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  1. well talked with the new painter today, well the previous painter who i had work on my 521 back in 2017 only to find out he is a tweaker had did a shitty job, there are pin holes in the bondo and thru out the whole body looks like he used to much hardener and now it all has to be stripped/removed.
  2. this rainy weather sucks, i cant get stuff done on weekends cuz of it
  3. grimace is at paint shop and painter will get busy on it next week he will send me updates on it
  4. bananahamuck: thanks for the pix, love the blue 620 with the double cab and external bedsides. i so wanted to go. maybe in march the 620 will be there
  5. d.p : thanks for the link, i will check it out
  6. Greaser2: i need a battery box like that
  7. any pix? i am planning on showing up at the march event, i will be bringing 620/510/vg30-v6 parts/ z parts
  8. Bad news, due to my on going medical issues on me and 2 of my cats needing to go to vet i was all set to go pick up rental truck to load today i had my stuff boxed up in containers like i always do and was going to head out today but I overdid it and with no one available to help me load up and ride shotgun with me, I will have to miss this event, so between now and March, if there is a 620 or 510 part that someone needs make a list and get back with me.
  9. Meyetch: i have the 96/97 hardbody rims 14x6 aluminum on my 521 with front disc brakes and they dont rub on bed or fender wells
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