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    He's not elderly ya damn know it all!! He is 50 and a Veteran that fought for this country!! The confederate flag is not the flag of the confederacy, it is the battle flag of the northern army of Virginia. I do not hate anyone and have plenty of black friends. I was born and raised and still live in Tennessee, the greatest place to live. The people here are like no other, we wave, we yield, we care for our communities. Ask any Northerner or anyone else that has chose this place to live the past 30 years. In 1997 my hometown of Maryville, TN was voted #1 place to live in America on a A&E cable special and this place BOOMED. As a Southerner the battle flag is a symbol of Southern pride, nothing less and nothing more....proud of being from the South and blessed we weren't born anywhere else. Now you and anyone else can say it represents slavery and that is your perogative. I can understand that, but as a born and bred Southerner, that is not what it means to me and never has. As far as the Civil War and slavery goes, that war was not won and slavery still exists...just turn on your damn TV and look. It is cliche I know, but we are all slaves....slaves to society, slaves to our bills, our jobs, taxes,government, censorship, the powers that be. I'm sorry Mike, I like you and you know a hell of a lot about Datsuns and have gave me good advice, but damn man I have to stand up for what I believe in.....and that is no left wing, liberal, cancel culture, PC bullsH#t. Peace brother.....
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    Seattle is ruined from Liberal ideas. I hope they DEFUND the POLICE. I hope they OCCUPY the whole city then they can starve ,cut the power off(Oh I gotta PAY for electricity) Capitolism is EVIL I hope business move out. The Homeless run the city if you ever drive thru and see the offramps are full of garbage. But they vote for it and see be it. I think Trump should help defund the police anyways in those cities give them what they want and let them vandalize it If Visiting Angel Biden is going to Win everybody move their 401 k and IRA saving to CASH before election day cause its going crash. Be honest the market is back to where it almost was and we are in a Pandemic. But Biden and the Pandemic will be back to 18k in stock market and everybody printing money BUT I will accept the outcome of the vote. Seattle had voted and they got what they deserve. The Detroit in the West is coming Bussiness will move. I hope Amazon would move first, boeing and others are starting to leave. Biden was in office 8 years ALL this should have been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump has best jobs and Black ememplyment in histy , Giving to balck schools and the first step act. WTF? If they vote don't go my way I will accept it. 2nd Amendment??? Guns sales are thru the roof 1.9 miliion just in May alone June will be MORE and if only 20% are new voters Trump will win again So get out the vote Socialism at its finest Being older I seen East Germany at its finest, they made junk and the people were lazy and the west Germans said they just wanted hand outs and should have made the east Berlin Wall Higher!!!!!!! But now the Germans are just freeloading off American military protecting them and don't don't even spend 1 % on defense , we getting played. They have been laughing for years. Get out the vote
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    Like many elderly, you just want everything to stay the same. I totally get it. I was pissed when 'new formula' Coke came out. (boo) Then they had to go back to the old formula (yea!) But they couldn't call it Coke anymore and renamed it Coke Classic. (boo) Sorry, you were whining about whiny ass liberals removing a symbol of red neck-dome and a lost cause civil war from a 155 years ago??? If whiny ass liberals really cared they'd outlaw NASCAR first for not having had a real race since the early '70s when they drove real cars.
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    As promised, I'm reporting back. Granted I am quite a ways away from the PNW but....I'll also be vague AF in order to protect the innocent (as well as the gUiLty). So this show was not advertised as it has been in the past, we are a small rural community so it was done by word of mouth. I talked with the organizer of the show and that person told me it would be a stripped down version of previous shows. No vendors, no food trucks, etc. We full on expected to roll into the parking lot and be told by some local authority to leave. We pulled in and boom, full on car show....tents, vendors, food trucks, DJ. Just about everyone I talked to prior to show day (organizer included) said this would be a Car Cruise not a Car Show because car shows are currently not allowed here. On the news the next day there was a story about a town south of here the held a car racing event on the same weekend and the organizers are now being investigated......WTF, really? Well, what good is this post without pics. This dude showed up all random. We got to meet a new Datsun guy....with a 1200 even.
