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  1. Far as I know there's no problem with the SA, 'course this is Canada. Likely BLM fucks causing trouble. So.... no one fact checked what LSMFT is??? ...... fuck.
  2. Can't find anything on race but there are some allegations of discrimination against the LBGBTQ and LSMFT communities and homo dogs and cats.
  3. Maybe they could go to fucking Wu-Han with Fauci and Gates and get a preview of what's next from the CCP? That would make way too much sense.
  4. Was she from Quebec??? No it was sugar water syrup
  5. Coil overs do not allow you to lower indefinitely. Any lowering moves you closer to running out to strut travel. This can be reduced by (I assume raising the vehicle isn't an option?) ... 1/ increasing the coil spring's 'spring rate' or stiffness. If you are using the stock spring or rate, probably around 100 pounds per inch, (lb./in.) you can buy replacement coils that are 175 to 220 lb/in. It's hard to know what will be right for you without being too stiff. Stiffer spring will resist being compressed and the body travels less distance on bumps and dips. 2/ Inside your strut is an oil bath damper or shock absorber. The damper prevents sudden compression of the coil spring by offering resistance to compression and rebound by forcing hydraulic oil through small valves or holes. In the past it may have been drained and replaced with a dry self contained insert. If it's been replaced all you can do is replace it again (if needed) with something firmer. If it has the original oil filled ones, you can empty out the watery thin hydraulic oil and replace with a higher viscosity 20W motorcycle fork oil. This is what I did and for $15 a liter (enough for three struts) the thicker oil is much harder to push through the stock valving and provides a firmer ride.
  6. Second paragraph... How the fuck can pharmaceutical companies previously have the capability to produce vaccines specifically targeting variants before the variants even come about????????
  7. On the '83... Along side the steering column just under the dash are two 10 pin connectors. These connect the dash to the cabin harnesses. The connectors are White and a Blue one. The White connector has a tach signal wire that is Black/Blue stripe. The Black/Blue wire goes back and through the 2.2K ohm resister and to the ignition coil for the intake side plugs. NO you don't need to connect to both coils. I don't know if your after market tach will work with this resistor or not. If not, you'll have to find the resistor that is in line, remove it and/or jumper around it. I think on the '83 the tach resistor is near the coils and the left front headlights. It's tapped up in line and looks like a lump in the harness. Find this, and you have it...
  8. datzenmike


    The 620 is light and relatively easy to steer, assuming the king pins are in good shape. If you were off road on rough surfaces a damper could be an asset for stabilizing road wheel input to the steering wheel, but otherwise I don't see the use of it at all.
  9. Often parts are impossible to find or afford on a vintage vehicle so if you are not a purist, substitutions are a viable alternative. All's fair when trying to keep it on the road.
  10. datzenmike


    The 620 didn't have a steering damper. Have never heard of on on one either. Maybe post a picture of it as well as the rest of the truck. Unless you do a lot of highway travel or plan to swap a larger L20B into your truck, a 5 speed isn't much good to you. Welcome to Ratsun.
  11. Is AJ a pancake mix? Wouldn't having more pancakes cause demand for more syrup?.
  12. Who put that together? My B-210 had a retarded set up of pins clips and wires
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