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  1. angliagt

    Moving to Cali.....smog Q's

    If you have a vehicle requiring a smog test that was originally sold there, you can only use a CA approved converter. I also recommend having a pre-test done,to see if it passes.That way,it's not on record if it fails.
  2. angliagt

    Because Australia.

    Damn noisy Harleys!
  3. angliagt

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    .........and he's only asking $6.00 for it! Wonder if he'd take $4.00? I HATE it when they put up prices like that.
  4. Want to look 30 + years younger ? - Put a picture of Keith Richards on your mirror!
  5. angliagt

    It Happened In California (Big Surprise?)

    It was meant in fun- don't take it so seriously. Remember,I lived in CA all my life,until I moved here.
  6. Three men arrested in Lake County,after being told to evacuate fire zone, to save their pot plants. http.www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/06/latest-3-watering-marijuana-grow-arrested-near-wilfire.html
  7. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    I'm not sure what year Chevy started building their own 4WD trucks.
  8. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    No - they were done by NAPCO.
  9. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    AND IT'S 4WD!!
  10. I can't believe that someone went to that much trouble - to make something so ugly. Maybe trying to be a designer of new cars?
  11. "I'll take the one at the bottom - in the middle".
  12. angliagt

    Truck Porn

    Shouldn't EH's be Canadian?
  13. Who would buy a hole car?

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