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  1. Anybody going to this? https://hotwheels.mattel.com/explore/HW_50th/en/legends-tour
  2. Share worthy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b40uYYDrRs
  3. 63 Pontiac 4 banger making some noise...
  4. Rockfords, J-turns? When was the last time one of you did one?
  5. That's the best way to live life, in the moment. Positive perspective in any situation helps also. Case in point is a guy I work with, Mr. Negative. This guy has major health problems and is bitching and complaining all the time. STAY POSITVE gene knight!!!
  6. You're going to need a BTTF DeLorean for pics dude
  7. I was cruzing the landracing.com site and came across this. If anybody is looking for an instant hoard of parts this is it. Hope I'm not violating any rules by posting this? http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php/topic,17567.0.html
  8. So my high school friend owned this Patrol (87) and he painted it on the side so I went with it. You're stupid if you can't figure out it's a 66!
  9. Way to much here to quote. Just be careful who you fuck with!!! You might just get your face stuffed into your ass, just saying!!!
  10. No doubt this is in eastern Washington. I road tripped over last Friday to look at a car in Spocaine. Anyway the who ever driving this Jeep is a dumbass! Road is straight so they were on their fucking phone like every other dumb ass I saw in my travels.
  11. Odd combo here, 2JZ swapped into a 66 Pontiac Tempest and it runs 10s...
  12. Multiple shots from different angles, damn sure the driver is dead unless it was Danny DeVito?
  13. Win-Co my ass, more like Loser-Co or Dick-Co!!! Did they have a sign stating no cool old car parking? If they did I'll go run it over like I did at Edmonds. Anyway good time cool pics and video. Oh and my dog eat my chicken and fries, fucker!
  14. You still might be able to. Lots of cars around here with flats cause of tires chain bits.
  15. No Buick Roadmasters, Chevy trucks, GTOs, BMWs, or Fords! If my Patrol won't start I'll lift the Chevy truck ban and tow the Patrol? Otherwise this will be canceled again.
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