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  1. WWII Veteran Gets Corvette, and Veterans Day is in about three weeks.. https://www.motorious.com/articles/news/wwii-veteran-gets-corvette/
  2. I got my third Covid shot a few weeks ago. Also got a shingles and a flu shot over the last two weeks. With that said, I am pro choice. Whatever works for you is the right choice. I look out for me, not the Government...
  3. I've been reading about those, as well. One guy said he has two of those hooked up in series to a big Allison diesel and it works well. My existing cooler is solid, and it blocks the incoming air to my condenser and radiator. I do like the idea of a fan on the trans cooler, though. Living on So Cal, getting stuck in traffic on a hot day is a fairly regular occurence..
  4. Awesome. Congrats! Aren't the VIP cars mostly late model sedans where they are extremely cambered out, and have curtains on the back door windows? I got an invitation to a Hella Flush show at the Queen Mary show one year on the same day everyone was at the Nissei week in downtown. I was near the VIP cars, and they were all mostly as I described above. It was fun with a different crowd, and the cute Asian models in the naughty school girl outfits weren't bad, either...
  5. I've come to the conclusion that I have too many heat exchangers stuffed in the nose of my car. I need to get my trans temp gauge working first, but I'm going to go to a remote trans cooler mounted somewhere under that car. Hot Rod magazine just did a write up on these and similar remote trans coolers, and they are getting good user reviews. I'm planning on this or something very similar.. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/der-13900
  6. Are you entering either the stance or rev competitions? With your mad camber, you could be a contender...
  7. They don't pull any parts around here that I've ever seen, and their prices vary depending on what county they're located in. I paid about $250 for mine, and they have a weird deal about not including the brakes. That's no big deal because I want new drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, etc, anyway. The car currently stops very well, and I wanted a parking brake without having to reinvent the wheel. That's why I went with the drums. It's a pleasure car, and with the way I drive it, I'm pretty sure the rear brakes will outlive me at this point 🙂
  8. I didn't notice it when I first bought it, but I have an occasional "clunk" when I put the car into gear. Fortunately, I have an excellent guy who rebuilt the Sunny diff is right around the corner from me. Turns out the rear axle in my car is a Dana rear from a 50's Lincoln and any parts (of course) are NLA. After looking for a few weeks, I located a Ford 8.8" from a Ranger pickup in a wrecking yard. The cars tend to rotate fast here in So Cal, and I missed one a few weeks ago, so I jumped in my car and went to get it by myself. I did manage to get it pulled and wheel it through the cashier and out to the parking lot. I really lucked out because some guys just getting off of work from the yard came by and helped throw into my car. I would have never been able to get it into the car by myself. My neighbor helped me get it out when I got home, and we wrestled it into my side yard and on jack stands. A Ranger pickup with the optional 8.8 is fairly rare, but I also happen to get one with the exceptionally rare limited slip option, so it was a nice find. I'm ordering a new 3:73 ring and pinion, brakes, bearings, etc, etc and will get this all taken care of next month. In the column under "I'm never doing that again, ever" is getting a full size rear size axle by myself again. On the way home, I spotted this out in the wild. It's been a really long time since I've seen another one on the road like this.. It was funny seeing that out on a Tuesday afternoon. I thought I was the only one that did stuff like that..
  9. I was in on the tail end of Vietnam, but was stationed in Germany. I remember those grilles. The barracks were full of them. When I got out, I worked for many years in the Hi-Fi Stereo business, and never saw any of those other than the military outlets. Haven't seen those since then... They are cool, though. I haven't heard the name Sansui in years either, come to think of it... 🙂
  10. Those are really, really, really really old.. Do they have the tweeters on the top of the speaker?? I would bet someone bought those overseas when they were in the service. Those were Vietnam-era speakers sold through the PX to Armed Forces personnel.
  11. Try here.. https://ratsun.net/topic/40582-mrbigtankers-521/ Or here... https://ratsun.net/topic/75564-mrbigtanker-flew-the-coupe-finally/?tab=comments#comment-1613717 Or possibly here.. https://ratsun.net/topic/65681-mr-big-tankers-watermelon-wagon/?tab=comments#comment-1219323
  12. Here's a very strange one. https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1973-datsun-1200-vw/7387387731.html from the seller: THIS IS A 1970 VW PAN AND RUNNING GEAR WITH A 1973 DATSUN 1200 BODY ON IT. THE ENGINE IS A 1776 DUEL PORT WITH A 2 BARREL WEBER CARB. 4 WHEEL DISC BRAKES. KYB SHOCKS
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