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  1. Used JB Weld on a plastic boat tank once. Held for about a day or so and began to leak again. It was the two part stuff that turns grey once mixed together. Ended up buying a new tank. -Pidge
  2. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    That’s ok Kelmo no worries man.
  3. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    That’s right Kelmo it dose mount near the middle of the block. I’ve just gone and ordered the one Crashed420 had the link to. It looks to be the correct one this time around. What do you mean by “E” and “A” motor? Can’t recall that coding used before. Thanks. -Pidge
  4. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    -Oh it’s beyond repair now Mike. -Crashed420 thanks for the link. Not the first time Ive been duped into buying the wrong part. I’ll look into that pump. It looks like the correct arm. Thanks man. -Pidge
  5. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Pics for future reference.....yeah mike it did have a ball bearing on each side holding the pin in on the new pump.
  6. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Shoot my bad. Here’s the “presses in” part I was talking about. Both sides look the same by the way.
  7. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    I’m with you on there shouldn’t be gas in the lower portion. That doesn’t seem right to me ether. While the old one was out I did look at that option of swapping the arms. I don’t have a close up pic of the old one, but it look as if you could use a drift pin and smack it out. Mind you it had a bunch of crud on it. The new one however, and I’ll take a pic has these ball bearing looking pieces somehow pressed into the casting. Tried the diaphragm route. New pumps in pieces now. New ones not serviceable...at least the bottom portion ain’t. This is the top portion. These are all of the new pump by the way. removing the diaphragm resulted in breaking the little cast piece that hooks under the pivot arm. hard to tell, but a little tee piece broke off when trying to remove the diaphragm. different gasket as well from the stock one. Sorry don’t have a pic of the stock gasket, but I can tell you the opening was much narrower.
  8. Lots of head room in the green machine
  9. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Just an update. It was a complete failure. New pump has the wrong arm. Pulled the stock pump and the arm has a bigger up-sweep than the new one. Believe I found where the leak was coming from. I think by the looks of it the leak is internal to the bottom portion of the pump. It seemed to be dripping out of where the arm portion is which can’t be good. That would mean gas is going into the oil. Dose that make sense?? How I wasn’t getting a steady stream of oil out that little weep hole has me boggled, but perhaps I was. The lower portion of the motor dose have a mess of oil and maybe I’m correct in thinking that oil and gas were coming out that little weep hole. I call it a weep hole, but I think it might be a equalizer hole (not sure the correct terminology) for the diaphragm. Anywho I’m on the lookout again for the correct mechanical pump. I’ve got some pics I took of the old and new smashed pump. Not really smashed just tried to see if we could mix and match parts, but that didn’t work so hot. If anyone has any links to a pump I would be forever grateful. Thanks -Pidge this is the stock pump. Notice the up-sweep on the arm compared to the new one.
  10. Looks like your on a good start. Dash looks pretty neat. Nice job. -Pidge
  11. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Glad to hear the those pics worked in your favour...nice!........that’s what has me concerned regarding the pics in the book and what the new part looks like. The pics in the book have a long arm and the actual part has a shorter looking with less sweep upwards. Thanks for the info on the “may look different, as long as the arm is the same part”of your awnswer. I haven’t removed the old one yet. Before I get into it I was wanting a heads up on what I’ve got. I know manuals sometimes can goof up from time to time. I’m not perfect lol. thank you for the response. You’ve boosted my confidence. -Pidge
  12. There’s gotta be a hot rod club or a Datsun club near by. Have you searched for that? I’m sure talking to some one like that; just as you’ve done here may get you a lead. I understand your on a budget. Try a local car club. They may just know a guy, who knows a guy. -Pidge
  13. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Don’t know why the pics are sideways. Sorry bout that. -Pidge
  14. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Hey guys. I’m getting a little drip drip drip from the fuel pump somewhere. I checkEd the inlet and outlet lines and those are dry to the touch. Can’t tell yet where it’s coming from. Long story short, before I pull the pump (old mechanical style) could the powers give me some in-site if Ive ordered the correct pump. I just checked one of the two DIY books I’ve got and the old pic in the book looks a lot different than the pump I got from the usual suspects; Thailand. Anywho here’s some pics of the said pump. By the way it’s a 69’ 521 with the j13. I took a pic of the page which only leads me to more confusion. (Fig.24B is supposed to be for a j13, but pic describes it as a L series motor???) I don’t know.
  15. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    Now you tell me lol.
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