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  1. Maybe? 😂 It will get some speed holes to lighten it up a bit before install...
  2. Finally finished the body. More pics of it as it gets closer to completion...
  3. Tim got some metal and proceeded to make a thing... Far from done, but I think you can see where it's headed... And we acquired the makings of a homebrew cold air intake...
  4. That wasn't the best example, as it's a respray. 😁
  5. It's actually the factory color. 😄 Surprisingly common too...
  6. In a 5x5.5? Plus, do you know how low this thing has to be to make 15s work?!? 😃 We were thinking the 17x8.5s, but they are the wrong bolt pattern. Add to that them being a -10 offset, adding adapters would make them a -35 or so, also known as waaaaay too gangster for this ride...
  7. Tim found some OEM replacement mirrors for it since his were toast... Neither of us were fans of the crappy stock air bag steering wheel so it came out. Well, 90% of it did. We kept the clock spring and the metal center of the wheel, then added some locator pins to it... Then took a Grant 3-to-5 adapter and drilled two holes in it for the corresponding locator pins... Then we swapped this wheel on. May be a temp, may be permanent, we shall see... Next we took out the stock seats to see if the stock bases would work with the aftermarket sliders. Drilled a few new holes and in they went. Whole job took less than 30 minutes... Tim had also taken two exhaust tips and welded them together on an angle so we could see if this will work... 😃 Up next, exhaust, and build a pedestal for a B&M ratchet shifter... 😎 Coming soon, more low, and some skids... 😁
  8. Krylon, believe it or not. I've tried the expensive Eastwood stuff, and the middle priced Summit Racing stuff, with varying degrees of success. The real issue seems to be ambient temperature. For the expensive stuff to work, it needs to be well above 75 degrees where you're painting, and the hotter the better. Best results were obtained by leaving the part in the sun while it was 90+ degrees outside. The Krylon seems to work well at anything above 60 degrees. But still the hotter it is when it's sprayed, the better the result. Interesting side note, the hotter it is, the tighter the grain in the paint gets. So if you want it really chunky, try to shoot when it's cooler out. That valve cover was done when it was in the mid-80s. Some other bits I shot a week later when it was 95+ came out with a much tighter grain pattern. Interesting side note #2, the grain pattern I got from shooting it in 100 degree heat made it almost a perfect match for most Datsun dashes. 😀
  9. We made some mounting brackets from flat steel plate and got those welded on... Didn't get a chance to test fit it because we want to drill the light mounting holes first, and Tim was busy playing with his new project... 😄
  10. If you don't know what a "Dajiban" is, look at this, or watch this and/or this... Ever since seeing those things, we have been obsessed with buying/building one. Since Tim recently sold his Econoline van, we figured now was as good a time as any... So about two weeks ago I get a photo texted to me from Tim's potato phone saying "I just bought this"... It had been parked for at least a year (or more), so he had it towed to the shop. We put in a fresh battery, and oddly it fired right up and ran fine. 😄 Thankfully it was low on gas (which probably was a bit stale anyway) so rather than drain the gas we drove the two blocks to the gas station and filled it with 93 octane. That short drive showed us the tires were dry rotted, hard as rocks, and not very round any more. So we got some 17x8s and some 255/55-17 tires for it... Drove it around a bit today and she does very nice... Up next is more low of course... 😎 And today Tim also got some more racecar seats for it...
  11. It keeps spitting and not wanting run a continuous bead. When I did finally get it to run a bead, it's too fat and not getting enough penetration. Just overall not great performance. I am starting to just hate all 110v machines. We only bought this one because it was one of the best rated 110v machines. I went ahead and painted the inside of the fenders and installed them, then straightened the lower valence and installed it. So now, after 3+ years the car has a face again... We had a push bar from a Crown Vic police car so Tim said why the fuck not... It will be used to mount the 9" round LED off road lights we have for it, and well as something to bolt a skid plate to...
  12. Well, the new welder (Lincoln MIG) sucks much ass, so we did not get as far as we wanted to. Spend most of the evening just trying to get the damn thing to work right... New plan is to just use the Lincoln to tack it in place, then drag the TIG machine over to do the heavy lifting. Stay tuned... Or we may make it a bolt in and just weld it on the big welding table. Which I would prefer... 😄
  13. Not SSS, just '73 Bluebird GL. Love20bee makes a replica that is nice. ' http://love20bee.com/datsun-510-supersonic-grille-with-badge.html
  14. After much effort, and parts sourcing, I think I have Tim convinced to go with a stock dash instead of a flat steel dash. Gauge mockup... Tim decided to relocate the wiper up here... And put the master kill where the wiper used to be... He found some even bigger air horns, so those went in... Then he made a steel frame to mount the fuel cell to... I made some floor plates for the main hoop of the cage... Some mocking up for grokking... We will probably start welding in the cage on Wednesday...
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