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  1. I find that that the little catch tray gets dirty .... I have to clean it out before I remove the filter.... I always wondered why there wasn't a secondary cover on top.... Now matter I'll make sure to place it in a good spot on the datsun....
  2. Yet the new Subaru motors have the filter on top from the factory...
  3. Next I'll probably look at making a bracket for the oil filter relocation kit I have.... I'm thinking in the area where the torsion bar use to be on the passenger side... And also a bracket for the light in the rear.... they are currently riveted to the bed.... remember these are not original at all.... at some point I want to remove the bed and get it sandblasted, cleaned and repainted ... I want to be able to still drive the truck with the bed removed... That's a ways off but I have the time and materials so why not make the bracket now....
  4. I got bored.... Got the truck up on jack stands... Front wheels off.... Torsion bars removed... Upper bushings removed... Glad I got the mikeklotz bushings going back in... Finally the shocks.... I believe I need to cut the upper bump stops off and that's about as far as I will go till i get the coilovers in... I can prep for where I need to cut and weld but I'm not gonna cut it yet.... trying not to get to far ahead of myself...
  5. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Looks good to me.... make sure you lube that before installing on the crank....
  6. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    I think your parts are literally resting on the same page I am reading...
  7. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Ok just was reading and I think you have it backwards.... Says the nail goes between the seal and the cap.....
  8. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Those are a little different then what I got for my L16..... they were just a solid rubber strip.... I would agree with how you described installing them but cant confirm that its correct...
  9. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Also dont forget there is a step about setting up the center thrust bearing... I think your supposed to push the crank in a certain direction as you tighten.....
  10. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Yes... assembly lube just sticks around so that's why is good for initial startup.... But it's sticky.... Crank should be no issue... Lube and install the caps..... What I did to keep the rod and bearing in place was once I installed the piston I flipped the motor on and use I wooden pole.... then rotated the crank to keep pressure on the bearing... then I was able to tap the cap on.... this was a set of h-beam connecting rods so i dont no if the factory one go together a little easier... again just be careful and rotate the motor as you tighten and you'll be fine......
  11. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Are you using assembly lube? Do yourself a favor and as you tighten things to spec keep spinning the motor... If it ever starts to tighten up stop immediately and make sure nothing got out of place..... I had a bearing move on me while trying to install a piston .... so just take you time....
  12. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    That's close enough to say your good with a plastic gauge measurement...
  13. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Well if it makes you feel better I think I have the same type of bearings.... You should be fine.... I see the spec is .0022- .0027
  14. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    And I dont think the groove matter... Did all of them have the groove on both sides?
  15. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Dont you have the book? Atleast you picked the right dimension to measure....
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