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    laveen/phoenix, az.
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    datsun 521, vw bug, chevy silverado, mitsubishi outlander, plymouth barracuda gasser, 76 dodge van
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    minis, vws, muscle cars, metallica, 80's metal, 70's disco, BOOBS
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    volunteer @ va hospital

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  1. i need parts from that white dodge van if anyone goes there. i need tail lights if not faded or cracked and front orange sidemarker lights on fenders if not faded or damaged
  2. gene knight


    did mike ever find a head? what happened to the enkei sawblades and why is the door/fender replaced
  3. the blue 620 crew cab used to belong to another ratsun member but not in this condition and was red and in pieces
  4. gene knight

    NM 521

    where did you get dingle balls and strips
  5. that looks like a NL320 1964 i had 1 all white and it was a NL320
  6. i have a plethora of 510 parts and i'm in arizona
  7. was hoping to take grimace but it wont be ready for its debut still have work to do to get it drivable and still at painters/upholster shop. he was sick for a week and got behind on cars
  8. i wanted to go and bring my 521 but medical issues and my 521 not ready i won't be coming maybe next year if i can get a handle on my medical issues and my 521 ready
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