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  1. I'm a got a little behind in my work here (said the butcher who accidentally backed into his saw) Sam has done an amazing job with the updates and has provided and excellent summary of the race at Pacific Raceways and all happenings since. This is simply a picture dump. Please excuse any double posts. I know how much you guys love double posts. Anyway: without further ado - pics from Friday before the race - getting there and getting set. We shared the paddock Friday night with a bunch of drag racers
  2. Look who's back on the road! It ain't easy bein' green...
  3. It's been a fun car for the summer... oh, and I fixed that master cylinder Rockauto sent me 3 magnets!!! (too bad I already had 2 of these)
  4. I made an attempt to swap the mirrors to genuine Nissan units but the mounting base (I think these are from a 210?) are a little smaller and don't cover all the holes in the door from 40+ years of aftermarket door mirror swaps so I aborted that for now. And went on to this! What's in the box? One VERY nice carpet kit from www.StockInteriors.com Pulling up the factory rubber floor mat reveled a little surprise That gas leak that started this whole project made a real mess of the tar sound deadening But look what else I found! Remember that guy that rode with me at the autocross! I found his $$$ BMW keyfob $$$ !!! I texted him immediately and ended up sending it back to him. He was pretty happy 'bout that! Nothing else really cool though. 'Cept this matchbook. Anyone know what this place is/was? Hey, quit lookin' at stuff and get to work! We're loosing daylight here: That'll do just fine thank you! Seats look a little out of place now though. Tried to make the outside look as nice as the inside
  5. Fan for life though! (pun intended) The Hayden service rep that made the mistake giving me the original replacement part number says - "no problem, I'll send you a couple of new fans no charge"! Seriously?! That is some incredible above and beyond service. Need to install these soon! Oh, and don't forget about this: I confirmed my clutch master is indeed leaking - replacement ordered. but first...
  6. Time to get behind that grill I had unplugged the noisy fan for a while - didn't seem to hurt the cooling and got rid of that terrible bearing noise 'till I could swap the fan. This was NOT easy to get out of there. Uh oh! Replacement fan is 2" larger than original Abort abort!!!
  7. This thing makes some noise! Most of it good! : )
  8. Replacement fan arrived from Hayden! And the next day I discovered this... Maintenance is piling up...
  9. Almost every day at work is a Datsun show!
  10. I've been worse at keeping up with the build thread than I have at actually working on the car... 🥴 Back in May, one of my electric fans started to make some awful bearing noise There is one between the grill and radiator and one between the radiator and engine I contacted Hayden fans to get their recommendation on a replacement.
  11. Focus Racing. Repops are pretty cheap now.
  12. Silver 1971 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe 400,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v652488190 Nissan 510 Bluebird 1800 SSS coupe comment Documents relevant only automobile inspection certificate. Number, you do not have. Whether or not that can be registered, please check at the Department of Motor Vehicles by the successful bidder (for trouble prevention) For me personally, there is no detail. From the direction of the purchase of skill in the art, but was said to be registered If you take the inspection, we do not have confirmation on our side or can be registered. 1800 of the coupe, it seems as rare because sales volume was small. Def, it seems to contain R160LSD. Final, I do not know because it does not open. It contains a roll bar also at the time of the three-point. The ceiling is a popular black. Lining is also black. Engine other, big, many are small shortage. Fender mirror, right-hand side is the Tsuraichi of even the previous fiscal year. The left side is the edge Yes type. Rust, Kusari many For that reason, we gave up our restoration. Bid Thank you only person who can be judged with a photograph. I need your help by a no claim no return. Please be more nervous refrain bid. Tire wheel is not. Upon taking over, the successful bidder a tire wheel Please prepare. In safety loader (with winch) raising possible car, and tender only person who can come. I need your help by payment by bank transfer (loan is NG for individuals) Contact within 24 hours, and tender only person who can settle within 48 hours. The newer one, those who do not through the Japanese, please do not ask-bid. Poor little rusty bird...
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