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  1. Totally agree! I'm excited to see the rest of your build. Thanks for joining and posting your progress so far.
  2. Wayno might have some resources for the older datsuns.. maybe he'll chime in.
  3. In 1960, I'm guessing it's a P311? You won't find many parts for this car. Best bet is to buy parts cars and harvest parts. Or find parts that interchange. These are incredibly rare.
  4. Impressive work! And such an amazing car! Are you still working on the swap? America has gone fucking crazy with Russia hysteria, but if you build a car like that, you're okay in my book! Welcome aboard!!
  5. Yeah, take a picture, post it here. OR look at the part numbers stamped on the side of the strut tubes. Also post that here.
  6. Draker

    Is this a good trade?

    There are a number of us in the Eugene area. Pretty good crew.
  7. Draker

    Is this a good trade?

    I've got too many projects. But someone would want it I'm sure.
  8. I second the timing. Make sure this is set correctly. You could be 180 degrees out on the distributor, which would wet the plugs and stumble a bit. Or the oil pump spindle could be a tooth off which would cause your distributor to be way off. If I was to place a bet on anything wrong with it, it's probably the dizzy if off because of the oil pump drive spindle. Set the crank at TDC, take the valve cover off, look at the timing mark there. Then pop the dizzy out (DO NOT DISCONNECT THE SPARK PLUG WIRES), look down the hole. Look at this post for reference:
  9. Draker

    Is this a good trade?

    Heads on a subie aren't that bad. Plus it gives you a chance to do the clutch at the same time, which was also on the list. Either way is fine.. Truck is cool. I personally wouldn't trade for it. But if you like the truck, do it.
  10. Alignment shop may have tossed them in there to begin with. Not saying a quality shop.. never know. Probaby just worn parts and this was a way to compensate.
  11. Draker

    Is this a good trade?

    I wouldn't do it. I'd fix the subie.
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