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  1. I had the same issue with mine. I ended up attaching the seat rails to the vertical bit of the crossbar instead of the horizontal section. This got me an inch lower.
  2. You forgot "install a trailer hitch"... 😄
  3. Giving any thought to ditching the leaf springs while you're in there? 😁
  4. Might be too funky, but... Something like this?
  5. And if I can make it fun to drive at this height, I certainly will keep it here. 😁
  6. At our shop, and yes we do. Not all ours, though. 😄
  7. I'm sure they are in a perfect spot for a person just over 5 feet tall. 😄
  8. This was a bit more drastic than I remembered... 😄
  9. Panhard rod back in and got everything adjusted to about 99% correct. Once the suspension is fully done and the driveshaft is in, I will go through and check everything again to be safe. Decided to put it down on the ground to see where the ride height is at now. I may have gone a bit too low in the back... 😄 Hard to tell from that photo, but the front is actually still 1/2" lower than the back. So we may just roll with it at this height and see how it goes. Oddly enough, it is totally streetable at this height with plenty of bump travel (once I get smaller bumpstops for it 😁)...
  10. Until today in fact... Tim took the grill off and got to work making some brackets for it. We deemed it best to weld studs onto the brackets to make install/removal easier... The cooler was installed to the right of the center mast for as much airflow as possible... We then spent an hour fighting the hoses to make them the right length, but they work... Thankfully the factory left one tiny little hole next to the radiator on the frame rail to sneak the hoses through... Then we installed a sandwich plate on the filter end that the hoses connect to... Then added two quarts of oil and fired it up. Yay! No leaks! Pressure seems better/more consistent as well. Took it for a short test drive and checked for leaks again, but not a drop...
  11. That's a very good idea to do while you're in there. Always thought they were way too far forward. They end up fouling the seat if you use a retractor belt or racing harness...
  12. Anyone know why links in posts that go to an off site photo host are not working now?
  13. Also applied a bit of carbon wrap we had to the door to cover the stock lower holes. There were four screws holding the stock mirror on, and as it happens the holes for the new mirrors lined up exactly with the top two screw holes.
  14. Yes, that is the problem with these. Passenger side does okay, but the driver side moves sometimes when you close the door, and jiggles on any road that isn't butter smooth. The kicker is that the only way to tighten the head (to stop the jiggles) is to take the glass off. And good luck doing that without breaking it. You can tell quality control is shit because obviously they got the passenger side head set to a good tightness, but the driver side head is not even close. You could probably also just keep buying them until you find a tight one... 😁
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