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  1. wayno

    521 Cotter Pin / Bolts

    For what it is worth, the early 620 with a kingpin front end use the same cotter pin/bolt except the threads and nut which are metric. Also the 320 collumn shift levers on the outside of the transmission are held in position on the shafts by these same cotter pins/bolts. Mike is correct, I told him when I take the nut off I remove the lock washer and then put the nut back on far enough to put another nut on the end of the pin/bolt and I lock them together leaving the top nut so the end of the pin/bolt are slightly countersunk, this leaves about a lock washer gap as I re
  2. wayno

    Upgrade L16to z24

    I have no idea, it was a hose in my extra hose bin, it was likely from some 720 but I don't know that. Just find 2 different hoses that make what you need when put together.
  3. 720_Jeff is right about the pigtail coming out near the console, it's for the optional gauges, the one near the heater box on the firewall is for the air conditioning option, and the other near the fuse box is labeled as useless, I use that one to grab power for other stuff like tachs, power for aftermarket gauges, ect, I think my modern stereo got power from the wires leading to that plug also, if you want to use it for gauge lights you have to use both the yellow/blue and yellow/red wires, pick one as a ground but the light cannot be grounded, it has to be like the gauge lights in that plast
  4. wayno

    Upgrade L16to z24

    You just change the fan blade assembly, but they do not all interchange either, some have small clutches while others have large clutches, you have to find one that fits your clutch size, I have big clutches on my diesels, and the Z24 I put into that 1970 Datsun 521 was a 1985, and like I said, Maybe that fan was a diesel fan, it might have been the stock fan also, I do not remember, looking at that photo I can see a lot of the clutch fan assembly. So I just went out and looked at my diesel clutch fan and took a photo, it appears that the fan in that photo of my 1970 Datsun 521 with a Z24
  5. I heard/read about a monument in the USA that I seen a photo of that has the perfect number of people for the planet. 155,000,000
  6. wayno

    Upgrade L16to z24

    My goal is always to use stock fans, I have been left on the side of a dirt road leading up to the top of a hanggliding hill more than once from a failure of an electric fan, I have never been left on a road because of a stock fan failure. I do not think I had to modify that fan for it to work, but I have had to trim the fan on my Datsun 521 diesel truck because it was hitting the upper radiator hose, when I put a Volvo wagon radiator in it 8 years later I replaced that trimmed plastic fan blade with a stock plastic fan blade assembly, like I said I may have replaced the stock Z24
  7. OK, I suppose I should have did a little research on RNA, but this is how Bill and the like are going to achieve their goal, it is never going to end as I have heard they are already talking about mutant viruses, this is about leading the livestock..................................
  8. You people don't seem to understand that China did not create this to kill off their number one consumer, this was done by the very rich that have decided that there are too many people on this planet and it is not sustainable, this is never going to end until one of two things happens, these rich people expire and the politicians they own, or we normal people with RNA introduced into us die off and go extinct, if humans were supposed to have RNA in us we would have it in us already, and if any human species had RNA in them they went extinct.
  9. wayno

    Upgrade L16to z24

    I believe I used the stock Z24 720 fan, but I had/have a lot of fans with different offsets, maybe that was a diesel fan.
  10. OK, here is the other way I can do this and use Nissan dually rims. Here is my 4" spacer with a 5/8" spacer that I did not use. Here is my adapter bolted onto the 4" spacer Here it is with the dually rim on it, I did not set the truck on the ground and move it so the negative camber would disappear. This does work out to about what the Toyotas looked like with dually rims on the front, maybe sticking out a little more but I did not install the 5/8" spacer I had also. I turned the steering wheel both ways
  11. OK, I did a test fit, it is not good, I am only allowed 4mb of photos in a post I think, so this might take a few posts. Here is the adapter on my front hub, it will not go on all the way, it was not made for the front, installed it works out to around a 2.5" spacer. Here it is with the wheel installed, it is kinda deep in there and I don't think it would look proper. The brake caliper just clears just clears, I have 1990 Nissan D21 V6 dual piston caliper brakes on this truck. You can see a little bit of ligh
  12. If you put an A series in your 320 you need to use a 521 idler arm in the 320, the oil filter is in the way of the stock idler arm. It is not in anyway a bolt in, you need to make engine/transmission mounts, but if it was easy everyone would do it.
  13. They used stock 720 rims with the normal pattern on the front, don't need a spare for the dually, if you get a flat the other will get you to the tire repair place. The cab/chassis trucks didn't have a dually wheel spare that I ever seen, or a place to put it.
  14. wayno

    Upgrade L16to z24

    I actually used the stock L16 521 radiator in the one I built.
  15. The Nissan 720 cab/chassis dually never came with dually wheel brakes on the front like the Toyota dually did, possibly an adapter could be made to fit a dually wheel but I have no idea if it would clear the brakes. I actually had a set of adapters made to put the Nissan dually rim on a normal H190 rearend so I could run dually rims on my 1980 Datsun 720 dually diesel truck with 3.3 gears in the rear, it is a 2 1/8" thick adapter and very heavy as it is solid steel, I expect I could do a test fit if your really serious about putting dually rims on the front of your truck. I ac
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