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  1. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    Maybe a gasket from nissan is NLA but you can still get a gasket....
  2. Put my trailer to use... Loaded the bed on so I can move it to my garage.... New home for a while.....
  3. And separation.... Truck is still drivable.... I purposely mounted the gas tank to the frame, and made the rear bumpers and lights into their own assembly.....
  4. Got started with the bed removal today... Rigged up a crane in my wifes garage...
  5. I guess it would be considered braided.... Whatever oem was....
  6. I know for a fact a member here, kenp19, has a few of both the heater hoses, oem for sale....
  7. I ordered that wilwood residual valve today so I should have everything coming for the disk brake upgrade.. I'll still need to sort the emergency brake but I honestly dont think that be will be a big deal... Also I just dropped off my axles to my mechanic to remove the bearing and separate the hub from the backing plate.. I just dont want to deal with it...
  8. So datzenmike since I dont have easy access to spare parts to retrieve a residual valve from would this work? If I remove the rear residual valve and install one of these inline would that be the same as what your saying? I have a proportioning valve which I honestly have wanted to get rid of ever since I installed it so I have a place to install the residual valve...
  9. Ok thanks for that insight...
  10. Crashtd420

    My 1971 521

    My guess it was to fix an alignment issue with the belt... Maybe it's not the correct pulley for the motor....
  11. Yes... usually the sense wire goes over to the large power connection at the starter, that's how datsun did it.... it just needs the battery power as a voltage input... I believe that's the signal it uses to regulate the power...
  12. Well the excitor wire would most likely be the lamp signal L on the altenator, and the power wire would go to the main lug and can be jumped to the sense wire which would be the S on the altenator.
  13. Just did some reading and it looks like I can just remove the residual valve from the master and I'll be good..
  14. Had some extra cash this week so I ordered the seals for the axle and all the components for the rear disk brakes setup.... I'll have to figure out the emergency brake and do a little more digging about the master cylinder.... I'm pretty sure its for a vehicle with front disk and rear drums, so I dont know what that really means when I switch to disks in the rear... I have an adjustable proportioning valve but have no clue if it's even doing what it should or if its adjusted properly right now, or even needed. .
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