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    That psychological shit don't work on me dude, when I was having my heart attack I was not upset at possibly dying, I actually told them twice(calmly the first time) as I had to repeat myself since I got no reaction from them the first time when I said "if my heart quits beating for 5 minutes DNR", I got no response, so I said again quite loudly, "IF MY HEART QUITS BEATING FOR 5 MINUTES DNR, DO NOT RESUSCITATE", I got a hesitant "ok" the second time, later I was told basically that is against their religion in hospitals, but I was not coming out of that hospital with brain damage. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of falling off a roof and being crippled, but I am not going to go downtown Portland and get myself killed either, I am not suicidal, I don't want to fly a Trump flag on my vehicles because I am afraid that the Democrat dominated area I live in will retaliate against me by pulling my license to do business or have people start destroying my property(Datsuns in the driveway), my neighbor is a Democrat fanatic, all my neighbors are Democrats and I do not have a party, I vote for who I think will do the job and lately I have been voting with term limits in mind, he has shot his pellet gun from across the street into my house aiming at my water wheel that turns 24/7 in the pond in my front yard, I have a bunch of pellet holes in my ceder siding behind the water wheel you see in the attached photo of the way it was back then, the second photo is of the way it is now, he tried burning his house down last October and we don't get along anymore, it is an abandoned house now, the driveway is still full of the insulation from his attic from when the firemen put the fire out, he just put a tarp over it and called it good, it is likely an asbestos insulation based material, nothing has changed over there since the fire except for people going onto the property and stealing stuff and he has decided it is my fault people are stealing from him, I sorta hope he does nothing and sells the property to someone else. The last photo is of my garden taken a couple days ago from the highest place on my roof, I am proud of my garden, it has automatic watering, and it is set up in such a way to keep weeds from growing, the dirt between the rows does not get wet/watered.
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    I would not call it a bitch of epic proportions, I would call it a childish whine of epic proportions, and the whining and dividing has been going on for over 3.5 years now, it's got to the point when I start hearing the whining I change channels, I don't even watch late night TV anymore like channels ABC, CBS, NBC as all they do is whine about Trump, bunch of rich democrat whiners, and I didn't even vote for the guy, but I have a brain and can see what has been going on since Trump won, if them democrat politicians had been doing the job they were elected to do which is not trying to get rid of Trump, maybe we would not be where we are today.
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    2 cops ambushed this weekend????????? I lay money that person and all those that were at the hospital saying the cops to die will vote for Joe Biden If Joe Wins the elections the stock market will go down. Blacks will not get their jobs back as predicted. people will now work from home China will increase jobs since Joe will remove the 25% import tax on Chinese goods Gas and electricity will go up due to regulations Assault weapons will be on the chopping block and then semi auto pistols. Trumps supporters WILL NOT Riot and burn their citys down!!!!!!!!!!! This a can garentee
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    Why the fuck are you guys going back and forth on what is and what is not peaceful ? Its not, plain and simple its not a Riot or protest its out of control CHAOS. Its bullshit, plain and simple.
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    And the wise will not register their firearms !
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    All I know is this..... Stoffgren, Trader, John510, Chopper Jim, Datzunmike, AD510nOK, Datsunguy, I don't know how old you guys are but I am 47. Seems to me, more and more lately, that most everything I was raised and taught that was right and good is increasingly seen as wrong and everything I was raised and taught that was bad and wrong is now seen as good.
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    Just wanted everyone to know that I've volunteered for the COVID-19 vaccine trials in the Santa Barbara area which apparently were made by a Russian Pharmaceutical company. I received my first shot and wanted to let everyone know that it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.
