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  1. I have a 4 door I’d let go for $4k. L18 and dogleg 5 speed. Solid floor pans, very little rust. I got the engine running but needs rebuilt. Longer I have it the more parts end up in my other builds. Super solid car, just waiting for the right buyer.
  2. It poured down rain last night and again this morning. Radar showed massive rain over the fire near me. Pretty sure it’s out very close to it.
  3. yeah I can appreciate what the previous owner was trying to do. The driveshaft angles were completely fucked though.
  4. It rained here already twice. Very light, but more coming tonight. Up to 1.5” expected in the hills... where the fire is.
  5. Always good to see them still in the road.
  6. got a few more hours in the garage today so I put the drive line in, installed the exhaust hanger, bolted down the engine mounts. Then I started it up and checked the status of the wobble. I was able to get it up to about 70mph without the vibration. The drive line sounded like it was flopping around at lower speeds but I'm guessing that's because there was no load it. Also I thing the bearing in the tail of the transmission might be a little worn. I can wiggle the yoke a bit.. maybe its normal. Just seems a bit too loose. This the press fit solid bearing in the transmission. I'm sure that's impossible to get these days. After I got that going I did a bit of welding to fix the T/C rod cup and a crack on the front of the frame rail near the T/C rod.
  7. final product. After getting it in the car I gave the engine a shake by hand and heard some clunks. Sounds like the pan hitting the crossmember. I tossed some shims in the mounts and it seems to be good now. I’ll check it on a test drive. Worst case I weld a shim into the mount. I think it’ll be fine though. Not sure why this didn’t come up in my many test fits.
  8. MAN CHARGED WITH ARSON IN CONNECTION TO OREGON WILDFIRE https://abc7.com/amp/wildfire-oregon-fire-in-arson/6420067/?fbclid=IwAR0dKIAPmkjmvu7pLYUOkB0VuUGZaVnyCvjW9g7rmgjY6ZF3upla4HycPbY&__twitter_impression=true
  9. This has been an incredible build to watch over the years. Your next one will be even better. Good luck!
  10. I know of a pole barn deep in the woods, packed to the roof with 510 parts, a collection spanning 4 decades. it could be already burnt to the ground. Also in side, several OG mini coopers.
  11. You are probably looking for @wayno
  12. The green truck and the 411 were built right here on Ratsun by @Bob3
  13. It’s got nice parts and some good finishes. I like the under dash ac. Stereo setup looks cheap. Stock suspension? Yikes. They made it 90% the way there.
  14. Eight small fires started within a two-hour period early this morning, and deputies are looking for a pickup truck that was seen in the area of one of the fires. https://www.kezi.com/content/news/Suspicious-fires-under-investigation-in-Linn-County-572408211.html
  15. If it’s close, it will be a clusterfuck months no matter who wins. If trump wins there will be peaceful protests and uncompensated retail exchanges. Aka riots and looting, for the guys in the back. if Biden wins, the right tucks their tail. a trump win must be substantial, an absolute landslide. Even then, the left will not give up easy. “Must not concede under any circumstances” as a drunk witch once said. My opinion, there will be attempts to commit voting fraud like no other. The mail in ballots will be a complete shit show. Hanging chads times 10.
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