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  1. Spent that last week fixing this fender. Got the paint bubble gone and repainted it. Got is sanded yesterday. Polished it all out today. Looking forward to showing it at the local Concourse show on June 2nd. Unfortunately, I can't make it to JCCS this year. My niece decided to get married, and she picked the day of JCCS to do it. (Just my luck) I may send my friend with the car to the show, but we'll see what happens. It might be there, but I won't. 😞
  2. I like the label that says "Oil Catch Can". You need one for the "Big Ass Alternator" as well. 😀
  3. I've seen 'em with more rust. Hard to tell for sure until the paint is gone. The Coupe is cool though, and I like the AC!
  4. I'm helping my neighbor locate some BMW seats. I did a search in the auto parts section of some local CL ads, and ran into a metric ass-load of BMW cars for sale. I imagine CL will stop that fairly soon. I haven't searched for Datsun in the auto parts section lately , but I imagine they will be some cars there, at least for a little bit...
  5. No, it's far from perfect.
  6. Well, Had to pull the fender. Had a paint bubble develop. I suspect that when I did some lead work, I may have missed a spot on cleanup. The tinning process leaves acid, and it's possible this was missed. I've never had this happen before, and I am positive it wasn't rust or a spot with no primer. Since I'm repainting the fender, I'm also opening the gap up between the door a bit. It was too small, so it's the "since I'm here" thing..
  7. I've pretty much decided the console is out. I'm going to order a Lokar shift boot, and re-visit a custom made console at a later time.
  8. Thanks Ray, been busy this morning with the driver's seat. Here's the 1/4" spacers. I already had a thin set of these tacked on to make the seat level, so these were super-simple to do. It's really thick wall steel tubing, and quite manly in it's girth and thickness...(They'll hold my fat ass for sure!) Just waiting now for the paint to dry. I also just yanked the console out and ordered a generic shift boot from Summit Racing. I have a good friend who is a master cabinet builder. I bet I could get a custom console built any way I want it, cover it in something very nice, and it would still be cheaper than a used Bluebird console. After all this work and trouble, I'd hate to have to go with something I thought was shitty. Anyway, we'll see.
  9. Wow. What a business plan. Seems like there's a lot of people that do wheels already..
  10. Mine is in relatively decent shape. My gripe is it's just cheap and flimsy. I had a similar unit in my 1200 Coupe, and it seemed to be a bit better quality. (But not by much)
  11. Looking great James! The tan/white interior is cool and different.
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