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  1. Red 1969 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/15/700920010030191123001.html Nissan Bluebird 510 Coupe SSS 4MT One Owner Indoor storage Nagoya 51 number (Nagoya Jurisdiction) Original condition Cars with many rare dealer options Bluebird SSS made in 1969 has been received. It is a very rare coupe among 510. The latest 4-wheel independent suspension at that time, a newly developed OHC engine, a beautiful and elegant form, and a famous car that anticipated the 70s. This body is fully painted with Daytona Red, a symbol of S30Z of the same age. Like Z, it is a unit that emphasizes sportiness. The “Nagoya 51” number, which has been kept unchanged since then, is a proof of value and history. Those in charge of Nagoya can take over this number as it is. This car was stored indoors as a single owner, so there is little rusting from the age and it shows the good body condition. RS Watanabe's aluminum wheels are standard, but are essential to produce sportiness. If it is too wide, the feeling of yancha will come out too much, but this wheel is a sporty and elegant with a gentle car height. It has been replaced with a fog lamp dedicated grill that was an option at the time. The 510 is reminiscent of a safari rally with the same rally style. Not only the center grille, but also the optional finisher for the optional grill here is an option. Unlike normal, the headlight rim has a depth, and because it is cast, there is also a profound feeling. Although it is a shield beam that is difficult to obtain now, of course, all four lights will light up without any problems. Overrider was also a part that was only installed in high-grade grades at that time. Since it is an old method of plating iron, rust will naturally appear, but this bumper is relatively clean. The emblem comes to the lower left if it is a specification without fog lights, but “SSS” is placed at the center when it comes to a vehicle with fog lights. While there are many 510 with emblems that have been peeled off or painted, this vehicle also benefits from indoor storage and remains clean. The fender mirror is also an optional black shell type. It is a mirror of plating when it is in a suspended state, not an option, but I feel the owner's commitment around choosing this here at the time of the new car. The mirror is also often peeled off, but this 510 fender mirror is in good condition. This bonnet louver you can't see first. Although not well known, this is also an option at the time of the new car. A classic example of an old car that eliminated the triangular window due to the enhanced ventilation function and adopted a sharp body line (Super Sonic Line). The lower part of the body from the waistline is the same as the sedan, but the line from the roof to the rear window has changed and the total height has been reduced by 15mm. Recently, reprinted items such as leaded gasoline stickers are on the market, but these stickers have been stretched since the beginning of the new car and are carefully stored. SSS emblem integrated with the air exhaust in the C-pillar car. The unbreakable Wind Mall, combined with Daytona Red, which is the body color here, brings out a more classic feel. Side stripes of new car options that can hardly be seen. It seems that it originally had stripes, but when I repainted Daytona Red, it was painted again. A coupe emblem that is often dropped. Of course, both left and right are alive. Large rear window and trunk that extends straight behind. This sporty rear view is unique to the coupe. Recently, the major difference between cars and old cars is the number of press lines. The current car reduces the number of presses to reduce costs, but at that time the process was increased until the style was satisfactory. You can see the passion of each manufacturer. Nowadays, it is a sequential turn signal that can be seen in the city, but this 510 coupe was first adopted in Japan. When the turn signal switch is turned on, the motor turns and mechanically controls lighting. The tail lamp is in good condition, and the tail lamp that extends to the side of the coupe matches well with the edgy body line. This tail lamp is characteristic. Of course it is original. The right and left integrated tail lamp, called the Hamming tail lamp, is a privilege only for the coupe owner. Photo when turn signal lights. There are three bulbs in here, and the blinker lights up so that it flows. Since the blinker is shared with the brake lamp, it is red, but it is in an original state so it naturally meets the safety standards. This is also an emblem of the time. Although it was a coupe with a small number of units produced, I feel the spirit of Datsun when I change it without cutting the budget. Although it is a black muffler, this is also original. The compatibility with the L16 engine is also good, and I feel the original owner's commitment to leave the original rather than an external product. The stock is equipped with a muffler made by Nippon Radiator (former Calsonic). This muffler is genuine and has been replaced with a new one about 2000km ago. Side steps made of aluminum unique to old cars. Unlike modern plastic products, fine accessories that will not fade even after 50 years will complement the leading role. The center motif of the handle is also a special part of SSS. The compatibility of the original wood handle and wood shift knob is also outstanding. This switch is also nostalgic. The switches at that time had quality that seemed excessive, and still perform well. The shift is a 4-speed manual mission. The instrument panel that has been finished with black as its main color without using plating parts as much as possible. It is a sporty impression that matches well with wood and is suitable for the highest grades. The inside of the top panel of the instrument panel is filled with urethane and has an impact absorbing structure. SSS steering uses real wood, not wood. The excitement of the old car is condensed in this angle. The mechanical radio unit is unique to this era, with only AM. It is a valuable original radio with many vehicles being replaced by modern audio. The original shift console remains firmly. The floor carpet has been replaced with fabric that is as close as possible to the material at the time, so there is no unpleasant odor often found in old cars, resulting in a clean interior. The quadruple meter with good visibility has a clock, tachometer, speedometer from the left, and voltage, water temperature, and fuel gauge on the right. The heater lever switch is also an accessory part that can be immersed in nostalgia. The light and wiper switch, which is completely different from the modern design, seems to have reached the antique range. The original sheet shows the good condition even from the model year. A single seat design is a highly universal design with the wisdom and spirit of the designer. Original SU twin carburetor is installed without changing to CR cab or Solex. The original is maintained except for the lack of reliability. At the time when OHV was mainstream, the L16 engine was developed with an efficient OHC. Since the tappet is adjusted, the engine turns very quietly. The SU twin cab has been cleaned, tuned and adjusted for fuel control. The mechanical fuel pump and FUEL hose are also replaced at the same time. I replaced the ignition plug cord with a reliable ultra plug cord. Not only engine reliability but also hydraulic overhaul for brakes and clutches are being conducted this time. The caution plate speaks eloquently about the history and legitimacy of this vehicle. One owner garaged car - too bad they painted it.
