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  1. As long as there are lines at Walmart, they will keep making cheap crappy throw-away products. Apparently we can't get enough of them. Makes me very sad...
  2. Blue 1970 (72?) 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr 3,300,000 Yen https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/11/700090213130200324001.html Nissan Bluebird 510 1600 SSS Solex Cab Octopus outside muffler Vehicle harmonics No rust Handle Datsun compensium Please watch carefully Solex cab Tappet adjusted Good Vehicle harmonics No rust Handle datsun compensium Please look carefully
  3. White 1971 1800SSS Bluebird 4dr https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h463226722 Blue Bird 510 1800SSS inspection until 4 January Solex comment Since it is a friend of substitute exhibition will If your questions, such as your answer is delayed there Please note Nissan Bluebird 510 sedan 1800sss Solex, Takoashi, muffler, four-wheel vehicle harmonic, LSD, 5F, coupe tail, etc. F fender FRP, such as a hood made of carbon other questions or image thank you from the question Next year worth of tax for the inspection Ordinance sum 4 January year-end will look like get separate I need your help only those who can quickly support us will be to ensure the name change The cancellation after a successful bid Please think carefully because I do not accept Status quo is so riding on normal (Add 45 minutes at 2020 March 25, 17) Aluminum RS Watanabe 14 inches 7J / B type? 175/60 Takoashi & muffler is probably but Kameari equal-length stainless steel Roof and it is not intended door under other large but there is a painting float
  4. 1972 Datsun 510 2dr on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-510-38/
  5. That is a 1968 Datsun 510 tail light.
  6. White 1971 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr w/ FJ20 1,000,000 Yen opening bid https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h462431966 Nissan ☆ Datsun p510 modified engine FJ20 comment It is substitute exhibition. Car of the exhibition, I think that there is such a point that does not lead because it is the first time, but those who are interested will thank you. Currently, the starting of the engine has been confirmed, but there is sticking of the mission. It gained the engine of the FJ20 with a custom certified. Bonus (also I think that there is not enough things) spare FJ20 engine 1 aircraft and the air conditioning of the kit in, but the delivery method we can deliver here the closer, if far give me a procedure by the successful bidder for delivery do not know how To do. Sticking of the mission if desired Leave repair. I think that (additional cost is generated) can be seen in photos, but I think that to say that to you because restore base has been almost full custom there is a bald rust and paint. In addition, the question I ask if you have any questions. (2020, March 21, 2008 20:00 20 minutes added) Https://Youtu.Be/tIVUWuqnjf4 I added a video of the engine start-up. If there is a garage certificate, you can also receive name change vehicle inspection. (Additional cost) (2020 March 23, 19 hours 55 minutes addition) has become the underbody be custom def Nonsuri (LSD). I think that this alone there is considerable value. Only made because it is high shopping thank you check the current car. Check the current car thank you from the question column put the address or telephone number can contact you to Tachiaeru together only time here also. Check out the video for some cool flaming backfires!
  7. White 1970 1600SSS bluebird 4dr 2,695,000 Yen https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/13/700050416530200322001.html Nissan Bluebird 4-door 1600SSS Soleta Coma Fuller 5-speed
  8. White 1972 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr 3,300,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r388483922 1972 Bluebird 510 inspection R2_nen June traveling 35900km 5-speed manual comment Description of item 1972 510 Bluebird 5-speed manual inspection R2_nen until June 14, Watanabe 13 inches , Lowdown suspension - the same color Orupen Coupe for the tail lamp , the driver's seat back replacement , in the trunk, rear fender has been molded in the FRP mileage in motion, and the like of the storage location might extend slightly. It is the actual running, but prima facie unknown because there is no one that can prove the past of history. Described distance of the automobile inspection certificate 2018. 35300km, is 2016 34700km. HR30 has been 5-speed in the skyline short mission. There is also a normal 4-speed transmission. Other, genuine iron wheel, wheel cap, floor carpet, one turn signals, the antenna is attached. It was that there is a history of repair so are recreated around the rear in the restoration. Each part photo of has uploaded to the Yahoo box https://box.yahoo.co.jp/guest/viewer?sid=box-l-fix2hmubs5ak72x3msuhh2gtcu-1001&uniqid=60497328-c672-4387-a9ef-b82a82bbd8d8 engine operation (video ) Https://Youtu.Be/8SzGFb-xe6E flows turn signal (video) Https://Youtu.Be/E3fK8I8kgpk There is no expenses for current delivery. Name change, please within one month. Since it has passed nearly 50 years from new cars, also I think whether there is damage, such as do not know in the photograph. For trouble prevention, it is before a bid thank you check the current car. Your name in the question column for the consultation of the schedule, we will contact you privately if it is possible to describe the e-mail address. Notes ■ for a used car, there is a possibility that unexpected problems will occur. Since I will in any case be allowed to consider it as present condition priority, claims without confirmation of the current car can not be received at all. ■ Contact within 48 hours, please tender only payment is possible within one week. ■ The cancellation of the highest bidder convenience will be charged 30,000 yen as a commission-junk fees. ■ the direction of new ID, the bid from a direction with much bad evaluation, there is a case to cancel without notice. Shipping Details It is an exhibition from the Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. Land transportation arrangements, I hope in the successful bidder's direction. If it is taken up at a self-propelled, please note that in me about the accident, such as trouble before the name change does not assume the responsibility. Payment Method ■ Yahoo! simple settlement ■ bank transfer only to the inspection with the vehicle, we will separately keep the 30,000 yen as a name change deposit. (Accident, will be refunded at the transfer if it is possible to name change within one month without any violation, etc.) The front and rear SSS emblems look too big for the car. Are they from a later model SSS bluebird?
  9. It seems I just can't get away from exhaust issues at the moment... A couple weeks ago, Cooper started emitting the tell-tail click click click of an exhaust leak. Within a day or two I was able to get a wrench on the nuts but they were all tight - unfortunately. Since the 620 engine replacement was still taking up the garage I would just have to live with it for a bit. Yesterday I was finally able to drive Bruiser out of the garage under its own power and pull in the coupe for a look. Once up on jack-stands I fired it up and felt around the exhaust to be sure the leak was at the Y-pipe flange. It was. Once I was able to drop the exhaust, this is what I found. The gasket was separated and you can see the carbon signature (oops, we're not supposed to leave those) left by the escaping gasses. While working on the 620 I found a brand new Nissan Y-pipe gasket so I figured that ought to take care of it! Mmmmmm.... Shiny! Unfortunately, my drive to work this morning notified me that the leak is still there. : ( Back to the drawing board...
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