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  1. Nice! With a vintage Yamaha DT1 or CT1 to play with once you get there.
  2. O-ring adhesive? Used for making your own custom o-rings.
  3. RLJ

    Rear Brakes ('84 720)

    Agree, and not a parking brake by activating the hydraulic fluid to the calipers.
  4. Part of the equation is your age. When I was much younger with a young family I drove a standard cab 620 and it worked just fine. At the time I was 6’-3” tall and 195 pounds. Sat in a King cab back then and it had more leg room. Now much older and stiffer in all the wrong places, I don’t think so. Short trips probably okay but a long ones? Been looking for another 620 and I’m in a dilemma. The king cab would be my choice but they came out after 1975, which means biannual smog test and requirements here. Other then the smog issue, King cab
  5. Posted one minute ago. Went to their site to purchase, Sold Out! That was fast!
  6. I agree 100%. Did a $200.00 order and it had over $100.00 in shipping from six different locations! Needed to return some stuff and it was the same deal. Had to go back to each origin location so separate shipping charge for each one! Would have to be the last resource for me to go down that road again.
  7. Nice yard art. Already weathered patina.
  8. Never have understood the logic behind that. It didn’t sell at your listed price so re-list it at a higher price. Maybe the higher price will attract more interest? I just don’t get it!
  9. Mike, Circled in yellow in the picture. Is this to the factory electronic distributor? Do you know the correct wiring for it?
  10. Not sure if it’s the same on all 510’s. That location has a hole there but no thread provision for a seat belt anchor. Some have welded in an aftermarket belt anchor at that location. Depending on how tall you are and how the belt sits across your shoulder and chest, it’s better suited for location of the belt going across your shoulder and not your neck. Some have said the B pillar wasn’t engineered for a belt anchor and doesn’t have the needed strengths for it. Don't know so use your own discretion for your car and your comfort level.
  11. Have you tried asking that question to T3?
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