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  1. Top port to dizzy, bottom to EGR. When I had my hitachi, the bottom was capped cuz EGR was removed. (Don’t recommend that BTW).
  2. I’d rather see a president in his care
  3. Agree with all of this.
  4. I hired a guy who had canned air sales on his resumé. But to be fair, he sold to pro surfers and fire fighters. A few extra breaths in an emergency is about as good as anything I can imagine.
  5. I’m just jealous of both of your Wagons.
  6. A bit of vacuum to the valve cover adds HP and prevents seals from early failure as I understand it. But trailers do do the same thing. 🙂
  7. He shaves off bed hooks too...
  8. Some reason, I always like innies, like a few posts back
  9. tr8er

    So here's mine

    Now go buy some shoes for that beaut
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