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  1. pidge

    bench seat rails

    Like that push start. That’s pretty trick man nice work. -Pidge
  2. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Your China brand pump may be different, but re-reading my post and going off memory the China pump had “pressed in” ball bearings holding the arm in vs the factory pump which had a pin. I don’t imagine those ball bearings coming out. Did you try the eBay link from the other member that was posted? -Pidge
  3. pidge

    NM 521

    As for the fuel door. I had a problem on an old truck of mine doin the same thing...I used one of those tiny very strong magnets and it worked just fine. You can even glue/epoxy one side so it stays in place. You may have to shim the magnet (or shave it) to have the door sit flush so do a test fit before you glue it. -Pidge
  4. Here’s my stock and newly redone....As far as I know it’s a Canadian truck. if the mods could turn the pics correctly please. I don’t know why this happens. Thank you, Pidge
  5. It if helps ya out I’m glad. No worries. Your welcome sir 👍🏼👍🏼😉 -Pidge
  6. Are you using a phone to access this site? That’s all I have and use the “Add Files” option under where I’m writing this. I’m horrible with computers and this works for me. It’s an IPhone if that makes any difference. -Pidge
  7. I ordered on from “new Datsun parts.com” fit fine for me. Try them maybe. -Pidge
  8. Linkage to the shifter perhaps?
  9. pidge

    1971 Datsun 521

    “Prime” name brand perhaps. Don’t know if they are around anymore, but they use to have something similar back in the day. -Pidge
  10. Lookin good Crash.......maybe I missed it, do you got some custom brackets made up for those rear bumperettes? -Pidge
  11. pidge

    mrbigtankers 521

    Man those seats look good so far. Like it man 👍🏼
  12. That looks clean man. Your gonna use the stock glass and bezel as well? -Pidge
  13. $600 CDN. First time going down this rabbit hole so I’m no sure if that’s good or not. I thought it was a fair price and I’m happy with the results. -Pidge
  14. I’m thrilled, thanks guys for the positive feedback. I wanted to keep the stock look. The shop that did the work has been around for 40+ years I’m told....the green material is from a old roll they had. It’s apparently 1960 Chevy green. The grey is more modern material. edit: I upload my pics from my iPhone. Don’t know why they twist all the time. Apologize for that. -Pidge
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