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    Pic of our resident Salt Flat Racer...
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    If you had a door wing window section would that help at all, I cut a couple door frames apart for a 320 kingcab project of mine as I needed the tracks for the rear window, I never throw stuff away in case I need it in the future.
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    Wow I just checked and its been over a year since I updated this build. I finally moved into a house with a garage so that's where its been on jackstands for about 5 months. I've made a lot of headway with the engine bay after I pulled the engine out which I'm currently rebuilding (final assembly later this week!) I stripped out the old paint and fixed some minor rust spots and gave it a new coat of paint (rattle can) with a 2 part clear. I also cleaned off all of the dirt and grime from sitting in a field for 10 years and painted the subframe, sway bar, and stabilizer bars. Starting to redo the clutch and brake lines. New hardware all around. Doing a bit of a wire tuck. Also installed the Silvermine Motors big brake kit! Replaced the bushings for the sway bar and stabilizer bars. Also got new outer tie rods and inner tie rod ends. Hopefully will update this more frequently. Not bad for spray paint and HOURS of wire wheel work.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr All those lights to blind people because LED's suck.lol. No one was injured or blinded while taking this picture.
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    That is what my hangglider looked like on my 1967 Datsun Roadster. I know, pics or it didn't happen.
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    Yes it is! Belongs to a good friend. He has gone 195mpg on the salt. Wants to run 200mph for a personal goal. It has dipped into the 8s at over 150mph in the 1/4. It is a bad ass little car!!!
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    ol' 320: Precisely. Why sit around and bicker when we could be contributing towards making things happen? It's not productive, it's not healthy, and frankly it's time that's not very well spent. Pre-order form: https://forms.gle/PV5tdZp5K8r23SeG6 The deadline for pre-orders closes on October 15. We'll be collecting a 30% deposit. Once the seals are finished, we'll request the remaining 70% plus shipping. And in case anyone didn't see my last post, please drop by to see our booth this November at AAPEX 2019. Las Vegas, Sands Expo Convention Center. https://s23.a2zinc.net/clients/glasgow/aapex2019/Public/eBooth.aspx?IndexInList=17&FromPage=Exhibitors.aspx&ParentBoothID=&ListByBooth=true&BoothID=226691
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    Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with a hot girl at work, but she had a boyfriend. One day Eddie got so desperate that he went to her and said, “I’ll give you $100 if you’ll let me have sex with you.” The girl looked at him shocked and said “Hell no!” He said” I’ll be real quick – I’ll throw the money on the floor, you bend over to get it, and I’ll be finished by the time you’ve picked it up!” She thought for a moment and told him she would have to talk to her boyfriend. So she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, “Ask him for $200,pick up the money really really fast, and he won’t even be able to get his pants down!” She agreed and accepted the proposal. 30 minutes go by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend’s call. Finally, after 45 minutes, the boyfriend calls and asks, “What the **** happened?” Still breathing hard she managed to reply, “That bastard had all quarters!!!!”
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    I agree but I know it cost me $30 or 35 to send the samples. Something to consider.
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    Not offended just it is the beauty of America buy low sale high.
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    Can we get back to my bankrupt truck please. Manifold is all ready. Will post a picture soon.
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    It's in the nature of the 32/36 progressive carburetor. If driven too aggressively you can open the secondary way before the engine can use it. The 32/36 would be an almost perfect carburetor if it had a vacuum operated secondary that openes only when the engine was revved up and in need of the secondary. Until then it's a perfect carburetor for those who like to be more involved in the driving process. In some ways it takes a learned skill to drive one at optimum.
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    Experimental Engineering makes motor mounts (to use with stock 510 mounts), a transmission crossmember and oil pan. That will get the motor in the car. They also have misc good stuff - tension control rod kit, idler arm kit, and headers. They make really nice stuff. You can PM me and I will try to answer any questions since EE is a one person shop and it is very difficult to get a hold of them. I am only doing this to help them out since he has been a friend for almost 20 years (and I am using his parts on my VG33 swap into my '72 510 wagon).
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    I guess there are no stop lights, stop signs, drive-throughs, busy parking lots, or a million other instances one would still be considered "driving" while idling.
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    I've thought of a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado 425 CID & transmission stuffed in the bed of a 1978 620. Just happen to have both in the front yard. Never can tell after a few barley pop's. Could get interesting. Chopper Jim
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    Marchals installed, look great IMHO:
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr
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    After FINALLY deciding on where to go with the 'first stage' of this build; it's time for it's own topic, so let's bring you guys up to speed. About 4 months ago there was a craigslist post for a "Free Datsun Drift Truck". I was the lucky sob that was first to respond and ended up taking a road trip with my Bro to pick it up. Since then I've collected the random body parts missing from the truck, a couple sets of rims (haven't decided which way to go, and I'm a bit of a wheel whore) and recently decided to go with a Honda K20/K24 + Miata Transmission swap (eventual 6speed) for the engine. Rim choice 1 - 15x8 "Blades": Rims choice 2 - 15x10 Mags: Extra pics - Classic plates belonging to my Grandfather last regged in 95, now back on the street - Next to my Green 521 New bed picked up and chopped off the old bed on the frame - thanks to some eagle eyed Ratsuners it looks like I'm working with a 620 frame random bed parts and tailgate acquired: Got a 5 speed tranny last week which will be great for mock-up at the very least: And my Bro swooped up a KMiata adapter plate which will allow us to join up a K20/K20 (still undecided - opinions?) up and beat the shit out of it.
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    The bar is cheap. It's the time to make all the pucks that is consuming.
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    So, My Lexus is a Pile of shit. trying to pay it off so I can dump money into the 720.... to use as a daily.... Not sure it is the WISE choice, but the one I WANT to make 😂
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    ZCCW started this show a few years ago on the same day as Bluelake but they act like they are completely unaware that other Datsun events happen in the NW. I may join this club and see if I can convince them to move the show one week earlier each year. I'd love to attend both shows each summer.
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    So if you don’t pay attention then I guess you never seen it. Glad we got that straight.
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    found a place in greenville sc that does tach repair.D&M Restoration its only 5 hours from me which i will ship it to them.
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    First of all check the oil level, it may just be low and filling it may reduce the noise. 4x4 after Oct.'82 use a 4.11 C-200 Salisbury differential, the 2wd use an H-190 third member with nothing above 3.90 two totally different axles. Drain the differential and remove the cover plate. If making enough noise to hear it may also be visible that something's wrong.
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    The OEM U-joint kits from Nissan, (that may be NLA) had several pairs of clips, in different thicknesses.
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    If it is over 110 degrees in the shade that is hell, and if you don't long sleeve shirts and pants to cover your legs you will burn in hell.
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    I see light hahaha, Ass up face down
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