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    My 1971 521

    Nissan distributor case will have 22100-????? number stamped into it. Have a look and get back. I can let you know what it's from. Drive spindle doesn't really matter as long as you can set the timing. Rather than cutting the distributor plate he could have moved the spindle one tooth and this would move the rotor position back where he could have made a proper adjustment. Uncut L series heads for the 4 cylinder are 4.248" so unless the valve cover surface was faced also that's 0.28" or 7.112mm!!!!!!!!!! This removes over 40cc from a 45.2cc combustion chamber so that can't be right. I measured a spare head in the same place and it's 4.230"but must have been shaved because there are cam tower shims on it. Never noticed this before. I measured a shim and 0.015" and that's pretty close to 2.248". We didn't get U60 heads here so maybe different in thickness??
  2. The 510 pan is specific to the 510. I did a parts number cross reference search to see if Nissan used that pan on anything else like the '73 610... and nope. Not saying another pan won't fit but it isn't exactly the same. I have a 710 pan on a Z24 engine so it will fit the 710.
  3. As long as you can remove it at a later date. Torque to 90-116 ft lbs. It ain't coming off.
  4. For the temp sender to spike there must be circulation of hot water past it.
  5. I was thinking at lower speeds and heat soaking while sitting. The point was a fan can ventilate cooler air into the engine bay. Hell if you have electric rad fans have a timer that runs them for 2-3 min after shut down.
  6. Engine off look down the open carburetor and pump the throttle. What you should see is a squirt of fuel into the bore. No gas? find out why. Can you hear the pump working??? If there is gas, this isn't the problem..... for now. Did you put a new fuel filter on when you changed the carb????
  7. You said when the clutch pedal is up and you are driving. If you think about it, if the clutch is engaged the engine and transmission are locked together and the end of the transmission input shaft is not spinning inside the pilot bushing. You could only have pilot bushing noise if the engine is running with the clutch disengaged. There's not much you can do to a transmission from outside. But one thing is to check the oil level. The plug is about half way up the left (driver's) side. Remove the fill plug and dip your pinky in the hole. If full, it will be at the bottom of the hole and easily touched. I have 2 feet of old garden hose and a dollar store kitchen funnel jammed in the end. Shove down past the brake master and into the transmission and fill from the engine compartment. When oil spills out, you're full. If you are low you have to wonder where it went. Is the front of the driveshaft wet? Rear oil seal. Is the front bottom where it mates to the engine wet? Front seal in the cover plate. Not good to run a transmission out of oil, if you did. Filling it may cushion the bearings and reduce the noise. But if the damage is done... it's not going away.
  8. A replaced thing is an unknown thing. New is no guarantee it will work perfectly. You can use a garden hose for water, doesn't have to be distilled for flushing, and a hose will agitate better with 40 PSI. There is a brass drain on both? sides of the block near the rear that can be easily unscrewed to let rusty crap flush out. It's about level with the bottoms of the cylinders and as low as the coolant reaches. You can hold the hose up to it and flush forward or to the other side. Definitely remove the bottom rad hose at the engine end. Trying to twist off an old hose on the rad can tear the fitting off. Try not to ever remove them unless replacing them and then ... CUT them off.
  9. Can you raise the rear of the hood just enough to vent hot air? Maybe the slots like the 1980 Nissan 720. Least noticeable
  10. The regular cab is sportier looking.
  11. It's just me. I don't like body piercings either. Cutting a stock body just seems like mutilation. Breast implants are ok though.
  12. Every good performer leaves the audience wanting more.... I want more.
  13. This is often the case. I prefer the looks of a stock uncut and messed with body and repelled by cars with add on pretentious hood scoops and spoilers for example. L28s had a small electric fan with ducts to blow cooling air from under the car onto the injectors. Far better than a vent at low speeds that requires forward motion or convection when stopped.
  14. Good to see you posting... and that's still a hell of a color.
  15. Definitely the pulley must be replaced. Unfortunately the crank slot is damaged enough that it may not support the woodruf key and this will happen again. Was the crank bolt loose? This may have been the cause. Someone may have had this apart and failed to get it torqued properly. Well nothing to loose here. Put together and make sure the bolt is torqued to 120ft.lbs. That alone should hold it. Only way to remove the clutch on the water pump is to cut it off. Do NOT cut too close to the press on pulley. Slice the aluminum parts with a cut off disc. You'll do best if you break off smaller parts. It's difficult to do without slicing the pulley. Avoid doing that. Expose the bearing... Here you can stop or carefully slit the steel races and keep going. Stay at least 1/8" away from the pulley directly behind it. It's pressed onto the same shaft
  16. Look on the switch, see if it says start, on accessory, lock. Pretty sure it will have a lock. My '76 710 has locking ignition, your truck will too. Maybe broken.
  17. It's the way of the world Hainz. If you are in an accident involving an engine fire or a ruptured fuel line, you may not be able to turn the ignition off.... and the pump just keeps pumping till the tank is empty.
  18. Take the pan off and hammer it out from the inside and use a dolly. Christ, no one will see it. We all have scars from life lived, some on the outside and some that don't show. Some would say we have character.
  19. I was looking at it and the front is packed solid with dirt. The WD-40 was in jest.
  20. The ignition switch has a locking function for the steering column so 'hot wiring" it isn't enough. Likely a screwdriver was forced into the key slot and turned to break this and allow steering is my guess.
  21. The exhaust temp isn't really related to how hot the engine runs. 550F seems reasonable. Exhaust can exceed 1,200F but this is exceptional and dangerous. Shoot the thermostat housing with an infra red 'heat gun'. This is the water temp allowed by the thermostat setting. Define 'over heating'. Your gauge has a 'run range' marked. If the needle is in this range you should be ok but generally at the 1/2 to 2/3 of this range is normal. If it was about 1/2-2/3 but started running hotter this would indicate a change from normal that should be looked at. Over heating is either lack of air or lack of coolant flow to shed or draw away excess heat. Lack of air... Rad fins missing or plugged with bugs, leaves or mud. Fan damaged Fan shroud missing. Shrouds improve fan efficiency Fog lights, emblems, license plate or bug screen blocking air flow. Belt loose. Lack of coolant flow.. Low coolant level. Install a coolant recovery tank to the over flow tube. Need special rad cap for this. Fan belt loose. Heater hoses joined together in a closed loop because heater leaking. Never do this without blocking any flow through them. Block full of rust and scale. Needs to be flushed with the drain plugs removed. Rad tubes plugged or restricted by hard water calcium deposits. AKA 'boiler scale'. Use distilled water, and to top up Soft lower rad hose that collapses from water pump suction when revved up. Thermostat too hot. 180-185 F should do. Even new one can be bad in the box. Get $10 one not WallMart $2.99 special. Always use water/antifreeze mix. Other... Gauge is wrong Sender is wrong. Head gasket ready to blow... does water spit out the overflow tube? Always needs topping up? Severely retarded ignition timing.
  22. Two wheel drive after Nov '82 are the same part Four wheel drive are different number part. I wouldn't. Follow Matt's suggestion.
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