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  1. wayno

    My Dragon Datsun 521

    I believe these are the same thing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Roadster-Hood-Bumpers-1965-1970-OEM-NEW/313085089423?hash=item48e553568f:g:E54AAMXQIPJRjDvL
  2. Never give up or throw away them brake shoes, I have never seen anything like them myself, I doubt your going to be able to buy what you have from an auto parts store, if they are good use what you have, if the linings are coming off you will need to take them shoes to a place that re-lines brake shoes.
  3. wayno

    Blown headgasket

    That would be a Z20, we had them in mileage option packages in the 720 in the USA.
  4. That sheet metal came on 720 trucks, it is only held on with small bolts in the front, it's more for rocks than anything else. Your 620 is not really that low, it looks good, I would not mess with it too much, I hardly drive my lowered 520 anymore, it's great and I get a lot of reactions from people when I do drive it, but I cannot even go into a gas station without searching for things sticking up to take my cross member out under the oil pan, and all small speed bumps in parking lots have to be avoided, I drag the frame across them if they stick up more than a couple inches, you could not even get over them at all if your front bumper is only 1.5" off the ground, speed bumps are the favorite thing for speed control in Vancouver WA, lot of whiners live here.
  5. I don't know what everyone else is reading, what I read said about 2.7 million dollars worth of vehicles were stolen, of which at least one or more were Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats which sell for about $90,000 each.
  6. You can see in my photos I posted that my upper control arm is slightly pointed up into the air and will not go any lower because the ball joints are binding, again the torsion bars had no tension, the bolts were sitting on top of the frame, I did this on a bare frame to see what was possible, when I flipped and reversed the upper control arms it would rest on the ground after I removed the tension rods, I actually kept the tension rods for a while, but the front mounts were hitting on everything so I figured out a way to remove them and cut off the mounts, I have not hit anything up there since except the licence plate. I thought maybe your tension rods would not be an issue since you steering gear was on the inside of the frame, but I had to ask. I have less than half an inch clearance on stock bump stops, I have never noticed hitting them, but I am so low I look for everything that could take out the cross member under my oil pan, more than once I have seen stuff in a lane that would likely cause major damage on the underside of my truck, it is also the reason I mounted that orange sheet metal cover under the front of the truck, to keep shit from putting a hole in the oil pan, this is the main reason I keep mentioning a body drop first if trying to go really low. If the bump stops protect the shocks then you will likely not have any issues, if you have issues it is a good plan to cut the stock shock mount ears off and drill new holes lower in the control arms, I doubt it will effect the control arm strength as most stress is on the torsion bars and spread out between both upper and lower control arms and the tension rods, nothing is trying to fold the control arm unless it were to hit something like a raised curb dividing lanes, if your hitting them you have bigger issues like being blind.
  7. Body lift as part of the lift will make it look higher than it really is. The one in the photo looks like it has a body lift, them tension rod mounts are way lower/farther down from the valance than a stock 620.
  8. I found a photo that is 4.64MB, we shall see if it loads and how long it takes. Well the file was too large and was rejected, a pop-up said the max total allowed was 4MB, that is fine with me as it takes too long to load up large files, my computer crashed all the time way back when I first joined Ratsun when people attached large files, back then I didn't know why, large files take up too much space and would likely cost way too much for Ratsun, it is so easy just to set your camera to take photos with small files(in the KB) so we can keep this option, mine is set at 4.3 VGA, I do not know what the 4.3 means, but most my photos are in the 160KB range(under 200KB).
  9. I don't have a problem with people amassing a large fortune and willing it to there family or anyone else they want to give it to when they die, I have a problem with them not paying their fair share of taxes just like the middle class does and everyone else for that matter, the problem is they buy off people like Hilary Clinton to make laws that let them not pay their taxes legally, this came up in the 2016 debates, Hilary Clinton started taking about how Trump didn't pay his fair share of taxes, Trumps reply was he just used the laws that Hilary Clinton and the like wrote for their friends and he would be stupid not to use them, I don't believe that subject ever came up again in the debates although I could be wrong, but Hilary Clinton never talked about it again as I expect her friends told her to shut the **** up, it was best that light not be shown where they really didn't want it shown. This all could be fixed(although it is not broke) with term limits and no compensation for anyone in public office from anyone, you take money or a job in the future for your vote you rot in prison for the rest of your life without the possibility of parole, Washington and Oregon voted in term limits and the powers that be found that unconstitutional, ain't that sweet, the people your trying to get rid of because they are corrupt made it unconstitutional to force them out of office, if that is not a crime then what they are saying Trump did is petty whining on their part, to this day when these petty Democrat politicians start whining about Trump I change the channel, and I didn't even vote for the guy, I didn't vote for her either, it was 2 terrible choices in my opinion, and this up coming election is not any better, 2 terrible choices.
