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  1. RIP Gabby Petito A different destruction of America. Wack job guys killing there girlfriends. I watched the hour+ long video of the police contact before she went missing. Damn those cops should have taken her in for protection. She was scared and generally a mess. I bet that weasel fuck was butt raping her. I hope that fucker gets eaten by croc or gator, what ever is down there in Florida. What a POS coward!!!
  2. Meanwhile in Africa. The elephant on croc murder rate is on the rise...
  3. This was just south of Coupeville, WA. They had a aircraft carrier deck painted on an old runway for pilot practice. Do a search for U.S. Navy Outlying Airfield
  4. Whoa she didn't look like that. If so I wouldn't have dined at the Y if you know what I mean.
  5. I had some fishy beef once. She claimed to taste like lemon mo rang pie?
  6. Blues Brothers is just pure comedic action.
  7. Whoa where you going with that one? I told the doctor I had pain in my left nut. He wanted to know what kind of sex I like? Funny how people interpret what you say or type. Oh by the way my hand slipped.
  8. Well I can't edit myself out here either. I truly was threatened with a ban there for quoting myself. The Hot wheels collector site was very clunking years ago.
  9. Picked up a drag wagon Friday. 79 Chevy Malibu wagon. Supposed to be a high 11 second car? I will find out!!!
  10. Wait you just quoted yourself. I think I was threatened to be banned for quoting myself. Well maybe it was the hyper sensitive Hot Wheels forum??
  11. The 70s rule!!! Even though this isn't from the 70s.
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