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  1. I'm with naners on this one, 8pm on a Sunday?
  2. What is that a wood stove for ants!?
  3. Why would anyone believe flatcat, one of the biggest trolls we had, emphasis on had, on Ratsun.....who is that flatcat guy anyway?....
  4. Yeah, but the body converts alcohol to sugar so what's the real facts on that, also Jack Daniels isn't my first choice.
  5. He had to go back from where he came from, so he at least gets a couple of free looks.
  6. q-tip

    Anyone I know still around

    If you are who I think you are I know you.
  7. q-tip

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    RIP Stan Lee, excelsior!
  8. q-tip

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Probably a little tall.
  9. q-tip

    Truck Porn

    It is, I saw the engine bay shot right after I posted that.
  10. q-tip

    Truck Porn

    Is that the truck pumpkin used to own?
  11. q-tip

    Len Robertson

    RIP indeed, he was one of the long timers around here.

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