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  1. I think I got the springs about ready to temper.... straightened and checked them yesterday.... I'll clean them up with my sandblaster next.... Also took care of some small things yesterday, Replaced some brake bracket bolts with some slightly longer ones.. Found a shorter 1/8 to -an fitting for the remote filter end of the spray bar feed line eliminating a couple fittings... waiting on 1 more part to finish that up.. Drained the engine oil and refilled it most of the way, I was a couple quarts shy, so I had to order some more.
  2. Congratulations.....
  3. Matt should be right unless it was previously modified.... I couldnt find bspt to m10x1, but I did find NPT to m10x1... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FG1TW6F/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_KD4BHPRFG6BD7XKTBDG5 A bspt thread can be chased by an equivalent npt tap size and will create new threads with minimal effort... Put a little grease on the tap and just go slow, go a turn in remove tap and clean off the chips... check thread engagement with the adapter so you dont go to far... The math to me doesnt seem good to try drill and tap the block for the m10... Is there a reason your trying to use vw sensor?
  4. Like i said there is guy up in NH that's doing it and hes gonna verify what I have posted.... He has the cab off the chassis right now and is taking before and after measurements for me.... Plus he bought the ebay part so we can make sure its correct.... But I believe what I have posted so far is accurate....
  5. I mentioned its usually the rubber failing, I cant remember why I changed mine but I told oilspot I'd post this info just incase he needed it... Also another member here who live kind of close to me is doing this fix... He said his feels really rough rolling in back and forth... I guess this is for that 1% that might need to put a new one on....
  6. While this is a different part number I believe this is the correct part and it did crossreference to the 1480-50 ... The biggest thing is making sure it was the .985 bore diameter because some of the volvo carrier bearing look similar but have a larger diameter.... This was the one my friend bought so we will also verify it fits the shaft properly since it say the id is 984.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/FOR-VOLVO-S60-V70-XC90-94807025-Driveshaft-Center-Support-Bearing-/172157426764?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  7. This did maintain the correct height and neccessary angle.... The only thing is I believe you just have to make sure you press it on in the same location as the old, so a measurement from the end of the driveshaft to the middle of the carrier is good to have.... I'll try to see clearer on mine where it was placed, but someone I know is doing this to there driveshaft so I'll see if they can get some of that information and I can add it later on...
  8. What I did was i used an 1/8 plate between the factory mounting point and the base of the volvo bearing.... Easiest way is bolt the plate to the frame, position the carrier bearing where you want it and mark the location. Remove plate and drill the holes for the carrier bearing .. then bolt the plate to the bearing... There is a small recess where the original fits that provides clearance for the bolts heads.... Then bolt the plate to the frame.....
  9. I decided to do a quick right up about what I did to replace my 521 carrier bearing... I thought it's own write up might be easier to find as a search vs putting it inside the part thread... So as we all know usually it's the rubber that fails around the bearing and there have been some ratsun fixes for that but what if the bearing is junk.... The option I was presented with from a driveshaft shop was a volvo carrier bearing, part number 1480-50..
  10. Crashtd420

    Heater duct

    I dont see any on his ebay store but try contacting him ... https://ebay.com/usr/jakanderso97 That parts he makes are really good... This has nothing to do with what he makes but i dont like the heater box design from datsun if you use one of those boots... Anytime you want heat you need to open the fresh air vent.... it doesnt seem to recirculate the already warm air in the cab... with the vent closed the fan has no where to suck the air from....
  11. I also managed to get 5 sets of these bent up now... Just need to make some minor adjustments so everything is square and the gap is correct then I can heat them up and quench them so I can get them sent out.... I have enough to make 3 more sets if I need to ....
  12. Just need the new oil line and filter to show up and I can see how this whole setup functions....
  13. The lines going down to the filter... I'm order a couple aluminum hose separators for the oil lines to keep them in place..
  14. It wouldn't be no hose clamps completely, like the radiator and heater hoses they will stay but I'd like to replace them with better quality clamps... I guess I was thinking mostly the fuel lines under the hood is where I would like to cleanup and simply with the -an fittings..... I dont think I could ever go without zip ties...
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