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  1. There are winners.................................................................................................................................................................................................. and then there is everyone else. If your feelings get hurt easily, and you probably figured this out at an early age, stop trying to be what you aren't and leave the heavy lifting to the winners. You can't be a looser if you don't try.
  2. Lets put it this way. If a person was to claim that ever since they can remember they have always felt that they were, say... a cat. How would doctors, parents and society react to this? Would they build them a huge litter box or would this person be placed in an institution and examined and studied to see if this was an organic or a mental problem? If organic, maybe medication would help and if mental maybe therapy but if nothing can be done she/he could be told that they have a human body and there's a perfectly good male/female washroom they can use. So if you are born physically a female but believe that you are a male then you have a mental problem/disorder just like an anorexic sees themselves as over weight. It's unfortunate but I don't think society should reinforce this 'delusion' by allowing men to use women's washrooms or building a separate 'litter box,' nor compete in woman's athletics. Nor should they pander to those that identify as the opposite sex because they are attention whores. This is even more loony that the problem.
  3. NO!!!! Do NOT throw parts at this. What will happen is a sub standard piece of shit made in China/Taiwan will introduce 4 other problems. Keep the original distributor it's good quality. Only thing that wears out are the points and maybe the condenser. This is normal. Those points look OK. Pull the Blue/Yellow stripe wire off and electric tape it. This will get rid of the retarded set and it will run full proper advance on the primary points. The primary points (Black wire) set on the high point of the cam so they are fully open and adjust or check that it's opening to 0.020". Pull the high voltage wire of the center of the distributor cap and hold about 1/4" away from the intake manifold or anything grounded and turn the engine over with the starter. Got nice fat spark??? I bet you do. Your running problem isn't electrical, probably carburetor.
  4. datzenmike

    Points condenser

    The L16/18 and L20B use different part numbers but a condenser is just a 12v capacitor to reduce arcing of the points when they break contact. Try it if you can't get the correct one.
  5. The 3rd fuse from the left hand side is used only for the rear window defogger. I don't know if you have one but you could tap into it or anything up to fuse #7. These are all turned on and off with the ignition. Mount as close and as low to the tank as you can. Use an inline filter before the pump to keep trash out.
  6. Dual points. Back in the day dual points were a way to increase the dwell time. First set closed. Then the second set, first set opens but second are still closed. Second set opens and coil sparks. It would carry more current but I don't think that was the intended use. The last set to open would arc weld the points in short order. On a Datsun the last set open about 4 degrees after the first set. An easy way to add or remove 4 degrees of retard for emissions. You can wire them together and set the timing on the second set opening time.
  7. Hell I just try everything till I get something that works. Select your picture and over on the right find Direct Link. Hit the COPY just to the right of it and come back to Ratsun select where you want to put your picture and hit CTRL and V. There may be several ways, this works for me.
  8. Always check what you posted is correct and working. If possible learn how to post the actual picture, I hate clicking on links. Ingur has lots of posting options, try them all and find something that works. I can't do anything with that
  9. datzenmike

    NM 521

    There are almost no pollution devices on the 521. Dual points, air pump and that's about it. If you are talking about the PCV valve you should keep that working. Yes it has a metered amount of air leak that's accounted for and removes moisture and petroleum fumes from the crankcase that pollute/dilute the oil. Engine oil stays cleaner and lasts longer.
  10. datzenmike

    Rear springs

    Not sure if that's a good ruler. At rest it takes 210 pounds to compress one inch but as it's being compressed the rate is also going up as more leaves come under compression.
  11. It defies the imagination how they work or what they do. If form follows function, then what?
  12. Why would there be a barricade on the outside of the entrance?
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