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  1. pidge


    Looks great so far Gene. Nice job. -Pidge
  2. Got some Luke Brian weird shit showin up in my YouTube algorithm. Is that a 620? Not a commercial I apologize, but an ad mine the less
  3. pidge

    mrbigtankers 521

    Some nice clean looking work you’ve done there man. -Pidge
  4. Lol Heck no D.P. Hahaha no no. That’s way to much do me. *for*
  5. I’d drive it. That’s a clean 521. It’s got some unique touches that are tasteful and some that aren't to me, but fuck yeah I’m sure it wins some awards and many more thumbs up. Let’s give it a rest here and be glad it’s a custom 521. We all drool over 521’s, let’s be honest. Let’s ask how those tail lights were done or that AC. That’s something I’d like to talk about more......just my thoughts men. -Pidge
  6. Rear tail lights are something different. I don’t mind those.
  7. That engine bay looks sweet man. Clean job.
  8. Bored at work due to Covid scare/precautions. Reviving an old thread. My meat head
  9. pidge

    Matt's 521

    Great job!!!
  10. Makin some nice progress. I’m diggin the colour and stance. -Pidge
  11. Cool stuff, I like the camper and the stance. -Pidge
  12. Cool brush guard, is that factory? -Pidge
  13. Looks good. I like it man. -Pidge
  14. What was the OEM manufacture for the pumps? I recently pulled a leaky one off my 521 and bought a shit one from China that didn’t Pan out. Ended up finding a fella close by with a handful for sale. As best I could tell the one I pulled off was the factory one. Replaced it with a exact same one. Same brand, same everything. I took the China one off and found the spring pretty weak, but I don’t know if the factory one would have been the same. If your pump looks like the one in my pics below I know the fella that sold me a few has at least one left and he ships. Cost me $60CAD each. I can put you in touch with him if need be. Just PM me and I’ll give you his contact info. -Pidge.
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