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  1. wayno

    My 1971 521

    Just flatten the broken end, use a hack saw or cutting wheel to slot it and put it in with a screw driver until you get a new one.
  2. wayno

    My 1971 521

    That is the right oil pan, if it was wrong(620 pan) it would hit the steering linkage not the cross member. I mentioned it was a total bitch to get them 620 mounts to work in my 521 and I used them on both sides. I did the driver side first, then I did the passenger side, I removed the front bolt holding the motor mount onto the frame and loosened the back bolt just enough to let it twist, then I twisted the motor mount until the threaded shaft went thru the engine mount bracket, then I slowly dropped the engine while twisting the shit out of the new mount to try and line up the motor mount hole to the frame hole and I put the bolt in and then tightened everything down, I also mentioned that the motor mount did not last long, the passenger side motor mount separated from the metal piece holding it onto the frame. The oil pan will hit the cross member if you have no motor mount to hold it up.
  3. I put an L20b in my 1971 Datsun 521 work truck and used the stock L16 radiator, then I upgraded to an LZ23 and still used the L16 radiator, but as the years went by my temps would get higher during the summer, so eventually I put one of them aluminum 3 core radiators in my work truck, I did have the fan shroud, and it was used as a work truck, just ask anyone on here that knows of me.
  4. But it likely sounds better when you close it.
  5. You have an 8" dob? I have a 14.5" f/4.5 Starsplitter and recently acquired a 10" Apertura f/4.9 dob for ease of transport.
  6. On the evening of Dec 21 both Saturn and Jupiter are going to be so close together that if you have a telescope both planets will be able to be seen in the same telescope eyepiece at the same time, this is the closest they have been together in almost 400 years, and the closet viewable pairing in nearly 800 years which I believe is around the year 1226AD.
  7. wayno

    My 1971 521

    The Datsun 521 1600 motor mount is this short square thing, the auto parts stores always wanted to sell me the 620 mounts which were taller, I made it work one time, after I did the drivers side I put the mount onto the 521 engine mount bracket, then I put one of the bolts thru the back hole in the frame mount plate I think, then I lifted the engine up a little and twisted the shit out of that mount to get the other mount bolt into the frame mount hole, I tightened everything up and lived with it for a while. As I recall that mount didn't last very long before it separated from plate holding it onto the frame. I then dug thru my used stuff and found something that would work, maybe I changed to later model 620 engine mount brackets, I don't remember as it has been years since I have dealt with a 521 chassis/frame.
  8. wayno

    My 1971 521

    Have you seen how much the box moves independently from the cab, just think how much it would move if it had more joints that are held together with nuts and bolts.
  9. Did you have pump gas in the snow blower engines or did you have non-ethanol gas in them?
  10. wayno

    My 1971 521

    I am sure that there are members on here that think I have done some questionable stuff, their the ones that have to ride in their truck just like I have to ride in mine, I believe that any modification I have made is stronger than what was used before I changed it except for my front tension rods on my 520 and my rear shackle mounts on my 520, I do not load my 520 up with any kind of weight I use my work truck for that so I am good with the rear shackle mounts, the front tension rods are another story, I have been watching them, I don't like what I have, but I have not driven the truck in a very long time now, I start it every once in a while but that is about it, if it was a daily driver I would have come up with something else by now.
  11. wayno

    My 1971 521

    It's been so long I forgot about the way it was done, that cross member is an important part of that frame, you do not want to be messing with it, it needs to be solid, and a removable piece is not solid, that torsion bar holder does not add any strength to the frame, it is there to mount the torsion bars and adjust them.
  12. wayno

    My 1971 521

    You will have to ask someone that has done that, I went down a different road.
  13. wayno

    My 1971 521

    You do not want to mess with that cross member unless you convert over to front coil overs, the torsion bars are part of that cross member.
  14. And the Democrat run media will do their best to make sure that does not get out to the general public.
  15. wayno

    My 1971 521

    By the way I never in my entire life tried to put a longshaft 5 speed into an original 521 under the truck with the engine in position, I do not know how hard it would be to get a long shaft in position with that non-removable cross member, others have a longshaft 5 speed in their original 521, they would know about the removal/replacement from under the truck about that combo.
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