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  1. Maybe I'll sell it & buy a 1 ton,crew cab,4WD lifted diesel truck, so I can be secure in my manhood. Wouldn't that be more macho?
  2. I bought it because they were dirt cheap at the time,figuring that if I ever sold it,I'd at least be able to get my money back out of it. They're also the near perfect autocross/hillclimb/track day car - utterly reliable & competitive.I fought these for years,but finally admitted defeat. Definitely not an ego building car.
  3. It always surprises me when I see someone Open Carrying" a pistol here in VA.Makes me think "I'm NOT in California anymore".
  4. Where's her pet Tarantula?
  5. You know that opens you up to being called a racists, especially if you have a non-white working for you.
  6. If you leave them in the box long enough, the'll turn Black,& be "Less White".
  7. A&B Used Auto & Truck Parts, Oak Level,VA.,right off of Highway 220.
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