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    I still fly mine on the front of my F350. Not sorry. Chopper Jim
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    although I cannot bring myself to say positive things about Obama. I can say that no matter where he was born doesn’t make him ineligible to be the President. He was born to a citizen of the United States. That still makes him a natural born citizen regardless of the nation it happened in. Had both his birth parents been foreigners then he would have been ineligible. in other happenings. Did Obama commit a slew of crimes while in office?..... Yes, Yes he did. #ObamaWasashitpresident
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    Well looks like we have our next famous Coronavirus victim all lined up 🤣
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    Sam at the wheel, test drive time! http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/06192020_swamp_thing_(1).MOV.d5d9a65eabe3f4144f0d71177a2f1a1f.MOV He returned less than impressed. http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2020_07/06192020_swamp_thing_(2).MOV.0298ab38f2af7db583005379e81d959a.MOV Subsequent drives by Jeff and I confirmed something isn't right. No power. Where did it go? Back into the garage then to investigate. First assumption was ignition/timing related. We considered everything including the potential of the timing chain jumping a tooth. We swapped plug wires, hooked up the timing light, adjusted the distributor (we appeared to be 15 degrees off), but didn't find the conclusive answer. It was awfully late at this point and I had to leave early the next morning for a 2 hour drive to pick up a backup 510 race car shell in Ellensburg, but the boys stayed late into the night, worked with the timing some more following the complete adjustment procedure and Sam drove the car again and reported the power was back where it was pre crash. Looks like we will be racing this weekend! We did break a motor mount and distributor cap so something in that hit was enough to move the distributor apparently. We know how much it moved the rest of the car - and the Jersey barriers! Did I mention I moved two of them far enough out of position they needed to bring out the crane to re-set them? They are 4,000lb each! Between those moving and the car deforming, the vast majority of the energy from this crash was dissipated and I felt no pain - except for all the long days afterward putting the car back together. I've been watching allot of old racing movies from the 30's and 40's. Safety has come a LONG way and I am very grateful for every single step. Just a few things left on the list...
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    Except it isn't just confederates, they are tearing down statues of Jefferson and Washington in Portland now. These "protests" no longer have anything to do with justice, or addressing police brutality, or any form of positive reform. This is pure destructive revolutionists trying to tear down America. The people who tore down the Washington statue were identified as Antifa on site although that has not been confirmed. If a community doesn't like a statue they should go through the lawful procedures to remove it. Allowing a lawless mob to destroy public property they don't agree with is not right. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/thomas-jefferson-statue-torn-down-at-jefferson-high-school/ar-BB15vbvU https://www.newsweek.com/george-washington-statue-portland-toppled-covered-burning-us-flag-1512075 https://americanmilitarynews.com/2020/06/protesters-topple-george-washington-statue-cover-with-burning-us-flag-in-portland/?utm_source=fbchat&utm_campaign=alt&utm_medium=facebook
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    A married Irishman went into the confessional and said to his priest, "I almost had an affair with another woman."The priest asked, "What do you mean almost?"The Irishman said, "Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped."The priest said, "Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You're not to see that woman again. For your penance, say five Hail Mary's and put 50 Euro in the poor box."The Irishman left the confessional, said his prayers, and then walked over to the poor box. He paused for a moment and then started to leave.The priest, who was watching, quickly ran over to him saying, "I saw that you didn't put any money in the poor box!"The Irishman replied, "Yeah, but I rubbed the 50 Euro on the box, and according to you, that's the same as putting it in."
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    The heavy handed censoring is way outta hand by the revolutionary left. I see no way back. Conflict is on its way. That is what makes me sad. Its amazing how a small percentage of the population can force such huge amounts of capitulation through false shaming.
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    nascar was about moonshine runners and i'm not whining. I'm am just mad about the way my america that i served is being destroyed leftist/liberals
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    All I see here is two news dongs resting on someone's shoulder. Am I reading it right?
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    Kaepernick - "Someone's breaking into my house!" 911 Operator - "Sir,have you tried kneeling?"
