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  1. This is what I was thinking. The second one down is painted dark maroon with trim ring and a cap.. Not necessarily with the flipper cap, but similar. I'm liking the grey wheel next to it as well... https://thewheelsmith.net/wheel-catalog/smoothie-wheels
  2. Well, you're not stealing it from me! That has been going on for years with the fat-fendered rods. I remember Datrod had some tan painted steelies on his red wagon, and they looked great..
  3. I like the torque thrusts, (They're very 60's-70's) and I like the steelies, too. If you recall, I had Minilites, and a set of wide whites for the old 1200 sedan. I think doing both is the way to go, and I can change it up occasionally... When I get the car home, I can pull off a wheel and check the pcd and offset. What's on their now fits great with no tire interference at all, so I want to duplicate that fit with the steelies. I'll get more pics when it gets here, but the car has dark maroon interior, and I'm thinking of painting the steelies to match the interior. With a beauty ring and a small cap, there won't be a whole lot of maroon exposed, so I'm hoping they look good..
  4. The article says it trademarked here in the States. I wonder if Nissan somehow missed it, or since they never offered a Skyline here, it might have been fair game? I do remember the Skyliners from Ford. Anyway, I have no answers, but thought it to be some sort of foolery..
  5. After a very long search, I finally found my art-deco era car I was looking for. I had a few candidates, but always favored the 1940 Ford Coupe. I pulled the trigger on this one and hope to have it home from Arizona next week. It's super clean top to bottom, and even though it's thoroughly updated, it's got minimal and tastefully done mods. It still looks like a mostly original '40. I'm plannng to personalize it bit to my taste, but it's not too much of a project, really! I think it's going to be a great car, and I can FINALLY stop combing the ads for 2-3 hours every day!
  6. Matt found exactly what I bought.. Dorman 75450 Door Lock Rod Clip Assortment
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/ford-trademarks-skyline-name-u-193000051.html
  8. Mine were all dried out and mostly cracked when I took them off. At either O'Reilly's or AutoZone (or possibly both) they sell a bag of misc plastic clips. They are in the "Help" section, and I found one or two types of clips that worked.
  9. Very possibly that's what I did. I can't remember crap these days....
  10. I had no problems finding a rebuilt L20 water pump minus the clutch fan. Rockauto has them listed with or without. I also had a chrome(d) pulley for the water pump as well. It was chromed when I bought it, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.
  11. That song by Pain reminds of "Rockin' in the Free World" by Neil Young. Kinds close and I think they're in the same key...
  12. That silly little white 1200 won best of show if I remember correctly. I could be wrong, though...
  13. Totally underrated kick-ass rock and roll guitar band. One of my faves...
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