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  1. wayno

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Daniel they are actually talking about the front case not just the bellhousing like a chevy transmission.
  2. wayno

    Introduction for 620slodat

    I do not believe you are getting what I am saying about the turbo size, if it is too big it will not spin up the turbo at all, at least not fast enough to build any boost, the exhaust air just goes thru the vane fins instead of forcing it to spin faster and faster. If the turbo is small the exhaust exhaust air is forced thru the smaller exhaust hole much faster and that makes the exhaust vane spin faster therefore making the intake vane spin faster building a lot of boost, and the exhaust air is FORCED thru that smaller hole/vane. A larger turbo the exhaust air is not forced thru, most the exhaust air goes thru the vanes at an idle, and when one opens the throttle up it struggles to get that exhaust vane spinning, now if it struggles to get that vane spinning, the more PSI on the intake/commpressor side that is built, the harder it is to turn the exhaust vane, the more the exhaust air goes thru the vanes instead of spinning it, I believe that is why a lot of them threads I have read had unhappy endings, they could not build any significant boost because the turbo was too big and would not build any significant PSI/boost. On my 720 turbodiesel with the modified/larger intake vane I had enough boost when it was setup as a draw thru, but set up that way it ran lean, I ran into a wall at around 60/63mph because it was not getting enough fuel and the EGTs were as high as they were going to get(not very high), after talking to that guy I figured out how to make it richer by adding a valve and there was no more wall, I almost did a 100mph on that first test drive, but draw thru systems have other more critical issues with these inline injection pumps and the turbo types I have/use, but blow thru systems on these engines/injection pumps/turbos I use have way less issues, as a draw thru I could never let anyone else drive the vehicle, while as a blow thru I can let others drive it, but I talked about the turbo vacuum issue stuff in my threads and what I did to try and minimize the issue. Too big of a turbo will not increase air flow in my opinion, but it will not decrease air flow either, I suspect it will drive like there is no turbo at all, in this situation bigger is not better. It sounds like you might have one of the rare 5 main SD22 engines, I have never seen one before, I wonder what type of pistons it has, I wonder if it has turbo pistons. I use sealer on all sides of gaskets on the oilpan, that is something I do not want leaking as it is a pain to change it out with the engine in the truck, also it is very awkward laying on ones back under the truck dealing with it, I do not recall what type of gaskets I have used on my diesel engines, the SD22 I rebuilt has a cork one as I just now looked at it, it also appears to be leaking, it likely has under 500 miles on it. The pulling the 720 diesel truck to start it is not my experience, someone on here talked about pulling the truck to start it and I suggested that the rear wheels just skidded down the road and that is what happened, but in the end I believe they were able to get it started in second gear dragging it down the road.
  3. wayno

