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  1. Clear is too far gone for that, I think? I was thinking a scotch-brite bath to even the whole thing out to a satin finish could work actually. Kinda like this... Neither. 😄 The paint is definitely toast, and it will probably get a respray some time in the future. But that's a ways off...
  2. Catch can mounted, soon to be plumbed... Got an RX7 oil cooler for it because we wanted to do this... And this... Plan is to run one big electric fan on the outside covering both...
  3. Also, we had a spare valve cover so we did a little "customizing" to it. Should be done on Wednesday, so pics to follow...
  4. I was a bit off on my numbers I'm afraid. This is a 25.5" tire. New alternator in and brackets modified to suit it... And new lumpy cam installed...
  5. 195/75-14, but with the "all terrain" tread, they are a bit taller than the stated size. Overall diameter is around 27", but a regular "all season" 195/75-14 is around 26".
  6. A little more work done this week... Took the EGR bits off the intake, tapped the hole for a plug and filed off the mounts... Gave it a bath in some degreaser and it came back looking pretty good. Also picked up a 38/38 Weber for it... Then Tim had an idea... Then Tim made a thing... And now we are here... Up next we are going to build an air box that fits inside the dash, then make a pipe that goes up to the roof for one of those off-roader snorkel thingies... 😁 You can also see evidence there of Tim's homebrew 2" suspension lift. And the result of that was...
  7. I have owned a lot of Datsun wagons and have dealt with this issue a lot. 😄 1. Your hatch seal leaks. Due to the low pressure area behind the car, it pulls exhaust fumes in through those leaks. 2. Rolling the windows down seems to only makes it worse, not better. 3. Keeping the fresh air vents open all the time helps, (pressurizes the cabin) but you just sealed those up. 😁 4. While your new exhaust may help this issue a lot (gets the tip further away from the hatch), I found a side exit works even better. Best fix is a new hatch seal, a new window seal, and maybe plug up those vents beside the hatch. without the front flow through vents open, the rear "flow out" vents will actually suck fumes back into the car. In for a penny, in for a pound. While I do understand the reasoning behind sealing up the fresh air vents in the cowl, it is in practice a terrible idea. 😉
  8. What is his username? I really want one but they are getting stupid expensive thanks to collectors driving up the price. Hell, if I could just find the pick guard (the only really unique part on it), I'd just build my own... 😄
  9. Couldn't wait for the suspension upgrades to try out the wheels...
  10. Pawn shops are the best place. There's really no shortage of cheaply priced guitars that need a lot of work... 😄 But after building the Strat, I have found that it's a lot easier just to start from nothing and build it yourself. 👍
  11. If you know anyone in the market for one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/223468599813?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  12. Will do. Waiting for the body to show up now, then the fun starts... The Telecaster was a basketcase when I got it. I ended up repainting the body, replacing the neck, electronics, and a few other bits to get it to here... Then I decided it was too plain and I wanted to jazz it up. Shaved the top down a few millimeters and put a flame maple top on it, dyed dark green. That didn't go exactly how I wanted and I ended up doing a dark blue burst all around... That didn't go exactly as planned either, so I am starting over with a new body. The new one will also get a flame maple top but done differently (knowing what I know now). It will have it's control cavity routed from the back, and Gibson humbucker pickups fitted. I basically want to build a guitar that sounds (and sort of looks) like a Les Paul, but plays like a Telecaster...
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