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  1. At least Datsun parts are still cheap (rolls eyes).
  2. I do use GPS,but always keep a map in my vehicle when I'm traveling. Some places like Norfolk,VA are near impossible to navigate without GPS. I often wonder how I got around in the '70's when I went to places like Los Angeles.I saw some really cool stuff back then.
  3. If Biden dictated it,the Hollywood elite would embrace/promote it.
  4. "They'll be a Minor delay while we load the plane".
  5. 1982 720 4X4 parts truck - http://roanoke.craigslist.org/pts/d/floyd-1982-datsun-4x4-parts-truck/7377788321.html
  6. I heard he tripped over his dog when his white cane hit a crack in the sidewalk.
  7. I'm glad to be out of there.About the only things I really miss is the area & the people. Still,it hurts when you read what's going on there. And I agree - just HOW can voters be so STUPID?
  8. I was really hoping that something good would finally happen in California politics.
  9. Off subject - In the mid '80's,we stopped in Lincoln.There were two restaurants. We picked one.Turned out that the waitress was Gina,the Wife of my Brother-in-Law's best friend.
  10. What else like this is hidden in the TRILLION $ bills they passed/want to pass? From what I understand,only about 10% is actually about infastructure.
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