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  1. Hi I wanted to ask about the 

    DA 324 "Steroid" front spoiler (BRE style) $135.00  shipped to 91744. Please DM 

    1. ]2eDeYe


      Steroid is no longer selling these. 


      " We are in a restructuring of Our Company. This should be completed shorty. Please address all questions to Tony Stenzel at:
  2. I would like to know if you are still selling fiberglass dashes?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. datzenmike


      A social distancing....

    3. ]2eDeYe


      He will be unavailable indefinitely. 


      I believe Nevtony got his molds and is having them made. 


      "Please address all questions to Tony Stenzel at: nevtony@yahoo.com"

    4. Deuceswild


      Ok. Thanks 


      I did some research 

      and put 2 and 2 together 

      I get it. He’s not gonna be back !!


      I have tried this tony guy

      hope to get a response someday





  3. And not only that........................................................ A NEW ERA OF OLDNESS ! ! ! ! !
  4. K.A.O.S. M.O.A.S. ! ! ! ! Hey Ray ! ! You posted that seven minutes past 620 last night ! ! !
  5. Folks ! ! First, I want to COMMEND You all for carrying on with Our 8th annual event ! ! You all know that It is the PASSION of Us ALL, not just one or two of Us, that makes this event happen every Year. I will still make every effort to be there but in the final few months of My railroading career I had the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to operate a locomotive by the new remote control system. Most railroad yards over the past 10 years or so have changed over to this form of operation. The typical locomotive engineer that has been operating locomotives in switching yards all over the country have been removed and a remote control "box" worn on the chest of the switchmen has been adapted. A class opened up in Winslow Arizona and I was accepted to learn the system. Mark is also in Winslow and in the off time We have been able to explore this wonderful part of the country. This is important with all that We both have been having to learn. We both know that all of You will miss Us this year but We also know that work and family come before hobbies. We have been in contact with many of You and have heard that You will be doing Your best to still attend the BarB-Que. Make it the best You can ! ! This is YOUR yearly event ! ! Thank You and the best to You all ! ! Mark and I will be there in spirit ! ! Mike
  6. UPDATE ! ! Located one more original member ! ! Jeff Croteau ! ! http://community.ratsun.net/topic/43777-scdp-the-early-views-from-truckin-magazine/
  7. Generally the Wigwam has been the "after party" location due to a few of Us staying there. I am doubtful if that will be happening this year. I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE WIGWAM FOR NOT ONLY THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME BUT SECURITY IN FONTANA. MIKE
  8. Hi Guys. There is IMPORTANT information to tell You. This year is going to be VERY different........................ Mark and I will not be attending. Rest assured We WILL be there next year. Both of Our jobs have taken Us away from all truck activities this year. PLEASE ! ! ! PLEASE ! ! ! We NEED all of You to pitch in and make this years event happen ! ! Hopefully Guy has reserved the gazebo, I have NOT. If that location is not available, I would like all of You to pick a spot to get together on SUNDAY August 23nd. You all know what to do and bring. I hope You can make it still happen. I will find out if Guy has made presentation plaques and let You know everything I hear. I have been told that Tony, Danny, Austin and Darren will try to make the Bar-B-Que happen. Hopefully Lawrence, Chrisanto, Rucky, Robert, Gene and Charlie can get it to happen. More details as I get them. Please either PM Me or email Me with suggestions. THANKS
  9. LOOK ! ! ! http://community.ratsun.net/topic/3446-620-flower-hubcaps-wanted/?hl=%2Bflower+%2Bhubcaps http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-620-Hubcaps-JDM-521-520-320-1973-1979-Flower-Petal-Caps-/301639937542?ssPag
  10. HOORAY FOR EBAY ! ! ! ! Jefedejefes (On here I think?) Placed a set on EBAY and they arrived the other day. HOORAY ! ! ! EXACTLY what I have been looking for ! ! That was just about the last thing I needed to make My RHD truck correct ! Javier, If You are on here THANK YOU ! ! ! ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-620-Hubcaps-JDM-521-520-320-1973-1979-Flower-Petal-Caps-/301639937542?ssPag
  11. Your inbox says it's not accepting any more messages, can I please get a price for the Bre style 620 fromt spoiler shipped to 80216? Thank you.

  12. Gene is not yelling, He is EXCITED ! ! !
  13. Well, it is back home safe and sound. Hooray ! Project for You ?
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