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  1. i had same issue with the b210 i bought from azhitman here in phoenix, it ran great and i took over to brakes plus to have them bleed brakes for me, when i got it back it barely ran and i figured it was gas tank needed to be flushed, did that then it would not run, i checked plugs and they were dirty and coated with gas/oil, so i changed those, changed plug wires, changed cap n rotor still no run, so i checked for wire connections, vacuum lines, nothing so i had carb rebuilt nothing, so as i was installing carb back onto intake i notice oil leaks at valve cover so i checked and found out bolt
  2. crescent city is the same way, ever since pelican bay prison was in place crime went up, small mom n pop businesses closed, the only jobs are wal mart, prison, casino, barely any fishing done and all the mills are closed. glad i moved from there in 89 when i went into the army. to many corrupt city assholes there. couldn't pay enough to move back there
  3. i have a manual choke weber 32/36 on my 521 with no issues on my beefed up L18
  4. i need both lower quarter panels and inner sheet metal on that white 65 valiant in the 2nd/3rd pic sitting on top
  5. theres only 1 datsun 521 named grimace and thats mine
  6. try living in arizona during the summer
  7. love the tailgate handle setup
  8. Sorry for your loss, if you need anything let me know. im just taking it 1 day at a time with all my medical issues but getting frustrated about 1 of my daily medical issues
  9. hmu if u need 620 items
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