    Introduction for 620slodat

    OK, I understand what you are saying about air, but diesels do not operate at the rpms gas engines do, so they use less air, if you use a turbo made for a 2200cc gas engine, I believe you will have issues building boost as the gasser turbos kick in at 4000rpms and up on that gas engine, well your SD22 engine has a redline of 4000rpms and it sounds terrible when it goes up that high, I have had both an SD22 and SD25 up at 3500rpms, the SD22 going down hill, and the turbocharged SD25 going thru the gears for a guy/kid that has a 720 diesel himself, all he said to his dad after I took him back there where he was when I picked him up was "that thing is fast", normally I do not go over 3200rpms, I try to keep it 3000rpms or less, I shift at around 2500rpms, that is why I like 3.50 gears or better yet 3.30 gears in the rear, and I changed to them gears after turbocharging the vehicles, I did use 3.70 gears in my 720 with an SD22 engine, it struggled on the freeway. All the threads I ever read that used a T25 or any other larger turbo were failures, all of them had issues with building boost, they got maybe 3psi and then we never heard from them again, I do not recall what turbocharger that drifter in Australia had, but he did have boost, but in the end he converted over to a VE type injection pump because he said either it was floored or it was not floored, there was no real in between. I do not believe that you need the SD25 intake manifold/throttlebody thing with a turbocharger, the engine just does not move enough air at the lower RPMs(envolope of operation), I hardly even have my foot on the pedal anymore except on the freeway, at 75mph I have my foot 2/3rds into the pedal, and driving around town I might be into the pedal a 1/3rd of the way down, when I talk about this, I am talking about driving my 521 kingcab SD25 diesel with a stock inline injection pump and the 1800cc Subie turbocharger, the truck runs great, and if I could drive 55mph I would likely get around 40mpg or better. My 720 SD25 turbocharged diesel is different, the guy that put that engine together had a few things modfied like I have mentioned before, the intake vane housing was machined out to take a larger vane, and he had the injection pump turned up to make it run richer, I think both these mods were a mistake, but I do not drive like that guy, he drove 50/55mph on the freeway, and he started out from a stop like a very old half blind man, I am sure it was very agravating having to follow that guy, the issue with the turbo is that it is spun up/building boost from almost an idle, by the time one gets to 2000rpms it is at 15+psi boost and I let off and press down on the pedal again and it goes right back up to 15psi boost, my 521 diesel only gets up to 15psi breifly when picking up speed to say get on the freeway, once I get up to speed and hold an even rpm the boost PSI goes down to 4/5/6psi, well the 720 just stays at 15psi all the time, that cannot be good on the engine, and it certainly can not be good on an old engine with miles on it, so I had to set that turbo at 7psi and it is bypassing all the time, having the wastegate open all the time cannot be good for it either, but I will say this, that truck has 3.30 gears in the rear, the pump is turned up, and the intake vane is larger and therefore it spins up quicker, that truck has a shitload of torque even at 7psi, and it has more power at 15psi, and it keeps picking up speed on the freeway at 20psi, this engine has a VW 1600cc turbocharger(modified) made for a car. My 521 has plenty of power as far as I am concerned, it is about the same as it was starting out when it had no turbocharger, but from 3rd gear on up it has lots of power, and on the freeway it is a totally different truck than it was without a turbocharger, it is actually pleasent to drive and I get better mileage. Yes my SD22 I rebuilt has 3 main bearings, this was before I ever had a turbocharged diesel engine, it also has a VE type injection pump, it has no more power than any of my other SD22 engines I had, I was going to put that VE type injection pump on my SD25 to turbocharge it but firgured it all out before that happened, but I was getting close. As far as I know all SD series diesel engines have oil squirters. I have had no issues with any diesel gaskets myself and I have bought them from baxters also(oil pan, intake/exhaust, valve cover, ect), but I have never replaced a headgasket except when I rebuilt that SD22 engine and it had the OEM metal type headgasket in the kit I bought, now that kid I mentioned before, his dad did do a headgasket, he bought it from Baxters, it looked like any generic gasser headgasket, it had no metal at all in it, it didn't even last him a week as I recall, he borrowed one of my OEM gaskets and he ordered me a new OEM gasket from the Nissan dealer and gave it to me when it arrived, that OEM gasket lasted till he sold the truck, he said the OEM headgasket was very expensive. I had to cut a hole in my 521 inner fender to move the battery tray away from the engine in the engine compartment, I have not planned to lower my 521 much so it should not be an issue having the battery tray sheet metal that close to my passenger side front tire, if I lowered the truck 4 inches, having the wheel cranked all the way to one side or the other might be an issue. I have never needed a second battery, I do not see the need, I have a 521 with an electrically powered hydraulic dump bed and that one should have a second battery but I only have one battery in that one also, I am a big fan of keeping it simple, two batteries is not as simple as one battery, plus I have no room in my 521 turbodiesel to fit another one in the engine compartment, I do not camp out anymore where I would need the extra battery to charge stuff or run an electric cooler, so I only have one battery in all my rigs now. These engines are not like big diesel engines where the starter needs to have a shitload of power to turn it over, what surprised me was how easy these diesel engines turn over by hand, but if you try to pull the truck to start the engine it doesn't work as well, the rear wheels just skid as the engine does have a 22 to 1 compression ratio, it turns over slow easy, not so easy to turn it over fast like when pulling it down the road.
  4. wayno