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    When one looks at that graph the question is are Europe, Canada, and Japan testing their people like they are here, the more you test the more you will find folks that have already had it and recovered without medical help, in the USA the powers that be want to control everyone so they use the numbers to scare people(the sheep) into submission, what counts is if the hospitals are being overwhelmed and fore the most part they are not except for a couple places, from what I understand the death rate overall is dropping, but they use the numbers to scare.......................... I am for making Washington State a red state, vote the ones in office right now out, we need term limits.
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    F Deniro, he is bat shit crazy, along with all the brain washed libtards in Hollywood. One of my favorite pastimes lately is to tell all the libtard trolls to "eat shit and enjoy their shithole." Democrats and the left are the true, treasonous enemy of the republic....Just turn on your TV and look at the streets.
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    Damn Phoenix. Change offensive street names. Robert E Lee & Squaw Peak. We might as well change them all to North, East, West and add numbers for each block. Can't use South because it might offend someone.
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    How CHOP viewed itself... What the world saw....
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    them two dudes above have more fun than anyone else on the interwebs
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    burned cross found in Bubba Wallace's stall yesterday.
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    Don't know what video you're watching......definitely and clearly turned around, discharged the taser towards the officers face (can clearly see the projectiles fly out in the video), Officer Bronson clearly bruised in the face in his "mugshot", among other bruises and lacerations to the arms and hands of both officers. So looking at this case, what do we know? A DUI investigation determined that he was too intoxicated to drive. The bodycam showed the officers being overly nice and polite to him the entire time all the way up until the handcuffs were about to go on, as they should’ve been. As soon as they tried to cuff him, an all out brawl took place. Not just resisting, but punching them in the face and throwing them around. He took one officer’s taser, threw him face first into the asphalt, stood up, and took off. _____________ So let’s pause there and see where we’re at legally. Charges: DUI Obstruction X2 - Felony Battery on an officer X2 Aggravated assault X2 - Felony Strong Armed Robbery - Felony And believe it or not.... Possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime - Felony Per Georgia Law, a taser is classified as a “less-lethal” FIREARM as they do occasionally cause death. (OCGA 16-11-106) ________________ These offenses are important because there is a case law called Tennessee v Garner What Tennessee v Garner states is: “When a non-violent felon is ordered to stop and submit to police, ignoring that order does not give rise to a reasonable good-faith belief that the use of deadly force is necessary, UNLESS it has been threatened.” So this goes back to the taser being classified as a firearm that can cause death or great bodily harm. ___________ So, They fought He stole the taser He got up and ran The 2nd officer chased after him and tried to use his own taser against him, but he didn’t get a good connection. Brooks then turns, aims the taser at the officer, and fires. Statutorily, this is no different than firing a gun. (The taser that APD carries has 2 cartridges, so Brooks could have potentially shot the officer twice.) The officer dropped his taser from his left hand after it appears he was hit by a barb on the video, draws his sidearm, fires 3 shots, falls against a car in the parking lot and Brooks goes down. Brooks was not only a continuing threat to the officer since he could still fire the taser again, but he also showed and EXTREME desire to get away, with a weapon. So it is not unreasonable to have the fear that he would use that weapon to carjack a motorist sitting in the drive-thru line, take a hostage, or otherwise hurt another innocent party. What does Georgia Law say about deadly force? OCGA 17-4-20 (b): Sheriffs and peace officers may use deadly force: 1.) to apprehend a suspected felon only when the officer reasonably believes that the suspect possesses a deadly weapon. (He did) 2.) to apprehend a suspected felon who possesses any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury. (He did) 3.) to apprehend a suspected felon when the officer reasonably believes that the suspect poses an immediate threat of physical violence to the officer or others (He did) 4.) to apprehend a suspected felon when there is probable cause to believe that the suspect has committed a crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical harm (He did) The officer only needed one of those requirements, but he had all 4........ Now the reason taser’s are considered “less-lethal” is because when used appropriately, you are “less likely” to kill someone vs using a gun. But Brooks hasn’t been through the training to know how to avoid certain vulnerable parts of the body, and he doesn’t understand how neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) works, which makes it MORE likely for him to cause great bodily injury or death than if an officer used it. And just to support the fact that tasers can and do kill, there is an East Point Officer currently sitting in prison for improperly using a taser and killing a man a few years ago. (Eberhart v Georgia) “He could’ve shot him in the leg!” Right off the top, it is unconstitutional to do so. It is considered cruel and unusual punishment to employ a gun in that manner. Either an officer felt deadly force was necessary, or he should use a lesser response. We could just leave it at that, but that's too much of a cop out, so let's discuss WHY it has been deemed unconstitutional. For one thing, that's an extremely difficult shot to make. The target is quite narrow, and in continuous motion as the suspect runs away/charges the officer. Under the best of conditions trying to hit the leg is challenging...to be generous about it. But in a life or death encounter, the officer's fine motor skills will be eroded by the stress of the encounter making the shot, turning a leg shot into a very low probability feat. Assuming a round does hit the leg, then what? The only way a shot to the leg would immediately stop a threat is by shattering one of the bones, and stopping the threat is the ultimate goal. While it is very difficult to find a shot to the leg that will immediately stop a threat, it is actually comparatively easy to find shots to the leg which eventually prove fatal. Human legs have very large blood vessels which are essentially unprotected (femoral artery) Now remember, we’ve had days to sit back, watch videos, discuss, and analyze this entire thing. The officers had less than a minute from the time the fight started, and less than 5 seconds to interpret EVERYTHING you just read while running, getting shot at with a taser, and returning fire. Quit defending the criminal, he lost his ride home when he went apeshit. Also, those days of calling a ride are over anyways because of legislation and city/county red tape bullshit. They want their damn MONEY......
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    I have a metric-imperial tool too!
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    I believe all convicts of violent crime after serving their sentence should have the right to move to Canada and their criminal records clean. part of Trumps first step act 2.0 Its a Win Win blacks and Hispanic workers had the best unemployment ever under Trump. this will go in the history books as a truth but the China virus should get the blame not Trump but the media don’t want to show this Under Biden it won’t get better even if the pandemic is gone as he said Taxes will go up and spending will also go up in welfare programs for sure. NATO will go back to Freeloading their defense And China will sucker play the US and Europe on trade and American companies will get taxed on exports but Chinese stuff come in Free Do people really believe Trump wants to keep black folk down.He wants every US citizen to have a job and increase employment.He want to shame both the DemocraticWelfare policy's and the Bush Republicans who outsourced everything. Obama didn’t even make a effort to confront China.Bush the foereign wars in the Middle East spending Money on a waisted cause The Establishment is just MAD a guy who never was in office had the best economy in 50 years did it on the first shot.He Shamed them.Or really they all Shamed themselves.Biden been in office 40yrs and 8 yrs as Vice President.WTF?? They said the stock market would crash.LIARs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under Biden your 401k will drop on election night mark my word and this won’t help the underclass and then rich people will be broke also and no money to taxes at all.Housing will tank no body borrowing from the equity of their house to buy a new car ect.... a wise man once wrote if you divide all the money up in the world in 5 yrs the people who were poor and will most likely blown all their money and will be broke again savers the investors will be rich again by investing in a business to make money the border? simple make it a open border but no welfare and social services to anybody. Trump said he was going to tax Mexican imports now the Mexican national guard is round up people at no cost to Us Illegal immigration is DOWN. Biden is for union workers why didn’t he do this help out the lower American lower class.8 yrs and he didn’t think of this? People forget blacks were republican after the civil war.but the southern dems ran them out and killed them.then later Republicans became more business then in the 60sthe welfare programs Began Where ones marries the govt to take care of families. Families were intact now where is the father? Will this change? If Biden or the Hard left win then it will always be the same. ElvisPresley sang,Another baby born in the Ghetto!!!!The Ghetto. Recent immigrants from Africa within 5 yrs own business and shopsSo what am I missing here???? people need to remember if America goes down the world will go down.we are broke. A rising economy lifts all boats but the left will make it out as why their is so many rubber rafts/Dingys compared to Yachts.I 2nd Amendmant? Im not for assault weapons but the left if they Could ban it to black powder single shots if possible with the newer left leaning people that they bringin in now.I’m all for background checks ,class ,registration on New gun sales.If caught will a stolen gun and a felon you should become a Canadian citizen and move to a large city.Germany/France also is another option let’s see how the Seattle zone works out.I hope my CompassionateConverative brothers have donated food and Big Tents to this new nation of equal justice and a economic Boom will happen and business will move in .Im sure REI is out of tents and camping gear by now. My father is ethnicHawaiian. from Hawaii. Obama grew up in Hawaii after his father left the family.Believe me There was no Hawaiian kids in his school that his a white grandparents sent him to mostly white and Asians school were tiger moms Pushed Ed ya action.So don’t believe CNN that he grew up in the hood. michele Obama did move back to Chicago and put her kids in public school in the hood to Lift the neighborhood hood.
