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  1. I would say a SLIGHTLY more altruistic one as I have never seen the collection plate pay out!
  2. In theatrical production Master is a very common term for the lead in any field, I have been a Master stage carpenter, Master electrician, Master Sound engineer, Master rigger. We also have 'up' riggers & 'down' riggers for people high up in the grid and the people tying things off below. People have mentioned that these terms should be changed over the years but most folks just respond with: RIGGER PLEASE! 🤣
  3. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/d/carnation-1966-datsun-roadster-ka24de/7328336328.html $18k car with no title...
  4. Sleepy Joe was meant to be included but didn't upload...
  5. Just an fyi, the aluminum valve covers and the stamped steel ones do not use the same gasket. The aluminum ones use a flat cork gasket and the steel ones use a solid rubber shaped gasket which is vastly superior IMO.
  6. Sold it in 2019 do to financial issues to a guy in socal. It was the hardest object I have ever had to let go of, Nothing is more fun than a properly lowered 510 with a true Subaru LSD. Now that I am in my 40's and need more practical transportation for work, Datsun Trucks are my passion. One day though I will hopefully acquire a 510 again...
  7. When I got my first 510 in 2007ish, the wiring was jacked, obviously aged, cooked, and abused. I posted here that I was going to completely re-wire it from scratch, Hainz laughed and said "another Datsun that will never come back to life" It ended up taking me less than a month and worked flawlessly, including 12v breakers over fuses and marine grade power distro blocks. These cars are simple! Being a theatrical master electrician doesn't hurt though!
  8. FUCK Ford V-8's 

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