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  1. So there just happens to be a dyno shop in my town..... while they mainly tune efi and Holley carbs they said if I show up with all my jets and stuff i have for tuning they will strap the datsun on the dyno...... Basically I can rent the dyno for $125 an hour clock starts ones its strapped down..... figure that's not to bad.... Their tech will run the equipment and run the truck on the dyno..... I basically tell them the highest rpm I'm comfortable with and we will see how long it keeps making power... Just need to make sure I have everything I'll need and make the appointment..... hoping for one day in june......
  2. I have play and everything seems to work.... I just think I never had it adjusted properly.... I really didnt have a reference point so it was a guess the first time......
  3. Ride went good.... Ebrake held on the hill .... Clutch pedal took a second to get use to but it fully disengages and then crabs when released so I guess it should be good....
  4. Ok so ebrake cable was good.... adjustment of the drums was all I needed.... realized I didnt have to pull the handle out as far today to set the brake..... gonna check it on the hill again when I get my son from school..... As far as the clutch, I have no ability to adjust the pushrod as the pedal..... There was a return stop for the actual pedal which I adjusted, and I adjusted the slave a bit and was able to install the spring...... clutch grabs in the middle of the pedal stroke... Now its closer to the floor then before but I think I was really off on my adjustment last year because it was grabbing kind of high.... adding the spring just showed me that something wasn't right...... Going for a ride now, see how it goes....
  5. Of course I didnt get to look at the clutch pedal today.... I only have so much time to work on things after work lately..... First thing i had to drill a tiny drain hole in my tail lights..... apparently they are not quite water tight .... after all that rain I found water in my tail lights (not oem) it was not enough to blow the bulbs but enough to be annoying..... Then when I went to pick up my son I was parked on a little more of a hill then normal and the ebrake was slipping a little.... I haven't adjusted the rear brakes since I put them on so I guess it was over due..... got that done and as I'm typing I'm thinking I should have checked the cable tension too..... So I guess tomorrow clutch pushrod and check ebrake cables.....
  6. There is definitely play at the pedal... I'm sure of that.. It almost feel like there is to much play.. I'm gonna measure it later then remove the pushrod to see what I can see and go from there....
  7. I get what your saying.... I would keep it around 18 then.... you still get mechanical advance at higher rpm so that's something to keep in mind.... Atleast we can leave you alone about the timing now.. . Back to jetting......
  8. Stroffgren I just asked that too....
  9. Well there is no problem with a 14 air/ fuel... that's not to lean..... I only mention the timing because I bumped mine up to 15 and had wierd issues.... I'm back to 12..... I did source better quality parts , wires coil, etc.... so It wasn't a waste of money but wasn't my issue.... I understand what your saying and actually I just looked this up... I'm honestly surprised...it said 18 to 20 btdc for a 2.4 kade..... .. I kind of jumped on board about the timing thinking about my L motor....
  10. Clutch master was new last year but that doesnt always mean to much....
  11. I still kind of agree with this .... I recently dropped my timing about 3 degrees, and it made little difference to my air/fuel but made big improvements about how it runs.... I was getting random misfires and an occasional carb fart.... and now it's even easier to restart.... I am a little different because my L is sitting at 10.7 to 1 cr.... The point is I caused myself problems by increasing my timing..... Maybe you wanna revisit that a bit more And then go back to the jetting... Do you have a smaller pump jet? I noticed when I installed my zero drain back it richened things up so I went from a 60 to a 50.... Might be a good idea to get the o2 moved to read all 4 cylinders also....
  12. I thought so.... I had an over rich condition that was cause by to much fuel pressure..... had about 6.5psi... way to much.....
  13. That was my problem too... if I had a Holley carburetor everyone would help me..... Also watch out i thought I read somewhere that some air fuel gauges may not display below 9..... Quick question, I'm sure it was brought up before but I can't remember.... What's your fuel pressure?
  14. Well you described much better exactly the same thing I'm wondering about and my concerns.... right now I have it set where I don't believe I have an issue but it does still seem a little off.... When I take the rubber boot off there is a clip keeping the pushrod there.... I'll try removing that and the pushrod later and see what I see.... I'm not sure if my clutch master has any adjustment? I'll check that out later too... Thanks
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