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    All inflammatory rhetoric aside, I am truly concerned about a Biden Presidency. America might still surprise me, I was very surprised Trump won the last election and it made me happy. Not happy that Trump won, he has never impressed me, happy that many of my fellow American citizens realized the worthlessness Hilary embodied. Since the election, Trump has continued to disappoint, but the democrats, rather than reevaluating and appealing to a wider demographic, have doubled down on crazy town. Most negative remarks regarding Trump in this lengthy thread are either well-earned or at least understandable. They are also irrelevant and the overwhelming majority of Trump’s bullshit, might make you stare at your food, when sharing dinner with friends from overseas, but it will not take your freedom or cause lasting actual harm to your life. The world of the democrats is a world without freedom, without justice. A world of fear. The police in Portland were so afraid of rioters that they abandoned their stationhouse. The police, which I assume have training and access to a substantial weapons and ammunition, turned tail and ran. Why? Are they all scared chickenshit bastards? Yes and No, they are scared, not of the rioters, they are scared if the rioters are put down, meaning, dispersed and controlled, likely a number killed/hospitalized, AS IT SHOULD BE when a protest becomes a riot. The public, the State and local government, will second guess the police, analyze and criticize, even fire and incarcerate. If the police are unwilling to engage, what message is that to the community? As I have said, I will give protesters/rioters whatever a wide berth. But, I keep thinking of those videos of the rioters surrounding and screaming, sometimes, running by and striking random members of the pubic walking or driving in the area. Last I read, most of the attackers were not to be prosecuted. But I am certain, if I was one of the people accosted and went to work with a baseball bat or a pistol, I would be prosecuted. The democrats want to take the strength and freedom of the individual and sacrifice it to the community. A community, as demonstrated by the Portland Police, that will abandon us.
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    The dumb keep getting dumber.What kind of an idiot swings a skateboard at a person with a rifle ? Can we consider this a Darwin's theory moment ?
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    You know, some Canadians dont come across as neutral🤔
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    Blake had a warrant for a rape charge on a 15 year old girl.....piece of shit got what he asked for.
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    I went over to Ratsun.net on FB and read a post by Russ Shackfurd, asking for people to call 911 if they saw a very nice Datsun truck (There was a picture) that had been recently stolen. A number of commenters on the thread admonished that stolen property is not a threat to life and the 911 line should not be used. I understand that property crimes are low priority, but this capitulation to the criminal element is sickening. It is violation of the social contract. To form a cohesive society, we agreed that a third party (the police) enforce the rules adopted by the democracy. But, what happens when the police fail to enforce? When property crimes, city codes (e.g. Don’t shit on the sidewalk) are pushed so far back in the que they become meaningless? On bad days. I hope BL-Anti-Democ ,whatever, achieves their police defunding goal. The police are not protecting me from them.
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    Reading Biden's website it is evident the Democratic party has gone off the rails. I don't care if it is proven that Trump is a shaved chimpanzee, I will still support him. The stuff on Biden's website should scare the hell out of every American. I liked to believe that there are extreme Democrats and extreme Republicans, but how can it be labeled extreme or fringe, when it is presented on the website of the presidential candidate forthe Democratic party?
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    The day he was elected the impeachment crap started,the negativity started from the left.It was a full on attack from day one by ALL Democrats.No cooperation at all,nothing nice to say.The Democrats thought at that point their job was to ruin what the people wanted and got in a fair election.Don't blame all that on Trump because he's not a pushover career politician.He could give a speech asking for unity and the left would tell him to get fucked like they always do.How about Pelosi tearing up a SOTU speech ? That was a great way to unite us huh ? Of all the people in politics we have one that will say the violent protesting/looting/destruction has to stop,Trump.The other side encourages it.
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    our country was more divided with obama then trump most politicians hate trump because he doesnt take any shit and shows them for what they are Covid well its over rated in my book real yes blown out of proportion yes false posotives and even false deaths due to covid again FUCK YES i used to be registered democratic and for the life of me I cant figure out any reason why other then I was to stupid to know any better Trump doesent need this job or the money and he is not accepting a paycheck for it so why do you think he ran for president BECAUSE HE LOVES OUR COUNTRY AND DOESN'T WANT TO SE IT GO TO SHIT cross your fingers if biden gets in there other leaders will be walking him down the paths he chooses because he wont be able to remember what one it was or if it was even his choice
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    Try and tell us how to live and cancel what we enjoy fuck those fucks in the fuck hole Pics bitches
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    I did my headliner this weekend and got new shoes. I'm paying someone to do my visors and should pick them up later this week.
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    Untitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr Only rust on entire truck.
