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  1. angliagt

    What are you listening to???

  2. angliagt

    620 purchase price

    If you go to North Carolina,get an interpreter - you can't under a lot of what they're saying. You also want to know how the tars are on them.
  3. angliagt

    Fram... even worse that you thought.

    Maybe if you use ARCO Graphite oil,you won't have any problems. When I was at a hillclimb,they had a drawing for different prizes.One of them was a case of ARCO Graphite motor oil.Nobody would accept it. I wouldn't even use it on the bar of a chainsaw.
  4. Ah,the old 7/10 split. Must be a bowler.
  5. angliagt

    Summer's Over

    Snow was forcast for Sunday.I thought "No problem, we'll probably get an inch or two".Well,we got 15"! I had to use 4WD to get out of my driveway.First time I've had the F150 in 4WD. I'd rather drive in the snow,rather than in the mess after they plow/salt the roads.
  6. angliagt

    Car Porn

    In '67,my Dad bought a '64 Coupe de Ville,in Beige. I still love the styling of that car,but have NO desire to ever own one. Those things just floated down the road. Why is it that some of us really hated some of those cars our Parents had,but later in life want one just like it?
  7. Yeah - I really wish they'd stop putting them on cars/trucks from the factory. There is NO courtesy by those drivers.I drove with driving lights for years,& would turn them off when other vehicles were around.And I would never use them during daylight. I also hate those LED lights,& running lights they're putting on new vehicles. They are really bright.How did they ever get them legalized?
  8. angliagt

    Car Porn

    British Ford Pilot! I believe it had a Flathead V8.
  9. I've had a couple of cars given to me.I'd give the owner $1, so that I could be honest when I said that I paid $1 for it.I'd also get a bill of sale stating that.When I went to CA DMV,they charged me the lowest fees. If you say that it was free,that's when DMV gets out the "Gold Book", & bases the fees on that.It's usually a LOT more than you'd ever pay for it.
  10. angliagt

    Airplane Porn (and the occasional helicopter)

    They did one of those fly-bys when we were on the Bush (CVN-77) aircraft carrier. I was expecting a sonic boom,but it didn't happen.
  11. angliagt

    How Stupid Are People?

    This was in Humboldt County,CA,where I used to live. http://lostcoastoutpost.com/2018/dec/1/victim-mck-home-invasion-robbery-turns-out-harbor/
  12. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    No seatbelts - but they DO have air bags....
  13. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    Back in the early '80's,I wanted to buy a crewcab Datsun/Toyota. Seems that they were sold in every country except the US. I still trying to learn Southern. A guy that I work for told me - "Yeah,but those North Carolinians - you can't understand a word they say".
  14. If that was a hit-and-run accident, I think they had an idea of how to find the driver......
  15. A guy in Redding (who's house was saved!) told me that the fire killed the spiders,but not the ants.

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