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  1. That's not what they said about Micheal Jackson.....
  2. It's Back! - Now $2500. http://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1970-datsundoor-sedan/6722789407.html
  3. angliagt

    What are you listening to???

    I like the song,but the video just doesn't seem quite right.
  4. Wonder who got to clean up all the drool on the collars?
  5. angliagt

    '84 VW GTI Advice? - SOLD!

    Oh well,something else will come along - probably when I don't have any spare money.
  6. angliagt

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    Then there's the guy in traffic who thinks he's Chuck Yeager.
  7. angliagt

    '84 VW GTI Advice? - SOLD!

    Went & looked at it today,& had a great drive through the mountains. Owner said that it'll run for 15 minutes,the die,but will start right up in about an hour. Ideas on what the problem is,& how to fix it?
  8. Saw this on the local craigslist,& HAVE to at least go look at it. Your thoughts,& ideas/advice on these cars? http://roanoke.craigslist.org/cto/d/1984-vw-gti/6718144368.html
  9. angliagt

    Car Porn

    No,they were called Merkur XR4TI's,& came with a 2300cc 4 cylinder turbo as the only engine choice. The car in the picture is an RS500 - totally different animal.
  10. angliagt

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    Pretty girls are always impressed by a Big Wheel!
  11. angliagt

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Sounds like it'd be fitting to have as many Ratsuns as possible there. Would definitely add a personal touch,as they were a big part of his life.
  12. Look - it's a stick shift! - Millenial anti-theft device.
  13. WOW! - That's a LOT of buttons/distractions there..... I'll keep my '67 MGB GT,thank you.
  14. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    You mean these kind of vehicles are ACTUALLY taken off road?
  15. That really takes balls to do.

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