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  1. I have been driving Dragon pretty much trouble free, but yesterday, I needed to get some gravel to fill a pothole in a driveway down to a barn. Dragon got put to work.
  2. DanielC

    My 1971 521

    Go to a Nissan dealer and get a BSPT oil pressure switch. Ask for an oil pressure switch for a 1980 720 without oil pressure gauge.
  3. The oil pick up tube used under the 521 oil pan. They are matched to each other.
  4. The ground is supplied by the washer switch on the wiper wash knob, by twisting the knob clockwise. Remove the bag from the truck. Using a heat gun on the hoses will soften them up so they can be pulled off the connections easier. The motor pocket in the bottom of the bag is held closed by some brass clasps, like loose notebook paper pages in a theme paper binder you turned your homework in school, in about 1970. With the motor out of the bag pocket, if it is not rusted too bag, remove the pump cover off the pump, and try to turn the rotor by hand. If it turns, try applying 12 vo
  5. I have a spare one. Actually, I have more than one, one is cleaned up and on a painted bracket. The bracket is painted Dragon Green, the round body of the motor is painted grey. I also have one that is not cleaned up or painted. i can take pictures later if you are interested. You are in southern California. "you don't need any stinking wiper motors"
  6. Lets start with this. This diagram is not 100% accurate, but it is close. It does not have any of the of the wiring for the crude emission controls on USA trucks involving several switches on the transmission, carburetor, firewall, or gas and clutch pedals. Sometime between 1970 and 1971 model year 521 trucks the headlght wiring was changed. There was also a factory option fog light setup, but I do not think that made it into very many USA 521 trucks, but it may have been a dealer installed option. Earlier and later 521 trucks had a six fuse fuse box. The earlier
  7. I can give you more info about 521 headlight switches, but right now I am on phone, and need to get to my computer.
  8. DanielC

    My 1971 521

    I believe 510's are metric, so I would not think so. But if the steering box on a 510, and a 521 are thread the same, it could work. Datzenmike just replied. About the driveshaft.
  9. DanielC

    My 1971 521

    My guess is the steering box fill plug is probably a standard imperial pipe plug. Second guess, British pipe.
  10. DanielC

    My 1971 521

    I measured centerline of u joints, slip yoke pushed in, then pulled out, but still engaged, then go to about middle of the two positions, but slightly forward of middle. If you still have the driveshaft center bearing, the front driveshaft length does not change a lot, most slip is on the rear half of the driveshaft.
  11. It may be difficult to find L-16 pistons, but it is easier to find L-24 pistons. Same bore size, piston pin height, but with possibly different dishes in them, but a set of six, giving you two unused pistons.
  12. The voltage regulator that feeds current to both gauges drops the voltages down to around 8 volts. The gauges are a simple heating element that heats a bimetal strip, and as the strip gets hotter, it bends more, and moves the needle higher. If your engine has just started, the alternator voltage regulator is regulating to around 14.5 to 15 volts. If you apply 15 volts to a 35 ohm resistor, it will flow about a half amp, and dissipate about 6.5 watts. Gauge voltage is around 8 volts, so the 35 ohm resistor is flowing about .228 amps, times 8 volts, is about 1.83 watts. Tha
  13. Start with this. There are ten pins to connect to the plug in the dashboard wiring harness. There is space for 12 pins, like the numbers on a clock, but two empty spaces at 4:00 and 5:00. Connect the ground pin (10:00) to negative on a 12 volt source. Connect 12 volts to the pin at 1:00, four dash lights should come on. Connect 12 volts to the pin at 2:00, the left turn indicator should come on. Connect 12 volts to the pin at 9:00, the high beam indicator should come on. Look carefully, it is behind a dark lens. Connect 12 volts to the pin a 12:00, the ri
  14. DanielC

    Advice please

    Just having spark is not good enough. It has to be at the right time. On a four cylinder engine, you can have spark at the right time, in relation to the engine being at TDC, but because of the 90 degree spacing of the spark plug wire towers on the distributor cap, the rotor can be far enough away from a tower that you get a spark on a wrong cylinder, or none at all. It takes considerably more voltage to fire a spark plug under compression than it does with only air pressure with a spark plug laying on the valve cover, or somewhere else. Turn the engine to 10 degrees before T
  15. DanielC

    Advice please

    The blue with a yellow stripe wire is for the second retarded set of points. It is only used in third gear, part throttle. I think that if you have a weber carburetor, you have removed at least one of the switches necessary for that system to work. Straighten out your timing pointer. If you remove all four spark plugs, and the fan belt is fairly tight, you should be able to rotate the engine by hand. Because a four cylinder in line engine has two pistons at Top Dead Center, and two pistons at Bottom Dead Center, you should be able to feel that point in the engines rotation by
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