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  1. Red heads.... From a parallel alien civilization that bred them for sex slaves. One of the intergalactic trading transports malfunctioned and crashed on earth millennia ago and several escaped the damaged containment fields and escaped into the wild human population. Naturally they were uniquely gifted and prolifically inserted their DNA into the human genome while the ships crew, that survived, died out. All red heads today come from those few survivors.
  2. Personal freedom and liberty has been going down hill for decades and exceptionally fast since 9/11. It's not like you were thrown into a pot of boiling water, you were thrown into cold water and the heat turned up slowly to a boil. You never noticed it happening because the change was too slow or you haven't been around long enough to remember the way it used to be.
  3. Low beams need a cut off so you don't blind oncoming traffic. I hate how car and truck owners upgrade to HID using a reflector made for a filament bulb and blind traffic with 5 times the light. Low beams are used the most yet they need to be bright enough to see as far ahead as possible. Most headlights are not good for speeds above 30 mph and it's easy to outrun them. By the time you see something, decide to brake, and get on the brakes.... you can't stop in time. If going with HID (which is basically an arc welder in headlight form) you need a projector housing. You want something (rectangular 4" x 6"?) that will swap right into your truck. Should have a projector lens to focus the light head rather than spraying everyone. With a lens a cut off gate can be used for low beam. Expect to pay over a hundred each for LED or HID. Good lighting isn't cheap and a lot are worse than the originals they replace. This kind of LED is everything wrong with headlights today... Under $20.
  4. Unless someone replaced the push rod, it's the correct length. Besides, it's adjustable. What can happen is the release bearing housing, the thing that holds the release bearing, is matched to the pressure plate and they must stay together. If the transmission is replaced and the release bearing housing that came with it is used, it could be from anything. The release bearing collars come in many different length to reflect the different heights of all the pressure plates that are available. This allows the slave, push rod and clutch arm to push through the same position geometry. Make sure the free play or push rod/clutch arm clearance is 2mm. Make sure that the clutch hydraulic system is completely bled of any air.
  5. With out the spring to retract the slave, the weight of the fluid above the slave is probably pushing the clutch arm and the release bearing is rubbing the diaphragm fingers. Google wouldn't play that clip for me without some kind of sign in permission.
  6. The trouble with LEDs are the light source isn't at a small single point like a filament or like an HID. Most (the cheap ass ones) are multiple LEDs peppered all over the 'bulb assy' and the resulting beam pattern also poor and all over the place. The best ones have a projector lens with a cut off gate so there is a sharp shadow zone to the relief of on coming drivers. This is why I went with HID in a projector housing. LEDs just aren't there yet.
  7. Matt, that's the procedure for the SD25. Z24 lash is 0.012". The diesel is 0.014"
  8. I pulled a shorty from a KC 4x4. Course it was Canadian....
  9. For the Z24 in the '84 FSM and I stand by this. Page MA-34 is for the Nissan Diesel engine SD25. Look at the picture of the valve numbering ET549/ET551 and valves being adjusted SMA795, you can see they are all on the same side of the head unlike the Z series valve locations.
  10. 2 years. L20B vs. Z22 engines Front axles and differential are differently placed with L20B on the right and Z22 on the left front. '80 and '82 pinion flanges have different splines. Driveshafts are different diameter. As they are the transmissions won't swap. Long bed 4x4 have 4.625 differential, Z22 were all 4.375. '82 has self adjusting rear drum brakes the '80 does not. '80 hood is unique to the '80 model year. '80 fuse box and harness are unique to the '80 model year. Brake masters are different. '80 were all mechanical fuel pump. Z22 used both mechanical and electric pumps.
  11. The light works, I was thinking maybe the sender is a little slow. Sluggish to go out could be nothing at all.
  12. Hold the throttle half open and with your hand, close the choke flap and watch what happens when the choke closes. There is a vertical linkage going down to the fast idle cam.
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