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    Wasn't my opinion, was literally stated in the article as being illegal. But it is the illegal that only seems to get charged if it is the GOP (Dinesh) while the DNC gets ignored (many instances) or maybe a fine at worst (Obama 2008 campaign), based on what we have seen to date. I would also note that the severity of what gets charges vs. fines is heavily tilted in favor of the DNC. While I agree both parties are shit, I disagree "with guilty till proven innocent" as being intrinsically immoral. I think given current events the DNC seems to have gone full communist identitarian fucking insane while the RNC is just some flavor of useless and or normal politician corrupt. If you wish to play the lesser of two evils game, corrupt but mostly functional is less bad than progressive communists insanity. I happen to be some flavor of libertarian leaning to somewhere between Ancap to minarchist, but nobody hates libertarians more than other libertarians and the party is pretty much a joke. Given those leanings you can probably understand my nuclear burning hatred of communists. In short, shits all fucked but I will still call out bad actors when I see them. Right now the actions of the DNC are absolute insane and the media has been caught out outright lying, either by fabrication or omission, only in favor of the DNC.
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    Well it would have been shit weather this weekend... but it still would have been fun.
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    How about some topically relevant car related shitposting to lighten the mood?
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    Sorry I jumped your a#$ Mike, I'm just pissed about all the BS going on in the US. My temper gets the best of me sometimes, just had to vent. Peace dude
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    Don't worry, there are plenty of Datsuns of color. Not just white ones. Mostly Orange 😝
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    So when can we have a "Datsun Protest for Equality"? Say for a weekend, with camping? Seems like we might not even need permission or have to worry about noise complaints etc....
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    I'd like to remind you all the flu kills anywhere from 30,000-80,000 people a year and that is with a vaccine available. The numbers of dead and those testing positive are all kinds of wrong and fucked up (way over reported). It is late and frankly I'm tired of all of this so I'm not in the mood to elaborate at length.
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    This is what we need more of! Tolerance of others, understanding of others opinions, polite thoughtful discourse and equality for all.....
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    I watched that video.These people clearly have mental health issues.The guy keeps calling the cops Nazi's.Nazi's would have shot him dead weeks ago.He should be calling the authorities pussies for the way they let these people take over the street.
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    Yeah.......looks like faded Levi's, pawn shop SKS and authentic Jethro Bodine brand hemp trouser securing system will remain my battle kit for the foreseeable future
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    So he is responsible.....
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    Thanks datzenmike I ended up going with a front and rear split proportioning valve just to make things easier
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    Nice pictures wish I could of made it there.
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    It's moving. The correct direction is a little bit more equality for everyone. The pendulum swings. If police were held accountable for their actions, if guidelines were in place and enforced previous to this, it wouldn't be swinging so vigorously now. "greed is .... good." Corporations ARE greedy and evil and always have been, nothing new there. People became conditioned to be dependent on state handouts when they discovered that they could vote themselves more money. There are too many behind bars to begin with which promotes a vicious circle of criminality. More criminals= more police= more in jail. This isn't going to change easily. Looting is simply ignorant low lives who live on hand outs seeing an opportunity to get something not theirs, not earned, free from consequences. Looting is just a form of hand out to them. Fertile ground for the Anti-Christ. If every jew had hidden a shotgun and blown a Brownshirt's head off when they kicked their door in. They wouldn't have gotten half way down the street before thinking it was a really bad idea. Seattle should hire all those cops who were fired to come up here and clear the CHAZ/CHOP out.
