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  1. There should be an age limit for Supreme Court judges. And their job is to decide if cases brought to them are Constitutional or not. WHY can't they do their job properly?
  2. I was surprised that Ginsburg's death wasn't due to Covid. I guess Democrats don't get it.
  3. What a bunch of IDIOTS! The cop didn't run the protester over. BUT,at least they have their really cool/deep chants!
  4. British Bedford van.
  5. Bet he doesn't do that to Pelosi.
  6. I say put this guy in a room with people who lost their homes/property.
  7. One of our "Leaders of Tomorrow"?
  8. Just how do these Antifa people live - where does their money come from? Rich parents?
  9. Biden reminds me of Chauncy (played by Peter Sellers) in "Being There".
  10. And you know that someone will try & contact them, asking for directions.
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