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  1. NC85ST

    521 with Air

    My 521 came from the dealer with a/c. My dad bought it new in 1970 at Hemet Datsun in Hemet California. The a/c with r-12 worked great. Never tried 134 in it. I love the way they installed the condenser, looks like they used a blow torch.
  2. NC85ST

    Weber idle hang up

    I had a problem with my 85. It sounds like what yours is doing, tap the throttle and the idle comes down to normal. I’m running a very old Weber on mine. My problem was solved with a new throttle cable. Genuine Nissan cable, about $40-45 shipped to my door. Not saying it would fix yours, but your truck is about 35 years old.
  3. NC85ST

    Weber idle hang up

    Did it ever work correctly? When you first installed it, did it return to idle like it should? Is this a new problem?
  4. Yes. Replaced the alternator and no more problem. Internal regulator was bad.
  5. It is factory. I had one break on my 85 and ran it that way until I parked the truck. Probably 100,000 miles or more. Never caused any problems. I parked the truck with 375,000 miles.
  6. NC85ST

    Axle swap

    Is there something wrong with the original or just want a different ratio?
  7. NC85ST

    Axle swap

    Do you mean the entire rear diff? What are wanting to put in it?
  8. Just click on the link and then you can see it. I don’t do Facebook either.
  9. Valve lash won’t make a difference. It’s pulling oil by the valve seals and guides.
  10. I take it you mean the complete differential. Yes it will bolt in. I used a ‘78 diff in my ‘70 years ago. Pinion bearing went out. Not sure about the E brake cables mine were not hooked up. I don’t remember what driveshaft you’re using in your set up, I was using a stock 620 driveshaft with my l20b 5-speed, and of course it bolted up with no problem to the ‘78. Of course the one thing that is different is the wheel stud size is bigger on the later trucks than the ‘70. It worked out OK for me because I was running ‘73 front hubs anyway. That 620 rear end is a little wider as well.
  11. The smoking is probably oil getting by the valves. When using the engine to regulate your speed going down hill, it creates vacuum and pulls oil down by the valves.
  12. I put one in my 85 several years ago and it still works great. Only problem I ever noticed is side supports coming loose. Only saw it when I replaced the water pump.
  13. Is the noise coming from the gears? If so, you can just swap the center section as long as the gear ratio is the same. Or swap it and don’t use the 4wd until you find the proper gear set.
  14. NC85ST

    mrbigtankers 521

    I would love to see pictures of that Alpine. I had one years ago. No 4AGE of course.
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