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  1. I had this year 280zx from age 16-24. I loved that car. After minimal mods that engine can scream! But heads warp, so don’t ever push the temp. If you are overheating, cool it down. Have fun.
  2. The hatch leak is first. Those rust so bad. Check the t-top drainage duct. I believe it goes down that way. I presume this is a t-top?
  3. tr8er

    The 620-z

    Nothing wacky. Just well thought out, well executed fabrication. I’m loving it.
  4. So many Canby threads have ended in successful Canby events. This one fell flat on its face. Don’t take it personal Ranman.
  5. Outlawed? Nah. But society certainly has lost faith in people’s ability to regulate their behavior. Greed prevails. Put a straw in 100 hands, and ask them nicely to dispose of them appropriately, how many will end up littered? So the powers that be focus on the source of the issue. Supply. Nip it in the bud they say. Ill ask you directly. How many times have you recycled a CFL lightbulb, or a fluorescent bulb? They are illegal to throw away and must be brought to a haz mat disposal/recycler to dispose of. I do, 100%. And I’ll share that I’ve never once seen the disposal center bin full. Always a few in there max. People do not take their resposibility seriously. Never will. So they tackle the problem on the supply end. Only way they can. Tell me I’m wrong.
  6. My wife would kill me if I called her block.
  7. Only bottled water I buy is in glass. But I do live where tap water is great. I’ve lived where water tasted like muddy ass. We got delivery weekly of those 5 gallon jugs. They’d take the empties and leave full. Worked great. Way cheaper than buying bottled water. Likely cheaper than filters due to what hammock pointed out.
  8. Pays you for recycling plastic? I doubt it. They might give you your bottle deposit back, but that’s far from paying you. That’s like saying the government pays you a tax refund... they’ll give you your deposit back, then sell it bulk if there is a buyer. All consumables should move away from long decay plastics. It’s greedy and short sighted. Ones convenience is far less valuable than we seem to thinks.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/584131/ they take take the recycling. But the recycling companies sell their sorted recyclables to processors, typically in China etc. well, they are saturated, and don’t need as much as we make. So what happens is you feel good for recycling, but your crap ends up in the trash anyway.
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