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    Thanks again for everyone help on getting her started. Took the air box off and lifted the pistons on the carbs, injected some petrol and she fired. Now purring like a cat. Took her out for my first run in her and couldn't stop smiling. The early experience of driving these cars is so much fun. Gave her a clean and have started doing a few little bits here and there. First job was to remove the aftermarket spots on the front bumper. Much prefer how she looks now without them.
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    Hot Chicks & Cool Dudes in the '70's - does it get any better than that?
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    Thanks as always guys! Trust me, it's not always anywhere near easy to get out there and work on it, but I am committed to getting this on the road 2020. Getting close to done with rust; have engine frame rails and the top of the rad support cut off a car for me today, and they'll be shipped soon. Just a couple more bits left to get after that (rear valence/taillight panel being the big one). --------------------------------------- Christmas today so was spending time with family, but I did get some horns for the Z which is very nice 🙂 . Will be painting them black. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    got some Keystone Meshies today ❤️ wheelwhoring
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    Well now that the Z is done Eric is back on the Hako. No real progress yet but my friend Ralph stopped by this weekend as he has a trip to Japan upcoming. He was looking at getting some parts which prompted me to pull out my grills. I am blessed to have bought a GTR grill in 2015......they are crazy now. Difference between GTX and GTR is below: Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Yeah white humans have had control of these areas for a very short time from a geological records side of things and we know fuck all about how to properly handle it but we keep telling ourselves we're so smart. Indeed there have been US firefighters and also saw there's some people from US National Parks dept here to assist too.
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    FYI - I see you have your book with you but this may help too - here is a pretty high res 521 Wiring diagram that may help run down any probs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5YNNQ-D8WB4emZsbmxTd21hS3c/view This was shared by Aaron here: https://ratsun.net/topic/45389-521-color-eletrical-wiring-diagram/
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    Some photos definitely require some background information?
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    Buddy sent me this. From Trinidad
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    When I asked for a little more ass I meant more little ass.
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    Won my fantasy football league and took home some $ to spend.... so I bought myself a Christmas present! Excited to try these out. I'm normally a name brand guy when I comes to this stuff and had my sights set on a Digital Designs 8" sub originally. A buddy talked me into giving these a shot. Reviews are all excellent and the price is almost unbeatable. I'll follow up with a review at whatever point I get to actually play them.
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    You have a photo of your broken fan cage to compare to what I have? I am not really all that good with measuring small stuff, I believe the shaft is 9/32", one of them tiny marks above a 1/4".
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    A female cow that hasn't been bred yet. Also a young girl with wide hips.
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    Thanks Matt, I have these two from the day i brought it home.
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    Got into a shit show today trying to trace a few wires with just butt connectors on the ends. The more previous owner tape jobby I pulled off the more questions than answers I had. There sure is some strange wiring someone’s done on this truck. Can someone confirm...the small marker lights under the headlights. Are the orange the markers and the middle white ones the signal? I was up 24 hours when I decided to get into this today and started fading fast while looking at different wiring diagrams.....oh! I’m goin out on a limb here and gonna also say the connectors in the first two pics are not factory. Correct?Thanks. -Pidge What a a mess of splices with some wires just twisted together. Oh well I’ll get it fixed. -Pidge
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    Mainer you remind me of Walter in The Big Lebowski
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    If you read the Nissan factory service manual it says calls for some points to need sealant. I had a friend with a 620 who had a new Precision brand seal with the same prob. With the help of a glass professional they R&R’d the windshield 6-7 times trying to get the seal to fit w/o sealant. They were scraping rust, painting, bending metal, etc. They never got it to seal. I informed them about the service manual note. They sealed it, no prob. They surmised the cab may have been a bit tweeked from a PO fender bender. Hope this helps?
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    yep.....we know.....you love him long time. lol
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    At least the tits aren't fake.
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    Well, it's been a battle. And even after fighting my go pro and losing, here it is. Quite possibly the first 510 with a "bolt on" holley sniper efi 2300 2 bbl. And a bluetooth controlled distributor. I wanna thank EVERYONE who has chimed in to help me with this struggle. But finally after almost 6 months, here she is running. Needs to be tuned, warmed up to temp to see that everything works. Already spotted a coolant leak at the temp sensor. No biggie. Needs to be wired properly now, and needs throttle linkage. But shes alive!!!!!!!!!!
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