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  1. Always interesting to see different chop styles. Looks like you got a nice builder there.
  2. All the black is inside, lip, flares and bed cover.
  3. Hope to, I think you will still be cutting the firewall.
  4. I am actually working on a weld on frame side bracket for the early trucks to allow an L-Series motor mounts. This would allow bolt up L-Series, KA or SR. Not sure what the steering and crossmembers look like on the L320 though.
  5. Probably best to start with a 240sx motor to keep the dipstick. 🙂
  6. The SR is a big motor and trans combo, the L320 has a small engine bay. That said, a grinder and welder can make things happen.
  7. Good shop. If you have everything prepped and ready to weld, they will likely appreciate it. At least I would 🙂
  8. ]2eDeYe

    My 1973 620

    Welcome. What year and bed for the tonneau cover?
  9. I painted the inside silver for when I inevitably scratch off the red paint. I've never messed with one of these bodies so it was all an experiment.
  10. Considering how long ago I bought the body and the time stolen here and there to finish it... I'd say just enough lol. Link. https://aplastics-rc.com/bodies/datsun-pickup
  11. Cool build, looks like you have a solid cab to work with, the floors in that gray one look great.
  12. Hainz, you should put that video on a youtube channel. 🙂
  13. I did a set of BC Racing ones for my neighbor. I am pretty far north though. Not a pro welder by any means either. Willing to help if you can't find someone closer.
  14. ]2eDeYe

    A new beginning

    Ratsun, longer than 10 years... Checks sign up date... JOINED January 24, 2007 ... wow... time flies 😄
  15. This thread is full of win 🙂
  16. I got one, it is rad. I fit it to my HPI RS4 drift car chassis. Definitely doing a 4x4 version 😄 Promptly got it stuck under my g35... a new esc is on the way lol.
  17. Got the tires mounted on the wheels and dropped them off with the car. Still trying to talk Nuff outta that rear axle on that yota 2wd right there lol.
  18. Welcome, nice looking truck. You can 'copy pi c' and paste it in the post window.
  19. ...and a couple more glamour shots from last week, gotta love some trains...
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