  2. You know I like 14" rims Jeff but what did Rich have on his coupe? 16"? They looked okay, probably because they were black. In my opinion, the bigger the rims, the lower you need to go so you don't look like a conestoga wagon!
  3. Blue 1969 1600DX bluebird 4dr 2,300,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l565059689 1969 510 Bluebird L18 modified two-liter low-back five-speed about good comment It will exhibit at the convenience of the storage location. If Kere If selling this time I thought it tries to continue riding looking for a new parking lot. Showa is the 44-year formula 510 Bluebird. Inspection 32 January 27 The main remodeling point L18 engine (non-certified) KA24 Piston and processing high cam 72 ° reinforced valve spring, lightweight flywheel crank bend modified full balancing like. Carburetor Solex 44 Ignition system MSD Muffler There are two types of the tail piece of straight and trust. Mitsuba fuel pump, water pump, alternator, etc. was that of a new one installed at the time of engine production. Us was that the extent after the engine production 5000㎞ at the time of purchase. 2000㎞ we ride as after the purchase. F Japan for the strut, disk, harmonic drive R Hachiroku damper, unknown harmonic drive Before and after Nismo tower bar R180 Cusco 2WAY4.11LSD Time thing Watanabe 14 inches Omori octopus, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure gauge TS-X11 Rear those days magic curtain Driver's seat semi Bucket Seat (There is genuine sheet) To append If you remember other. Pretty tone good, and then re-setting of inspection and carburetor of the compression of the engine last month. I think that may be the state, such as body and below. Interior, seat is also state good. No dash cracking Of and touring degree day 200㎞, it may also be used for commuting, etc., but did not have to be stuck even once. The problem with that water temperature gauge has become immobile from last month (until not move fast, was the city riding both stable water temperature) I think about it or did not move or move the fuel gauge. If you are understanding because it is 50 years ago of the car, I need your help by a no claim no return. I think I also fully taking over possible self-propelled, but I need your help by self-responsibility. We do not accept such discount negotiations at the start price or less. A look at the current car, if possible, I would like you to purchase on which I am convinced and passenger. The winning bid will be the total payments. Beautiful car!
  4. There are a few different buying services out there to help us non-Japan residents buy from Yahoo! Japan. I use www.buyee.com but there are many others. buyee offers auction translations (others likely do as well) and when you win your bid, you pay a small service fee, the items is shipped to a distribution center in Japan and re-packed (if necessary) for international shipping, then you get a notification that allows you to consolidate shipping on other orders you may be placing or you can just select your favorite shipping method from Japan to your US address. --carter Here is the English translation for that auction: 59 Sprinter Trueno AE86 outside aluminum wheels ASAHI 14-inch 4-hole PCD114.3 5.5J 4 this CARMAN ami old cars ◎ more information such as confirmation, please contact us at the following address instead of the Q & A column. (I e-mail, please copy and paste the title to the subject.) E-mail address: management@watanabe-autoparts.co.jp ○ Product Details Than S60_nenshiki Sprinter Trueno AE86 Manufacturer: ASAHI Hub diameter: 76 Offset: 20 2 This is the center cap missing item. Four both, clear peeling is located on the whole. Other, Thank about a small crack. <Our management column: 0820/9022/1422 / W12 > ○ affiliated transportation company Yamato Transport (5-20 size) Seino Transportation (60 greater than or equal to the size) ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Important Notice to tender bidder This product is, more than 60 size to become, it will be shipped in the Seino Transportation. Dispatch to individual clients general home can not be accepted. I hope in a place of employment, suppliers, shops destined Seino of office stop. Once was possible to go to pick up the nearest sales office, office stop also please consider. The addressee telephone column, please describe the mobile phone number, etc. can contact. Seino Transportation office search Thank you for your understanding. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ☆ Product Description and photos, as far as possible the details of goods but we have announced, You may basically such as fine scratches and dirt that can not be explained because it is USED of goods, thank you for your understanding. The more nervous one or insane person, the cancellation after a return or a successful bid of those other than the mistake here Please refrain from. To register from Hiroshima Prefecture, it is. After the end (after the order form determined), consumption tax will because we will confirm it is automatically set. COD can be sent out. Shipping ] Shipping size of this item is the "200". Carriage table Click here Humbly, thank you.
  5. Here is a really handsome variation on that wheel design https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g367968409
  6. Thanks Dave! Just filled my cart. : )
  7. 1979 Datsun 510 2dr $5,500 BIN https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Datsun-Other/174108154059?hash=item2889a798cb%3Ag%3ANMwAAOSwOzld3fUu&LH_ItemCondition=4
  8. 1971 Datsun 510 2dr on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-510-33/
  9. 1971 Datsun 510 wagon $2,500 https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/d/olalla-datsun/7026610338.html
  10. 1972 Datsun 510 4dr $9,500 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Datsun-Other/202829670052?hash=item2f399726a4:g:RhsAAOSw5wVd2a69
  11. watching... Datsport has Coupe rubbers. http://www.datsport.com/rubbers-510-coupe.html --carter
  12. Correct and thank you. Spread the word.
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