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  1. Crashtd420

    Fuel pump I.D.

    This is one thing that sucks about these old truck, I hate and dont understand how some parts like this get sold.... If you look for a j13 fuel pump they show the one you bought.... clearly the wrong arm..... Seen this on ebay if it helps.... little pricey but correct... https://www.ebay.com/itm/274389451754
  2. I got a little time in the garage once the family was asleep... I redid both frame ground points , made sure I had good clean metal and good contact.... i still need to wire tie some stuff back up but atleast that mystery is solved... I also recieved a some replacement marker lights.... I have one that been taking on water.... if I remember right I cracked the lense last year.... Out with the old... In with the new.. Also these are not 521 lights.... The sell them for the 510/240/260/280, The trim would have been chrome but I painted the ones on the truck and was able to re use it.... I think they fit the opening, but I might have had to make the opening slightly bigger, I dont remember... I do know only one the screw holes lined up so I had to drill the second....
  3. Ngk should be the top choice.... Watch out, i just learned about counterfeit spark plugs from a different thread...... just about every brand is being copied these days..... Get them from a reputable seller and you'll be fine....
  4. I think they fixed the error so that's good.... Worse part is I'm usually the first to tell someone check the ground.... problem was when I was testing I was touching the terminal not where I bolted it to the frame..... I never really verified I had a solid chassis ground.... I'm gonna make sure and double check and redo all my ground points now...
  5. Well apparently I just suck at electrical.... I fixed the ground under the hood the other day and decided to do a better ground at the battery.... I guess I fucked that up..... Today I ran an 8 gauge power wire off the battery just to see if I could restore interior power.... I got nothing????? Wtf...... I guess it wasnt the power cable.... I went back with my light bulb test and instead of grounding it to the battery I started check the connection to the frame.... it was barely, if at all, making a connection to the chassis... I ground down the metal and reinstalled the ground and guess what power was restored...... So now I have to put everything back together and see what happens....
  6. It all depends.... Look back one page stroffgren posted a chart that compares altenator output vs length of wire.... I also like match my negative to the same size as the positive .... And I'm pulling my main cable out, it has to be the issue... couldnt even light a small light bulb..... I need to measure the length and get that ordered up.....
  7. Are you guys getting this error? Been getting it since last night
  8. Something similar to this... But the connection is more of a compression collar not a set screw..... I think its monster cable stuff.... The block has no affect on the voltage... I checked...
  9. I dont think it's any of the connections points. I have something I'm going to try after work to make sure but I have pretty sure its the main cable.... it was a good quality cable... but it has to be 20 years old . I'm looking at high quality 2/0 battery cables now, not the ebay stuff..... Same outside diameter as what I have now.... just need to verify and see how much length I need.... good cable is not cheap...
  10. Did another quick test before work this morning.... disconnected the battery under the hood and attached a jump box... I had power to everything.... So I'm about 90% confident that cable has been my issue all along....
  11. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Why not coat it with a bedliner material? Depends on what your going for if you wanna keep the color in the bed and how good you want it to look.. Paint supply shop could give you a spray can with the correct color to do your own touch ups..... If you want to keep the color in the bed they make a clear bedliner....
  12. I guess I spoke too soon... after work I needed to pick up a tube for my sons bicycle and get some gas.. Well I got stuck at the gas station... No power... i though it was a fuse at first but it was more.... I grabbed my meter and I had nothing at the fuses and under the hood.... checked the battery and there was 12.5v.. At this point I was 25 minutes away and had to pick up my son in 30, so after about 5 minutes of cursing and freaking out, I got lucky and I hear the fan come on... they are controlled by a temp sensor... but I knew that ment I had power some how..... I tried to start it quick and it did.... so I got to my son in time, made sure not to shut the truck off while I waited because sure enough when I got home and shut it off to let my kid in the house it wouldn't start back up... I knew I should have backed it in the garage before that... same issue.... So just sitting there this what I'm finding... I have the 1/0 connecting my battery under the bed to a distribution block under the hood, I also have equal size grounds to the frame and back to the engine block... if I disconnect the 1/0 from the distribution block I have 12.5 at the battery and on the end of the cable . If I try to connect anything to the 1/0 the voltage drops to .6-1 volt.... even with that end showing that low of volts I still read 12.5 at the battery.... I tested a fan off the battery with no issue, but it wouldnt work under the hood connected to the end of the 1/0.. So I'm leaning toward the 1/0 is somehow junk.... this is honestly confusing me now... I'm going to bypass the 1/0 with some other cables I have... should be ok for a test.... if it works I might be replacing the 1/0 cable.... Feel free to comment because I'm really not sure what to do ... I'm going to look up some relocation wiring kits and see what's recommended...... maybe they'll have something better then what ever I could get at the home depot...
  13. Well atleast the fan upgrade helped things... it was hot but not crazy hot and with the new fan I could see it running just a little cooler than before.... As far as the voltage situation no real change after correcting the grounds and increasing the cable size.... I still need to do the test Daniel described and see if I can figure it out.... I have a couple other things I want to try too .... at least I have voltage and the battery is staying charged...
  14. That's pretty cool..... Unfortunately it doesn't sound like they wanna deal with carburetors or older than 90's era vehicles.....
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