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  1. DanielC

    What is this switch?

    Except do not put your parking brake on if you drive up to a snow ski mountain. After a day of skiing, the brakes could be frozen on.
  2. DanielC

    My 1971 521

    Depending on how wide the box is, it should easily fit diagonally. If your 521 has the evaporative emission system, put the front corner of the box in the right front corner of the bed
  3. DatzenMike would be the easiest. He will tell you what it is, what vehicle it came out of, and probably the gear ratios.
  4. The ball on the mirror strut is 1/2 inch. This is a very common size, the mirror from a lot of vehicles will fit.
  5. DanielC

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    The carpet looks really good. Did you take the 521 to a shop to have it done?
  6. This is a thread on how I made the exhaust system on my 521 trucks. They pretty much have the same exhaust pipe clearance issues. https://ratsun.net/topic/61167-how-i-replaced-a-521-exhaust-system/
  7. This is a site I look at on a frequent basis, or a few times a day. I write down each day what the number of cases in the USA are, and the time I looked at the site. For the last few days, the number of cases in the USA has been doubling every two days. Now, that increase probably is being affected by more testing kits becoming available, but it is a hard number. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
  8. I am not lucky enough to have a 510, but I have 521 trucks, and they use a throttle cable, not a turning linkage. It is a simple setup, the gas pedal is a lever, with a center pivot. You push on the pedal with your foot, and the top of the lever (pedal) moves away from the firewall, pulling the inner cable, and the outer cable is anchored to the firewall, and the intake manifold, with a bracket. The inner cable goes over a bell crank, or a pulley connected to the throttle shaft. How much is the linear distance you have to move the throttle cable attached to your carb to go from idle to WOT? Add a little extra for adjustment. A 521 gas pedal is about 7 1/2 inches from the pivot to the pedal, and about 6 inches from the pedal to the cable attachment. That means the pedal actually moves a little farther than the cable, or has a little more height above the floor, than the linear distance the throttle cable actually moves. There is also an adjustable stop on the floor of a 521 that controls how far the pedal goes down. You want the throttle plate to be moved to WOT, 90 degrees to the carb throttle body, but you do not want the cable to pull hard tight against the carb throttle WOT stop, and putting unnecessary pressure on the throttle cable or pivot. This breaks the cable, or the pedal pivot. Finally, make sure the engine has a good electrical ground to the body of the car. If this ground goes away, or is forgotten, the car body will ground through the throttle cable, and destroy the cable.
  9. DanielC

