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  1. I must know the performance of that ski jump on the deck lid, you must install it for science!
  2. No that's miles between trips to the dealer for service, nothing to do with the woman.
  3. Man, another 15 years and we won't be able to call it the wagon of non completion any more.
  4. Missing out on some Dick's again, I won't make this one.
  5. "Anybody that runs is a VC, anybody that stands still is a well trained VC." Now that's air cavalry
  6. George Tekei's challenger?
  7. Friend of mines dad has a 49 split then oval now back to split, it's his "I'm going to fix it up" car, been sitting since '86
  8. Ah yes, the engine builder that in 2 season never actually built an engine. (Puttinga top end on a sbc doesn't count as building)
  9. That bumper is terrible.
  10. So, draker, we making another run for office this year?
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