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  1. Draker

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Dang it!!
  2. Draker

    Paradise Datsun

    Welcome! Good way to start out a thread.
  3. Draker

    The Bluebird from Japan

    Dang.. bummer on the radiator. I was going to say.. leaky from the factory? No way!! Can it be repaired?
  4. Draker

    Heater Core source

    Post a wanted ad, you'll find one. Lots of 720's in the PNW. Ted probably has a bucket full of these.
  5. Draker

    Just came across some NOS 68 tail light lenses

    The NOS lenses will be worth good money on ebay. That's about the only place you're going to find a market for them, or maybe a FB group. Reproduction lenses.. I'm not too sure. There are just so few of them out there. You might make a few bux, but it's gonna be slow going.
  6. Draker

    The Bluebird from Japan

    Nice work!
  7. Draker

    Any tips for starting 620 after sitting for 7 years?

    Small squirt of oil down each piston will help free up those rings a bit and lube the cylinders. Otherwise, pump the gas pedal two or three times, choke it if available. Then turn it over and see what happens. Might just fire right up!
  8. Draker

    Justice for the 69 datto (pics)

    Nice work. More to go.. keep at it!
  9. Draker

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    Try cobra transmissions
  10. Draker

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Headliner and entire car is looking good!!
  11. Draker


    I've seen some with a return line. It's not needed though. I assume you are asking because your 69 510 has a factory return line. I would just cap it off on both ends. That's what I did on mine.
  12. Draker

    Which exhaust manifold and downpipe do I need?

    The important part is if the head is round or square exhaust ports. Other factors include you probably don't want a manifold that connects to the intake to warm it up. Those are junk. 510 manifolds have a different output flange, where I think the 620's are a 3 bolt round flange. I'm sure Mike will be here soon with pictures to show the differences.
  13. Draker

    Datsun Camper

    If its that white truck on the link you posted.. yeah it's got some value. How much.. I don't know. What year?
  14. Draker

    My 510 Fuse Box Cover - a photo

    Three types: 68, 69, 70-73

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