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  1. Loose wire because there's one more circuit breaker to add...
  2. And yes, I will reroute that brake line... 😁
  3. Shocks mounts are done-ish... Nervous about getting the curve right but got lucky nailed it first try... Going down here soon... You may be able to see that they are slightly angled to the outside, and that was by design. It gets the point where the shock attaches farther towards the wheel than where the mount gets welded on. It'll make sense later... 😄
  4. Went by the metal store on the way home from work and got what I need for my axle mounting brackets. 2x4 box with a 3/16" wall thickness... I think I got way too much, but that's always better than not enough... 😅
  5. Mini Mania still stocks a few different options? https://www.minimania.com/part/FALKEN-12/Classic-Austin-Mini-165-60-12-Falken-Tire I ended up getting mine from the UK on ebay. Even with shipping, the price wasn't too bad.
  6. Yeah, I knew he left, just couldn't remember where he went... 😄
  7. No, there's just a shitload of Aussies on that forum... 😁 The Branco brothers started it, and they are in South America as I recall. The guy (David Gonzalez, aka ddgonzal) who uploaded 90% of the info to the Wiki lives (or at least did until recently) in Washington state. I have been a member there since day 2. 😁
  8. I am a little surprised using that "soft" of a spring worked well, but shocks may play a big factor. I was running some fairly stiff Boge inserts in mine. 150 was probably ideal for those... But really, 125 is still double the stock spring rate, so... 😄
  9. I honestly have used it before, but only on old iron domestic heads that I felt were not quite up to snuff and wanted a little cheap insurance. And that was 30 years ago. I would never use it on a Japanese aluminum head because one, I know they will seal without it. And two, I would really hate to have to clean that messy, sticky shit off if I ever changed the gasket again. 😄 And I honestly think head gasket technology has come really far in the last 20 years, and has really made that stuff obsolete.
  10. Didn't really get any work done, just some head scratching/planning on how to best adapt the Explorer diff to the car. I think we have a solid plan in place, I just need to get some metal so we can make new brackets instead of cutting the old ones off the stock diff. We entertained the notion of converting to a proper 4 link instead of the stock 3 link/panhard rod arrangement, but I think we are going to stick with the stock design for now. Just slightly improved. 😁
  11. Installed the roof vent/fan thingy today...
  12. Probably won't hurt anything, but a total waste of time IMO...
  13. You ever get 10 seconds into a video and you're like "nah, this isn't for me", but you decide to give it a few more seconds to see if something will happen? And then three minutes later you realize nope, absolutely nothing is going to happen. This is just someone who just got a copy of Final Cut Pro and wanted to play around and do as many goofy edits as possible. 😄
  14. Yeah, and it took awhile to find that one... 😅
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