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  1. carterb

    Bluebirds for Sale

    Yellow 1972 Bluebird Wagon 510,000 Yen to open https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h380596956 Bluebird 510 Bang! FJ20 put sort Certified! 5-speed! Solex cab! Documents Yes! It becomes very rare Bluebird 510 van. Put you Yes Yes Certified to get in place of the FJ20. Mission is a 5-speed. We started If you put the fuel directly into the cab with a Solex. It is the restoration base but monocoque has firmly. Fender departing with a bolt, bonnet but there is rust in its own way Vehicle itself I think whether a class that can be restored. Because it is not a vehicle that was modified, etc. on our side we do not know more details. Since it is a self-propelled not you pick up hope in the loader and the like. Payment within the bank working day 3 days, take-off, you are requested to one week in prospect. Please give me after a successful bid by a no claim no return. (2019 February 21, 16 hours 37 minutes addition) Thank you for waiting. Was image added. Grill, front and rear bumpers, the turn signal is Yes piled up in the car. I will add photos soon. I had high hopes for this one and had an importer looking into it for me - originally there were no photos. But unfortunately, now you can see the car is pretty much garbage save the drive-train.
  2. carterb

    Bluebirds for Sale

    Yellow 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe 580,000 Yen to open 1,080,000 BIN https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f331846831 Blue Bird KP510 coupe Please understand that there is a delay in taking the responsibility to is substitute exhibition end we will respond questions of answer after a successful bid ◎ vehicle body ◎ car verification ◎ will be the delivery of a transfer certificate year S45_nenshiki Model KP510 prime mover L16 4 speed MT grade · SSS asks you for a bid as a corrosion hole Akiari restoration based engine immobility rust Vehicle after a successful bid can not possible is selling roses move when pressed by a finger, you are requested to pick up in one week Claim returned goods discount negotiation, etc. after a successful bid can not respond at all of the mail address of the person addressed to other than the confirmation of the current car Please refrain from the tender nervous that I will not even reply Because of individual exhibition, the issue can not be the content of the receipt to your understanding asks you for a bid. Looks like another coupe sitting next to it. --carter
  3. carterb

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    1971 2dr 510 on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-510-24/
  4. carterb

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    '72 Datsun 510 2dr $8,000 https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/ellensburg-72-rotary-power-supercharged/6822836109.html
  5. carterb

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    SOLD for $7,100
  6. carterb

    Bluebirds for Sale

    White 1972 1600DX bluebird 4dr 650,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f331142142 Datsun Bluebird Deluxe P510 4MT 1600 Nissan old car restore base rare DX ■■ BODY / body ■■ One owner car - I had been sleeping in the barn for many years. Only convex-feel the era corner form !!! - It is the baby-boom generation of the car of memories that supported the Showa. - diligently repair should be enjoying a second youth in !!! Rust there corrosion but remains in the still beautiful. · Gomumoru and may Hetari the year accordingly. Sheet There tear. Fender has over the edge of the mirror base corrosion, but because there is no parts Current situation is as it is. • The muffler corrosion has been lost. · There leak in the roof. ■■ Engine / engine ■■ will move to hitch engine. - starting performance good Carburetor overhaul already ■■ Suspension / foot around ■■ -normal And exterior aluminum wheels (was replaced because of normal wheel corrosion damage) ■■ Drive / drive system ■■ -normal ■■ Steering / handle around ■■ -genuine handle ■■ Brake / brake around ■■ -normal ■■ FUEL / braking system ■■ · normal ■■ interior / interior system ■■ And current situation comes with a seat cover (for the prevention sheet sunburn) · There dash cracking float. ■■ other ■■ · There deletion registration certificate. - It is recycling fee not deposit. Car cooler has been installed but is unconfirmed behavior. (KOWA? HOWA?) Blower fan compressor for you, but there is no gas movement is unconfirmed behavior. - very for the old vehicle will be sold by a no claim. ★ Please give me a bid after confirmation of a good understanding of the above-mentioned conditions. · Fine specifications and inquiries than HP of BLOOD-SPORTS Please contact us. 【please confirm】 [Please check before a bid] ◎ land transportation thank you arrange towards the basically successful bidder. ◎ land transportation arrangements at our company is also possible. Designation of skill in the art can not be performed. ◎ land transportation basic weekday (Tuesday - Friday), in the case of long-term holiday - you correspondence of a following business day. ◎ You may not be able to support us in regard to Saturday, Sunday, Monday and holidays. [Regard to direct trade] for the auction posted vehicle in a bid direct trade is not made until the end of the auction. [Other notes] ◎ state of goods, etc. (exhibit), please check the image, and the like. ◎ I hope in a no claim no return. ◎ The answer to your question there are times when you get time. ◎ tender of nervous Please refrain from. ◎ If you want to absence in the event participation, business trip, etc., you may get time to ship. [Payment With regard] · Yahoo! simple settlement bank transfer is, our co-branded credit loan is available. (Please contact us) ★ Make sure after a bid ask the above-mentioned contents. Shipping method ZERO land transportation Payment Method Yahoo! simple settlement ( details )
  7. carterb

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Why oh why do 510's love to spill gas on the 1/4 panel like that?!
  8. carterb

