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  1. Bumpers save Datsuns. And look good.
  2. He’ll yes. Mirrors look great. Wheels perfect
  3. You could say that. Or you could say a $20 tip (okay “gift”). Point is, why should a server make more just because the food is over priced? If this server served a good breakfast, tip like it was a fancy restaurant. Means waaay more to the server, and feels better too. I tip based on server. If they make me want to return, I make them hope I do.
  4. Those look killer. Really transforms the whole thing.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I need 1 or 2 distributor clips. I can make one, but prefer to just get the right part.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I need one to get this truck back on the road. Let me know price.


  7. Congrats!!! Your Datsun better have great storage space.
  8. Just keep momentum. Don’t get caught up on any one thing. Reach one finish line at a time. There’s always a better way. But done, beats all of those alternatives.
  9. I was very close to building with 2 40’s and 2 45’s stacked. Had it drafted, property in mind. Then found my current house for sale. Realized my option was very clear. Live life. Let others build houses. I’ll spend the time blowing glass and wrenching
  10. Check it out! In the back on the wall! Titties!!
  11. Reading into the rear view mirror only present when leaving their twenties.
  12. Im in no rush, there will be others if this ones no good!
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