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    Got everything buttoned up today with the carb swap. Fuel rail in, PCV hose on, etc... With all that done, decided to fire it up and see what happens... Of course, then the logical next step with it running nice is to see if it moves. And it does... 😁 It desperately needed a bath so that was first... I drove it about 4-5 miles around the neighborhood and it pulls HARD. Like, surprisingly hard. Can't wait to get it out on a twisty road and see what it can do... Once I finished the test drive I pulled it back inside and decided to de-sticker the front lip... I liked the stickerbomb at first, but decided it wasn't really my thing after all... The steering feels nice, brakes feel great (although pedal is a tad soft), front suspension is spot on, rear suspension not so much. My front springs have a wheel rate of 200, but the rears are about 165. I definitely need to stiffen up the rear, sooner rather than later. Trying to do donuts in a parking lot led to LOTS of body roll in the rear... 😄
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    After a month in Ohio, ShepTrans finished and shipped our freshly built transmission back to PSI. Arrived yesterday. Things are back up and running at light speed so we should be firing up the engine and doing some break in cycles late Monday and tuning early next week. On the stand ready to go In and moounted It's not a ragged edge race motor by any stretch, but it will easily make our power goals with room to spare. The drive train and chassis are set up to deal with what ever the engine throws at it, so this thing should be a blast to thrash for years to come. List of parts and upgrades Two Garrett GT2871R turbos Link G4 Stand Alone ECU E85 upgrades Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors Walbo 450 Fuel Pump Tomei Pancam type R Tomei Titanium Springs Tomei Titanium Retainers Apexi Head Gasket ARP Studs WIseco Pistons Eagle Rods All Counterbalanced to the crank King main and rod Bearings Gates Racing Timing Belt Deep cut oil pump drive N1 Oil Pump Enlarged oil passages Tomei Stainless Down Pipe Fujitsubo Stainless Exhaust Pfizer Performance Gearbox Synchromesh Gear Set, Shafts and Forks Exedy Twin Plate Clutch Flywheel and Pressure Plate HICCA delete Driveshaft Shop CV axles NISMO 2 way LSD New Clutch Plates front and rear NISMO motor and trans mounts Tein suspenssion Project μ slotted brakes front and rear 6-point Cuzco roll cage Sparco R600 Seats
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    UN-FLIPPING-BELIEVABLE!!! I am literally speechless right now. http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/10/san-francisco-shakotan/
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    You speak wisdom I'm not smart enough to hear. Off to play on the World wide classifieds
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    SUs acquired, Solexes sold, time to move on... Ported GX intake... Had to trim a few millimeters off the bottom to clear the header, but got it bolted on with a decent air gap between the two. 👍 That's about as far as I got, but I couldn't resist chucking the carbs on for a test look... Saturday I will redo the fuel lines (yet again), and get everything bolted up for good. Fingers crossed for another (more successful) test run of the engine... 😁
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    My work neighbor just bought this little gem. http://
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    Great story here...
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    Phoenix Arizona airport 1950. Lockheed Constellation airliner.
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    S10 200SX sighting yesterday...
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    I have been working on cleaning up the rust, and old paint in the bed of Ratsun. It is a long process, I have been doing smaller areas, and getting primer on the areas, before working another area. I am still figuring out what methods I can use with the tools I have. The following six pictures are the areas I cleaned, then used a wash primer on , then an epoxy primer on.
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    Too long since I've worked on this. But i got some real work done on it. Passenger door frame is fully assembled but not quite fully welded in. I ran out of weld gas last night before i finished. This door frame didnt go that well. Ignorance caused me to remove a lot i shouldnt have, so this thing is pretty piecemeal. Its going to take a lot of finish work to clean up. Drivers side should go much better. Anyways heres the pics.
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    It is an American automotive company that specializes in electric car manufacturing,,,,,, but that's not important right now .
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    I bought a set for my 521 for around $80, not original but actually pretty nice... I had to make my own brackets because I had nothing to start with but it might be the way to go..... These are what I bought, just search datsun bumperettes..... These were the brackets I made.... I used tape to hold the bumperettes in place made a cardboard piece that I turned into metal.... I also welded the carriage bolts to them and ground the outside flush... End result....
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    I am working on the box now.
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    For cheap and less body work! ....Same results! teeth are optional

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