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  2. I can make them but no one wants to pay the $1200.00 it takes to cover my expense and time.
  3. Zonargx

    1971 Datsun 521

    so it does seem to be above lever not sure if that faded line is where it is suppose to be at
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  5. Would someone give me the link for swapping dipsticks tubes from the rear hole to the front hole? I just wanna make sure I think I know what I am doing....

  6. Is anyone fabbing up intake manifold for sidedraft ka24e yet?
  7. Bi-Bs meet Close Encounters of the Third Kind. North East Wyoming.
  8. pull the small starter wire and see if you get 12volts with the key in start. A test light will work also. to me its a weak selinoid try lugging up a female connector and wire and put on the selinoid tab. then take the other end of wire and put on + side battery. starter should engage.(hope you have in Nuetral). If don't work it has to be the starter selinoid. if works then weak key switch signal(weak voltage) then best to add a hot start relay wiggle the back of the key switch connecter, maybe that will help
  9. Is the small Black/Yellow 'start' wire loose? 1/ Try jumping from the + battery lug on the starter to the start wire. If the starter works then there's no, or poor signal, from the ignition switch. As so often happens on old wiring there is enough of a voltage drop that the solenoid on the starter won't work with it. Both my 710s had below 8 volts on the start signal and starting was hit or miss. This is because battery power has to travel along the length of the harness and through multiple plugs to the ignition switch and then back out to the starter. Easily 18-20 feet. The fix is a hot start relay using the weak signal to power a relay that uses 12v directly from the battery to work the solinoid. 2/ If the starter does not work by jumping the start wire then the starter solenoid is at fault.
  10. Ok.. So I changed my fan belt and now the Damn truck won't turn over. I mean. Not even a click. But I can start it by arcing the starter with a screw driver. Battery is good, truck ran great before I changed the fan belt. It is a L18 with an petronix ignition installed by Hainz years ago. And up until now never an issue. So any help or direction would help. Thanks
  11. Find out what will fit and work on your vehicle. By fit I mean the proper offset and diameter so the rim does not poke the tire out past the fender. Because if lowering or not lowering you will ALWAYS eventually hit a bump where the body comes down on the tire. This ruins the body and will cut a groove all the way round the tire's tread. Select a rim and tire size that fit's inside the fender, and yes it takes some thought but when done right it's looks fabulous. If you have 6 bolt rims look at 6 bolt rims. Mazda, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Toyota, other Nissans and more had them so lots of after market or factory mags to choose from. Don't look outside your league at a super model girlfriend or you'll be doing all the compromising. You can't tell where it pinches by looks alone. Always buy sensible shoes.
  12. Good tool to have. A bit noisy though... I use mine about once a week.
  13. Really the DUMBEST I seen on here a LONG TIME AGO was a guy who took a mint stock 510 and sawzalled the fender wells to fit some bigger wheels cause get got them cheap or really FREE
  14. Where does nun porn fit? I mean it's got to be fairly common. How many, when they were like 15, idly watched Sister Francis's hips and breasts push out against her habit outlining piece by piece an incredible body as she moved around, just like the erection in your pants.... and wondered if she were naked underneath?
  15. The worst possible thing is to be a staunch supporter of any party. It leads to turning a blind eye to their shenanigans and little by little YOU are corrupted in your choosing also. It empowers them to do more and more wrong and know they won't be held accountable by their supporters. Always support the party closest to your position and/or what's best for your country in the future, no matter the party. Never be satisfied, always complain and always ask the hard questions. A political party is only as good as the last promises they kept in the last election. No one should care who did what right more than 4 years ago, that was just doing their job, and besides....that was then. NEVER forget what any politician did wrong in your name or others in the past, as he can't be trusted in the future. When it comes to wrong, learn from the past, right is a perishable commodity and needs constant affirmation in the now.
  16. yenpit

    510 Door Seal

    I've heard nothing but GOOD about DatSport & the quality of their rubber parts............ 😎 We have to use Precision front & rear glass seals on our 240Z vintage race cars, cuz I don't think anybody else makes them. They fit fair, the corners pucker & don't fit great, and although our cars look great, we simply use the Precision seals cuz they do "work" ok for us!
  17. I meant to post this last time I was here. For anyone wanting to do this (or similar) with a weber, you can find the carb template on my site. You should be able to print it out 1:1 as a pdf to use it as a template. http://www.bluehandsinc.com/weber-adapters.html
  18. Duncan

    1200 wheel alert

    If I still had a 1200, I would buy these in a heartbeat.. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/wto/d/rosemead-work-equip-01-jdm-wheels-rims/7208912185.html
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