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  1. May not be making this show again. It was the plan but got approach for a contract to supply a bathroom trailer rental to a film crew for two weeks while filming some type of movie here in Oregon. And of course it'll be during the dates of this show. I hope I do/dont get the contract.
  2. Didn't some 78 79 620 in Australia come with ball joints and drums?
  3. I think you're missing some parts. 😝
  4. There's also a build thread here on Ratsun about Chad's truck
  5. Yes Im in for Friday/Sat May go to Old School Reunion on Sunday
  6. Im good, Thanks LOL Ill take my moisture summers
  7. In middle of summer, it feels like a desert. Lol
  8. Made it on the Desert Datsun FB page
  9. That 1200 is a great deal. Just can't get over the wide body kit. Me not likey
  10. Grandmother, is the you?
  11. We are all pawns people. When America ever falls, if you aren't part of the 1%, you are screwed. Way to much double standard on both side of the isle.
  12. Very first vehicle was a 78 620. The reat is history
  13. Though I walk threw the valley of
  14. Too top heavy, she fell over.
  15. Every 620 owner will buy one!. I've had my 620 torn apart for 12 yrs. You surpassed my progress in your first 2 month. LoL. Good job and its looking great
  16. Sorry, That link talks about uploading directly from phone or pc directly to server.
  17. This topic is getting boring. America, hate it or love it. And move on!
  18. If it was a one off custom, I'd probably pay that.
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