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  1. yeah mine is the same. Tagged but the stamp is long gone.
  2. Ooooooh!!! Police z32 and 1200 Ute!! nice!
  3. It really hard to say.. I went in looking for 004. Their 940 looked to be the same color as the inside of my fuel door. I'll do a test and see if it's close. I think even if I got the color code correct, it wouldn't be a perfect match. I'd settle for close.
  4. Do you know the color code for your car? Does it have the factory stamp on the core support? 004?
  5. Went and got some color matched paint mixed today. I looked at the wiki and found two colors for green, 004 and 940. The paint ship didn't have a paint chip for 004, and 940 looked like a good match but it was a 73 color. Mine is a 72.. Hope it's a match. If not.. meh. It's in the engine bay. I'll just cover it in dirt and grease.
  6. Buy them when you see them.. 🙂 6 years ago they were cheaper than you could find today.
  7. very cool! Really love the NL!
  8. Well that sucks! Back in the rainy day box and wait for another project I guess.
  9. I may try to get the auto tranny out this week and start modding the rear crossmember to accept the 60A 5 speed. Also need to get some color matched paint so I can touch up the firewall after removing the clutch master blanking plate.
  10. I always use OEM sealant. I use to be a tech for Hyundai/Volvo and used this stuff all the time. I've removed a number of oil pans and trust me it's a pain in the ass. So it's the natural choice. Plus I still have a hookup to get it free or cheap, so that doesn't hurt either. It's likely the same solution as hondabond or some permatex stuff. If it doesn't leak then whatever.
  11. Got the tranny back together today. Overall pretty smooth. Two points of difficulty though.. torquing an unobtainium M6 stud on the gear selector shaft and simply getting that selector into the shift rods. That's always the hard part of installing/removing the rear case though. Patience and studying what the FSM is trying to tell you is key... all while the RTV is slowing drying on you. 😂 Everything spins freely so I'm happy with that. True test will be the test drive once the swap is completed. Next step for me will be to toss some cheap fluid in there and then flush it out after a few miles. Then refill and smash some gears.
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