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    Nissan Patrols, guns, beer, girls, and my 69 Pontiac GTO and Hot Wheels, and my 62 Pontiac LeMans.
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  1. Not sure whats going on but the site is really clunky? Hockey check my ass, this bitch gets BMX checked hard core!
  2. Well aren't you a key board cunt! Can you hit with your fist as you try to on the key board? You are a shadow bully, the most cowardly kind of weak ass bitch there is.
  3. Timing set no but I did a head gasket one one. I have done a few OHCs before with no problems but this one kicked my ass. Had a Haynes manual and took notes. Well it ran like shit, one tooth off and it's junk. Ok not junk just ran like crap. This was my brothers truck and he needed it. Bought a take out engine and eat $1000. Still have that little fucker and need to pull it down to see whats wrong.
  4. Sorry on my old man memory. Derp derp I make a ass every time I show up.
  5. Just watched the movie Falling Down with Marten Sheen a few days ago. Art imitating life or life imitating art?
  6. I would have gotten violent by now also. A man can only take so much before it's time to fight.
  7. Anybody involved in politics these days can't deal with the truth and want to blame the other party. All politicians are crooks! Biden is a senile hyper perv and has one foot in the grave. Trump is a ego manic who wants to have total power of the US like Putin does over USSR. I really like busting everybody's balls when it comes to politics.
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