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  1. Is it 10 days to election??? Didn't Rudy say he was dropping a bome today?
  2. VFR800 Oh I get it!!!!! D-21 Hardbody!!!!!!!!
  3. I can follow because I had my 620 wiper apart and with a diagram I worked it out.
  4. datzenmike

    Exciting 720

    I would expect it to run about half way in the 'run range'. Be sure you have the 180F thermostat. This is a Z series? (you should put this in your profile 'cause I can't seem to remember) It's designed to run 180-190F for longest life, best performance and economy. There's no advantage to running too cold (or hot)
  5. Same with some gun and knife collectors. It's as close to death, killing and war as these limp wrists will ever be, but without risk to their own skin. Sort of like being a groupie to greatness, a wannabee badass. Owning a Katana does not make you a Samurai. Sam Colt did not make all men equal. Given a choice a coward will still shoot you in the back.
  6. Works better than it looks. Really like the slide carbs. There is a procedure for starting unlike traditional carburetors but warm restart is fantastic. Idles very strong and noticeably smooth seamless take offs with the clutch, no hesitation or feathering of the throttle, when floored at any speed in any gear it's very smooth. They are very loud starting at 3K even at part throttle unlike the stock downdraft which are quiet.
  7. I can explain this!!!!!!! Social distancing and masks. This is all we really needed to do for the regular flu.
  8. (shakes head) fucking genius!!!!
  9. datzenmike


    Drums are a lot of bother to work on and on top of that, like said, they need attention. At least every 3-4 months, if in constant use, the adjustment should be checked. The self adjusting rear brakes were introduced about half way through the '82 model year 720.
  10. I would have backed up and pushed it out of the way and leave it dead and bleeding. Or like Matt, but would have used the clutch and pushed it a few blocks away. Then call the cops from work to report it. Then, when I got home make plans to leave California.
  11. Trev... if you would, don't use BOLD print. We're all equal here. Font Arial and size 14 in black, thanks. While synthetic oil is usable, it's overly expensive and gives protection you will never ever need. It's for use in newer engines that have tighter clearances, run close to boiling temperatures and even normally aspirated make twice the HP your L20B does. I found out the hard way that it will leak past older seals and gaskets. That said don't use today's regular oils either as they have reduced ZDDP in them compared to the oils that were around over 50 years ago when your engine was first designed. You can safely run light diesel oils that are exempt from the decreasing ZDDP levels, such as Shell Rotella T4 10w30 or 14w40, Chevron Delo 400 is also good and there are others. All can be found universally and cheaply. ZDDP is an anti scuff zinc additive used on flat tappet engines like diesels and offers proper protection on our rocker on cam engines. Today's designed engines don't need it and the zinc is harmful to the catalytic converters so oil makers are slowly phasing it out. Oil manufacturers say it's reverse compatible but it's up to you if you use it, but I wouldn't take the chance. Once your cam and/or rocker arms are damaged they are ruined.
  12. Does your new JDM engine have a dip stick hole and tube in the back beside the starter??? If so use it and your old dip stick for the front sump pan you plan to use. There are front and rear oil pans, but the dip stick reaches either. Maybe start a post on what you are trying to do and some pictures of what you have????
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