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  1. nice looking 521, i agree on dropping it a little
  2. I found a guy who will be coming out Monday to begin to prep my 521 for paint and has been in business for 20 years and since I have all my paint and supplies he said he could do the job for 1k and cut/buff afterwards so hopefully have it ready for July 14th bbq in Fontana
  3. I'm praying for a miracle to get my 521 painted and ready to go to the bbq but the guy who said he would do it for around 2k flaked on me and won't respond to my texts, so need to find someone who is willing to paint it
  4. love the purple accents, you should paint the brake booster purple as well
  5. i always rent a uhaul trailer never a tow dolly. made that mistake 1 time when towing a 521 back in 2005 and uhaul agent must have been new and didn't secure it right on to hitch luckily i wasn't going far and safety chains were hooked up and i was going going about 25mph
  6. a lot of work but i bet it will be awesome and 1 of a kind when done
  7. i am taking it 1 day at a time.
  8. Greaser2: pm sent
  9. had to replace brake line that goes from M/C to brass T on passenger side firewall was leaking due to guy at parker store did wrong flare and he no longer works there since last year, he ventured onto something else, found a body shop that can finish body work and paint and he says done in 3 weeks, i have seen his work and does not over extend himself like the guy i paid before to do the work and this guy does not ask for money upfront either. hope to have it at upcoming summer events done and driving
  10. mrbigtanker: i love the 521's ever since i had 1 i bought from a cop back in the 80's when i lived in cali, i did the whole dancing bed thing and i was the only 1 in my town to do it, everyone knew my truck when i was cruise on saturday nights but i was force to get rid of it by my parents, they told me they thought it was unsafe to take my sisters to school, i said screw that they can walk just like i did, well that didn't go over to well with them and i traded it for a FWD dodge charger daytona and had that until i went into the army. i had been looking since 1988 for another 521 and got my grimace in 2005 when i was truck driving and 1 of my customers in las cruces n.m. had 2 of them and i bought them both after 5 years of hounding him to sell them to me, i paid $500 for the pair but had to rent a fullsize silverado and trailer 2 times to get them back to phoenix and the rest is on my build
  11. mrbigtanker: pm sent pcd: maybe you could swing by and bring your hardbody
  12. BigBopper805: pm sent
  13. pcd: yes i did in fact they are the 1's who made up the flyer and are looking forward to it
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