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  1. Like a capillary tube, actually looks like a bullet, maybe 2 inches long. It senses the water temp. And is located inside the thermostat housing. The other end is connected to the temp. Gauge. I heard that ether is inside from ol skool mechanics. Never took one apart. But it's working now. Thanks.
  2. Its mechanical...I took out the brass looking sender unit, looks like a bullet, and, hit it a couple of times with my wrench and cleaned it out. It was corroded somehow...then had my son light it with a lighter and moved...I I think it's fixed. Thanks to all.
  3. Its mechanical not electric
  4. Hello, have not been here for a long time and just noticed that my 71 Datsun 510, temp. Gauge, its mechanical, is not moving. It's by the "C" cold, I ran it for over 10 minutes and needle does not move. Both top and bottom radiator hose is warm. Any suggestions is good. I'm thinking its the tstat and stucked open.
  5. Nice...I don't think those UTE ever reached the USofA.
  6. racerx


    Get a hold of pierce manifold, Gilroy, ca They may know. They sell real webers.
  7. I say let him do it. Sometimes people Ask for opinions and yet they are hard up already in making it happen.
  8. What you just run it on ttl advance?
  9. Why the 38/38? Bigger does not mean better...anyway juat put it in gear when you shut it off.
  10. Wholly shit that 510 project for 15k, did i read that right.
  11. racerx


    All quiet on the western front?
  12. Look up pierce manifold, Gilroy, ca. Fairly sure they can help.
  13. Yep, they have gone up on price, maybe almost doubled in the last 15 years. Check out BAT or bring a trailer on line, you have some idea on prices. The main thing is you will enjoy it and don't look at the 510 as a way to invest, although it is an investment, I would rather do 401k, IRA or any tax deferred. Good luck.
  14. Sure the intention can be to have cleaner air but it also gives the government and businesses to make money. Why do you think they have a car buy back program here in CA, I think you can get 1,000 for a car made from 96 and below. The hope is to get old cars of the road and you buy a "cleaner or more efficient car".
  15. racerx


    If ur truck needs to be smog, don't mess w it.
  16. racerx


    U bought it w out getting it smogged by previous owner? What state? What year?
  17. What is your rpm at idle, when too high it will diesel. 2nd, what's ur timing? If retard, it can diesel and can also overheat. Let us know so we can help you out
  18. Keep on posting as soon as u know it your not a noob anymore.
  19. No problems with coils being horizontal, guarantee those engineers knew more than us.
  20. Like the van but better with plain Jane gun metal paint. My opinion only.
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