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  1. I always enjoyed stopping by Blind George's Newstand, in grants Pass,Oregon.I also miss buying the Auto Traders.
  2. Let me guess..........you read it for the articles.......
  3. I subscribed because it was too cheap to pass up. I got a letter today saying that it's discontinued. Sad sign of the times.
  4. One other downside about smoking (at least here in VA) is all of the cigarette butts these idiots throw out their vehicle windows.I picked up 10 - 15 butts along the edge of our property.This happens all the time.
  5. I can't believe how many people still smoke cigarettes here in Virginia, especially the younger ones.You'd think they'd be smarter than that. Cigarettes are only about $5/pack here.
  6. It's Elvis's birthday! Isn't that like a National Holiday in the South?
  7. That's one big ugly truck.
  8. FINALLY! - two NASCAR people that I recognise.
  9. Would you call her a "Deadhead"? - OR - It was so dead in the neighborhood that Debbi decided to take a break on the Olds.
  10. Hot Chicks & Cool Dudes in the '70's - does it get any better than that?
  11. Mt Clemons,Michigan - USED to be the home of MPC plastic model kits.
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