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  1. Try this. Place transmission in neutral with engine running and depress the clutch then let it up slowly as if it was in gear. Noise or not?
  2. They are soft enough to crush down for a tight seal when the valve cover is tightened down. I would put a small smear of RTV on the semi circles.
  3. L&R fender emblems are the same for 2wd or 4x4 and only say Nissan. The 4x4 emblem is mounted on the grill and a decal on the rear.
  4. That's great news. Many would have given up. Welcome to classic car ownership.
  5. It's easier with the front end raised so you are not raising all the weight. There ares also two nuts with the top one locking down on the the one below. The top one must be turned up out of the way and the bottom one turned down. Tightening the top one down onto the other will just jam it.
  6. The 510 had a restriction on the carb inlet and not in the line to the tank. Very different from the L20B setup.
  7. Keep in mind this is just one owners impression of 'over heating' and there are no hard numbers supplied or gauge reading described. Use the infra red gun and shoot the thermostat housing for a very accurate reading of the engine temperature. What's it really? If between 180 and 190F it's withing range. Also this is 7 months ago....
  8. Wow that's really nice. Only good as a camper as the cabin is cut up for entry into the back. There's one near me but I don't know if Chinook or not. It an earlier drum brake truck. Most are Toyotas.
  9. Traditionally Yellow is rated at 60 amps protection for your wire harness. Substituting a Black??? 80 amps is not without risk. What does it say on the outside of the wire?
  10. Just buy several fuel filters and change, generally every 3 years, or oftener as needed. Nothing can get past the filter that's the point of having one however get good quality ones. I had one come apart inside the plastic cover once. The rust may be coming from the fuel lines and cleaning the tank may not help much. Keep tank filled, specially in the winter to reduce condensation build up. I would say add methyl hydrate to absorb water but most gas today is 10% alcohol and would hold any water in suspension any way.. Release or throw out bearing does not know if the transmission is in reverse or forward or neutral for that matter. It's under load any time the clutch pedal is depressed even sitting still. Idle in neutral and depress the clutch several times. If quiet, then not the release bearing. Possibly a U joint on the drive shaft that's now turning backwards reversing the load on it.
  11. There should be a vacuum advance port on the 32/36..... unless this is some old POS. Hopefully you are buying a new one from Pierce or Weber with everything needed (gaskets, adapter plate, air filter etc.) and not a Chinese knock off. Just run the fuel line to the weber and leave the return line capped.
  12. Front? back? Power wash it off and inspect regularly to find the source.
  13. Z20 from an '80-'81 A10 (HL510) or Z22 from an '81-'82 720 truck. Look between the two pair of exhausts where the aluminum head meets the top of the block. The engine displacement is stamped there.
  14. Icehouse, ]ReDeYe, Hobo?
  15. Nice! The KH510 L18SSS was rated at 115PS which is 113HP. Back then this was a gross HP measurement from the crankshaft. Today's measurements are net HP with all the parasitic losses and more comparable. Assuming about a 17% in drive train loss this would be just under 100HP which is about 15 HP more than the regular L18 with a downdraft 2 bbl. Not seeing the pictures. Some picture hosting sites require the viewer to have an account to see yours.
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