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  1. If you are putting an L head on either a Z20/ Z22 or Z24, the intake will stick out farther than the Z series distributor anyway. With an L series head on the block it will use L series engine brackets that lean over to the right side 12 degrees from vertical as well, pulling the intake and exhaust away from the left side. You will have a stroker L20B when done that is 2.4 liters inside but a mere 3/4" taller than an L20B outside. Cake.... and eat it too.
  2. 2wd trucks use the H-190 rear axle. 4x4s use a C200 so the backing plates are much different.
  3. Oh yeah I remember now. How is it 'too big for your application...'???? The only difference between a Z24 and the earlier Z20 and Z22 is that it's 3/4" taller. Uses the same head, distributor, water pump, main and rod bearings. It's the same engine except the larger displacement inside.... and the 3/4" taller block. If planning 'mudder' tires you'll need the higher torque.
  4. Psst (my wife just came home with nail polish. pretty soon I'll be dying her hair)
  5. I assumed you needed a high torque engine. What is this project engine going in???
  6. I have no faith in the quality of a $100 POS from China. You would be better off spending the money on your known good distributor. Hang on you said your truck is a '69 so it would be a J13 engine. All 520/521 engines were single point. Did I miss something?
  7. Any single points L series distributor will work. I don't see what you couldn't take the dual points distributor shaft out and have it turned down on a lathe. Then get a Pertronix for it. Only down side to either is this just gets rid of the points, period. The Nissan EI matchbox and matching coil also ups the output voltage for hotter sparks
  8. Then yes but 30% is more than enough for an A series. Two and a half inch pipe is 204% more flow that the 1.75" (assuming the 210 IS 1.75" pipe, I don't know it may be less) That's enough for two A15s and a waste unless swapping in a VG.
  9. The engine may have been built long before it was put in the truck. They were an option starting in Jan '83 so no older than that. Not the best for torque. You want something with displacement, Z22 or Z24 even better. What is this engine going in again? What year 720?
  10. $300 ???? Most get a Pertronix. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/PerTronix-1281-arrancador-para-cilindros/dp/B000N2XOHQ/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_US=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=pertronix+ignitor&qid=1586395915&sr=8-1
  11. If you were to put an L20B head, like a U67 or W58 on the flattop pistons would raise the compression to about 9.95. The rods are six inch rather than 5.75" and some would consider this a long rod engine which is rev happy. You would probably run high octane premium gas. The VIN would only be the model year while the actual build date (month and year) is on the driver's door jam and much more accurate for finding parts as things often change during the model year.
  12. It's an '84-'86 Mileage option Z20 (carburetor) engine. Has the small combustion chamber W04 casting head with 9 compression and a knock sensor and electronics for ignition retard in response to pinging, long rod flattop pistons, 240mm clutch, 5 speed and an insane 3.364 differential. Was an option for fleet trucks aimed at higher mileage. VINs are ok but engines can be swapped. This will also have a tag under the passenger side hood hinge on the inner fender saying the same thing.
  13. Replace the filter anyway. Don't cheap out on them, or carry a spare, this could have happened at midnight in a rainstorm 100 miles from home.
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