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  1. datzenmike

    Aftermarket Gauges Discussion

    Critical boost control and wideband need to be more in line of sight than down on the console, just like a tachometer. Some gauges are mounted on the A pillar. Easy to mount, visible and easy to remove if car is sold. Doesn't affect the dash gauges. Cake....... and eat it too.
  2. datzenmike

    1986 720 2.4 liter - Is there a simple carburetor swap?

    Try the dealer? #11828-W0400 $25!!!! Best is another 720 from a wrecking yard, although that will be a stretch in Va. Ratsun cassifieds??
  3. datzenmike

    710 front sway bar

    Good question. I can only add that if it does, no-one has ever said so. Myself.. I doubt it.
  4. datzenmike

    Z20S TO A Z20E

    Run a carb, it's easier and just about as powerful. Certainly more powerful than the L16 that was in it.. Get it running and enjoy it. The Z20E fuel injection is not that great. No where near as good as the late 80s and on.
  5. datzenmike

    79 210 starting and misfire issues

    2 and 3 are the two most likely to be switched plug wires. This is what happens if you were to think the rotor turns clockwise. It doesn't, it turns counter clockwise. So check your firing order 1,3,4,2 counter clockwise. Set the valve lash. A tight intake valve will not always seal in the combustion process and it can light off the gas/air mix in the intake.
  6. datzenmike

    85 720 radiator replacement with A/C

    Hmmm. My L20B runs at half and maybe a needle width higher when hot. I removed the clutch fan and now have two electric fans from a Subaru and a sensor and relay. This is preferable to turning the fan when not needed during warm up and when out on the highway. They turn on at 3/4 and move way more air than the original fan at low engine speeds. Try something... With the engine off grab the plastic fan blades and try to turn them. It should move but be quite firm. If you can spin it easily or it turns after you let go the clutch fan coupling fluid has leaked out. It's like a torque converter in an automatic transmission, it transmits power but there is enough slip to idle in gear when stopped. One side is the fan blades and the other side is turned by the fan belt. Motion is transmitted by the water pump through the viscous fluid to the fan blades. Fan speed maxes out at about 1,800 rpms no matter how fast you go. The 720 clutch fan has a thermostat that senses when the rad starts to over head and opens a valve letting in more fluid which in turn increases the drag and speeds up the fan blades to about 2,300 RPMs. Here's the inside... If that yellow oil has leaked out the fan will slip and not draw enough air through the rad. Years ago someone filled one with grease but it spins too fast and sounds like a jet taking off.
  7. datzenmike

    85 720 radiator replacement with A/C

    The temp and gas gauges run on their own voltage regulator. It's about 8 volts so the gauges will read the same if the engine is stopped 12.6 v or charging 14.5v. If the gas gauge is wildly out then the voltage regulator for both is suspect. If you ground the sender wire to the intake (ground) the temp gauge should go all the way full hot. If it doesn't, then the gauge may be bad. The temp sender grounds to the intake under the thermostat cover, not far from the battery ground cable.
  8. datzenmike

    Z20S TO A Z20E

    The Z20 will not sit right on a 521 transmission made for a L series. If the Z20 comes with a transmission just disregard this. If all you have is the 521's 4 speed try to find an old L20B for the timing cover, head, intake and exhaust for it. With long rods, flattop pistons and 9.945 compression you have a winner!
  9. datzenmike

    Just another(LOOK AT ME!!!) 69 DIME build thread.

    If the Canby show is on this June I'll see you there!
  10. datzenmike

    1982 720 d22 trans rebuild need help please

    Other that the gear ratios the 71B transmissions are all the same strength wise. They are suitable for the Z car's 6 cylinder. Over about 10 years some small improvements were made (like the 62mm counter bearing) Third up from the bottom. The 71B was used in all those vehicles, usually as an option. That's the L, Z, SD, CA series of engines. It's the front case bolt and starter position that allows this. Swap the case and you can use it on any of those. BUT... there is always a but... The 720 used a long 31.5" and in some cases a shory 26" length so watch for that. ALSO there's also and also... 71B after '84 came with a larger 62mm counter bearing up grade from the original 56mm. If you were to get an '85 and up 71B just swap the larger bearing from it for your smaller 56mm and your old case will fit.
  11. datzenmike

    Z20S TO A Z20E

    Both have the 6" or 152.5mm rods and flattop pistons. The EFI might have a slight power advantage. It will start easier/faster and run more efficiently than the S engine. I wouldn't bother for all the work.
  12. datzenmike

    What are you listening to???

    I agree. It's much much deeper.
  13. datzenmike

    1982 720 d22 trans rebuild need help please

    Stand the transmission up on two pieces of 2x4. Hold the shifter over, hard to the driver's side while lifting the rear case and twisting it back and forth. I would only take the speedometer pinion out, and by out I mean pull straight out. It has a plastic gear that may be damaged. Everything in the tail (reverse check sleeve, pin stopper guide, striking rod/lever/guide) comes out with the tail. All it does is slide back off the mainshaft. Any 71B transmission will work for the front case swap. '77-'79 620 '77-'78 280z '79 280zx * the '80-'83zx have a too big overdrive you won't like it. '78-'84 810/Maxima '80-'86.5 720 '80-'83 S110 200sx '84-'86.5 S12 200sx
  14. datzenmike

    1986 720 2.4 liter - Is there a simple carburetor swap?

    This is the PCV to engine vent tube. A cone filter is not going to cut it.
  15. datzenmike

    Al- u minium flywheel questions.

    Maybe the 6 holes are for a bolt on steel surface? PP screws into it?

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