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    Being a tall skinny white guy with an afro the name was given to me in highschool by some friends, I no longer have the whimsical fro but I am still a tall skinny white guy.
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    Best cheap beer ever. I used to drink tons of it. Funny thing is I stopped drinking a long time ago. Haha.
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    It's been snowing here for the last 4 hours. Snow from Monday is still kicking around. Snow in western oregon is not like canada. After an inch of snow, everyone starts driving directly into eachother. After two inches, city shuts down. 5+ inches, state of emergency. With this much snow, it's a matter of time before people start eating eachother.
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    So I am a bit older than most of you, I think (not as old as Mike, though), as I graduated high school in 1991. Now the 3 coolest cars in my high school parking lot were (in no particular order) the mid-80s Trans Am or IROC-Z Camaro, the AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S (so much stickers!!), and the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest. I fell in love with all three of these and always wanted to own all three some day. It took me until 15 years after high school, but I did get an AE86. It was a load of fun and I do miss it still. I have often low key looked for a decent IROC-Z but that search has thus far proved fruitless. And we come to the last of the trio. Which I acquired today. 😁 Paint is pretty beat but it runs great. Engine was recently rebuilt, as was the turbo. It pulls surprisingly strong, especially on the freeway... Now just waiting on the UPS man to bring me about 20 boxes, then the real fun begins... 😁
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    Get that nickleback shit out of this thread, for R-dubs sake.
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    Hell yeah, actually, been telling a lot of Datsun peeps. Not many know about this. See everyone there
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    R.I.P. Dick Dale. Dick was my best friend's neighbor when I was a kid. He had a small house in Costa Mesa and had a purple metallic Jaguar XKE. I never saw them, but my friend said he had a Cheetah and a few other exotic cats. He was an o.g. rockstar! For you guys that play guitar, Dick used his original 1962 Dual Showman amps all the way until the end. Those old Fender amps were built to last!
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    Thanks Jose for another great swapmeet ,biggest ever ! how many sellers were there ?
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    The reason I started building my own exhaust systems is because muffler shops and I don't seem to share the same values. I want it nice and tucked. I want OEM grade hangers, not those cut up strips of tire. I want smart connection points, not three bolt flanges. Building one yourself will be rewarding. If it comes out the way you envisioned it. BTW- I would skip the cutout. Datsun L motors sound like crap without a muffler. Yes, there is a huge difference in cost between a muffler shop job and one of my hand built stainless exhaust systems. Mine go for about $2500, but that's on a V8 with a lot of work put into the y-pipe. The hangers are so important to me. I try to recreate modern original equipment hangers to allow for flex and isolation from the body, but I also make sure they don't wiggle around too much. Check out these hangers I build using 3/8" stainless rod and these - https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pye-tphv6/overview/
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    That Kia Spectra is gonna be nuts..
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    Who can you see in concert for 45 cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickelback
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    Tapped the breather to 1/4 NPT. Worked great. Also installed a new o-ring for the striking rod, and new output shaft seal. Pulled the bottom cover and will get that painted. All that’s left for the transmission is to press the new throw out bearing on, and get a new seal into the front cover.
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    Went to the Delta Flight Museum a few weekends ago, pretty awesome place to go! Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr Delta Flight Museum by Matt Yates, on Flickr
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    Yes its a USA import here are more pics putting it to work lol anthropologist salary uk
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    Hey man, I'm not gay...my boyfriend is. Wait, what?
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    My $250 720 King Cab. After getting her running (carb & electrical problems), removing all vacuum lines, getting the brakes working, patching the frame and replacing hydraulic lines, I was finally able to use her today….
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    this. Just picked up new door cards, armrests, window cranks and JDM front turn signals. I think Im going to pull the dash and have it restored and get it repainted this summer. .
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    Cries like the bitch he is. Celebrities get away with murder so fuck them. Sociopaths even more so. When it looks like a child molester, sounds like a child molester, acts like a child molester, accused of being a child molester X4 ..... it probably is a child molester.
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    Im not talking to you, Jerky! .
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    If I'm honest, although being a psychotherapist is who I am at my core, it requires a very high degree of empathic listening and focused care in what I say, so by the end of the day I've often felt like kicking a puppy just to balance things out. After some thought I realized I need an outlet were I can just say WTF is on my mind. I associate that freedom with my first 510, because it represented freedom and independence on so many levels. I'm good at helping people with their problems, but I'm also crude, opinionated, stubborn, petty, and a brutally honest ass hole. After being a good father husband and therapist, I can come here and just be me. It's the paradime shift.
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    I've met lots of chill stoic vegans, but veganistic drama queens like this diva are the passive aggressive Hezbollah faction of veganism. My sister dated one of these and I took great pleasure in triggering the fuck out of him with my special brand of barbed ignorance. While hedonists over indulge in cheese products, veganists over indulge in drama and a need to control others through their divine self righteousness around food. I see it as a borderline personality who validates their control drama issues with "special" food needs. Oh and they live with their mother, because no one else would tolerate them.
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    light back on looks good from here before: after: Absolutely. They need a good soak + wire brushing + some slight tweaking and need to be hit with some paint before I will call them 100%. Thanks much! All you need is some superglue + patience + whiskey + the weather finally on your side and you too can get it done!
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    When I bought this ^^^^ in '84 I was driving this '72 4door- L20B, Mulholland springs, Turn 6 sway bars, Enkei wheels. Pic circa early 1984: A couple months after I got the red '72 2 door, I had swapped all the good stuff from the yellow car to the red car and sold the yellow car as a stocker. Installed a dogleg 5-speed with the L20b and now I had a pretty nice original paint 510!
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    This came in the mail today from BRE and it is nice! Can't wait to get some more and the rest of the set as well!
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    Or instead of gaslighting anyone who calls you on your stale ass shit, you could just enforce YOUR damn rules Mike. But if we're lowering the threshold, I'd be more than happy to push back against angliag's Cali-phobic political posts. You make the call sparky.
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    So you say your kind of in charge ,, then??
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    Drove it to my friend's house the other day, had to stop by the ATM on the way, forgot I had driven the wrong car for that... ?
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    Fuckin Ted Izuzu in my backyard And his sidekick FAT-SR5
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