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  1. Which is the actual easy way to do the swap. 😄
  2. Good to go, and it sounds killer... So killer in fact, I immediately started on making a guitar for myself with the same pickups... 😄 My neighbor makes cool custom furniture, and was recently making a dining table from red oak. When I saw his pile of "scraps" I said, "hey, whatchu gonna do with all that?"... 😁 Bits cut into 1.5" wide strips and glued together... Top did not come out perfectly dead flat, so it was time to learn how to properly use a hand plane... 👍 Then a bit of quality time with the router... And I used some of the leftover bits to make a matching cavity cover... Thinking of staining it either dark brown or black, but not filling the grain, just putting a satin clear on it. Thoughts?
  3. datsunfreak


    Did you remove the vent tank thingy at some point? This should only happen if the tank is not properly vented... Well, and if it's hot as hell outside... 😁
  4. datsunfreak


    Could well be, especially on a very hot day. Easy to check, if it does it again. Just pop the cap off when you hear it.
  5. Datsuns don't leak sir. They mark their spot.
  6. As an addendum, an even easier way is to do exactly what you said but with the engine on an engine stand, if you can. That made it way easier for me.
  7. datsunfreak


    That road up to the peak is very nice... 😁 Well, if the car ran warm, wouldn't it make sense the hissing was the cooling system?
  8. If you're not using argon, try a box fan next to where you're welding?
  9. This. There's dirt in those jets somewhere.
  10. You just described every single part on a 1200. 😄
  11. This is definitely the easiest path, but on A12 engines it's barely worth it. They work great on A14/A15 engines, but it's tough to get them jetted down enough for a smaller engine like the A12. In fact, the A12 carb is so simple/reliable, most of the time it's what I use for an "upgrade" on B210s and 210s. All you need to do is swap the A14 jets into the A12 carb and you're good to go. Side note, the best bang for the buck is SUs, but those are getting pretty spendy/hard to find.
  12. I despise rebuilding carburetors, but you are definitely starting with the easiest one there is. In fact, the first one I ever did was a 1200 and it was a piece of cake.
  13. Alignment did not go off as planned. Forgot I had to do the tedious job of making a dozen or so spacers for the rod ends... So hopefully will get those in Saturday morning and do the alignment...
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