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  1. We never start out that way, but the closer it gets to done the more we rush it. 😅 And I feel like this one is surprisingly close to "done".
  2. I dig it with those arches. Doesn't lose any of it's character, IMO. 👍
  3. I know on some vehicles you can buy just the fender lips?
  4. I think you answered your own question. 😁
  5. I think for Tim, it's less about making the flares and more about bending them to the right shape and making it look nice? We have no pattern to trace since we are taking a different route than the factory did. It would take a lot longer to do, for no real gain (other than cost).
  6. Side note, another reason we wanted to do it this way instead of solid lines, is to make it easier to run the lines inside the car instead of outside. 👍
  7. No sir. They do not flex at all. 👍 Not in this application. Most of the lines are too short for solid to be a better choice.
  8. Made a little bracket to mount the rear brake bias adjuster here, where you can easily reach it whilst hooning... 👍 Got the fittings sorted for the bottom of the brake master... And the clutch master... Clutch master line will loop back around and go to the clutch (natch), rear brake line will loop around and go to here, on the firewall... The front brake line from the master will go to here (and another bracket made) and be split out to the front wheels. The forward facing hose goes straight down to the left wheel, the rear facing hose will loop around with the others to drop down to the right wheel... With everything mapped out, it's now just down to cutting hose and installing fittings. Hopefully should get a good chunk of that done next time. 👌
  9. Posting once a month or more? Also know several people who read threads all the time, but never post, so... 😄 I know one forum I admin for, we would go through every once in awhile and remove old dormant accounts...
  10. Wasn't that counter reset in 2007 when they switched software? Mine says 15 years ago, but I know it has been longer than that...
  11. For the application, this seemed most appropriate... 😁
  12. 😁👍 And yes, that's how the original ones are.
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