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  1. wayno

    Making L320 rear bumperettes

    OK, so they are actually 3 1/2 inches and the front is slightly flattened, but maybe an exhaust shop could bend two 3 1/2 inch exhaust pipes the proper shape and then the backs could be cut off to resemble bumperettes.
  2. wayno

    521 gearbox

    He said "remove output shaft out of gearbox", this kinda sounds like the driveline to me, as I recall it cannot be just pulled out because of that large bolt holding the yoke in. He also says he wants to use the 520 box(transmission I think) because the 521 box is toast, this makes me think driveline. As I recall "U" bolts hold the driveline to the yoke, so I am thinking he needs to take out the "U" bolts on the driveline to remove it, I am thinking the transmission is still in the truck.
  3. wayno

    521 gearbox

    Are you talking about how to remove the driveline?
  4. wayno

    Making L320 rear bumperettes

    It would be easier to use 520/521 bumperettes, the 320 versions are smaller and are made of pretty thick metal, no way a home owner could make a set of them unless there was a piece of metal tube around 3 inches round with a domed closed end on it, that could be cut in half and made into a bumperette that looks similar to a 320 bumperette. These are 320 bumperettes below.
  5. wayno

    Which exhaust manifold and downpipe do I need?

    In my opinion the one on the left is the best, but the one on the right is better than a Top End Performance shorty header.
  6. wayno

    Which exhaust manifold and downpipe do I need?

    They last longer than that Hainz, I usually got 2 to 4 years out of them cheap headers made in CA by Top End Performance before they needed repaired, and after being repaired I got another 2/3 years before replacing it with another one. There are these better headers out there with this oval tag on them called Trimill that are way better quality, I have a Hooker header for the L block, and I also have a heavy Stainless Steel(??) one made out of a thicker metal. But in the end the stock 521 cast iron exhaust manifold without the smog shit is the best bang for the buck, they last for a very long time and don't leak or make this leaking sound like a header does, I have this what I believe to be a 1980 720 header on my work truck that one can hear the exhaust coming out of the head, it is not an exhaust leak but it sounds like one at lower RPMs. So far they all look like crap to me after being on the vehicle for a while, although I have never mounted the heavy one I have that has not been used or at least it doesn't look like it has been used, I believe it is for an L16 510.
  7. wayno

    79 210 starting and misfire issues

    How long did this car sit? Did you put new gas in it, the gas sold the last several years has a self life of 6 months at best, the gas in the line between the tank and carb stays good, but after that old fuel in the tank gets to the carb all sorts of mysterious shit can happen, I had my L head rocker arms pop off the lash pads and eventually completely come off the valve springs themselves and do nothing, I believe the valve was sticking open from the old gas, this happened a few times. I also had weird issues with the idle, it would not idle worth a shit at all until I warmed it up and then shut it down, then I walked away for half an hour, then I came back started it and it idled great, I repeated this more than one time, new gas fixed the issues.
  8. wayno

    From France to USA : help please!

    He has aftermarket "U" bolts, maybe they are made differently, I just went out and looked at all my rusty "U" bolts and about 1 out of 3 could be threaded all the way up the shaft. I have a nice set of short ones made for no blocks, but it is the only nice set I have so I want to keep it for myself, the rest are rusty and I suspect he can find new ones closer for less money shipped than I could sell my rusty ones to him just for shipping, most my stuff I have is for 521s and 720s, I only have one 620 axle on my property and it is a 1979 620 mobile home axle and I don't know where the "U" bolts are for that axle, the leafs were different anyway, so the "U" bolts might have been different but I doubt it.
  9. wayno

    Which exhaust manifold and downpipe do I need?

    Just try to find an L16 exhaust manifold without the smog shit on it if you can and have the 2 into one piece made to fit the 2 inch exhaust you mentioned. Otherwise try to find a slightly used shorty header, they are out there, but I am not sure about the area you live in.
  10. wayno

    Warped head cure.

    It is always good to chase the threads with a tap before putting the head back on, it doesn't hurt to clean the headbolts also.
  11. wayno

    No crank help

    You kinda have to be careful when trying this, I use a large regular spade type screwdriver, I touch the end of the screwdriver to the post with the cable to the post that supplies the motor with power, if it turns over then the starter is likely good. I would first make sure the engine is free to turn, can you turn the engine at all by hand, I had a 720 that I hit the starter and it did the same thing you described, it turned over briefly meaning maybe a turn, I could not get it to turn over again, I finally got it loose by turning it backwards but it jammed again, it turned out that water had gotten into one of the cylinders and rusted it so bad that the piston could not get past the rust, I owner said it had been under cover since parked, but I believe that water had pooled on top of the air filter housing and it had leaked thru the hole in the center that held the top of the air filter housing on with a wingnut. Also even though it appears that the battery is charging, that doesn't mean it has the power to crank the engine over for very long, it can just make a pitiful half turn and run out of power, try a known good battery or better yet a new one. You also could remove the starter and test it on the ground, if it runs on the ground and after you re-install it and it does the same thing(will not turn the engine), then I would say the engine is jammed up, remove the spark plugs and look inside if you can, they also have small camera lights that will fit thru the spark plug holes.
  12. wayno

    waynos 1963 L320 project

    Here it is with the crank in it that didn't work.
  13. wayno

    waynos 1963 L320 project

    Yes, they go up and down the whole way, I tried going with electric but there was not enough room front to back for the door setup I had bought for just this purpose, I looked into versions where the motor was on the bottom but the reviews on them were terrible, stuff like they only worked 3 times or did not work out of box, and they were very expensive, so I cut a slot in the inside panel that covered the hole, I made a "S" shaped bracket that connected to the bottom of the window, I welded a stud that stuck out the slot on the bottom of it, then I put a washer and wingnut on the stud, I slide the wingwindow to the position I want it and tighten the wingnut and there it stays, simple works. I also tried a modified window crank mechanism, but it only worked till about half way down, and the window fell off of it a few times, so I gave up on that setup.
  14. wayno

    waynos 1963 L320 project

    I am working on the box now.

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