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  1. I used concrete blocks and a couple 4X4s on my 521 kingcab, same idea just low tech. I seen that 521 crew cab at Blue Lake last year, it's still on the road, I didn't look real close at it, don't want to pick the job apart like I don't want anyone picking mine apart, I thought it had a Chevy drive train but it doesn't matter, all I know is interesting to see the transmission come apart on video, I am happy no one was hurt when it happened. There are lots of folks on here to give you advise Charlie, remember what the factory 521 crew cab looks like, here is a photo of one.
  2. I have posted a lot of photos over the last 9 years, I quit using them after the first big change. I just don't see that many people looking at my PB hosted photos anymore, I received a message from them a while back about my stored photos and how much space it took, they said nothing about bandwidth then. PB is just annoying now, their attempt to hold every ones photos hostage was the start, and even though they have a new CEO their policies appear to be the same, they try to scare people into giving them money, it reminds me of Portland OR when the released prisoners out of jail live on TV, showing them running out of the building.
  3. That is very handy having pieces made, the roof will be a lot easier for you than it has been for me, I found a 411 wagon roof worked good on my 320 kingcab, that is not how I did the 520/521. Getting everything straight is a big deal, a 14 inch extension was hard, I kept fighting getting the rockers straight and having the rain gutters straight also(length and height), 4 feet is going to frustrate you as 14 inches frustrated me. Keep in mind that even tack welds 4 inches apart warp metal, each little tack weld adds to all the other tack welds, it's like skipping a rock on a glass smooth pond, ripples everywhere.
  4. I have a question, is bandwidth and photo storage the same thing? I thought storage was the storage of photos and bandwidth was how often a photo is viewed, is this correct? I ask because in the past when I posted photos hosted by Photobucket and it was viewed by too many, it would get locked out and a warning was sent to me via email that I was using too much bandwidth, this only happened a couple times early on just after I joined Ratsun, but I have not used PB for anything in a very long time except storage of what I have had there for about a 5 year period, I have not signed on there in a very long time, most my threads are buried pages deep, yet PB has told me I am using too much bandwidth, could this be storage being called something else? Or could people searching Datsun kingcab on the internet and seeing one of my photos be the issue as a lot of my photos show in that type of search? They say I am using over 500mb of bandwidth per month, I am restricted to 25mb per month, I just don't see people on Ratsun looking at my photos anymore being all my threads with PB photos are buried so deep except the 521 kingcab thread which is getting no replies except for my update post. I am not whining, I am just trying to understand how PB works or if they are calling apples oranges. They are also saying I can unsubscribe to the messages, has anyone ever done that(unsubscribe) and found themselves with no account?
  5. The back half of the cab is going to be tricky, I would skip the 4 to 6 inches between the front and rear doors, I would cut the backs of the cabs off straight up and down about a 1/2" from the uprights and just paste them together with a one inch post between the upper window frames, and the doors will share one gap(no outer sheet metal piece between them), this also minimizes the blind spot a giant post there would create. The rear outer sheet metal of the back doors will need to be modified also, you will want that line to be straight up and down so the rear cab section will be easier to deal with as your going to have to hide them rear hinges, I had not really thought too much about that, I originally thought I would make one door out of 2 sets of doors for each side, 2 back half's mated together to make 1 square door, but I would have had to make the hinge connections inside the doors to hold them on, it's a lot easier to do it the way you mentioned and deal with the sheet metal and window frame I think. It's going to take a lot of thinking to do what you have planned and have it look right/proper, I did my kingcabs the way I did them because I wanted them to look like the factory did them, I didn't want people thinking that was scary or the police stopping me because it looked goofy, I also didn't want a blind spot over my right shoulder so that is why I have rear windows. Keep in mind that you want to do this in such a way as to minimize having to create posts and other such stuff from scratch on the inside and outside, I suspect connecting the backs of the two cabs together can be fairly easy without having to create anything, just cut them perfectly straight up and down inside and out, put them together and weld(tack) them together, I would ad a 1" strip to the inside of one half of the cab(half inch in) from to to bottom on the inside of the cab and at least the top half of the outside post, then when slid together they align themselves, the strip will then give you a way to spot weld them together, it's hard to explain but you drill holes in the cab sheet metal, then when slid together you can see the inside strip thru the holes that were drilled, you then weld the hole shut to that strip on the inside, that is a spot weld, they will only be 1/4 inch holes but the cabs have to fit together perfect so the metal strip is touching the outer sheet metal, I am sure it would be easier just to tack weld the 2 cabs together on the outside, but it will not be as strong. It's a big job your planning that will take quite a while to do right, it can be done in a year or it can take 4 years depending on how much fabrication your going to do(making things from scratch), doing it from scratch which takes time(ask Lockleaf).
  6. If your looking for something stock looking just try to find a stock air filter housing from the that era, then cut a hole in the bottom of the air filter housing just inside the filter element boundary and tack weld the bottom piece you have now into that housing like I did in the photos below. See the rubber ring at around 11:00 in the photo above, that is where the valve cover vent enters the air filter housing on my truck, I made this myself and it was the best I could do, it enters on the outside of the air filter which is not the best but I had little choice.
  7. wayno

