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  1. I’d say the opposite. That’s a bold gay flag.
  2. tr8er

    mrbigtankers 521

    Curry always gets my rear end going...
  3. Haha! Hitting too close for comfort? Got a story for us Mike?
  4. tr8er

    One mans 1200 quest

    Paint needed a year to cure...
  5. tr8er

    Because Australia.

    RLW is prevalent here in HI as well. If it’s grown outdoors it must be cooked. Produce must be grown in a greenhouse that is slug proof. If a baby gets on your lettuce leaf, you die... or worse, live with RLW.
  6. They’d make em dirtier... ill pass.
  7. With a novelty arrow like that? That’s luck.
  8. I looked it up. Still didn’t lol.
  9. I’m sure there are Mexican Jews Mike, but I doubt they look especially “Jewish”
  10. tr8er

    KPGC10 GTR Hakosuka Conversion Kit

  11. My favorite memes are the ones where people that speak English with atrocious grammar say “Speak English, this is America”. The America’s have over 1000 native languages between them. English having been here less time than any of them... Bigots myopic handicap.
  12. tr8er

    Photochop 2018

    I’m sad these don’t get more play these days... oh well. Thanks for the fun.

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