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  1. yanked out my L18 motor and transmission so can get engine bay painted again when it goes to paint shop
  2. i like that green 620kc and the 521's
  3. welcome to ratsun. is that 521 robin egg blue?
  4. i had same problem on left rear when i took it to car show at night, i had to do some adjustments and got it home. it was warm but not scorching hot as before, i never knew about the c- clips being the issue or the parking brake adjustment under cab that needs adjusted when replacing shoes. i have disc brakes on front and a dual brake m/c on my 521. i wish there was someone who has a good rear disc brake setup then i can convert from drum to disc instead. i guess i will have to go thru and check my rear brakes to ensure no problems. thanks for everyone's input on brake issues
  5. helped charlie move the the recent 521 to a better work area at his job site so he can tackle it
  6. charlie69: you gotta be careful hitch hiking these days, to many crazy people.... well i was planning on going but my olde english bulldog pups had surgery today and have to wear the dreaded cone of shame for 2 weeks and no one here to take care of them tomorrow so to all going have fun and safe travels. cant wait to see pix.
  7. i had 2 620kc truck but they were 1977. i think they started k/c in 77 but maybe they started mid 76
  8. do they have the same internal parts as in counterweights and spring tensions and what about the part on bottom of shaft/ plastic bushing?
  9. hopefully that will fix your engine issues and get it in your 720 soon
  10. grimace wont be ready cant get it painted yet painter is finishing up on previous customers and to hot to paint and rain in forecast next week
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