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  1. This isn't MAD though, that requires equal destruction on both sides. This has none, it could be made to look like a "new variant" easily and shift blame or seem to come from nowhere. You'd never have any international support, it would look "natural".
  2. All China would have to do is modify a virus that had a detrimental effect on those with ONLY anti-Spike antibodies (i.e., the vaxxed, such as the military). Could even be made to look natural or not. I can off the top of my head think of several ways to do that and also protect their own people. Yes, I am purposely keeping this vague for very good reasons. If I can come up with this scenario without effort I'm sure they have much smarter people that come up with even worse and sneakier ideas.
  3. You wanna know the really sick thing? I was literally working on the research end of the antibody test to discriminate between Covid and other infections for this in mid-late 2020 and we were shutdown as there was no interest in actually testing for it by antibodies.
  4. That's not how end stage liver disease works at all. It is not transmissible to the new liver unless is was purely viral hepatitis. The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate. That "small piece" if the recipient is kept healthy will grow in size, and also regenerate in the donor, although even the small piece is sufficient to prevent the recipient from dying. Note there is NO artificial liver machine in existence like for kidneys. So yes, the hospital preventing this donation is literally writing this woman's death sentence. By the way this is not the only hospital to refuse transplants to unvaxxed people, it is coming out that quite a few hospitals are doing this. Moreover, many of the people who are waiting probably should not take the vaccine anyways due to other medical complications.
  5. The current antibody tests as far as I know can not differentiate as they just look for antibodies against Spike protein. You would need to look for antibodies against other parts of the virus (which would only show up with infection) to be able to differentiate between the two.
  6. Turns out the title on the article is wrong, buried about half way down they mention she is getting a piece of liver from her daughter. Which is actually a way less traumatic donation with better recovery for the donor. I'll update my post.
  7. This is the future where they will let you DIE if you don't comply with a "voluntary" vaccination and JUST DO WHAT THEY SAY. Note, it is her own Daughter's kidney piece of liver too not even another donor. Is this the world you want to live in? Is this just? Is this not the very definition of EVIL? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10102389/Woman-65-end-stage-liver-disease-denied-transplant-refuses-vaccinated.html
  8. Well under that logic you realize the next step is the Government saying: "Well you must donate blood" it is for the good of everyone, Or you must donate your organs when you die, it is for the good of everyone, or you must not eat meat, or own too much stuff, or live on land by yourself. etc... FUCK THAT SOCIALIST NIGH COMMIE BULLSHIT. FUCK "FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE" as an excuse. Some of the worst atrocities in history have been a Government trying to do something for the "good of everyone". This country (USA) is based on INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS not COLLECTIVISM. The point of a Constitutional Republic is to protect the rights of the minority from the majority and there is no smaller minority than the individual. Did you know for a medical trial you can't even give a person more than a small gift card because it would be considered unethical coercion in making them make a choice about a medical decision? But you can threaten to take away their livelihood, threaten to remove them from polite society, and in other countries (Germany) prevent them from even entering grocery stores, to get a medical procedure and that is "not coercion". BULLSHIT that is the very definition of Coercion. By your extremely simplistic and pedantic logic if I put a gun to your head and say "do this" you still made the choice. Threatening excessive punishment to achieve compliance but claiming you gave them "a choice" is not something the GOOD GUYS DO, that is what petty tyrants do. Even under the law "duress" is recognized as not allowing for a choice to be made. Stop trying to rationalize your willingness to allow for petty tyrants to control other people just because you happen to agree with them. WRONG IS STILL WRONG IF EVERYONE IS DOING IT. RIGHT IS STILL RIGHT IF NO ONE IS DOING IT.
  9. Interestingly that quote is attributed to Burke but it is up to debate if he ever actually said it. Still doesn't deter from how true it is though. I always felt it was a paraphrasing of Ephesians 5:7 Those who do nothing about sin and evil, help the sin and evil to prevail. One who is silent when there are those around him in sin becomes a partaker with them.
  10. I'm already crazy. I give a fuck because I'm being fired for not taking this shot. As you can imagine this pisses me off something fierce, my fucking employer does not own MY BODY. Forcing medical procedures on healthy people to keep their job is fucking immoral as all shit, especially when it has a chance of DEATH. So yeah, I get fucking pissy when the fucking assholes in power consider me a fucking slave that they can order to me to put something into my body or get fired, that I don't want, I find ethically fucked, and that violates my religious beliefs. IT IS WRONG AND IT IS EVIL. And all that it takes for EVIL to succeed is for GOOD men to do nothing.
  11. You have every right to get it if you think it is the right choice for YOU. Having that decision taken away from you by mandate or risk of losing your job is what is NOT right. Also, last I checked you can take hearing protection off when you get home. It is not a PERMANENT MODIFICATION to your body demanded by your employer. Most employers have no loyalty to their employees but think it is perfectly acceptable to force them to undergo a medical procedure that has a RISK OF DEATH. Let's all crunch the numbers now. We will use CDC accepted numbers even if they are likely bullshit or under reported. # of vaxxed Americans= 209,701,005 # of vax deaths reported (VAERS) what CDC uses= 16,310 # of vax permanent disabilities (VAERS)= 23,712 # of vax life threatening events = 17,618 # of vax hospitilizations = 75,605 So we can then divide the adverse event/number of total vaxxed Americans and get your chance of something bad happening. Chance of death 16,310/209,701,005 = 1 in 12857. So if you mandate the vax for a company of 13,000 people you will kill 1 with the mandate. Chance of permanent disability 23713/209,701,005 =1 in 8843. So for that same company of 13,000 people you have now maimed at least 1 and almost 2 people. Chance of life threatening event= 17618/209,701,005 =1 in 11902. Another person has had a life threatening event, or could be the same person. Chance of them being hospitalized= 75605/209,701,005= 1 in 2773. So 4.6 or call it 4 to 5 people you've sent to the hospital. IT IS NOT ETHICAL TO KILL 1 RANDOM PERSON IN 13000 TO POTENTIALLY PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE FROM DYING. The overall death rate from COVID is 185 per 100,000 people, so scaling to 13,000 people it is 24 people from 13,000. So for the vaccine mandate you need to kill 1 person for every 24 you could potentially save and let me remind you the vaccine does not prevent 1. death from covid, 2. catching covid, spreading covid. KILLING 1 PERSON TO POTENTIALLY SAVE 24 IS NOT ETHICAL. BIDEN'S vax mandate through OHSA is expected to force 80,000,000 people to get the vax. It will statistically kill 6,222 people who would otherwise not die. HIS ACTIONS WILL KILL 6000 people. That is literally twice what died on 911 and we went to war over that. THAT IS EVIL. NOTE: WE know these numbers of adverse events are highly under reported by likely a factor higher than 10. If you give people a choice and tell them the risks that is fine but as soon as you force it you are responsible for killing or hurting those people. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html
  12. Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. Are you ok with selling your body to your employer? Do you think complying will make this end? It only makes this worse. If you are forced to undergo a medical procedure you don't want by your employer to work you are nothing but a slave.
  13. That would definitely make fender benders a bit more interesting.
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