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  1. Is this just a rattle/sound you hear, or can you feel it in the body of the truck as a vibration?
  2. Is this truck lowered?
  3. Does it rattle when idling in neutral when your not pressing on the clutch, and then the rattle goes away when you press in the clutch and put it in gear, not moving, just in gear so the input shaft is not turning?
  4. My radiator(Volvo wagon) I have in it now is around 28 inches wide with no shroud, but it is only 2.5 inches thick and it runs cooler than it ever has, the fan center is around a quarter inch from the radiator core and the engine is slammed against the firewall as close as I could get and still have the front wheels centered in the fender wells, I didn't cut my tunnel though as this is a 521 and has a slightly larger engine bay front to rear, it is tight with this diesel engine/turbo/power steering/air filter and all related piping in there. It took years to get where it is now, but it happened in steps, and I drove it between those steps, same with my 520, it went thru several phases but I have drove it between major conversions, neither were drove as a 4wd though. I would leave the battery in the engine compartment, I look at it this way, how often does one deal with the battery after one puts it in and hooks it up, I don't ever touch mine unless I have to do something electrical like removing the starter, but I don't remove the battery, I just remove the positive cable off the post.
  5. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    If that clutch cover looked like mine did I would say it needed replaced, but his looks nothing like mine in the photo below. Mine is gouged out from years of wear/abuse, his looks like the paint has been scraped off, no bare metal at all, so what is wrong with that clutch cover?
  6. wayno

    Motor swap

    I replied in your 1966 520 thread, if I can stuff that much shit in my 521 kingcab turbodiesel truck, you can find room for a small Optima battery in your engine compartment.
  7. I just went thru this thread and I see lots of room for your battery in the stock position Charlie, you do not have any recent photos of the engine compartment, but I would not cut a hole in the side of your bed to make a drawer for the battery under the bed, clean body sides look way better. If you have seen my 521 kingcab tiurbodiesel engine compartment you know what tight is, there really is no room left for anything, I have to unbolt and move the diesel fuel filter assembly next to the power steering reservoir in the photo below to the side just to get the oil filter out to change it as it will not go down, and removing the battery don't get it out of there either. You can see the white top of the oil filter down in there between the battery and the power steering reservoir, by the way I did move the battery tray closer to the fender by cutting the inner fender and making a new tray, same with the air filter housing, I did a lot of cutting on the passenger inner fender but it doesn't interfere with the tire in any position. These photos are before I put in the Volvo radiator, now I even have less room. With a cover to keep the air from bypassing the radiator. And how I put water in the radiator now as the Volvo radiator had no cap. I put all this here because you mentioned in that other thread about moving the battery and I didn't want to clutter that thread up with my photos that had nothing to do with that subject which is room in your 520 engine compartment for your battery, yes this is a 521 engine compartment. Here is my 520 engine compartment, I have a giant battery in it, it would be a giant hole without the battery there although I have the fuel pump and radiator reservoir on that side which you do not have, you can make room for a small Optima battery.
  8. wayno

    Motor swap

    I didn't have to move my battery Charlie, I have lots of room on the passenger side, I have a big empty hole between the battery and the firewall. I would put the battery in the bed and have a cover for the box.
  9. wayno

    Motor swap

    I guess I worded my question wrong, I was talking about block size, length, height, width, if it is longer or a lot higher than the L20b it is going to be a struggle to get it in there as the 520 has a smaller engine compartment from the firewall to the radiator core support and an L20b barely fits in there. I asked about the J13 compared to the SR20 because modern engines are sometimes more compact, the dual over head cam head is wider but there is more room the higher in the engine compartment you are in the 520 width wise, it's not like a 510 where the towers can make things tight.
  10. wayno

    KA with sidedrafts

    I have read in the past where someone drilled a vacuum advance hole in a Weber side draft, it had to be drilled in exactly the right spot to work properly, but it was possible.
  11. wayno

    Motor swap

    How big is a SR20 compared to an L20b? How big is it compared to the J13?
  12. wayno

    KA with sidedrafts

    That's what they do on the diesel trucks, straight to the booster with a one way valve, not sure why they have a valve on the diesel but they do, maybe to keep oil from being pumped into the booster from a vacuum pump failure of some kind.
  13. wayno

    KA with sidedrafts

    This is what I am talking about, I grabbed this off ebay, I am not saying buy it, I am just giving you options, you need the ones with the vacuum pump. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Alternator-For-Nissan-720-Pickup-2-2L-2-3L-2-5L-Diesel-1981-1985/301133299882?fits=Model%3A720|Make%3ANissan&hash=item461cf180aa:g:v00AAOSwugtZxA3G You need a oil source and a way getting it back into the block, I have a couple Nissan diesels so this is how I know about this option.
  14. wayno

    Just bought a 521

    Before I suggested the breaker bar/socket on the front pulley nut I thought about if it would loosen that nut, it does not.
  15. wayno

    KA with sidedrafts

    If you don't want to deal with tapping into your manifolds for a vacuum source for your power brakes, the 1981/82+ Datsun 720 diesel engines had an alternator with a vacuum pump on the back of it for power brakes in the 720, but you need an oil feed source and a way to pipe the oil back into the block/oil pan for the vacuum pump.
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