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  1. I made a bit of cardboard aided design progress last night. The seat rails are pretty heavily integrated, I did consider it but it may be tough. I’ll take another look at it and take some pics. Im still waiting for carpet so I’ve got some time.
  2. thanks for posting the details. I think most of the Datsun sheet metal is 1mm. That looking mighty clean inside! Great to see.
  3. I haven't made much progress on the seats. I've got a bit of decision paralysis with the rails. The seat rails are rather long which means If I cut them short they wont adjust forward and back very far. Also they are spread very far apart. Both which make it difficult to lower. The other part is that the seat has a mechanical height mechanism to raise and lower the seats. This would be great if the seats sat too low. Right now I have the choice of medium to bar stool. I've sat looking at the mechanical linkage to see if I could modify the seat to drop it down. Not happening, and it would be for marginal gains. I'll likely just try to level out the seat and build some mounts. Also I need to get the car off jack stands to really get a good feel for position.
  4. Looking a little toasted, but fixable
  5. I’ve used luk on several vehicles with great results.
  6. Good to hear your've got the tools and experience. I'd just start chopping and never look back. 🙂 Just make sure the actual rail is good, otherwise it gets a little tricky. Make sure the sway bar mount is solid and the tension rod pocket is good. If it's just the wheel well tub down to the frame rail, I'd just start removing all of that then get a good look inside and go from there. I bought a cheap ebay bore scope to look inside areas like this.
  7. We've been instructed to not have more than 6 people IN OUR HOME or we will go to jail.
  8. How is the inside frame rail? Just as crusty? If it were me, I'd chop out all that metal and get a good look at the inside. If the rust is isolated to the outside sheetmetal, I'd just make a replacement part and weld it in. Same goes for the inside piece, although that might be a bit easier if you could find a donor frame rail. It can be fabricated though. Do you have a welder, a cutoff disk, and a spot weld cutter?
  9. Next comes threats of jail time.
  10. The thing I really like about these particular seats is size wise they are very similar to stock and they are offset to the center of the vehicle which means the bolsters clear the inner door handle. This is particularly annoying when you shut the door and it just bangs into the seat. Or when adjusting your seat with the door close it hangs up on the inner door handle.
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