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  1. Looks great. Please don’t paint it!!
  2. but then your brakes still suck. Stock 1200 brakes are so bad. Not sure about 210, but I expect they are marginally better but still bad. Unsprung weight is a drawback but depends on what you are using the car for. Not a concern for me. I also build custom coil overs. It wasn’t cheap and in many ways just going the way mike mentioned would be better. But again all depends on your use case.
  3. Make sure you use the 5% coupon to ease the cost of shipping.
  4. I installed these in my 1200. It’s a great setup for sure. Need 14” wheels though
  5. Watch the comparison videos on YouTube. Milwaukee 3/8 and 1/2 are great.
  6. I’m in Nashville and let’s just say.. there is no sign of the pandemic.
  7. I got my current dog from a humane society. He was there for over a year. He’s a fucking basket case. But he’ll cuddle you until it hurts. had him for 8 years now. He was $50.
  8. now you need one because they are trailer queens.
  9. Draker

    Powerland III

    This event will get bigger, huge potential here! The first year and this year were a bit lower due to transition away from Canby, covid, rain. 2022 will see some growth for sure. Especially if we all mention it to our Datsun friends way in advanced.
  10. Draker

    Powerland III

    I have mixed feelings on it. If the Toyota's come out in force and the meet turns into a mostly Toyota meet.. then you'll have some unhappy Datsun owners. I don't mind mixing in a few Toyotas.. but there are plenty of other meets for them to enjoy. Including Old School reunion and Kickin' it old school that happens this very same weekend.
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