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  1. thisismatt

    521 vs 620 Tailgate

    Where in CA are you located?
  2. It's the only way the fronts of these trucks can be adjusted in stock form. The shims can be purchased in various thicknesses, and other vehicles use the same method, although it seems most newer vehicles have gone to other, more infinitely variable methods, like cam washers.
  3. thisismatt

    521 vs 620 Tailgate

    It's not going to work at all, regardless of "fitting", unless you also heavily modified the hinges. 521 has an inboard hinge, 620 is an outside hinge (notice the hinge barrel locations).
  4. Adjusting camber & caster. Looks like a lot, though. I would assume something else isn't stock, since stock would have few to none...
  5. What is the recidivism rate for sex criminals? 200%? Considering most don't see life in prison, it seems fitting...
  6. I didn't advocate revenge or torture, I just don't think it would be cruel/unusual to humanely remove a rapist's member, or swiftly stop the breath of someone convicted of such a heinous crime as that trash above.
  7. Those look sick. I should just scrap my truck 😛
  8. Death penalty should be enforced, and I wouldn't be against physical castration/amputation for that type of offender.
  9. Looks like we had the same idiot work on our rear bed corners 😐
  10. It's not even the first time this has happened in recent memory
  11. We need to revisit the idea of cruel & unusual punishment, cause some of these people need something more extreme...
  12. Drill out with left hand drill bits. Once you get close to the minor thread dimension it will often grab and come out. Weld a nut to the broken off bolt through the center of the nut. The heat will assist in breaking the bond of the stuck bolt.
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