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  1. hey now i used to drive a pinto when i worked at mcdonalds, i got it from a coworker who was moving and needed wheels while i was working/rebuilding my first 521 back in the 80s
  2. CollinMB: nice looking seafoam green 521. i had 1 in same color also. i need those headlights for my 521. i have bought a set of taillights from jake even though i have a few sets of original tail lights that i refurbish and resale if anyone is looking for oem items. i am also redoing dash tops and have extra back glass pm sent
  3. california720: hit me up i have some heads for sale Charlie69: thanks for the shout out
  4. so i have some lexan that will be used for side windows on shell and 35x50 canvas ragtop will be added also before final silver metallic paint on shell
  5. What are the differences between 320, 520 521, and 620 steel rims?

    They should all be same bolt pattern- are offests and centering or widths different?

    Same appearance and huncap clips?

    1. gene knight

      gene knight

      the 320 are skinnier as in wheel width between where tire sits on bead than the other 3 models, the 520/521 are same and 620 looks the same but has a slot for water drainage on rim. i have a few of the different model steel wheels

  6. it's time for the american patriots stand up and get rid of all these terrorists both civilian and those in political positions by any means necessary and by force if needed
  7. gene knight

    LED headlights

    the led /H4 headlights i bought wont line up with the notches on my buckets and the tabs are ceramic/glass so i can not modify them to fit. luckily the ebay vendor refunded my money and said to keep them but i want to use H4/LED headlights who can help me with this for my 521
  8. she's probably related to california ex-governor jerry "moonbeam" brown
  9. glad you are ok banzai510(hainz) i might have some extra side makers for 521
  10. I need a washer squirter
  11. gene knight

    My first datsun

    nice RHD 521
  12. Nismo521240z: pm sent
  13. where/who did the rear disc brake setup? i need to do that to my 521. i already did the mike klotz front disc brake conversion setup and i wanna do the rear brake conversion
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