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  1. You can copy pasta the image directly into the post. That is part of the core support and not something that is easy to find by itself. Replacing the core support entirely is likely an easier job and it looks like that core support isn't that far behind that piece rust wise.
  2. I have those same cable crimpers 😄
  3. Welcome. It is best to run this as a separate system directly from the battery. The stock fuse box is barely rated to handle the systems it has to run already. 70 amp fuse https://www.amazon.com/Large-Blade-Style-Maxi-Auto/dp/B07D2JLC43/ref=sr_1_8?crid=2EZZXRTUZR1NT&dchild=1&keywords=70+amp+fuse&qid=1633923350&sprefix=70+amp+%2Caps%2C244&sr=8-8
  4. Thanks. 🙂 Glad the videos are a help. Edit: Update is... transmission is not transmitting. I think I didn't tight a shifter rail while I was in there. Get to go back in 😐
  5. This thing is really starting to come together. 😄
  6. This is useful in seeing what will fit https://tiresize.com/comparison/ Offset will also be a bit of a factor
  7. Those guys are doing the lords work and you are a saint 😄
  8. How about some pics of the exterior of this beast 🙂
  9. Hey quick question….I’m in the middle of a ka24de swap in my 73 620 what radiator did you use ? Thanks Jim 

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      If you go to (Steve's) ]2eDeYe profile page top center is a blue rectangle box marked MESSAGE. Just saying that if you click on that you can send and receive a private message with him. 

    3. Ljktup


      😊 thanks 

    4. ]2eDeYe


      Ljktup, PM replied.


      Thanks Mike. 

  10. Hey,

    I was wondering if you had a 620 ka24 swap mount bracket kit in stock.


  11. Looks so good, excited to see it with the rest of the panels on there.
  12. Some quality work going on in here. Very nice 🙂
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