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  1. One last mock-up before drilling holes that can't be undrilled... 😁 After drilling holes for the pots and pickup switch I attempted my first rear cavity route (that sounds dirty), and it went decent...
  2. Box assembled and installed in the car, with the connector hose hooked up... Should be invisible once the dash is installed...
  3. Same. 😃 They are good sit down guitars, and terrible stand up guitars. I think what I am going to due is a step beyond that with similar results. I ordered 20, 30, and 45 degree chamfer bits for my router so I am going to stain the whole thing, then run the chamfer bit around the edge to expose the raw wood underneath, and hopefully increase the comfort level at the same time. I see a few acoustic builders doing this now for the same reasons you described. Except mine will go all the way around...
  4. Nowhere near finished, but starting to look like an actual guitar now... The body is mahogany with a maple top. still trying to decide if I want to do actual binding on it, or a "faux" binding like this...
  5. What a difference 6 months of tinkering makes...
  6. Some bracket mods... Bracket painted and horns installed (yes that wiring got routed/tucked after the photo)... Button mounted beside column for firing new horns... Repainted cowl cover while it was off...
  7. New owner sent me some pics today... I told him it's too high, and he should have painted the air dam too... 😂
  8. So the trunk would not close, and has probably been unlatched for 30+ years. I figured it was time to fix that... The previous owner bought a new complete lock set for the car since the keys were lost long ago. I got the lock cylinder swapped out and the latch assembly all lubed up, but then she still wouldn't close. 😐 As it turns out, at some point it took a light hit in the back that caused the body panel below the trunk to be bent 1/2" out, and the trunk lip to be bent about 1/2" in, so nothing lined up correctly. I was able to bend the body lip back where it belongs and now it closes. 😁 I still need to bend the trunk lip out a bit more for easier closing, though. And now I can see just how bent my rear bumper brackets are... 😂
  9. So we were looking for a place to mount an air filter out of the elements but as high up on the car as possible. We think this will be our solution... Step one, gut the heater box and seal up the big holes where the core was with fiberglass... Step two, find the biggest K&N filter that will (almost) fit inside the heater box... Reassemble box with air filter trapped inside... Fit metal pipe to filter... The only hole in the box now is the one that goes to the cowl intake area, so it should be a true "cold air" intake since all air will come from the cowl vents. Saturday we should be able to bolt it in and hook up the hose from here to the bulkhead coupler we installed in the firewall way back when...
  10. So apparently Tim bought a set of air horns that play the Godfather theme... 😂 This is us trying to find a place to put it all in a van with very little underhood space...
  11. All of those are currently good. Or at least "good enough". Thanks for the heads up, but I've done this 50+ times already. And already learned that lesson. 😂
  12. To me it feels like either a worn steering box (very possible with 160k miles), or we quickened the steering so much that the on-center dead spot it likes to live in to cruise smoothly has become very, VERY small and hard to keep it locked into. We should probably look to see if the box is adjustable for slack/wear like a Datsun? It looks like it is... Good news is, a rebuilt gearbox is only about $100-120 plus core.
  13. It has not been out on the road yet. First drive will be to an alignment shop. But the front bump stops are very close to the frame, so... 😁
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