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  1. If you're really serious about finding it, you can get the current vehicle owner info at DMV. I have a registration service that I employ to handle my vehicle registration needs and they have tracked down vehicles for me. I think it cost me $25 to find where my 1965 Austin Healey Sprite ended up (I bought the car back just recently). All you need is the VIN or a license plate number.
  2. BTW- Moss Motors and Mini Mania (Spridget Mania) are good places to buy BMC parts. They are both pricey, but have a wide selection of not only OEM type parts, but also performance parts. Here's a whole selection of distributors - https://www.spridgetmania.com/Search_Results/DISTRIBUTORS/default
  3. I always buy them together, the Pertonix ignitor and the Pertronix coil to be 100% sure they work together.
  4. More like .010"/.010" cold. Some cams like tighter lash, like .008"/.010" (intake/exhaust).
  5. Slight miss sounds more like ignition timing that's too advanced. Did you remove the vacuum hose from the distributor when you set the timing?
  6. Valve clearance only becomes a problem with pop-up pistons and huge cams.
  7. Use a more common electronic ignition like this one - https://www.amazon.com/PerTronix-LU-142A-Ignitor-Lucas-Cylinder/dp/B00199BO0Q
  8. Of course, nothing beats a blast cabinet for removing rust. Some of those chemical strippers are great for paint prep, but I have not used one yet that will actually remove the rust. Neutralize it? Yes, but not remove it.
  9. Great way to accomplish that. Simple and elegant.
  10. Was the head straight? Did you check it with a straight edge?
  11. Keep your original parts. They may be worth having around in the future.
  12. Wilwood offers a 1" bore master that looks nearly identical to the original Datsun master. It's a bolt in item. Long history as to how that happened, but Tilton, who used to make many performance parts for Datsuns was bought by Wilwood.
  13. 1st tip - if using a two piece carb adapter, use loctite on all the hardware during install. These are notorious for coming loose and causing vacuum leaks.
  14. The surge tank is under the hood, unless you hide it somewhere else. All of these problems have been addressed by Tanks Inc. The height is adjustable, it comes with a baffle/box at the bottom of the pump. And it's only about $220.
  15. Lots of problems with surge tanks. The major aftermarket EFI companies have been working through those problems now and offer some aftermarket surge tanks, but there still is the potential for fuel starvation and burning your motor down. The Tanks Inc setup has a baffle as part of the assembly and it works well. Why are you so opposed to modifying the tank? All the work you will have into the surge tank, the in tank option will be easier and look a lot cleaner without all that crap under the hood.
  16. Sounds like your master bore is too small. I don't think there is any way to measure the throw of the booster with the master attached, and with the master not attached, it may shoot the rod out like a bullet.
  17. The only way to not modify the tank is to use an inline fuel pump, and I believe we've discussed the pitfalls of those.
  18. They can be disassembled and cleaned. The dirt and moisture that accumulates over the years can foul the contacts. It can also cause the diaphragm to rust out completely.
  19. I hope you feel better Wayno.
  20. Does the horn work when you jumper it? Maybe the wiper where the steering wheel meets the column is dirty or not contacting.
  21. Probably because you have a dozen vehicles to maintain and it has become a chore to you. Crash has one toy truck and he likes playing with it.
  22. Steel wheels don't detract from original styling. Aluminum wheels draw the eye. I love the look of 17's on old truck, and these from Wheel Vintiques are close to original styling and will take a hubcap - https://www.wheelvintiques.com/wheelfinder?bolt_pattern=239&wheel_size=127&backspacing=48&finish=254
  23. Those are all too flashy for me, but if I had to pick, I would chose option 3.
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