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  1. There are several 'kits' so you can groove the block yourself.
  2. Keep in mind that this is a gauge reading with no hard numbers and an infra red reading of the exhaust manifold which has nothing to do with real engine temperatures. My L20B reads more consistently just above 1/2 way on the marked 'run range' spring and fall than it does in the heat of the summer where it can wander a needle width or so higher.
  3. The differential (third member) should swap between years. Seldom does anyone swap axles between housings, usually everything gets swapped. There were differences in 620 track over the years. The disc brake trucks were definitely wider than the earlier ones.
  4. Many California models use a small restriction in the emissions vacuum lines to slightly delay or smooth out transient signals to the vacuum advance. Would that work?
  5. datzenmike

    Fuel Tank Question

    Yeah what I remember was the 720 tank I put in to replace the 620 one. I looked in through the sender hole and it was vertical from the top. 620 was on the side.
  6. Gear puller for the bearing removal. Vice to press on the new one.... carefully. There is a front and back side. Copy how the old one is set. Rounded side to clutch and flat side to rear. Pry old transmission rear seal out with screwdriver. Try not to gouge the inside of the transmission seal surfaces. Place new seal on transmission and tap lightly with hammer to get started then place block of wood over it and drive home. Use a suitable size piece of pipe or socket to tamp down into the tailshaft to countersink it. Measure the hard line with a length of string then buy a pre made brake line the same length or s close oversize with the proper fittings already on it. You can bend it around a baseball bat or coffee mug.
  7. Looping the heater hoses together allows hot water from the head to circulate directly back into the hot engine and by pass the rad. Always close them off just like the shut off valve on the heater when not in use.
  8. Can't see how the gas cap would change anything. Fuel level in the tank would not change. Maybe it just took a long time to prime.
  9. The front counter gear is a failure point on the 71B that is much strengthened by the 62mm bearing on the 71C. The clearance is for the wider gears on the 71C transmission and what looks like an oil slinger on the very front just behind the counter bearing. If not clearanced the transmission will be too tight when bolted together.
  10. Cost does not infer extra quality. Eighty-six bucks for what amounts to thin oiled cotton gauze sandwiched between fly screen? Marketing genius on their part that you have to buy their cleaner and oil to boot! Many a truth is spoken in jest. It was free inside a free air filter housing I had in storage so long I don't remember where I got it... and I'm e-mailing WD with another use for their product.
  11. You also need to shave down the thickness around the counter bearing (front to back) and at this time increase it from 56mm to 62mm for the sx bearing. You can keep the 56mm if you want but get a new bearing if you do and use the L series cover plate. this... to this... I used a 5/8" for the shifter hole. Passed the drill through it several times and perfect fit.
  12. Yes. The L20B uses a metal line with a Y near the thermostat housing but hose will also work.
  13. On all Datsun 4 cylinder heads EXCEPT '75-'77 L20Bs with the U67 there is a coolant cooled/warmed intake. The U67 heads use exhaust heat to warm the intake but it's a bad idea. They can rust shut or open and bake the intake. From '78 on till they stopped making the L20B they returned to the coolant in the intake runners. ALL Datsuns even the U67 equipped had the coolant bypass on the thermostat. I'm not sure the threads are NPT, more likely metric pipe fitting. Yes that bolt is to seal up the bypass drain into the engine. You'll need some hose, two fittings, one for the thermostat, one for the intake and a Y fitting to join them.
  14. Engines always run best when there is neither extremely hot or extremely cold weather. Coolant in the intake warms the intake air the same amount even in below zero weather. When it extremely hot the coolant removes the heat radiated from the hot exhaust just inches away. The car runs like it's spring out over a much wider range. Engine is performing in the temp range it was tuned for.
  15. Lower rad hose inlet should look like this. Rad hose at bottom, heater return on the left and the bypass coming in from the top. It's a closed system that constantly circulates hot coolant past the thermostat and back into the engine.
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