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    Just a thought, if you catch this shit, make sure your family knows that all your old Datsuns & parts have some value, and to not throw them away after you pass away....
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    I stopped watching TV about 5 1/2 years ago. I do often watch about the first 5 min of the news. Know your enemy.
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    510 and 312 sitting side by side in the shop- identical cousins!
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    This next project came about by accident. My interior lamp was missing the lens when I got the car. I later found it under the gas tank in the trunk of all places. Maybe it was placed on the storage shelf and bounced off on the road somewhere in Japan. Unfortunately it had some broken mounting tabs so I started casually seeking a replacement, following leads about what might be compatible. It is different than the US 510 in location and design. After some searching, I had low expectations that I would find a suitable replacement. I then saw a post on Instagram from Nissanparts in Olympia about an interior lamp for the 520 pickup i believe. Looks a lot like my Bluebird light. Hmmm. I decided to gamble on it as it was cheap enough in my mind to take the chance. When I removed the "original" light I found it had been replaced already with something else anyway. The imprint on the interior material did not line up and they only used one mounting screw. No way for me to tell if the new one was the "same". That wiring job was pretty shaky. Sheesh That's right, your eyes are not deceiving you. The power wire is twisted together and was tucked back into the B pillar without any tape to prevent a short circuit! I wonder if it had anything to do with this almost disaster I found in the fuse box? I am going to go with "plausible" explanation for almost burning down the car at some time in the past. So it looks like the holes line up perfectly here. Time to add some bullet connectors to the harness and install this thing. I have no idea if this is the "correct" interior lamp for this car. Since it looks like it is I am going to be happy with it and cross it off the list of things to do. That was a bright idea!
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    I am in such a good mood. I slept in for the last 4 or 5 days, first time in almost 27 years other than holidays, which I didn't take last year. I go for a 3 mile walk every day before 8, look at the ocean and the flowers coming up. I sit with my wife and drink coffee out back on the deck. If the suns out and warm in the afternoon, I sit in it sometimes. Only thing I HAVE to do tomorrow, is put the garbage out before 8. The rest of the day I'll fuck with my goon or you guys.
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    Lock this thread, it has gone full blown stupid.
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    I am thinking bicycle inner tube, and keep layering them till they are the right thickness, just stretch it over the layer below it, and I am talking about cutting the inner tubes into rubber bands(loops/circles), not wrapping the inner tube around it like electrical tape, they will stay in position without glue if a small enough tube is used.
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    And in all of this how is everyone doing? I hope you’re all doing well. My husband and I aren’t working as of this week. Hollywood (entertainment industry) is shut down. My friends are slowly being laid off. This is going to be really tough for a lot people. Meanwhile, just read today the FDA announced it has authorized the use of the first rapid diagnostic test that could detect the novel coronavirus in 45 minutes. An article I read yesterday said the municiple health system has told its staff they’re abandoning hope of containing the virus outbreak and instructed doctors not to bother testing symptomatic patients if a positive result won’t change the way they’ll be treated. This decision was made based on the overwhelming amount of patients and shortage of tests. Maybe this test that was just approved will change this decision. It’s a little disconcerting that there would be no testing at all. How else can you determine how bad it really is? It has only just gotten started. It’ll get worse before it gets better. I’m keeping my head about it. I’m not getting all the panic buying. People have lost their collective minds.
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    This issue of GRM came in the mail the other day. Life goal achieved: feature article in a car magazine!
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    My wife's grandfather bought the truck in 81 and he just recently moved into a care facility and could not take the truck with him. So to keep the truck in the family, I bought it and am now working on making her look good again. I do not have a garage so this winter has been working on the interior. I originally considered having an upholstery shop do the work but figured sewing really cannot be that hard and most of the lines are straight anyways. So found a heavier duty home sewing machine on Craigslist for $60. I removed the stock seat covers and separated all the seams to create patterns. I decided I wanted a 2 color interior and found the faux leather at the local fabric store. I glued the fabric to headliner material to create some definition for the diamond stitching. The original seat padding was terrible shape and not very comfortable from the factory anyways. So I went to pick and pull and removed the padding from a newer VW Beetle. With some modifications they actually are pretty close to the same size. As the patterns were from the original seat shape and the new foam was slightly different, the covers are not perfect but for my first project I'm pretty happy. I installed a heated seat kit because they are less than $40 on ebay and a must have for every car. I removed the dash, door panels and rear panels and removed them with the same materials. These were all glued on. I painted, self tapping screws orange to attach all the panels. The original dash was cracked so I recovered that section with the faux leather and repainted the metal section. I repainted most of the plastic pieces. And am almost done with the interior. And replaced the carpet and installed sound deadening under all the carpet and panels. Still need to make a steering wheel cover and sm probably going to upgrade the stereo. The project took a lot of time, probably at least 100 hours but I found it was the perfect winter project. I know a professional would have made it look a lot better but I can only imagine the total cost for all new custom interior. Plus most of the work was done in the evenings and I do not sew sober. Here is a breakdown of costs if anyone else is considering doing similar: 10 yards of faux leather at $18/yard: $180. I know you can get the material cheaper online but I really wanted to see and feel the material. 4 yards of headliner material for backing: $36 Seat foam: $4 per seat: $8. I originally was going to take the whole seats and cut out the foam at my house but it was faster to just cut out the foam there. Pick and pull charges $40 per seat but does not have a cost for seat foam. Heated seat kit from Ebay: $36. Sound deadening material: $42 2 yards unbacked carpet off Ebay: $40 Glue/paint/misc: $60 Material cost: $402 Sewing machine/accessories: $140 Total cost: $542 + beer. Plus I can always sell the sewing machine or use it for future projects.
