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  1. Honestly I was looking at my buddy's Torino today with 235s on the back and they do look killer. It helps they are on wheels with a deep offset so it's fairly flush with the fender. A 255/60-15 is also available, and while not quite as insanely wide, they are the same height. And they look pretty beefy on an 8" wheel...
  2. I mean, for fuck's sake, just look at this... 😗
  3. It cuts both ways... That last pic sent me down a hole, and at the bottom of that hole, I found out that a 295/50-15 tire is a thing, it's common, it often comes in RWL, and in theory should fit the Galaxie on all four corners. The boss-ness of this look is undeniable... We may be kicking this bitch a little more old school after all...
  4. Decided a matching scrapheap Strat would be a fun project while I'm waiting on parts to show up...
  5. Awhile back I had purchased some flamed walnut veneer, so...
  6. Right side lower control arm off, and a comparison of new versus old for the lols... New control arm, new ball joints, new spring, and new shock in. Also slopped a bunch of wheel bearing grease on the spindle and wrapped it in a paper towel/tape so it wouldn't get rusty... Upper control arm is in pretty good shape, as is the bushing, so left it alone for now. Will get cleaned and painted at some point... Also got the left side taken apart. And yes, it was just as big an asswhip as the right side to disassemble... Left side lower control arm is straight-ish , but it is in pretty sad shape. Will start looking for a replacement now...
  7. For example, this guitar was made out of scraps of woods I got for free, and spare parts I had laying around. And it sounds killer...
  8. That depends on who you ask. Duncan says yes, totally. I say, sometimes... 😁 IMO, shape is not too meaningful, other than that if it's a very dense wood, with certain shapes there would be more of it. I believe the biggest contributor to sound is 30% pickups, 30% amp, and 30% the guy who is playing it. The other 10% is mostly chicken bones and voodoo... Plenty of people would disagree with me and say guitars should only be made of certain woods. But to me, that's like saying a 510 is only fun to drive if it has an L-series in it. I choose woods based on what I think would look cool and/or function as intended. I choose my pickups based on the sound I want to achieve. And I haven't built one yet that sounds bad to me...
  9. Times being what they are, need to get a few of these sold so I can order more parts to build the rest. But what I do have is lots of wood to make more bodies from... 😁 White pine and walnut telecaster started... Maple and bamboo stratocaster started...
  10. Well, with all the unpleasantness going on, and boredom setting in, I decided to start tackling a job I have wanted to try for awhile... I have always wanted to have some cool LED tail lights on something eventually, so I started looking around at different options available in the aftermarket. Judging lumens and other factors correctly had me paranoid of it being way too much trial and error (mostly error), so I started thinking about how I could adapt some OEM options... I was behind a Dodge Journey in traffic the other day and noticed that not only were the lights very bright, but round and what looked like a good size for the Galaxie lights. So I went by the junkyard and bought all the broken ones I could find. Why broken? Well, buying broken lights has made this project cost me about $10 total... Thankfully the Journey tail light has screws holding it together. So if you bust off the lens first, you can easily disassemble it and get down to this... The side bit functions as a side marker light on the Journey. Not sure if it will get used (or just removed) yet... In order to make life easier, I cut up the back half of the tail light to remove the bit that the car's harness plugs into and I am planning to epoxy them into the Galaxie light housings for a "plug and play" operation... Now once I figured out what wires do what, it was time for a test. Park light... Brake light... Testing all 4 at once... Since the front end has four stacked headlights of 5.75" each, and since these are 5.5" each, I want to try and stack two vertically inside each light to mimic the front end. I think there is enough space to do it, but we shall see... And yes, they are much brighter than they look in the photos. They should be way brighter than the stock 1157s anyway...
  11. I would bet money that is custom.
  12. Oh Mark, don't you know it's all about sweep picking now... 😅
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