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  1. Duncan


    Considering the matching yellow engine harness and plug wires, I'd pay that for it...
  2. I used a propane bottle and a scraper. Worked great, but you have to make sure the top of the floor has nothing on it. It's easy to melt a wiring harness, etc, etc. Not that I'd know first hand about that or anything........
  3. Any decent spring shop can repair/replace/modify springs for you. I used a spring shop here local to me on So Cal, and they added a leaf to my spring pack and re-arc'd them for a 1.5" drop. Cost was about $150-ish. The composite set is over $500 if I remember correctly...
  4. That car has a great body style. I like the fastback roof line and the forward-slant shark nose. 🙌 Surprisingly enough, it has somewhat similar styling as the '67 Nova, which was also a 1-year only body style..
  5. Just a tip: Wear a ratty sweatshirt and eye protection when running that wire wheel. The wires will come off the wheel occasionally, and hit you at full speed. The sweatshirt will protect your body and arms. I got hit in the face a few times, and those things sting when they hit! Good luck on your project! Give it hell, Bro!
  6. Most of the cheapies are...
  7. I'm not defending JC Whitney, but generally speaking, the rear carpet piece goes in first. The back edge tucks under the rear seat, the left and right edges go under the sill plates, and the front edge goes under the seat. The front piece goes over the rear under the seats and covers the edge, so if it was edge bound, it wouldn't show. Most of those kits come with the edges a bit frayed, and I've taken a lighter and singed them up a bit instead of trying to pull them or cut them off. I had a similar kit I installed into my Sunny, and I did have to trim the side edges a bit. I also took a heat gun and CAREFULLY heated the carpet to lay down a bit better over the tunnel BEFORE trimming the edges. The kit was a bit of work to install, but it wasn't much money and it looked pretty good when I was finished. I don't know your car at all, but I've done a few of these kits, and most of them are about the same.
  8. Way back when, I was in the parts business, and basically all that was needed was a resale number.
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