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  2. Gender dysphoria was labeled as a mental disorder in the DSM up until recently when they "reclassified" it to protect people's feefees. Realistically if your mental perception is so amazingly out of sync with your physical biological reality then you have something wrong mentally. The biology is based on what actualy IS, your mental perception is all in your head. If you are biologically a man and think you are a woman then you do have a mental disorder, full stop. If what you think you are is not reality to that extreme then yes YOU have the problem not REALITY. Just like if you think you are a pretty little teacup. Doesn't mean you really are a pretty little teacup, just means you have a mental disorder.
  3. Yep saw that. The fact that we are even discussing "where we are" is very troubling.
  4. Damn Carlos you getting shit done. Looks good dude.
  5. Oh please do. I've also accidently found the secret to having a lot of my shitposting get ignored on Facebook. Not sure if you can still set it up this way but sort of stumbled into it, 1. when they ask for the name state you are a transgender and you don't use your "dead name" anymore and 2. GPS spoof your phone as being in Japan during the ID process. Bingo, if Fuckbook thinks your are a Japanese Tranny you get mostly ignored for stuff that gets other people 30 day bans, such as "Fuck the English" etc... Be a shame if I had to go to the <many> backup accounts I literally made 10 years ago as a precaution to shitpost and troll.
  6. Off the top of my head: Wheel center inserts That filler piece between dash and steering column on a 510 Radio delete plate maybe? Better cup holder design
  7. IS either appropriate? Sure as hell looks like a nipple pinch from the video and they refer to such (nipple pinch) in the bottom middle pane of the second image, which she does not deny so I would say YES titty twister pinch.
  8. I'd have to see what I actually have as a body filler, that might be it. I used "Bondo" as the generic term, I personally find actual Bondo to be kind of crap.
  9. Your reminder that POTATUS is a child sniffer, quite "handsy" with children, and likely a pedo. Edit: video https://imgur.com/s2QXbDa
  10. That's what I used on the ones on the car now. It works fine and is the alternative, I just always feel the finish is a bit soft on those afterwards.
  11. First 2 sets off the printer. Will still need a bit of sanding and touchup (haven't decided yet if I will do this myself or not). Tempted to try skimming with some bondo to fill the layer lines and then, not sure yet. I also have the other ones already finished and installed on the 1200. Now I just need to figure out what is next.
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