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  1. I was pulled over once for "Don't you think you were taking those turns a little fast?" The road is a highway, with a 55mph speed limit. This section I have driven hundreds of times and is very windy, with many "advisory/cautionary" signs of 30mph, 20mph, and 25mph, but never does the actual speed limit change from the standard 55mph. I told him "No, not really." He was a little taken aback and just said "Oh...uh, okay." Asked me where I was going and then asked me to keep it down and sent me on my way.
  2. thisismatt

    My 1971 521

    Is this the same noisy alt? Might be too much load
  3. 521 owner here. Pics?
  4. Hmm. Check the carrier (center) bearing on the two piece drive shaft?
  5. Pics before you take it to the dump? *vultures circle*
  6. If you are looking at the KA alternator harness plug straight on with the locking tab on top, then the left pin is your L (lamp) to dash lamp and the right pin is S (sense) to +12v. So looking at the alternator receptacle, the right pin is your L (lamp) to dash lamp and the left pin is S (sense) to +12v.
  7. Maybe Mike can just redact all his posts. He can take mine with them and leave this thread to the people that actually have 320's and are working on a solution.
  8. thisismatt

    521 on BAT

    Whatever Mike. Selling for what the market dictates is not inherently greed. You don't know the seller's circumstances. Would you still call it greed if it was a strawberry picker just trying to lift his family out of poverty? I'd guess you wouldn't call that "greed".
  9. thisismatt

    521 on BAT

    Doesn't matter that it's Datsuns. Maybe the guy likes BMW 2002's. Or Toyotas. Or big screen TVs.
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