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  1. File it enough to get it to slide out.
  2. You should be able to find an app for your phone to resize pics. I use "Photo & Picture Resizer" on Android...it's fine, just splashes an ad after resizing.
  3. But... you're on Ratsun 🤔
  4. thisismatt

    Heater duct

    Jake doesn't have any but Jake can get you one? 😅
  5. Couldn't you replace all that with one tube, or is there a maf in there?
  6. Masks don't work, vaccines don't prevent you from getting & spreading it. How hard is that to understand? Meanwhile, things like alcohol & tobacco kill 100's of thousands/year, including people who don't choose to use them, but nobody gives a crap.
  7. Thailand perhaps? https://www.ebay.com/itm/173389922482?hash=item285ed840b2:g:dGEAAOSwT6pVyJSn
  8. thisismatt

    NM 521

    Looks factory. One of those is W/B, just yellowed from age.
  9. What's this? Oh, a 3" "inside" slip-in closet flange (fail #1), set below finished floor (fail #2). Doubled up wax rings with built-in cone that doesn't fit inside undersized slip-in closet flange (fail #3). Start hacking everything out... Attempt to salvage elbow (and basement ceiling drywall) with a $100 socket saver pipe reamer. Get about 75% of the way done just to have it bite hard, kick back, and split the elbow (fail #4). Cut out the drywall anyways and redo the whole elbow, shim a new closet flange to proper height, reset toilet with one wax ring...drywall repair later.
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