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  1. Part of the problem is that the current mind set of most California residents, notice I am not using "Californians" as most that reside here now are from somewhere else, is on the Chinese Coof and not regular issues. Elder came out swinging about the homeless, crime, taxes and so on, but the coof was not pushed very hard. The Dems, with a large piece of help from the media, made the Coof the shiny object that distracted them from serious topics. Honestly, this shot across the bow was not really necessary, as it was not going to recall Idiot boy, but, it did serve the purpose that most are tired of the endless bullshit having to do with the Coof. Republicans, independents and everyone else should have just waited for the next election cycle, which will now be super highly toxic, as Capt Idiot Boy will now seek revenge and go for the kill, ally or foe, he will get his pound of flesh. And the media, and largely Hollyweird, will be waiting for their payback as well. And the shit show rolls on......
  2. I took this shot in July, 2001 with no clue of what was to come a few months later. I can still remember hearing the news when I got in my car to go to work, they where talking about a building burning, so I got out of my car and look towards downtown, but nothing. Then I went back in the house and turned on the T.V. to see that it was New York that was being attacked. I was working for a company that did Trade Show exhibits, and hence the reason I was in New York in July of that year. After the second plane hit and we got the news about the other planes, that is when we knew the world was changed forever. Then suddenly it hit me, nothing was going to move, and we had people out in the field at shows. Then it was a mad scramble to get them home. One of our salesmen was in New Jersey when it happened and tried leaving, but no flights. And then he tried renting a car, but they where all out. The only thing they had was a van, so he grabbed it and then got up on the counter and yelled out that he was driving to San Diego, and if you where on the way, he would give you a ride. He quickly filled up the van and made a bunch of new friends. Last time I saw him, a few years ago, he said some of them where doing small get togethers to remember their journey home. My shipping and receiving agent lost his friend, Jason Dahl, pilot on Flight 93, who he had been talking to prior to this about their upcoming High School reunion May God Rest Their Souls
  3. I have found a couple of them so far that the scalpers hadn't got to. This is what they look like
  4. Uh no, that is pretty much the same lefty shit, blame Trump when things go sideways. Good Luck with that. Biden's people fucked it up and he was kept in a closet somewhere while they fucked it up. Trump's negotiations where scrapped as they did not want anything that was touched by Trump. Trying to erase Trump's work is beginning to seriously backfire.
  5. And basically that is the purpose of the vaccines. They are not to make it bounce off of you if you come in contact with it, it is too make less severe when you catch it. There is no 100% immunity with the vaccines, but they don't really bother to tell you that much about it. They are just trying to freak people out with "Breakthrough" cases. People can still get sick even if they had the vax. But they polished this turd so much that people believe they will never get it if they get the vax. Those that are vaccinated should treat it like we do during the cold and flu season, take precautions, but don't freak the fuck out!
  6. Yeah, those friendly, nobody dies camps, are great for the whole family! Worked fine the last time they where tried, right?
  7. Since it was a Kaido House event at Greddy Performance, I decided to post this here. https://www.motortrend.com/features/kaido-house-greddy-datsun-510-meet/ Celebrating Datsun's Cult Classic 510 With Kaido House
  8. The Taliban, the fucking Taliban! Is dictating terms of our departure! What fucking upside down world is this! Those fuckers should banging goats in the hills, not telling us how it goes! FUCK BIDEN!!! Gutless Yellow Turd!
  9. And so it begins... Hundreds of California recall ballots, drugs, loaded gun found in passed out felon’s car: police https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-recall-ballots-drugs-gun-felon-car-police
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