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  1. Maybe start your own want ad. Someone out there might have just what you want.... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/
  2. Living in fear means never having to take you mask off.
  3. In N American cars the '78 and up Nissans were all internally regulated. An internally regulated alternator put into a car with an external regulator won't turn off with the ignition. The regulator must be removed and the wiring modified. In addition the auto choke relay must be disconnected and another power source found. Pksocalrealator..... told you they were crap quality.
  4. You said it worked intermittently. If everything works, no matter how shortly, then it must work.
  5. If they work, even temporarily then they must be wired ok. Wagons have a different brake and turn signal set up from the sedan so I don't know how you got that to work. Sedans have a brake light and a separate turn signal bulb. Wagons have a single bulb and the turn signal switch disconnects the brake to the side that is signaling.
  6. All Z24s are prone to HG failure at 100k intervals. As these bolts are also used on the A series engines it's not them. I was told it's something to do with the block metal alloy. The bolts are totally reusable so you don't need new ones. The preventative measure for HG failure are to re-torque the head bolts every tune up or one a year.
  7. There is no ABS, no reactive suspension, no crumple zones, no collapsible steering column, no lane departure warning, no blind zone camera or warning, no power steering. You are naked out there an up against other drivers that have only known these safety devices and falsely believe they can't even have an accident. I advise driving carefully, develop your 'situational awareness, keep your distance' and be seen.
  8. Takes up way too much space in a 620 cab making the cab almost useless. Pay $250 for hard to get in and out of, less foot room, bang head on bars. You planning to roll that puppy? Or just for show??? Some things are just not worth the discomfort and bother. Get a really good roll bar that is anchored to the frame, it'll do the same job and looks better.
  9. 90w GL-4* trans, trans case and steering box. 90w GL-5** for the differential. * Must be copper or alloy 'yellow metal' compatible ** Do not use in transmission or trans case.
  10. I hear ya Matt. I'm rarely in town, there's just no need to be. I'm practicing self seclusion? (something) and don't even know it. My lifestyle is walking and staying home although with the returning good weather I'm even more outside in the yard or working on projects. My wife works and does all the shopping/running around and is used to the bullshit. When she gets home she de-contaminates. I don't think I could match your self control. Pretty sure a "MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUISNESS" would be in order if some douche were to say something to me. The sight of someone wearing a mask while drivin
  11. This is why knowing your build date is important. It's on the door jam. 11'85 was the beginning of the '86 D21 and the 729 was already ended.
  12. The rear seal is only $5 and take the primary driveshaft out. The stuff is so thin and slippery it goes where 80w won't.
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