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  1. Skip it. When the carb has issues again, address it. Lock tite should be fine
  2. I think he was talking about the paint under the timing cover. I’ve generally left that bare metal as well. Oil/gas and heat will all get in there when tankers trailer hits a bump.
  3. There are clear coat restorers that don’t do what they say on the bottle but look really great for a week or so. You could waste some money doing that.
  4. Husband? Other child? Her brothers/sisters/parents/cousins/friends. All victims as they will suffer. I generally don’t get too excited about death penalties as I do trust our courts to wrongly convict. But people really do need to get out of the gene pool when they do such sick crap
  5. Jails should just be massive farms. Subsidizing farmers would be over, and the farmers would still be in business growing different profitable crops. Have inmates grow Corn, Soy, Strawberries, whatever. Just reverse the economics of incarceration
  6. We’ve tampered with natural selection for too many consistent generations. We’ve only begun to see what an unchecked species can devolve into. I expect we will be checked soon enough though. But. Cutting a child out of a belly. Raising it? Really? Have that child call you mommy at night? Holy fuck. Horror movies don’t go that far.
  7. Oh good. That first set had a bunch of plants in the way.
  8. Boy do I love a good trade war.... this will will be great for us car guys.
  9. Oh yes! Mr. Big in the RHD club.
  10. I’ve heard good things about this Cardboard material. 😜
  11. tr8er


    Warped head? My z smelt when it burnt coolant. And idled like shit.
  12. One of the only projects I’d buy. What a great idea! This goon is cool as shit. How could we possibly make it cooler? How bout we drag more goon behind it?!! YES
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