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  1. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    if that the tube that was with the block your fine. I just never seen a L20 with a sideout tube before
  2. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    just pressed in both tubes. I myself would maybe put some RTV around it on the dip stick tube that Dip Stick tube is bent. all i seen are striaght also the crank case tube is for a L16 I thought you buiding a L20. those are the 90deg out the top then 90 turn on all the ones I seen
  3. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    hole spacing was off a liitle and they drilled out the hub and put washers in back????? spacer????? 240 water pump to a 510 pump didn't fit the fan????? that's all I can think of
  4. I had gotten 3 a long time ago. one in my 510 which I rarely drive now ad my daily 521 for 20yrs my 521 Im on my second one. They should last a long time but I had a different lower mount that keep breaking and vibration loose with bolts busting and put a lot of strain on my first one. which bent the threaded rod. I put the orginal Alt lower bracket on my L16 and a lightweight 35amp Alt and its fine but the ball keeps popping out if I take it apart. I personally like them but one has to plan it out as I hate taking the Radiator out cause of the long bolt.. I should have gotten a new alt turn buckle when I put a new Champion radiator recently. I didn't get mine from Fotofab but somewhere else. Think had the same issue of not having parts around before I ordered
  5. I just put the cam in there then lightly torq to spec gping inside out like doing a head see if cam turns (lube of coarse) BAM YOUR DONE
  6. cam tower bolts are like 10-13pounds if that and they strip out EZ BE CAREFULL. You sure that isn't inch pounds not foot pounds???????????? Im going by memory but Im sure it isn't 30 ft pounds
  7. iI bet that is LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a Dynomax SuperTurbo. In the Morning its loud then quiets down once warmed up. Next time I get a walker quiet muffler
  8. That's Icehouse car he pulled out of eastern Washington. was going to use it for parts. Its Franks now up in Everett its still rolling with a KA motor
  9. BW is ON goes to resisitor onw wire other side resisitor goes to + side coil and is the HOT Start 2 wires NEVER take the GREEN TAPE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this holds the magnets and if worn out the magnet stick to the dist shaft and one pulls out the Ring. Don't pull out the ring just wipe it down and I put some superglue or nail polish varnish on the tape line so it don't peel. You can get new mAGNET rINGS IF ONE FUCKS THEM UP , IF ONE ONLY GETS SPARK ON Run then you hooked up the wires wrong or the switch or the Ballast resisitor wire is wrong or fuse broke on the Black Wite wire routing This is simple fix
  10. There been a few for sale. after awhile nobody wants to drive them. Just not practicle to drive sure you can find one cheap
  11. buy a 1972 BMW 2002 and put that in there 510s are a tin can anyways I just don't get the thinking here from Datsun guys
  12. I would just get a good USA made Turbo muffler . I think a 1.75 is good enough or maybe a 2inch. as one has to open up the Y pipe anyways and hope it has enough material to even weld to. Its a truck get a quiet turbo muffler if anything or a stock Walker and just upsized to a 1.75 or 2 inch 521 going Highway seeds gets old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after about 40mins whn I was young I thought louder meant faster. Really a lot of noise is from the weber also. the loudest 510s always had a weber 32/36 with a Fart Can or straight pipe. But was the slowest comapared to a sidedraft Carbs( and quieter) however your set up looks good. Hope it starts right up
  13. everything on a 510 is light already. just put a SR20 in there and save the space. Keep it Japanese.
  14. I have her old House phone

    Can you send if possible but I yahoo mailed her and never wrote back maybe it changed also

  15. Tana where you at? txt me 253 653 3690 txt

  16. Tana  tx me 253 653 3690 you doing OK?????

    1. bananahamuck


      She’s on Facebook right this second.. she doesn’t text only house phone. I’ll send her message to come here if you want..


      Also,,  I have her home phone number and could send privately .. 

  17. if you have it off again check the adjusters are too loose. mounted to the back plate. they are designed to move but have tention on there and not loose where it moves backing up then going Fwd moving and then binding
  18. 1973 L16 43 1973-74 L18 55 1975-80 L20b 61
  20. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    do this get the engine hoise and plave motor on the ground and place a 2x4 wood standing on end and place under oil pan this will help keep it up straight alone with the hoist. now install the flywhell and clutch and put the trans with all the 521 stuff on the trans and bolt to the engine and check for play in the fork arm/ slave and adjust it. Im 100% sure the T/O collar 521/510 for that Exedy clutch kit will work. take photos or vid of taken things apart and photos to remind what you have done Far as I know everything is based on Clutch kit NOT the Trans If you change anything else I don't guarenntee anything.
  21. That's Felpro head gasket in there. One guy told me they only last about 60k miles. I used them but I got some better ones now. L16s are not 60lbs its like 40 pounds and I do 45 just for bolt stretch. I think the L28 Turbo head bolts were 60 as mike said the coolant is too green. I use the 50/50 mix from Walmart and it will actually be cooer than a 100 percent mix what like you have. so maybe drain it and get some distrill water to get your 50/50 mix. reallky I would buy new stuff. Im late on this thread but how that heater hose work when I don't see any heater ports fore the heater core thru the firewall
  22. banzai510(hainz)

    My 1971 521

    yes even the 521/510 slaves have springs inside that I buy now. so DP would have to use the 280z trans clutch fork(with dimple and get a different slave ,one for that Trans to make that bearing you mentioned work. To me its to confusing for anybody to catch all this. to me just use what he has and hes done. swap 521 fork to new trans, all FREE
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