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  1. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    So I left the transmission alone for now.... I was able to put my new cap and rotor on..... 123 ignition sells the only correct rotor.... and instead of the beru they sell I was able to cross reference the number to a oem bmw part right from Germany..... Hopefully next year I dont have that miss fire come back.....
  2. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Well I'm glad I started removing the tail housing.... it did break the bond, so it definitely would have leaked..... and it really needs a cleaning..... On to my problem.... its loose, I can get about a 1" gap but that's it..... The only thing i see hanging on is the rod that is connected to the shifter.... I see the pocket where the shifter goes is sliding into the tailhousing..... So does the rod stay in the tailhousing or with all the internals?
  3. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Not quite that good.....
  4. Crashtd420

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    I bet they dont give a reason either....
  5. Crashtd420

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    Well since he only made 1 post, and was saying the brake kits were expensive I assumed he had a budget issue..... I'd love to do the rear disc upgrade but I have other places to spend my money first.... the biggest reason would be I wouldn't have to adjust them....
  6. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    I'm pretty lucky, they allow me to do what I need to do.... im glad I started the project when I did, it would be a little more difficult if I was starting it now... Having the datsun driveable definately gets me a little more credit, I believe my wife is still shocked it's on the road again.. it was the go to vehicle all summer any time we could its winter now and I'm really not supposed to be doing things with my recent surgery so I dont mind being forced to relax ..... I never real get the chance..... I believe I can finish the transmission swap in an afternoon with my friends help, minus the fact I'll have to mod the bracket.... Most of the other things on my list of things to do would only take an hour or so to accomplish, other things will be real quick like a new fuel filter..... I do miss driving it.... but I'm gonna luv it even more with that 5spd in there..... I do about 50% highway driving so its gonna help alot.... Just realized I'm rambling I think the meds are kicking in.....
  7. Crashtd420

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    Wasnt it just 5teezy or something? What the hell is wrong with that? Is there anything anymore that doesnt offend someone.. Pretty soon we wont be able to say anything more than "happy day" for a damn holiday....
  8. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Sounds like a plan..... Unfortunately I just got home from having the second of 2 hernia surgery's, 1st was 3 weeks ago..... So it will be a couple weeks before I can even try to put it back together now... I'm so bored, I can wander around but really cant do any work for a couple weeks..... Maybe I can sucker someone to come over and help....
  9. Crashtd420

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    I cant even blame auto correct on that.... ya I ment hub but wrote spindle....
  10. Crashtd420

    Disc Brake Conversion on 71 521

    Mklotz makes quality stuff but I believe his upgrade requires different spindles too.... http://www.bluehandsinc.com/ But you can fit under a 14" rim Beebani is on ebay as Beebani1028 ... He sells the brackets for 160, and fit under 15" rims..... Both require extra parts you need to buy... Are you increasing the hp at all? In all honesty you really only need to upgrade the fronts and switch to a dual master and you'll have all the brakes you need..... unless you just dont wanna deal with the rear drums at all....
  11. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Thanks... the speedometer pinion has already been out for a little bit... I'm actually using it in my 4spd.... All sounds easy just need to get to it...
  12. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Thanks, Hopefully it's that simple for me... Sounds like a good idea to test fit the tail housing.... Of course I had the day to myself till my son decided he was gonna be sick and unable to go to school..... Datsun will have to wait..... When I do finally get to assemble the transmission does it matter which end i install first? I was thinking about doing the front case first so I can stand it on the bellhousing and just drop things in.... Is there any reason that's a bad idea ?
  13. Crashtd420

    Timing chain wedge

    Now that's ratsun..... I gotta ask did you have an old piece of hose or did you use the full length garden hose ?
  14. Crashtd420

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Sounds so good..... it didnt even seem to care that it was at 7k..... I cant imagine pulling it to 9k......
  15. Crashtd420

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Also I'm curious about the reverse switch..... is this it on the short 71b? The L series case has a sensor too.... The front case from the 5spd did not... I noticed this notch on the reverse/5th rod .... which looking like it's for the reverse switch..... does that line up and work?

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