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  1. You can use the auto crossmember as Datzenmike says with some adapter plates. Pretty easy job actually. You just need 2 steel plates about 2 by 4 and 1/4 inch thick or so. I welded one bolt onto mine years ago to make it easier but it isn't really necessary. These will let you take up the difference in height and let you put bolts back into the threaded holes already on the body. From memory you might need to drill one extra hole in the crossmember to get it to line up with the hole on the body but I'm not positive on that.
  2. Will be there. Likely will be me driving the B210 with the kids and the wife driving the Sienna with her parents (6 people do not fit in a B210...well).
  3. How much was he asking for the front and rear bumpers or front alone? I have both front and rear mounted and went and took a tape measure to the rear. Measurements of a JDM rear bumper are as follows: 56 inches long by 6 high (as mounted) depth from flat back in the middle to face is 2 inches and from the curved most edge rear to face is 3 inches. Opening on the JDM license plate space is 14.5 inches.
  4. I saw that, pretty interesting build.
  5. I'll be going to both sort of. Probably swing by the kicking it oldschool Saturday morning since it is happening very close to my house (seriously like 10 mins from my place). Then head down to Powerland. Not sure if I'm going to be camping at either place though. Probably just try to hangout with as many people as possible.
  6. My 2 cents: I'd say go for a hot A14. Had one back in the day in my 1200 coupe and it was more than enough power to be dangerous without a lot of other upgrades. Also, the swap is easy and the rest of your drivetrain will survive longer. Things not to do: Decide to cram a KA into a 1200. Just don't do it. Trust me on this one.
  7. I've yet to actually see a gen2 in the wild. Just the gen1 (lightly used) at my old LGS in the Glock 19 mags I believe. Honestly, Glock 17 or the Beretta 92 and I'd probably have bought it as I already have both. Ugh, might have to move it on to the to buy list.
  8. I've almost bought one of those a couple times. Just couldn't quite bring myself to splash down the cash for it. I've heard the latest gen has some breakage issues. Might still pick one up in the future still, it definitely fits my odd gun need.
  9. Well as I have a love for old weird firearms, I recently found a 1920 Remington Model 10-A at what seemed like a decent price. Have it on hold as it was 5 minutes before closing. Edit: Now mine. In great shape too. 30" full choke, bluing and wood are in extremely good shape and it appears to function properly. Given the age I'll probably use it more of as a display piece then something I'm going to use often though. Will likely do a fire test with a light load from distance just to check function.
  10. This so much. Even on relatively easy to assemble low-cost to high-profit items it can be hard to make a decent wage. Also, sometimes you get less than happy feelings if you give someone a good deal or extra parts just to watch them flip it for a quick buck. Turning hobby time into a minimum wage job with responsibilities is just not how most people want to relax. Thanks for all the stuff you made over the years Mike, I even have one of your 1200 brake adapters I bought a few years ago, I might even get around to installing it at some point.
  11. Also, just because I really like Sabaton.
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