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  1. That's funny, two people contacted me asking if I had any spares. I said no.
  2. I am going to Dismiss you because you are a wannabe bullshit artist. Posting bullshit links to bullshit that has already been covered and dismissed. Go kick a fucking rock, I am tired of trying to deal with people like you and yes, you do care, you are a one of those that says you are not biased, but yet here you are, shooting down one side while championing the other. You can't have it both ways and you don't know how to meet in the middle. Good luck with it and keep ranting
  3. Because it is the same old tired crap! And I am not longer going to answer to the same shit, over and over!
  4. Maybe if you got some fresh news and stop with the same tired crap you might learn something And don't you know how to use the "Quote" button?
  5. You have seriously convinced yourself this is true. Good Luck!
  6. 40-744 744 modified at Wright Field for aeromedical experiments with asymmetric positioning of cockpit in port boom. Scrapped at Bush Field, GA May 7, 1945
  7. As James Carville once said, "It's the Economy, Stupid!" Prior to this Pandemic bullshit, the lowest Unemployment in year, the lowest unemployment in the black, hispanic and asian communities, Manufacturing was up, small business was booming with tax breaks, Obamacare Individual Mandate is gone, more secure border, protection of our 2A rights, more help for our Vets and so on.... You truly live in Left Bias media bubble as you seem to spout the same shit every lefty does. Just pointing out stupid shit over and over. And no, he never referred to soldiers as losers! He has done more for them than any previous President! And the world never liked us to begin with! They only liked us when we gave them shit or apologized, like Obama did! His apology tour was one of the most embarrassing things a U.S. President has ever done! Made us look weak and he did make us weak! China ran us over and Biden used them for more money! Trust me, China is praying that Biden wins!! Hell, even the Terrorist that Trump took out are praying for a Democrat in the White House! Stop the Trump Derangement Syndrome
  8. Diplomacy and Leadership? All i see is this guy getting shit done. Who cares what he says, sorry if he is not sweet talking your panties off like that Statesman Obama. America needed a fucking jolt and the Left didn't like it! They like being fucking lazy and ramming shit down our throats, and 8 years of their shit was enough! They keep trying all kinds of shit to get him out, but they just keep making him stronger!
  9. I think you mean "Herd" And while the media is not Democrat, it is very Liberal and highly biased. This is not an exaggeration of it either. They pile on non stop, misquote and knock him down for anything. The man actually did something real to get nominated for the Nobel Prize vs. Obama getting it for the sake of getting it. And when someone does report the facts or some semblance of truth, they are not Right Wing propaganda and are to be dismissed, yet the big Alphabet Networks keep pushing their agenda. Where others get praised, the medial finds an angle to make him look bad. Of they just ignore the story at all if they can't find an angle to shoot him down. And you know this is true.
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