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  1. Mess with me, and you mess with my friend Chuck. This is my actual city, too. It's my understanding that some Antifa showed up, and a large group of locals that told them it wouldn't end well if any shit was started. There was no damage. That's what Chuck meant by saying it was good seeing people protect their City. I like me some Chuck...
  2. A couple of Hot Rod Magazine staffers tried this here in my hometown, and here's the result.. There's another one scheduled for June 14th, but with the riots (sorry, I mean protests) and general douchebaggery, I'm sitting it out.
  3. Went ahead and got an ebay cap. The Nismo sticker was not installed when it was delivered, so I peeled off the paper and stuck it on there not giving it a second thought. As soon as I opened the hood, I realized I should have put the cap on and clocked the decal to read right when it was on the car. As luck would have it, (and this never happens to me) here it is on tight and where the decal landed totally by chance. I need to go buy a lottery ticket now...
  4. Nice. That thing almost lays the rockers on the ground!
  5. Got my matching guitar and amp finished. The guitar is a '61 Custom Shop Tele. The amp is a Fender Pro Jr. A friend of mine built a hardwood case out of poplar so I could paint it. Both pieces together sound quite nice.
  6. Make it easily removable. Disco balls are hard to get through tech inspection at the racetrack 🙂 The cupholders looks like the goods. I had a 73 Ford van that had an aftermarket cupholder on top of the engine cover. Very handy to have...
  7. Oh no! No switch!!! No biggie at all, Bro. I have that glove box piece for you. Just remind me so I don't forget it next time we plan a meet and greet.
  8. That looks good from my house.... 👌
  9. I literally cut and pasted the email address off of that page. My email got sent out, no problem. 5 minutes later, it returned as undeliverable. I ended up ordering a cap off ebay, so all is good.
  10. I've seen those and probably will buy one. I thought the seal might be easier. The email I sent to that dealer bounced twice now... So much for easy 🙂
  11. I'm sure it's okay to order and they're legit. Was just hoping to get something going a bit faster. The two caps I have both use that rubber seal, and both are missing. MY old valve cover didn't leak, but the painted one does. It just seeps a little bit, and it can wait until I get the seal. Thanks again to all that helped!
  12. I was hoping to find one and just buy one with "normal" online buying. The Lynchburg Nissan page says that part can only be bought through email. I'm going to check my caps today and make sure it's what they describe on their website.
  13. 2 door sedans (as far as I know) don't exist in Australia. There is a guy near Sacramento that was sending them parts to do 2 door LHD conversions a few years back...
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