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  1. Finally found this set, but, I have yet to find the Open Track ones Not my pic, mine are still in case
  2. Oh, you mean the American version of Nickelback?
  3. This came in the mail today from BRE and it is nice! Can't wait to get some more and the rest of the set as well!
  4. The Momo 510 is in the D and E cases. The K-Mart Day version is going to be a Black instead of Red
  5. Sorry, but I doubt it would have mattered, as it sold out quite fast.
  6. Yes i did, and I have a couple of other coming from 1stopdiecast.com
  7. There is only one per case, so they go fast. But, you can very nicely ask the people at Target if they have anymore HW cases in the back, and if they do, they will bring one out for you to look at and go through. When they do bring out a case for me to look at, I will offer to peg the cars for them as I go through the case. And, sometimes I ask to keep the box so I can haul off my loot and store more of my collection in them. Target folks are usually pretty good about it, just be nice and don't leave a mess and they will be nice to you when you come back. And Walmart pegs their stuff at night and they usually don't have anything in the back.
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