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  1. The stock cast manifold is 1.5" X 2 correct? That 1.5" X 2 pipes is the same as a 2 1/8" single pipe. As the exhaust is largest in volume as it exits the combustion chamber and it shrinks in volume as it sheds heat, then the pipe could reduce in diameter (slightly) as you get farther from the head not get larger. A 2" would be sufficient. A 2.5" pipe is 56% larger than a 2" pipe. The answer is 2.5" because it's obviously... bigger. And as everyone knows, other than vaginas, bigger is always better.
  2. The old bearing is worn so it will be smaller than a new one. Do you grind new tires down because the old ones don't have tread on them????
  3. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    Did the oil level climb higher on the dip stick? then not to worry. The plug was dirty not dripping wet. Drive it for half hour and the engine heat will 'boil' any away. Just imagine what a can of that shitty seafoam does to your engine oil. 🙄
  4. Leave the water pump alone. Never fix what isn't broken. If the water pump is leaking THEN replace it, or the gasket. Measure the total length of both hoses and the hose opening diameter and go to Lordco, NAPA, O'Rylies, Rock Auto or any auto parts store and buy hose by the foot. Get good stainless steel hose clamps for it.
  5. Someone must have cut the spring to be that low. Get a new stock replacement set or a set from a 210 in a from a wrecking yard. Or maybe rubber spacers... https://www.amazon.ca/Superior-18-1901-Donut-Spring-Spacer/dp/B00029K20W Shocks don't affect ride height. Some gas charged shocks might push up with 20-30 pounds but not enough to make much difference. Those look new.
  6. Nice. I never agree to visit any site that wants cookies or information. 960 is just silly in a 210. 300 is more than you need too. Keep the A14 and have fun with it. Get some piece of shit Volvo no one will miss and drift that. Get some other
  7. Listen at the rear of the carburetor while someone turns the ignition on off on off on off (but don't start it) What you should hear is a soft clicking sound. Does it??? NO there is no sound. Check for 12v on the red wire and to ground. YES there's clicking, then turn the idle speed screw in a couple of turns and start it does it keep running now??? Post a picture of the choke area. Can''t see why someone would remove the electric choke but you can buy universal manual chokes to replace it.
  8. Sudden loss of fuel. Filter and pump replaced and line blown out Still no fuel. Check the eccentric !
  9. That depends on how your 710 was lowered. If you used lowering blocks then you won't need shortened shocks.
  10. Maybe it was already all the way forward. Try prying in backwards first.
  11. Back in the '70 I put a car L20B into my 521. I suspect it was NISSAN OHC because I kept the finned DATSUN 1600 OHC cover on it.
  12. STOP! DON'T RUN ENGINE Take the valve cover off and check out the eccentric in front of the cam sprocket. If the head has been off and the sprocket bolt wasn't tightened enough and has come loose the eccentric will slip. Find out before you run the engine again. If that bolt backs out from running it and falls out the cam sprocket will fall off the cam and the timing chain tensioner will fall out. The damage could be bent valves and chewed up timing cover and more.
  13. Not as a job but society need them just the same, just like musicians and artists. It enriches us all. Can we afford them? Can we afford not to have them? I may be wrong but all great philosophers probably had a day job to survive on. Who hasn't paused in their labors and pondered the workings of themselves with their fellow man and their place in this world? In that, we are all philosophers of a kind. A true philosopher just puts forth any observation with more clarity and more succinctly.
  14. Guess it was 9/16". Anything that makes braking easier is a plus. Same with steering. At the end of the day when you're tired it makes a difference. Early Datsuns were light and didn't need it as much but there isn't a vehicle made today that doesn't have it. A booster increases line pressure by about 50%. Tires traction and brakes have improved in the last 50 years and you can brake harder. Increasing the master diameter increases the effort to get the same line pressure. No matter how strong you think you are you can't compete with a booster. Yes... why wouldn't yo
  15. Datsun 1600 OHC with fins over the cam sprocket bump I think were the earliest. Later ones the fins stopped behind the hump. Both had 1/4 twist on metal caps. All later after the L16 were screw on plastic caps. I don't think there were Datsun 1800 OHC so they went to Datsun OHC for the L18 engines which were '73 on the 610 and '74 on the 710 and 620. All L20Bs started with Datsun OHC and switched to Nissan OHC for the '76 model years. These include the 610, 710, 620. The part number is 13264-S3101.
  16. Cam and side drafts? More in makes more out so 2" for sure and the largest muffler you can mount under there.
  17. I think not. Replace the heater hose, got to be done anyway. Probably the cause. Shops are in business to make money. They won't mind changing a head gasket that doesn't need it. The best thing is to know what wrong and if you can't, get them to do the fixing.
  18. It's CALIFORNIA! I've come to the conclusion that we are not all created equal. Some of us will become CEOs of a large business or a banker/stock broker or a politician or what ever yardstick is used to measure success. The remaining 99.99999% might as well face it they will be working for a living doing what ever there is available sliding down the success scale to.... crack head/felon/parolee/piece of shit looser addict waste of skin. So stop banging your head on the wall and figure out where you belong and go there. Don't listen to your parents, fr
  19. Was it leaking oil before and that's why it was changed??? If yes maybe it wasn't the pan gasket. If you are sure it's not leaking down from the valve cover gasket it could be the rear seal on the crankshaft. To be sure power wash the head around the valve cover and any oil on the block and around the oil pan. Regularly check the clean surface for fresh oil. Find out exactly where the oil is coming from. A new valve cover gasket is cheaper and easier than changing the pan gasket that doesn't fix the problem. Water? Again are you sure it's from the head and not a heater hose?
  20. datzenmike

    My 1971 521

    The sway bar has no effect on bumps felt by both tires such as a speed bump across both wheels. It acts only when one wheel drops into a dip or goes up over a bump, then it applies resistance from the other wheel to try and even it out. It's main purpose is in a hard turn where the body tries to roll over onto the outside wheel and the inside wheel resists this averaging it out. It won't feel stiffer in the ride but it will sit more level on tight fast turns.
  21. I assume you are going to use the L16 cast exhaust manifold??? The gasket will be exposed in the square corners. Square gasket is better.
  22. datzenmike


    That's the steering cross rod. The nuts to the inside are the locking nuts. Mark their location somehow and just barely loosen them both. With vice grips turn the bar in the center. I forget which is loosen. The ends with the ball joints on them have L&R thread so loosening will unscrew the cross rod from both. Now likely one side will unscrew first so stop there and try swinging the rod out of the way while attached to the other side. When done, DON'T forget to tighten the lock nuts.
  23. That's what she said. Use the early '73-'77 manifold gasket with square exhaust ports.
  24. That would be a 13/16" up from a 7/8" or 3/4". You can't move more fluid with the same effort as the 3/4" master (conservation of energy aka you can't expect something for nothing) so get the vacuum booster with it or the pedal is not only stiffer to push but comes in higher up.
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