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    My sister in law had her 2nd child "tonight" 850pm local time. Baby boy is healthy,named Christian Matthew
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    Stay safe Lou, weather is hell sometimes. That 6 cylinder boxer engine I believe was in the Tribeca stateside.
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    Some thin light carpet and a piece of aluminum L bracket... A piece of 2x4 luaun plywood... Drill a couple of holes in the L bracket... Drill two holes in the seat back, one per side, and install nut thingy... Paint bracket black and bolt it on... On the trunk hinge cover, remove two outside clips and replace with nut thingy... Now it holds on with a bolt instead of a plastic clip... Cut sides of board to fit the width of the opening... Use a marker to trace along the edge of the window lip, then retrace 1.25" lower... Cut that bit off and... Made a notch in the board under the bolt... At this point I added a small aluminum bracket to the board to attach it using that bolt. Turns out the bolt didn't go in at an angle I liked, so a small bracket bent up about 15 degrees made it bolt up nice and square... Tomorrow I am going to cut speaker holes in it, cover it in the carpet, dye the carpet dark blue to match, then install the speakers. Hopefully I can put it in the car for good on Wednesday...
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    40 years of preservation efforts on an automatic... Fuck.
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    Trucks are replaceable (720's especially), but you are not. Glad you are okay
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    No, fuck the Government that runs it.
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    Went with the carpet after all. It's a fairly short loop so not too fluffy or thick. Glued it on with some good old Super77, then dyed it the same "Shadow blue" as the rest of the interior. After it dried, I went ahead and installed the speakers in it. Should be in the car for good by this time tomorrow...
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    Something needs to be done with contrast or blacker or thicker letters or something.. the way it is now, is brutal on my eyes. Squinting way to much . I'm on PC
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    Thanks. It's been a long road! It definitely looks black cherry with low light! I mounted my wheels and threw some bits on the see what she'll look like... Ummmmmmm... it looks FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait till all the bright work is on. It's gonna be a special car.
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