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  1. Close! It is French! https://oldmachinepress.com/2021/08/05/sncac-nc-3021-belphegor-high-altitude-research-aircraft/
  2. Security for us, but fuck the Peasants! No Guns For You, Rednecks!
  3. They look like the ones originally reproduced by Love20Bee about a year ago. And those where really well done. Otherwise, I have no idea how they made these, so maybe send them an email and ask.
  4. Unfortunately, the British Gov and the Egyptian Gov could not reach an agreement and the Egyptians kept it, and well, made it worse.
  5. I have been filling at Costco for some time now and it seems to work fine. It is listed as a Top Tier Gasoline, but they just sell it cheaper than the rest. Usually about 10 to 20 cents less, but hey, it adds up! But when I did my engine break in the 510, I filled it up with Union 76 Premium, and it ran very smooth! I hope Costco Premium is just as good.
  6. Sure, here you go.. and I just scored the Datsun Ute
  7. Just found it at my local Target. So, if you see the peg with nothing on it, ask a Target Employee to check if they have any in the back. They had this one!
  8. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_bombers/b48.html Flight tests with the XB-48s continued even after the formal end of the program. In the fall of 1949, the first XB-48 was cannibalized to keep the second flying. The latter aircraft was scheduled for a series of tests on the F-1 autopilot, jet engine cooling systems, and a hydraulic system for jet engines. However, these tests were cancelled before any could be carried out. The second XB-48 was used instead for the testing of thermal de-icing systems. In September 1951, the aircraft was flown to Phillips Field at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland where it was static tested to destruction.
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