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  1. wayno

    New 320 owner, 62?

    You were lucky to find a glass guy even willing to even look let alone cut one, how much it cost total?
  2. wayno

    Attention DatsunMike or any other Datsun guru

    All I know is at some point in the 720 run the rear axle gets wider while the early 720 I have no issues with my 521 cab having the tires sticking out of the fenders using P195/75R14. My lowered 520 was put on a 1986 chassis, the rear tires 185/60R14 and they barely fit in the rear, the fronts with drop arms did not fit except pointed straight forward until I used P165/65R14, since then I made another narrowed set of drop arms that work with the 185s and I suspect I could put the original drop arms back on and still be able to turn without the tires hitting the fenders, P195s will not work at all as the tires stick out too far with the 1986 chassis.
  3. wayno

    Maybe not quite right?

    I do not know what re-manufactured means when it also says "new out of box". https://www.ebay.com/p/Engine-Oil-Pressure-Switch-4WD-Beck-Arnley-fits-80-81-Nissan-720-2-2L-L4/76966061 Here is another one. https://www.ebay.com/p/Engine-Oil-Pressure-Switch-Beck-Arnley-201-1129-fits-80-86-Nissan-720-2-2L-L4/76966061?iid=183578243831
  4. Charlie, that plate was introduced in 1981, the 1980 Datsun 720 did not have that plate.
  5. wayno

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    It's not that there is one guy working on 320 wing window gaskets, it's that the Phils Rotory Products guy has already produced other aftermarket wing window gaskets such as the 521 wing window gasket that was on Ebay Australia, as I recall he was the first one with them, now they are coming out of Thailand and I wonder if they are the same molds. I asked if it was the same guy and gave a location of that guy, you see I have a friend over in Australia that got screwed by that guy, and my friend was standing right in front of him when he told my friend that his parts were in Asia somewhere being copied and he could not get them back at that time, and enough time has pasted now to confirm he will never get them back.
  6. wayno

    Attention DatsunMike or any other Datsun guru

    I do not know your capabilities, but the easiest way to do this would be to find a 1980 thru 82 Datsun 720 regular cab/short box 4wd truck as it is basically the same frame except for some small differences, put the 78 kingcab onto the chassis/frame which really is only hard the first time and get it derivable, then on to the hard part which is to shorten the box, the easiest way is to just cut a piece out of the middle between the fender well and the front of the box and weld it back together, the best way would be to drill the spot welds holding the front vertical box pieces on the box which will be time consuming, then cut the front of the box off the proper amount and weld the front of the box back into position, then mount the box and figure out the gas filler. You use all the 720 chassis stuff as much as possible like the e-brake cable, you also use the 720 steering column, the easiest one would be the non-tilt version. There is a lot involved in doing a cab transfer, one is the laws in your state, sometimes it is just better to put a Toyota axle and a divorced transfer case under your existing frame that way all the numbers still match, but you need fabrication skills to do that while doing it the way I described above does not take a degree in welding, sheet metal welding(actually tack welding), and custom made parts like transfer case mounts, drive lines. and leaf mounts amoung other stuff I have forgotten about.
  7. wayno

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    I asked if it was the same Phil, if your not the Phil of Phils Rotory Products that lives in Brendale Australia near Brisbane Australia then your not the Phil I am talking about/have been talking about.
  8. That is what my transmission mount brackets look like, I thought it was a good design and could take weight. Have I not mentioned about removing the clutch cover/disc in the past, you have to remove them to remove the transmission also, that is the price you have to pay to have a 5 speed in a Datsun 521.
  9. wayno

    Jake's 320 Build

    So my first question would be is the positive ground coil from the factory different than the common negative ground coil that is in use today? My 1963 Datsun L320 is positive ground, it had the positive side of the coil going to the distributor, but it didn't start worth a shit, I got sick and tired of wearing down the battery trying to start the thing with it barely even trying to hit let alone start, so I figured out that the MG Midget electronic ignition distributor fit on the Datsun E1 engine, then a few days later I figured out that the MG Midget electronic ignition distributor with a Crane ignition system in it could be wired positive ground, I installed it that way and it has been in there since, it has never started/run better than it does now. I wrote an article about this here in the 320 section. What is really weird is that to wire an MG electronic positive ground tach into this system, I have to wire the power wire from the ignition thru the tach then to the crane ignition system to power it and the tach is supposed to work that way, I would post a link to the Crane wiring diagram but that link is no good anymore.
  10. wayno

    New 320 owner, 62?

