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  1. Hell up here in Massachusetts they checked if the windshield washer squirted last time I got a sticker.....
  2. Well I might be the only fool who has a nismo pilot bearing instead of the brass.... fits perfect, never had that problem..... Just got home from a test drive and I'm beyond excited..... Transmission shifter flawlessly, it's never gone so smooth in to 5th as it does now..... I was also able to get up on the highway doing 70 without any driveline vibration too... I think I'll be good for this weekend's trip.....
  3. I would have been done last night but had things to do with the family.... I couldn't believe how much heavier the 5spd felt compared to the 4... I struggled some to get it up and back far enough to clear the clutch.... had help the last time.... Evey time I'd lift the bellhousing the whole transmission would slide forward.... I used a ratchet tie down to hold it up and a jack under the bellhousing..... eventually got it... That crossmember is some much fun to have in the way.....
  4. I think I'm about 95% done.... I believe back half of the driveshaft and shifter are all that's left.... Ran out of time today.... Should be able to finish up tomorrow.... that gives me a couple days to drive it and make sure all is good before our trip this weekend...
  5. Well if it the same part I'm thinking it was smooth..... and yes definitely to late now.... I was able to remove the 4spd and get the 5spd bolted up to the engine today.... Still have everything else around it to reattach but that shouldn't take long.....
  6. Transmission is done.... Tomorrow I'll start the swap back....
  7. Its not really an issue where I live but it did make me realize how easy I can get in..... I really want to do a roll up door but thats not happening anytime soon.... I did a half ass repair for now.... Probably going to buy something a bit stronger and redo the lock setup...
  8. I reassembled everything except for 1 bearing just incase.... Put the tailhousing on and did a few shifts and so far it does seem to shift better..... every time it goes in gear like it should... So I'm moving forward and finish assembling the transmission.... I'll have the transmission done soon and ready to go back in.... Tonight or tomorrow I'll start pull the 4spd out.....
  9. Shit I already forgot about it..... I got to work on my transmission instead.....
  10. Well this was a dumb ass move..... I managed to lock myself out of the garage.... I just got home and put the datsun away and I locked the door without grabbing the keys.... Not a problem except everyone else wasn't home and the house was locked up too ..... So fuck it I broke the lock, got my keys and got in my house.... only to realize the back window was open and the latches dont work on the screen, so I could have easily climbed in and gotten my spare keys.... now I have to fix my garage door.... oh well.....
  11. Here's hoping.... I'm pretty confident after comparing the old an new....
  12. There was definitely damage to the old synchro.... so it must have been getting hung up on the flat spots.... Tried to take some pictures.... But I'm not sure how good they show it.... Old one is on the left and the 3rd picture.....
  13. Parts arrived , they fit and were correct.....
  14. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    You never know with you..... And yes just leave it alone....
  15. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    You dont need a new head because a helicoil valve cover bolt..... Remember closed chamber will increase compression ratio but not by alot.... What head do you have now?
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