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  2. Holy shit you guys. Sorry for the colossal waste of time here. Wanted to admit my fault before deleting this thread. Was indeed looking at the diesel engine info... Stupid mistake
  3. Well in the retracted position, yes. The return spring will hold it retracted.
  4. I think what I just did is redundant though because the negative terminal on my battery goes directly to the body before ending at the thermostat housing
  5. ah yes. Not an item that actually takes away affirmed freedoms. Remember driving is a “privilege” if driving was a constitutional right like the 2nd amendment then you better believe every foamer would be screaming how it’ needs to be taken away. but the corporations dictate the rage arrow. Cars companies won’t become an issue or called a detriment to our people.
  6. Nope negative terminal to body equals no change
  7. okay, I was supposed to measure the free play when the slave was empty tho right?
  8. Who built the Corvair and the Pinto??? A lot of the auto, aircraft, food and drug industry could be said to be against the safety of our people when it comes to making a profit.
  9. just checked and no sound of rubbing. when installing the slave, I was supposed to measure the 2mm of free play when there was no fluid in the cylinder, correct? Cuz right now, there's no free play but I would think that's because I can't push the rod any further cuz its filled with fluid?
  10. Ok I've cleaned and reattached the negative terminal to body ground still no dice so ill do this valve cover to ground and see where we are
  11. There may be a reason for including a new push rod. Compare them. Again the push rod is adjustable for play so not that important. With the engine running and clutch pedal down, slowly shift into reverse. Is there any slight sound of the gears 'rubbing'? If there is then the clutch is not fully disengaged. There are many causes for this.
  12. Even with the Z series front case half swapped on it's 5.5" too long and no way to shorten it. You would have to shorten the drive shaft.
  13. Red heads.... From a parallel alien civilization that bred them for sex slaves. One of the intergalactic trading transports malfunctioned and crashed on earth millennia ago and several escaped the damaged containment fields and escaped into the wild human population. Naturally they were uniquely gifted and prolifically inserted their DNA into the human genome while the ships crew, that survived, died out. All red heads today come from those few survivors.
  14. So from my understanding the 280z transmission is longer right?
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