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  1. q-tip

    Powerland 2020!

    Lol, it's definitely a true canby story, and jbird that's more of an in person kind of story. I will tell it to you power land 2020!
  2. q-tip

    Powerland 2020!

    Not sure enough people know Gary oldman to make it relevant. Also fucking clown shoes. Will definitely try to make this next year!!
  3. I bet the tire shop loves when that guy rolls in for a new set
  4. Remove the sensor and jump the plug, I had a problem with that exact sensor in my ka510 and it would shut the whole ecu down with the way it was wired.
  5. Pfft, ain't nobody seen tristin, he's like a rastun myth, kind of like smoke.
  6. I think a tarp would be the only thing adequate.
  7. Paint!? What is this paint you speak of!?
  8. Ever been hit with a switch or something similar, still hurts.
  9. Will there be any gluten free vegan free range organic non GMO anti vaccination food?
  10. 1. Don't dive down this shitty rabbit hole. 2. There were no misquotes in this exchange. 3. Ratsun IS social media, no matter how much you think it's not. 4. Fuck you NOTES 5. Blah blah blah Datsun.
  11. Just when you think it's gone......it's comes back from the depths.
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