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  1. It is really smokey in this country, one might call it a white out, and when the smoke clears there might not be anyone left to do an investigation, at least anyone that wants to try to find the truth, as they likely would not live long enough to find the truth. I have lost my sense of humor on this subject as you can see from my posts lately.
  2. wayno

    Heater duct

    He likely will just 3D print one for whoever needs them, and I do not think he is getting rich doing this so be sure to thank him profusely.
  3. wayno

    What am I doing?

    Funny thing you should mention rear seal Mike, there is no rear seal that I could find, what it has is this channel that goes all the way around the crank in the back that has a drain tube going into the oil pan, what happens if the truck sets for years and the oil turns into a jelly is that tube plugs up, then when you change the oil to try and start the engine for the first time in years, the oil fills that channel and it starts coming out the rear of the crank because that drain tube is plugged.
  4. Dmilke said, "The ones who unleashed co-vid on the world claim this? A pox on their houses!" I would like to see your proof of this statement, this administration abruptly closed the investigation on this, I expect that those guilty of this told them to close the investigation. Just like when Killery kept accusing Trump of not paying his taxes in the 2016 debates, he finally sighed and told her he was only using the laws that she helped make so her friends did not have to pay their taxes and he would be stupid not to use them, these people told her to shut up and it was never brought up again, these people and people like them are the ones running this country, they are the ones that started this plandemic, and they will use more biological weapons if things do not go their way, that is my opinion, but it is also my opinion that the boxes on Datsun trucks look stupid without the rockers going all the way back to the rear fender well. Did you not hear on the news when Trump said China was pointing to Americans running around over there doing who knows what, that never made the news again, they hated he was not on board with their agenda, but they could not shut him up either, I expect that is why they let BLM run amuck in democrat run areas, they wanted him to step in and do what they would call violating the rights of the demonstrators to demonstrate, but he did not fall into that trap and told them if they asked for his help he would help them, they never asked for help and democrat cities burned, but once they claimed to have won the election BLM went away without a complaint, the issue just went away, doesn't anyone have a problem with that, don't you have a problem with vaccines that don't keep you from getting what the vaccine is for, especially since they have had the vaccine since 2015 when they made the law that said no one can sue them for side effects of the vaccine, then even though they had this vaccine since before 2015 it was not distributed till after the democrats took power in 2021, all this info was available to read when this plandemic started, yet some on here don't know how to think for themselves, they just repeat what they hear on the TV or CNN, there are really smart people out there that can actually put real facts together and come to a real conclusion, but people like that do not make the news, you have to find them these days.
  5. There is no solution, that is why they picked it for thier PLANDEMIC!
  6. It is kinda hard to ignore someone out in the middle of the street with their dick hanging out that is screaming that it is your fault that their dick is hanging out.
  7. By the way Jake, Thank You for making all these things for our Datsuns. 👍
  8. I only mentioned the Roadster reflectors because they had the same reflective material/look, and if one had access to some used Roadster reflectors they could use them, I cannot tell what the reflector pattern looks like in your photos, but who really cares, how many people that look at these trucks in the parking lot or gas station care, almost all my trucks are highly modified body wise, they do not care, they just like to see them. I will see if I can figure out how to message Christopher B about the 320 hubcaps.
  9. The early Datsun Roadster (1966-70) reflectors above the taillights are really close just not as thick, they also connect differently, they have a square hole and clip. There have been quite a few people I have seen over the years that had nothing for taillights and they disappeared after finding out what people wanted for taillight bezels/assemblies, there is also that piece below the taillight bezel that came in the body color, not sure how many people need them also. Jake, you have any 320 hubcaps left?
  10. What is up with the messaging system, I cannot even send a message about messaging not working.

    1. wayno


      It appears there is no way to delete this update either as after what seems like 30 tries the original message finally went thru.

    2. datzenmike


      You are at 84 of a 200 allowance or 42% full private messenger. There are no restrictions on your messenger use. All I can say is keep hitting the enter button.

  11. wayno

    Hubcaps or nah?

    Are you asking me if I know anyone with stock 320 rims?
  12. wayno

    521 brakes issue

    I also had this issue with a master that was rebuilt, before returning it I took it apart to see why it would not work properly, it was put together wrong when rebuilt, this is when I started to only buy the Centric brand, they are new and not rebuilt, never had anything from Centric not work properly.
  13. Yes, this is what is going on right now in my opinion.
  14. They are not asking Mike, they are doing this thing right now, and they are the ones that appear to own the people running this and other countries, THEY are the ones that got rich polluting this planet selling us things and now they are not happy. I think they(the filthy rich) have screwed over so many people on this planet that people are flying planes into are buildings and hate Americans, or they hate us because we allowed it to happen. I also read and/or heard of the cattle issue, cattle(poltry also???) are a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, that said I seen these and other facts??? on one of these programs that we now just recently are seeing about climate change on mostly PBS, it is like they are trying to justify what they are doing by showing us all these programs about how we are the problem and at a tipping point. I have read and heard a lot of stuff about Bill Gates over the years, I first thought he was awesome going to Africa to help them people, I thought he went over there because he thought he could not do anything here because of the politicians in this country, well he went there to experiment on the people of that continent.
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