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  1. 80mm for 510, 280zx. 91mm for 240z, etc. Looks like 280zx but someone cut off the stock caliper mounts. You need to measure the strut tube depth to find something that will work.
  2. Measure the bolt to bolt distance of the steering knuckle bolts (bottom of the strut). You can measure from left edge to left edge to get the center-center number. Do you mean the tube is filled with oil like the stock open bath inserts?
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7702239/Hilarious-video-shows-wild-deers-shocked-reaction-statue-hes-humping-loses-head.html#v-706084876916471685
  4. No problem, I just happened to have seen that one when it was for sale.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-lafayette-auto-marine-battery-clock-jeco-dash-clock/293316976128?hash=item444b0dde00:g:c4gAAOSw~WJdwarg
  6. Pull the inserts. Those struts look like they've been shortened, so who knows what inserts they are.
  7. The only door seals they list are aftermarket. Are you able to force the door closed all the way? The door strikes can be adjusted I believe...
  8. Anyone need this? $137 shipped from this guy in Thailand
  9. thisismatt

    Another 521 on BAT

    Repainted from Canada scares me. What's oozing down the passenger foot rest/floor?
  10. Measure the steering knuckle bolt spacing, as this is wider on 240z/280z than 510/280zx.
  11. Good to hear on the EPDM. I don't have a 320, but I'd be interested in getting some 521 parts reproduced 😁
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