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  2. I'm kind of sad COVID kept them from doing a full resto.
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  4. I think mine are in as good, if not better, shape than that. Would like to try to get them close to factory fresh, though.
  5. Thanks, Mike. First thing I did was inspect the studs. All are fine. The threads all looked and felt good. I was able to finger start them and they all torque down to spec with no issues. I plan to keep an eye on them.
  6. Very simple indeed. The bed is so straight. Next will be the cab of course.
  7. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    Ok, thanks, for your help.
  8. whaaaat up matt, how ya been man?

  9. The whole build is awesome, but I still marvel at that work to relocate the gas door access and how well it was done.
  10. Hey Mike, Look what i found. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fGRgTpQzG420STqs5HerD3WgRPnt78v7/view?usp=sharing It is right by the firewall seal above the left side of the clutch pedal. Interestingly enough, the car wouldn't start with the tach in series unless I bypassed the resistor
  11. I never noticed until you pointed it out, but it's little touches like that that take it to the next level.
  12. demo243

    Dual Weber L20B

    If you are looking at Webers Pierce Manifolds if your go to source. As has been mentioned, if you can find a Mikuni shorty manifold that will help with clearance issues.
  13. Not sure whether to post this in my 620 thread or here since I am thinking about carb'ing the truck... but since this is the car that is carb'ed already, and if there is a big performance gain it would end up on this car, Ill post it here... Its more of an info dump for future reference... but also a thought on possible bigger carb options for this car. Gone down a bit of a rabbit hole in the last 24 hours on other carb options. Mikuni PHH carbs are getting harder to find... and you can still get OER Carbs new from Japan... but was curious what else is out there... Saw in another thread on here about using Mikuni Bike Carbs - In particular the HSRs - which are available in a 45 and 48mm. http://www.mikunipower.com/HSR01.htm Some info on them here --- although FYI it sounds like this guy stiff'ed a number of people... http://www.v-performance.com/products/air_fuel.html Some quick rough measurements and it looks like the rubber mounting bracket for the HSR 45s should bolt up directly to a Weber DCOE/Mikuni PHH compatible manifold --- and the 48's might bolt directly to my other manifold with the Nissan rubber isolators. There is also the possibility of running Keihin's as big as 51mm which could be a great alternative to a set of VERY expensive Mikuni PHH50s... I know there are a few other threads on here about these, but not to much out there in terms of running them on Cars... Did see a few draw through turbo/supercharger set ups which could be interesting.... Anyway... rambling a bit... Cost of the HSRs seems to be pretty similar to buying a set of OERs from Japan, so may not be worth pursuing... but an interesting Idea to keep a Mikuni product on the car.
  14. Calf Datsun over charges on a lot of stuff Mikunis are better but are over 30yrs old whats out there, They have better drivability circuts Webers DCOE are still made and 40mm would be best for the street. various places sells the whole kiy so maybe be cheaper from another dealer
  15. If he's only lifting Datsuns then I wouldn't worry at all.
  16. Suki68

    Dual Weber L20B

    My son likes the looks of the side drafts and he has the money from saving up. California Datsun said they would fit with smaller horns. I like the looks of a single carb side draft. Not really sure what to do.
  17. Sorry for no report on progress, been moving everything around in the garage to get some masionary work done. Got to try to get the fella back the beginning of July to finish in the garage area. Then make some room to get back on things. I did get a couple of old arcade machines moved the other side of the downstairs out of the garage, so now I have room to set up a bench and move my L20b motor parts over to it out of the way. I'll report back later. Was Now Was Now
  18. Inspect the threads on those studs. When a rim comes off it twists and rattles around on the threads. You don't want a repeat. I think the capacitor is only for noise suppression for the radio.
  19. I see the black car there... gonna need an update Jeff.
  20. Go on line and buy them for $14 CDN.... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Datsun-Emblem-1600-Pick-Up-Truck-Emblems/264690926435?hash=item3da0cf0363:g:72MAAOSwyp5eikre&vxp=mtr
  21. amazing work. I wish I had those skills
  22. I don't, but I have found that I can buy one off ABE or a popular online auction site for around $20. I've found it well worth it for the lovely schematics that fold out to a usable size and with the paper book your screen never times-out. 🙂 OK, just over $20 at present. Totally worth it though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Datsun-Model-210-Series-Service-Shop-Repair-Manual-Model-B310-Series/332506628759?hash=item4d6af08297:g:IGUAAOSwWLBaPWWt https://www.ebay.com/itm/1980-Datsun-210-Factory-Service-Manual/303552010000?hash=item46ad1c1710:g:uVgAAOSwqNdepraw
  23. Consider: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Drawing-Illustration/Markers/Molotow-Liquid-Chrome-Marker/p/LC101225 Keith
  24. Is that driveway concrete really safe for a two post lift? 😬
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