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  1. datzenmike

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

    They say you have to replace the crush bushing inside but I have done exactly what you describe as long as you done 'disturb' anything inside. Make sure you torque it properly to whatever it is. Got to be well over 100 pounds.
  2. datzenmike

    Datsun 510 race engine

    The KA is the same stroke as the Z24 so 6,250 it tops unless using exotic parts to keep it together. If limited to an L head then easier to use a Z24 block. The KA-E pistons will fit the Z24 rods if going higher compression and the 240sx pistons are fully floating.
  3. datzenmike

    Auto locking hubs

    The only thing I have ever seen about the automatic hubs is them being replaced with the manual ones. Never seen auto hubs going the other way.
  4. datzenmike

    orange B110 coupe

    I know you aren't going to spend much on this, but you can use an L series pump rotor which is longer, and have a spacer made to lengthen the pump case. There's some crazy shit going on over at club 1200. New rod and main bearing will close the clearances down to stock and reduce the oil that bleeds out. This will raise the pressure. You can spin the mains in with the crank in place and the pan off.
  5. datzenmike

    Recently acquired Datsun 810/Maxima help please?!

    All 810s and 910/Maximas were, it should be.
  6. datzenmike

    1980 720 transmission upgrade

    Unfortunately you have the wide ratio with the lower first gear. Good for faster revving with a turbo. Most other 71Bs are mid or close ratio and will spool slower, well slightly slower. The '79 620 used these and the Diesel 720s. You may have to settle for a mid ratio.... but you can always put a 4.11 or 4.375 differential in it. Generally the later made 71Bs wer the most up-graded. The '85 had the 62mm counter bearing to replace the 56mm one from earlier years. This is the same bearing used in the later 71C transmissions. I myself would get a later 71C 2wd KA 5 speed from the D21 Hardbody and modify the driveshaft to fit the length. You'll never break the 71C. Use your release bearing and collar that holds it.
  7. datzenmike

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    I guess my '55 had a Corvette engine in it then.
  8. datzenmike

    L20b withh z22 internals

    You would have to measure to be sure absolutely sure but the later Z22 on the 200zx has longer 149.5mm rods and shorter pin heights than the earlier 145.9mm ones. That's if you really care about rod/stroke ratios. All truck and 200sx rods up to December '81 build dates were the shorter variety. I would look for a U67 head to avoid the round exhaust ports and the metal liners in them. I would take the valves out and cut the liners and remove them. A round port header will be hard to find I think, but a U67 will take the earlier square port L16/18 cast iron header. But either head will give you 9.84 if mounted on a Z22 block. I would definitely mount a Z22 head gasket and mark the cylinder holes on the L head of choice, then grind away the metal where it's closest to the intake and exhaust. This opens opand removes the shrouding that reduces flow in these areas and improves breathing. This would work on the W58 as well. Make sure you don't make the opening larger that the gasket metal fire ring. It must remain completely pinched between the head and the block. You have lots of compression to play with so removal won't drop the compression excessively.... and you can always plane the head to assure levelness. I would also port the two runners to increase flow. After all you are pulling an extra 10% more air through them. Here's what I did on my U67 head that's on my larger Z24 engine. You will need the Z22 head gasket and compare to the L series one and open up any missing cooling passages. You can cut the front off the L series gasket and graft to the Z22 gasket to match the L front timing cover.... but I mounted my L head on the Z24 timing cover and it covers well enough. I added a small fillet of JB weld on the corner of the cam opening below the fuel pump, just to be safe but it does seal. You can't use the front two bolts between the head and the timing cover but a little gasket sealer will do. After all it only seals in fumes and a bit of oil spray and nothing serious. You can relocate the Z22 dip stick to the starter side or simply check the oil when the engine is cold. 😄
  9. datzenmike

    Datsun 510 race engine

    no.... I'm a virgin.
  10. datzenmike

    KA transmission switches and speedo gears

    All you really need is the reverse light switch. The others are just to tell the emissions if in 4th or 5th gear or neutral. So anything that plugs the holes you don't need them. If you have the stock 510 differential still you need the same number of teeth on the speedometer pinion as the one that was in your 4 speed. probably 16 or 17 if 3.889 or 3.70 The S13/14 uses and electronic speed sensor but the early D21 uses a sleeve that fits it. Now you just need the correct teeth. The 88-89 2wd truck with VG30 engine used a 17 tooth. I don't think there is much difference between S13/14 transmissions.
  11. datzenmike

    Datsun 510 race engine

    What about the car itself? Have you removed all allowable excess weight? Weight to HP is the name of the game. So you don't need the heater or the radio.
  12. datzenmike

    Heater function questions

    No need to remove it. The coil is accessible without that and the front of the heater fan just unclips from the sides and comes off. You can clean and get at the core from there. If you have to remove it, slice the heater hose with a box cutter and peel it off to prevent excessive pulling and twisting on the heater valve. Replace the hose, it's cheap enough and probably due anyway.
  13. datzenmike

    Recently acquired Datsun 810/Maxima help please?!

    The reason for not running out is the the pump is cooled by the fuel flowing through it. If it's humming along empty it may be damaged. This is good to know. You may get it for the price of a new electric pump.
  14. datzenmike

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    The Blue Flame name has been around through most of the second gen sixes and before WW2. The multi carb Corvette used the same, though updated, Blue Flame six. I had a Blue Flame six in my '55 and like I said it had an oil filter (and I assume an oil pump) whereas my dad's '51 did not. If you say the oil pump was introduced in '53 I won't argue with that but Corvette didn't 'own' that name.
  15. datzenmike

    Datsun 510 race engine

    Using a Z22 crank and stock Z22 87mm pistons in an over bored L20B block (or the Z22 block) you can have a 2.2 liter Substituting KA24E pistons and boring to 89mm you can have a 2.3 Or just switching to a Z24 engine you have 2.4 liters. You are limited by the piston speeds as the stroke lengthens unless you want to go to exotic titanium rods and fasteners. But generally the red line is... L20B 86mm stroke....... 7,000....8.5 Z22 92mm stroke......... 6,500... 9.84 Z24 96mm stroke......... 6,250... 9.47 compression with an open chamber U67 head. Higher if milled or block decked. You can reliably hold up to these RPMs indefinitely. These are all stock rods and pistons and limited by their metallurgical properties. Higher than this and the rods begin to stretch from the g forces. The best easy to find L head is the U67. Larger 280zx valves can be installed and it can be ported out. keep an eye out for a 219 or later issue V912 head. The most insane head would be the FIA but $6K- Do you HAVE to use that Holly??? That's too bad. However you can probably remove the choke flap and cut away the entire choke area and smooth the incoming air path. grind down the throttle shafts at the butterflies to thin them. Can you make your own intakes? Modify your oil pan with baffles and add extra volume to the sides to lower the oil away from the crank. Crank scraper/windage tray.

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