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  1. gene knight

    my 521's named sandy and sweet pea

    been working on truck bed and frame to remove rest of green house paint on bed and rust on frame by using dustless blast using glass media blast i did some filling in small rust holes with filler/bondo and then shooting some 2k primer and then shooting some bamboo tan paint on bed and gloss black on frame, then spray in bedliner. still need to finish up tailgate and finish up with tail light harness then install refurbished tail light housings. then it's for sale as a running daily driver also it has a L20B in it and clear arizona title
  2. Hey gene. This is Lance from Albuquerque the. I need a l20b pulley. Call me at 505-331-0650.

  3. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    Seeker>620KC: Ok then well thank you for buying some parts and helping me sell parts and I'm going to leave it at that. Also I am getting rid of everything including my trucks
  4. Seeker>620 KC: thanks for donating to my fuel cause, it cost me $97 from phoenix to coachella and then from coachella back to phoenix $89 to fuel that pig and then $75 b4 i returned it, talk about a gas guzzer, since i sold a bunch of 620 parts with your help, maybe next time i will rent a cargo van better gas mileage and parking at hotels easier
  5. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    Seeker>620 KC: had fun chatting with you at eagle rock event and hope to continue being a vendor with you in the future
  6. Thanks Jose again for putting on event, also glad to your parents and getting to shake their hands and to meet/ greet face with name (bananahamuck) and tdaaj , seeker> 620kc and hosestop i had a great time other than the fact that hotels close by were booked up or didn't have parking space or the 16 ft box truck that i rented to bring everything. or hilton wanted over $200 for room and parking space, since i was able to sell a bunch but not all of my 620 stuff or 521 bedsides, next time i might be able to get a cargo van again in march and hopefully someone will buy the 521 bedsides. left around 1pm cali time/2pm az time got back a little after 9pm az time frame
  7. I will be in a enterprise 16 foot box truck and early like last time and will be looking forward to getting selling everything and I will bring 521 bed sides in case someone needs them hopefully
  8. anyone needing 521 full bedsides let me know by friday so i can load them up. i don't want to load them up and them have to bring them back to phoenix. I am bringing all my 620 parts and must go.
  9. anyone looking for bedsides for a 521 i have a pair that i can possibly bring they are tan in color and are 1969 model no side marker lights just reflectors since i have another bed for my tan truck now.
  10. gene knight

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    those clear dizzy caps are junk, i had 1 on my vw bug and it lasted not even a month, i bought a oem from autozone and never had an issue
  11. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    mrbigtanker: talk about trailer queen, when are you gonna bring it to severed ties or art of noize events here in phoenix
  12. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    i wasn't talking about 620 seeker. i suggest you ask those freeloaders who were staying at your sister's house and you have told me numerous times that those freeloaders were going thru your stuff. maybe you take your own advice and seek mental help. thanks to terrorist loving obama and his so-called healthcare plan and the other idiots who set in the oval office before him, the VA is corrupt and doesn't care about helping certain veterans and that is why higher suicide rates among veterans, BUT THIS IS ABOUT MEETING UP WITH OTHER PEOPLE WHO ENJOY MINI TRUCKS AND HAVING A POTLUCK/COOKOUT.

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