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  1. Duncan

    Cali mini truck

    Me, not so much..
  2. Duncan

    Cali mini truck

    You must be special then...
  3. Duncan

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Damn. I remember him from his crazy 210, and some of his posts around Ratsun. Sorry I never really got to know him, but my impression of him was he was an absolute hoot to be around and to know. I'm sorry I never got that honor. As a heart surgery patient myself, that really hits close to home for me. My condolences to all his friends and family. RIP Dave.
  4. Duncan

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    Still fixing shit.. Changed my rear springs today. Comparo of stock vs modified: Had a local spring shop add an additional leaf then de-arc the set about 1 inch. The modified pack is in front, the stock is in the rear. You can see the extra leaf in the pack, and it's a lower arc compared to the other. Haven't driven it other than around the block a couple of times, but the wagon has a firmer ride, and the back end doesn't squat nearly like it did before. I was a bit concerned that it might be too much, but I think it's going to be just fine. I'm still playing around with air shock pressure, but I think it's going to be a nice improvement over the old springs. I don't know what the old/new spring rates are, but the front springs are 225lbs each, and it seems more balanced now.
  5. Duncan

    Cali mini truck

  6. Duncan

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    No worries 😀 I've always hated that chrome end piece, and it shouldn't be too big of a deal to replace all of it from the muffler back. I could always use a wratchet strap and possibly pull it away from the shock a little bit, but I don't generally like doing things like that unless it's absolutely necessary. With that said, you should see how I tweak doors to fit..
  7. Duncan

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    Started putting the back seat in. I got about this far when my neighbor with the Pantera showed up. I threw him in the back of the wagon and went for a drive. I needed a second person to pinpoint where my gnarly-ass rattle was coming from. He confirmed my suspicions that it was from the left rear quarter. After pulling the tail light and the upholstered panel that covers the inner quarter, with no luck, we started looking under the car.. Even though I could grab and shake the exhaust without it rattling, it looked way too close to the left shock. I wedged a piece of dense foam rubber between the shock and the exhaust, and my mystery intermittent rattle finally disappeared. It took a while, but I now have all the rattles taken care of. (It still is an old car, though..) So on Tuesday, I need to find a muffler shop and see if they can replace the section from behind the muffler to the rear of the car. I'll be very happy to get rid of this dilapidated (formerly) chrome tip. It really looks like shit, it sticks out too far, and it needs to go. I just want a piece of down turned pipe. No fart cans, please... Even though I have a long list of things to take care of, it's getting there, and I'm having a ball driving it! 💃
  8. Duncan

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    I had not seen your build thread, and just spent about 20 or so minutes looking through it. Your build is very impressive, and I'd like to take some time to go through it more closely. Your build seem to be similar in scope as mine. Thank you for the kind words. I look forward to watching yours, and it looks like it's going to be beautiful when it's done! Mark
  9. Duncan

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    50 Series aren't all that bad. They're half as wide as they are tall. I've never had them on an import truck, but had them on plenty of full sized vans with no complaints.. I just looked at your link, and I have Toyo Extensas 195/50/15's on my wagon 👍

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