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  1. datsunfreak

    280zx struts

    It does. Very much so. And honestly, to me, it just feels like a car with power brakes... 😃
  2. datsunfreak

    Hamiltonstövare, the 122 hot rod

    I know it's early in the process (like WAY too early), but I got a deal on some seats, so... 😁
  3. datsunfreak

    Hamiltonstövare, the 122 hot rod

    He is doing a nice job of it. I like the oxblood red with the dark blue exterior... And if you have an hour or two to kill and want to see some of the most amazing homebrew fab work ever... https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread.php?462961-Adam-s-Amazon-Wagon-Project-Update-Thread-quot-HeadQuarters-quot
  4. datsunfreak

    Hamiltonstövare, the 122 hot rod

    Picked up the engine, got it down to the shop, and got it on a stand... Turns over nice and smooth, and the inside looks nice... Going to go ahead and build my motor mounts first before I do anything else to it. Once that's done, I'll tear it down for freshening up... 👍
  5. datsunfreak


    That is wicked cool. For sale?
  6. datsunfreak

    I shouldn't be allowed to own...

    I thought perhaps you had shaved/smoothed it a bit? And if you fancy following along with mine, which will likely not be as nice... 😁
  7. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    I actually am a member of that group... 😅 He says already spoken for... 😒
  8. datsunfreak


    S10 200SX sighting yesterday...
  9. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Link? Strangely enough, after some online digging, I found a company down under that sells a new downdraft intake to suit the Weber, with oval ports. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-Datsun-A15-A14-Oval-Port-New-WEBER-32-36-and-Manifold-Carburettor-Set/331870907098 Sent them a message and was told that just the intake is around $260 shipped. Not a great price, but not terrible...
  10. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    For SUs? I would greatly appreciate a look see. Hell, I may have sold it to you... 😃 I feel like every 1200/B210 guy has at least 3 of those. We have a bunch but they are all round port...
  11. datsunfreak

    I shouldn't be allowed to own...

    I like what you've done with the valve cover. I need to do that on the Z22 cover for my Volvo... Yes, I stole your bit and I'm building a European sedan with a Japanese engine... 😀
  12. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    That's a bit pricey for a crusty set. I see plenty online for $250ish... Unfortunately, they have always been hard to find... But I would be happy just to find an intake, then use 510 carbs.
  13. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

  14. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Were they A-series carbs? L-series carbs are easy to find (and probably what I will use in the end), but I need the A-series intake first... The asskicker is that I sold an A-series intake to someone on here about 2 years ago but cannot remember who it was...
  15. Time Left: 23 days and 8 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Looking for either a stock oval port downdraft intake or an oval port dual SU intake. Would also buy a complete set of SUs, or willing to trade my complete set of 40mm Solex side drafts on polished HKS intake for a complete set of SUs/



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