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  1. I bought their front one, I did not know that about the rear one, good to know! Thank you!
  2. Have you tried Vintage Rubber? I just bought a front rubber from them and it seem pretty nice, and more heavy duty than my factory seal, which is already splitting on one corner. Check it out. https://vintagerubber.com/datsun-nissan/510/
  3. I forgot about the sale, and by the time I logged in, it was done. This is the first car I have missed out on. But I did score the Impala
  4. Found at my local Walmart, and they priced it wrong. They only asked $5.96 for it!
  5. I know it was called Pfeil (Arrow) but I never heard it called a Grizzly Bear.
  6. They are so goofy looking, and that makes them almost cute! LOL!
  7. One of my little projects on my car. I was cleaning out an old container that had some misc. old parts and had water at the bottom, as I was chucking out the container, I noticed this old Gas Cap plate sitting at the rusty bottom. So I pulled it out and had the idea to make it my Kill Switch mount. Car has a fuel cell with no hose filler, so this spot was open. Sorry, pics went out of order when I hit the submit button.
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