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  2. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Obviously that's how its replaced. All I am saying is the book tells you to install the rear main seal before putting the cap on. Why? I have no fucking idea but I can only assume because it's easier?
  3. datzenmike

    720 turn signal

    Try spray cleaning first. Some claim the high beans take a minute or more to come on. It's just the old grease.
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  5. Select a free picture hosting site such as, but not limited, to...imgur. Take and store your pictures there. When needed go back copy the picture information, come here and paste into your post. Only thing I ask is to NEVER EVER use Photobucket the bane of the internet.
  6. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    Not red hot just hot. Engine gets hot and silicon plug wires are good to 400-500F?. What are you supposed to do if the seal needs replacing later take the engine out and apart? take crank out put seal on then assemble the cap? Pretty sure they just tap in and seat. The outer edge is steel and a press in fit just like the transmission and front crank seal. Put in last using a piece of pipe the same diameter so it fits over the crankshaft and hammer lightly till seated all the way in
  7. d.p

    My 1971 521

    Yeah maybe it is trying to install the seal before the cap but thats what the book says to do. I read that as well but wondering what, if anything, heat would do to the silicone sealant? Meaning apply sealant, heat block drop rear main cap in?
  8. Yes and I have not figured out how to post pics on here yet
  9. I was referring to the above years. But yes November '82, this will be an '83 model year truck, and on, used the C 200 only in the 4x4. All 2wd and 4x4s before this used the H-190. But I noticed that the pinion and joke for the driveshaft changed on 4x4 H-190s in or around '82? I put an early H-190 out of a 4x4 and my 620 driveshaft would not bolt up. I couldn't swap the yoke because the pinion spline also changed. There were HUGE changes in the 720 in 11'82. Z24 and Z20 engines available, no more four speeds, locking torque converters on automatics, round dash gauges, larger calipers and vented rotors, tail lights moved up into corners of the box, vents no longer in the hood, different grill......
  10. No, just a shave. Up here in the woods of Vancouver Island we call that clear cutting.
  11. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    The rear cap is snug but there are thousands out there and they DO fit. Often you have to use a puller to lift it out or wiggle a lot. Why not do the opposite and warm the block with a torch to widen the gap and drop the 'cold' cap in???
  12. I question the quality of a cheap $100 distributor from China. In addition it doesn't mention needing to replace the coil. To me this means that this only removes the points and does not increase the spark voltage. The Nissan EI has a matching coil for higher output. If you have a single points distributor get the Pertronix and keep your distributor.
  13. If this works leave it. Looks like '83 and up 720 or early Hardbody brakes. What's the point of switching to coils?
  14. B50 with air refueling mods? Looks like a concept for the KC97 as modified by the Air National Guard . The Guard pulled jet engines off bone yard B50s and installed them on their KC97s in order to keep up with jet fighter refueling without having to refuel in a dive configuration. The KC97 wings were just like the B50 down to piping for the add on jet engines.
  15. If "it works" then why change ? "I just want it" is a poor reason.
  16. Better post a picture of it because I don't think it's a '69 engine, somethings whack. Is the distributor on the driver's side?
  17. Does look a little like Linda. Those pants... mid '70s???
  18. The ARP bolts arrived yesterday, they look perfect for the application with the girdle. The bearings should be here next week according to the tracking. The 3D printer should be here too pretty soon. I'll be printing the girdle first so I can test fit it. I'll look how it fits with the counterbalances on the crankshaft, and how the oil pickup works with it.
  19. It not the distributor with 8 wires but it has dual points but only one condenser
  20. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    The freeze will only shrink it so much, the freezer at work for shrinking was set at -80deg.... by the time you make it to the engine block it will have warmed up.... I did mine with a dead blow mallet and just tapped it into place... not really sure why this is giving you problems.... You can definitely use bolts as a guide , Don't use them to actually pull the cap down.... Maybe the seal is part of your issue getting the cap in straight I would just get the cap installed and do the seal after......
  21. I don’t know if the engine been replaced at some point but it’s unlikely because the truck had a 1978 tag on it when I got it🤔
  22. Hey. I bought a 620 last summer and had an awesome time ripping around in it. This winter I've been messing around with a few things and I finally decided to take a look at the previous owner's suspension modifications. He did a ball joint and disc brake conversion on the front end. The way he did the ball joint conversion is a little unusual. He hacked up an upper control arm off a 720, then welded in an extra inch or so from a second control arm so it would reach the spindle. He also shimmed the whole thing where it bolts on to keep it from fouling on the upper shock mount. Pictures of the whole setup below.... https://imgur.com/a/HjeeDr3 https://imgur.com/a/oJMUTMm Anyway, my question is would it be possible to order some Beebani uppers and mounts off Ebay and do the coilover swap given the modifications the previous owner already did? Would the Beebani upper control arm work with the spindle my truck has on it now? Is there any other reason it might not work with the parts I have now?
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