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  1. thisismatt

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Yeah, but he's saying he's having trouble with multiple caps, not just the clear one.
  2. I disagree with Mike saying weight nor tires affect load on steering. Of course they do. Whether the brace is necessary, I don't know, but I also think it's something you could fairly easily make yourself.
  3. thisismatt

    Super sonic grill remake

  4. thisismatt

    Under car workshop lights

    Yes, a light on the end of a long-ish cord - position where you want it. Newer LED ones can have a fairly long strip of LEDs. Or if you have a line of popular cordless tools (Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee) they all have 18v portable lights. I have a Ridgid "snake" light with spot or flood (18v), and also a 2500 lumen panel light (18v or corded)
  5. thisismatt

    Under car workshop lights

    How about the ol' drop light? You can get them with LED, practically any length you'd like
  6. thisismatt

    Matt's 521

    Finally got a decent passenger rear marker gasket (got both, but already have NOS driver side), and fixed my fuel gauge (poor contacts at sender)...
  7. Gnarly bump steer on that one
  8. thisismatt

    anyone wanna throw me a bone here?

    What about a Chilton or Haynes service manual, or the factory service manual (FSM) if you can find it?
  9. I was putting gasoline in super soakers and adding straight oxygen to potato cannons... 😅
  10. We learned at an early age.............that WD-40 sucks.
  11. thisismatt

    Oil filter reference

    Just get a Ford Motorcraft FL-1A filter.
  12. thisismatt

    SBC 521 swap?

    The guys that put small blocks in 521s are too busy sleeping with their sisters to post on here

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