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  1. New belts will stretch. Loose is probably better than too tight.
  2. Push on the belt half way between the pulleys with your thumb. 22 pounds should deflect about 1/3" for air conditioner. 1/2" for power steering and water pump.
  3. Yup. It's all a federal offence but in reality it's left up to the individual states to enforce and most have better things to do, well except California.... that sticks it's nose into everyone's business. There are lots of things that are illegal but nobody cares because it isn't enforced or simply can't be enforced. So instead the EPA goes after the dealers instead of the buyers. Would you rather that they come to your home and pull your car off the road?
  4. I had 7 or 8v on my 710. This was the start signal from the ignition switch. Usually there was 3 or 4 tries with the key, with a click then it would engage. I had over a dozen used starters so I threw one on and was very surprised to find this did not help. Used an old spanner and jumped from the positive cable on the starter to the starter solenoid and it worked every time. That when it dawned on me what the real problem was. Not surprisingly my second 710 was the same.
  5. From battery to ignition switch is probably close to 3 meters and about that much back out to the starter. Lets round down to about 15 feet. At least, plus numerous plug-in and bulkhead connections. Add to that narrow gauge wire that is 35 years old. There is bound to be a voltage drop.
  6. Try the term "attention whores" when describing open carry.
  7. Engine block and head from the '84 should do it. Both manifolds, the distributor (CAS) and the drive spindle below it and and probably the oil pan and pick up tube from the Hardbody go on it. Flywheels and pressure plates should be the same 240mm but just so you don't get your ass bitten, use the D21 parts. It's possible that something like the clutch fan may be different but this is something on the outside and easily changed later after the swap.
  8. I pulled this 4" long Blue RTV worm out of a KA head. The owner used to own Chevs and sealed up the water pump or thermostat cover with RTV instead of a proper gasket. Christ knows how much ended up in the rad. Less is more. If the factory didn't use it, YOU shouldn't use it.
  9. Doesn't apply to Datsuns so.... Vote for changes to the EPA then. Trump fucked them up good but now Joe potatoe head is in charge. I still won't give a shit.
  10. 1/ Front disc are a nice effective low maintenance up-grade. There are several suppliers on here where you source the calipers and rotors. Someone will reply. 2/ King pins, idler arm and steering ball joints probably shot and needs an alignment when done. There is a conversion to ball joint suspension to get rid of those king pins. Again someone will reply. 3/ Clean original rims are the nicest looking on a 521. 2nd choice is what you have. 4/ Body looks good as is. Could stand to be 1 1/2" to 2" lower all round. Paint the embossed DATSUN white to match the
  11. Primary resistance 7 ohms.... good to go! A stock coil from any '78 and up EI system would be just as good.
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