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  1. That's a Mercury Cougar Eliminator. A rare factory model.
  2. I used to live in Humboldt,but hadn't seen anything about this in their local media.
  3. "Would you buy a used airplane from this man?".
  4. I was back in my old hometown area,& a Friend told me that he'd loan me a car while I was there.When I stopped by,he asked me "You - want the Prius,or the GTI?".It took me about 1/2 a second to reply - "GTI". Unfortunately,it was an automatic,but since he was doing me a huge favor,I couldn't really complain.I was also a little shocked when I filled it with gas before returning it (I also washed/vacuumed it it).It was just over $50 to fill it up. What would you have chosen?
  5. Must be a Bachelor's home.
  6. Wonder how much a tune-up would cost on that?
  7. I remember seeing the front of it,while passing by a hanger at Boeing Field.
  8. This is really cool - and funny. www.doyletics.com/tidbits/militaryadvice.pdf
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