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  1. The local General Electric plant has been shut down,& they's auctioning off a lot of stuff.I'm tempted,but might bid on something that I really need. Some cool stuff there. https://gewarehouse.com/auction-030/auctionDetails/3617
  2. I've got one of those too,except mine's ('67) almost stock. I also think that paint that plate would give a cop a good reason to pull you over (it was originally Blue/Gold).
  3. I thought those were like Model T's - they only came in Black.
  4. I've got one like it ('74 cb) in my garage.
  5. Cortina MKIII - I had an offer to buy back my old '72 MKIII 2 door,but don't know where I'd put it,plus it's in Washington state.
  6. Are you sure it's not the new Nissan Juke pickup?
  7. Now I need to go back & see if I can find that building (behind the transporter). I think I saw it when I was there.
  8. Crosley pickup.I believe that Malcolm Konner was the biggest Corvette dealer in the US a while back.
  9. The Stone,Woods & Cooke car!
  10. Stuart,VA is not too far from here.I was there a couple of months ago, & visited the Wood Brothers Racing Museum there.It has free admission,and they have a few of the "real" ('60's) Stock Cars.
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