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Supercharged Body Swapped 1992 WD21 Pathfinder.

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I am just getting all my projects out there for you folks to see.

This one started in 2013 when I purchased a 1986.5 Long Bed HD V6 Hardbody with a poor running engine. I parted the truck out and saved many good bits, including the cab. In 2018 I purchased a 1992 WD21 Pathfinder with a blown engine and front end damage for $250. From there I chopped the body off and dropped the 86.5 cab on to it. I ended up swapping it to 5 speed and dropping in a VG33ER from an 2003 Xterra in it. It is still running the VG30e ecm and has been a bit of a hassle to get running but last summer I figured it out and had it running solid. Still a ton of work to do but it is way past the bare frame it started as. It's name is Double Dare XL and I plan to have it finished, registered and on the road this Summer.


Double Dare XL, my other huge project...


Running but before I replaced the injectors and did some minor tweaks. 6psi.






The day the cab went on to the frame.



The entire 70+ video series can be seen here...  Video#5 is when the project really takes a turn.


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1 hour ago, Pounding Rox Truck Shop said:

Check out the RC truck by Kyosho, the Double Dare. Mine is kind of a hat tip to that thus the XL for Xtra Large. The wheels are pretty damn close too.


99998: Kyosho from Dante77 showroom, Kyosho Double Dare 4WDS - Tamiya RC &  Radio Control Cars



I have the same wheels on my cj5



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Looks like I am replacing the power steering pump. Too many times run dry while getting the engine to run in the first place. It runs and drives now but the pump suffered. I guess I wasn't thinking because of the pure shock this thing ran in the first place.



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