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  1. Paras Newsstand, which was in operation for over 70 years, is now closed. Due to health issues, but also a decline in Paper/Magazine buyers. This was the place to go for that obscure or hard to find magazine. And if they didn't have it, they would order it for you if possible. Sucks now that Barnes and Noble is basically the only game in town now.
  2. Are you thinking of the Reproduction jets or a static display? This will be the first to fly since the U.S. Army Air Corp. stopped testing them and no civilians have flown one since.
  3. Actually yes, there is one original that will take flight later this year, or sooner. It belongs to the Flying Heritage Collection and it is a real deal WWII fighter, down to the Original Jumo Engines.
  4. Well, they are painting whole cars with it
  5. Alsa Easy Chrome works very nicely. but, it is not cheap https://alsacorp.com/product/easy-chrome/
  6. https://www.foliomag.com/ten-publishing-shuttering-19-print-magazines/ Here’s a full list of discontinued titles: 4-Wheel & Off-Road Automobile Car Craft Chevy High Performance Classic Trucks  Diesel Power Hot Rod Deluxe  Jp Lowrider Mopar Muscle Muscle Car Review Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Mustang Monthly Street Rodder Super Chevy  Super Street Truck Trend  Truckin’ Vette
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