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  1. My sister gave me a Geo Metro. Definitely not a puss machine!
  2. The size of the needle for second shot is a dead give away!
  3. Oh come on man now I have numbers in my head and have to think. Just drop names. #39, hey google. OK it was Jimmy. On a side note my mom went to visit family in the south back in the 70s and brought some Billy beer home.
  4. I was flying low at 100mph to Speedweek in 2018 and hit something? Thought for sure I was fucked. It pounded the right front tire hard and banged around under the car. Pulled over and checked everything out, all was good? What ever it was it looked gnarly like that.
  5. Interesting, I would have thought all the California members would have been for joy about this? Maybe they are all out buying guns?
  6. Read about this a few days ago. Cali needs more good guys with guns. The bad guys can always get them unfortunately? Look at Shitcago the murder capitol of the USA and they have heavy gun control, or not???
  7. Girlfriend had a 280 SE with 4.5 V8. It wasn't brutally fast but had no problem doing 120MPH and was very smooth at speed.
  8. My nephew was over today. Old school ratty muscle car with more modern VW. Asked him to race me. He knows he doesn't have a chance.
  9. Not sure but I'm going back to Aberdeen in a couple weeks and will go find this corner. Report my findings later.
  10. I was in Aberdeen last Sunday also. Didn't see anything like that but it smells like Seattle.
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