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  1. wayno

    1968 520

    OK, I am mot saying beat the shit out of it, what I do sometimes is take a piece of re-bar or a hammer depending on how much room I have and I firmly tap on the end of the starter where the brushes are, for me it has always worked best if someone was holding the key in the start position, I am not talking beating the shit out of it, I am talking about firmly tapping it, sometimes the brushes get out of position, I have fixed lots of what were called bad starters this way, even Hondas.
  2. The problem is there are 3 different brackets, if you want the top one in the photo below PM me as I have a couple of them, the middle bracket I believe is off a 1980 thru 82 Datsun 720 truck but I don't know for sure anymore as I forget things over time, the bottom one I have no clue where it came from, I wish I had a few more of them, that one I am keeping. What alternator are you using?
  3. There is something great about having too much power that is hard to describe, I had a 1965 Nova with a strip built 350/Muncie 4spd when I was a kid(it had a Borge Warner T10 for a while), funnest car I have ever owned, it would bark the tires if I just let off the pedal in first and second for sure on dry pavement, it was dangerous to drive in the rain unless you knew how to drive it, give it too much pedal in 4th gear on a hill when it was wet outside and the back end would start coming around, but I could not let off the pedal either as the wheels would quit turning and the back end would keep coming around, I had to find the happy spot. Just for fun I put it against a concrete filled metal post in front of Dairy Queen(with a tire between my bumper and the post), that was the cruise the gut spot in the cruise the gut era, anyway I ran the engine up to maybe 1300rpms and I slowly let the clutch out in 1st gear and got the wheels spinning, then I slowly let off the pedal until my foot was off the pedal(it was dry out), I then got out of my car and we watched it burning out for a while at an idle(I don't remember the idle rpms but it was not that high), something like that leaves an impression on the people around you, one just doesn't see something like that every day. There was nothing on the street that could touch that car except maybe a motorcycle, it got really shitty mileage, three quarter mile races on lower river road and I needed gas, that engine wasted that uni-body car in 2 years, well I am the one that wasted it using the engine that way, the uni-body could not take it. I will remember that car till the day I die, funnest car I ever owned.
  4. wayno

    1968 520

    Have you tried jumping the starter with a screw driver?
  5. I have had no personal experience with getting a title for an imported vehicle, but this is what happened with my U320, the guy I bought it from told me in my first or second email from him that he had a free and clear title to the 1962 Datsun U320 I was interested in, when it came time to pay him for the vehicle I asked for a copy of the title on the phone, I said just scan it and send it to me in an email, he replied that he didn't have a title, I then said he had said he had a free and clear title and I could not buy it without a title because I would have to wait 3 years to get one and that was with the understanding that anyone with a title for that vehicle could come and take it away from me, I was not going down that road, I said no title no sale, when I got home I forwarded the mentioned email saying he had a free and clear title from him back to him, I did hear a thing from him for a while, then a few weeks/month later I got a email from him that he was working on getting a title, he had to get a bond and have it inspected, it at least had to appear to be derivable , there is a lot more to this story, of which one was there was no signature of release anywhere on the paperwork/import papers he had, I expressed my interest in the vehicle August 6, he started working on getting a title September 19, and January 21 of the next year he had the title, and I received the vehicle February 4th. I posted this because you need to make sure all the things that need to be signed need to be signed, it was a real pain for him to get that title.
  6. wayno


