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  1. Ahhh. Did not know that. Interesting. Thanks fellas. -Pidge
  2. Just on my one day off a week vacation and was wondering...do the numbers mean anything with regards to model number? Example 320-520-521-620-720-hardbody etc? I’m tired and it just popped in my head. Are they just arbitrary numbers given to those trucks or was it much more.....apologize in advance if this sounds stupid, but just had a brain fart and was wondering. -Pidge
  3. pidge

    Matt's 521

    Are the bumperette brackets for a 521? I thought the 521 brackets had a kick down on them and the 520’s came off starlight. Maybe it’s the was the pic is showing it. I’d love to have a set of my 521. All I see are the actual chrome bumpers on eBay. No brackets. -Pidge
  4. Thanks Scooter.....ended up finding some Sta-Lube 85w-90 on amazon that’ll ship. Should be here next week hopefully. Can’t believe how many places won’t ship oil to Canada. In good shape now though. Thanks to all for the help.
  5. Pretty sure I’ve seen those on eBay before. Have you tried that route? I just did a search on there and seen at least one pop up. Can’t copy paste the link, but I typed in “Datsun 521 shifter” -Pidge edit: https://imgur.com/a/fzJN6QI https://imgur.com/a/b3JHygH
  6. Jerry I downloaded an app on my phone called “Imgur” I suck at computers and can figure it out ok. I remember photobucket being easier back in the day, but it’s doable with Imgur. Check it out. Good luck sir. -Pidge
  7. Thanks for the reassurance fellas with regards to the 85w-90. I’ve got the MT-90 stuff for sale here locally that I’ve found. I’ll go out this week and grab a few bottles of that stuff. Thanks again. -Pidge
  8. Just to be clear...you guys think it should be ok to run the 85w-90. It calls for 80w-90. From what I gather the 85w is a bit thicker. I don’t plan on driving the truck here in the colder months. (Ontario Canada)The Sta-Lube is all I can find that’s not a synthetic oil and I’d prefer to run non synthetic. Thanks. -Pidge
  9. Time Left: 9 days and 12 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hey all, long shot I know, but looking for the rear brackets for a set of bumperettes. I’ll even take one side, driver or passenger with hopes of fabing the missing side. Thanks for looking. -Pidge


  10. I’ve seen that brand on Ratsun...can’t seem to find it locally and the amazon link won’t ship to Canada for some Eason or another. I’ll continue to look for a supplier here of that. Thanks man!! -Pidge
  11. Hello all. Long and short I’ve been all over Gods kingdom looking for what I believe is supposed to be used gl-4 gear oil (2L) in my 69’ 521 transmission. Pretty much all of the suppliers have only gl-4/gl-5 all in one and I’m hesitant in using this. Milton Nissan had a Gl-4, wasn’t 80w-90 so I passed and found another place that had Gl-4 75w-85...I think the Nissan stuff was the same, but can’t be sure. I see nowhere on the label that says “yellow metal safe” or the likes on any of the two mentioned. Any idea if these are ok to run in the tranny or should I stay clear of both? I’ve used Ratsun search and google with Ratsun as the end word and am still lost. Could someone point me in the correct direction as to what’s safe and what’s not. I’m in Southern Ontario Canada and don’t have a plethora of scrap yards with 521’s that I can easily replace a transmission or get parts. Thanks, Pidge.
  12. Rosso...in the process of downloading a new “version” I’ll keep you guys updated. -Pidge
  13. Could be the phone version I have. It’s a 6s. There might be an “upgrade/update” I haven’t done yet. I’m gonna check that out. Will post back with the results. Thanks man. -Pidge
  14. Matt, could be timing out. I don’t know. When I do what you suggested it just says save image/copy. Rosso, sounds plausible. I’m not very great at figuring out computers and such. Thanks fellas. -Pidge
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