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  1. wayno

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Drive your 520 Charlie!!!
  2. wayno

    620 Land Speed Record

    Wow, not a good year, sorry to hear this, I liked hearing how you were doing in the past, was looking forward to hearing about it this year also. If you lost/sheared the crank key for the timing chain that could cause a valve to hit, but there is another separate key/gear for the oil pump which also drives the distributor, so they are separate, the only way I can think of for a valve to hit and have the distributor go out of time is for both keys to shear or have the crank break. There is also a roll pin holding the drive gear assembly on the bottom of the distributor, that could also effect distributor timing. Maybe next year you should take an extra engine.
  3. wayno

    520 Quarter Window Seals

    What is affordable to you? I have a few sets from Australia.
  4. wayno

    72 620 barn find

    The issue here is that he only clears the leafs a half inch, and he had to use adapters and spacers to get to where he is now. The only way I know of to narrow the rear track width is to narrow the rear frame/chassis by a frame width at least like Fast720 did, then the 2 inch spacers could be removed, if that didn't narrow it enough a narrower rear axle could be used also, possibly a 520 axle, or maybe a 320 axle, a lot of measuring would have to be done. I am curious, what are the fiberglass dually fenders from?
  5. wayno

    SU carburetors

    I should have mentioned that I do not know if them SU carbs are any good in that craigslist link I posted, but that one appeared to have almost everything there, intake manifold, SU carbs, throttle linkage, and the aftermarket air filters. The point was you need to buy a complete setup instead of buying individual parts and trying to put a good setup together, there are a lot of things you need, fact is that one is cheap for a reason, it is missing half the heat shield, it is hard to say what else it needs, I used that craigslist ad as an example. That Ztherapy place is expensive, but the carbs they sent me for my Roadster worked great, I had them adjusted 5 minutes after starting the car. If you can find a complete setup with serviceable SU carbs it is worth the extra money, you will not regret buying them. Another thing to keep in mind when going the SU route is that you need to have a head with 1 1/2 inch intake ports, either you need a head that already has them like the U67 head, the W58 head, or if your lucky to find one a 219 head, otherwise your going to have to have your heads intakes port matched to the SU intake manifold, you cannot just slap a SU intake manifold onto any head and expect it to work properly, I have heard of too many folks that did just that, they slapped an SU setup onto their A87 or W53 head that had 1 1/4 intake ports and they could not get it to run properly, they said their Weber had more power, it likely did because that intake manifold was port matched to the head, you cannot stick a SU manifold with 1 1/2 intake runners onto a head with 1 1/4 intake runners, the air going from a big hole into a smaller hole messes everything up, it just don't work, it may run, but it likely will not run properly. What head casting do you have, 210, W53, A87, U67, W58, U60, A87 with a 219 on the front cover of the head, or maybe a V912 if your really lucky, I have never seen one of those in person myself.
  6. wayno

    SU carburetors

    Your better off finding a complete SU setup made for your engine like this setup on Craigslist. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/pts/d/datsun-510/6660727761.html As I recall the R16 carbs are both mounted the same diagonal way, so only one of the R16 carbs will bolt to an L series intake manifold unless you can find a very rare/expensive 4 bolt L series intake manifold, the R16 intake manifold will not work on your L series engine/head, it's not even close.
  7. wayno

    Datsun 720 sd22

    OK, I will try to make this reply as short as possible, I have 2 SD25 series turbodiesel engines, all the SD25 engines came with turbo pistons and have 5 main bearings, I believe the only turbo pistons that will fit your block came in the SD33 turbodiesel, that engine came in the Scout. That said I have talked with a guy that turbocharged his SD22 3 main bearing engine way back, it did not work out for him for a long time as he had issues, but like me he figured it out and put a lot of miles on his engine, at least that is what he told me, I only found out about him because he was trying to sell his turbodiesel engine on Craigslist, he is the guy that said something to me while on the phone that gave me an idea on how to pipe my turbo associated lines the way I had mine piped(draw thru), it worked out for me but gave me another idea that even worked better(blow thru). The guy I am talking about had a thread about turbocharging his engine in the Nissan diesel forums, but that thread was never updated with a happy ending, I never seen a thread with a happy ending except mine, I have no issues, and anyone could drive my truck and not smoke it/blow it up if driven normally. After driving mine for a while now I believe that an SD22 could be turbocharged with the stock pistons, as my EGTs(exhaust gas temps) are under 900 degrees 90 percent of the time, but when I am going up a long freeway upgrade like over a pass my EGTs can get up to 1400 degrees, but I am trying to keep my speed up above 70mph, if I back off and go under 60mph the EGTs do not climb that high, I would not take an SD22 with stock pistons over 1100/1200 degrees for long, but keep in mind that if you floor your SD22 for over a minute going up a long grade/hill it will get to 1400 degrees without a turbocharger as I put an EGT gauge in my non turbocharged vehicle to see how hot they run without a turbocharger, I was very surprised at how hot they run when floored for only a minute. OK, first you need to decide what turbo you want/can get, bigger is not better, I am using a Subie 1800cc turbocharger out of an AWD vehicle on my 2500cc engine it works great, I have seen as high as 20psi a couple times, but I have it adjusted for around 12psi now, I am not racing it so I don't see a point in pumping 20psi into the engine, normally going down the freeway at 75mph I am at around 6psi with an EGT of 600/700 degrees, the EGTs will go up to 800/900 degrees on a hill that is not really steep. I would suggest finding a 1600cc turbocharger for a SD22, I would not go above an 1800cc turbocharger, all the threads I have read that a larger turbocharger was used had unhappy results, most could only build up 2/3psi, after that the threads all died as they likely gave up. Next you need to figure out how you are going to mount the turbo, the easy way is to make a "U" pipe coming off the stock exhaust manifold, have it end beside the alternator just low enough for the turbo oil line on top of the turbo to clear the hood when shut, I have one that way but mine id mounted too high and I had to cut a hole in the hood, my 521 turbodiesel has the turbo mounted directly to the side of the exhaust manifold where a hole is cut in it and a mounting flange was welded in it, this is a lot harder to do as the exhaust manifold is cast, and when welded on it tends to crack when it cools, I like the turbo mounted this way the best. Once you get this far the rest is fairly easy, I don't need an intercooler although my 720 has one, it does not run any cooler than my 521 turbodiesel that does not have an intercooler, but my dually 720 turbodiesel is different, the injection pump has been turned up, and the intake vane on the turbo was machined out to except a larger vane, this truck doesn't like the freeway the way I drive(fast), but it has a shitload of torque, I have towed complete 720 diesel behind this truck that has 3.3 gears in the rear and I could hardly tell I was towing anything except when it came to stopping. Here are a couple of my threads on the NissanDiesel forums, read them both and you will see all the ways I have tried to turbocharge these engines and how I figured it out in the end. http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3380 http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3474 In one or both of these threads I made a diagram on how to pipe all the lines between the turbo and the injection pump.
  8. wayno