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    I just wanted to post "Stay Healthy My Friends". God Bless each and everyone one of you. For myself, 5K mg Vitamin C everyday plus Sambucol. I work at a hospital so social distancing is rather difficult. Just be careful.
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    Spent 6 hours polishing the car today. The paint looks amazing now. I set out with thr intent of making it look better but I'm almost sure it looks almost as good as when it was brand new. I still cant believe that the paint is over 40 years old!
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    Media love this sort of thing cause it's a massive fishkill feeding frenzy for them. 16000 people dead worldwide so far from the thing is (I hate to say this but it's true) a drop in the bucket for a 7 billion + global population. Spanish Flu 100 years was more than that and we have as previously mentioned above many more die daily from all kinds of other things.
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    I am waiting to see how this turns out, 2 years ago(flu season) 61,000 died from the flu, last year(flu season) 37,000 died, if less people die this time in the USA then this was an over reaction as they didn't give a shit about the 98,000 people that died from the flu the last 2 flu seasons, I don't know about every state, but the 3 blue states on the west coast and the blue states on the east coast are freaking everyone out with all their gloom and doom, they are going to collapse this countries economy(might be worse than 2007/2008), the one person I have talked to in a red state says no one is freaking out right now about the virus, but I suspect they are freaking out about losing their retirement and jobs.
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    be honest this is BAD all a way round. People just don't know BIG a Deal this is yet and not taking it serious. small shops going out of bussiness Just 3 weeks ago everything was going gang busters and stock market was up and I was at a all time high. Now Im down $200K This is all Made in China (wet markets sell of animals from dogs cats bats and exotic animals) and if we get over this hopefully we try to buy more Made in USA if possible from Boots, shoes clothes, Cars tools ect……….. last 2 virus came from China. they need to take a Health screening before getting on a flight from now on. If Trump never put the restrictions on there would be more from Europe as Chinese tourist flood the Italian citys and in Bulgaria of all places, Seattle is hit hard as its a hub for China to then spread out. Hopefully we learn for this and don't have open borders in the future. Lucky in America people don't ride public transport as much as they do in Europe. However we see a big hit in NY as this cam from Europe and a lot more Subways taxis busses ect might spread this out. Hopefully in summer this goes away
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    Met up with the guy that I bought the 2nd Miata tranny and got a stock drive shaft today. Look at this sad shit LOL the custom drive shaft will either replace it all the way up @ the front - but I am thinking that I may just have a connecting piece made so that if I blow one of these up then I can just swap them out - and have a custom like 13" pr 14" piece made here: and connect back up with the stock back end for now - until we go 'stage 2' with this shit 😄 Here is a better picture of the tranny brace that the other guy put together that Bro had to chop out. At least with this he can get the bolt hold measurements up before he remakes it to work with the K24 New body spacers added to the 620 frame. Looks like the cab from the 521 bolts directly up in the back, but the front is off just a little bit. Here's some pics of the spaces installed, This is how far we are going to have to move only the front spacers before the bolts just drop though: but this is now how much space we have between the Kseries and the stock hood - no worries WHAT so ever: Since people on Instagram have been asking, here are pictures of the stock oil pan from the font so you can see where the lowest point will be without having to build full custom suspension: And once we had it jacked up so Bro can tinker with the brace on the back of the oil pant needs to be slightly grinded just in case of torque. : and a better picture of the drivers side intake loosely bolted in / firewall clearance / drivers side mount before powder-coating Currently looking for a eBay dual core aluminum radiator / will bring over the stock 720 steering shit to just check clearance (we will be using 2013 Toyota Prius parts to build a custom electronic power steering and upgrading the front brakes) / KSeries starter / Fenders on to check placement of wheels on the frame and this blue bitch is starting to look like a truck
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    It was made in china, it wont last.
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    **Update** Ive been asked about event cancellation due to the virus issue, as of right now we are still on. By June things will most likely be sorted out, HOWEVER, I'm setting the date of May 12th to be the final assessment date to determine whether we do or do not cancel/reschedule. TWELVE WEEKS AWAY..Get your cars/trucks dialed in if they aren't already because 2020 is gonna be AWESOME!
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    .... hang on I'm busy edging right now....
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    Lets just all hope this crap is over by then and we can smile, drool, and laugh.
