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  1. I’m thinking, as this wasn’t a “store” or private property, then the building bounds were not relevant to the charge. As the entry to the building, legally was in the same possession as the inside, and the outside areas. The theft case would not be stealing from the building. Perhaps because he did in fact take it without permission within a building he was not permitted to enter?
  2. That was just for fun... In all reality. Dude was pretty aligned with BLM. But pretty clearly should show you guys that BLM and Republicans or Team Trump are not mutually exclusive and BLM is not a Democrat organization despite the majority being democrat I expect. that dude was clearly team Trump.
  3. Just look at him. He’s obviously one of those So he has to be BLM.
  4. It’s interesting to see. I think the thing that riled you most is when you placed in the BLM. I almost saw some, as I had Rage tix this summer in Minneapolis. That would have been interesting. (Cancelled). But I loath the use in comparison. Possibly a “triggering” thing after years of seeing so much “but they did this” “that was even worse” as a defense. Not just right or left, but people in general seem to have lost the ability to take accountability. I’ll preach it now, you’ll preach it later. It’s old. I might duck out for a bit. Too much screen time. sincerely hoping 2021 ends above 2020.
  5. That’s actually my picture too. What are those odds. Damn
  6. No. Read again. one group is fighting for a candidate. one group is fighting against racial discrimination. My stance is that Republicans using this comparison are simply trying to justify their actions through false equivalency. its bullshit smoke blowing. Let’s compare Democrats when Trump won, to Republicans when Biden won. It’s like pot heads compared to alcoholics.
  7. No. I already replied with links to those arrested for guns at the capital during the protest. This was just extra icing. im still loving all this false equivalence to BLM. ya know, the capital protest was nothing compared to the bombing of Hiroshima... so calm down...
  8. https://apple.news/ADfB8SQS4Sm6j402ZCN7C1Q buuut. Protest at capital wasn’t armed... must have been AntiFa right?
  9. Point is, the comparisons the right are making to their protests (an group actually associated with a political party), to BLM (a group not affiliated to a party). And saying they shouldn’t be any more accountable than Democrats is complete garbage. BLM donates to the party that doesn’t shit on them. That does not make Democrats and BLM the same group. KKK groups likely don’t donate much to Biden/Harris. But I’ll not call the KKK a Republican organization. no secret plot. I want the president and his followers to take some fucking accountability for the happenings last week. It is directly the result of the speeches, tweets, posts, chats, newsfeed of the president and his followers. And none of them are manning up to it. None. Deflect to AntiFa. Deflect to BLM. Deflect accountability and play victim. And it’s exactly the opposite of what the right claims to be. And now they try to say it was a few bad eggs. Well guess what. I feel bad for Republicans that don’t support Trumps BS. But I don’t remember the few bad actors agreement working for you this summer. At all.
  10. Okay. Read both links. Neither had any association with Democrats or Republicans. They are fighting for their cause. That cause is not Democratic nor Republican. They assuredly lobby both parties for change. Yet the Trumpers spun them. AntiFa is only anti Republican if you believe Republicans are Fascists. They have assuredly branded themselves as anti supremacy. And thusly show up at events where white supremacists show up. I’ll not speculate as to why those events happen to also host Trump supporters.
  11. Holy shit. You think the whole thing was staged to catch one nobody who was at a BLM protest? you guys actually believe BLM is a political organization don’t you. Tucker builds his discussion on that premise. Java. This is not an attack. But you need to balance your intake. Too much gas, or too much air. Not sure but it isn’t coming out the tailpipe right.
  12. Well. AntiFa marched today. This is dumb fuckary. This keeps getting worse.
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