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  1. Dguy210

    Powerland 2020!

    Absolutely. Also, assuming it is on, I probably will have a parts list to send you for 510 parts for my 4dr to buy. Assuming I ever get off my ass and make the list.
  2. Well crap, and I haven't quite finished the 1200 KA swap project yet (close though at startup but needs a driveshaft). Currently a rolling shell, no engine and B210 struts up front just to get it to roll hence the nose high condition. Wheels were loaners to get it off the trailer.
  3. That was horrible and hilarious at the say time so I made it into a meme format.
  4. Best guess for mode of action is as a zinc ionophore inhibiting viral replication. Sources at end. Hydroxychloroquine is already approved for use in humans (side effects are more mild than chloroquine but still can cause retinal damage at high dose). The study presented looked promising but was a small sample size with some issues with loss of patients in the study (i.e., removed as they died or transferred out). However, it does seem reasonable and more data is needed, as this can be prescribed off-label this makes it an attractive target. There are some supplements that seem to have similar modes of action (quercetin) which are also being investigated for effectiveness (although usually as combination therapy). Personally my opinion is that as quercetin is a cheap and easily available supplement with minimal side effects it would like not be an issue to start taking it prophylactically until further data comes in along with a zinc supplement. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4182877/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2973827/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25050823
  5. Which 5 speed do you have? 78 I'm assuming the 63 dogleg. You will need to make sure you get the 24 spline clutch (L series sizing) instead of the 18 spline (18 spline is later 60 series 5 speeds). I would also suggest looking for a clutch alignment tool that is specific as every clutch kit I've purchased for the dogleg seems to come with the wrong clutch alignment tool (shaft is the larger L series size). Maybe they have fixed this by now. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=63-Series_Transmission
  6. Not sure on those particular rims, but the stock 13s will not fit bigger 280zx calipers/struts behind them, only a very few 13s will fit and usually require grinding on the caliper for clearance. Personally I'd keep those rims, they are reasonably sought after actually (unless copies? hard to tell from pics). If you do want to go larger I'd look at Z car rims as they fit quite nicely even in 15s and will of course clear bigger calipers. Ditto on 3K being way to much for that car too. 1500 maybe. I guarantee that car has some rust issues, especially look at the bottom of the fenders front and back and underneath in the front at the side rails by the wheels. Is it a 4 speed (most likely), 5 speed? or autotragic? Not sure on the year, grill is 74-75 and some 76s. Side trim is aftermarket, paint makes me think respray but not sure. I would strongly suggest not doing an engine swap in the B210 unless you have a lot of experience with engine swaps. Very little info on it and several notable differences from the 510.
  7. For the haters, just remember: Even if he didn't rape the girl and pay her off he was still married at the time.
  8. Off the top of my head I want to say they are all the stumpy length 26.5 but I can't verify that exactly. If no one chimes in by tomorrow I'll wander out to the parts shed and measure a couple, just don't feel like doing it tonight. However, I do know by personal experience that pretty much any 1200, B210, 210 transmission is interchangeable as long as you match your driveshaft spline and your diff input. I.e., a 210 FS5W60A will bolt into a 1200 no problem and you use the 1200 driveshaft to match the H145 diff (setup I had on my 1200 in the late 90s). From memory, there are a couple small issues like a dust shield on the 210 driveshaft that might need to be removed depending on what you mix and match. Edit: Didn't get home until very late and kind of forgot about this so no measurement.
  9. As far as I'm aware ALL A series RWD manual transmissions are the same length and use the same driveshaft, with the only variation to watch for is the need for an auto driveshaft on the dogleg 63a (interchangeable with 510 sedan driveshaft for 75-78 maybe 210 also).
  10. Dguy210

    Rear disk brakes

    If you must, save yourself some trouble, cut the firewall and transmission tunnel out then.
  11. Dguy210

    Rear disk brakes

    Just because I have to say it every time this topic comes up the, KA24 is a big engine crammed into a little car and requires quite a bit of work to get it to fit. I somewhat regret doing this swap, I may even be done someday. Maybe consider a rotary instead? Bit more common swap.
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