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  1. charlie69: i wish my wife would get off her butt and help me with my projects
  2. i'm hoping to bring grimace but on a trailer idk if i will have it road worthy and drivable by then
  3. anyone know where i can get breather valve for my transmission it goes by the rear nose cone where driveshaft attaches to
  4. i have 2 of them 1 of them might be spoken for if anyone is looking
  5. i ordered 1 on ebay and when i got it the mirror portion had a crack in it. got my money back, i will go to a local glass/ mirror shop to get it fixed
  6. i did a spray in bedliner with the help of dat620/tom about 6 years ago and it like a raptor kit that came with 4 cans that were i think 40 oz each then add hardener to each can and attach supplied spray gun. it has held up real well
  7. picked up an OG snug top fiberglass shell last friday that i used to have on my red 620kc and sold it to a guy who is into mazda mini trux b4 i sold my red 620kc, he said it didn't fit his truck well was like 1 -2 inches longer so now my truck will be rolling with style
  8. good job on saving it who knows where it would have ended up in the future
  9. painter has been busy, went by today to drop off snug top fiberglass shell that i sold to a mazda guy here in phoenix and he said it didnt fit his truck and the 1 i had on my red 620kc that i sold without shell and it fits the 521 bed with no issues cuz i took my 521 trailer frame and the bed that i got from charlie69 to get permanent trailer tags /inspection today. he painted the engine bay, inside cab,underneath the hood, back of cab, front of bed and will be 2 toning the paint scheme
  10. i have plenty of 620 steel wheels
  11. nice looking interior
  12. painter sent me update today and i was like wow, i never expected the recent work he did on it. I'm not mad about it either in fact i should have took my truck to him first, I have seen his work and magic he has done on other rides. more updates later on
  13. everyone google event 201 and watch the videos the assholes at WHO, Bill Gates and people from John Hopkins created this virus along with some corupt chinese lab techs and probably the CDC and the corrupt pharmecutical companies did a scenario back in october 2019 to create a pandemonium. But what about the SARS, H1N1, Swine flu outbreaks that made more people sick and died when bush jr, obama were in office and the media didn't spread the news as much as now, seems to me every 4 years at election time there seems to be a major health outbreak
  14. painter worked on grimace on monday. he had welded in radio antenna hole in drivers fender and then used some kitty hair/fiberglass bondo to fill in the area b4 sanding and smoothing it. the weather has put a damper on getting it painted plus other cars b4 me had to be finished. hopefully it wont rain anymore and since the whole world is dealing with covid19 issues and all car events postponed/cancelled here in arizona / california until further notice gives me and painter plenty of time to finish grimace
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