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  1. Duncan

    Timing chain

    That's exactly what I was planning on doing. I did rip the gasket getting the front cover off. I bought another and plan on trimming the front section off and replacing with a front cut piece off the new one. Less than ideal, for sure, but it should be okay. I'm also waiting to get my new/used timing cover back from being polished. My old one was fairly well corroded internally along with the water inlet. I went to a new metal polish shop and it was fairly inexpensive, so I thought "what the hell". I also bought a new water pump. It's another one of those "since I'm here" things.
  2. Got the timing chain straightened out. Thanks to those in the engine section that helped. As per usual, it was user error 🙂
  3. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Good point. I suppose I could put the bottom of the timing chain on and then wedge it in place.
  4. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Yes, but we discuss details as small as you could imagine ad nauseum. It's the Ratsun way 🙂 And, there's only one notch on the pulley, and (as far as I can remember) it aligns just fine with the sawtooth timing piece. I am also taking your suggestion to temporarily put the timing cover on and checking the timing mark against the pointer. I'll probably get to that tomorrow before I put the head back on. It's a good suggestion, and thanks! I also sent my extra timing cover out today to have it polished. Since JCCS was cancelled, there's no worry about getting it together with a deadline. I can take my time and clean and/replace stuff as necessary now instead of rushing it.
  5. Duncan

    Timing chain

    I imported the whole wagon, and the motor I'm working on came over "on the boat" installed in it. The really weird thing was it arrived and had a LHD centerlink, and I somehow ended up buying a NOS RHD centerlink out of Texas. Now THAT was a very strange, but nice find..
  6. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Mike, my wagon is an Aussie spec model. It has no a/c, and a '71 from Australia probably didn't get an air pump, either. Don't know for sure, but just a guess..
  7. Duncan

    Timing chain

    I haven't yet put on the front cover where the sawtooth timing plate goes. However, with the head off and the No 1 and 4 pistons in positions, I could grab the pulley with one hand and rock it back and forth at the top of the stroke. You can feel right where TDC is. I just know that from looking at it for a few years, the pulley notch is right about where it should be. This is the only L Series motor I've ever had or worked on, so the pulley could be from something else. I have checked timing with a light a few times, and it has always been easy to time and it seems to be right where it should be every time I checked. I do have a matchbox dizzy in it. Anyway, I may slap the front cover on tomorrow temporarily and double check the pulley mark against the plate. Certainly won't hurt anything. I may even take a photo 🙂
  8. Duncan

    Timing chain

    BTW, thanks to all for the help. I really appreciate it. All you guys posting in this thread are always very helpful to everyone. Wayno, Hainz is right on the L20 timing notch and pointer being on the right side. (Looking at the engine from the front of the car) I don't know if they are all like that, but mine is. Yep, it was a screwup. User induced FUBAR. I've always used the Felpro head gaskets. This is my first Datsun, but did a LOT of small and big block Chevys back in the day with good success.
  9. Duncan

    Timing chain

    The Overhaulin' and Wheeler Dealer shops are about 1/2 mile from my house. I'll go to Home Depot and regularly see some of the Overhaulin crew there in their T-Shirts. Anyway, glad I took the head off 'cause it was not on TDC, now it is.. Motor on TDC now.. Dimple as it is now.. I had the pulley on facing the wrong way, here's where it is facing the correct way 🙂 Anyway, I had a few people here working on it here with me, and somehow it got rotated. I know I could have put a screwdriver or similar into #1 plug hole, but I like to be absolutely sure about stuff like this, especially since you have to put so much back on before you see if it runs. Oh well, I chalk it up to a good learning experience. If there's a next time, it'll be a breeze 🙂
  10. Duncan

    Timing chain

    I'm going to go grab a gear puller to remove the crank gear, AND take the head off. I really need to see what the 'eff is going on here. I have a real old school parts store near me. I think I paid $11 last time for the gasket, and this guy usually gets stuff in 4 hours or less. I've run into CHip Foose and the Wheeler Dealers guy in there, as well. Fortunately, I have no time pressure... Chances are highly likely I've done something wrong since the wagon has always run. I'm now viewing it as a personal challenge 🙂
  11. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Thanks guys. I’ll yank the head off tomorrow and see what’s going on. If rather do that than try to get that lower gear off. Again, there was so much bad work done on this wagon that I am not surprised by anything I find with this vehicle..
  12. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Actually, somewhere on that page, he describes sitting in front of the car and looking into the engine bay. I think I'll take the head off and the lower gear stuff and see what I can see. The baffling thing is the pulley and the timing slot. It lines up at TDC, so maybe Heinz is right that possibly the key sheared off. Initially, the head broke a valve spring and was actually running when I pulled it apart...
  13. Duncan

    Timing chain

    Don't want to be difficult because I appreciate the input, but here's the exact copy from the "Keep your Datsun alive" book. Here's where he says to install the gear, and the dimple will be on the left side. (Where it is now) Please note the last sentence of this paragraph. And then you read this about matching the position of the crank with the cam, the dimple ends up on the other side. Clear as mud, IMHO 🙂 At least right now, I'm good with the top paragraph... I'm not getting where it say to match position of cam with position of crankshaft. Once that's done, the dimple appears to be on the right side at 2 o'clock.. ??
  14. Duncan

    Timing chain

    You really can't see it, but like I said, the pulley notch is right where it should be, and the pistons were in the right position as well. Cam lobes are at 10 and 2, cam sprocket on number 2 and notches all line up there. I wish I understood what Messer says about the dimple being on the left (driver's side) and then lining up the crank with the cam so the dimple is on the right side. That makes NO sense to me whatsoever..
  15. Duncan

    Sealing Oil Pan Flange

    I just pulled the front 4 bolts out to pull the front cover off. I'm just going to cut the front section off another gasket and glue it down. The pisser is the pan didn't leak previously..
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