    My Dragon Datsun 521

    March 21, 2020 and I did enough work on Dragon to warrant taking pictures. After painting the inside of the fenders in February, It turned colder again, too cold to paint. I moved a spare 521 cab into the garage, and did welding work on a new floor install on that cab. It turned warmer again, its now early spring. I painted the outside of the two fenders I am going to put on Dragon. When putting parts on a pickup cab, you do the parts in a specific order. On a bare cab, you put the doors on first. You have to fit the back, bottom, and top of the doors to the cab. No fenders yet. Then you fit the hood to the cowl. A closer look. Left side gap, close Right side gap, close The fenders in the two side hood gap pictures are just spare fenders, going to another 521 I have. This is how I put the fenders on the truck. You carefully put the fender on the truck, sliding the lower front tab behind the sheet metal by the parking lights, and then hold the fender to the inner fender, and put a small screwdriver into the second hole from the rear on the top fender flange. Then you put the bolt in closest to the cowl. This bolt has the least room for adjustment. Then you put in the second fender bolt at the front of the top fender flange, into the radiator core support. These fenders were test fitted to Dragon, because Dragon has been in a collision. There is still some work that need to be done to the radiator core support. The piece of sheet metal that holds the parking lights on Dragon is currently not on Dragon, it is painted, and ready to install, when the core support is straight, or at least close enough. The front of the radiator core support is basically just a flat surface. There are flanges that are slightly higher by the radiator flanges, and two higher spots by the lower front fender bolts, but the entire headlight mounting surface is flat across both sides. I cut three notches in a 2x4 to clear the radiator flanges, and a center notch to clear the strut in the center of the grill opening. A closer picture. This picture is same area as above picture, looking down along the headlight mounting surface.
  10. two years ago, I put a L-20-B engine in my 521. Last year, I put a 1980 720 five speed transmission in that truck However, when I put slave cylinder back on the transmission, the stock pushrod was too short. I went to Ace Hardware, and got a longer M8-1.25 bolt, and cut the head off the bolt, and chucked the bolt in a drill, and then ground a ball end on the cut off bolt by using the drill to turn the bolt while I held the end of the bolt on a grinding disk on a angle grinder. I also got a spring that looked about right at Ace Hardware.
  11. Going from 13/16 to 3/4 wheel cylinders in the rear will also slightly reduce the tendency of the rear wheels to lock up under hard braking. If you rarely haul anything in your 521 this may be a good thing. I have seen both 3/4 and 13/16 wheel cylinders, and I also have seen wheel cylinders marked wrong, I.E. a cylinder marked 13/16 that was actually 3/4 or the other way around.
  12. A water trap or filter only works on liquid water. Water vapor will pass right through a water trap. When air is compressed, it gets hot. As long as the air is hot, the water vapor will not condense out of the air. When the air cools, then the water vapor changes to liquid water. When air expands, it cools. When hot pressurized air with water vapor in it goes through an air tool, or even out the air cap on a paint spray gun, it expands, and cools, and water vapor can condense right at the air tool, or even right after leaving the air cap on a spray gun. This is the air compressor I used for many years, 3 HP, single stage, 20 gallon tank. I also used this second air tank from an old air compressor. On this tank, the red hose is air in to the tank, and the blue hose is air out to air tools or a spray gun. By using some hose between the tank and compressor, the air has a chance of cooling, and the water trap catches water. Air in the tank can also cool more. Water tends to condense inside the tank, and stays in the bottom of the tank. The air coming out the blue hose is fairly dry. Running air tools, I pressurized this tank to compressor outlet pressure, about 120 PSI. I also used this setup when spraying with a HVLP spray gun. Normally, the compressor is way too small to supply air to a HVLP gun. But when painting, I used the regulator on the small air compressor to only pressurize this tank to about 40 PSI. When 125 PSI air from the air compressor goes through the regulator and the pressure drops to 40 PSI, it expands, and cools. Water vapor in the air also condenses in the cooler air, and gets trapped. The second tank allowed me to get away with using a too small compressor for many years.
  13. EVERYTHING else you do in a tune up affects the carb. I meant to "yell" EVERYTHING!
  14. The way you check fit of the door to the weatherstrip, or against the door seals is to close the door with a dollar bill in the area you are checking. The dollar bill should have a medium amount of drag with the door closed. Do initial adjusting without the door catch, or latch in place on the rear of the door. Either roll the window down, or have somebody hold the door closed. When you are satisfied with the fit of the door, and again, you are only adjusting the hinges at this point, then you can put the door catch back on. The door should close on to the latch without moving up or down at the rear of the door. The door catch is only to control the depth of the door on the cab, by how much the door squishes the weatherstrip. Adjusting the door too tight to the cab makes the door harder to fully close, and also puts more stress on the door catch, and the door handle, because you need more force on the door handle to release the catch, for the door to open. Too loose, and the door does not seal as well, and you might have wind noise when travelling on the freeway, but the stress on the door catch and door handle is less. 521 door handles are getting hard to find. I would adjust the door fit more on the loose side, and this may cause the door to fit farther out than flush with the cab
  15. DanielC

    tires/rims for a 520

    Wide tires on the front are going to increase the steering effort. You also need to keep overall tire diameter, going too large of a diameter will have the same effect as going to a lower numerically rear axle ratio, and make the performance of the truck more sluggish.
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