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    Great news, everyone! First trial fitting went well. What's left is some lip cutting and mold surfacing before production can begin. Seals should be ready in early December!
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    I've done the modified stock harness and installed, for lack of a better word, "Painless Style" (prewired fusebox with labeled wires somewhat bundled where they need to go) harnesses. The worrier in me hates doing the modified stock harness (I'm relieved John sold his 1200 before THAT wiring nightmare came back to bite me!). The prewired fusebox style is my favorite but for some reason I didn't want to go that route on this project... aaaand I just remembered what that reason was, and need to have my ass kicked. See, this car used to have an actual Painless Wiring switch box running a lot of the vital systems. I was going to reuse that but... well, things slowly went awry without my noticing until, literally, just now. Ok, so I'm not the brightest elevator in the load of bricks... or something like that.
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    Nothing prettier than a shiny flathead! 🤩
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    IMG_9014 by Chuck Most, on Flickr
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    Now I need to go back & see if I can find that building (behind the transporter). I think I saw it when I was there.
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    The Stone,Woods & Cooke car!
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    Which is a good thing... https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a26899191/florida-man-headlines-2019/ You can't make this shit up!!!!
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    I am having a hard time believing that truck came with a diesel engine from the factory, I am thinking that is a Nissan dually axle with some tall tires, I would be thrilled if I could see it in person but since it is across the country that likely will not happen. These diesel trucks need a special type of person to own them, it's takes a certain type to be happy with them, teenagers usually would not fit in that category, fact is I really am not in that category myself, but I make my Datsun trucks into something special, and the Nissan SD25 diesel engine is special so it fits into my great theme. I have no idea what the current owner wants for the truck, but if it is not too much I would buy it and find a box for it and then add dually fenders to it, below is my 720 dually. And this is what it looked like 5 years ago. I have a question now, how was this truck started, does the owner turn the key on, wait for the glow plug light to go out and then start it, or did the owner turn the key on, push a button for 10/20 seconds and then start it? To shut the engine down does the owner turn the key off or did he pull on a choke lever to shut the engine down? Also I noticed the the front bumper looks like a 1983+ bumper, so liberties have been taken, this is a 1981 truck? Keep in mind I am not being negative, I have taken plenty of liberties with my rigs, they are my creations, this is likely someone else's creation which I have no problem with, I am the self appointed king of creations in my own mind.
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    Where they called a "Mainline" or a "Customline " in Australia? I was very close to owning a Mainline once, not enough funds at the time. Still not enough tbh!
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    I tried to sing “Danger Zone” five times at karaoke night, but kept forgetting the lyrics. They eventually kicked me off stage. Too many Loggins attempts. ******** An old retired sailor puts on his old uniform and goes down to the docks for old time's sakes.He hires a prostitute, takes her up to a room and goes at it as best as he can for a guy his age.After a couple of minutes, he asks, "How am I doing?"The prostitute replies, "Well sailor, you're doing about three knots.""Three knots?" He asks. "What's that supposed to mean?"She says:"You're knot hard, you're knot in and you're knot getting your money back." ******** The sex position formerly known as 69 is now called 96.Due to the economy, the cost of eating out has gone up. ******** A girl promises to teach her boyfriend what 69ing is.He lies down on the floor and she squats down over his face to assume the position and farts. Embarrassed she stands up and apologises. She squats down for another go but farts again, she gets up and apologises again.Before she can have a third go, her boyfriend gets up and goes to walk out saying “yeah this isn’t really for me, I’m not having 67 more of those in my face” ********
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    This is the worst sound dubbed car chase ever. A 510 gave itself up for this chase scene.
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    more updates! Drivers side was completed and then the car was road tested by Eric to make sure there was no rubbing. Can't wait to get the car back 😁 Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr Untitled by five1oh2010, on Flickr
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    Thank you all. I was able to try before I buy and they fit great. Lowered the truck by over 2" just with the rim and tire change. ~ meyetch
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    want some tofu?
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    Also, some update pics: Edit: Figure I'd throw in some interior pictures too. Surface rust on floorpans: Wire brush + coat: Could've done a much better job with the paint, but who's gonna see back there anyway haha. Found some nice RX-8 bucket seats:
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