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  1. Is it possible the oil is from the transmission? There is a seal behind the front cover .... Even if not it wouldn't be a bad idea to put fresh seals on both the front and rear of the transmission.... you will need a new gasket for the front cover too.... Your already in there and the seals are cheap enough.... Oh if you haven't put it all back together yet replacing the pilot bushing in the end of the crank is a good idea.... not neccessary but again not a bad idea while your there....
  2. First you might want better connectors... something that is covered and insulates the exposed metal from touching... Better yet slip some shrink wrap on and cover the terminal ends.... Ok with that out of the way.... You need to determine which white wire is the battery lead.... So white battery to the B terminal Other white to the IG terminal.. White and red to the A terminal White and black to the S terminal I have no idea about the 5th terminal... just cover it just incase it has power...
  3. I might have what you need..... Bought an unknown condition 63 series 4 spd transmission for the internal parts just incase mine needed something I couldn't find... well I recently upgraded to a 71b stumpy 5 spd from a 720 and I'm holding my good 4spd as a backup but I might be willing to sell the tailhousing off the parts transmission.... Would you be interested in just the tailhousing? What's your time frame like?
  4. I'm not gonna be much help but the topic brings back some memories.... I had a mid 80s dodge colt as my second car at the end of high school...
  5. Any chance they look like this.... ? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fp%2F19006348878
  6. Ha... I thought this was ggpa620 s post... Welcome larry...
  7. Crashtd420

    Bent valve?

    To add to the oil leak comment... there is only a single small diameter hole that feeds oil to the head..... its between cylinders 2 and 3.... So dont go down the replace the head gasket route to quickly.... gdat210 stated the most likely location for leaks... Maybe start with a good cleaning of the motor then you'll be able to see where the leak is better.... careful of the electrical stuff like the distributor.... dont need to cause more trouble..
  8. You wouldnt believe how I drove it around my neighborhood for testing.... No glass anywhere.... no doors, fender, hood or bed .... and I had a red gas tank strapped to my battery behind the rear axle.... every time I needed motivation i would drive to the end of the road and back then get to work....
  9. Do what you need to first to get it running, driving and stopping.... Then worry about mods.... Having a running and driving datsun that your working on cosmetics and personal touches is way more fun than staring at a project for years..... Even once I got my 521 back on the road.. (took me 4 years, after it sat for 10)... I drove around for 2 months without door glass and only half a dash and many other items that didnt stop me from driving.... even still I've been driving mine for 2 summers now and I still need some interior work and I never refinished the bed yet... I do small fixes year round and larger projects during the winter.....
  10. Probably more like 171k.... Definitely needs a good cleaning but looks really straight..... Quick bit of advice keep any old parts you pull out till you absolutely dont need them ... then something's I would still keep... Like the seat can be reupholster, even if you want buckets that bench could be gold to other 620 owner....
  11. I was gonna ask this too.... Best thing I did was change over to an internally regulated altenator.... I had similar issues, so I tested my old altenator ( not the oem) and it was fine, then I wasted money on a new regulator, then a higher output external regulated altenator and always had inconsistent voltage... when I finally did an internal regulated altenator my voltage became more stable..... Might be worth it to look into verses replacing the regulator..
  12. Dont feel bad.... only reason I know is because I did it too.....
  13. Just an idea.... if your gonna start a new build thread put it in the truck 620 section..... you'll probably get more views and help... this area might get over looked while the 620 section will get the attention of other 620 and truck owners...
  14. I dont think your charging.... Where is the actual spade connector? Is it externally mounted to the case or is it coming from the inside? I could be wrong but that might not actually be a grounding terminal.... Try removing the spade and connect it to the case or a mounting bolt and see if it starts to change ....
  15. The 620 carrier bearing with the rubber is actually fairly cheap, around $50 and easily available... Not sure but you might need a press to swap it.. The 521 carrier bearing like wayno has is obsolete so sometimes you have to do what he was saying.... Good luck on the truck... definitely looks like it's in good shape....
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