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  1. wikipedia is compromised material. Period!
  2. Finger cuts are the worst, especially for us that work with our hands. Small cuts can bleed like hell and cutting into nerves is terrible. Granted, they can heal a bit faster, but it seems forever for them to heal. Luckily I am now down to just a band aid and being careful not to hit it. Because that hurts like a mother!
  3. Which one do you think got the injury? I cut myself right below the nail, and about almost a half inch in. They superglued it instead of stitches. Stitches would have required removal of my thumbnail, and i just didn't feel like waiting for that to grow back. Small tourniquet was applied to stop bleeding and to help the glue dry! Fun!
  4. The current Democratic Plan for the Nation....
  5. Shit, now I have to get a wife!? Fuck that, I'll walk! 🤣
  6. True statement by someone who doesn't like Trump and knows the Democrats fucked up.
  7. I could care less on who's stories he pilfered, I am more concerned with the his lack of capacity to tell his own shit! This was barely almost a year ago! He could still somewhat function!
  8. I cut my thumb pretty good working on my Datsun! Now doing things slightly one handed! 😄
  9. British Fairey Battle bomber, probably somewhere in France
  10. And the hits just keep on coming!
  11. Damn, and I couldn't even get rid of a set for $75 bucks a few years ago!
  12. These are 16" Watanabe wheels on my 510 with BRE flares. I believe the rims are 8 inches wide and I do not remember the offset. The rims belonged to a friend and he just let me try them out. I am currently going to use 15X10 and 15X8 Hoshino Impuls on it
  13. Because they need soldiers that are good at doing bad things! Just like Stalin!
  14. ....and Let The Games Begin! https://www.foxnews.com/us/louisville-protests-breonna-taylor-armed-protester-accidentally-shoots-himself
  15. Oh, this is going to end up badly https://www.foxnews.com/us/black-armed-militia-planning-louisville-march-claims-its-not-f-ing-around
  16. It's a Systemic Ratsun problem. Covid 19 is Honda Hate
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