    That is good to know. Did the gas pedal just unscrew off or was there more involved?
  11. wayno

    Jake's 320 Build

    Basically I wanted to make sure you disconnected the radio if you decided to try it positive ground, as the antenna would have been a direct short with no fuse, that could start a fire. So maybe 10 years or more ago the generator was redone to work as negative ground, they can do that to alternators also(wire them for positive ground) but it can get expensive. Maybe the tach doesn't like the truck, do have another older vehicle you can try the tach on to see if it works?
  12. wayno

    Jake's 320 Build

    To me that appears to be a positive ground truck, my guess would be that it is not charging the battery. I have no idea what has been done to that truck, but I can say this for sure, do not change the battery cables around to positive ground until you remove the radio from the system as you could smoke it thru the antenna for sure, and they are not made to work on positive ground systems, it could destroy it. Also like i said I do not know what was done, the generator could have been modified to be used as negative ground, but it looks old and most shops that would do that kind of thing would clean it up, also I doubt the original voltage regulator would work on a negative ground system, so I am guessing it is not charging the battery, but again I do not know what has been done to the truck. I bought a U320 that came from Australia, it was wired negative ground and had an alternator from a British car, I cannot remember if it has a internal or external regulator right now, but it wired for negative ground. My guess would be that your radio/CD player will not work on a positive ground system, so you should take it out before testing things, I also doubt that the tachometer will work on that truck the way it is either. I have a positive ground truck that looks just like yours, I have all them things you took photos of, my white wire with a red line appears to be on the same post as yours, the other post yours has a white wire with a black line, mine appears to be a solid white wire, and both the ground wires are screwed to the body of the generator, again I do not believe your system is charging, check the voltage of your battery when not running, then start it and check the voltage, my guess is that it will be the same, if it shows a couple volts more then it is charging and I have no idea what was done to the truck, it looks like it is wired as a positive ground truck to me. Again, your radio/CD player can/could be destroyed if your not careful, at the very least I would unplug the thing from the wiring in the truck and pull the antenna wire from the unit, the reason I keep talking about this is because the antenna ground is a dedicated ground that is not reversible, like the matchbox distributor the housing of the unit is and always will be a ground no matter what you do unless you know how to go inside both them units and completely rewire them which I seriously doubt can be done to the matchbox distributor or a modern radio, if you reverse the battery cables the antenna will be a direct short, it could possibly even cause a fire.
  13. wayno

    squeeling power steering pump

    OK, so you say you have to add power steering fluid regularly, is the fluid coming out the cap of the reservoir when you shut the engine off? The reservoir has two screens inside it, one is to strain the fluid when you pour fluid in it, the other is a diffuser, it keeps the returning fluid from coming back into the reservoir like a fire hose going full blast, but if that diffuser screen gets a hole in it the fluid shoots around the reservoir like crazy and it can squirt out the cap, I found when ever I shut the engine down I would find a puddle on the ground under where the reservoir is. I do not know how to fix this nor do I know of anyone that has fixed/repaired this issue on the part they have, I replaced mine with a new pump/reservoir and all was good again, I have only heard of this happening to the pumps with the reservoir connected to them, I have never seen this issue with a remote reservoir, mine happened to a 4wd Z24 Nissan 720 truck pump/reservoir, but the one out of the wrecking yard off a 2wd has worked fine since, all my other power steering setups I made or have use a remote reservoir. Just take the cap off, and the screen out of the reservoir and start the engine, if the fluid is coming out the top or moving around like white water rapids you need a new power steering pump assembly, the fluid surface should mostly be calm inside the reservoir.
  14. wayno

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    So you would agree this distributor can be used on a Z24 with a Weber carb?
  15. wayno

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    Yes that distributor came off an 86 Nissan 720 cab/chassis dually truck, I thought that is what I took it off of, but I have another one from a 1981 Datsun 510 with a Z20s block somewhere and I was not positive that it wasn't from that one, that is why I posted a photo of the numbers on the side of the distributor, I was pretty sure you(Dmike) would figure out which one it was from them numbers.

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