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  1. Looking for Nissan part number for the 510 fender bolts. The 6mm ones with the washer attached.
  2. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Pardon my French but, well shit you’re correct I ordered a 4 speed kit! Damn. Do you think the bearings and synchro rings will work in the 5 speed. The 5 speed kits showed 71A and 71C. Didn’t see a 71B kit for the 5speed and didn’t look close enough to see the 71B kit I was ordering was a 4 speed kit.
  3. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Looking at the aftermarket bearing and synchro kits for B transmission they don’t come with 5th gear synchro and some state it was a fiber synchro that is not included with the kit. Looking at mine it’s definitely not brass so thought it was fiber. I’ll have to check to see if it’s steel or fiber. Quite a learning curve on these transmissions particulars. Hopefully the bearing and synchro kit ordered is correct.
  4. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    So some transmissions didn’t have the catch trough in the front of the steel plate? Thinking this feeds the rear trough. Mine has the riveted long trough in the tail section but nothing in the steel plate to feed the rear trough. Maybe there never was one in the front of the steel plate? Thought both troughs were to feed oil to the tail sleeve bearing for the driveshaft yoke.
  5. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    More education,Thanks If you could find the input drive gear and counter driven gear to swap out could create different transmissions. Not going to be to feasible to find but does make for interesting reading and thinking. Counted the input drive gear on mine again. Actually is a 22 so it’s the mid ratio box. Shouldn’t count things like that early in the morning before coffee! Do you know the part number for the oil catch trough that’s in the steel mid plate?
  6. Think maybe error in the phone number. Searched the company name and found this number 360-653-2700. Called it and left a message.
  7. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Might be reading to much into what your saying. Can the input shaft gear unit and driven gear on the countershaft be switched out to change from wide to mid to close ratio transmission?
  8. yenpit, is that information for the wiring diagrams current? I called the number and it’s disconnected.
  9. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Well there you go, everyday is an education! Thank you for clarifying! So between the wide and mid ratio transmissions how much difference in ratio are the other gears? Pretty sure 4th would still be 1:1. What about 2nd, 3rd and 5th? Is the B transmission the only one that used the fiber synchro for 5th? Is that a completely different synchro assembly or can you substitute a brass synchro for the fiber.
  10. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Ok so I’m confused. Thought all 280Z with a five speed were wide ratio transmissions. Then later 280ZX we’re close ratio. If I’m reading what you’re saying correctly only one year and one vehicle was a wide ratio 5 speed meaning it was somewhat rare? What are all the Z transmissions? Are the not considered a wide ratio? The tooth count you referenced is 21/32 on my transmission.
  11. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Research and reading. I read it on the Internet so it must be right :-). Multiple resources said the same thing about close ratio and wide ratio referencing the points I made above. Drove the car before removing for noise and it didn’t feel like a close ratio box.
  12. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Short shifter ears with pin low. Speedometer drive hold down screw on top. Dust shield for driveshaft yoke.
  13. RLJ

    Identify my 5 speed

    Not a dogleg. Not a short tail. Standard H pattern and speedo on right. All apart now so tough for a picture. Wide ratio box. Figured it would be easier for ordering parts if I could identify it as an A,B or C., depending on the parts guy I get and how receptive and knowledgeable he is.
  14. My five speed has number 7426580 stamped in the top area of the bell housing. Mike can you identify it please. 71a, 71b or 71c?
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