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  1. That is why I passed on the 240z I was offered. WAY too much work for my old ass...
  2. I have quite a few years on you, as you know 🙂 That Mitsu looks very 80's cool. I imagine it bets better mileage than an L Series 510, AND hauls ass too!
  3. R.I.P. Dick Dale. Dick was my best friend's neighbor when I was a kid. He had a small house in Costa Mesa and had a purple metallic Jaguar XKE. I never saw them, but my friend said he had a Cheetah and a few other exotic cats. He was an o.g. rockstar! For you guys that play guitar, Dick used his original 1962 Dual Showman amps all the way until the end. Those old Fender amps were built to last!
  4. The CA government seems like they are trying to put chrome shops out of business here. I worked on my car in a shop in San Diego, and some of the fellows tried a few places across the border. Prices were decent, but the results were all over the place.
  5. I'm on the exact same page as you are. 👍
  6. Duncan

    How do you call it ?

    Perfect. I had one of those on my old 1200, and it was great. Oldie AND a goodie...
  7. Duncan

    How do you call it ?

    "steering wheel cover" Not hard to find. The one in your photo is an older style, but there are a lot of other types if you can't find that one.
  8. Nice 1200 Coupe for sale on ebay.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Datsun-1200/223443397925?hash=item340643ad25:g:B3oAAOSwX2JchVD1
  9. Got the hinged lid done. Not as nice as the first box, but I needed the lid to support some weight since it'll be under the cargo floor mat. Thankfully, I bolted the first box in. Made it much easier to return the floor if I changed my mind. I'll seam seal that up, paint it, and have a piece of insulation to top it off. Bob's yer uncle, but who's yer Daddy? 🙌
  10. I've heard (and believed) the stories, but never seen that video. Thanks for posting. That was a very good comparison!
  11. Thanks, I think... My battery wouldn't fit that, and I understand you didn't use a cover. I'm going to paint my box cover with some big flake sparkle, lace paint over the top, flames, and then top it off with some hot rod pinstripes. I'll also add just a slight hint of purple pearl in the clear coat. I hope to have the lid done by JCCS this year 🙂
  12. With the much smaller battery that I was using, the bottom of the box was already too low. If the new battery was put there, it would be lower than the rear axle. The two batteries I have used are top mounted posts, so I didn't want any of my fat-assed friends to sit in the back seat and cause a short. The lid prevents that, and gives it more of a finished look, IMHO. As far as cabling, I have that cutoff switch under the back seat. I only need to go a few feet to the switch. The cable to the starter has already been run. The hardest part has been finding regular old-school battery terminals for my 4/0 cable. That shit is manly 🙂
  13. This worked out better than I expected. Was planning to cut the opening and bolt the box from the bottom, but I like this better. I can make a lid that is flush with the box flanges so it won't stick up any higher than the box. I still have a lot to do to finish this, but I plan on using some not-so-permanent cables to mock it up and get the car running tomorrow. BTW, this battery fits right between the horizontal floor rails, so all the cross supports are still there and unscathed. This setup has better ground clearance, too. I'm going to have the upholsterer do the carpet, then make a cargo floor mat out of the same material as the carpet. It'll look good, save the carpet, and you won't see the fuel door or battery box. It'll be nice to turn the key and not worry if the battery has enough juice to start the car...
  14. My small battery (like I used in the Sunny) idea didn't work terribly well. I'm swapping over to a Honda Civic battery which has a small footprint, but is fairly tall. There is a spot where it will fit under the rear cargo floor near the left rear tire. I originally had a Civic battery and should have located it there in the first place, but what the hell.... I'm currently doing a rather extensive paint project for someone, but I was able to get down to the shop and get this made for the new battery. And I think my new upholstery guy abandoned me. I'm guessing I was small potatoes and not worth his time for smaller jobs. This is why I try to do as much as I can myself. I generally don't have the best luck using outside vendors.
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