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    We have also seen them fake an election Bernie Sanders should have been their nominee and was cheated out of it.
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    Lost the country to China, Alex Trebec carks it, and Supernatural is ending. All in the first part of the month. Here in Oregon, smack, shrooms, gak and meth are legal, so expect an explosion in psychotic, violent homeless walkers. The domestic terrorists BLMAntifa will double down and expand exponentially due to police defunding and no threat of federal backup anymore. KorruptKate's never ending lockdown will continue until every small business that hasn't already fled or folded is killed. The covid grift, climate grift, will hoover up tax dollars faster than a fat girl at a Krispy Kreme buffet. The rest of the world is cheering Biden's alleged win, because they are a bunch of carnies sensing a dumb rube with a fat wallet. Little do they know that China has already purchased Joe, so they set foreign policy now.
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    Hey, not all of us are man-bun wearing hipsters living off of others....
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    I forgot the part of the Constitution where the media is the one that calls the election.
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    Even if you hate Trump, you should never approve of dishonest means for Biden winning the election. The election is fucky. None of the numbers make sense, and are obviously being manipulated to give Biden the win. Let me repeat if you are ok with Biden winning by cheating because you hate Trump that much you are a piece of shit and not an American.
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    And amazingly all for Biden. Democrats are fuckin scum.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Filling in seams for smother look. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Roof dents all gone no body filler needed. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Not done yet, but about finished in engine bay. Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Only rust on truck is all cut out and patched.
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    The people who are causing civil unrest are not trump supporters. Likewise after the election it won’t be trump supporters, even if Biden wins. In every case where you see this happening, all are Democrat strongholds. It’s not even close. people are buying guns and ammo because they know the police cannot help. People are fleeing the city and arming themselves. You know for self defense. These places are actually cutting police funding... so someone has to keep their families safe. merica is pretty crazy right now, and it’s because of division driven by the media. That’s not an accident.
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    Recently unemployed after 28 years. Hell is other people. I detest socializing and I avoid it. My wife understands it's exhausting for me dealing with people when I have no interest. I am most serine when I am alone either here or out on my daily 3 mile walk. If I'm alone it doesn't mean I'm lonely.
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    My friend sent me this Took the words right out of my mouth
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    It does NOT GO BOTH WAYS. What a load of fucking bullshit. Time and time again the media has outright lied about what Trump said, so yeah when he gets pissed about it that makes sense, that is not "blustering". Is Trump an egotistical loudmouth, also yes, that doesn't mean he is necessarily wrong either. He has been complaining the election has issues, guess what he is RIGHT. Him complaining about unfair treatment or being lied about is a natural reaction. "I am not a fan but the Chaos needed to end" THE CHAOS WAS CAUSED BY THE FUCKING DEMS NOT EXCEPTING THE 2016 ELECTION! The rioting was an outgrowth of this push, but now it has gotten away from them. It was never the Right burning down cities. Giving into what the Left wants to stop the "CHAOS" is like negotiating with terrorists, wait not even "like" IT IS negotiating with terrorists. AND GUESS WHAT, just like negotiating with terrorists IT DIDN'T FUCKING STOP THE RIOTS. They are still Rioting. FRAUD NO MATTER THE PARTY IS WRONG. IGNORING FRAUD BECAUSE IT BENEFITS YOU IS WRONG.
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    Idiot, Idiot, Idiot (Insert your comments up your ass here) I don't care what you claim to own or not own, I really don't give a Rats Ass! And as for pussies, I didn't let the my country strip me of my rights. Trump stopped the bullshit apology tours that Obama started, he pulled us out of even bigger bullshit deals like the Paris Accord, Iran and so forth. Stop being the crazy foreigner and stay the fuck out of our politics and yes, We are the fucking best Country In the World! Always have been and will be. Regardless of who is at the controls.
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    Prove this. You are so full of shit this place needs a wash when your shit ass shows up. NPC sucker.
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    Winter gets a bit more interesting. We take mobile camps out to middle of nowhere tundra farther into the artic and do seismic exploration for oil. Our camp shop is little more than a single wide lol so most of the work is done outside.... where it can be anywhere between -30F and -77F or blizzards with 60mph winds some random field pictures got me a sweet sherp for my field repair and rescue. Had to make some custom vent plates to keep it from freezing up lol so naturally I painted them with what I could find in camp. sometimes supplies are lacking and you have to get creative lol shock dust covers exhaust If it exists they seem to be able to break it.... blew threw reinforced Dyna 80 HD axles like its going out of style last year. https://i.imgur.com/C8Q72fG.jpg[/img] and sometimes you get to see the northern lights...
