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  1. Thanks to Jose for another event, and to those who came by to buy the 510 parts I had to sell to support the family of my recently passed friend. And to those who put the word out to come see me for 510/620 parts. Also to those who made the trip from the north coast states, your drive was longer than mine, idk how you guys do it Every time. Still have some more 510 parts to sell and need to get rid of my 620 stuff also. If anyone is into VG 30/33 builds and turbos let me know and I will try to bring parts next time I also have a complete roof section for a 4 door 510 with a pillars and c pillars still attached
  2. The proceeds of the 510 parts I'm bringing go to my late friend of 14 years who recently passed away, who planned on coming with me this trip, all proceeds go to his family to take care of his bills, so I hope to sell everything
  3. All the 510 parts I am bringing to sell the proceeds go to my friends of 14 yrs who recently passed away. Proceeds go to his family/parents
  4. use the cab i will give you to test fit on hardbody chassis but remove the broken windshield and good rear glass so it wont be so heavy
  5. maybe make it the quad cab you talked about a few years ago
  6. picked up a cab today for charlies build that im giving him
  7. I will be bringing some 510 stuff also
  8. I'm bringing a plethora of 620 parts and 2 bedside for 521 that previous owner I bought truck from cut floor bed out in fact those who were at the November swap meet probably seen them in rental box truck I had. I also have 521 Tail lights that I reconditioned and everyone that stops by my swap meet spot sees that im organized and items for sale are spaced out row by row and I will be bringing complete dash with good plastic bezel with clock and radio, glove box liner installed. Everything must go
  9. has anyone used unitech logistics for shipping? any good/bad reviews?
  10. got valance, roof, hood painted still need to finish up tailgate and install tail lights and bumpers
  11. Installed some 2 inch blocks on the rear suspension today. Worked on prepping hood,valance, roof for paint bamboo tan
  12. been working on truck bed and frame to remove rest of green house paint on bed and rust on frame by using dustless blast using glass media blast i did some filling in small rust holes with filler/bondo and then shooting some 2k primer and then shooting some bamboo tan paint on bed and gloss black on frame, then spray in bedliner. still need to finish up tailgate and finish up with tail light harness then install refurbished tail light housings. then it's for sale as a running daily driver also it has a L20B in it and clear arizona title
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