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    4 years and it's finally looking good.
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    Never bring a skateboard to a gunfight.
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    ....and nothing of value was lost....
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    This is exactly how it should be portrayed. Not some sugar coated entry or title intended to shield BLM / ANTIFA from a bad image they had 100% involvement in creating. The type of lawyer speak word crafting done in Wiki and fact checking sites drive me bonkers. Anyone with a middle school reading level can see that its being done too. "OJ Simpson's day was mostly peaceful the night that Nicole Brown Simpson died." Ben Shapiro via Joe Rogan Experience
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    It's likely what DMike was talking about. These people are trying to find ways to divide us and pit us against each other while they sit back and watch the carnage.
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    I dont know how the cops could have not stuffed this, every call to them that involves a dickbag like this is going to end in a lose-lose situation now. Restrain him early, they're racist, profiling a poor innocent black man, try and play it nice and then it escalates out of control. Every cop must be on edge, you got thousands of zombies in a city an hour down the road destroying the place, media stirring up everyone against you and then you get called to a domestic violence incedent, where it appears the so called victim turns on you immediately and the perp has a debilitating case of stupid, all these wankers around filming your every move so they can put it on their twitter feed and be famous, how the fuck cant it go wrong? I am of the opinion that the police really should just pull up, ask if they want help. When they get told "fuck you pig" say "thanks" have nice day and drive away, let them delete themselves from the system. No-one seems to concerned about that sort of thing, actually no-one seems to ask why the cops were in these situations in the first place.
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    My family is registered in Oklahoma and isnt part of the Navajo Nation, but I am happy to read things like this. https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/08/25/navajo-nation-vp-native-americans-werent-invited-american-dream-until-donald-trump-was-elected/
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    Pis are pissing me off. Final product.
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    I did call the non-emergency police line just to confirm they wouldn't send anyone out to take a report - do it online. I've been through this before when I had tools stolen. Might as well write it out on physical paper and then light it on fire 🤷‍♂️ I'd love to go vigilante on this, but don't have the time/resources/arms 😅
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    Honestly I hate theft. In fact I would be perfectly fine with shooting someone trying to rob me. Police defunding goal is nothing about getting rid of the police in reality, they just want to replace the police with their own morality policing based system. This is just the Russian Revolution happening all over again.
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    Sorry that happened. I lived in Cali 89 to 95 going to school in Vallejo. In all honesty the level of crime was appalling and treated like that was just part of life living there. I hauled ass after graduation and swore to never go back. I did go back for a wedding in SF 10 years later and stayed at a B&B on Haight st for the experience. Holy shit! Junkies, homeless and human feces everywhere! I heard it hasn't improved. Life is too short to live like that. My wife and I shift between Fl and Maine. Once we left the Maine house unlocked by accident for 8 months. Nothing was touched. There are still gas pumps that don't need a pin and honor station farms stands that sell produce and eggs. A cooler on the side of the road says EGGS! There are eggs in the cooler, a Tupperware container with cash to make change and leave your money. In Florida or probably anywhere else in 15 minutes there would be no eggs, no cash and no cooler!
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    I lost all of mine in a boating accident
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    I don't think this below is funny at all as it could be true, it took a long time to announce his running mate, maybe deals were being made and that is why it took so long, they find him mentally unable to do the job, and she agrees to step down a short time later well compensated. I think Nov 4th is very important, who ever controls the House and Senate is very important, maybe more than who is elected, it depends on who the winners are on all 3 fronts.
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    well i definitely agree trump likes the power but I also believe he genuinely loves the country
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    I agree with all of this except for the "celebrating atrocities" part.Those statues weren't there for celebrating.I think they need to be there as a reminder to not repeat those mistakes.It's history that shouldn't be forgotten.
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    Here's the thing man, the democratic party of today DOES NOT WANT the type of democrat you are. They don't want the type of democrat Bill Clinton was. Give them enough time and they will be tearing statues of JFK down. There is no room for middle ground in the democratic party. Those days have passed brother.
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    2002? Nothing like a massage from an Epstein accuser during a stopover for fuel for the Lolita Express on way to pedophile island.
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