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  1. If it makes you feel any better those bearing probably won't fit the 520 hubs either..... For some reason they are listed on every web sight wrong... not sure if the parts sellers ever figured that out..... I'll eventually convert to the 620 inner bearing on my 521 with a Mike klotz spacer since the correct ones are getting harder to find..... Keep up the good work.... I love seeing these trucks getting back on the road even if it makes me sad I had to leave mine behind in California... Could only take one home and the 521 was the runner.....
  2. You can try emailing this guy out of Oregon and see if they will ship to you.. Shipping won't be cheap but sometimes you don't have a choice... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233187435838
  3. They fit right in with this build. ...
  4. The npt is actually. 002 per thread bigger... and being a taper you can actually eliminate 100% of the bspt thread and cut clean new npt threads... doesnt take much.... I did this to my block fitting to accommodate a valve cover spray bar... I have done similar repairs at work where someone used the wrong tap.... usually its only allowed one way, in this case they used a 3x4 standard pitch so I was able to chase it with a metric m20..... wouldnt work the other way around...
  5. I could be wrong but I dont think you have this 100% right..... The bspt will fit into an npt hole.. But an npt will only get about a thread or so engaged into a bspt hole.... The npt is technically bigger because you can retap a bspt as an npt without a problem.....
  6. Could he use that blue plug spot for the location of the new temp sender and then just a line connecting the thermostat to the water pump?
  7. Sorry I keep saying npt.... probably more like bspt..... but if you have a tap you can easily and correctly change a bspt to an npt thread of the same size.... I did that with all my fittings as npt stuff is easier to find....
  8. Yup that bolt is the line that should be connected to the blue plug on the intake and or the npt on the side of the thermostat housing.... I think datsunmike said it should run from the intake to a tee on the thermostat and then to the waterpump...
  9. What do you have going on with the water pump inlet then....?
  10. On the side there is that npt plug.... that's where I installed my bypass....
  11. Does the coolant circulate through the intake even if the thermostat is closed or is that the whole reason for the bypass tube? Maybe add a bypass to the thermostat housing like I did then use the port on the intake for the temp sender.....
  12. I dont have the bypass on my side draft intake.... I plumbed a fitting from the bottom of the thermostat house over to the water pump to keep the flow going.... The more I think about it I bet that unit wants to see a location where the coolant is moving.....
  13. Crashtd420

    Fuel Tank Question

    I have posted this somewhere but I guess here to might help...... After getting my tank clean I replaced the stock pickup tube with one of these.... Just need to weld an npt bung in place of the original pickup tube an this screws in... straw gets trimmed to lenght....
  14. Ahh.... I cant see why the lower part of the thermostat housing would give any different reading then the intake or head.... I thought of another possibility... What about the drain plug on the side of the block ?
  15. Probably 3/8 bspt..... the only one on the head would be the one going to the heater..... What are you after?
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