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  2. Thanks for the report. My wagon is kind of on hold right now. I have another round of health problems I'm dealing with, and my wagon is running and driving well, I don't want to start messing with it. I'm very interested in seeing how your project turns out. Good luck!
  3. Anyone know what it'd cost to ship one from down under to North America?
  4. Manu3l

    1973 Datsun 620

    1973 and rear is what I’m looking for
  5. Kind of like the guy here that posts a new link to YouBoob when ever he puts a new bolt in his GT3 240SX build. Only his skills are not up the level of the Binky guys.
  6. 86720 ST

    idle issue

    I'm having trouble with my truck. I can turn on no problem and run, but as soon as I take my foot off the gas the truck stalls out. Just starting happening when I put cheap gas in it.
  7. Nowhere near finished, but starting to look like an actual guitar now... The body is mahogany with a maple top. still trying to decide if I want to do actual binding on it, or a "faux" binding like this...
  8. Today
  9. Your killing me... that was greaser2s thread. .
  10. Interesting! I’ll definitely look into that if using my stock shifter isn’t an option
  11. You would need to modify the front cover if using the Z24 block or just use the Z24 front cover and modify it so it don't leak oil, the Z22 and L20b have the same block height, and I believe they use the same crank stroke, so one uses the L20b front cover. The LZ23 head gaskets are a pain to make, but I believe that they can be bought on ebay now.
  12. Eric

    1973 Datsun 620

    Use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen? Front or rear? Or both? What year is your truck?
  13. It may take some trial and error to figure out exactly what the ECU needs to communicate with. You can't believe everything you read online either. Most guys out there don't actually care how it runs, or don't ever get it there, so taking advice from these people is not a great idea.
  14. They are also simultaneously working on escargot. The Binky updates have been coming in a bit quicker than before. Also the work they do takes fucking forever. They show you actual build times for some of the pieces they make. Also let’s not pretended they aren’t actually planning any of this out, sourcing parts, researching. It takes time.. lots of time. It’s not gas monkey garage with fake tv deadlines.
  15. I do a lot of LS swaps in Toyota Land Cruisers and sometimes the customer opts to use an aftermarket shifter, but sometimes they want to keep the original Toyota shifter. The reason I bring this up is because you could probably use a generic floor shifter from someone like https://www.lokar.com/ . I bet that the shift detents are in a similar range but the geometry may require some math. When I use a Toyota shifter with a GM hydromatic trans, I simply lengthen the Toyota shift arm to the length required to match the throw of the arm on the trans.
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