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T3 Weld on Coilover Kit Instalation

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I just acquired a set of weld on coilivers for my 510 from Techno Toy Tuning and I'm now in the process of sending it to a suspension shop to install it in the original struts.


If I remember correctly (but correct me if I'm wrong) I will need to shorten both the strut and the shock shaft, but by how much? The instructions say to shorten the strut by 30mm but it says nothing about the shock. Should I also shorten the shocks by 30mm?


Any help will he highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Shortening the tube means cutting a section out and welding it together. Or you will need to cut new threads for the gland nut. Couldn't hurt to shorten the strut inside also. The stock ones are oil bath with the strut tube filled with hydraulic oil. Or buy new replacement strut inserts that are shorter. The inserts are self contained and the oil sealed inside. I like the oil bath as you can empty them out and refill with thicker 20W motorcycle front fork oil to renew and firm them up.


Another option is to replace the front strut with a 280zx front strut. It's already almost 3cm shorter but you get larger wheel bearings, a massive caliper/pads and a larger vented rotor. You probably will need 14" wheels to clear them. Probably not available there.



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Yes, when shortening the strut, you need new shorter inserts (shocks) too.


We used to use a large pipe cutter, like for plumbing, to cut the struts. It gave a very straight cut which made it easier to weld back together. I recently looked into buying a large pipe cutter for my own shop, and they are not cheap.

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This is my Datsun 510 stock strut.

Jeff Hino(Icehouse) cut the stock strut perch off and welded the new perch at the same location as I use 15x7 +25mm wheels.  I dont not want the perch to be lower as it would hit the tire.

Then Jeff said get a 7in tall spring. Most springs are 8 inch. Luck I got the 7 and I still  had to dial it DOWN all the threads to get the look I want.

My shocks are for a 280zx 79-81.. some save VW Golf shock will work also.  You will have to cut a section of the tube out



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