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  1. Cheap and yes it so incomplete but for someone looking to build a racer... https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/d/chehalis-1976-nissan-260z/7130151883.html
  2. OK the previous posts and this video are bending my mind. Thought the other pics were photo shopped? WOW!!! Crazy engineering/ideas!
  3. So true! Let go of the politics cause its FUCKING UP YOUR MIND!!! Focus on your Datsuns and in my case Patrols.
  4. Gary Ridgway would not survive on the outside! He has only made inside because of solitary confinement or protected confinement?
  5. Trade tariff BS was screwed up in early 60s between US and Canada. Canadian Pontiacs had Chevy engines because of this. This was the beginning of corporate BS. Olds power in Pontiac, Buick in Olds, Chevy in Buick, and it became only Chevy power after that...
  6. Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s Dick’s MAY-be June, July, August, MAY-be not???
  7. She claims to give the best hand jobs???
  8. Have you ever done a Brazil wax?
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