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  1. Perfect! Do you know the length of the manual boxes? The 63A will be 26/5" same as the 510's automatic.
  2. See where the arm enters the pump body? See the little round shiny thing? Well there is a pin that goes through to the other side that the arm rocks on Here's another slightly different design. They don't all leak but they can. If so degrease with brake cleaner and dab a small amount of TRV and let dry. The oil sender is in the center of the right side of the engine just to the rear of the oil filter.
  3. Depends what shot means to you. What does it do?
  4. Part 18 is called a Warner type synchro ring 32361-20100 (on the roadster parts list) and used on the '77-79 620 5 speed. Also used on the Roadster to '70, the '77-'78 280z 5 speed, the '79 (only) 280zx 5 speed, '79 810 5 speed*, on the 720 through Nov. '79**, on the S110 200sx through Oct '79** *The Maxima began in Jan '80 which would suggest the 810 stopped the month before and this synchro. **looks like this synchro stopped being used in late '79 build dates. Just barely into some '80 model year vehicles but not after the new year.
  5. Early transmissions like the 521/510 and the 71B 4 seed used in the z car and 620 had a replaceable bushing but I think they had to be reamed to size after installing it. The 71B 5 speeds they did away with the bushing and either did without it or just used the aluminum case in place of it.
  6. For a '75 B-210 that should be a F4W60 transmission. A later FS5W60A from an '80 and up 210 will bolt up but I don't know the lengths.
  7. I noticed you title said L14 but the B-210 uses A series engines. Changed it. The FS5W60L from an '80 on 210 will bolt to the earlier A series block. I don't know if the same length as your B-210. Someone will.
  8. You should be able to unbolt the transmission spline from the front driveshaft and move the driveshaft out of the way. Take the large nut off and slide the spline back and off. Be sure to mark it so it goes back together the same. Pry the old seal out with the larger screwdriver. Place a block of wood over the new seal and carefully hammer in. Use a suitable size socket or pipe and hammer in fully. Grease the seal lips and the outside of the spline so it doesn't start up dry.
  9. I made one from a piece of copper flashing for roofing for a KA24E head. O.020" thick. Haven finished the build yet.
  10. datzenmike

    1968 520

    You can swap the one piece 520 driveshaft for the 521's 2 piece if lowering.
  11. Usually stuff is there for a reason. I can't see this upsetting anything and it works properly on the stock intake. I've done things like this trying to out think the engineers.
  12. Draker: The 710 clock is unique to the 710, and an option. I think the 810 clock is digital.
  13. datzenmike

    1973 Datsun 620

    Maybe he has the front conversion already. They don't work any better than drum on the rear. But discs are simpler, fewer parts, zero maintenance, easy and fast to change the pads and look cool. I sure wouldn't pay $300- $500 to convert but I might make my own caliper mounts and use Trooper rear calipers and rotors.
  14. datzenmike

    1968 520

    The '68 is a last year 520 and has a J13 engine. The blue one is a PL521, can't be older than '70 and the first year the L16 engine was used. There really isn't much you can use between these two.
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