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  1. I bet something will be sold
  2. So many strains of flu. The flu vaccine is estimated 11-13% effective because of the sheer quantity of strains. That said, any given year can be waaaay more affective, but the average over all years is embarrassingly low. This is because of how many variations there are. Same with Corona viruses. The potential mutations are literally endless and only just beginning. This one is likely to be less dangerous due to our acquired ammuno response, but we see these increasingly often. The next Corona virus could be worse, and certainly not covered by our response to this one. A vaccine against all flus and Corona virus’ could reallly be possible though. Just a matter of finding the common factor. I think they will, and this may be the mule that pulls that cart
  3. We know quite a bit. Speculation scatters data. You can spread this for days before being symptomatic. And if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong on the right side of things.
  4. I hope some of you pulled your stocks when I said to. Sad to see the losses. I’m ready, as always. Got my creek. Got a cow butchered and frozen. Solar and batteries. Few hundred pounds of propane. Freeze dryer and enough freeze dried food to last, well a long time. Food growing as well. Weapons to keep it. And bidets on my toilets since years ago. All I’m missing is a bomb shelter, so I’m glad that wasn’t the scare. And all the folks talking shit about masks are silly. I wear one because I don’t know if I’m sick. I don’t want to spread it. Don’t put folks down for being courteous. Please be ready for the next one if we get through this. edit: got my chickens too I remembered as I eat my eggs.
  5. Very much true. Especially for you northwest bearded types. I did order a n99 about five weeks ago when they were still easy to order. Those are pretty capable of helping but certainly not “safe”. What’s good about it is, all the folks who are wearing a mask might be unknowingly sick. So by being paranoid, they may prevent many others from contagion.
  6. Well this took a turn. 2cents. A shot in the admin for their response to the pandemic is defensibly non partisan. But meems just always reek of partisanship. So I see the aversion. im here in HI looking at a town on the verge of outbreak and the state is doing nothing. Insane to see such a lack of recognition of what has happened in every city so far. This week of school will spread the disease through so many families. Next week is spring break. If they just start now that’s two weeks for the price of one. They will see the first round of infection and realize the necessity of action. I’m so passed at this bull shit. Economy will tank hard tomorrow morning, and I hope you all moved out your 401Ks. This will be a big one.
  7. No. Keep them on. Those kids could be sick and spreading it
  8. Top port to dizzy, bottom to EGR. When I had my hitachi, the bottom was capped cuz EGR was removed. (Don’t recommend that BTW).
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