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  1. I've not installed a rear datsport seal. But I've used lots of their other stuff. I've just never pulled the rear glass, so never needed it (yet). I bought vintage rubber for my front glass on one of my cars.. and it arrived as a precision gasket, made in Thailand. If I wanted that I would have bought Sunpha seals.. or Just a precision gasket from ebay. When I confronted Vintage Rubber, he claimed he owned all the tooling for Precision rubber.. But yet the package was clearly marked Precision, made in Thailand with his part number sticker over the Precision part number. The fit of
  2. datsport all the way!! great products and great people. Not cheap due to shipping from down under... but best on the market.
  3. Wrong thread, but last time there was no reservations. Tons of room for everyone.
  4. Scooped the RLC 66 Nova this morning. I would have much rather had the 64 Impala.. but the RLC website is complete shit.
  5. It's been 3 months. The left has barely finished sharpening their economic vampire fangs. Give it time. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/yellen-fed-rate-hike-may-be-needed-to-prevent-economy-from-overheating-160446290.html
  6. Welcome! You could probably use any charcoal canister in this case. Just as long as it's fitted with one. I've got a KC 620 waiting in the weeds for me to build. Looking forward to seeing yours.
  7. Regarding the clutch, you can cross reference part numbers on rockauto to see if they both use the same clutch. I believe the speedo would work if it's long enough and in correct position on the transmission.
  8. Have a donations box at the your spot, small sign to show what it's goes to. Or just post your paypal and info on the first post. What are we talking for insurance for this event?
  9. You can only legally breath in Oregon with 3 masks, a face shield, outdoors, and be vaccinated . Oh and 6 feet please. Ain't tryin' to get dead.
  10. Jack it up, get under it with a stethoscope or other listening device of your choice, have a helper reproduce the issue and have a listen. Use jack stands and be safe under there. that should give you an idea if it’s in the tranny or something else.
  11. We’ll have to wait and see what comes in the next couple weeks.
  12. It won’t bolt in. Can you make it fit, sure but you may have to hack it to bits. I’ve never seen it done personally. Maybe photoshop it first to see if it’s something you like.
  13. Kate brown just locked us down again, starting yesterday.
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