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  1. ]2eDeYe

    1983 720 4x4 King Cab Build Thread

    If you are fixing the floors anyways I would cut that out and add new metal. Great looking truck BTW B)
  2. ]2eDeYe

    Sr20 swap alternator options

    PM Sent
  3. ]2eDeYe

    620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets

    I don't know if this would work in the 720. If you got me some measurements from a 720 cross member I could check. I don't have VG mounts, yet. Hobo has a VG I am going to play with at some point. Not quite ready for that yet though.
  4. I moved this thread over here to allow adding of other peoples swaps using my mounts and to help address all the little issues that come up during this swap. This is the link to the ad in the classifieds. http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/item/5568-620-ka24-engine-swap-mounts/ Here is Version 4.0 of my KA24-620 Swap brackets. The mounts are a 3/4" drop from the factory KA mounts. They will fit the KA24E and KA24DE with stock 620 rubber motor mounts and allow you to bolt the KA to your 620. These mounts require the later style 620 rubber motor mount for the L20B. You will still have to deal with the center link flip/ oil pan clearancing with the 240 DE swap and any other transmission issues due to your choice of transmission. This is not required when using a truck KA. If you run a 720 5-speed from behind a Z-series motor it should bolt to the stock transmission mount at the stock crossmember location. I also have a MAF and Fuel Pump Bracket available. All parts are steel, powder coated black and ready to install. New Fuel Pump Bracket installed. Reference links for the KA swap. How to wire a KA, CA, SR, and VG into anything KA24E into a 620 KA24DE into a 620 Tapered Insert Info - Flipping the Center link.
  5. ]2eDeYe

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    It's always best to install the engine and transmission as a package. Once they are positioned and all mounts are installed loosely you can then tighten everything up. Not doing that can result in bolts not going in and fighting one side or the other. It also helps to use brand new rubber mounts and with the 720 mounts you have to grind off the little clocking nub.
  6. ]2eDeYe

    Sr20 swap alternator options

    It actually mounts the alternator up high, above the ac pump, on the other side. I have a bracket to relocate the stock alternator 1" up, just waiting for Jeff to make a couple prototypes. :)
  7. ]2eDeYe

    620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets

    Thanks for the info. So the L would be 0 deg, the Z seires 11 deg and then the KA would be 14 or 8 deg... interesting.
  8. ]2eDeYe

    620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets

    New cross member for the 620 KA and SR swap.
  9. ]2eDeYe

    620/720 KA24 Motor Mount brackets

    Sorry I didn't see this, notifications are behaving oddly. What did you need the spacers for? Guys have been using the 620 mounts for the 720 for a while now without any issues. Did you use the 720 rubber isolators?
  10. ]2eDeYe

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    New cross member for the 620 KA SR swap.
  11. ]2eDeYe

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    Finally have a production run done. SR20DE to 620 Motor Mounts. Other than these mounts and relocating the alternator, this swap is the same as the 240SX KA24 swap.
  12. False alarm, I suck at dates. I will be in NY the weekend before lol
  13. ]2eDeYe

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Schematics for PSU?
  14. So, I will be in NY on the 23rd :(
  15. ]2eDeYe

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Oh, to have that much room for dattos
  16. ]2eDeYe

    Recently acquired Datsun 810/Maxima help please?!

  17. I always wondered how they got them in there. Free porn will do it every time I guess. Must be a Norman Bates type running the place. lol
  18. ]2eDeYe

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    You could use some round rod to follow the edge of the fender lip on the inside.
  19. ]2eDeYe

    pic of your dime

    You can copy paste the image directly into your post. Cute kid. Love the stripe package.
  20. ]2eDeYe

    85 720 carbs

    Best bet is to find a wiring diagram for both carbs and then it will be pretty easy to adapt.
  21. ]2eDeYe

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Nice score, excellent patina 😄
  22. ]2eDeYe

    Help! 1981 Datsun 720 King Cab Transmission

    Welcome :) Is the transfer case there?
  23. ]2eDeYe

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    That looks awesome. Maybe just a little lower lol
  24. ]2eDeYe

    620 front suspension and steering

    My SAS 4x4 with 35"s has a better turning radius than my lowered truck if that helps. lol
  25. ]2eDeYe

    Titan wheels.

    I used the second picture. They are just Nissan acorn style nuts.

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