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  1. Just one minor correction, the 1600/2002 was IRS, not a live axle. BMW used it before the 510 (starting in 1966). And it's basically the exact same semi-trailing arm design as a 510. I have no notion of who copied whom, but BMW definitely made it to market first. In truth, back in the early 70s the real "poor man's BMW" was the BMW 2002. 😄 And with the insane prices of 510s lately, it may very well be turning into the "rich man's BMW 2002"...
  2. Took our first ever go at making a set of bespoke spark plug wires using red 8mm stuff from Summit, featuring the patent pending Dimlight Racing wire separators While I struggled with that, Tim finished routing and terminating the wiring on the other side...
  3. Tail light loom going in, left side done... Routing and trimming wires for the right side... Right side done... And dizzy/coil wiring done... And yes, that is a stunt coil. We will install a new one shortly. But that coil bracket mod, though... 👌
  4. Can I ask what size those Grabbers are?
  5. They are awesome for DIY battery cables. 👍
  6. It also improves steering feel, scrub radius, and overall suspension geometry. Typically in a 210 it also removes bumpsteer without the need for spacers.
  7. 810 struts will work, but they use solid rotors. The whole benefit of the swap is to get (larger) vented rotors that don't overheat as easily.
  8. FWIW, we have used these 3 times with good success. They can be mounted along the frame rail to keep them out of the way. https://www.ebay.com/itm/121715788096 They come in a variety of sizes, and in either black or polished.
  9. Got the inside harness routed where it needs to go and clamped down. Front... Rear... Also mounted the fuel cell base, the battery box, and the fuel pump. 👍 Next time hoping we can finish up the switch box on the floor, and terminate everything under the hood.
  10. And that's why every 1200 needs flares. 😁
  11. Basically the same brakes in a heavier car. They are actually worse. 😁 Pedal feel is better because booster, but they are way undersized and are very easy to fade. Also, 280ZX stuff is readily available new. 1200 and 210 stuff is not.
  12. For what it's worth, the Explorer uses a drum for the parking brake, so the connections are the same. Another reason I chose it for my swap, to simplify making the stock parking brake work. I have a long history of over-doing things, like the above example... 😋
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