    Timing chain ?

    I agree, you can over tighten them and get on trouble, I do the same thing as Mike, use my wrist to tighten them rather than the handle, same with the oil pan but even less pressure. Pulling apart everything apart can get you in trouble, only remove what you need to remove, I have owned my Datsun 521 work truck for almost 25 years and I have never given that shield in the valve cover a second look, I have never removed one.
  8. 720 has a larger truck cab, especially the engine compartment.
  9. wayno

    520-521 bed

    The 520/521 bed has different lines than the 320 bed, it will look strange on your 320, might I suggest you modify your box with a lower rocker in front of the rear wheel well and a lower skirt in bqack of the rear wheel well, I shortened my bed when I made it a kingcab, but hopefully the photo below will give you an idea about what I am talking about.
  10. There is a little more involved, but if done right you can make it work. I drove a 521 with a 79 620 lower control arms, tension rods, and spindle assembly/hubs with 1990 Nissan hardbody V6 rotors/calipers, I used Nissan 720 upper control arms that were lengthened 3/4", but I had issues with the upper control arm mount bolts, they were too weenie but in the end I bought longer bolts that I could put a big washer and nuts on the back side of the tower near the shocks to keep them bolts tight, I drove it this way for years, but I also had power steering and that destroyed the frame where I had the steering gear mounted. I decided that them upper control arm mount bolt holes needed to drilled out and threaded/tapped to use 720 mount bolts, but I never did this so I do not know if there are any issues if one does this. If it was easy to do what you are talking about everyone would do it, but not everyone does it, but it is possible. The biggest issue I had was the upper control arm mount bolts kept getting loose and breaking on me when I hit the brakes which totally sucks, I kept tightening them bolts till they either broke from being too tight or it stripped the threads out of the mounts and that was why I ended up with big washers and nuts on the back side.
  11. wayno

    Timing chain ?

    Is the broken water pump bolt leaking?
  12. Let us know if it drives better/has more power. If you want more power read the links below, I turbocharged my SD25s. http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3380 http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3474
  13. wayno

    Timing chain ?

    If it were me I would remove the bolt in the thermostat housing that is sticking out the side of the inside of the case, find one the right length that does not stick out, then I would use a stick of wood(1"X1"?) and try to bend that chain guide back to where it is supposed to be, you really don't need to get it slammed against the inside case as it is worn at the top already so there is a little more room, that is not a critical area in my opinion, but I don't know that for sure. I do not think pulling the engine is needed yet unless it is leaking in the front where the broken bolt is that I cannot see, that I expect might require removing the head, and I still would not remove the engine to pull the head, removing that front cover is a major job which will require removing the head or dropping the front of the oil pan, not something I would do if I could help it, there is a lot involved either way.
  14. wayno

    Timing chain ?

    OK, I got a better photo I think. You can see how the chain is not rubbing against the chain guide where it enters and the guide back is only a 1/16th of an inch away from the case, I would say yours is bent and needs replaced or at the very least straightened out, I have no idea if it can be straightened without removing the front cover, but first you need a shorter bolt for the thermostat housing.
  15. wayno

    Timing chain ?

    OK, this is my thought, the chain guide is damaged on that right side in the photo, look down its length into the block, is it perfectly straight, if it is not straight but bent towards the chain then I would say someone put to long a bolt into the thermostat and bent the chain guide in, your photo in the last post tells me it is damaged because it is supposed to almost be touching the head casing in that spot, that you can even see the end of that bolt sticking out makes it too long. I know it is hard to see in this photo below, but that guide is almost touching the side.
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