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  1. I know i could use these maybe if i win i could trade for mounts for a 521
  2. i rather use a U67 head i had to many issues with a W53 head
  3. gene knight

    My 521

    Dat521sun: pm sent
  4. thanks to all those who showed up and hung out and brought out their rides it was all about cars, food and relaxing in cooler weather away from hot temps from phoenix and those who's names i forgot, thanks to carlos and his family, to ruckycharms, hugh, knoreiga also to hugh's friend and ramon who stopped by to buy parts he needed from me. also to jorge's dad who drove his mustard 620 from ontario instead of his white 620 ute
  5. ratpatrol: thanks for the positive feedback/ concerns
  6. mrbigtanker: love your headlights
  7. looking forward to the november event to sell more 510/620 stuff to help out with family of friend who passed away earlier this year.
  8. just a few more days and looking forward to hanging out with people, eat some food and talking about vehicles
  9. i hope the $32 fee added gets repealed since i get tags for my vw for 5 yrs instead of 1yr. it costs me $150 for a 5 yr tag but i think this year i will just get the 1 yr cuz im not down paying an additional $160 in gov. ducey's extra fees on top of what i paid for just getting a tag that expires in 5 yrs even though i don't drive my bug
  10. i have been toying the idea of making it a removable top/rear cab window section for a few years just like pcd's/ marks 620
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