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  2. thisismatt

    Need new batttery for 510 goon project - size?

    Sure. They come in most of the normal sizes. Like you said, maybe just get something temporary and wait til the motor is in.
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  4. I don't think I have ever had an AGM battery but looks like the way to go. And since I am doing a VG33 swap, I don't want to spend a lot on a really good battery now only to find it won't fit later.☹️ It's also a wagon so I want to keep the battery in the stock location rather than relocate to the rear and inside the car.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6389181/Hero-nurse-shares-photos-burnt-truck-driving-blaze.html "A heroic nurse has been gifted a new truck by Toyota after he shared photos of the burnt vehicle he drove into a California wildfire in order to save patients."
  6. carterb

    B-Sedan replica car - building the Orangeboom car

    I love it! Thanks for sharing and glad you are getting back into racing with a 510! Good luck with your project. My dad has a massive beer can collection. I'll have to see if he has any Oranjeboom. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oranjeboom_Brewery --carter
  7. nikklez

    Dash Restoration

    @colourboxI have the same dash and was wondering how did you get it off? I unscrewed 8 screws from the under side of the dash and it still doesn't want to come off. The driver side can be pulled off but from the center of the dash to the passenger, no budge. Thanks in advance. http://
  8. https://www.ebay.com/i/112599511030 Better? I searched "silicone hose vacuum fitting" and found some other stuff too
  9. Tried to clean everything up as I put it back together - like removing the mold from the rear seat. Looks much better now. Installed a gas pedal (didn't have one) Then fiddled with the rear brakes and adjusters some more to see if I could get them unstuck. In the process, I found that the old LSD just ain't what she used to be. http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2018_11/11032018_green_fj_(1).MOV.84f82ae049df9945571d39bf7f74f407.MOV http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2018_11/11032018_green_fj_(2).MOV.22ba80b35f6381ae4e9df3ddedf85191.MOV We'll have to deal with that another time. For now, it's back on its tires and ready to roll.
  10. Okay, come on memory... What happened next? Oh yeah, found this little doohicky at Napa. Perfect size and enough hose to do it twice in case I screw up the first time! Got it all back together and leak tested it and it looks great! But the valvetrain seems to make a bit more noise that I would like. http://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2018_11/10312018_green_fj.MOV.d01a35add6428bb5c6dabbff782b3b9c.MOV With advice from Ray Stonehocker, I checked the valve clearances - looking for an outlier. If anything, a couple of the intake valves are a little tight, but nothing should be loose and making a racket. I also checked to make sure everything up top is getting oiled. I ran the car for a couple seconds without the cam cover on. I can now assure you that the oiling system is working as designed! (where are all my rags) I did some reading on timing chain rattle which is common on the FJ and there is a pretty well documented ratcheting tensioner from Mazda that people have adapted to fix the issue but this isn't on startup - although that problem exists as well. I may be running slightly thinner oil (10W30) than recommended (20W50) so that could play a small part, but after talking to a few different people, I don't think I'm in danger of hurting anything so... Let's put this car back together and go for a drive!
  11. datzenmike

    720 king cab healights/dahlights dont work

    I do too. You can convert it to work with a later water cooled intake by drilling two small holes and the square exhaust ports will work nicely with the earlier L16 cast iron header. What I meant by no advantage was if you already have the W58, changing to a U67 just isn't worth the bother.
  12. Duncan

    Tach surround idea

  13. thisismatt

    Need new batttery for 510 goon project - size?

    I know how that is. I got the AGM in my 521 at least 4 1/2 years ago and it still cranks it great after sitting a month between starts.
  14. thisismatt, thanks for the recommendation for O'Reilly's AGM battery, I will keep it in mind - for now I need to spend as little as possible for a battery until the project is done (in a year or so) and I can budget a new good battery when I am daily driving. Until then - I will have to get a less expensive option just to have juice in the car for wiring, troubleshooting etc.(Walmart $49.88) Here's where I am at now...
  15. thisismatt

    New 320 owner, 62?

    I believe they were zinc plated originally. I have some originals but can't remember exactly how they look. They had clear tubing over them to prevent clanking/rattling and damage. Currently I'm using black bicycle tube(ing) over mine, with a hole punched in the middle bottom to prevent holding water in the folded/upright position.
  16. Charlie69

    521 J13 frame and L16 frame the same?

    On my 1966 520 I cut the J13 mounts off of the frame. Cut the steel mounts out of a 1980 720 frame. I bolted these to the L20B and set it and a 5 speed transmission in my 66 520 and aligned everything up making sure I had the center line of the crankshaft on line with the center of the 520 frame. My brother welded the 720 mounts onto the frame of the 520. When I went to the 1980 chassis later for my 66 520 I cut the engine mounts off of the frame of the 520 and my brother welded them back into the 720 720 frame but we pushed the engine and transmission back a 1/2" for more electric fan clearance. This was possible because we had already done a custom firewall to my 520. This is all covered in my 520 build thread.
  17. thisismatt

    mrbigtankers 521

    Um, that evening? Usually goes about a week before a cleaning...
  18. Mazda Jon

    H-190 Nismo LSD

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I have 2 H-190 complete Nismo LSD’s for sale. #1. 4.37 complete diff, 23 spline axles all setup ready to go $1000 #2. 3.88 complete diff, 23 spline needs to be setup. $1000 #3. Parts diff. Side cover broken and spider gears broken. $500 I have a few other parts, 4.37 R/P, alum welded diff 4.66, alum housing no diff, couple small boxes misc parts. Buyer pays shipping from 80433. Interested in everything, let’s make a deal and I’ll put it all on one pallet. Shipping by truck can be cheap. Updated racecar from H-190 center section to a complete quick change.


  19. wayno

    Making L320 rear bumperettes

    Yes I could do that, but I would not hold my breath on them making it right.
  20. carterb

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Alternative to BAT 521 above https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/d/datsun-pickup/6748594958.html Complete with Z24 + 5spd and 720 front suspension for $2,500
  21. wayno

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Most truck drivers do not like hearing the chains rattle around in the bed so they put water hose or clear hose over the chain so it doesn't hit metal and make noise. OK, I have 2 different 521 chains, one has red on the hooks on each end but nothing on the chain links, the other one has blue on the hooks on each end and has very little blue left on a few of the links, but it could have been painted by the owner of the truck at some point. If you do not want to paint them then I would find some galvanized chain and use that, at least it will not rust right away and stain the bed below it.
  22. Toybomber

    New 320 owner, 62?

  23. Charlie69

    720 king cab healights/dahlights dont work

    I firmly believe the U67 head to be the best all around L20B head for a daily driver.
  24. Charlie69

    1983.5 4x4 - retirement truck

    Yes I think they are just under 17" diameter. I will measure one of mine tomorrow. I keep forgetting to take my camera to where I have my 85 720 ST parts truck stored. Maybe tomorrow.
  25. 320 Newb

    Making L320 rear bumperettes

    Wayno, if Zorro makes it right and the bumpers are a good match would you sell me a set from you 10 pack?
  26. 320 Newb

    New 320 owner, 62?

    Seems like that'd just be a recipe for getting chipped up to shit. I've got the original bed chains and there's def no OG paint on them. They just have a light rust patina. Any suggestions on what to do with the chains for a stock look? Powder coating to match the truck color? Zinc plating? Black chassis paint?
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