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  1. Love the graceful lines. The car is okay, too
  2. If you're asking me, mine was the Pfizer.
  3. Maybe not. I got the vaccine in the very early rounds, and both my wife and I had no symptoms or any adverse side effects after the second shot.
  4. Duncan

    Wagon Fuel Fill

    This setup was as bad as the stock setup. I added the fuel door because I hated the look of the gas cap on the wagon. I was hoping this would also make the fueling a little better, but it did not. I still had to go painfully slow when adding fuel, and it still spilled down the side of the car on my new paint. My neighbor has a 70's BMW 2002 and had the same filling problems. The 2002 guys add a second filler to the tank in the trunk. It's a very common mod for them, and that's where I got the idea.
  5. Duncan

    Wagon Fuel Fill

    Here's the filler door I used. It looked good, but quality was iffy at best. People seem to use these on high dollar street rods, but I don't know why. Poorly made. Here's the only shot I could find of my home made filler tube. Now that I think about it, the metal tube is straight, and I went to the parts store and bought a 2.5" rubber fuel hose with a 90 degree bend to get to the tank. I don't remember exactly how it would apply to the stock stuff, but this is what I used on mine. Hope it helps.. I ended up with two fillers
  6. Duncan

    Wagon Fuel Fill

    That thread went on for 5-plus years and I lost three photo hosts, so there's a LOT of pics missing. I initially added a hot-rod fuel door from Hagen's Street Rods, so even though I had a NOS rubber fuel line, I couldn't use it. I used a couple of mandrel-bent ninety degree bends and some straight rubber fuel pieces to route it to the tank, and it worked fine as far as that went. The problem was the quick 90 degree instant downward angle with the Cal smog boot on the gas nozzle caused it to be as bad (if not worse) than the factory filler. I had to hold the gas pump to pump as
  7. Duncan

    Wagon Fuel Fill

    I ended up using mandrel bent tubing to replace the rubber filler. It was fairly simple, but the Calif smog nozzles on the gas pumps were still a messy, pain in the ass to put fuel into my wagon. I bought a filler neck and cap from tanks.inc and modified the tank. Detail of that can be found here. Scroll down the page a bit to find the tank mods.. It worked great.
  8. I didn't look at the videos at all, but I would bet that's Fitzee, yes? That guy is awesome!
  9. My thought exactly. Was at Mr Bigs a while back and saw the 9" he's got for his truck. It is HUGE. He's got a full out FJ motor, so it's not all that crazy for his application, but seems way overkill for a KA swap..
  10. The shift knob is badass. You're right, that is an exceedingly long-ass glass pack!
  11. That motor will probably get rusty pretty quick, though...
  12. Love the steering wheel mods. The laminated wood looks great! I have been looking into buying a Juki industrial sewing machine, and start dabbling with doing my own upholstery.
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