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  1. You might try just unplugging the harness you plan to replace and plug it back in or even wiggle it little, those connectors have a habit of being the fault..... they get corroded sometimes unplugging and plugging them back in gets a better connection or even better unplug and try and clean the tabs best you can..... A simple test light would also tell you this.... check both sides of the connector when plugged in.... if you have power on one side of the plug you should have power on the opposite side.....
  2. Since the circuit breaker will live under the bed I did go with a water proof marine type .... Thanks for the comment on the bracket, while they maybe simple I'm not sure I would call them elegant.... Things may not be the prettiest with my all my brackets but I go for functional and strength first... I'll be going a bunch of grinding and rounding edges best I can while I finish weld everything, so hopefully it looks good in the end, since it's going to all be visible for a few months....
  3. I would still have to crawl under to get it but It will be reachable without a jack.. Maybe a trap door in the bed like the gas tank has might be worth doing....
  4. Started going over everything making sure it's all going to work.... Drilled and tapped a couple holes in the crossmember to mount a circuit breaker for the battery, and made sure the cables were all long enough.... Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a few more holes done for the brake and fuel line which will run along the front of the crossmember.... Happy with where everything needs to live I realized I had no room for an organized disassembly.... So the bed got stood up on end.....
  5. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    I mean if you had it in gear you might run yourself over but that's about all I can think might happen...
  6. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    You have the spindle cut so you can prime the pump why not use it.... either way works.... Why would using the remote starter be bad? Your just using it to engage the starter to spin the motor not actually starting it.....
  7. Got the brake line bracket made...
  8. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    I was just about to say that.....
  9. Theres a guy in the classifieds that need the motor..... He's in SoCal too....
  10. I could shove the old axles in there.. no seals or bearings installed right now, all are getting replaced..... I get the swirling and gap comment but not the top down vs bottom up part of the comment.... Are you talking about the direction of the weld? I believe I think of it more like pushing the weld, which I think would be bottom up, vs pulling the weld, top down.... yes/no...
  11. I'm thankfull you did speak up in the beginning... I'd rather have you point it out now vs later. I dont mind listening to experience.... Thanks for tip on welding the axle.... I debated on taking it to an axle shop to do the finish welding, but I would like to do it myself, as long as I dont screw it up..... Would it be better to leave the axle and differential installed? Would that help or is it a stupid idea? I had planned to weld it without the axles or differential attached...
  12. Hey stroffgren, since you haven't commented on anything else being wrong lately do you think I'll be good to move forward with final welding? Did anything else stand out as needing attention? Also any suggestions on final welding the brackets to the axle is appreciated, my plan was weld in small sections and move around so I dont concentrate to much heat in one area for too long... Please if anyone has a comment or suggestion now is the time... I have to add two brackets to secure the 2 hydraulic brake lines and I think I'm done with all of the fabricat
  13. Hopefully I'm good but I will store that idea away if I need it.....
  14. Managed to install the new filler neck into the gas tank.... need to clean out the inside and make sure I have no leaks but it's done. . . I have a sealer on the way for the inside after.. the tank was cleaned and coated about 4 years ago, I just want to recoat the bare metal that's exposed to the inside...... Old location vs new...
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