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  1. Ask an Aussie. Googles catering to your US thinking.
  2. Australia doesn’t have “McDonalds”.
  3. Every single year the Deficit went down. I know you know the difference between deficit and debt, so is this just tongue in cheek? You also know about the 2007 Global Financial Crisis that he walked into office wearing. Any president who didn't spend money on the nation right then would have left us far worse. Similar to why I don't judge Trump non 2020 Deficit. Any president would need to spend a ton to keep us afloat. It is the years leading up where we should have been tightening our belts but instead we were spending on stupid shit like "According to a 2017 survey, many large corporations said they don’t need the money from the tax cuts. They are sitting on a record $2.3 trillion in cash reserves, double the level in 2001. The CEOs of Cisco, Pfizer, and Coca-Cola would instead use the extra cash to pay dividends to shareholders. The CEO of Amgen will use the proceeds to buy back shares of stock. In effect, the corporate tax cuts would boost stock prices but wouldn't create jobs.14 Economist Arthur Laffer found that tax cuts worked best when taxes were high. According to the Laffer Curve, that's called the prohibitive range. For example, supply-side economics worked during the Reagan administration. But that was because the highest tax rate was 70%.15 The 2017 tax rates were half of what they were in the 1980s.16 Instead, the tax cuts could hurt economic growth because they will increase the debt. Investors see a large debt as a tax increase on future generations. That's especially true if the ratio of debt-to-GDP is near 77%. That's the tipping point, according to a study by the World Bank. It found that every percentage point of debt above this level costs the country 1.7% in growth.17 The U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio was 104% before the tax cuts" https://www.thebalance.com/cost-of-trump-tax-cuts-4586645
  4. Obama never boasted the ACA as the greatest thing since sliced bread. The ACA was the only bill that had any chance of support as it was based on RomneyCare and initially had some support from the right. You may be thinking about Obamas push for a Universal plan that covered everyone with basic insurance. I think he was excited about that one. Perhaps the biggest reason you think the Democrats only care about the Deficit when a Republican is in office is because that is when it is growing? Also, I kept my plan and Doctor, but I'm not defending that at all because I know others who weren't able to. I'd love to see ACA gone. So would Obama. So where is the Medicare for all plan that would kill it? You want to stimulate the fucking economy, there's a fuckload of money back in everyones pocket. I pay close to $800/month. $10K/year. It's fucking retarded! Private insurance companies need to go! They are not why we have advanced care. I'll tell you who's buying the bullshit. The people who think insurance companies are somehow responsible for good medicine. Drug companies will still do their thing. Med Tech will still do its thing. Doctors will still do their thing. And unlike other countries, US doctors won't leave in droves. Where would they go? Most models show MD's making more money under a Universal plan. Likely drug companies will take a hit, but I support that.
  5. 2020 is fuct due to CoVid. 2019 was fuct because of Trump. and no. The dept/deficit has been my biggest voting priority since I started voting. Trump has raised our deficit every single year he’s been in office and it stresses me out because it’s gone down consistently for eight years previous. I want the debt gone. I want to stop paying taxes to pay interest on national debt. So I vote Democrat because the numbers don’t lie. Until we get a RonPaul who has a chance. But Self Serving money men like our Prez need to be removed. He’s putting the country last despite his words. Cut taxes on the wealthy, increase spending... we should all pay more taxes if there is a deficit. It should simply be a percentage of our spending. We spend more, we pay more. That would help us keep better books.
  6. Hold on, this is really difficult and might take a minute to write. The deficit. *edit. I fucking don't like Biden. At all. FWIW
  7. Is his duty to cripple taxpayers for the next 100 years? Or sink the country in debt? If yes, we should likely consider stopping him shouldn’t we? also. This is what happens every time. Same with Obama.
  8. Yes. And I’ve been there. Good friend has a very bus that did this for a couple years. I remember going sown the freeway when the horn gave a beep, then pause, then beep solid for a good ten minutes down the freeway. I look over and he’s like yeah. Does that sometimes. Keep driving. I sink a lil.
  9. And I do see her as corrupt. Not necessarily much worse than average politician, but that’s a fuckin low bar and she’s got enough clout to make it dangerous. I find significant issues in Libya and much of that era. Significant.
  10. That said, people’s bat shot crazy obsession with Hillary Clinton is nutty. I’m no fan, but she’s waaay less important than people make her with the pedo baby eating demonic shit. My good friends mom went to high school with Bill and knew Hillary till early 90’s. She laughs at all the crazed antis. She’s just a Woman who got thrown to the top of her party. No fangs or horns. Her pupils are round. Not sure about the gender rumors... so not sure what point Pizza E Gate went off the rails for you, but it was crazy as soon as it got linked to her emails for me. Coded messages n shit. I actually gave it some time reading the cables too. I kinda hoped to believe it.
  11. I expect this was intentional. Same as slandering a witness reputation.
  12. How to you justify your labels of Democrats then? There are large factions associated with political leanings who we don’t like associating with. They are pretty close to 100% right wing. But that in no way makes a right winger racist. I despise those who run that agenda. And there are many.
  13. well.... They are staying home.
  14. Cool. This was a side note on an article largely on another point. I was never one to take a big position on this whole thing. I do know a thing or two about fires. I was a firefighter for several years and every summer it was brush/forest fires 90%. I needed to change professions because of a shattered femur, but I miss it. Can't hate on Wiki too much. It's edited by readers. Oh, and I definitely choose broom stick. 100%
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