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  1. Love the Anglias,but hate that kind of driving at cars shows. That's what got the Cars & Coffee in Irvine,CA stopped.
  2. I have a neighbor from India.I told my Wife that I wanted to go over & ask him if he wants to play "Cowboys & Indians". Would that be considered racist?
  3. I had one of those - it was a lot smaller though. Mine was made by Cox.
  4. "The good news" - "It's not the fuel filter".
  5. As Nancy Kerrigan once said - "WHY?,WHY?,WHY?"
  6. Meanwhile,back in California,they're waiting for 4/20.
  7. Near my old hometown.... http://lostcoastoutpost.com/2019/mar/30/princess-gone/
  8. Toyota 2000GT! In 1975 I sat in one at the Toyota dealer in Walnut Creek,Ca. Was told I could buy it for $5000, Of course,I didn't have $5000 then.
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