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  1. Awww Mike, that's a beautiful find. Basically same deal here. The guy's father passed away & they were going through his house getting rid of stuff & posted that 521 tailgate on CL. Said it was removed to fit a camper also. Gotta thank those Datsun Gods for finds like those. Unfortunately, due the damage to my hinges from a couple yrs ago from it rolling into a tree, the new tailgate won't line up right without some modifications but I'm stoked to have found it.
  2. Drove for over 10 hours in the rain to get this matching tailgate for my 521. It was removed from the truck after being purchased in 1969 & stored under a house ever since. Score!
  3. Love your wagon. I have a 510 wagon that nearly asphyxiated me until I had the rear exhaust pipe bent so that it emitted the exhaust fumes to the side of the car instead. This little mod made a huge difference. Later on I replaced the inner/outer rubber seals with a kit I bought from the Eagle Rock meet several years ago & haven't had an issue since. Best of luck!
  4. So far, so good. 2021 is here & I'm gonna push the positive. The sun will come up later today, I'll go out to the tent(s) my 521 & 510 wagon are parked under & kiss each hood ornament with gratitude & thank the Datsun God(s) for keeping me sane enough to make it through a truly f'd up year & know we're on to better times. I won't delude myself into thinking a calendar change will suddenly make everything right but it's a start. Sometimes that's all we need. My 521 benefited greatly from me being furloughed & got a rebuilt L20b, 5 speed transmission, new radiator upgrade
  5. Ok, so a well-deserved, highly anticipated New Year is upon us. What are your biggest aspirations for your DATSUN 2021? Put your wish list in writing so it's more than a thought or daydream. I hope & pray all the California Datsun meets & events happen this year so we can see what 2021 dreams came true!
  6. Gene, hang in there amigo. Trust you are in good hands & healing is in your future. You've got lots of folks here on ratsun sending well-wishes & prayers your way. I believe in that. Keeping a positive mental outlook is frigging difficult at times but so necessary in reducing stress & helping your body/mind prioritize needs & energy. My Dad just went through some similar stuff back in March. It's serious & scary & the uncertainty of it all was unbearable at times but we got through it somehow. He's a Navy vet btw...Nuclear Submarines. I wish you the best Gene. You
  7. Really? That's interesting. Have not had any issues so far. When I bought this truck a few years back it had different (new style) plates. I had a set of vintage plates I picked up at the Eagle Rock meet that I was saving for whenever the right 521 came along & got them approved by the CA DMV without any flak. So glad to have my truck dialed in the way I'd hoped...just never had the time. Working on it has kept me sane & mostly grounded during all this insanity. Looking forward to 2021 & getting back to a new normal...good friends, DATSUN meets & scavenging for shit I don't rea
  8. Merry Christmas everyone. Dressed up for a local toys 4 Tots cruise. Thankful for a bit of normal. Only good thing to come out of this year to was time to work on my truck. Thankful for that, too. Take care🎅
  9. Hey guys, I've been struggling with this same issue. I just installed new white LED's I got from Amazon (verified fitment with Sylvania website for a Datsun 521). Let me just say it's a freaking BITCH of a job that is deceptively simple. Yes, there is a polarity sensitivity to deal with & trial & error seems to be required but there's also good contact issues on top of that, not much room to fiddle with it while cluster is still installed either. Anyhow, I looked through a few threads & found this old link that still works so maybe it'll be of help: https://www.superbr
  10. Hey there, my '71 wagon has OEM blue (turquoise) interior & white (color code worn off) exterior & came with a navy blue vinyl top. I searched for nearly 2 years to find the right match so I could redo the interior...not easy. However, it came out perfect & I saved the color swatches & supplier info. Truth be told I might have to do a little digging to find it but not too huge a deal. I have lots of pics, too. I'd be more than happy to share anything that might be helpful to your project. I had it done about 3 years ago & shared some pics here on the forum so they're here s
  11. https://santamaria.craigslist.org/cto/d/santa-maria-4x4-nissan-datsun/7218717854.html
  12. Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

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    Hello there Rastuners, I'm in need of a red speedometer pinion gear (20 tooth I believe & only the pinion, not whole housing) for a newly transplanted 5 speed in my 521. Please let me know what you have & how much you're asking. I have some 510 wagon parts & a few 521 parts to trade or just plain mulah via PayPal. Thank you in advance ☺ -Angela


  13. Daniel, your work is always an inspiration. Thank you so much for all the step by step illustrations. My plate ended up looking quite a bit like yours but I just got the truck back yesterday & it appears that my buddy wedged/force fit the old boot (not an original anyhow...pics later) into the smaller hole he cut. I'm not a fan but super appreciative of the effort since I can't really do that stuff myself. I'm still focused on breaking in my newly rebuilt L20B properly so cosmetics will take a back seat for the moment but I'll certainly be referring back to your posts when the time comes.
  14. Yup, that's what I went with. Your interior is really cool. Thanks for the input!
  15. Beautiful! I like your carpet kit better than the one I got from ebay for too much $. Where'd you find that?
  16. I thought about covering it with my new carpet kit I just installed but since my truck had an original plastic snap in mat that the shifter plate sat on top of, I figured that's how it came from the factory. I have never seen any examples of a 521 with the shifter plate under the carpet or mat. I suppose there are several custom variations that could be done but I think I am a fan of the plate on top of carpet. I have a metal 520 dash top I just painted in flat black that I plan to install next so it kinda ties things together. I just love this truck so much. My 510 wagon gets jealous sometime
  17. Thanks for the input guys. I did try to orient the plate 180° but because of the contour, it wasn't gonna sit right. My buddy ended up cutting a new hole in the existing plate & patching the old one. It's "okay" for now but I'd really like to find a solution that's a little nicer looking. If anybody out there is fabricating something more stock-looking or smoothed out so it doesn't look so "cut 'n paste" I'd love to know about it. DanielC, I still need to dig through all your wonderful posts on Dragon to find what you did to yours.
  18. So, 5 speed is in, L20B swapped, S.U's installed & engine sounds great. Still working on exhaust & other little details. It's still over at my Datsun buddy's place for now so no real pics to share yet but I have a question for all who've done a tranny swap... What did you do for the transmission tunnel plate? Cut a new hole & patch the old one? Does anyone make custom tunnel plates that look good mounted on top of carpet? Any advice & especially pics will be appreciated! Thanks guys!
  19. Well thanks for the advice & information (admittedly some of which is still above my pay grade...but I'm trying & learning). Are these oil pumps fairly easy to source? Anybody have leads? Much appreciated as always guys. You rock 🎸
  20. KA oil pump for an L20B motor...really? Esplain me por favor 😜
  21. HOLY F'ING CRAP! Glad you're still here to tell the tale my friend!
  22. Thx Mike! I've got a hunch I'll enjoy the heck out of these upgrades. I was fortunate enough to find a speedometer guage that had just .9 miles on it so newly rebuilt engine, new, accurate mileage tracking. I'm gonna take good care of my baby so hopefully it'll last me for however long I'm on this earth & able to drive it! Having M.S sucks sometimes & is completely unpredictable but when I get in my wagon or 521 & just drive...nothing else matters & all is good. Nothing else compares. It's the best meditation & medication in my book😍
  23. That's a great story...& illustration. My old L16 had low, uneven compression & made me a little nervous when navigating the local hills & climbing up the Cuesta Grade here where I live.. Having to stop for a signal light on a hill was awful. I'm stoked to know these are worries I can leave behind.
  24. Cool. Thx for the input Hainz. Appreciate it.
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