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  1. When you say the wrong thing crossing the boarder into the US or Canada!
  2. Here you go, 406MPH in 1961. He could not back up the pass for the record.
  3. This was in the same time frame as the 4 engine Pontiac powered Challenger.
  4. That's not fresh, it's moldy!
  5. My girlfriend had a 280 SE. Those points had to be perfect or that bitch would not run! I'm not saying that is what this is. But there is no doubt it's a Merc.
  6. This would kill that 510 with blown BBC a page or two ago...
  7. Early mid 20s Model T. Bought a 23 a few years ago. It has been a mind bender to work on. It is best to run non detergent oil in these babbit bearing engines.
  8. Ok all this talk about T-handles and ball grips and pistol grips, mixed with the following is starting to sound weird
  9. Did you ever get to drive a 4spd with a pistol grip? I only ever sat in a pistol gripped car, always thought it was gimmicky but it felt nice.
  10. I have a 73 Pontiac Formula 4spd with a Hurst t-handle on it and I love it! It's so much fun rowing the gears in that car T-handle and all. So I respectfully disagree about T-handle shifters.
  11. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/marysville-1984-nissan-datsun-maxima/6992844064.html
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