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I was just asking about the pizza thing, I had nothing to do with it, but I talked with them at Canby, and it was an issue for the fairgrounds even though I believe the pizza guy was self contained, I talked with Ted also, I hope it can happen on both sides. I do know a lot of the Roadster guys go to Canby for the awards show on Sunday, so do other model types, I do not know how any of that show stuff worked as I never have entered any of my vehicles in that part of it, I did win an award one year for peoples choice in the corral(vehicles not entered in the show but parked in the corral) one year, I do not know how this will effect them guys, they are there every year rain or shine. We are due for a dry year though, I hope we have it, are there any trees around at this place?
  5. wayno

    One six industries

    Fact is I hate down draft carbs, I have dual SUs, but a carb is a carb even when there is 2 of them. I could care less what you or anyone else want to drive, buy new cars and polute the planet more making them, but do not tell me I have to stop driving mine, or tell me I cannot get a license to drive anything unless I own a vehicle less than 10 years old, and shit like that is coming. If I see you broke down on the hiway standing outside of your vehicle looking lost I will stop and try to help you like I always have done, I have changed a few tires over the years or hauled them and their tire to the tire place and back, but if it is not a tire, unless you have an old vehicle, the only help I will be able to give you is to call a tow truck.
  6. wayno

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I think it is awesome that you are doing this, it's hard to do stuff like this unless one has done it before, as mentioned a lot of folks have these dates in their calander, and we will not even hear anything from them till May, so the only thing that would need to be adjusted is the location which is not that far away from where Canby has been held. On another subject, last year Ted had his friend with the pizza oven at Canby making/selling pizzas, I thought that was awesome, is that going to be possible at this location if Ted can talk his friend into it again? I plan to be there.
  7. wayno

    who do you all insure threw?

    I didn't spell either of them words if your talking to me, that is one of them words I have shortened, I spell both of them the same way and most understand what I am saying, are we thru here?
  8. wayno

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Put Redbull in your radiator, then you will have wings.
  9. wayno

    who do you all insure threw?

    I have my 521 work truck insured as a business truck thru Amica which boosts the premium, and it is a business truck, my 521 kingcab is thru them also because I want to drive it anytime I want to drive it. The classics I have that are licensed/plated as classics and are insured thru Hagerty, the rest are insured via my license to drive as my license is insured, but that is not full coverage and there are a lot of vehicles out there that cost way more than I am covered for, now that I think about it I only have my 520 now that is covered by that insurance, and it would be cheaper to insure it thru Amica. It all depends on how often and when you want to drive it, if it is a daily driver and your regular insurance company will not insure it, time to look for another insurance company.
  10. wayno

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    I am curious why you didn't put a pipe out each side?
  11. wayno

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    They never made a short 5 speed with an L case except for the dogleg 5spd, if looking for that transmission search 1977-79 Datsun 200SX 5spd, just keep in mind that it is not really a good transmission for a truck. But you can make one out of a 85/86 shortshaft 5spd and a front case off a 1980 720 truck with an L block in it, they made every part you need, they just never put it together that way at the factory.
  12. wayno

    520 front overriders

    OK, I believe I have seen that U320 before, I posted a photo of one that looks a lot like it on Ozdat, here is the link to that thread. http://www.ozdat.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=31580 As I recall this was in Tasmania Australia at the time of this photo and was for sale on Gumtree or Ebay. Ozdat is back up and running, yeah!
  13. wayno

    One six industries

    Laugh Out Loud, I have always thought the L block lasted a long time if driven normally, the reason in my opinion was that in the stock form they were not strong enough to tear themselves apart as long as they had oil and coolant in them, now days we are doing some incredible things and they still seem to last, in my opinion if EFI doesn't increase the HP much more they will still last a long time, if it lengthened the life expectancy of the engine that would be a plus, but likely not if driven normally as it would have lasted that long anyway as long as it had oil and coolant in it. I have seen a few L16 engines with holes in the side of the block, it happened because of high revs which I do not consider normal driving.
  14. wayno