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    Stolen from elsewhere: Things are moving in a very bad direction. BLM has become the strongest political party in the USA. Dissenters are silenced with the label of "racist". Tow the line or be physically assaulted, have your business looted, or even burned to the ground. Capitalism is demonized. Business are shuttered, labeled as greedy or evil. People are left jobless and the only means of survival is government largess. The people are being conditioned to be dependent on the large state for handouts. People's ability to survive is being shifted from a private, capitalist model, to a public, socialist model. The police are being disbanded. Criminals are being released and property crime enforcement eliminated. Violence against "racists" is tolerated. Looting is justified as retribution against greedy corporations. And if you wrap yourself in the banner of protest you are free from prosecution. The Bill of Rights is under attack. Our founders are personally under attack and their monuments destroyed, soon to be followed by the destruction of their legacy, the Constitution. Watch for "Bad Man = Bad Ideas" being brought forth. The masses will swallow this whole. Our republic is collapsing. There is no leadership. Republicans are silent, or even falling in line (Romney). We need leadership. Anyone who does not follow the party line is marginalized, called a "hater", and pelted with ad hominem attacks. The masses are silent in fear. This model played out in Germany with the rise of Nazism. The SA/Brownshirts terrorized the people and the police were effectively replaced over time with political thugs. The population was disarmed. Political dissension was eliminated. And the only way to have any voice was to go along. The SA may have had slightly different politics, but the end game was the same...power through fear and intimidation. Now we have Antifa who are wrapping themselves in a self righteous mission to defeat virtually non-existent fascism in America. What they really want to do is destroy capitalism. They are the SA of BLM. They are embolden with the cover of anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism. But what they really are are thugs, defending a violent revolution.
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    Don't replace stuff that doesn't need replacing. You're just going to waste money that you could spend on something else. Prerequisites: - Ensure you have the title and all paperwork sorted out and in your name. Step one: Try to get it running. - Does it run? If not, figure out why. Fuel, Spark, Compression, Timing. - Does it smoke? - Does it make any weird noises? - Does it run rough? Step two: Go through the fuel system. - Is the tank rusted inside? - Replace all rubber lines - Are the fuel lines plugged? - Does the fuel sender work? - Is the fuel pump working? - Replace fuel filter - If the engine runs poor, adjust or rebuild/replace carb Step Three: Get the brakes and hydraulics working. - Replace all soft brake lines - Replace or rebuilt brake master cylinder - Replace or rebuilt clutch master - Replace or rebuild clutch slave - Are any calipers seized? Step Four: Get it moving under its own power. (this doesn't mean highway driving. can it move forward and backwards in your driveway) - Does the clutch work? - Dies it die when you put it in gear? - May need to replace clutch. (I always replace if there is one available) Step Five: Get it ready for the road. - New tires - Replace worn suspension components - Replace steering components - Are the lights working? (Head, tail, turn, reverse, hazards) - Minor interior work needed to ensure a safe first test drive on the road. If you find for example you are trying to get the engine running and it smoke like a pig and sounds terrible, then diagnose it. Take steps to remediate it, the move on. Now that you have solid base, start body work and making it look pretty. The end result, it will be restored and the projects will be broken down into manageable phases. I may have skipped some details, but use your imagination to fill in the blanks. This also assumes the vehicle is complete, or nearly complete. Meaning, it's not a shell, it's not missing random critical parts. Otherwise, source those parts first. If you just start in the middle somewhere, and start ripping it all apart... it's not going to your kids; It's going to a scrap yard because you will lose interest. We don't say this because we don't want you to have fun with your build. We say it because many of us have been on here or into vintage vehicles for decades. We have seen it all. We've seen beautiful cars trashed... sold, scrapped. We've seen cars trade hands several times.. could tell you who owned the car, who modified the car.. and who killed the car. Best of luck on your new project.
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    TRUCK AND CAR SOLD FOR $50,000 RECENTELY - or a 2004 Honda Civic Si ( https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2000-honda-civic-27/ ) https://www.topgear.com/car-news/motorsport/awesome-hauler-and-drag-car-combo-just-sold-50000
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