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  1. Less than 50%, you should be good lol Plus that is way too far out to trust any sort of forecast. 🙂
  2. Yes, it is very easy, you just need longer bolts. The front and rear lengths are different or something was different, it was a long time ago.
  3. You should be able to grab a downpipe and flange from a hardbody.
  4. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Was just thinking you would know for sure before going aftermarket ECU
  5. Do you mean the core support or the radiator sides are coming off?
  6. I got mine from a Nissan specific auto wrecker.
  7. I talked to erichwaslike he is the one that was making the flanges. He isn't making them any longer. I can make some if there is a demand. 🙂
  8. Welcome, best thing to modernize is upgrade to disc brakes. Got any pics?
  9. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Can you piggy back a gauge on the same o2?
  10. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Might be worth getting another o2 sensor and a gauge to see what is happening. Maybe you just need a Cat lol
  11. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Thanks for the feedback. Any codes on the ECU at all?
  12. Here is one of the seams I mentioned
  13. The latest update. My new exhaust parts showed up. I got my transmission back together and installed and tried all the suggestions on the internet to seal my t-case. Added a sight tube to the t-case so I can tell if all the gear oil leaked out lol. oh and because this thing is in work and I will be taking a motorhome camping this year we took Nuffs new Toyota Corolla scouting.
  14. Yes O2 is pretty much required on an OBD2 system.
  15. 60psi minimum from memory. I believe the fuel rail is regulated to 40-50 psi stock, but that is a guess, the service manual will give you an operation pressure range for testing the regulator. You do have a service manual for your motor? I have been running this pump from a ranger with my dual cam since my original swap in my red 620. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/crt-p74028/make/ford/model/ranger
  16. Did you recently rebuild the engine? They will puff a bit of blue until they are broke in. There are body seams under the cowl and fender that let water into the cab. No seam sealer back then.
  17. I too like magazines, miss them. I got a subscription to cartoons magazine to feed that and the latest issue is Datsuns. 😄
  18. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Looking forward to hearing your results. I have the same style header going on my green truck and would like . Replied to your PM. The hardbody transmission is a good option for a 71C
  19. ]2eDeYe

    620 KA24DE

    Beebani's kit still uses the stock 620 centerlink The 240sx dual cam engine is front sump only and can only be converted to a rear sump with a custom pan. I offer engine mounts that are shorter. The front sump will clear if you flip the center link. You can use the jeep inserts as suggested by klam07. What transmission are you using?
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