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  1. Got started on making some seat mounts with some aluminum L brackets... And how they mount... Got the "floor" holes drilled in the brackets, but ran out of time to drill the corresponding holes in the actual floor. Hoping to do that on Thursday... And yes they are non-adjustable. I don't care if you're too short to drive it. 😁 But also, if need be, the side rails can be redrilled to move the seat forward...
  2. Tim got some floor holes closed up... And he made some nifty spacers to get the seats to go in the correct way...
  3. We finished welding in the main hoop, then got the down tubes cut. While Tim held them in, I tacked them to the floor plates. He then started fully welding them until he set himself on fire... All in now, just need to add the harness bar...
  4. Cost and ease of install is a big unknown there... And there is a super easy option, just not cheap...
  5. I took some measurements and it looks like the 8 switch panel will fit, so I am going that way so I will have 1-2 extra for some "future-proofing"...
  6. Got a new battery box, one size smaller, so it will fit between the fuel tank and wall... We finally figured out the issue with the wire feed welder and got it working much better. Tim burning in the front roll bar plates... Came out pretty decent (yes, I did grind that smooth after the photo 😁) Then he burned in the plates for the rear down tubes... At this point we said screw it, why stop there? So we grabbed the main hoop and tacked it in place... And that's where we stopped for the evening... Hoping tomorrow we can burn in the harness bar, finish welding the hoop to the floor, and then make/install the down tubes... πŸ‘
  7. If I use that right piece, I may slide it over a bit more to the right so I can fit an ignition switch and starter button between them. Or... Instead of toggle switches in that panel, I may get one of these or one of these, so I can use rocker switches instead. Then the ignition switch and starter button go below that, along with probably a couple of USB charging ports...
  8. So, after some thinking, I decided I do not want to cut a bunch of holes in the aluminum panel for gauges. Why? Well, it seems like it would be a nightmare to wire up because I couldn't install the panel until it was all wired. Yeah, fuck that... So since I have some carbon fiber sheet, I cut up a piece of it to see how we go... I like this, but couldn't get it centered how I wanted. So it was decided, speedo (phone) goes on the left, and make it two pieces... Big piece contains all the gauges, small piece gets the switches... So this way I can cut two whopping great holes in the aluminum panel and install it now. Then when I wire it up, I can just feed the wires through those two big square holes and connect everything, then screw the carbon panels down when it's done.
  9. Sometimes a cheaper Chinese copy is a cheaper Chinese copy. 😁 I don't mind doing a bit of fettling to fit them if they look decent. Which should be Keystone's motto... πŸ˜„
  10. No, it's ΙΏΙ’Ι”Ι˜Ι”Ι’ΙΏ 😁
  11. That's very odd... πŸ˜„
  12. You know, if you put a bike motor in it, you'll be in the same boat, right? πŸ˜„
  13. I have a GPS speedo on my phone, so I was thinking if I go this way I'd just add a phone mount somewhere in my line of sight. πŸ‘
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