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  1. Cool. People ought to know how to resize images by now. Is the 4MB per picture or total pictures per post? edit: It appears it's automatically resizing, at least dimensions...
  2. Not arguing any of your points. The plastic carbs I've dealt with just seem to end up sucking air around the throttle shafts since they don't seal well (foam seals???).
  3. I like Honda engines. Husqvarna tends to have reasonably priced models with Honda engines. Look at the carb and if it's plastic, stay away.
  4. I don't know if you can, but can you get an order for Ons, that's O-N-S, Junior Market, the address is 1934 East Anaheim, all the windows are Busted out, and it's like a free-for-all in here and uh the owner should At least come down here and see if he can secure his business- If he wants to
  5. whaaaat up matt, how ya been man?

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    2. Twodoordime


      Wow, i guess it has been a few years. how did the 510 turn out?

    3. thisismatt


      Upside-down on a rotisserie fully gutted 😂. I sold it that way. I had moved and didn't have the space or time for it.

    4. Twodoordime


      Aw bummer, you were making pretty good progress before I disappeared for like 5 years lol.

  6. Is that driveway concrete really safe for a two post lift? 😬
  7. Doncha just love PO black engine bay paint jobs?
  8. Naw, no codes or misfire. Just surprised they didn't try to sell her new ones since they push a ton of other work on her. Less than $13 for all new plugs.
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