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  1. You don’t have to have the fused type, it’s just added protection for the circuit. If you already have a relay, try wiring it up and see if it makes a difference.
  2. You might want to try a good aftermarket temperature gauge and make sure that there truly is a problem. I wouldn’t rely solely on the factory gauge.
  3. Something like this.
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding, the instructions I gave you were not for the factory setup. This is additional wiring. With a truck that is over 35 years old, sometimes the signal from the ignition switch to the starter gets weak and needs help. Buying a relay and installing it as outlined above, may take care of the problem you’re having.
  5. I used a relay that you can install a 30amp blade fuse. Take the small wire that goes to the solenoid and attach it to #86 on the relay. Run a ground wire to pin #85. I used 12 gauge wire from pin #30 to battery positive. Then 12 gauge wire from pin #87 back to the solenoid.
  6. I still think you need to try putting a relay between your switch and starter. I’ll almost bet it will solve your problem. You’ve seemed to have tried about everything else.
  7. Is it popping? I know Subaru guy’s, with the older cars, clean and reboot there factory axles even if they’re making some noise and they say they work fine. They will even look in junkyards for an oem axle rather than use an aftermarket axle. I would imagine it’s the same with Nissan’s.
  8. It was about a year and a half ago that I bought it and if I remember right it was $10-12 from the dealer. By the foot is always cheaper, but since it was available and the factory hose lasted about 35 years, I figured I would go with it.
  9. The picture is just for parts reference to make sure that that’s the one. It’s an oddball size. 3/4” is small, difficult to attach under the manifold and 1” is to big. I went to the dealer for the part.
  10. I believe this is the part number: Genuine Nissan Water Hose 14055-10W00. Goes from under the manifold toward the front of the engine.
  11. I looked up the part number online and then went to my local dealer. A couple of days later I had the new hose. It’s surprising sometimes what the dealer can still get. I always look for a part number first though.
  12. The hose running from under the intake toward the rear of the engine is still available from Nissan. I had to replace mine at the beginning of the year.
  13. It was resting on the bump stops. You do have to watch your stopping distance. Never had a problem with enough power. These trucks are built to haul. I used it to deliver a local classified ads paper. I had a topper on it, cab high, and I would fill the bed to the roof. When we would have big papers, I would have to fill the passenger seat and behind the seats of the KC as well. Thankfully the further I got in my route the less weight I would have.
  14. I used to regularly carry over 1000lbs on my ‘85, of course, I added an extra spring on mine. Sometimes over 1500lbs one day a week.
  15. Of course, on a 521 it’s not much of a reach to roll down the passenger side window.
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