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  1. ]2eDeYe

    620 sr20det

    There isn't really a goo option for the stock H190 rear. Early Toyota 4x4 axles are about the correct width and have a large aftermarket following.
  2. Pricing it out even with a CD009 6-speed and adapter it is a pretty decently priced swap. Ya KA's and SR's are getting hard to find and expensive.... Gone are the days of a running, shifting engine and trans combo for $500.00
  3. ]2eDeYe

    620 sr20det

    ...and welcome 😄
  4. ]2eDeYe

    620 sr20det

    I offer mounts to make this a bolt in swap fitment wise. You need to flip the center link and shorten the stock driveshaft for the longer SR transmission. My mounts, I have engine mounts, transmission crossmember, alternator relocation, fuel pump and MAF brackets. Center link flip
  5. Looking forward to long term testing on the MS2 🙂
  6. Good stuff from this guy. 🙂
  7. Thanks, I really like it a lot. Excited to get into the next round of upgrades if I can just get my green truck out of the garage.
  8. Looking forward to getting updated 😄
  9. Took a ride in the truck and shot some footage. Got a bunch of upgrades coming and figured I would do a before vid.
  10. Not sure why the pic isn't working as an image
  11. http://datsun510.com/photopost/data/3772/Ratsun_Grill_Badge_and_Hat_Pin.JPG
  12. I just saw this, I would be in for a couple
  13. In my experience synthetic brake fluid is thinner than organic and will leak past a fitting or seal that organic won't. That was DOT 5 though not DOT 3.
  14. Looks great in there
  15. All caught up, haha. Great work so far, nice work on the heater rebuild.
  16. Hello and welcome. That is a transfer case and/or front axle seal, they may be the same part number/size. The locking washer is likely only available at the junkyard but you might get lucky through the dealer.
  17. It is a bummer what photobucket did to the forums 😞 Totally follow your instagram 🙂
  18. Wow... back from the other side of the internet? 😄 Good to see ya posting.
  19. EDM620 posted this pic, it is the corner under the cowl and fender. I think there is a similar joint on the 720.
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