    Introduction for 620slodat

    I believe all the exhaust manifolds are the same, but the intakes are different, the intake holes in the head are bigger on the SD25 and so is the throttlebody/carb looking thing. I bought gaskets for my diesel engines a long time ago, one set was from Nissan dealership, for the most part every time I have removed my intake/exhaust manifolds I have re-used the old gasket, they sell diesel gasket kits on ebay, but the headgaskets need to be bought from Nissan, as they are this sandwich metal type gasket, auto parts stores sell genaric gaskets that do not look anything like Nissan diesel headgaskets. When I rebuilt that SD22 I have, the kit came with a gasket set, oil pump, it had everything, they do not sell what I bought anymore. I have a lot of gasket sets in my gasket storage tub and I have a shed full of tubs, I do not recall where I bought most of them anymore, ebay, dealership, Baxters when they were still worth going to, I have not bought any diesel gaskets in years. I do not know where that turbochager is that I took off the modified exhaust manifold, I do know it had the wastegate wired shut, the water cooling part was not connected either, I do not think they could build any reasonable amount of boost, but there could be a lot of reasons for that, too big of turbo, too many leaks in the system which it looked like it had leaks as electrical tape had been used at some of the joints. All my turbos have water cooling, don't know a lot about this subject. When I had that engine running with the turbo on a engine stand I could not hear the turbo spinning, while I can hear it spin on both my 720 and 521 diesels, I believe the turbo was too big and could only build 2/3psi boost, while mine have both seen 20psi at least once before I adjusted them to not go over 15psi, like I have said, I would try to find a good used 1600cc gas engine turbocharger for the SD22, I believe I used an 1800cc turbo from a AWD Subie for my SD25 and I am very happy with the result, the 720 with an SD25 has what I believe is a 1600cc gas turbo, it is smaller that the Subie turbo and the turbocharger that I took off was even bigger than the Subie turbo, that I know for sure. I have had no issues with the glow plugs wearing down the battery, I have had an auto parts store sell me the wrong glow plugs and the ends of the glow plugs blew up like balloons, I was so lucky to get them out of the holes they were mounted in, I had to use vice grips to pry and twist them out, I was so lucky that day to get them out of the head, but the engine started the best it ever had that one time, but the glow plugs never worked again as they got burnt out the first use, Baxters was very unhappy when I btought them back.
  15. wayno

    One six industries

    In my opinion the reason they are going fuel injection is to get them to pass CA smog and CA ways are spreading like a cancer across this country, OK it is fine that we don't make it worse than it already is, but the driving of cars did not polute this planet like some would like us vehicle drivers to believe, industry poluted this planet for 200 years unchecked and they still are, the worst are mostly in the other countries now where we buy are stuff from because it is cheaper to get it and ship it from over there and sell it here as they do not have the emission standards we have over here and they have basically slave labor, at least that is what we would call it here. That is a lot of sensors your talking about, and you forgot the knock sensor, I cannot diagnose an ECU on the side of the road or any of it components, but I cannot fix a matchbox on the side of the road either, but I can determine if it is the issue and if I carry an extra box for it and the tools needed to replace it I can fix it. I have never been towed home in my life because of electrical, the few things that are electrical give one a warning except for maybe the matchbox which I have never had one of them go bad, when the alternator quits working my radio starts cutting out, the starter slows down, the lights get dim, the blinkers slow down, and I have a volt meter, when my neighbors car won't start they have to have it towed to a shop to figure out what is wrong with it like 99 percent of the population of this country that own newer vehicles, most owners of classic sheet metal in this country cannot fix their modern car, they pay by opening their wallet real wide. If I were to guess, within the next 40 years it will become illegal to drive a vehicle on the public roads that will not drive itself, I am very happy I will not live to see that day happen, and it will likely happen in CA first.

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