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    Hey all! This is my ratty 73 620, bought her off a buddy a few years back, I believe he may have been a ratsun member. Has a L20 in it with 5 speed. I initially just went with beebanis front brake swap to start, bought the rears as well but have been to lazy to put them in. This was all I did to it for a couple years. Last year decided to pull the plug and did beebanis full coilovers swap, got some Work Wheels from Japan courtesy of Jesse Streeter. Cannot stress enough how much I love Jason's suspension, very easy install. Also picked up a Tacoma tonneau and it fits perfect. Recent upgrades are finally installing EI dizzy, very hard to find in Canada at this moment. Currently waiting for summer to start driving it again, hopefully the cops up here have calmed down by then!
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    I want the cunts and the politicians to suffer the same fate. Next election don't buy their products.
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    Just went to my local market to grab some groceries and guess what? They are fully stocked! With the exception of paper towels, because the truck is late, they had pretty much everything they normally stock. But, I did see a sign that states that egg prices are up due to the rising demand and dwindling supply. I imagine some other items will likely rise, but otherwise all seemed well. Best part was no line! I just walked right in, no waiting! And it was rather sparse inside, people wise. I walked right up to an open cashier. Nice!
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    So mine has arrived from SA...runs well, interior a bit shabby but overall I'm really pleased with it 🙂 are most banks open today
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    I trust JBirds will stay informed with Powerland and that he will reschedule to the first available date if the event date has to be cancelled. I am sure he will keep us posted too - no need to speculate, he's on the job! I will come no matter what date it gets rescheduled to - of course hoping for the first available summer weekend. Working on this and hope it will be ready. ☺️
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    I got one, it is rad. I fit it to my HPI RS4 drift car chassis. Definitely doing a 4x4 version 😄 Promptly got it stuck under my g35... a new esc is on the way lol.
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    So, i finally did some brake line work on my car and this is what I used to flare it. The Flare tool I think originated with Eastwood, but I bought mine through Jegs The Nickel Copper Brake Line and Stainless fittings came from Amazon The flare tool is super easy to use and makes perfect flares. But, I did learn that with the NICOP line, you can not clean it like a steel tubing. I cleaned it up using the standard techniques, de burr the inside, file the outer edge and then flare. This caused the material to get too thing and caused a weird little crush under the flare. Causing the fitting not to sit flush on the flare. I tried it without cleaning and it came out perfect! So, don't clean up this line like regular steel. Just check the flare and clean up then if necessary. best image service The Nickel Copper offers the advantage of Stainless in that it will not rust, and it is soft like copper, thus it is pretty easy to bend and shape. It is rated up to 6,000 PSI and will handle your braking needs pretty well. best image service I had to use both Metric and SAE fittings on my car, the SAE is going into and out of the Wilwood proportioning valve and metric on everything else. best image service I used a small tubing bender and tube bending pliers from Harbor Freight. Didn't need my old clunky bender from NAPA Overall I am very happy with this brake line and I would happily use it again. One 25ft roll more than handled the car and I still have some left over. best image service
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    Back to the "what to do/not do" stuff. Be it known that I am no expert on any of this stuff. These are just some things I am doing now that I would not have thought of doing before. I think I have said before that I live in a rural area that has an interstate running right through it. I have stopped buying fuel at gas stations that are close to the interstate. When I do need to buy gas, I have started to wear gloves because "you don't know where I been Lou". If I have the need to go into any type of business, I keep hand wipes in the car and use them before I get in to drive away. I haven't been to the grocery store lately but will be wearing the same type of gloves as I use at the gas pump. I try to not touch surfaces that others may have touched, and carry a pen to use on PIN pads and such. Just some stupid little stuff but hey, ain't it the little things that matter. Now, I need to go touch my face.
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    Here you go, I like the color
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    Updates: So I bought a 14" riverside hose reel for $20 yesterday: Got up early and Bro and I headed to the "junk yard" to pick a part some Kseries engines for stuff foe Old Blue here. Found a TSX And got the power steering pump + pulley from it, as well as the starter, and the gas pedal: there was also a CRV that had stock Return fuel line that we got as well that i pulled apart while Bro grabbed parts: This is the junkyard haul for $60 Back at bros house = the CRV with return line got attached as well as the chopped stock intake - and if you look below the TSX starter: then we had to bolt up the Miata tranny, and mark out where we had to cut for the stock K24 starter: Bro busts out the portaband: And gets fucking funky with it: Followed by his grinder - rounding the edges and leftover-parts : close-up for those that are following on Insta: there will be a cover made and welded to go back over this but for now we wanna make sure everything fits and she will starts and all bolted together: Then we took 15 min and dropped her back in the 521: Bro then bolted in the new tranny support he built: and took the front cross member and ground it down: dropped some lines on it for support: let that fucker cool: painted it and put in place before we take everything a part and send it to powder coat: spacing on the new stock oil pan is better than the previous one: Now that we are fuckin' FINALLY back to where we started, Bro took some aluminium and put it against the stock intake the he chopped: and we marked where it landed on the plate: and laid it out for him to take to work and waterjet / grind out: We are basically suck here till he can go into work on Monday because his entire shop is shut down for the stupid Mexican Beer Virus , but because his tranny adapter arrived on Thursday we started drilling out his pot welds on the Super beetle to start mock up on the Subaru engine swap: And that was 10 hours of work so after Bro tinkered a bit more on his bug we called it a night.
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    For those that may be coming in from Concrete or surrounding areas
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