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  1. I'm so confused. Most US citizens are so upset about the super extra disrespect of Nike supporting such a flag hater standing up for a disrespected minority. Why is their stock doing so great? It didn't quite spike their growth like crazy, but it sure as shit ain't taking any hit. Also on the hot to buy list is Weed. Buy green!!!
  2. tr8er

    JCCS 2018 in new location

    I've got no issue with the entry, but that beat up race car breaks the JCCS rules if I'm not mistaken. Wtf?
  3. I had a really hard time understanding. You'd thing with an instructional video, they would have found a better speaker. They may also find better results providing instruction on more complex workouts.
  4. Be a fucker so you don't get fucked?
  5. They should have just said it was their religious freedom to refuse serve cake... I mean tacos to people who mispronounce their prophets Jesus' name.
  6. tr8er

    JCCS 2018 in new location

    Yeah! Congrats.
  7. tr8er

    Photochop 2018

  8. tr8er

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Thanks Bleach. Those are awesome
  9. If it were a Datsun, that's a pricey paint job. Even used the good porch paint.
  10. tr8er

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Damn. I wondered where that dude went. Always had respect for him. Way too young
  11. Perhaps they just compliment each other this time.
  12. tr8er

    Exhausted broke

    You may like it, but why piss off everyone around you. Those who show, don't know. And those who know, don't show.
  13. Yes please. And sell em for twice as much. And make them to last!
  14. Yup. Minus roof racks, I'm the same mindset. Proving myself counter to my previous statement.

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