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  1. Yesterday, Magnus Walker posted on his Instagram account that if you ordered anything of his site, he would throw in a couple of Hot Wheels. So I ordered a shirt, have been wanting one for some time, and sure enough, the HW's where in there. But, I requested if he could autograph them and he did! Very cool!
  2. Yesterday we lost the last Flying WIng prototype https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/wwii-era-flying-wing-plane-has-fatally-crashed-on-state-1834228459
  3. Starting my front end rebuild while the body work goes on..
  4. I am running 1987 200SX front struts. They push the wheel back out and eliminate the need for spacers on certain 0 offset wheels. And, it gives you more room on the backside for positive wheel offset. My 510 has BRE flares on it. And I am using T3 Sleeves with 350 lb. Eibach springs, as I am also running a VG
  5. Nothing tricky or clever, it is just my name and last name initial
  6. I take my bulbs to work where they are collected and disposed of properly. Along with any batteries that are non automotive.
  7. This bad boy finally came in, I actually got two of them, and I must say, Hot Wheels did quite a job on the presentation... The Magnus Walker 964 Red Line Club issue. Tissue wrapped box Then it was tissue wrapped again in the inner box on the plastic case And this is it, very nicely done and the figure is pretty neat.
  8. Personal Responsibility has been slowly outlawed, and no one noticed.
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