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  1. Hoses are pretty an all, but that top one does look silly. That could be a 6” hose
  2. tr8er

    Quick question

    There should just be the ground wire (to the frame or common ground wire. The wire to the oil pressure sensor (small sensor that screws directly into your block I believe with one wire to it). And the ignition switch wire that goes to all the gauges to turn them on with the ignition. There could also be a separate light circuit in there or something. How many wires?
  3. Stay on topic Mike... Fuel return delete without regulator.
  4. Isn’t it odd that better looking boots don’t exist? You picked same as me, but I thought there should be better.
  5. You see a 2016 still running?
  6. I’m sure the rack and pinion setup would solve that clearance issue right on up. Haha
  7. I vote for a roll out deck. Although that might fuck up the balance if load is heavy. I just want it.
  8. Even a slim chance in hell I end up with a meth gator would be enough to do something else with my surplus meth.
  9. Fuck. Looks functional so I’m good with it. That truck sees water
  10. Can’t let comfort get in the way of fashion my man. But cool they are steel toe. Engines hurt when they land on toes.
  11. That Honda is a great PW. Got the same one
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