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  1. Mike, did you really just say “She”...?
  2. We are going to have some super skilled firefighters soon
  3. She really does have a masculine presence.
  4. Well, the dentists here are not undecided in the matter. And after my first daughters baby teeth, we don’t fuck around. We do add trace minerals now, as well as ph balances. I’m sure the ph is not unrelated.
  5. My house is 100% catchment. UV treated, filtered, clean. One issue you would never expect is that catchment water (distilled in essence) is devoid of all mineral content and leads to problems for people. Teeth namely, but nutritionally as well.
  6. Matt, I appreciate your efforts, but I doubt you’ll find a buyer here. Unless a Datsun powered plane! Then I got $5 on it.
  7. tr8er

    STUPID Nissan Commercials

    Netflix sucks. But I also do Netflix sometimes. Cable is just devoid of logic. No chance in hell. They keep trying to get me to add ten channels of my choice for $20/month. Then I look at the list of channels and realize you actually can make a list of 50 channels I have no interest in. At all. How the fuck do people pay for cable AND let them feed you commercials. Fuck that. If I pay, no ads.
  8. tr8er

    L16 running very poor. Ideas?

    Sounds like the return line on you fuel circuit might have gotten clogged in the painting process. Now your mechanical pump is delivering too much fuel pressure for your carb. Does your fuel line have a return to the tank? If the lines were pulled for paint, they may have eliminated the return as well. You’ll need a regulator or switch to electric if your fuel pressure is from the mechanical pump direct.
  9. Once I saw a show called the Talking Dead, which I read was a panel discussion on the previous episode. I’d never seen the walking dead, but I knew at that point I was completely uninterested. Why is he fingering Mr. Buttstuff?
  10. tr8er

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    Seems like registration and insurance could be big issues as well. Trailer em.
  11. tr8er

    My '76 710 Goon

    And the 38/38 is pretty unfriendly for daily. Looking great mike!
  12. tr8er

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    And from the ashes, rise the the Phoenix. What a great turn around.

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