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  1. I have success with aligning the towers using a rubber mallet and the technique mentioned in the snippet posted above.
  2. No hurry for me. I live about 25 miles north of Ann Arbor.
  3. I believe A series trans will not bolt to the L series block. Can any A series guys confirm? Not sure if the drive shaft fits the trans output, but as Mike noted if the length is the same you may be able to use the stock driveshaft.
  4. Free if you want to come get it. I pass through Chitown occasionally, but with all this Covid crap I am not going that way soon.
  5. Is part of your question whether or not the original B210 trans will fit to an L20B? I assume an A series trans and engine is the original? If so, I don't believe A series trans will fit an L block. I have a number of 510 L series 4 speeds available if you just need an operational transmission to get the vehicle working. I would give you one of them if interested. I am in Michigan.
  6. I had a similar ding on either my 280ZX or 300ZX hubs, can't remember which. I hand-filed it too, but if you still have issues, I would do as Matt suggested and have it very lightly touched up on a lathe to make sure the surface is true. I think mine happened from being dropped when not attached to the vehicle, or maybe someone hitting it with a hammer when removing them from the car (junkyard did the removal).
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=510+front+spook&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS767US768&sxsrf=ALeKk02rK5-ZPX6jNCF-eYL-gRI6WXZyOA:1601502438740&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjT0N6_7ZHsAhXSXc0KHSRgDBgQ_AUoAnoECA8QBA&biw=1920&bih=937&safe=active&ssui=on
  8. Agreed. I have these two sitting here. Ebay won't accept a posting for them. Shippers require special training to ship them. Headaches all 'round. They are worth money, but how to sell them?
  9. Regarding the air bag in the seat, I have some Juke Nismo seats that I am adapting. I pulled the seat apart and removed the airbag module and replace it with a piece of fairly stiff foam so there was no noticeable void in the seat. I was not really concerned about the airbag deploying or anything, but still thought it prudent to remove it and reduce the complexity.
  10. Great tool! I bought one earlier this year to redo a Honda. I used the copper lines. You mention it works fine with the stainless tubing. No issues at all? I hear the stainless is more difficult to work with due to its material hardness. I was not considering stainless for my 510, but may reconsider. Thanks.
  11. Perhaps you don't realize, but even in the time of Ellis Island immigration, people were screened and some sent back. I have no problem whatsoever with legal immigration. I do have a substantial problem with the no borders approach suggested by some. By what rules do we then operate? If there should be no national hegemony, then what guarantees the rights of the citizens (key word here, citizenship is a privilege, not a right)?
  12. Now that is getting value from your brake pads. 😆
  13. You may not need the spacers. You just have to monitor your pad wear and confirm you don't have so much piston travel when the pads are low that the piston is too far extended. You could test this with spacers the thickness of the pad (or thickness + 2mm pad material which is what you are supposed to use a pad wear limit) backing plates and check piston travel when clamped .
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