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  1. I am really leaning towards buying 2 wrecked leafs, but I have a couple other projects that need to be done first. Or somewhere to put the puzzle together...... 310s are cool too 😄
  2. Oooo this could be a fun game 😄
  3. Do want forklift...and somewhere to park it. lol
  4. Welcome, you will need to make a few more posts to be able to post images. Looking forward to seeing your Datsun treasure.
  5. Sorta glad they weren't around in my youth lol. Gonna try some more video upload stuff in this here project thread 🙂 Indeed I am 😄
  6. Yep, newbie timing chain mistake makes for cheap parts for me. 🙂 I took the plug out, the shop wouldn't touch it lol. Local shop did the valve job.
  7. Welcome, great looking car
  8. This thing is coming inside for some work On the list is a head gasket replacement. I happened to just wrap up getting this head prepped for Beercan, but will save tome using it on Green. Had a small issue before I get started though.
  9. The outside is easily painted. Rockauto has some if it is not working
  10. That is the same 1" master. How do you like it?
  11. Then ya, stock booster is fine. That Willwood master will do the trick.
  12. Stock booster is fine, unless there are space constraints? The 15/16 master is nice, but getting hard to find. There is a 1" wilwood upgrade for the ZX that you can get new for a decent price. Yeah, these engines have huge heads, I think the S15 head is even bigger. Was glad to hear the newer mounts did the trick.
  13. Would have been nice if the put some sealer on the outside lol. Nice pics.
  14. Let me know if you guys need any help here and there. Last time was fun 🙂
  15. I agree Mike, an A-series would be a good option. The older motors are getting harder to find, but there are some guys swapping in newer motors into there J series 520's and 521's. You might be able to find a runner.
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