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  1. NC85ST

    more carbs

    I don’t see an issue with running that carb. It should be basically the same as long as yours is not the z24i.
  2. That truck is turning out awesome. Nice work. Great videos of the progress. One question, you said earlier that it has to pass smog, it won’t pass with that header will it? Or are you in the process of finding a factory manifold? I don’t know California laws.
  3. As far as the idler pulley, you can replace the bearing in it. The bearing number is: 6203-2RS. Remove the snap ring and tap the bearing out with a hammer. I did this about a year ago on my truck. I got the bearing from Amazon. I just repacked it with good grease.
  4. NC85ST

    Head Bolts and Gasket

    Charlie69, have you used that tool yourself, on a z24 engine? I’ve got one coming, but it looks short to me. I’m hoping that it works.
  5. Can’t wait to see this when it’s done. It’s going to be one awesome ride.
  6. Where are you in Tennessee? I live a little east of Asheville, NC. I might have what you need.
  7. NC85ST

    Wiring issues

    That’s a nice ST 4x4. Got anymore pictures of it?
  8. NC85ST

    My 1971 521

    If you need a second one, why not try making one. It seams to be a fairly simple design.
  9. Where in NC? I live east of Asheville. That truck is not rusty enough to be near the mountains. Looks pretty solid. I understand why you want to get it going again.
  10. NC85ST

    Weber Woes

    Almost sounds like timing. You might want to check that it’s set correctly. Quick check would be to have someone try cranking it while you adjust the distributor one way then the other. If you can get it to spin easier, then you know it’s the timing. Sounds like the timing is retarded to much.
  11. Could that be a cracked exhaust manifold? Common problem on these. Crank it up cold and see if you feel the exhaust anywhere, especially the backside of the manifold (between the block and manifold). Just a thought.
  12. NC85ST

    My 1971 521

    I used a combination of L16 and L20 brackets and mounts, but it has been so long ago I don’t remember what combination. It’s still difficult, but never broke a mount. Ran L20b/5-speed for some 200,000 miles.
  13. NC85ST

    My 1971 521

    Where you have the chain attached is fine, but where you have 6-8” of chain above the cam, it needs to be more like 2-3”. Should give you the needed ceiling clearance as well.
  14. NC85ST

    My 1971 521

    That looks like the same Harbor Freight crane that I have and yes you need to get the front of the truck up on jack stands far enough to get the legs of the crane under the control arms. At least that’s what I had to do with my 720. By the way, you can put the engine and trans in together. It is tight and you have to have the right angle to do it. Start by shorting the chain you have attached to the engine and attach the hook closer to the front. Once you have the engine in the air, you will need to lift the back of the trans over the rad support. Once in the engine compartment, use a floor ja
  15. If it’s the cable, you can get a new one from Nissan.
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