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  1. Pfft, ain't nobody seen tristin, he's like a rastun myth, kind of like smoke.
  2. Paint!? What is this paint you speak of!?
  3. Ever been hit with a switch or something similar, still hurts.
  4. Will there be any gluten free vegan free range organic non GMO anti vaccination food?
  5. 1. Don't dive down this shitty rabbit hole. 2. There were no misquotes in this exchange. 3. Ratsun IS social media, no matter how much you think it's not. 4. Fuck you NOTES 5. Blah blah blah Datsun.
  6. Just when you think it's gone......it's comes back from the depths.
  7. Get that nickleback shit out of this thread, for R-dubs sake.
  8. Suppose that 70mph car is traveling straight at the shooter still a fairly straightforward shot....and that car was not traveling 70mph when it was shot....
  9. Only some of that is a nice grouping, if you take out 5 of those holes you would still have about a 14" group. Counting the flier that ends up close to 3'. If you take the sticker numbers as a count of shots fired 16&17 aren't in frame or don't even hit the car.
  10. Being a tall skinny white guy with an afro the name was given to me in highschool by some friends, I no longer have the whimsical fro but I am still a tall skinny white guy.
  11. Problem with it being legal to drop off a baby at a fire station is most of the people who do a thing like that still just leave it somewhere like a dumpster. They either don't know or are too fucked up.
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