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  1. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    was able to get gazebo without any issues
  2. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    these were just a few pix i took while waiting for people to arrive. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM91gTkJucpCrKVVKbJCDOQe377IIp-i2Ta8Jmm2CqaFjvATqt0XnBip1Wqv48hkQ/photo/AF1QipO_eVYo8uiCpAGeVQc0kZfOjEonGHbpmm1sYnfG?key=M0NpQ2pXeU5DRDJnVU5RWk5Nd2FwOHpnSm1SclpB https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPGdJHd2M69TkILMXDuqTzPz1395bHIPtM4D1beMTsze-2T88UyIg0yDOh_bz_XXw/photo/AF1QipPguv9bGOEnnrlSErNS0YkrOI3pwkaejQ_nd-rZ?key=VENSWDhQckJIcW9GS21FVXdoaUozSGZuLWNqTnJ3 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOzcrxQC-mxggkCAGgn91BVZoa7lq7gTnPU54LFpo9z9QfSsLA_KBLUlBdfkxXLdQ/photo/AF1QipOs5OA8N9-4odCXJXPZ6mYmwK0TauiZ3MY90G1h?key=d0R0U1htVE9tUmVhSU5ydnNuY0tlUVV2dVRteFJR https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipODPCETawD9dUenSrREpc-CV90ZHoh6Ou1AmDKUVwa-Ydl7LKUpN_kWMq3DTd4kDQ/photo/AF1QipMidynMwlM9AfrtpLZE8-pQuDB0IjzAbQCALwfF?key=MjRfYnNENW1FaTVVU2NZSWtJeFlCclB1aDNZREtn
  3. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    I have a few pix I just have to figure out how to upload them since the photobucket ransom issues
  4. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    People are enroute cuz getting late start or finishing up their rides
  5. gene knight

    620 king cab

    looks like the all red king cab might be going to texas soon with buyer
  6. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    just a few more days towards mini truck potluck and i will be bringing some 620 parts. for those needing any 620 stuff let me know so i can make list and go thru parts and box them up
  7. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    charlie get a life and a clue.
  8. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    If anyone needs 620 parts please let me know so I can bring to the event since I didn't go the the last eagle rock event and I heard that people were looking for parts. When I went to the March event I had everything labeled and boxed up and I had made space to walk thru my swap area so people could look at my parts
  9. gene knight

    620 king cab

    sold the kc possibly
  10. gene knight

    my 521 project

    had a guy from colorado contact me thru facebook asking if my 521 is for sale and i told him yes he wants to come look at it in a week
  11. gene knight


    tr8er: thank you for your thoughts
  12. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    seeker>620 KC: pm sent
  13. gene knight


    well yesterday i had a examination with a meeting with a psych rep in order to collect SSDI benefits that i am entitled to from all my years of working and since i cant go back to work cuz of botched double hernia surgery and the 4 vertebrae issues in my back and he could not give me his assessment. so now it is a waiting game
  14. gene knight

    mini truck bbq

    seeker>620 kc: thats fine if you dont want to go to my bbq, you have no idea what i went thru while i was in the military with my 3 tours to iraq and the conditions i was in at the time or what i am going thru right now. i am sorry you feel that my statement about me as a veteran disgust you. charlie69: quit posting on my thread

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