  10. The front of my truck is so low that it was resting on the ball joints, it would not go lower because the ball joints were binding/bound up, I know this for a fact because I didn't have the torsion bars in it tensioned, flipping over the upper control arms let the front chassis/frame rest on the ground, well I had to remove the tension rods also as the idler arm and pitman arm was resting on them, after I figured most everything out and wanted to go lower I made the drop arms and re-located the tension rods to the rear and cut the front tension rod mounts off the frame so they would quit hitting everything like parking lot speed bumps and curbs, it was really low at one time, but I kept dragging the frame driving into my driveway and having the front cross member under the engine hit the ground when diving off the back side of a large speed bump, so I raised the front up an inch and now I don't drag the frame on the ground as much. You can see in this photo you can see the torsion bar adjustment bolt sitting on top of the frame in the back ground. It's a lot of work going low safely, I did a lot of modifying to get this chassis/frame as low as I could using the existing suspension, but I should have done a body drop first, I would have to start over to get it where I really wanted it, but I have lost interest, it is good enough for me the way it is, here it is in all its glory, it was a lot of work making this truck what it is today, never again will I get this deep into a build.
  11. Yes they are 720 chassis/frames and them are 720 upper control arms which are the same as the upper 620 control arms except they do not have the bump stop pads on them, by the way if you flip the upper control arms over you need to use the right control arm on the left side and the left side on the right side, you also need to grind the lip off so the ball joint seats properly on the control arm.
  12. I have found it is just easier to set the camera to take files in the KB size rather than the MB size, they load faster and don't take up as much space. You can see the difference in some threads, some take a while to load like in mrbigtankers thread while others photos like mine just pop right up without any delay as I take photos in KB size. Below you see two photos, the first one is 78 kb and it took all of 2 seconds to load, the second one is 2.9 mb and it took 20/30 seconds to load, my point is if it seems to take a long time to load the photo or it will not load it at all I would suggest changing your camera settings to take photos the 4.3 VGA size or something similar, that way you won't be sitting in front of your computer being annoyed at how long it takes for the photos to load, I would not be surprised if it took more than a minute for a 3.8 mb sized photo to load, very annoying.
  13. So how did you get it off? Interesting shoe adjustment setup.
  14. And that is how they will divide the people of this country, they will pit everyone against each other over the wearing of masks and such stuff and the only winners will be them the powers that be. I also know that a rich guy and his friends just lost a law suit over mandatory vaccinations, why did they lose you ask, because they could not prove that any vaccinations given over the last 30 years were safe in the United States Supreme Court, of course they are appealing, rich people like that don't take no for an answer.
  15. I have done a lot to lower one of my rigs, it is dropped 6 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back, I have a couple questions, how close are the steering gear and idler arm to the tension rods, I ask because I am not familiar with the 620 chassis, it might not even be an issue with the 620 like it is with the 720? The second question is how close are your ball joints to binding, in the photo below this ball joint is binding. This is what I did to fix my binding issue, but keep in mind that I lowered the truck 6 inches in the front. I also made drop arms, they are a 3 inch drop by themselves. OK, you can see in the photo below what I did, I completely cut the stock shock mounts out when I cut it in half to make the drop arms, then I bought early Datsun Roadster shocks(stem/stem) which are 7 inches compressed, I used the sway bar mount hole in the lower control arm for the shock mount, then I drilled a hole in the empty space between the ball joint mount arms to mount my sway bar, there is not a lot of space so the hole has to be drilled in just the right spot. This is what I did as when I cut the arm to make it a drop arm, it did not make any more room for the shock, I have less than a quarter inch before the shock will bottom out, but the cross member below the oil pan hits the ground first, so I will never have to worry about blowing the shock out from bottoming it out. By the way, there is nothing shorter than a 521 shock, Pinto shocks are not any shorter as I have seen them side by side at the auto parts store when a member on here worked there, he ordered 3 different shocks in and they were all about the same length, I know this because I went really low and we checked out everything and I ended up going with the Datsun Roadster shocks, I also use 1968-73 Datsun Wagon rear shock mounts so I don't drag the mounts on the ground. Here is the notch that required such drastic measures. Here are the rear Roadster shackle mounts to get the 720 4wd leafs as close to the frame as I could get. If I ever did this lowering thing again I would do a body drop first.
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