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  1. Haha, didn't catch that the first time through. Class of 92 here, was supposed to graduate in 91, but was having too much fun doing other things lol.
  2. ]2eDeYe

    Motor swap

    I believe it is about the same height as an L series, just a bit more girth.
  3. Love these cars, can't wait to see what you do to it. 😄
  4. ]2eDeYe

    Motor swap

    The 520 motor mounts are configured a lot differently than the later trucks. The easiest way would be to cut off the stock frame side mounts and get the frame plates from a 521/620 welded in the correct position and use my mounts for the 521 swap. The next easiest would be just to fab all new motor mounts. Wayno, the SR is about double the volume of a J13, maybe more with a turbo manifold.
  5. That vintage Cali plate is awesome. Disc brakes are the best upgrade you can do to these trucks. There is a 620 wheel thread around here somewhere.
  6. I was going to suggest row52.com but the closest 720 is in S. Carolina.
  7. I just wanted to stop in and say, Great tech thread. :)
  8. What is that gearbox doing to that poor strut? lol
  9. What build are we funding now? 😄
  10. Looks good, if nothing else you can call it a mockup for testing lol
  11. Turbo diesel powah! 😄
  12. I have seen this little car parked off Smokey Point Blvd for a while. First it was there and not there like any daily. Then one day it was parked in a different spot and sat for a while, a while later a tarp covered it and there it sat. I had got to missing The Celica and Shonuff was pestering me about getting another thrasher. I decided to see what the story was on this one. Story goes, about 30 yrs ago a couple immigrate to the US, they get this car as their first car. Kids grow up and learn to drive in it and then the daughter had a bit of a kerfuffle in it. Perfect base for our purposes. I purchased it March 2018 for probably too much lol. So meet The Beercan, or Sunny the Donut Machine. 😄 Merely a flesh wound. Not a bad little runner :) I drove the thing to Nuffs work and he drove it the rest of the way out to his place. Surprisingly it drove straight really straight. Fucking thing vibrates like crazy though as the output on the trans and pinion are toast. So there it sat until this weekend (the snow finally melted) Used a 411 wheel to drive it out, the original wheel was a bit warped. Time for some entertainment value. Our puller for the day Door open, much success. It also closes lol. Anyone interested in some interior pieces? The seats are trash unfortunatley We were able to pull the side out far enough to stop the wheel from rubbing. CJ approved. Already drifting lol Lets go do some testing, does burnouts and still vibrates lol. Little bit of a trail test. I already located a door and a possibly a quarter panel but I think I will wait for a straighter one of those. Some interesting stuff in that yard. Weird hooks on this re-skinned gate. If anyone is interested in the A14 let me know. I have other plans for this thing :) Also Shonuff picked up a cheap Celica that will be built to thrash as well. I forgot to take pics of them parked together, but it is in the background in one of those pics. The Celica - RIP to the OG.
  13. Great looking truck B)
  14. Welcome back 😄 Glad to see you still have the 521.
  15. Not sure how long these will last...
  16. That was the plan anyways. I don't have room for anymore stuff. lol
  17. So there was a feller at the meet that I met. Said his name on ratsun was thatsoon and he was locked out of his acct. If that is you and you are reading this, email me at stepfor@hotmail.com :)
  18. Naners nabbed it. :)
  19. I am in Marysville and can come get it.
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