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  1. After sanding it down and putting on a second coat, it came out a lot smoother... Since I had a spot of the surface layer of walnut chip out on the back, I decided to turn a bug into a feature and add some finger grooves... 😁 Close up to see the stripes better... And as another hitch in my giddyup... After driving Tim's van one too many times lately I started to really dig on his suede steering wheel. Then I found a smoking deal on this... 😄 Not sure whi
  2. And because I am a dork, I clocked it last night. Spins at 7.8rpm with the shift knob, and 7.3rpm with the steering wheel. Apparently, more weight slows it down a tad, as you'd expect. 😁
  3. They claim is spins at 5-6rpm, but I think it's a little bit faster than that, maybe closer to 8-9rpm.
  4. Shift knob on the spinner and coated in resin... Also picked up this. My quick release is set up for a 3-bolt wheel, and I found this super shallow 1/2" thick converter... I had a one inch thick converter, but I searched and searched and couldn't find it anywhere. Turns out, it's on Tim's 1200... 😄
  5. It came out pretty good. Will definitely need a wet-sand and another coat of epoxy to get it smooth. Gonna give it an extra day or two to cure fully and work on the shift knob tonight...
  6. All glued/clamped up... After some scraping and sanding... After more sanding and scraping, I starting thinking about what finish would be best. Due to some minor surface imperfections (and for durability), I decided epoxy resin would be the best option. In that vein, my wife has been wanting to do some cup spinning/decorating but we were missing the key component, a spinner thingy... Having purchased that, I made a way to attach the steering wheel to the spinning shaft with a piece of MDF...
  7. Same, or maybe the BMW stripes kind of? This is not AT ALL what I thought it would look like... 😄 One side already has a groove routed in it for the wheel to fit into. 👍 However I wasn't totally satisfied that the gap was quite deep enough so I did add a little extra material to the routed side, some 1/32" maple to be exact. So now once it is done there will be one more color in the mix, a thin pinstripe of maple between the two halves. I glued both sides together and put every clamp I own on it, so now I'm just waiting for it to cure so I can f
  8. I love it when we both post at the same time... Coming up on 22, I think...
  9. Got some work done today, but it was exhausting... We dug out my spare Z22 engine to use for mocking up purposes, then bolted the header to it. Since the header was hitting the floor at the merge, we needed to move the merge upstream a bit. So we cut back the primaries, and the pipes that slid over them, then reassembled... Then tacked those into place. and cut them flush to each other... Then we started on making the secondary pipes and tacked those into place... We
  10. After watching several people build a steering wheel on youtube, and seeing them struggle a little bit with making it round (usually doing if after it's assembled), I had an epiphany... If I made a template out of MDF, and clamped each wheel half to it, I could easily make it round before assembly... So I did just that. Used a flush trim bit to get each half to the same shape/width, then used a 1/2" roundover bit to make it a circular shape. 👍 One side came out super nice. One side came out... Well... Usable... 😄
  11. I probably could, if I built a mold to pour it in first, but I don't feel like the labor invested would be worth the benefits. Good suggestion, though. 👍
  12. So, it was definitely a white knuckle ride routing these, but they actually came out decent... 😄 Glued down to the first blue layer, then trimmed up the edge... I trimmed up the edge to make it easier to know where to place it on the next layer... As you can see, each successive layer gets glued in a different direction, for added strength, and to (hopefully) disguise the parting lines when it's finished... Now just need to do this about 8 more times and we'll be on our way... 😁
  13. I'm a big fan of external coolers for the trans. 😁
  14. Funny thing is, I didn't see any OEM style radiators for my car either, but Champion makes an aluminum version... 😄
  15. Not if they are on separate circuits. 😁
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