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  1. You should do the Acura/Honda wiper motor upgrade
  2. He can play the Honky Tonk like anything Savin' it up, for Friday night
  3. thisismatt

    1968 520

    Looks really quite straight aside from the rust!
  4. Should be able to remove and set aside the black wire with the ring terminal, then hook up power to the other terminal, and power to the spade/disconnect to engage the solenoid, while grounding the metal case.
  5. thisismatt

    1968 520

    Usually people take parts from the 520 to put on the 521, like the metal dash top, metal interior door pulls, metal rimmed parcel tray, one piece driveline... Nothing body-wise is a useful swap if you're trying to stay original.
  6. There are glass protectors you paint on (use a roller for texture you can't see through). Once dried you can then peel it off, months/years later.
  7. If it's all good you should just weld it up and lose the screws 😁
  8. Can you press/hold a failed photo and try to open it in a new tab? How is your internet connection? Seems like it's just timing out when attempting to load a thread.
  9. Make sure the return line is large enough (check the size of return line from the vehicle the motor is from). The return line shouldn't add more restriction past the fuel pressure regulator. You'll also need an EFI pressure rated fuel filter. Wiring will include the applicable pump wiring, fusing, and relay triggered by the ECU.
  10. I would suggest you pull the spring off one side one the front and cycle the suspension to find out what's bottoming, and then make corrections from there. Hopefully it wasn't the insert itself
  11. Well, I would think it would feel bouncy if it's sitting on the bump stops 😛
  12. I don't know 280zx spring rate off the top of my head, but maybe 200lb springs is too stiff for them to handle. Do you have bump stops? How much compression do you have before you bottom out at normal ride height? Maybe increase the ride height by an inch and take it for a test to see if the ride improves.
  13. If you did poly bushings in the lower control arms then it shouldn't matter. Poly bushings don't adhere to the races, they just spin, unlike OEM rubber bushings that are meant to twist and should be tightened at normal ride height. If you replaced the T/C mount bushings with poly you should reconsider, as this is too stiff and will result in the T/C rod bending and possibly breaking. Do you strut inserts have any adjustment? Bounce is usually attributed to shocks that can't dampen the springs well enough.
  14. Yeah, I guess it's mostly the hexavalent chromate that used to be used more often and is being somewhat phased out. I imagine the current processes are not as good as the old stuff 😉
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