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  1. Zero results. Shocked. https://www.cnn.com/search?size=10&q=cannon hinnant
  2. If they do a 3d scan, then with the digital data they can cut dies. Generally stamping dies have to be multi-stage to get all the dimensions correct, since you can't do it in one shot without tearing metal. I bet they don't make the dies out of expensive tool steel for small quantity runs.
  3. I have seen some of those before, but not all of them. He is major-league creepy. You can clearly see the kids pulling away. Never voting for this dude.
  4. Nice Z. I like that you keep the exterior appearance fairly stock. How do you like the black trim now that it is together? I have two 510s to assemble (1 red 1 orange) and I have all black powder coated bumpers and trim. They were supposed to go on the red one, but I think they would look cooler on the orange one.
  5. This is really nice. I have not seen these before. Pricey, but a nice solution. Honestly, not much more than a good set of coilovers cost for other vehicles. Nice to see them making the effort to produce the spindle part. Now if they make a 280ZX hub with proper offset that restores 510 front track, you would have the best solution.
  6. I have a full set of 280ZX struts including hubs, calipers, pads, rotors, etc with the perches trimmed and ready for new inserts available for sale right now. I have them on ebay but will put a package deal together for you if interested. I actually have mine priced too low I think. One set of 280ZX struts sold on ebay for almost $400 as mentioned above with no hubs. Post here or contact me through messaging if interested.
  7. In my experience the only people worse than the Quebec French are the Belgian French. They want to be French too but feel inferior because they don't live in France. They were the rudest people I ever dealt with in Europe. I had a guy tell me "You are in Belgium, we speak French. When I go to Chicago I speak English". Ok, I agree, not a bad analogy, but application is a bit different in the world these days. I did speak some German when I went to Europe, just not many other languages. The Flemish part of Belgium on the other hand, very friendly.
  8. That'd be "losers". 😉 Don't be one. 😀 j/k
  9. Big Kudos to Wayno for doing this. I don't know you personally, but you are now a solid Datsun citizen in my book.
  10. Have you calculated your overall diameter difference/increase with your proposed tire size? What is the largest wheel/tire package you have had on it? I have 15 x 7 0 offset VTO wheels I will be putting an a BRE flared car. I have not measured yet to see if it could take a half inch more each in the inboard/outboard directions which is what you would essentially be doing with an 8 inch wide wheel. I think an 8" zero offset should fit in a 15" diameter wheel. My concern with the 17" overall wheel and tire diameter is whether you would be getting tall enough to now get close the the flare and or sheet metal as it curves in to meet the original fender location.
  11. Maybe I missed it if you commented earlier. Why the 12" spring? I noticed looking at the DS602 on Speedway that the info states a 14" spring. Will you potentially have some looseness under full droop? I am interested in doing this same thing as well, so following this. Thanks.
  12. Who is wearing the yellow Tigers? I had some of those once.
  13. Pics man. You can post them right here in the thread now. Just watch the size of them. My brother is moving to Prescott. He was an early 510 guru in Socal in the 80s and 90s. I'll have to have him watch for the car.
  14. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    I have the two front R180 differential stub shaft for the front axles. Used the diff for my 510, so don't need these. NIce and clean as I ran them through my bead blast cabinet for you! Ready for your finish. Price includes shipping for lower 48. I will ship elsewhere after determining shipping cost. I am willing to listen to offers. Ask any questions you may have. Thanks.


  15. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Hey all, I have a few new in box fuel pumps for a few random vehicles. Some/most made in Japan. All are free, but I am charging $10 for shipping and boxing. $15 for two if you want more. I don't have a ton of info on these other than what is on the boxes, so caveat emptor. Most of you know your vehicles better than I likely do. BAP/Geon part numbers and applications below: 37-00507 Fits sentra 1982 and up. Not sure engine application, May fit other years. I have two of these. 37-00523 Fits Datsun 411 and 521, 1300 and ???. 1965-69? Looks like a typical Datsun L-series fuel pump. IM me with what you want. Paypal accepted. See my other ad for more. Thanks.


    , Michigan

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