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  1. No doubt this is in eastern Washington. I road tripped over last Friday to look at a car in Spocaine. Anyway the who ever driving this Jeep is a dumbass! Road is straight so they were on their fucking phone like every other dumb ass I saw in my travels.
  2. Odd combo here, 2JZ swapped into a 66 Pontiac Tempest and it runs 10s...
  3. Multiple shots from different angles, damn sure the driver is dead unless it was Danny DeVito?
  4. Win-Co my ass, more like Loser-Co or Dick-Co!!! Did they have a sign stating no cool old car parking? If they did I'll go run it over like I did at Edmonds. Anyway good time cool pics and video. Oh and my dog eat my chicken and fries, fucker!
  5. You still might be able to. Lots of cars around here with flats cause of tires chain bits.
  6. No Buick Roadmasters, Chevy trucks, GTOs, BMWs, or Fords! If my Patrol won't start I'll lift the Chevy truck ban and tow the Patrol? Otherwise this will be canceled again.
  7. In his defense no nipples lost me pretty quick also and I noticed Bill Murray.
  8. The last line should be fuck like rabbits. Years ago had a great girlfriend, we had lots of fun going thru car washes.
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