    521 rear end

    I found an LSD in a 1990 Hardbody, that does not make me any kind of authority on this subject, it makes me lucky.
  9. wayno

    Dual wheel rearend

    Here is a whole 720 dually truck for sale on craigslist, but it is a dump truck also, it appears to have the same hydraulics my work truck has. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/nissan-datsun-truck-pick-up/6645987217.html I have everything you need to do what you want to do, but the parts are not cheap.
  10. wayno

    Dual wheel rearend

    I believe that is a C200 dually axle, same as the C200 axle that came on the late 720 4wd trucks, they have the same guts on the inside, but the dually axle has different axles, bearings and brake hardware. Funny thing is that the C200 is only rated for 1700lbs.
  11. wayno

    Dual wheel rearend

    That rear axle in the last post appears to be a Nissan dually axle, it also has the stupid helper/overload leafs that I see on cab/chassis trucks, I tried using them but the ride was terrible compared to my 521 leaf pack I made with the 2 extra leafs I mentioned in my last post, I ended up putting all the 521 leafs onto the main 720 leaf with the mount eyes on each end, works great. Truck specific wrecking yards want Corvette prices for all Nissan/Toyota small truck dually axles, them axles sit in them yards till they get scrapped, not many people make their small trucks into dually trucks, so there is not a lot of demand for them axles, I paid $400.00 for my first one, I have never paid more than $250.00 for one since.
  12. wayno

    521 brake hydraulic problem

    OK, this would be my guess on why the brake light keeps coming on, my thinking is that the brake pushrod is adjusted wrong, my guess is when you let off the pedal and walk to the rear the brake lights are off, but if you were to stand there a little while they would come on when the brake shoes all around settle, as they settle they push the brake fluid back into the reservoir, but if the pedal rod is adjusted wrong or is too long and it doesn't release then that brake fluid in the lines has no where to go, so it builds up pressure in the brake lines till the brake light pressure sensor turns the brake lights on again. If the brake pedal doesn't have any play where the rod goes into the brake master then it is too tight, you have to have a small amount of rod play, not a lot, just enough so you know the rod is not pushing on the brake master piston. I am not sure why you have a soft pedal, maybe it has something to do with the brake pedal rod being adjusted wrong, check the rod adjustment.
  13. wayno

    Dual wheel rearend

    Your going to need more than a dually axle, early dually adapters, or them weird dually rims that came on the late 620 motorhomes, your suspension just isn't going to measure up. I made a set of 521 leaf packs(5 leafs) into heavy duty set adding 2 extra leafs, one extra full length leaf, and one between the next 2 leafs, I can haul massive amounts of weight, when carrying a ton or less it corners without leaning, keep in mind that my flatbed is around 30 inches off the ground, the weight is not way up high like a camper would be. Them overload helper leafs that bolt on in front and in back of the axle on the leafs are a joke, they put them on the 720 cab/chassis dually axle trucks, I suppose if one was going to haul around light loads they would work fine, but what is the point as the stock suspension would work just fine. The 620 motor homes had a decent leaf pack that will work great for a lowered truck, not sure about a camper though, maybe if the front was lowered. I have a few extra dually axles with 4.37 gear ratios, but not sure if they will bolt up to a 95 without mods, in the end 2 extra leafs in your leaf pack would be the way to go, you will also need a set of dually fenders, I also have a set of them, there are a lot of ways to make a dually truck, what matters is if you want it to look stock or put together out of other vehicles parts.
  14. wayno

    73 620 rear end issues!

    Even the aluminum alloy pumpkins/gearsets weigh over 50lbs, the steel ones weigh more.
  15. wayno

    1972 daston 510 L16

    To shut it down, put it in gear while the clutch is in and your right foot is on the brake, let out the clutch while turning off the key, it will become natural to do this once used to doing it this way, I have been doing it this way for 20 years. The fact that Nissan put anti dieseling solenoids on the stock carbs is a clue that it cannot be easily tuned/adjusted to stop it from happening, fact is you do not want to leave your vehicle in neutral anyway as it could roll away like it has done to others. If your car is an automatic, leave it in gear and shut it down, then put it in park.

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