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Rubbing drum with lugs tight

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So I recently changed out my drums (and shoes) because the old ones were evidently quite warped (says the shop) which was explaining why adjusting them was very difficult.


Got the new drums checked for balance and true—all good. However on my left rear wheel, when I pop on the drum and pop on the wheel and tighten lug nuts, the brake starts rubbing something fierce. Adjuster is backed all the way off, and it slides well. As near as I can tell the inside face of the wheel is flush with the drum, and it’s same wheels, same drums on all other wheels and don’t have this problem.


Why would this be? What am I missing?

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It spins with a pretty heavy scrape and some effort. It spins almost like it does when adjusted down pretty tight with the adjuster but…adjuster is all the way off.


The parking brake is off though I wouldn’t say it’s “loose”, but the other side rear wheel spins freely at that tension.


And it’s easy to slip the drum on so the shoe seems to be in an okay place.


But that’s a good easy one to check…maybe the cable on that side is bound up, though I dunno why the effect would change with the lugs tight v. loose.


Hmmm I seem to remember someone saying their aftermarket wheel cylinder rubbed their drum when cinched down tight…I ought to check that…



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Take for a spin around the block, then feel the rim around the lug nuts. Cool, neutral, warm? Try a few more to confirm that it doesn't get hotter. If there is slight rubbing it will wear in over time and use. If it was hot to the touch then the problem is worse than I thought.

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If it sounds like metal on metal, you should be able to find shiny rub marks.  The backing plate may be bent or warped, especially if it took a hammer or puller to get the drum off.  you might measure the shoe width to make sure they're exactly the same width as the other side....especially if you got them from rockauto....they make have taken a return and sent it back out without checking them.


First question to answer is exactly what is rubbing on what.

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1 hour ago, mklotz70 said:

First question to answer is exactly what is rubbing on what.

Copy that. A hammer was indeed involved a few months back to get the old drum off. I don’t think it’s shoe dragging drum so yeah, will investigate!

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I make PUT some jacking screw holes to get drum off next time. Drill and tap.  I have tons of intake manififold bolts so I thread them for that.

and antiseize the back side where its flush to help next time taking them off.


Im taking a wild guess but just make sure if you bought new drums you didnt get fronts on the back or viseversa

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5 hours ago, Slow Loris said:

Copy that. A hammer was indeed involved a few months back to get the old drum off. I don’t think it’s shoe dragging drum so yeah, will investigate!

If you still have the old drum, you could put it on as a check.  If it clears, it may have been ground down already.  End play on your axle could be an issue, but replacement parts should be close enough, tolerance-wise, that it should cause an issue.  Hainz made some great suggestions, too! 

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Ahhhh the answer was dumber than all these great ideas put together. Following your advice to check the backing plate I found a few bent lips here and there but THEN found THIS nestled in the inner lip glued in with grime and grease and brake dust:



which appears to be an old spring?? God knows how long that was in there…perfectly contoured to the curve of the old drum no doubt…the new one just didn’t match. WHEW. Wheels spins quiet as a mouse now with the lugs on…adjusted just fine! 

Consider this one solved.


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