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  1. some of you guys are completely unhinged. Or funny. not sure sometimes.
  2. I agree with a lot of this. But have you really not heard the protesters calling for a stop to the violence and destruction? It's a broad swath of the protesters doing exactly that. Every damn day. The destructive side of this thing is out of hand and spiraling. Trump should act now. By talking and leading. Ya know, the thing Presidents should do. He hasn't to my knowledge tried even once to discuss how to make this calm down. He needs to address BLM and hear them. It doesn't matter if he agrees with them or not. Diplomacy needs to be a part of this. BLM supporters are citizens. They pay taxes. They are being ignored without ever being heard. I'm not even suggesting that he change anything afterward. If this had been done from day one, I believe the scale of the violence would currently be close to none. Instead, the movement gets louder in an effort to be heard. I support out right to protest but denounce the violence and wish it would stop. People are slave to their nature.
  3. He brought a loaded firearm to a city he didn't live in, in a State he didn't live in, to defend property he didn't own. Was he hired to do so? I don't see any indication that that is the case. He claimed to be there to render medical aid. His medical training included being fired from a YMCA life guarding job, and dropping out of high school. Bringing a gun to defend property in and of itself doesn't concern me. I think that is fundamentally important to defend our right to do just that. But when a 17yo who was rejected from the military at the recruitment office goes out to situation as he did. And then fucks up as bad as he did. He had no business there, and was there on his own accord, at his own risk. He had zero training to handle the situation he was in. He got scared and shot to kill. He needs to be an example of what not to do, despite frustration with the situation. Gun advocates such as myself should be especially pissed off because people like this are the reason so much legislation is getting pushed.
  4. Again. Does not exclude violence. Does not include peaceful either. It’s not uncommon at all. You could almost say historically protests are mostly violent. It was activists such as Ghandi and Little who were notable for going against the norm in effective strength.
  5. You guys are somehow insinuating that Protest does not include violence. It absolutely does. The term “Peaceful Protest” is evidence of such. You would not need to say “Peaceful” if protesting was somehow always peaceful. Rioting is not for a cause. I’ve not seen a definition that includes a cause attached. So a Riot, which is accurate as I stated previously, is only telling half of the story. There is a better term. And that term is protest. They are absolutely protesting for a cause and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.
  6. Could be wrong for sure. But I certainly think he made a good call skipping the knife.
  7. My shit doesn’t go through my pants very well at all.
  8. Walking through my living room, I’m glad I was wearing pants. Much easier cleanup and no shit all over the place.
  9. In an effort to broaden your view of a protest. But as Mike points out. That will not happen.
  10. Calling it a "Riot" would actually be just as biased. A Protest is: a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. Which is exactly what was happening. As it was a reaction to an event they disapproved of. Protest doesn't in and of itself exclude violence or destruction. A Riot is: a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. Accurate, but not as descriptive of the event. Also it is absolutely a charged description. You see it as appropriate because of your views. But calling it a Protest includes the cause as well as encompasses the violence if present.
  11. Heres the issue. Know the law. Have a defense. And mind your justice.
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