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  1. Duncan

    1200 wheel alert

    If I still had a 1200, I would buy these in a heartbeat.. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/wto/d/rosemead-work-equip-01-jdm-wheels-rims/7208912185.html
  2. Frampton has a degenerative muscular disease, and he's doing a farewell tour from playing live. He says he wants to stop before his playing starts to suffer. I find that a real shame...
  3. I agree. That looks very nice. The Weber air cleaner clips blow ass....
  4. If you are in Florida. Gator and Bubba are basically the same. I've heard the term "shift gate" quite a bit here in the US....
  5. NY is basically the same as California. If you recall, the Governor of NY and the Mayor of NYC were literally begging people with money to come back to NY. Their taxes and ridiculous social program expenses are driving people out of the state. People are fleeing these two States in droves. If someone leaves NY for those reasons, they damn sure aren't coming to Los Angeles. Late edit: And just for grins, I checked NY to Austin, TX for a 26' truck. Appx $3k Reverse is about $1k. At $3k it seem you could hire actual movers, but I've never hired one, so I could be way off on this one.
  6. I just did exactly that. From my house (Huntington Beach, CA) to Phoenix, AZ a 26' truck 1-way is just shy of $2k. From Phoenix to here is $325. Absolutely true. I didn't bother with screen shots, but please feel free check it yourself.
  7. I live right around the corner from there and saw the same car yesterday. I was very surprised as you don't see many 510's out in the wild anymore...
  8. I'm using Firefox and can see them all...
  9. I'm also curious about rear bumpers. Will wagon rear bumpers swap with a sedan? (Provided the wagon and sedan rear bumper mounts used are correct for the body) I heard both no and yes from multiple persons...
  10. Duncan

    '74 Cactus Green

    I have heard similar stories with this place. No experience myself, but that sucks..
  11. New AC/DC out today. Brian Johnson is back as is the drummer and bassist. No video, but here's an audio of it..
  12. I'd seen them around town, as well. The Starwood if I remember correctly. I briefly met Eddie when I was at Fender. We didn't speak much, but he seemed like a standup guy.. I was really shocked and bummed when I heard the news. RIP Eddie.
  13. Not a purist by any means. If you have a V6, stick it under the hood. I have seen a few SBC 620's and those fit.
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