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  1. AC is off so the pulley is free wheeling. The PS pump is very easy to turn by hand. You could try warming the engine and try loosening. Heat will expand the block metal making the holes larger and maybe loosening it's grip on the bolts... but let cool down before torquing.
  2. datzenmike

    Weber Rebuild.

    What's it doing? 90% of carburetor problems turn out to be ignition 90% of ignition problems turn out to be carburetor. Weber adapters have a habit of coming loose or the adapter can crack from tightening a loose one. Webers are sensitive to too high a fuel pressure, mostly when the get older. Eliminate everything first or you'll have to come back anyway and do it after you 'rebuild' it... http://www.redlineweber.com/html/Tech/carburetor_set_up_and_lean_best_.htm
  3. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    Yes. It's select fit so don't loose it or switch with a different one. The gasket is NLA so just a smear of RTV. What squished out on the outside also squishes inside. You don't want that shit in the bearings.
  4. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    Use a socket extension and a heavy hammer and hit the clutch arm pivot ball..
  5. I just liked Jimmy. Seemed that everything was against him. He was a victim of circumstance as I saw it from the viewpoint of not really following politics at the time. Nixon was a shifty eyed crook. While I don't 'like' trump his enemies are his greatest asset. They make him look even better.
  6. Nixon should be at the top and Jimmy not even on there.. .
  7. Last night I removed the cam sprocket for you. I brought your Datsun back because of steamy exhaust.
  8. That would be the vaccine come to save us all.
  9. F4W63. Other than the different engine bolt patterns, same transmission as the 521 and the 510. The J13 gear ratios are the same as the 521 and the 510 wagon. The 510 sedan's are closer ratio
  10. The BALLS needed to try this!!!!! The absolute balls!!!!!!!
  11. Agree, do the best you can and hang on. The cavalry is coming.
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