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  1. Blown bulb? Switch the right to the left side. If the problem moves to the left side it's the bulb. Plug socket loose/corroded?
  2. The flywheels were all physically 6 bolt mount but drilled and tapped for various diameter pressure plates. The 240sx were 225mm and the D21 trucks are 240mm. Be sure when you get the matching pressure plate that you also get the matching release bearing collar or housing that holds the release bearing. It's unlikely that the one on the L18 will match the new clutch.
  3. datzenmike

    Blown headgasket

    Z22s weren't in the '84s although it could have been swapped earlier. Z22s are not known for blowing their gaskets. So look between the two pair of exhaust pipes, below the #2 and #3 exhaust side spark plugs just where the head meets the block. The engine size is stamped there... Mistakes and assumptions are made and rather than tear into replacing a head gasket I have to ask what makes you think the gasket is blown???
  4. They don't but it's a safe bet that with this many people someone has something.
  5. ALL L series 4 and 6 cylinder starter rings are the same, even the automatics. So are the Z and SD diesel and KA series flywheels. I suspect the CA series as well.
  6. I'm going to say it's doubtful. Some things like transmissions (made by JATCO) are used by Nissan Mazda Toyota. A lot of the alternators (Hitachi) are suspiciously similar from back then because it's cheaper to not re-invent the wheel all the time. Tasmania. Have you thought about having 4 of those 5 holes welded up and then have 5 new ones added? You could continue to use your L18 clutch and PP.
  7. P... no idea. It's a capacitor for filtering out noise so your radio doesn't whine up and down with the engine.
  8. My kids have their own kids to worry about. But I have cats and cats can be shit claws every day.
  9. I don't even remember where I left my slippers two days ago..
  10. I can only reply to the info available. You profile doesn't mention a Hardbody only 720s. A rich mixture will run cooler than a lean one. Put the air filter on and see if the hiss goes away... it probably will. Most carbs and throttle bodies hiss as the idle air squeezes past the closed throttle plate. A non i engine??? Why mention a Z24 if you have a Z24i??? Yes a Z24 non ECC carburetor can have the jets changed to alter the fuel mixture but what ever was put in at the factory isn't going to need changing. A Z24 ECC carburetor primary barrel can't be altered as the fuel mix is determined by sensors and set but the ECU. Same with the Z24i. The mixture is set by the ECU with sensor inputs. Both the ECC carburetor and the Z24i start and run richer during warm up and use an O2 sensor when warmed up to adjust the mixture closer to stoichiometric .
  11. HRH got one of those 200sx intakes. I don't know what he did with it but that was 15 years ago? He's in Spokane and most active on this forum.... https://nwdatsuns.com/ https://nwdatsuns.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=388
  12. datzenmike

    Fusible link

    https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/ Do you have the old one? Fusible links by Nissan are color coded for the amperage they can handle. Black is 80 amps Green is 40 amps. You can buy fusible link wire at auto parts or auto electrical stores and make your own. They may not match Nissan's colors so go by the rating.
  13. Like a lot of stuff I try I often go in another direction. Haven't heard from Doug (Sealick) in almost 10 years.
  14. http://720world.com/forum/topics/2016119:Topic:686?commentId=2016119%3AComment%3A1158 Patric Smith from Las Vegas has a Z24E using a 200sx intake and I think 240 sx parts.
  15. If Micro falls down in the forest and there's no one to hear him, does he make a sound?
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