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  1. *because she is my wife's friend
  2. Yeah, and they somehow retain some quality women.
  3. tr8er

    Loren O's '72 521 -Found this out in the woods.

    That's it. I'm never driving my Datsun again. This hurts... THANK FUCKING GOD you are okay.
  4. tr8er

    Godzilla, Rebuilding A Monster

    Wow. They paid?
  5. Or use one of the many other options God gave. Only one pregnancy hole.
  6. Well now. Fuck it all. Carry on
  7. Oil pan is slightly behind the wheels typically. That filter looks like it'll take the beating.
  8. Annnd to balance my negative nancy tendencys, this pice of art looks a whole lot like a car buddy.
  9. I'd re-locate that oil filter if it was my car. That fucker will end up parking blocked.
  10. The Buddhist in me recognizes that it still will one day.
  11. Shit. Ice delivery hasn't even been an option since the 50's
  12. tr8er

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    40 years of preservation efforts on an automatic... Fuck.
  13. tr8er

    Rear diff

    3.36! Good to know.

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