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  1. datzenmike

    Tach, cluster lid and tailgate questions

    The 620 tach fits (of course) and also the one for the 1200 although it has a flat plastic face cover. I cut up a spare 630 gauge cluster for a pointy one to match. Anything else will have to be 'made to fit'.
  2. datzenmike

    L20B power needs

    Well you are the only one that does this.
  3. datzenmike

    My '76 710 Goon

    The gasket is one hole but the cast manifold is divided. not mine Looks like it could be narrower though.
  4. datzenmike

    L20B power needs

    It's a car thing. Adjustable coil overs, very expensive, are used to set the ride height on strut suspensions. So the ride height is set, and then they never get used again. All that expense for shiny things that are just along for the ride.
  5. datzenmike

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B

    The carb has a separate ported vacuum line (other than the vacuum advance) for the EGR. It goes to the thermostat housing valve. The Thermal Vacuum Valve TVV opens above 40-50F coolant temperature and allows EGR to take place, depending on the ported vacuum signal. None at idle and none or almost none at full throttle (low intake vacuum) Later trucks also have a Back Pressure Transducer BPT that allows more EGR is relation to exhaust pressure or load. Well, subject to not being full throttle
  6. datzenmike

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B

    I guess I forgot to hit the submit button this morning..... The valve in the air horn is normally open with no vacuum signal. The air horn valve has warmed exhaust manifold, cool outside air and can mix both together. Vacuum from the intake passes through the larger black temperature sensor which has a small air bleed and a bi-metallic strip. When air filter temperatures are below 86F the valve is closed and the vacuum servo motor in the air horn is pulled closed against a spring. From 86F to 129F the air bleed is opening and the servo motor is partly open. Above 130F the temperature sensor is full open removing the vacuum signal to the servo motor in the air horn which closes off the warmed air and only outside air is drawn in. Thus the air entering the engine is tightly controlled during warm up and in operation. Under heavy load conditions the vacuum is so low the servo motor will be pulled closed by it's spring regardless of how cold the air is to give maximum performance. The other valve (altitude compensator) is also a bi metallic strip the opens an air bleed to the intake to lean out an over rich condition caused by higher altitude. Is this air filter from California??? They had this but federal trucks didn't. There is another type of air bleed (idle compensator) that has two by metallic strips (yours has one so I think an altitude compensator) that leans out an over rich mixture caused by excessive under hood temperatures.
  7. datzenmike

    Transmission surgery - diesel kingcab 720

    Just get any 71B 5 speed and swap your front (diesel) case onto it. All you need is a 12mm socket, extension and a ratchet. Tube of RTV and snap ring pliers, although a thin screwdriver works just as well. Done. It's the front case that makes it fit a diesel bolt pattern and starter location. FS5W71B donor vehicles... '77-'78 280z '79 280zx. The '80-'83 zx (non turbo) 5 speed will also work but it has an insane over drive ratio and the diesel might struggle with it. '77-'79 620 truck '80-'86 720 truck* '78-'80 810 car '81-'84 Maxima '80-'83 S110 200sx (second generation) '84-'86 S12 200sx (third generation)* * from '85 on these will have a larger 62mm counter bearing that won't fit the smaller 56mm counter bearing opening in your transmission front case. Just swap your smaller bearing on. Actually a better idea is to replace this bearing with a new one. Buy far... the hardest thing will be getting the transmission out. I've pulled the front case off of one of these in under 10 min. It's a simple job.
  8. datzenmike

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    Interstate commerce isn't 'driven' by old Datsuns. 99.99999% of cars on the road are less than 10 years old, the rest are diesel trucks. Only vintage car collectors give a shit. If you have a Datsun, it has all the emissions equipment on it. Easy as pie to keep that equipment in working order. The trouble is that people don't know what their emissions system does, or how it does it. This in turn leads to fear and suspicion of it and an adversarial relationship with the laws. If there was a 'reasonable fee for non compliant vehicles' everyone would pay it and drive around with a blue cloud behind them. If you buy a Datsun you should know enough to not buy one that has missing/broken equipment. You should pay much less for it and fix it.
  9. From the moment she took the cotton ones off and slipped on a thong. From the moment she chose matching bra and panties.
  10. datzenmike

    620 Land Speed Record

    Not the oil pump. Between the spindle top and the distributor.
  11. datzenmike

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Fuckin' millennials.... Looks pretty good for the price. I like the honest almost 400K mileage. Good truck to build with.
  12. datzenmike

    L20B power needs

    Much like adjustable coil overs that you set the ride height on once and never touch them again.
  13. datzenmike

    My '76 710 Goon

    Pretty much done for grinding.
  14. datzenmike

    Anybody tried a DGAV?

    Definitely a Z22 with an L20B head. Basically an L22B if there was one. Larger is always better. Compression with an open chamber L head is 9.84 so use higher octane gas to take advantage of the compression. You want everything above, below and in front of the iron block to be L20B. Only the block, crank rods and pistons are Z22. If I did this I would run a larger cam and carb(s) maybe R1 motorcycle or side drafts if available) and an L16 'cast iron header'. The Z22 would red line at 6500 vs. the L20B's 7K but who drives there anyway? The longer stroke and higher displacement will make you forget all about it.
  15. datzenmike

    "Zeke"- '72 510 2Dr

    Break in is accomplished by driving it, not necessarily by accumulated miles. There is no mileage where it is 'broken in'. Oils, metal and manufacturing are better today (oils especially) than back in the '50s when you pussy-footed around for the first 500 miles. Break in is faster if you 'drive it' with 'verv'. Oh.... the mileage will get better as the break in continues and things loosen up. It may also start running cooler.

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