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  2. My 'project' is here started in 2010 and still not ready, to many other Datsun that need my attention.
  3. i used that citrus paint stripper gel on engine bay on my barracuda gasser project and it turned engine bay white and did not wrinkle up like your wheels i wound up using glass media blast to strip off engine bay
  4. i found 2 guys that can paint my 521 but 1 guy won't be able to do it until mid june and i stopped by his place to check out his work on saturday and he has some awesome samples of his work, in fact 2 of his rides go to the severed ties /art of noize events here in phoenix, he has mazda trucks. both guys are aware that i have my paint and supplies and i have shown them pix or they came by to look at my 521 to get a better sense of what needs to be done. both are in same price range also and time frame
  5. i found 2 people who can paint my 521 but 1 guy won't be able to get to it until mid june and it probably won't be ready by the july bbq
  6. Nice to meet you Eric. Where I can see your project ? I have made a request on Facebook group.
  7. Nice to see another C30, i have a 4 door myself, undergoing an sr20(non turbo) swap as well. Used 240z and 280ZX front suspension parts to get vented brakes etc. You should introduce yourself in the C30 register on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033716266700542/
  8. OK, What where and why?
  9. Yeah )) Thanks. Follow my post here. There is a full process of rebuilding.
  10. Thanks. Me too. But its long-time project. Soon we will make this car running the streets (maybe this week). Then it will be totally repainted (about 2 months). And I need to change the rear part of chassis for new one (about 2 weeks maybe less).
  11. Nice car and very good work. Can't wait for the finished product!
  12. Look at your frame on the blue 521 then compare it to a 620 frame. That is not a 521 frame in my opininon.
  13. This head has been milled down some. If you remove 0.060" from a stock head this would remove about 8cc from the combustion chamber making it just a hair smaller than the stock 210 and this would bring your compression back up to over 8.6, and you'd have the larger valves and ports. Accurately measure down from the valve cover surface to the bottom f the head. An uncut head should be 4.248" If less it's been cut.
  14. you don't mean these? They look like they can do the job but do they fit? I tried looking for specs on them but all it says is bore size = 2.013 & inlet/bleeder thread is M10x1
  15. I did not read the thread again so I might have missed something, but something is going on with that cab, it is resting on the frame, it should not be doing that.
  16. Chevy truck steel wheels are wider but not really wide. 16x6.5" You can get steel wheels from Summit Racing in various widths. Or simple steel wheels can be purchased https://www.4wd.com/p/trail-master-tm5-15x8-wheel-with-6-on-5-5-bolt-pattern-gloss-black-tm5-5883/_/R-DHGR-TM5-5883?gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwJwll3UE1KfA38ocvx_j-0h-0xQXl7dhMwX3W4Lf71vYM_qpvEQwfBoCWtMQAvD_BwE&ppcfon=1&gp=1&ef_id=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwJwll3UE1KfA38ocvx_j-0h-0xQXl7dhMwX3W4Lf71vYM_qpvEQwfBoCWtMQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!7836!3!329483539671!!!g!678642011727!&s_kwcid=AL!{7836}!{3}!329483539671!!!g!678642011727!&ecmp=s:google&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping&emlprox=out&ppcfon=1&gp=1
  17. I been looking at a few acura legend brake job videos and its making me think that they might fit. I'll post a few pictures of a side by side caliper tomorrow because i am also curious about the back where it mounts to the rotor. I'll try to look at calipers for a 210 from '79 - 80 and see what i find. Im also going to compare Specs on the datsun b210 caliper VS this acura caliper..... damn you automatically said what I was going to say about them being "for sale?" 😀
  18. I knew something was off. I did a little searching and they are suppose to fit a 2004 Honda to a 1994 acura legend. Im not gonna take a risk on it - im going to return it back but since its memorial day I don't think post offices are open or anyone from rockauto will reply on a weekend/holiday. Here is the ebay link for the same caliper https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Brake-Caliper-Unloaded-Caliper-with-Bracket-Rear-Right-Cardone-Reman/392303383604?epid=76746646&hash=item5b571a9434:g:MtMAAOSwsB9bmCSP&frcectupt=true
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