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  1. Sorry - that's all I got. I wish I could go back & see more, but don't have any more time off from work. I also asked Troy about a '78 200 SX SCCA race car that I found in the local wrecking yard that he bought,& I hauled down to his old shop.He said that he's working on it.I can't wait to see the pictures of it when it's done.
  2. Thanks! - I'll do that. I will warn you in advance,they're just "point & shoot" pictures.
  3. Sorry - EVERY time I try to post pictures,they won't go through.
  4. At the SCCA Runoffs at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). There were only about three 510s,& one 1200. Today was qualifying/practice.It was a little cool,but I met some nice people,& saw some cool cars.But WAYYY TOO MANY Miatas.
  5. That's a cool car.I'd think it over before selling it. The guy's either a jerk,or looking to flip it,is what it sounds like to me. Don't be kicking yourself a few months later for selling it too cheap.I've always felt that if you get a good price for it,you'll be good with the decision to sell. Also,I've found that if you sell it out-of-the-area,you won't see it driving around,& regret selling it,especially if it gets banged up.
  6. That's COOL! - I new a guy who had a an Abarth Nurburgring Special, back in the early '80's.
  7. I think someone posted a picture of that guy's garage here.
  8. "Jimmy Dean......James Dean". Rock On!
  9. "I love going fast,but hate that sudden stop at the end".
  10. David Pearson - RIP I saw the Mercury Cyclone that he raced,at the Wood Brothers Racing Musuem,in Stuart,Virginia.
  11. "Is this thing hot?" - "Let me check",said the Blonde
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