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  1. Do you really think that will ever cross their mind? All they'll be thinking about is getting the best deal (most of the time on junk they don't really need). And how many Christmas presents will end up in the landfill?
  2. Very nice car,but that price... http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/phoenix-1975-datsun-280z-4700-original/7234778939.html
  3. McKinleyville used to be called "Oklahoma by the sea", until all those Southern Californians moved in.
  4. He needs to fall down a "person hole", or maybe have his "personhood" cut off.
  5. I had one almost like this.Had it painted Corvette Can Am white, trim painted black,SR5 flares - black),& the lower body (under door) painted black.
  6. Ford 200 Six in an early Econoline van?
  7. It's OK - he got permission from Pelosi.
  8. Plus,the Clinton Foundation help support Chelsea. I need a job like that.One where you can make a six-figure income,with no qualifications.
  9. HARK! - the Herald axles swing!
  10. In the local paper,I read sad articles all the time about people ejected from cars in an accident.It's really sad when it happens to a teenager.
  11. I keep thinking of a Mom saying "Don't make me come back there!". With this car,she easily could.
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