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  1. I straightened some dents out of both the pans I had on mine. Wasn't that hard, really. You could also post a "wanted" ad in the classifieds. They really aren't that hard to find. As previously mentioned, be sure what to say what vehicle this L20B motor is in....
  2. That interior panel on the inside of the hatch has a wicked curve to it. That backing board has to be condom-thin to work :)
  3. Looks very sexy! (like you, Big Guy) I love the 2-tone interior and the old school Equip 01 wheels.. Very nice!
  4. I want them. I am looking to stuff a Nissan motor into a vintage Hilux. I can mod these a bit to work!
  5. I thought I'd seen it. It was this one. I like this car a lot...
  6. Can't really diagnose it unless in person. You might enlist some help from a friend, and have them rock it while you climb under to see if you can pinpoint it. With that big of a clunking noise, I wouldn't think that would be terribly difficult to find.
  7. I saw the shot of the car on a trailer with the primer and guidecoat, and immediately thought of James. It's a very nice looking 510.
  8. Just ran across this today. Possibly a car from The Keeper???
  9. Moar low and purple would be awesome!
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