    Whenever this happens it is usually because the spark plug wires were put on the distributor in the wrong order, this happens when all the wires were removed at the same time instead of one at a time, if you remember where the #1 spark plug post was on the distributor cap it will likely be easy, firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2 counter clockwise. If you do not know where #1 post is on the distributor(not guessing, you have to know it), then you will need to start over, first you have to find Top Dead Center(TDC), this is TDC on an L20b, it may be different on your engine, yours may have a pointer on the drivers side and several marks on the crank pulley, the deepest mark is likely TDC. OK, see how the first cam lobe is pointed to the right and the second lobe is pointed to the left, see how the second lobe is almost flat, if you pull the oil filler cap off and look down in the hole that second lobe will be pointed to the left and it will almost be flat, if it doesn't look like that then your not on TDC and you will have to turn the crank pulley one complete turn and line up the crank mark on the pointer again, look down in the oil filler hole, that lobe needs to be pointed to the left and almost flat, we call that 10am-2pm on the cam. Down the oil filler hole it will look like this. Now remove the distributor cap and look at which post the rotor is pointed on the cap, that will be #1, that wire goes to #1 spark plug, then going counter clockwise the firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2, COUNTER CLOCKWISE!!! My engine is basically an L20b and the rotor will be pointed at around 4pm like in the photo below, your engine may be an L16, your rotor may be pointed forward around 10am, but what ever post on the distributor cap is pointed at that will be #1.
  7. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    So they are saying one can use something on that carb for a PCV or drill and tap something for a PCV???
  8. This part fits a lot of vehicles, you local auto parts store likely has them also, PS171T is the number you search on ebay and likely everywhere else also. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oil-Pressure-Sender-for-Light-Etron-PS171-Fits-Acura-Datsun-Chevy-Honda-Geo/263277721200?epid=226953982&hash=item3d4c933670:g:B0QAAOSwdjdZ7mfh:sc:USPSFirstClass!98683!US!-1
  9. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    I would have guessed the truck was a 1969 or early 70 as that box has reflectors, my 71 has clearance lights, my 69 had the reflectors yours has.
  10. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    I know this Mike, the vendors on ebay claim the the Belltech 2005 drop spindles are for 1983-1997 Nissan 720/1986-94 D21/1995-97 pickups, 1986 on do not have to use the spacers as far as I know. The V6 D21 2wd dual piston calipers were used on a lot of Nissan trucks including the 93 Pathfinder as that is what the parts store sold to me, and the 1990 V6 D21 2wd is the one that one can unbolt the ball joints, tie rods, and brake line and bolt it right into any early Datsun ball joint truck and one has an instant upgrade.
  11. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    You need a photo host like Postimage to publish photos on here.
  12. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    I don't know anything about 1997 disc brakes other than I believe the ball joint is in the lower control arm rather than being bolted to it, so I expect you just remove the spindle from the ball joint and use your existing bolt on lower ball joint for the later spindle.
  13. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    I put 1990 Hardbody V6 dual piston brakes on my 521 that I had converted over to ball joints years before, I had 1979 Datsun 620 disc brakes, all I did was remove the 620 stuff and install the better V6 D21 brakes(everything between the ball joints), bleed the brakes, and I put my 14" 620 disc brake rims back on and I was good to go, I drove it this way for years without power brakes, I added a 1973/74 620 power brake booster(should have done that years/a decade ago), anyway the 1978/79 620 rims cleared the disc brakes fine, then one day I put a stock 521 rims on the front of my truck and they touched the calipers, so I pulled the rims off and looked at where they were hitting, there are these high spots inside the rims, so I hit all the high spots a couple times with a hammer and they don't touch/hit anymore. There was one issue when I first put the D21 assemblies on my truck, one of the hubs needed a larger hole in the rim, so I ground the places down on the hub to get it back on the road and then found a 620 hub and then pulled that larger hub off, I put the rotor on the 620 hub and all was good. I biggest reason I replied to this thread was because you mentioned wanting even better brakes, I now have 1986 Nissan 720 front brakes(single piston) on my work truck and they work fine for me also, I felt no difference between the two types of brakes, and I have hauled massive amounts of weight with my work truck, and again I use any stock rim I want because I use late 620/early 720 hubs and I have taken care of the high spots with a hammer which has never caused an issue.
  14. wayno

    Wheel fitment 17x8

    Are the new spindles drop spindles?
  15. wayno

    1968 520

    Welcome No sheet metal in front of the windshield will interchange, the doors will not likely interchange either, but that is easy enough to check, if the locking mechanisms in the door are the same they will interchange, the photos below are what I am talking about. The boxes will interchange but you will need to use whatever taillights are on the box your going to use unless you cut the mounts off and weld them on the box you want to use, there are slight differences in the boxes, 520 have reflectors on the rear corners and the gas door is a slightly different shape. Personally I like the 521 better as the engine bay is larger, but I have a 520 myself.
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