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  1. Nothing much to update, trucks been fine since last weekend.... Nothing else popped up due to the fire..... I did get some more parts for winter projects... the last couple years I have done large upgrades, due to budget cuts, basically spending all my spare money on a dog, this year will be about taking care of small annoying problems.... One of those has been exhaust leaks. I purchased a 4 pack of vband clamps and flanges....
  2. I'm generally pretty confident in my truck.... but shit does happen when you least expect it...
  3. Drove the datsun to work today... Other than being completely paranoid due to some lingering smells eveything was fine...
  4. Got you covered.... You should be able to send a message from your profile page.. If using mobile it might be concealed in the upper right corner.... I found if you click just behind the front tire of the 510 picture at the top of the screen you can get the profile window to come up.... I'll send you a message either way.. let me know if you have problems still find the message I send you...
  5. Ya I was glad to have it... Now I need to get a new one.... probably gonna put one in each of the vehicles.... you just never know....
  6. All cleaned up..... I did find my idle up solenoid lost its lock ring and the wiring go a little crispy.... so I have to deal with that now but atleast it's still driving..
  7. Still didnt leave me stranded but it was a close one.... Luckily the pcv hose took the majority of the damage.... Alot of melting but nothing burned through.... I replaced the pcv line and put a new fuel line between the metal line and the carburetor... no fuel pressure gauge... screw that thing.....
  8. Thanks fully the rest of the day the truck ran fine, I had a 90mile ride to get to my friends house followed by another 40 to get home... all In all about 4 hours and 200miles in the datsun yesterday...
  9. Well yesterday was almost a really bad day.... I decided to deliver a set of those door clips I made to a fellow ratsun member about 80miles north of where I live. Everything was going good until I started to smell fuel.... Then I started to panic because the smell turned to a burning smell and I could see smoke.... at this point of realization I'm going through a rotary and over a bridge with no where to pull over.... luckily at the other end there was a parking lot.... When I popped the hood I had nice fire burning, apparently the nice new fuel pressure gauge failed and was dripping fuel onto my exhaust. Thankfully I keep a fire extinguisher in the truck and was able to deal with it quickly... I was able to remove the gauge and attach the fuel line to the carburetor and get to my destination... luckily it only ruined my pcv hose and melted some plastic covers.... Now I have to clean the whole engine bay from the mess the extinguisher leaves....
  10. Just saw the episode, congratulations.... It was season 8 episode 7 on motor trend ....
  11. Pressure this morning was again consistent from what I have been currently hoping to see.... Same psi when I left home vs when I got to work..... no driving issues....
  12. Yes non liquid filled
  13. I guess I have a test to try.... Either way everything seems more stable and running better... I'll make sure to do a proper 2nd to 3rd gear full rpm pull getting on the highway.. true test if things are working right..... Edit, I couldn't wait to find out the answer to the voltage comment.... I started the truck and checked the readings, same as yesterday... Disconnected the alternator and still the exact same readings.....
  14. I installed the new fuel pressure gauge over the weekend, so far I'm happy with what I see now while its idling and if I rev the motor..... At idle I have about 2.5-2.75 psi, If i rev the motor i actually see the pressure increase to about 3.5... This is with the Carter p4070 pump which should output 1-4 psi... I am using no regulatory, just the return line with a .045 diameter hole in the restrictor... I actually soldered closed one of my air correctors and drilled to achieve that.... Raining today so I'll give it a good test tomorrow.....
  15. Sorry to say but those transmissions are hard to come by.... You could do the long tail 71b transmission, you just need to shorten the front part of the driveshaft, they do fit into the 521 so I think you should be able to fit it in the 520, not sure if you can get it in from underneath or not or if it has to go in before or with the motor.... I believe redeye here sells a transmission mount that works for either 5spds and it allows you to use the available rubber mount from the 720.... goodluck
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