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  1. Draker

    Clutch pedal assembly

    Finding a 620 assembly isn't that hard. Just post in the classifieds. 620s are all over the place still.. at least in the NW and that may be where you have to ship one from.
  2. Sometimes you'll be surprised and the Datsun will get most of the attention. 🙂
  3. I know of a 4 door gas tank.. but shipping would be a bitch. If someone is prepared to pay up for shipping, I can pass the info along.
  4. You'll want to get a good leakdown gauge and check how much air is getting past the rings. Compression numbers do look good, so maybe the issue is not rings. I think a leakdown will be able to tell you a lot more about engine health.
  5. Great buy there, glad to see it go to a good home.
  6. They are a breeze to install. I've got them on the dime and on my 1200. I'd say about 95% plug and play. I had to shave the back of the housing mount points a bit to get the headlight rings to fit nicely. Otherwise, just pop them in and done. Wiring is plug and play. If you run halo's you'll need to find a power source for those. The light output is great, but my only complaint is they use a small projector in the housing which causes the beam to be a big narrow. To resolve this I just adjusted the lights to whatever the reverse of cross-eyed is. Double lazy eyed? Cut off is nice, relay harness allows for highs and lows to be on with the high beams. Support is good. They are on the expensive side though.. wait for a sale perhaps.
  7. 10k for a stock wagon? Good luck......
  8. Wow, that's pretty bold. I love it! Good work fixing right.
  9. Dapper lighting headlights. LED high beams, HID low beams. 15x7 wheels, not sure on the offset. 0? Not sure on the inserts, I should have done a better documenting it in my build thread. I used this thread for reference:
  10. All seriousness, you've done a fantastic job on this build. I was surprised to see it for sale too. But shit happens.. gotta do what you feel is best.
  11. That Kia Spectra is gonna be nuts..
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