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  1. You tube is full of people heating them blue or more and I cringe. Myself 400F should be lots and you can do this in an electric frying pan full of sand. For god's she use an IR gun. Put the pins in the freezer over night.
  2. Put 3 of the steel ones on and change one mag at a time to find out if one is causing the trouble. I suppose one of the mags might be bent or perhaps a tire is out of round. Weights can compensate for this when spinning on a balance machine but when rolling on the ground it's a different story.
  3. Twenty years later I was on another party line. You could usually tell if someone else was listening in because the voices were fainter. We had a 'stick her nose in everybody's business gossip douche' up the road who wait for our ring to stop and then lift the receiver quietly and listen in. If we suspected we would yell get the fuck off our line Florence!!!!. The fuck's the matter with you? No wonder your husband is a drunk!!! Followed by a faint click. She couldn't tell anyone or complain because she would have to admit she was listening in. Fuck er if she did. In the spring our
  4. Put a level on the head. The firewall is almost always higher than the rad support so the engine will look like a sinking ship at the back.
  5. The first phone I ever saw was steam powered. ok it wasn't steam powered but it was a wooden box high on the wall only an adult could use. You had to speak into the receiver and the listening end was on a cord you held to your ear. Our farm was on the same line as 6 or 8 others and was aptly called a party line. Ours was answered if there was two long and one short rings. There was a hand crank on the side to signal the operator you wanted to make an outside call. Even with a half dozen on the line it rarely rang and if it did it was usually very important. BTW anyone on the party line could l
  6. gas·ket /ˈɡaskət/ noun noun: gasket; plural noun: gaskets 1. a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other device.
  7. Will get to it later this morning.
  8. Coils should have a resistance of 0.75 to 1.0 ohms. I only use the Nissan coils as aftermarket parts are like flashy fishing lures.... they catch more fishermen then fish. I'm really wondering how you are 'using the exhaust side trigger' to run the intake plugs. If you have wired both coils to the exhaust side that's going to be hard on the module.
  9. Nissan tended to balance everything separately so in theory you could jumble them all around and it would run fine. BUT this should be avoided if at all possible. All parts are never exactly the correct weight so a rod that is just a hair heavy would be matched to a piston that is just a hair light so they cancel out. Rods and rod caps are stamped 1/1 2/2 3/3 and 4/4 so go by that. Pistons have a notch that should face to the front when rod installed and the oil squirter hole on the rod shoulder should be on the spark plug side of the engine.
  10. There you have it....
  11. I doubt there are even 5,000 510s let alone ones with their seals.
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