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  2. Won't pass visual emissions. Actually easier to keep it in working order than remove it Good chance of causing problems removing it. Will run the same with poorer mileage. Gas smell in the cab. Oil needs changing more often and engine dirtier inside.
  3. Went to the yard Saturday morning and pulled the TB's from the 2 nicest looking G35s in the lot. I love the ubiquity of this donor car right now! Interesting that half the donors were missing their TBs too...so this is a common problem. I cleaned the gunk off one, bolted it in, and it fired right up and revved freely! It even set the idle speed automatically and cleared its own codes after warming up. Glad it was this easy! And now I have a backup just in case. Maybe the wet shot a couple inches upstream limits the life of this part.
  4. Wow those heels are way out of style...
  5. datzenmike

    74 610 Goon

    It should, the mounting bolts are vertical. The zx master will move more volume than the smaller 610 master which has to travel farther to do so and may feel mushy. I have a 15/16" on my 710 brake booster with Maxima calipers and love the feel. The S13/14 calipers use a 15/16" master (horizontal mounting bolts) with anti lock brakes and 7/8" without. The calipers are larger than the stock 610 calipers so this should work well.
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  7. One day I have to come out to one of these events. So many fine 510's!
  8. Ray, are those lug nuts 7/16-20, or metric?
  9. Looks good and welcome back I hope you can find another one. I have several I have collected over many years. I got my first in about 79 and still have it and am glad I never sold it. Good luck.
  10. So keep a fresh timing chain in it, $20 every 10-20 years isn't too much to ask.... Besides, if a timing chain breaks, it will bunch up in the bottom the front cover, and destroy a whole lot more than a few valves anyway.
  11. After another engine swap and a wheel swap, I ended up with a fun 510 that I drove for another year before some guy made me an offer to buy it. So I sold it and bought some clunker of a Mazda and never got back to the Datsun brand until this year. So good to be back. Here is how it looked when I sold it.
  12. Some guy had spotted my Datto and decided to offer me his for parts. He had one impounded by the local council for all the parking tickets it owed and he offered me the car for $500 to clear the tickets. So for $500 I got a 510 with a 180B SSS engine and some cool mag wheels with new tyres. Bargain. That brown vinyl roof was pretty cool too.
  13. I can't remember how long it took. I transferred every usable part from my car across to the new shell. A mate of mine helped me to cut the good front end off my orange car and mate it to the new shell to replace the damaged front end. Huge job. I drove the restored car for about a year and then one day I walked out to my car at college and found a note under the windscreen ...
  14. So anyway - dad and I decided to rebuild the car. This was waaaaay before the internet so I had to make telephone calls (!) to wreckers to find a 510 shell. We found one with a damaged front end so that was a good start. There were a few challenges as this was a 1965 model and mine was a '68, so the wipers operated differently (towards each other rather than in synch), the dash was different and the tail lights were smaller. Just meant a few more parts is all. Our front yard looked like this for a while. I did all the work, dad watched.
  15. David Pearson - RIP I saw the Mercury Cyclone that he raced,at the Wood Brothers Racing Musuem,in Stuart,Virginia.
  16. Can't comment specifically on the 200sx ECU, but most prime the fuel system on start up for a second or two. Then when you actually kick it over they'll keep running. Are you getting spark?
  17. xdreaming

    74 610 Goon

    Clutch master cylinder and Slave ordered. Should be here Tuesday. One step closer to solving the puzzle. Hoping to have time to install the clutch pedal/master cylinder this week. Quick question. Is the 280zx brake master interchangeable with 610? Or even s13/s14? Figure I might as well upgrade since I have s14 front brakes now instead the old factory ones
  18. Working 1985 z24 in a 720. Looking for guidance on how to delete emission control. Any help out there?
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