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  1. Gun porn it is. I will post pictures of other people's gun.
  2. Now that is a money shot! Actually that is poor hose control.
  3. If you're hung like a tuna can smaller might be better?
  4. I hope it causes an enlarged penis. This might get the turtle out of the shell.
  5. Years ago a friend wanted to race my 455 powered 69 Buick Skylark. He had a 69 Malibu. I won and he was a sore loser so I called it the Maliboohoo from then on.
  6. So my friend got ahold of my phone and questioned me about Ratsun with the post ass and tit threads. All I could do was laugh! I asked her the comment I made earlier. Needless to say she wasn't amused?
  7. You ever wonder if on a girls web site like Horse.com they have post-dicks or ass threads?
  8. Not sure if this is going to work? Taco Bell violence...
  9. I wouldn't be shooting a gun from that position. More like the money shot! Oh and the gun would be more steady if it were in the crack. Just saying
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