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  1. tr8er

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    And from the ashes, rise the the Phoenix. What a great turn around.
  2. tr8er

    Migrating North For The Holidays

    King Killed Canby
  3. Careful. That’s a touchy phrase for some.
  4. tr8er

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    https://www.internetslang.com/STEEZ-meaning-definition.asp makes no sense. Why kill that plate?
  5. tr8er

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Just go anyway. Whatever asshat event that reserved the grounds buy tickets and show up in Datsuns. Show Canby how we do it in a Datsun.
  6. tr8er

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Shitty. Sorry PNW
  7. tr8er

    2.3l ford ecoboost in a dime

    Wish I hated that... looks awesome
  8. tr8er

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    This is true. If it is vented to the outside effectively, I'd feel pretty good about it. petrol vapors sink, so the path up into the cabin will be less likely.
  9. tr8er

    Duncan's 71 "Oz" Goon

    I’m concerned with this. A wagon interior is a big empty space where fuel vapor will naturally collect. You need to not take any aspect of the separation from cabin to tank lightly. I know this is a kinda over cautious sounding comment, but I do know what the dangers are. A big space with stereo systems and switches all over is a really shit place to store gas vapor. It sinks too, so those vents on the wagon hatch won’t help much. Just seal it well, and if it smells gassy, don’t put the repair off.
  10. I’m expecting Smoke was a real person unique from others on here. Genuinely concerned for what happened.
  11. tr8er

    Super sonic grill remake

    Thanks! Looks super well made

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