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  1. Do this. By the way, L-16 radiator, L-20-b engine.
  2. i did a quick look at my extra heater parts. I have two types of motors, some with good fans. I need to test them before I let them go. Probably the best way to ship the motor and fan is to just put it in a 521 heater, and put the cover plate on the heater. Thursday I have time to test the motors.
  3. DanielC

    521 with Air

    Matt, be careful over there. If you are military, Thank you!
  4. Back to the upper bushings.
  5. DanielC

    521 with Air

    Two key works on that sticker. "for" and "by" We are all anxious to see more pictures of this truck.
  6. Remember the plastic is well, in your case, 48 years old. The plastic is very fragile. It is very difficult to loosen the nut that holds the squirrel cage on the motor shaft. I do have a few extra heater parts. Give me time to see what I have.
  7. DanielC

    521 with Air

    Pretty sure air conditioning was NOT an option in 521 trucks.
  8. "I do miss driving the datsun.... " I get that. It is just fun to drive my 521. I like that I can feel of the roads are getting icy, even in going on a straight line. I can feel the difference of a wet road. in the steering. I like haveing a manual five speed transmission I put in the truck, and I can anticipate knowing I need to shift to the gear I need before accelerating, instead of waiting for the transmission to react to what is happening. I like that $5.00 or even $2.00 of gas can get me through a day, and that a fill up is rarely more than 10 gallons, and that will get me over 200 miles.
  9. In winter the gasoline formula changes, to have more volatile liquids. The more volatile formulas run better in cold temps. But they also evaporate quicker leaving the float bowl emptier, and what is left behind is less volatile and is harder to vaporize, and run the engine . Easy solution, start the engine more often.
  10. DanielC

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    This is probably your most likely source. (Ratsun.net) Datsuns that lived in the Northwest are more likely to have good rubber and plastic, but have rust issues. Southwest Datsuns are more likely to have less rust, but the summer heat and sunlight takes a toll on rubber and plastic. If you can get a Nissan part number, try calling your local Nissan dealer. Sometimes there are NOS OEM parts laying around some Nissan dealers. I was able to get a reasonable copy of a shift lever boot, from Thailand, through Amazon, but gear shift lever boots are more common, and one part fits more vehicles, thus making the possibility of making a profit on making and selling that part more likely.
  11. Removed photobucket links from this thread, updated with picture links that work.
  12. My understanding is that a few or some of the California fires were started when people "permanently camping" in wooded areas close to towns got cold when the weather in California cooled off, and there were high winds also. There are those people who have not grown up with trees all their life, and think the best thing to do with a forest is nothing, let nature take it's course. Unfortunately, occasionally nature "clear cuts" with fire. I have lived on some acreage for over 50 years, the same property. Trees start small, grow, and sometimes die, and are always dropping branches.
  13. I counted the same number of splines on each end, 39. The rear torsion bar anchor did slip on to the front of the torsion bar. 39 splines means a spline every 9.2 degrees, that would be pretty noticeable in the adjustment.
  14. I have the torsion bars out of one of my 521 trucks, I can go and count splines a little later, I am eating dinner now.
  15. Disconnect the negative battery cable! Remove the two screws on the bottom of the black plastic instrument cluster cover, and then the cover slides down off two clips. Then you can see the four screws with nuts, washers, and lock washers holding the cluster in the dash. Reach behind the instrument cluster, and VERY carefully pull the plug off the back of the instrument cluster. It is easy to break pins off the cluster. Remember, these are 48 year old parts. The speedometer cable just screws on to the back of instrument cluster. Then you can take the instrument cluster inside to work on it, where it is warm in the winter.
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