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  1. Shifters in both of my trucks are in the stock 5-speed location with the 720 transmissions.
  2. This is a 720 5-speed transmission. I don't have measurements for these, maybe someone has one laying around to measure. I am pretty sure the 620/720/D21 shifters are in the same position though. 720 to 620 transmission. Here are a few pics from one of the guys doing a swap. This is a 240SX to D21 comparison.
  3. If you select the pic and copy it, you can paste it in the reply window. :) Nice looking truck, great patina and stock sticker package. B)
  4. All my parts can be sold individually :)
  5. Being in Cali, there is also the possibility of locating parts at the junkyard, 720's are still showing up here and there. Should be able to get a shroud there if you keep an eye out. Row52.com is good for searching car-parts.com is good as well.
  6. 1980 720 is a funny year, it is the only year with an L20B, 81 and up are Z series motors. The later radiator should bolt up to the truck, the upper hose will need to route to the other side, may even be able to use that stock hose. They are available through rockauto, so you should be able to get one locally as well. The shroud isn't critical, but it does help with the efficiency of the cooling system overall. Are the big white wires how they tapped into the ignition switch wiring?
  7. KA pretty much bolts right in lol.
  8. Some pics from yesterday. :)
  9. Any pics of the front end modifications to run the miata hubs and ball joints?
  10. They are a fairly new product. PM sent. I have SR mounts available for sale, but they are different than these. This is part of the reason I do the giveaways, welcome :)
  11. Decided it is about time for another give away. This time it's a set of 620 KA24 Motor mounts. This will be motor mounts and transmission crossmember. I will have to charge for shipping this time, US shipping is $20.00, outside US will add an amount dependent on your location so be aware. Post in this thread to win, I will be using a random number generator to select the winning post one month from today; 08/16/2019 5:00 PM Pacific time If you post more than once in the thread, I will only use the number from your first post so the odds of winning will be 1 per posting member. My only requirement if you win, well more of a request, is that you post a build thread using them here on the forums, ratsun.net. Of course if you win them and don't own a 620 or don't plan to do a swap, well.... I guess that's ok. Sell them for some other Datsun parts $. :) Good luck :)
  12. With the electric fan, the thermostatic switch will be different from the sending unit for the temperature gauge. It may be located inline on the lower radiator hose.
  13. ]2eDeYe

    72 620 barn find

    Looks great. B)
  14. Sorry for all the likes, just got caught back up. Awesome pics, can't wait to see the wing on there.
  15. That red really pops. Those jeep wheels with the infiniti logos have that stock look about them, well done all around. Looking forward to the track pics.
  16. I googled N10 and it came back with 310 pics lol.
  17. This is a fan clutch car?
  18. Amazing how some people don't like to include labor and are offended when it is part of the price... :)
  19. Wow, maybe I should clean mine up a bit lol. Who am I kidding, mine would never be that clean. 😄
  20. My 2 current favorite threads. 😄
  21. lmao Sorry to bring FB over here.. lol
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