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  1. ]2eDeYe

    620 Dash Removal

    Glad I could help. :)
  2. The results of my outlandish exercise... so far. Just the front bit anyways. :) Not really sure about the anything yet just trying to connect the dots, then I have figure out how to make it easy to make lol
  3. ]2eDeYe

    Slamming a 620..

    Ya, I would add another side plate and box it in.
  4. Mike, you shouldn't be hacking youtube channels. lol Looks like they moved it to private while they are getting whatever sorted.
  5. Like I said, you can leave that one at my place when your done with it. lol
  6. Sounds like you might have picked up an ST wheel?. Hard to say without pics though. :P If so, you need the 720 hub to go with it, or I think MOMO has the same 6 bolt pattern.
  7. Weird. Seeing as it is about the only 620 build show anywheres I hope they come back. You know Mike, you got me thinking about the 620's I cut up that never went back together. lol
  8. ]2eDeYe

    Slamming a 620..

    Yep, pick up a piece of pipe in the appropriate size, cut and weld.
  9. ]2eDeYe

    Slamming a 620..

    Pretty much the same as a 720 as far as blocks go. Custom C-notch can be a nice bang eliminator.
  10. I have the alternator bracket design finalized. Will be picking up the plates from the laser cutter this week.
  11. They are available, I need to do another run. Shipping to Australia is pretty expensive. I have someone else asking for parts shipped to Aus as well, maybe I can package them together?
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