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  1. I have a good wix filter before the pump and yes its lower than the tank and it's near the tank..... I actually just looked up the Holley regulator and I had some of that info wrong.... I thought it needed a minimum input pressure of atleast 7psi, that is actually the max input pressure ... At this point I'm not sure... i am thinking the regulator might be the issue now, most listings rate the Carter p4070 at 4psi, others 4-6 , and as I stated before I installed the regulator I saw 7psi.... maybe my gauge was a piece of crap... I have since upgraded the gauge....
  2. Im leaning towards the pump Is going to screw me soon, and I am actually using the Holley regulator.... I do like the Carter pump, my truck make more noise than the pump so I dont really hear it.... Maybe I'll just stick with them for simplicity, since the mount is already there, maybe just get the one with just a little more psi to keep the regulator happy... Then I can adjust the regulator to suit the carburetor... I already ordered a tee fitting to try and make a slight return system just to see if that might help the pump live longer.... The current pump has been ther
  3. So my question what electric pump would be recommended? I'd like to simplify things and eliminate the regulator if possible... So second question is, if necessary, instead of a return line coming from the carburetor fitting could I put a tee right after the pump to create a slight return to bleed pressure instead? My thought is to install a restrictor in the return line to regulate .... would it be better for the pump?
  4. Well I think I have an issue developing.. I have been running a Carter p4070 electric fuel pump which is rated at 4-8 psi for about 4 years now... When I first was running it the pump was outputting about 7psi so i used a pressure regulator to bring the pressure down to 3-3.5 .. Has been fine for a while but lately it's been dropping pressure... I have read that the regulator needed atleast the 7 psi to work properly... I have also seen my fuel filter get sucked dry then slowly fill back up.... So I did an experiment and bypassed the regulator and checked the psi....
  5. I swear that message has been up there for awhile even when I ordered before, I just ignored it and emailed him... Hes a good resource and has always been quick to respond and ship... I have ordered 2 or 3 times with him... Might look over what he has just incase.....
  6. Here it is..... http://datnissparts.com/
  7. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    I doubt you need to pay to do this... you just did the engine swap faster than most, so I'm sure your capable. Here's a good link to the process....
  8. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    No but its pretty simple... Damn I just wrote something and deleted the whole damn thing..... I'm usually bored at work I'm sure I could find you a good how to if no one else does..... I'll check in tomorrow....
  9. Mainer311 definitely bought the lash pads, I have not.... but i did save the link.... http://www.precisionshims.com.au/products/slotted
  10. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    https://vintagerubber.com/datsun-nissan/521-truck/ Bottom of the page....
  11. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    The windshield seal should be available.... should be an easy fix... It's not a glued in windshield.... Put the seal on the window and do the old rope trick to pull the seal around the metal of the truck.... Hopefully the metal is still solid...
  12. So here's what I get with my sender... 220 ohms cold.. 52 ohms at temp half way up the gauge on the line.... Top of thermostat house with ir gun said 185degrees....
  13. I know if you ground the wire it goes to full hot..... I'll try to take a reading when I get home and see what the ohm is when it's at temperature....
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274783543614 This stuff is great, I just used it to recoat my 521 gas tank after a couple modifications... Toughest part was getting any excess out but it was a pretty easy process.... I just kept slowly repositioning the tank to let the remainder flow around...
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