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  1. If I am reading that right, you have an L20B with flattops and U67 head. I think you can make 45s work with that. What size chokes do they have?
  2. For some vehicles set up for track/autocross etc, greater caster is applied. This shortening changes the angle of the rod increasing stress on a straight member, whereas the ball joint allows free rotation over a much greater range.
  3. Not answering for Duke, as I don't know what he used, but typically you can choose that since you have to make the tube and nut assembly, and cut the threads on the tie rod end anyway. When I did mine, I used 14 x 1.5 since that matched the thread on the tie rod end (rack insertion end as mentioned by Duke) so that all of them would match. This is also a typical size used on inner tie rod ends where the outer tie rod ends/ball joints thread on.
  4. More first person report. Tested positive 12/30. Headache, then slight fever. Body aches next. Fourth day tried working, but very fatigued. Slowly better over the next few days, with lingering cough the next week (I do often get airway swelling when having a cold...). Basically some effect for two weeks, but I am old (60). Not vaccinated, always figure I would beat it. Took vitamins and Zinc. Wife had it about the same, less cough more fever. She got some meds and took vitamins too. Daughter felt poorly maybe three days. Had a sinus infection. Not vaxed. Three other family members also caught it with symptoms about 5-7 days (all vaxed). No major difference except we older people it lingered a little longer.
  5. Please. Looks like it gives dimensional info and vehicle models that part number fits? I think that would be great. Thanks.
  6. It's not. Please substantiate with factual information why you state it is.
  7. Looks rough. Hang in there. 🍻
  8. How does the graph posted support your question and hypothesis? You think you are exhibiting some intellectual prowess, but your posts are meaningless. Who cares 1280 is more than 9. What value does that comparison have? Why pick a point from a year and a half ago?
  9. No, I don't think Matt is making any claims. Jeopardy is touting the gender angle. It is true that most of the biggest winners are men though.
  10. While you of course to make your point, deliberately misconstrue what he said and make the false equating of the date he said it to an end date. How factual of you.
  11. It means that if they want to do and claim "science", they should learn how to do it.
  12. Nice! Pictures like this sure get my itch to add a bulletside to the Datsun fleet going again.
  13. Grille restoration? Polish and then repaint the black? Looks great. I have a couple I need to do.
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