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  1. Being a member on a forum comes with rules kind of like work. You can speak you mind to a point but when you are a total prick your ass will get handed to you. There was a guy on the Pontiac forum talking trash about a friend and I called him on his BS. Noticed the same guy trashing others on different threads and I called him on that also. The key board bully didn't like it and targeted me. I called him out again and he couldn't handle it. The guy is now banned from Pontiac forums. Hell I said it before I was threatened to be banned by thin skin guys on the Hot Wheel collector forums? What a bunch of CUNTS! Carry on...
  2. I'm not even sure what to think of you having quoted me and mixed up your words into mine?
  3. Looking back it was without a doubt one of the worse things I was ever involved in. Soccer does suck!
  4. Grew up before this shit happened 70s -80s. When I played little league baseball there where 8 teams. Top three got trophy's, everyone else went home empty handed. Some time in the mid 90s I had a girlfriend who was coaching soccer, she asked for my help. Trophy's for everyone? WTF!!! Those kids are now self righteous little fucks that think the world owes them something.
  5. Well you bated me into this one. Wish I could meet a girl like her!
  6. Oddly a couple of the center exhaust pipes dumped under the car or joined into others? Whoop dee doo. That would have been one hell of a ride!!!
  7. I would buy that car for a dollar if close to me. Sadly that will rust back into the earth. Get that grille if you can?
  8. Well hot damn you Ratsun guys (a.d._510_n_ok, MikeRL411, difrangia) know about these little Pontiacs. They are odd cars for sure. The torque converter is out in the open behind the rear diff. It makes a funny sound whirling around. My car is a 4 banger 195ci 110hp 1bbl, 2spd trans. Without a doubt the slowest car I have ever owned. That is saying a lot because I owned a Geo Metro. Here is a short video of a hopped up 4 banger Pontiac that I have with hopes of putting into the 62. I just need to get back to work? What do you know there is a Patrol in there.
  9. Badass 62 Pontiac LeMans and my stocker, borrowing. 8.60s@157mph, mine won't do 80mph. At least for now
  10. Sounds like something that happened to a friend. He took one after we leaving Seattle. Nothing was happening after 30 minutes so he hit a second one. That's when all hell broke lose. I didn't see him for a week.
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