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What's the fastest you've ever gone in a 510?

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This probably isn't a good idea, but a couple threads lately in the Engine department have been reminding me of the old days when I actually drove a 510. I know what we were capable of back then and I may share that info, but before I taint the minds of potential contributors, I just have to ask...what's the fastest you've actually gone in a 510?


I know we'll probably get a ton of fishing stories, but that's cool. Just DON'T LIE!!!


Now mind you, there are plenty of ways one can attain high speeds legally, like the race track for instance, so don't feel the need to include highway names or interstate numbers, etc. We'll just assume this all took place at a sanctioned event.


Ubiquitous childhood photo inserted here:


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122 with an L18 all new internals with flat top pistons zx 5 speed and a 3236 weber that was jetted up not gps verified just kept my foot to the floor 

115 with rebello L20 duel 40mm webers and standard z 5 speed with lots of room to go gps verified 

70 up a slight grade with stock tired L16 a 4 speed and downdraft weber 

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130 ish on my lz 2.2 racing a vw red golf when i was 18 and stupid. Made it from la center exit on i5 to van mall exit on 205 in under 10 mins.  Really surprised we did not get pulled over, my buddy pj in the passenger seat was digging his fingers into my dash and i kept knocking his hands off it screaming DONT HURT MY DASH! lol.   Me and him will never forget that day. 



Fastest ive been in art was 95

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I hit 110 in about 7 seconds in my 510 and I have video of that fish. OK it's an SR20 swap with a GT3071R. Not sure if that disqualifies me.


Interesting side note for 510 fans. I just learned the "Woolworth" five&dime store got it's name from what they called the 5-10 split in bowling back in the day. I love cool shit like that.


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High 70s I believe, would have to check the speedo.  Luckily the speedhut GPS gauges records highest speed so I can verify.   Haven't really gone much faster than that since I only hit those speeds on the highway and my son is usually with me.  Not quite sure I trust her much higher speeds if he is in the car with me.  If I'm alone it's one thing, but not with him. 

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That's all?  Dang Mike, we need to light a fire under your ass! 


I'm totally guessing I never looked and didn'r regularily drive it fast. My '74 L18 auto 710 up a slight grade just over 90. Do not tell me autos are slower than standards. About '95 in my '76 710 goon. Maybe 70 in my 620.



Other cars....

155 in my '70 Dart or 6,250 RPMs in 4th

Above that in an '09 Corvette*

Way above the Corvette in a '13 Shelby GT 500 Super Snake equipped Mustang*



* the Corvette was set to KPH and read 200 topped out. Hell I hit that on the on ramp alone and went through three more gears after that. When the owner thought to switch to Mph I had already slowed back down enough to read and comment on it. Fifth @ 6k is about 150 acording to on line specs. Held it in 6th for less than 10 seconds. Scary.


* the Shelby was beyond mach one. I was too scared to take my eyes off the road. It was down just below 130 when I did look. Maybe 170? surely above 160. Cracking the whip on 850 horses? who cares

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My brother and I made it from Walnut Creek to Sears Point one Sunday morning in 28 minutes. It's just over 40 miles and there are two towns and a toll bridge to get through. I was driving a Porsche 911 and he was in a Corvette. We both hit about 150 at one point.

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680, Martinez Bridge, 780, 80, 37, 121. Yah, I been there. You have a distorted sense of "fast" sitting on a lounge chair with the windows rolled up and the AC on. Do 160 mph on a motorcycle and you feel every damn bit of it. Visited that many times on my GSXR 1100 Highway 94 East of San Diego. Back to 510s 

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