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  1. Best thing about these is they appear all original.
  2. Got one set of brackets done and painted. since the receiver is mounted to the seat, and the factory seat mount is spot welded to basically nothing I added a mount to the factory seatbelt mount location. Will it hold in a wreck.. maybe? It’s 1/8” steel. Would the factory mount hold, absolutely not. Finished the seatbelt receiver mount. Tossed the seat back in and gave the seatbelt a try and happy to report they work fantastic and they are not in the way.
  3. You're right, they aren't listed for sale. I've got a spare 4 door, it's in Eugene Oregon. Minimal rust, but there is some. Floors are good, All glass is good, clean title. Dogleg 5 speed, camber plates, L18 which needs rebuilt. Asking $3500 locally but would sell for $3k. Pm if interested. I've been meaning to post it in the classifieds.
  4. Ordered a sample. Thanks for the link! Looks like a close match.
  5. A couple parts offered by @LS_Wagon in the classifieds. eyebrow trim 69 510 and roadster marker light boots.
  6. Also for those 69 and roadster folks he also has some round marker light boots. These are basically like the oem part. The fit is very good!
  7. Obviously these aren’t as smooth as the factory part but you really don’t notice when they are on the car. That’s just because of the resolution of the 3D printing process. I’m trying to see if he’ll make some for the 1200 eyebrows too. i bought some u channel rubber from a member on here. These look more factory than the u channel versions. overall I would say I’d run these without hesitation. These are a great option and super affordable. he’s got them listed for sale in the classifieds.
  8. I got some eyebrow gaskets from@LS_Wagon these are 3D printed with flex filament. I gotta say these are really cool. The profile is chamfered like the factory parts. They fit really well. I snapped a few pics of the factory gasket and printed and test fitted on the car.
  9. This is the first I’ve seen it. Maybe it’s still around! Hope so.
  10. Ordered some vinyl on Amazon to redo the interior inner rockers and below the seat. The ‘grain’ is no where close to oem. Anyone have a better source for this material? I’ve got a few local upholstery supply shops but they are by appointment only an closed on the weekend. Easier to order online.
  11. Pretty cool! If you can shift the gears when it's off, then it's likely a clutch or hydraulic issue. You'll get it sorted.
  12. Glad to hear you were able to find another set. I remember you asking me years ago after posting pics at Canby.
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