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  1. Where I found the diagrams... https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/datsun-pickup-wiring-diagrams-for-320-520-521-620-720.html
  2. On the diagram I think it's the accelerator switch.... check the wire colors... as Mike said probably emission related.... You can follow the wires around the diagram.... the end up through a couple switches and a relay and attached to the coil and distributor....
  3. I could have sworn I heard someone say to flip that cover plate 180 but I could be wrong....
  4. It's what I tell myself to justify keeping them, I just parted with our 3 atvs, so I'm not willing to part with anything else right now.... my wife was even trying to talk me into getting rid of my trailer but I know I'll regret that...
  5. Sad part is I haven't ridden any motorcycles in 10 years... My son wants the cruiser.... The black bike is just garage art now, it does run but would need a bit of love... The other is going to hopefully be a project... I'd like to build a 3 wheel with the motor and rear wheel.... or something like that....
  6. Wayno unfortunate no room for a garden shed, we have a small property.... it's a duplex my wifes mom owns.... we live in half.... There is a huge garage outback.... 6 bays 10x20 each.. My mother in law, wife and her sister each park in one.... the 4th is technically our garden shed storage..... that's actually where I have had them hidden for while.... had to finally move them... That left me with 2, I pulled down a wall to give me a 20x20 area to park my datsun and work in... that's all I get for space, plus a little storage in the basement.....
  7. Work continues in the garage.... I was able to get my motorcycles organized behind the datsun with still being able to park and even work on the truck.... just depends on which direction I pull in vs qhat end I can work on.... as you can see it's a tight fit.... and with only a few inches left to close the door.... I figured a closer look at my black one incase your wondering why its vertical. My 2000 gsxr 600 stunt bike....
  8. Definitely not blue, not even really a yellow seems to be a good white light...
  9. A little anti-seize wont hurt either.... Also make sure you have those cupped washers for the studs that are shared clamping both the intake and exhaust...
  10. I generally dont recommend stuff, this was a substantial difference, If you were to compare them to a regular bulb there is no comparison, so much more light..... I basically have 2 spot light fixtures on the ceiling with 2 bulbs each in the middle of the garages... it's a 20x20 ... I had 2 led spots and 2 regular lights.... The difference is I can see all corners of my garage now and clearly.... I tried to take a picture but it didnt really show, I noticed it more because I know how dark my garage has always been.... These are the ones I picked up... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085SV7FCJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FZ0yFbSA24AF7 They had good reviews, a good price for a 2 pk, and 6000 lumens...
  11. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    Really makes me wonder what I used ... I have an extra shackle and bolt for the leaf springs I'll do some measurements and maybe try to see if I can find the part number i used in my notes... i dont remember having issues with things fitting... This is why I said to verify, been a while since I installed mine....
  12. While the datsun could use a little looking at shes been running and driving just fine, I just have other things to take care of right now.... The good thing about a carburetor when you have an exhaust leak and/or o2 sensor issue you can still drive the vehicle .... I'm trying to get the garage cleaned and organized... sold off my atvs😪 and moved the motorcycles around to make room... my trailer has to go back in the garage once I'm done but that's just going to be a good place to put the bed of the truck... It will be coming off for the winter projects i have planned and will eventually get stripped, rustproofed and painted before going back on .... I ended up putting 1 bike against the wall behind the truck... since my garage doors swing in I loose alot of room up front to be able to open and close them... so got a little helper hanging to let me know I'm far enough back.... I'm almost touching the bike.... Also if anyone has just screw in light bulb sockets in their garage or work space I highly recommend getting some of these led lights...
  13. Crashtd420

    Steering wheel

    Fyi the flat style is what I went with... that's another reason my turn signal is close to the steering wheel....
  14. Crashtd420

    1971 Datsun 521

    I couldnt find the package in the garage or part number I used to verify this.... I'm gonna check my pictures and see if I have something there...
  15. Crashtd420

    Steering wheel

    Ok that's a total of 2"... 1.75 for the hub 1/4 gap.... I'm guessing I'm slid forward another 1/8 or so past where the little screw stop ends. (If left where it was suppose to be, the gap was probably 3/8)... in the steering column theres a little slot with a screw from the turn signal switch... I guess it is an anti rotation thing or something ... I unscrewed it so I'm not in the slot anymore... I have no idea how to describe its function... once you take things apart you'll see what I mean....
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