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  1. Costco report, everything was normal. No tp, or cleaning stuff. Everything else was fine and not busy. Sneeze guards have been installed on everything.
  2. Keep in mind the world health organization said there was not clear evidence of human to human transmission.
  3. I’ve got n95, p100, organic vapor, full face. Went golfing today. Social distancing at it’s finest. gotta admit, pretty weird times. picked up another 60 rounds of .223, 20 9mm varmint rounds, 150 9mm.
  4. 2 cases of the virus in our county reported today. One is just sick at home, and one is dead. Found out after they died.. First of many.
  5. Went to buy some 9mm and .223 aaaaaaaand gone. Long gone. I'll try a few more local stores but I'm sure it's going to be the same everywhere.
  6. Went to Safeway yesterday, other than no toilet paper everything was very normal. Drove out to get some food today, traffic seamed lighter than normal. Costco is still a fucking mad house.
  7. signed up for the hotwheels RLC again this year. Hoping for some rare dimes this year. Anyone else?
  8. Oregon banned gatherings of 250+ people starting today.. but schools are not closed.
  9. It's a great start. There are a lot of other filament types available. I agree with modifying them for a different bulb, or offer two types. I don't have a 521, so I'm just a spectator here.
  10. Now you'll have to modify the tunnel and get your drive shaft shortened to fit.
  11. upload to postimage.org Then link here.
  12. Bought two more of these, and they are headed down under.
  13. Draker

    Powerland 2020!

    sure why not. Good promo material!
  14. I was at costco yesterday. It was fucking insane. I even saw some folks wearing dust masks with flatbeds full of food and water. There is no hand sanitizer for sale anywhere.
  15. I'm not overly worried about corona. But you should probably have enough dry food and water to last a few weeks anyway. Get a water filtration system, a generator, ammunition, extra medications if you need that type of thing. It sounds like some psycho plan but it's not. It's an insurance policy for a few weeks. FYI, you're going to use all that shit anyway, world going tits up or not. The bad news about this virus is that similar to SARS, we likely haven't seen the worst of it yet. If it follows the same ramp-up/down March/April will be the worst, and we will see relief in May. It's how cold/flu season goes.
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