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  1. Joe, Show how these are mounted. The typical rear disk conversion involves either 81-83 280ZX rear calipers or 86-87 vintage Maxima rear calipers and 82 200SX rotors. Not sure if these parts are still available, but look at these pages. https://sites.google.com/site/510brakes/about https://sites.google.com/site/510brakes/maxima Who did you buy that car from?
  2. Timely thread here as I have a 5 speed I may need to rebuild. Since you were discussing the 5th gear synchro not being brass, I found this ebay posting from Z car depot interesting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223479116910?fits=Model%3A280ZX|Make%3ADatsun&hash=item340864b46e:g:mIQAAOSwL7VWq1vP
  3. The solenoid mounted in the trunk near the battery simply provides isolation to the cable providing current to the starter. It is only live when the solenoid is activated. Some view the long cable with voltage potential as a liability if it gets damaged. If you put a circuit breaker or fuse it that can also provide protection. This cable also still functions as the charge cable to the battery, connected at the start with the alternator output as it is. Instead, the wiring diagram with the solenoid has to add two wires to the trunk- one to trigger that solenoid in Ignition start
  4. Did you find one? I have a couple in Michigan. I can get them to Illinois if interested in coming to get it.
  5. Here is the latest info on Datsun510.com: https://datsun510.com/index.php?/gallery/image/36772-how-to-order-datsun-510-laminated-wiring-diagram-cards-or-poster/ Looks like the date is still 2013 and the number is the one you said is disconnected. Paolo still frequents the Bluebird list so I can ask him on there about maybe updating the phone number.
  6. Is it just the U-jts breaking? I don't know what you are running for a differential, but here is a company that has a good reputation. I have not used their products. https://www.driveshaftshop.com/import-axles/datsun
  7. Hmmm, unwanted kissing of strangers? Needs a new name. Pepe Le Cuomo. Pepe tries but never gets the girl in reality. He's not exactly portrayed as the hero. Has Charles Blow ever actually watched one all the way through. Even as a kid it was clear to me his behavior was to be considered inappropriate, but then again, my family taught me morals. Reality vs. cartoons, Mr. Potato head, Dr. Suess. Do these woke folk truly understand anything?
  8. You sure it was here TJ? Maybe on the Realm, as you mentioned them there too.
  9. That is part of the headliner. I have an old white headliner sitting here somewhere. I can check if it still has that part on it. Going to be difficult to install unless you just overlay it.
  10. It looks like not all of their stuff is, but he is one of the vendors they sell. It has the vendor listed under the item.
  11. Now I know you are lying. Kennedy had a bad back from the PT boat. Unless you meant Robert Kennedy. 😏
  12. Yes, 746 W in an HP. And a "PS" is a "pferdestarke" which is the German word for Horse power. Almost the same 0.986/1.
  13. If you want to get away from carbs, there are Hardbody trucks that have the Z24i with fuel injection, up through '88 I think. Maybe even the last of the 720's are FI (can't recall right now).
  14. These look great and to me have potential to provide the next leap forward for front suspension options. will these be mass produced? How about a picture between these two with hub/bearing on and no rotor? What year/model Sentra for the hub? Thanks.
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