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  1. My king cab build started in 2005 and is still completely torn apart. You got time, LOL
  2. Best motel for a lowered car
  3. This would be a long haul for just a one day show.
  4. She does have big teeth but not that big
  5. It was a good get together
  6. I'm a under 6 ft guy but in high school, Id crame myself and two 6ft 230plus guys in a single cab. Middle guy would get a hand job eveytime I shifted
  7. Sorry, forgot it was Sunday is the day. Thats what happens when you work 7 days a week.
  8. Want to go but won't know until then. And probably not on a Datsun
  9. Nope. Goes with my truck.
  10. I have one like in picture, not plain
  11. Most likely have to be custom made
  12. There's a thread under brakes section on this forum talking about upgrades
  13. I know this ain't Canby but thats what was nice about it, an All datsun meet! I like all mini trucks though so.... Just decide where you want to take Powerland
  14. Was able to talk with someone about the history of Funtana. Info/History wasn't as cool as I thought it was. But its mine!
  15. Ill keep this in mind. Trying to hit as many shows as possible
  16. I know, right? I even hung out with him at Old school
  17. And then there's this
  18. Great shot from Old School Reunion from last Sunday
  19. Oh, nice to meet you. Lol.
  20. Thanks for getting this together in a short time. Hope 3.0 is bigger and better. Did I even meet you there, JBird? I dont know, lol
  21. Ticket? Is that the day pass or camping spot
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