    Hello from AZ! 76' 620

    Nice looking truck! How in the heck do you have an uncracked dash pad in AZ? Cars get baked alive down there! --carter
  9. carterb

    pic of your dime

  10. carterb

    Bluebirds for Sale

    Silver 1969 1600 SSS Bluebird Coupe https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c715584509 ★ video Yes ★ 510 Bluebird 2-door coupe ★ SSS ★ normal specification ★ ★ cooler Semiresu already ★ falls below finish already ☆ old cars ★ out of print ★ ★ Hakosuka Tsuinkyabu ★ ☆ rare Rare 510 Bluebird CP SSS SU Tsuinkyabu cooler Semiresu already lower than finishing already ☆ ★ Description of item Thank you for seeing! Rhea car published! ! The Special Event! ! Rare 510 Bluebird coupe! SSS! ! With rare cooler! ! ! SU Tsuinkyabu! Traveling Tested! Semiresu already! Engine room, below the finish already! note! Until the end, always, please read! ! 510 Blue Bird! ! Click Here, you can see the actual running video! Each institution good! Test drive already! There is no problem to travel! Up blow in the SU Tsuinkyabu is nice! Semiresu already! Engine room finish already! Below finish already! We finished in the beautiful! ★ Since the old car and traveling unclear ask just in case! Blow up of SU Tsuinkyabu is nice! Engine room Finished! ! Also finish below! Interior  is beautiful compared to the year! Steering will also be outside! There is place a sheet repair exterior is beautiful on the whole compared to the year! Small pressurized Osamu there is 14 inches Watanabe wheel! Tested you, but there when the old car of the cooler is required improvement. As long as the actual item! ! Do not miss it! ! ! Price negotiations, description of item details, the contents of the inquiries, exchange of image, etc., up to here, Catshopautoattoyahoo.Co.Jp the subject, please be sure. Note! ! Only place to be worried about the current car, please ask you a question. Since it is the function confirmed Leave described above. Frequently Asked Questions rust system of questions , such as less than, but has been re-painted, but I think that some of the rust there, it is individual subjectivity, but I think that it is good quality. Engine system without problems, is good! Cab also, pre-cleaning! Blow up is also good without any problems! Mission system by the shift, habit ants. The clutch is okay. Brake system brake relationship in the test run was not a problem! The most successful, negotiations, such as details such as more information, Catshopautoattoyahoo.Co.Jp please e-mail to! The DoCoMo, you may not be able to reply results in an error. Because it is set to overlook the amount of money, inquiries of the lowest winning bid, We will e-mail you. In the hope the price of each other, and early termination. Last, it is a confirmation of the opinion of us. Old car is based on improvement points because there are individual differences in the state will help by other present condition priority. Last, American car, I ask only for the person who understands the old car. No claim, no return, please strict observance. Pick up in the self-propelled is a risk of the successful bidder. Nationwide Rikuhashi is possible. Your estimates to the question column. As much as possible we recommend check the current car! If you can not check the current car, in advance, we ask you for a check of always content. Pictures, videos, etc., so with heartfelt sincerity will correspond please feel free to contact us. After the purchase of On top of that we ask strictly no claim. Name change, for trouble prevention will be a separate agency on our side. Will vary the amount of money by each prefecture in advance, please contact us. Direct transactions, wins the discount negotiation are welcome ^^ early person. Negotiations as soon as you finished early! We heard separately also preliminary inspection ~! Please contact us! Preliminary inspection welcome! ! In advance from the question column, be sure to reserve a room ask to you I ^ ^ but please bid from is sure to ★ notes read ★ worth a look! On this occasion, by all means, but please inquire! ★★ discount negotiation, please be sure to read before a bid! ★★ ! ! ! Note! ! ! Mischief successful bid is very large! ! Because of mischief successful bid prevention, the lowest winning bid Because it is set to overlook the amount of money, inquiries of the lowest winning bid, thank you by e-mail. And an immediate drop, "no contact" "I make a mistake you want to cancel," "not buying" such as, heartless person of, so naughty specific damage there are many, if you immediate drop, always, to the question column immediately drop hope and, please contact us. Without inquiry, be immediately dropped, please understand that I refuse by the highest bidder convenience. In addition, those who correspond to the following content, please do not bid on the absolute. @ Those who can not pay. (Please contact us in advance, such as loans) @ people on behalf of the successful bid. @ If you do not understand well the old car. @ More nervous one case of a person corresponding to the above, even if a successful bid by the highest bidder convenience, please understand that it and delete it.
  11. carterb

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    1971 Datsun 510 2dr $37,000!!! https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/diamond-bar-datsun-510/6811885419.html
  12. Autocrossing may have to wait... Accumulated 6" of snow so school was cancelled today. I taught Corey how to drive in the snow using the Neon. He only just got his license so he'd never driven in the snow before. It was a great use of time and the Neon is pretty sure footed while wearing snow tires. I've found 510's to be pretty good in the snow as well but I don't have the right tires at the moment and wasn't in a hurry to mount any. Winter has been super mild up to this point and so thought I might get away without swapping the car over this year.
  13. Decided to get a set of wheels to mount some dedicated autocross tires on. These 14" Focus Esprit wheels will do the trick nicely! Same seller had some 14" Star Sharks too. I've always wanted a set of Star Sharks! If you are looking for rims, look up D4rkr4in.2012 He has some nice sets available. UPS guys apparently drug the boxes behind the truck. But remarkably they made it without damage due to some good packaging.
  14. carterb

    Newbie looking for some guidance

    Just be aware, 620's are old trucks and ride like old trucks. This may be a surprise depending on your exposure to older vehicles. Once you find one though, everything you need to keep it alive is cheap on www.rockauto.com. Simple to work on and great support here and elsewhere on the web. Good luck with your hunt! --carter ...Hawaii, sounds nice. My 620 woke up this morning to 5" of fresh snow!
  15. carterb

    Not a 510, 620

    I can see them. Awesome work! --carter

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