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  1. This is a 510 one Im sure its China, I bought 2 myself But someone on here is using one. this is close as orginal as one can get but the intake and out pipe are for a 510. where they located. But if one can find a rebuild kit for your old one that's good to But make sure Made in Japan otherwise could be a kids Bike innertube as a diaphrame made in Vietnam/Bamgladesh https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=296166&cc=1209978&jsn=361
  2. vent hole is for movement or air in a contain space. Diaprames wear out and crack just the way it is if one own a Datsun long enough. Datsun don't need a lot of gas so long as there is a vacuum to suck the gas it will work but mess up the engine bay and maybe suck gas in to the crank case
  3. Mike I haven't heard of to many Datsuns in the junkyard. they crush them in a week up here in seattle as nobody looks for parts from these.As Datsun people don't want to pay!!!! if they leak out the vent then the diaphrame is leaky and you might even have gas in the oil. so cheack that out. Maybe change your OIL there is the Blackstone Mexico GOLD cap fuel pumps and some Chinese knockoffs that look like stock Japan made units. usually under 30$ Maybe the dealer has some for about 120 if not more. I still run Koyosan units and have 1 last spare when they were cheap. One can go electric but needs to be under 4 pounds. Better yet like 3pounds.
  4. Draker PM Snowball Im pretty much done with my truck all is well beside the rear side marker lights
  5. On top of carb should be a screw or butterfly on webers that holds a cover and then one can see the jet tubes inside. only thing I can’t figure out if one block is plugged I think it should still run on 3 other cylinders so I’m at a loss. i had a inner Venturi go loose but I lost top end power. My jet block works loose every now and then also but I still have idle
  6. I have a Briggs motor over 10 yrs old my father has a old Tuchumson can’t spell it off hand and still running I know B&S might be China now also and even Koehler and Honda are chinese just the way it is
  7. Buy American if you can afford it or least a USA made Briggs&Stratton motor
  8. You check the jet blocks? otherwise you might as well change the rear tail light bulb. start at carb first then work back to intake, valve lash distributor timing, vacuum line? How many is there beside maybe a brake booster or to the distributor. im not a DCOE expert but maybe pull out the jet block as a pc of dirt could clog it up if your fuel filter was really bad if you cut it open
  9. Manual or automatic? maybe it’s the brake that is different? try a b210 bit they are cable at the end
  10. If it runs when revs how could it be the fuel pump?????? Im not a DCOE expert but I would open the top and click the jet blocks and actually see if they screwed in tight the fuel filter is a misnomer. Don’t go by how full it is.open the old one up and see how much dirt is on there.510s tanks are pretty clean as it’s in the trunk and maybe some rust.trucks have more issues as it’s a exposed tank and fuel line in wheel well. I don’t know how long you owned this or wrench on this but a would Cheack the valve lash if you haven’t checked it or make sure the intake and carb bolts are snug
  11. I never understood the single sidedraft setup anyways.and minimum a Lynx cross over type. unless by chance you bought a Z car set and put duals on one 510 and another single on anther datsun
  12. Door locks are pretty ez to figure out if the panel off.long as the lock turns
  13. I would install a hot start relay just in case the key switch is weak. one way to Check is put a wire on the selinoid tap and hit the + side battery and see if the selinoid hits harder and throw the bendix out and gets the starter going I has this happen on my 521 and was swapping starters that would work for a week but O Riley’s said was good.I thought bullshit.but was a low voltage key switch. Try that test and if still bad then it’s the selinoid
  14. I’m not into automatic Datsuns but great to see you getting use out of this truck and keep it alive.
  15. Calf Datsun over charges on a lot of stuff Mikunis are better but are over 30yrs old whats out there, They have better drivability circuts Webers DCOE are still made and 40mm would be best for the street. various places sells the whole kiy so maybe be cheaper from another dealer
  16. So it ran slower when the distributor was changed? or was slow all the time. i don’t know the Z series moto but on L series there was a 2 late model distributors and if when gets the wrong one from Vatozone the mating plate mount hole was like 20 deg a off so one can make it run but after one goes the dist would go out of time.On L motors one can adjust the timing plate the bolts under the distributor housing and you can adjust that besides the obvious timing slot that most people adjust. So one can adjust down to zero and up to say 20-25 deg (at least for a L motor) make sure the dist cap isn’t cracked but I’m only guessing now
  17. Order fuel filter first and change. then order carb Did this start after the dist swap?
  18. I was going to say if it had 12 volts when key ON
  19. Send photos might not be even worth fixing.
  20. fuel filter???? under load????? Vacuum advance stuck, distributor shaft wobble(im really just guessing now)
  21. This is a Hail Mary but rev up the motor pretty good and put your hand on half the carb the main barrel and the 2ndary side vaccum should open the flap. whay could do with a stock 521 I would get it to run on the 2ndary side once I got the motor up to speed and hold the flap open on the secondary. then I fure it was good. Maybe its getting stock . if anything the looses it spring strength and they prematurely open to soon causing a BOG OUT siutiation. Is this distributor timed correctly?????????Yu try a timing light? cat converter plugged? I see lots of emission hose on this????????????
  22. he;s gonna do what hes gonna do with or w/o your opinion I think ,aybe a +10 would be tter incase you want to slam it down but they have 195/4515 tires that might sqeek by if needed yes don't rush I had Panasports from a 810 that was abandon in parking lot I swear they was 0 offset but car was not lowered. I sold them for $500 with tires think they was 205 frt/rear or 205/ frnt/225 rear . 55 series?? But I think 810s came with 14 so the usually up size is 2 so a 16in rim might be best to fill in the gaps and then lower maybe talk to a 810 guy for more expertise
  23. http://www.v-performance.com/products/air_fuel.html maybe find a dual SU manifold and run these type of Mikuni carbs eaither way your going to be over 1000$ all said and done. to me the ezeist is a weber downdaft 38/38 DGES under 400$
  24. Wheel bearings I grabbed spares from some other 521s that were parting out drums you can get new ones but have to PBPlaster the hub and use a 2x4 to support separating it by hammer
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