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  1. well got results back, and not looking good, so i have contacted ctca/ cancer treatment center of america in goodyear to get 2nd opinion and possibly treatment since they have everything under 1 roof. will keep everyone updated Top
  2. https://news.0censor.com/pa-state-senator-reminds-everyone-what-happens-if-mounting-evidence-proves-election-was-compromised/
  3. i might have extra speedo cluster that turn freely
  4. mrbigtanker: i want the turn signal switch please if it still wired as a 521
  5. i actually watched this the first time on friday
  6. the510keeper: since you would not let me have the mac n cheese yellow 510 wagon trailer so i could use it on my bed of 521 i had to come up with a plan b...lol
  7. people need to google event 201 and watch the videos and see that this was planned as a scenario pandemic in october 2019 and also 9 years ago by bill gates, WHO, reps from John Hopkins medical centers, dnc terrorists/republican traitors, nazi sympathizer george soros, china government. they want NWO- new world order, 1 form of money for everyone, climate change when in fact china is the biggest country in the world with the highest pollution levels, worse that Los Angeles
  8. voter fraud by the dnc terrorists, nazi sympathizer george soros, republican traitors, big tech, other countries involved in our countries elections, and the assholes in the media both social and televised
  9. looking for a vendor who sells push thru towers and tribar spinner center caps with 4.25 hub measurements for these wheels and it has to 6 lug bolt pattern, right now gorilla wheel accessories is not making them for 6lug. went to painters place to check on grimace and the pix i posted b4 on status well there is gonna be some new updates on the paint in 2 weeks of course weather permitting and if painter's body will allow him to knock things out
  10. the510keeper: nice work james, you need to come to phoenix and weld in floor pans and subframe connectors on my gasser and while you are here go thru all the 510 stuff and give me a price for all of it
  11. these f-ing corrupt judges and terrorists in the government and paid terrorists who are out to destroy my america that i served and defended need to be annihilated by any means necessary, i am so f-ing sick and tired of this bullshit, i am ready to start taking care of business myself and get rid of these terrorists, and anyone who gets in my way
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