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  1. The L-16 cam is the worst of the lot. Usual upgrade is the L-20B cam
  2. This offer says you must be a Hot Wheels RLC member, but, I think you can just get it if you go to the website. You will get the Before Z car and then you will get the Rotsun version later and it is supposed to be a premium style casting. Keep in mind that you will be signing up for one year of Motor Trend TV and it will renew at the end automatically, so don't forget to cancel when it is done. Yeah, 50 bucks seems like a chunk of change, but, think of it as just getting to limited issue Hot Wheels with a free subscription thrown in. https://hotwheelscollectors.mattel.com/shop/en-us/hwc/hot-wheels-roadkill-71-datsun-2470z-grf97???icid=home_site-1_global-banner_roadkil-rotsun-sale_p0
  3. It wasn't too bad, but, I did end up going back to my single downdraft weber before switching to dual carbs. If you have a cam and some mild work, it does make a difference.
  4. The most common single side draft set up is the Canon Single Carb Manifold with a Weber. I had one and ran it with Air Horns. It was that or a filter, unless you have really short horns, the filter will not work with them . Pic off the web
  5. that's wild, I was watching it today and I also saw this as well!
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