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  1. I put one in my 85 several years ago and it still works great. Only problem I ever noticed is side supports coming loose. Only saw it when I replaced the water pump.
  2. Is the noise coming from the gears? If so, you can just swap the center section as long as the gear ratio is the same. Or swap it and don’t use the 4wd until you find the proper gear set.
  3. NC85ST

    mrbigtankers 521

    I would love to see pictures of that Alpine. I had one years ago. No 4AGE of course.
  4. Is there something wrong with the factory setup?
  5. Nice work. Turned out great.
  6. Your best bet is to find a parts truck so that you can get everything you need.
  7. NC85ST

    Windshield wiper switch

    Thanks. I figured there was more to it than just swapping switches. Now I just have to find the amp.
  8. I have two 85 ST kingcabs, one has a fixed interval intermittent wiper switch and the other has a variable interval intermittent wiper switch. So the question is can I change out the fixed interval switch for the variable interval switch? Or is there something else I need to change as well?
  9. NC85ST

    Just bought a 521

    For the flywheel bolts, I always used a chain hooked to a transmission bolt on the block and a clutch bolt. Never had a problem.
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