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  1. How much for the car? That is an extremely sought after transmission.. and the A15 is desirable as well.
  2. 60a even if it would fit, would be way too weak. It’s for a 1.2L engine. It’s basically a toy lol. Great for A series engines though!!
  3. Delo diesel oil has been recommended many times. Seems to work good, cheap. High levels of zddp. Or just use an additive.
  4. in had to get approval from my doctor to do a walk-in test. How dumb are we?
  5. Confirmed they do have rebuild kits. $229 plus shipping. I’m gonna snag one or two.
  6. 100% agree. This is a must... However the doors will still leak water.. lol
  7. I got jealous of Jesse having all the cool stuff. Went to find some of my own.
  8. Time Left: 13 hours and 58 minutes

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    Looking to buy rear seat belts for a 71 Datsun 510. They must be square button like the picture shows. Would buy one or two, ideally 2. must be like the ones shown. These are for a period correct build.


    Eugene, Oregon - US

  9. Those are fuckin rad!! I’ve checked a few times and the peg is always empty. Thanks for the sku!
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