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  1. I was very close to building with 2 40’s and 2 45’s stacked. Had it drafted, property in mind. Then found my current house for sale. Realized my option was very clear. Live life. Let others build houses. I’ll spend the time blowing glass and wrenching
  2. Check it out! In the back on the wall! Titties!!
  3. Reading into the rear view mirror only present when leaving their twenties.
  4. Im in no rush, there will be others if this ones no good!
  5. Buy 2 security lights with a solar panel and timer switch. Available everywhere. Then run the wires to a 12V computer fan. I had a fairly large one for mine. Used magnets on the inside of the vent that was already on the wall of the container. If you pushed air out of both vents every evening, you’d create slightly negative pressure. That should prevent condensation. Doesn’t take much at all. And you wouldn’t need to cut the roof. I did one fan in mine just to cool it off. But I never had condensation issues.
  6. It will save you at the pump. But still unimpressive in today’s efficiency. Z24 is the better truck engine. L18’s are nice to work on, and I’d say have less needs, but not a great truck head as mike stated. Also the 85 will have slightly lower gearing. Oversized wheels will be easier to manage if that matters.
  7. There is a trim piece that goes behind the rear bumper right under the hatch. It channels water I believe. Mine rusted, but I have half laying around somewhere.
  8. Look closer. There’s an OSHA sticker right on the side of the ladder. All G.
  9. Hoses are pretty an all, but that top one does look silly. That could be a 6” hose
  10. tr8er

    Quick question

    There should just be the ground wire (to the frame or common ground wire. The wire to the oil pressure sensor (small sensor that screws directly into your block I believe with one wire to it). And the ignition switch wire that goes to all the gauges to turn them on with the ignition. There could also be a separate light circuit in there or something. How many wires?
  11. Stay on topic Mike... Fuel return delete without regulator.
  12. Isn’t it odd that better looking boots don’t exist? You picked same as me, but I thought there should be better.
  13. You see a 2016 still running?
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