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  1. So answer me this about abortion. If a girl/woman were raped/molested would you expect her to have the baby? Would you want your daughter, sister, wife to have a baby born of a rape? I worked with a guy who's wife was raped as a young girl. She had the kid and he is FUCKED UP!!! Tell me your thoughts on this???
  2. I was laughing my ass off before clicking on this!!! The dumb ass shouldn't ever have to clip his toe nails anymore? WTF were they trying to do? Other than be stupid FUCKS!!!
  3. Jesus Christ it looks like he is injecting Cheetos juice in his head!
  4. All I think is civil war is coming! What a bunch of stupid FUCKS!!!
  5. No her grand daughter silly
  6. Show up at my door late knocking and damn sure I will answer the door with a gun. I won't do it like this guy though. Sad deal he got shot and dead by poorly trained cops! Fucked up deal no matter what color. Dumb cops that got a thrill kill.
  7. Largest nonnuclear explosion according to the experts? It was massive to say the least.
  8. derp deee derp?! Crazy I got a diploma. Oh wait they didn't want me back and give me one to prove it.
  9. With my bad spelling and the damn auto spell of computers/cellphones I must come across as pretty dumbdee dumb dumb?
  10. My 94 Buick Roadmaster has gone rouge, 261,000 miles might be the problem? Coworker told me one day it was making a weird noise, this is at work. I walked out and the horn is going off? Smacked the wheel and it stopped. Several day later I was at Taco Bell drive up and it went off when I was grabbing my future dump. Today the MFer went rouge for an hour before I realized what the hell was going on??? Does this fit the randomness?
  11. That first pic FUBAR? Tried to delete and save as better size???
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