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  1. Also broke my personal record for spending more money on parts than I paid for the car itself in the shortest amount of time. Did it in less than 4 hours this time... 😃
  2. Same here. They were all either decent drivers that were out of my budget, or cheap rollers. This was the first time I ever came across a driver that was in my budget (probably due to the poor paint condition), so I snapped it up quick. And after the 1200, I am done with buying non-running cars for myself. 😄 VH45DE could really benefit a car with a wider/bigger engine bay. To me, a 280Z seems like a natural fit for that? I am going to take some measurements of the car next weekend to see just how difficult the VH swap would be in this...
  3. Here's a nice comparison of the two. Nissan wins on power and a higher redline, but Toyota wins on size. http://www.lextreme.com/q45.html Toyota is shorter in height by 50mm (about 2"), shorter in width by 100mm (roughly 4"), but longer by 70mm (almost 3"). The extra length likely just comes down to timing belt (Toyota) versus timing chain (Nissan).
  4. Although... https://xcessivemanufacturing.com/nissan/by-engine/vh45/transmission/nissan-drivetrain-chassis-engine-vh-n-vh-vg-ta.html
  5. It was considered, but the Nissan V8 is about 3-4" wider than the Toyota. Also better aftermarket support for the Lexus engine, so... Weights are similar for both, but strangely both the Lexus and Infiniti V8s weigh less than the stock Starion engine...
  6. And to explain the thread title, one of my best friends from high school with similar car tastes had a red '87 Chrysler Conquest. He loved it, and it was a riot to drive, but it was in the shop all the time. Mostly because he beat it like it owed him money. Once asked why he liked it so much, he said "it's basically a Japanese Trans Am"... 😄 Oh, and future plans are a bit out there. While I like this engine, the car really needs a V8. 😎 Anyone want to make a strong case for either a 1UZ-FE or a 5.2 LS?
  7. As one project prepares to leave, another one takes its place...
  8. So I am a bit older than most of you, I think (not as old as Mike, though), as I graduated high school in 1991. Now the 3 coolest cars in my high school parking lot were (in no particular order) the mid-80s Trans Am or IROC-Z Camaro, the AE86 Toyota Corolla GT-S (so much stickers!!), and the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest. I fell in love with all three of these and always wanted to own all three some day. It took me until 15 years after high school, but I did get an AE86. It was a load of fun and I do miss it still. I have often low key looked for a decent IROC-Z but that search has thus far proved fruitless. And we come to the last of the trio. Which I acquired today. 😁 Paint is pretty beat but it runs great. Engine was recently rebuilt, as was the turbo. It pulls surprisingly strong, especially on the freeway... Now just waiting on the UPS man to bring me about 20 boxes, then the real fun begins... 😁
  9. Dude... That came out even more awesome than I thought it would... 👍
  10. I think the above photo fits the below statement to a T... Only thing I would probably change is to make it metal (or better yet fiberglass) and make it easy to unscrew.
  11. Thank you sir. I just keep trying to make the next one better than the last, and I think I've done that so far...
  12. They are not welded on, no. And not really a "band-aid fix", but an actual fix. This allows for less clamping pressure at idle so the clutch is easier to modulate when you are taking off or shifting, but more pressure at higher RPM when you need it. However I only use/recommend these when you cannot fit a physically larger clutch (like on an A-series). And I believe it's actually centripetal force, not centrifugal? But I went to an inferior 'Murican science class as a lad, so... 😁
  13. Yes to the first, no to the second. I haven't even seen an A12 flywheel in over a decade... 😄
  14. I honestly had no intentions of selling it ever, but some situations forced my hand. Just have some debts I need to clear sooner rather than later. A good chunk of the funds will help get the next project farther down the road, so it's all good... And if I'm being honest, I've always liked building hot rods a lot more than owning them... 😄 The next one is a driver, so it's time to get back to that. I prefer projects you can drive while fixing them up rather than spend years working on something you never get to drive. I did tons and tons of mods to the 1200 without ever knowing if any of them would work well together until it was done. I think I got supremely lucky that the car drives as nice as it does. The next car will be a more old school approach (for me), mod, drive, mod, drive, mod, drive, then culminating in an insane engine swap...
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