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  1. I have stickers finished. They are even Bleach approved :D $3 for one $5 for 2. I accept paypal: stepfor@hotmail.com Please tell me how many stickers and where to send them when you order this way. Also, if you could PM me and tell me you paypaled me that would be great cause I'm here all the time and almost never on paypal. I know it's sort of a double post, but I kinda hijacked bluemeanie's thread, I still want that rat n wrenches sticker buddy.... :D
  2. ]2eDeYe

    Correct Fusible Link?

    Newer cars use main fuses. I am running a stock size fusible link with my KA and haven't had any issues.
  3. ]2eDeYe

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    You want to make sure the fingers fit the gap between the box and the arm as well as close enough together to engage the arm. The solid style is best if you can get it in the size you need
  4. ]2eDeYe

    Important Information About Tapered Inserts

    You need a puller designed for import pitman arms. Best to take some measurements and search for that size. Or heat and a BFH
  5. ]2eDeYe

    A 510 named "Hey"

    You still need to get me that point cloud for something... I think the Tesla motor? I forget now lol
  6. ]2eDeYe

    81’ 210, i broke her... HELP

    Snow drifting? Water in the distributor or air filter.
  7. ]2eDeYe

    New to me 620

    An AC truck will also have a shallow glove box to fit the ac up behind the dash.
  8. ]2eDeYe

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    You can get most of the seals other than the quarter KC window seals. Beware of cheap Thailand seals.
  9. ]2eDeYe

    A 510 named "Hey"

    Ok, how did you get the body modeled and what do I have to do to get my 620 body modeled?
  10. ]2eDeYe

    '64 Roadster Build

    Looks like a good start 😄
  11. ]2eDeYe

    Swiss, our '77 620 king cab

    Welcome aboard :)
  12. ]2eDeYe

    Motor Swap

    The KA will bolt up to your existing transmission. Any other option will require more drivetrain components. You still want rear sump to keep the axle path clear, whichever motor you choose, if you are going to SAS. You can run a wagoneer 44 or a yota front axle and be at about the same track width as stock. They are slightly wider than 60"
  13. ]2eDeYe

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    So rad this is driving 😄
  14. ]2eDeYe

    Tribute to Dave (pumpkin210)

    I so wanted this, but do not have any more space. Good on you for taking it on and thanks for posting here :) There is a fastback in the local yard, I can't remember if it had a hood or really what was left on it. I can go take a look again.
  15. ]2eDeYe

    Dawa's 73 620 build

    Buy a collection of those filters so you can just swap them out as they clog up. Truck looks good B)
  16. So not the tank? That is really cool if so.
  17. Should put it on the racecar lol
  18. ]2eDeYe


    Well they work for me now. Maybe it's a time delay thing?
  19. ]2eDeYe


    me too
  20. What a nice pile of stuff you've got there B)
  21. ]2eDeYe

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    Finally have a production run done. SR20DE to 620 Motor Mounts. Other than these mounts and relocating the alternator, this swap is the same as the 240SX KA24 swap.
  22. Thought everyone here could appreciate this series. Lot's of excellent tooling, fantastic fab and a splash of shenanigans. :lol: There are 9 episodes out so far, I am patiently awaiting episode 10. Episode 1 Bad Obsession Motorsports youtube page. The rest of the episodes are there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHvBHWBzzB7NyU5tIiEZHBg Enjoi :cool:
  23. ]2eDeYe

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Nothing like modern brakes on an old car. 😄
  24. ]2eDeYe

    SR20DE swap 720

    The crossmember needs to be slotted. PM sent for pricing. Pic of the mounts

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