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  1. B210 not too far from me. roanoke.craigslist.org/pts/d/cloverdale/-1974-datsun-b210/7154607507.html
  2. P100! Based on the Cortina MKIII. I had a MKIII 2 door,in that "Capri Yellow". What's the story behind the picture?
  3. Sounds like you might get it cheap,if you went to the seller with cash.
  4. My Wife had to pay $500 last year because she didn't have insurance - (she had her job eliminated).What really ticked me off is that I had to pay $500 too, even though I did have insurance. I have to laugh at these kids who get mad because when they start making decent money,they find out that they have to PAY for health insurance. ""What's the deal with this? - I thought it was FREE".
  5. Kaepernick - "Someone's breaking into my house!" 911 Operator - "Sir,have you tried kneeling?"
  6. Not sure if someone mentioned this already - How many deaths are written up as Covid caused,when that might not have been the cause of death.
  7. "Trust me...I'm a faithful husband"
  8. Didn't that guy used to drive a cab?
  9. Proof again that things are nuts right now! For that price,I'd expect to see a modified,finished car. The sad part of this bubble is that I'd expect many 510 owners to sell because of what they could get. To me,this is only good if you're selling.
  10. What a bunch of SCUMBAGS those protesters were. They sound like the kind of people who would break into someone's house,& then complain that the homeowner called the cops.
  11. I saw a red Land Rover pickup like this,restored to near -perfect condition, at the All British Field Meet in Portland,Oregon years ago. It was funny to watch the hard core LR owners sneak around to look at it - they didn't want anyone to see them looking at it.
  13. We need to change the name of the Democratic Party - weren't they the ones endorsing slavery when it was legal?
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