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  1. Don't block me, Ray, I'm just messing with you 😘
  2. Don't give him any ideas 🤦‍♂️ Pretty soon it's going to look like a Subaru brat
  3. It was two wheel drive but it was the XLT king/crew cab (still only two door). Thing has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier.
  4. I always suspected it was bad on my I-beam front end F250. It would chatter and slip making tight turns, especially if one wheel hit some gravel.
  5. When you narrow the clip of the stock 720, doesn't that mess up the Ackerman angle? Not enough to matter?
  6. Just through bolt it with machine screws and a backing plate 👍
  7. Cleveland Indians changing their name to Guardians... Should have changed it to Engines 😄
  8. thisismatt

    My 1971 521

    Or break out the tig
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