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    The Democrats cried about Election Fraud for the first three years with their Russian Hoax, and now nothing? Everything is fine? The Hypocrisy of the left is just too much, they just can't get out of their ideological box for a minute and smell the bullshit they are generating. And the Media, all of it, is riding along with it! Some of my Democrat friends, the ones who didn't stop talking to me for being a Republican, agree that something is not right. And the rest just keep reciting their usual list of bullshit about Trump and accuse me of being like him. Yes, I wish I was that fucking Rich!
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    Not exclusively but generally the smarter you are the more you are aware of all the things you risk loosing from criminal behavior. Funny you say that because I see Democrats as whiny cunts more so than 'trumpers'. Making America great again doesn't seem to include crying about it. If you can find any Republicans crying post it up so I can laugh at them too.
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    This is going to be challenged all the way to the supreme court. Start watching for OP-Eds where they threaten the Supreme court justices in veiled fashion. Justice Roberts is very prone to going spineless to these. If Trump's campaign is smart they will start spreading the evidence of voter fraud and the illegality of what has been going on in these states (WI, MI, and PA) the heavier the court of public opinion is the more the Supreme Court will throw out Biden's illection to fraud. If its a forced recount Trump will win these 3 states. Anyone noticed how the Senate and House tabulation hasn't been completed yet either? Rural counties haven't stopped counting and the urban areas are watching to see how many votes need to be slipped in for a Blue win... This is the most corrupt shit I have ever seen. DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA. They are not telling us anything factual.
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    Yeah I am so over people trying to pin the blame within our nation. We are who we are because 250 years has defined us. Fuck the virus, and let people live regardless of the outcome. If you value your health, then take your precautions as you should being a free person, but stop acting like your fear for death is more important than anyone else's right to live how they see fit within existing laws. Manners are not a legislated requirement. There will be good people who die and there will be people that are of no use to society that die too. Unfortunate and beneficial. Sack up and understand nature and manipulated nature is a jaded bitch. China unleashed this shit on the planet through their disregard for safety and life. FUCK CHINA and stop being mad at people that are born in a free society. Its like you're pissing into the wind and you wont stop complaining about how much you smell like piss. Point that stream where it should be.
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    Lots of viruses mutate. You want to blame someone blame the CCP. The entire earth should boot fuck these cunts
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    Red heads are the female James Spader of whiteness and pinkness.
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    If you are 80 + years old what is your main priority in life? Honest question? If you are over 80 and are locked away from everyone you know and love, then you are already dead, that's my view on it. I assume others would feel the same way. At that age its just a competition on what's going to get you first. May as well live life.
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    FRONT SUSPENSION Let me preface this by saying my goal was to build the cheapest adjustable upper control arm I could. With that, I know there are different/better ways, but I have a total of $140 in the upper control arms, that’s it. I made my own plates to weld in the uppers to match the ball joints of the 720. Part #s from Speedway Motors upper A arm 91034410 $25 x2 mounting brackets 91645470 $15 x2 Bushed rod end 9008001-STR $13 x4 or you can use a heim joint 5/8-18 RH 1750506 Jam nut 5/8-18 RH. 1750246 $1 x4 1/2-20 2.25 bolts Optional poly bushings- 9.19105G. $14 x4 For the lower control arm I am using a 720 control arm with 18mm 2.5 x 120 bolts along with washers for spacers since the 620 bushings are good. The spindles, hubs, and brakes are all from an 83 720. The angle of the upper ball joint to upper control arm turned out beautiful, pretty much neutral. Lower brackets with the plates I made Coilovers being used
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    My heater blower motor was also shot, not to mention they take up a lot of space. And on top of that heater cores are basically NLA. So I picked up an aftermarket under dash heater. Did some chopping on them both to fit part of the factory box to it so I can keep all the factory ducting. Dash back in, bit more wiring to sort there and needs all the cracks and warping sorted so I can fit a dash cap on it
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    Like voting Democrat? 🤪
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    I wear a mask because it makes me look younger and my hips slimmer...
