did not run as it sat. Sodo Moto had only gone as far as ripping out a bunch of excess wiring shenanigans and diagnosing a fouled fuel pump. Other than that they knew it popped when fed some ether. I knew if I were to get the car it would need to be a runner without extensive work. The owner gave us permission to toy with the car at our will. He brought out a cheapo pump and with the tools I brought we had it fired up in short time. Surprisingly, even after what we guess to be at least 15 years, the SR roared to life. A smooth idle, good compression, boost pressure, some vapor, minimal smoke. However, lots of lifter noise. Since the GTiR has a solid lifters, they are louder than the normal hydraulic lifter SR but this was excessive. This came with low oil pressure, only about 30psi and not much gain with rpm. Engine = good enough Next was the transmission, these cars are notorious for blowing there cogs all over the ground when the overzealous try to put too much boost through all four wheels. Unfortunately, the tires were flat. (Actually worn in half on one by what I assume to be the cars last burn out session before being parked.) So, put it in every gear and pulled forward and back. No grinding, no red flags, best that could be done. Transmission = good enough Brakes, rusted in place and needing a complete overhaul. All glass good. No heavy rust/rot underneath. Interior, seats all there and looking fresh. They even had the minty stock drivers seat! The dash was trashed by gauge mounting and sun cracks. There really wasn't much more to be learned. A deal was struck and then it was just waiting for delivery. Since I still have my torn down wagon clogging up my only garage bay, Jeff was generous enough to loan me one until the car is a driver. Thanks buddy! Parked next to his coupe that he also got from Sodo, how fitting!
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    You know,, i was wondering why in the fuck they would be playing so many Dr. Hook tunes in a row on the radio the other day..
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    And yet another donor car for dash and plastic parts, possibly wiring. And Jimmy Davis helped with wheels. 14x7 front and 14x8 rear Longchamps baby off to the polishers
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    I snagged a hotel room for friday night arrival, camping at the event saturday. Woo!
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    TL;DR - all humans like to make up their own stories and promolgate them as truth.
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    Yes it’s free. Bring it out.
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    Looks well sorted! Nice buy! I went and visited my car this week as she sits out the winter in a nice and warm place πŸ‘
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    I've been so much less impressed with this ever since I learned the pole itself spins.
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