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  1. Installed the Datsun Restomods Axles. I really like the bolt on ease and the quality looks great. https://datsunrestomods.com/
  2. It's basically the old saying, they should be taken out and shot! Nobody ever does it and I am just making light of these dipshits. Maybe they should just get those little hammers shoved up their ass instead. What gets me is the traction they get with this type of crap and no one calls them out on it. But, If I where to do something similar, they would have the world come down on me!
  3. I've seen this tool that you can use on some dipshit idiot trying to pull you out of your car. it's about $500 bucks and it works great on Antifa types.
  4. ALL BLACK LIVE MATTER!!! Unless you are a Conservative and can see the bullshit they are shoveling. FUCK CALVIN CORDOZAR BROADUS Jr. - RACIST FUCK!
  5. Shit Mike, tell us how you really feel.
  6. I wonder where that design came from..... Me 1101 German Jet Fighter Prototype
  7. TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome They used to kiss his ass before he was elected and turned on him when he didn't go by their playbook
  8. That's why i have to separate the acting from the real person. From DeNiro to Roger Waters, I have to just enjoy the product and to hell with them
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