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    I imagine that the containers sailing today were ordered a year ago maybe even more. China isn't going to stop the flow unless/until that shit backs up in Costco/WallMart/any other box store selling cheap and cheap quality shit. If you want to blame anyone just look at yourselves when you go there an spend your US dollars. On or before 1985 was when the US began importing more trade goods from China that it exported to them. So far this year it's about 3.75 to 1. Last year it was 4.25 times as much and 2018 it was 4.5 times. Before the Wu-flu in 2019 the export to China was over 106 billion but the imports were over 451 BILLION!!!!!! Fuck China, make your own shit and stop the hemorrhage. Teach people to do without cheap crap or demand quality for their money..
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    You are definitely a victim of the media.Trump made masks a political statement ? Give me a fucking break.You believe info that comes from China ? What a fool.And here in the states we masked,tested and contact traced,so what happened ? It must have been those Trump rallies that caused this virus to keep going.You won't believe anything Trump says but you believe the media ?
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    My friend used to sand drag race this Jeep and I made this hot Wheel replica for him...
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    This is mine with just an LED swap and no other mods:
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    the turtle has come out swinging hard for cheeto benito. attorney general peter griffin sending feds out "across the US" to investigate allegations of fraud. betting odds are up 3% in Trump's favor in the last four hours real clear politics has uncalled PA for Joe. bad orange man gaining votes in AZ.
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    So you're just ignoring all the evidence of voting "irregularities", I mean how many videos and stats analysis of shit being wonky is needed before you go, hmmm might be something here. How many years did we go through with "Russia meddling in the elections" nonsense for it to basically end up being much ado about nothing? Oh, I get it when your candidate loses, you are right on the "we must investigate the election", but when your candidate wins it is "nothing to see here". How morally convenient.
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    You realize the "losers" quote was a complete fabrication right? He vehemently denied it and those with him denied it, hell even one of his detractors (John Bolton) said that wasn't true. https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/did-president-trump-call-military-fallen-losers-not-even-close-fake-news-lies-again/ However, there is literal video of Biden calling them "stupid bastards". https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/09/29/fact-check-2016-joe-biden-called-troops-stupid-bastards-jest/3560443001/ https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/29/yes-joe-biden-called-u-s-troops-stupid-bastards-heres-the-video/
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    its invalid, and you need to vote in person, or request a provisional. You are instructed to mail by a set date. If you go beyond that date and haven't mailed it, there are election boxes by the city hall or libraries for ballots. Postal workers are required by law to instruct you to hand deliver your ballots after a date specified on the envelopes. These guys were instructed to grab all invalid ballots and fake the post date on them. to the tune of 139,000+ apparently.
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    to many uncounted votes and most are in welfare free lunch liberal cities so Biden still can win and its only right to count all the votes in all the states. However CNN MSNBC say Trump is not a Fluke ,the country is divided, The Pollster were wrong, Trump was out spent by a facter of 3 and dealt with the Cornona Virus . All media and Rhino Republicans against him and he is this close????and now we are still counting votes. We will never have this again where a Pres kept the promises he made. I think the Cornona virus was his doom and if Biden wins he better hope Trumps vaccines work soon!!!! Also since a close race This means the AOC plus 3 and Bernie Sanders and the Left are on the outs with Biden, if wants to keep the country somewhat together, Iyts not a BLue wave or mandate. John James the black guy Might win in Michigan as a republican would be good. Dade County in Florida was 300K for Clinton and now its 300k for Trump. Flip the Hispanic vote. Nancy Pelosi has no power as of right now so Communism will not take over. and we might still keep the tax cuts ect if Republican hold the senate. But Part of me wants Biden to win so Calif and Newyork have what they want a 67 % tax rate and people leave the city and Gov Coumo starts crying. Meaning you have to work till June before you take money home!!!!!!!!
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    My 5 yr old doubter discharged a fire extinguisher in my home... so now I keep it in a safe.
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    Your observation has merit, and if Trump wins the election, I will calm down. I appreciate this thread, because it makes me feel less crazy and hopeful that there is a silent majority, who understand freedom is in jeopardy. If Biden wins, then I will focus on preparation for civil conflict. While it is always good to prepare for a worst case scenario, I will be sad that a majority of my fellow citizens, are willfully ignorant, content to trade hard won freedom for pseudo security.
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    Hillary still thinks she won 2016. She's a whiny cunt and should just go away. If trump was going to go after her he's had 4 years to do so.... not that there is a statute of limitations on the Clintons evilness. So fuck her and her me me me podcast. Fucking kill yourself.
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