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  1. The brass needles mounted on the bottom of the pistons that move up and down are delicate, they have a jig at Z-therepy to center them in the piston when mounting them, I also heard people say they can be bent just picking them up off a table with your fingers, I am not sure I would even touch them unless they looked really bad/dirty, then maybe gently clean them with a q-tip, you certainly would not want to touch them with you fingers while mounted in the pistons.
  2. wayno


    There are basically 4 different styles of hubcaps that will fit a stock 521 rim. Here is a 320 hubcap, they are rare and very hard to find and expensive, they are made of steel and chrome plated. Here are what 520/521 hubcaps look like, they are also made of steel and chrome plated. Here are 620 hubcaps, the early ones are made of steel and chrome plated, the later ones are made of stainless steel. Here are 2 early Roadster hubcaps on the left, they are made of steel and are chrome plated, the 2 on the right are 620 SS hubcaps. There are likely other hubcaps that will fit the stock Datsun rims made from 1962 thru 1979, Rambler hubcaps may be one as I have seen them on a Datsun 521 before.
  3. You will have at least one visitor, Greg goes to that every year, he said, When I go to SEMA / AAPEX this year, I can scope out the company. If they're even a little legit, they'll be there.
  4. It's an easy fix Daniel, get the back of the truck in the air and block the front wheels, remove the drain plug and empty it if there is any gear oil in it anymore, take the back wheels off, release the e-brake and take it out of gear, next remove the brake lines from the wheel cylinders/backing plates on both sides and then take the 4 nuts on each side off that hold the backing plates on, Now crawl under the truck and remove the drive line, next remove the nuts holding the 3rd member in(10 of them), then it might be a good idea to pull the pin out of the "Y" on the e-brake cable assembly and let it drop to the ground, you may have enough slop in the cables to not have to do this, your choice, then crawl out from under the truck and pull the axles out of the axle housing far enough so that they are not in the 3rd member anymore then get under the truck again and remove the 3rd member, since it is broken just sledge hammer it out if it resists, clean the axle housing, you have different standards than I do so clean it your way, apparently I have loose screws in my head, then reverse the process and put it back together and bleed the brakes and fill it with gear oil. When you pull the axles out(maybe 6 inches) keep track of the shims if they come with the axle, slide them back onto the studs. I also put a plug of some type in the brake line ends to keep the brake fluid from draining onto the ground and emptying the reservoir. I can do this in an hour or two at the most.
  5. Jeez Mike, they own the molds as no one here is offering to pay for them, there only asking $136.50 plus shipping for a set plus shipping to individual addresses with a 30% deposit. That one guy a while back that owned a 320 was in the rubber business, he sent gaskets to China and they had no interest in making them, we actually have received a published quote that can be paid for using PayPal and this was all set up by a member on Ratsun that appears to know people that know people that we don't have access to, I just don't see anyone else on here with a connection like this.
  6. Did you loose a drive line when that happened?
  7. wayno

    Slamming a 620..

    BTW, I did some other stuff and even lowered it more, if the frame was not notched the frame would be resting on the axle now. Keep in mind that other stuff will start dragging the ground, the cross member holding the carrier and e-brake hardware, if you don't re-index the torsion bars the ends will drag on the ground, the front ball joints will bind in their sockets if you have ball joints, the tension rods will hit the steering gear and idler arm, the front tension rod mounts on the frame/chassis will hit on just about everything, these are all issues that have to be addressed and more. This is what I did for the rear shackle, I also used the 720 4wd leafs. Then I used 1969-73 Datsun 510 wagon leaf/shock plates so the lower shock mounts would not drag on the ground if I got a flat, I am using 2 inch drop blocks. It's a lot of work lowering a vehicle, the front was lowered 6 inches, and the back was lowered 7 inches.
  8. wayno

    Slamming a 620..

    I don't know if the way I did mine was the correct way, but I welded in a piece of frame above the existing frame, then I cut the circle notch out of the lower frame piece and then welded in the section of pipe, then I put plates on both sides with holes in them so I could simulate a spot welds. The frame piece I welded into place over the existing frame. The outside pass side The inside driver side The hole I had to cut into the bed because of the notch.
  9. wayno

    620 rear axle vs 720

    As far as I know all axles made from 1966 thru 1986 have the same spacing for the leaf mount perches, but the narrower axles have perches so close to the back plate that the leafs will become an issue with certain offset rims as the inside of the tire/rim could rub on the leaf springs. This is likely why a lot of guys go to 4 link, they likely could run really wide rear rims/tires and still have them tucked inside the rear fender wells. If you went 4 link you could also use the 1962 thru 65 Datsun 320 H190 rear axle which is 4 inches narrower, the leaf mount perches are also closer together but that would not matter if you were 4 linking it.
  10. wayno

    620 rear axle vs 720

    What are you trying to do? I know the later 720 Nissan trucks have wider axles than the early ones, I do not know if a 79 Datsun 620 axle is the same or different than a 1981 Datsun 720 axle(front disc brake versions), I also don't know if the 1973 Datsun 620 axle is any different than the 1979 axle. I do know I am barely able to fit a 1986 Nissan 720 axle under my lowered 1966 Datsun 520 using the 1979 Datsun 620 disc brake rims/wheels, but the right tires have to be used, p195s will not work. Just about any gear set will bolt into your 720 or the 620 axles as long as they are H190s, everything from 4.8 to 3.3, I have a set of 3.3 gears in my 1969 Datsun 521KC turbodiesel as it has the torque to turn them gears, I have 4.6 gears in my 521 work truck right now(used 4.8 gears once). What are you trying to do?
  11. OK, this is not really the way to do this unless one has a count on how many sets have been ordered so far, I found that when I did the 320 windshield order that once people could see others had ordered then they ordered, but I didn't ask for a deposit either, I took a chance and no one cancelled. I suspect it would help if we could see a count on how many sets have been ordered on a weekly basis/daily basis, no one here even knows if a single person has ordered a set, it could take a year or more to get a 100 sets ordered, and most would ask paypal for their money back at 160/170 days, I just don't see it working out this way unless one person orders all the sets and distributes them, I don't have the funds to spare anymore on a venture like this.
  12. I cannot say for sure the ethanol is the lower layer, but it is about 10 percent of the volume, and that truck would not run on that lower layer, the truck was lifted and the drain plug removed, we got it started with fresh gas. I have heard/read that once it separates the gas part doesn't have a high enough octane rating anymore, but that was a long time ago and I don't remember where I read that.
  13. Remember these photos Mike, I drained this fuel out of Uncle laulau's 521 tank, it had only sat in one spot maybe 6 months, and it had a fuel cap. Just because it has not happened to you Mike doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  14. There is a reason that all metal fuel tanks at gas stations in the US were removed and replaced with plastic tanks(as far as I know), that ethanol fuel eats metal, it's the same reason why they put plastic fuel tanks in vehicles now and why small engines have plastic fuel tanks/carburetors now. I don't know what kind of fuel they sell in Canada, maybe real gas? Our classic vehicles have metal tanks............
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