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  1. You sure it was here TJ? Maybe on the Realm, as you mentioned them there too.
  2. That is part of the headliner. I have an old white headliner sitting here somewhere. I can check if it still has that part on it. Going to be difficult to install unless you just overlay it.
  3. It looks like not all of their stuff is, but he is one of the vendors they sell. It has the vendor listed under the item.
  4. Now I know you are lying. Kennedy had a bad back from the PT boat. Unless you meant Robert Kennedy. 😏
  5. Yes, 746 W in an HP. And a "PS" is a "pferdestarke" which is the German word for Horse power. Almost the same 0.986/1.
  6. If you want to get away from carbs, there are Hardbody trucks that have the Z24i with fuel injection, up through '88 I think. Maybe even the last of the 720's are FI (can't recall right now).
  7. These look great and to me have potential to provide the next leap forward for front suspension options. will these be mass produced? How about a picture between these two with hub/bearing on and no rotor? What year/model Sentra for the hub? Thanks.
  8. Just read through this for the first time. Very nice. Interesting to see your directional changes through the project as new ideas and parts affect development.
  9. Those spontaneous hose separations under boost can be very disconcerting. Had an intercooler hose come off on my VR4 one time at about 115 mph on a back country road late at night, I think running about 17 psi. Made such an explosive noise I thought the entire engine let go. Liking what you are doing with this powerplant. I would love to have an FJ for my 510. Any body have one for sale?
  10. Interested too. Looking for some red wires.
  11. iceman510

    Pawn Shop D21

    Hmmm, never considered that. I have a dead Z24 in mine with lots of L parts lying around...
  12. 1980 was the first year of the US government requiring the 17-digit fixed VIN structure. Many other countries have followed suit but not sure when exactly for any of them. Japan domestic production still uses the chassis number system, but I believe with some indication of exact model year. MY is much more important now for certification purposes than it used to be. The US VIN system rolls over every 30 years, so in 2010 MY it want back to letter "A" as the year indicator.
  13. No evidence whatsoever any antifa et al involvement at the Capitol. 😉 https://www.dailywire.com/news/left-wing-known-agitator-charged-for-alleged-role-in-capitol-breach
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